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2023 New Zealand Consumer Email Database

New Zealand has an economy that is growing steadily. This is the perfect moment to showcase your products with this unique nation’s most influential business people.

Find a New Zealand Consumer Email Database and New Zealand consumer mailing list from us and gain access to business connections in NZ.

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Utilize our list-builder feature to tailor your targeted email list to include people that perform a specific role or hold a particular name. You can also choose the size of businesses you’d like to interact with, as well as the degree of revenue they earn from each year.

Create a list that identifies those professionals who will help you achieve business achievement.

New Zealand Consumer Email Leads also prepare business lists to provide a complete strategy.
New Zealand Consumer Email Lists include a wide range of contact details, which helps speed up getting in touch with Kiwis.

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2022 New Zealand Consumer Email Database
2023 New Zealand Consumer Email Database


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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What is email marketing?

New Zealand Email Database
New Zealand Email Database

Email marketing, or email advertising, is rapidly becoming one of the most basic forms of online advertising.


Email marketing, also known as email advertising, is rapidly becoming a popular form of online advertising due to its many benefits. Email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of email marketing and guide how to create and implement an effective campaign plan for email marketing.

An email has many unique advantages over other marketing methods. Email marketing has the advantage of reaching a global audience with minimal effort. Although it is possible to get consumers worldwide through other advertising methods, email marketing is far more effective than traditional advertising forms like television, radio, and print.


Email marketing also has the advantage of being easily accessible. This is because many other marketing methods, such as Internet marketing, can be more costly than email marketing. Email marketing is relatively inexpensive. You will have a definitive list of email recipients interested in your products or services. If not, it is possible to acquire a database. Mailing costs can also be included in your regular operating expenses as they are low. Email marketing is very cost-effective because of all these factors.


Email marketing still has its costs. These costs include creating advertising text and any graphics images to accompany it in email marketing. These tasks will require professional writers and designers to create the images. Although the cost of these services can vary greatly depending on their experience, you will usually pay more for experienced writers and designers. This is because more experienced writers and designers are expected to create better advertising than those with less experience.


Email marketing can be considered spam. This can have a severe impact on your company’s margin profit. Unsolicited email advertisements are a common problem for Internet users. This problem has become a significant concern. Spam is a growing problem that infiltrates the email accounts of innocent Internet users, making them suspicious about unsolicited emails that promote a product or service.


Mails that look suspiciously spam my in content or subject matter may be moved to the spam folder automatically by the mail system. The recipient can delete letters that the system didn’t automatically delete, even if the sender isn’t known. These problems can cause business owners to lose significant time as recipients don’t even read emails that promote their products or services. Spammers may also be accused of sending spam emails.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

You are now familiar with the pros and cons of email marketing. Now you want to know how you can make the most of it. Your email list is the most critical factor. This list should include former clients who expressed an interest in receiving emails with information and promotional offers and potential clients who expressed an interest.


It would help if you also were careful about the content of your emails. You should highlight your products and services, but not sell them something. A professional writer can help you with this. They will create a concise and informative text that will entice the reader to learn more about your products or services. Your emails should include a call-to-action. A call to action is a sentence that urges readers to do something, such as purchase the product or learn more about it.


A brief history of email

New Zealand Email Lists
New Zealand Email Lists

Did Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer, send the first email. It was sent in 1971. Although the message was a simple string of numbers, letters, and words, it marked the beginning of a new era in communication. Tomlinson was also responsible for introducing the “@” symbol to email addresses.

Gary Thuerk, a Digital Equipment Corp marketing manager, used this method of direct communication in 1978 to send the first commercial email to inform people about a new product. Although his email list was limited to 400 addresses, his emails led to sales of $13 million.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

The internet was commercially accessible by the middle of the 1990s. Changes in the way people communicated began to occur. Marketers discovered email as a way to market. Marketing emails have also brought about regulatory changes—the U.K. The Data Protection Act in the U.K. was amended to allow for an “opt-out” option for all marketing emails.


Email marketing has many advantages.

New Zealand Email Leads
New Zealand Email Leads

An email is a vital tool for marketing businesses. This is partly because it requires the user to take action. An email will sit in an inbox until it is read, deleted, or archived. Email is also one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. According to a 2015 study by the U.K.-based Direct Marketing Association, email yields an average return of investment (ROI ) of $38 for every $1. Check out our Email Marketing Statistics by Industry for more information on email marketing.


Email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your audience and drive traffic to your blog, social network, or any other place you want people to visit. You can segment your email users only to send people the most relevant messages. These email marketing tips will help you get started.

Email marketing allows you to perform A/B testing of subject lines or calls to action to determine the most effective message. It also makes it easy to send emails using email marketing software. Mail chimp’s email templates will show you more about email marketing.


Building your email marketing list: Tips

New Zealand Businss Email Database
New Zealand Businss Email Database

How can you create an audience to send emails as part of your online marketing efforts? There are many ways to go about it, but all of them involve treating customer’s right and considering marketing best practices.

Don’t buy email lists. Many email marketing companies, and Mail chimp, have strict policies regarding email addresses. This means that it is forbidden to send to purchased lists. Use lead magnets to encourage people to sign up for your messages. Offer a discount to your customers when they sign up via a customized signup form. You could offer your new subscribers free shipping or give them the chance to win a prize. These are just a few more ways to help you build your email list.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

You should be aware of all applicable email laws and regulations in your country. The CAN-SPAM Act is in effect in the United States. Canadian Anti-Spam Law or the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe are some examples of the requirements for sending automated emails. These regulations are based on your location and the locations of your subscribers. It is your responsibility to find out which laws apply to your situation—more information on avoiding spam filters.

Have a conversation with customers using email. It is a great marketing tool. But it can also help your business in many other ways. You might consider taking a break from your usual marketing content to send surveys, thank customers for buying from you, follow up on abandoned carts, or say hello. It allows your audience to give you valuable feedback and also provides insight into the person behind your business.

Don’t send unnecessary emails to someone who has given you their email address. Over-simplifying your emails to your audience will lead to them losing interest in you or even unsubscribing. You’ll keep them loyal for an extended period if you focus on sending them relevant and engaging messages about what they love.

Compare Mail chimp’s free email marketing tools to the rest.


Why is email marketing important New Zealand Consumer Email Database

New Zealand Businss Email Lists
New Zealand Businss Email Lists


New Zealand Businss Email Leads
New Zealand Businss Email Leads

All ages can use email. Email opens up the possibility of communication with a broad range of people, even those not digitally savvy.

Although we live in the digital age, not everyone is comfortable using the internet. Most people know how to check their emails. This makes it the most popular form of digital marketing.



New Zealand Consumer Email Lists
New Zealand Consumer Email Lists

Email marketing is very cost-effective. Email marketing tools come in various pricing options to fit all budgets. An email marketing service is essential if you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Many email tools, including Sendinblue, offer free plans. These plans are great for email marketers who have never used the software before and want to learn how it works. There’s no reason not to give it a try.

Do you want to find the most affordable email advertising tools? Compare 12 Mail chimp Options by Price


Your email list is yours.

New Zealand Consumer Email Leads
New Zealand Consumer Email Leads

Consider this: If all of your social media accounts disappeared, all of your followers would be lost. It would leave you with nothing. This is what makes an email mailing list unique – it’s yours.

Even if everything else fails, you will still be able to contact the people most interested in your company. This is why it is so important to have your email list. You will be even closer to your audience by using email as a one-to-1 channel.


What is Email Marketing ?


Like the name suggests, marketing via email is among the methods used to market using email. Email is among the most effective communication tools. You’ve probably noticed that we all get lots of emails. Sometimes, even your spam mailbox is filled with different promotional emails, etc. However, emails can be organized and utilized for specific reasons. Nowadays, numerous companies are looking to reach out to their customers and audience, and eventually increase their conversion rate. Contrary to popular opinion that all marketing strategies need a large sum of money. In the case of email marketing you can increase sales through your customer database with attractive content, exclusive deals and an invitation to the.
While a variety of advertising tools have become commonplace on the internet however, email marketing remains well-known and can make a difference in the event that it is implemented correctly. In this post we will try to get you aware of the simplest tool.

Definition of Marketing via email

New Zealand Company Mailing Lists
New Zealand Company Mailing Lists

The definition of the theory of email marketing is simple. Email marketing refers to a collection of actions that utilize tools for email to send messages to the targeted market, used to draw new customers and keep in touch with customers who have been there for a while. The content of the message may include advertisements as well as useful and practical information as well as attractive and varied discounts and special offers such as news, information and news, and many more.
It is possible to use the use of email at every time of your marketing plan. Marketing via email can be beneficial in establishing the brand’s name in mind as it encourages buying and loyalty, as well as retention of customers, etc. Be aware that email marketing has a huge potential many instances we aren’t aware of their potential and, therefore, we are not able to fully profit from the benefits of email marketing.


The History of Email Marketing or Email Marketing


It’s been more than 40 years now since Gary Thuerk was able to mail bulk emails to the 400 customers from the Digital Equipment Agency (DEC). Incredibly, this enormous email service could sell for $13 million. It was so novel that people referred to Tuerk as the leading expert on spam. Tuerk himself, however, believed that the title was somewhat unfair and claimed himself the founder of marketing via email.
Since the 90s, thanks to the increasing usage of the Internet life styles and their work has undergone a variety of transformations. Hotmail was at the forefront of significant shifts in the world of email. It became the first internet-based free email service to allow marketers to utilize its capabilities to serve specific marketing and to cut down on directly and on-site (telephone) or phone marketing expenses. Give.


The benefits of Email Marketing

New Zealand Company Mailing Leads
New Zealand Company Mailing Leads

After a brief overview of the procedure used to formulate the email marketing system, we’ll explain its advantages.

A good Return On Investment (ROI)
In a world where firms are struggling to find resources, and the expense of implementing marketing strategies is usually excessive, the issue of ROI is extremely crucial. Managers are anxiously waiting for an increase in return. One of the main benefits of using email marketing is that is an extremely efficient and effective method to market your business if it is done right. Email marketing is a very high conversion rate, and is an extremely affordable, costly and efficient method.

2. Instant effectiveness
If you send an email to your intended audience you will notice changes from the moment you send the email. For example, if are planning to hold an offer that is only available for a day, you could create a sense of a limited time frame and an exclusive promotion by email marketing.

3. Quick and inexpensive The price of
sending an email only takes one or two minutes, so it’s not unusual that marketing through email is one of the fastest marketing tools are available for purchase at a low price, or even for free , and even by providing an email address list for prospective customers. You’ll get the most effective results. This will cause the return for your investment to be high.

4. Personalized and customized emails
This is crucial in two ways. One is to you, as an emailer to improve your output and improve the conversion rate, but also for your subscribers and audience because they are entitled to decide what email messages are to be sent to them.

5. Analyzing Customer behavior
Marketing via email also makes it possible to study the behavior of customers. You can obtain a summary of which emails your target audience has opened, the messages they are drawn to and click, and which calls they react to most effectively.

6. Easy to get started
There is no need for complex training in order to start email marketing, but on the contrary, you do not require a team of professionals and expensive costs to start. Templates that are ready-to-use that include text, images and videos are readily available to you to use in certain Drag & Drop email services all you need to do is.

new zealand email list

7. Direct message
delivery Instant and direct delivery of your message to your target recipients is another benefit of marketing through email. However, do not be sceptical that the majority of your mailing list and the fact that they are receiving or waiting for an email is also a great conversion rate. If you’ve got enough data from customers, dividing the list into separate messages is a great idea.

8. Platform for publishing content
Email can be a medium to publish content. Sometimes, a portion of the content is delivered to the user. The remainder part of it is put in a different location to boost the rate of conversion. It is ideal to have content that is comprehensive however it encourages the user engage in a pleasing manner.


Advantages and disadvantages of Email Marketing

New Zealand Coporate Email Database
New Zealand Coporate Email Database

It’s true that email marketing is a great tool for marketing however it is highly unlikely to have an unfailing method. Email marketing isn’t an exception. In this article we will discuss some of the shortcomings of this method.

1. Spam
If emails aren’t properly targeted, that is, that they are sent to those who aren’t potential customers, or contain poorly thought-out advertisements typically manually or by individuals to the spam folder which can cause significant loss to conversion rates.

2. Unsent emails
In certain situations, where we are using service that is free, it’s possible that the email not be delivered. The words “free”, “be sure to click” and so on. Although they sound positive, can be a bit sensitive , and your email could not get to its intended destination.

3. Design issues
It is important to note that when users view your email using either a tablet or laptop phone. Resizing the display can alter the size of images and contents sent. One of the issues with sending emails to market is the message must be properly displayed on all devices. that is why some choose to stick to text messaging in their email marketing that may not look appealing enough. The art of creating a professional and attractive email that displays accurately across all screens is not easy.

What companies use email marketing?

Businesses with a strong list of customers and want to stay in contact with their customers, turn for email marketing. Marketing via email is among the most cost-effective ways to advertise and communicate for businesses who cannot be able to afford a large amount of.

What is the best time to utilize email marketing ?

New Zealand Coporate Email Lists
New Zealand Coporate Email Lists

The term “email marketing” in its broad definition does not refer to the direct selling of products or services, but it is an important method of communicating with your customers. You can utilize it for many reasons. However the use of email marketing is than usual in some instances and can yield good results which we will explore in the coming sections.

new zealand email list

Welcome message for all new users
It’s a simple and feasible concept that, once an new user sign-up to the website or newsletter send him a welcoming message and express your appreciation for his loyalty. In the following email, if you include login details and access to particular areas of the site or another method of communication like Telegram or Instagram the mail will prove more valuable.

Newsletter via Email

New Zealand Coporate Email Leads
New Zealand Coporate Email Leads

In the newsletters for email you can regularly send emails with videos of all kinds as well as other types of content. A large percentage of website visitors will give your email address in exchange for a complimentary present or content that’s frequently sent that has a scientific or professional look. It is important to take advantage of this chance to build and maintain your relationships with the people who belong to this group.

Informing about a brand new product or service.
Services and products must initially be presented to your loyal customers to ensure you get more precise feedback and appreciate them in a way.

Send purchase receipts
After the purchase is approved by the customer the purchase invoice and information must be sent to the purchaser. Also, you can offer hyperlinks to download files. If you’d like to appear much more formal than this you can include any new or related purchases in your email.
Limited and exclusive discounts and discounts and
There are many businesses that offer promotional offers and offers at various dates, but if your customers aren’t aware of these promotions, they won’t really need to bother. It is possible to guess that you could make an outline of the customers who your discount is more appealing. You can utilize them to notify customers via email marketing. This will offer customers the chance to avail these exclusive terms. This keeps the customers up-to-date.

new zealand email list

Email Marketing Strategies for 2023

Strategies and tools for attracting people are getting more advanced every day and the same holds true for marketing via email. In the next section, as we describe the steps to follow, we will look at the most effective methods in this field.

The best email list to create
If you don’t have a strong and solid database of emails from your audience then you will not be able to reach the right people and professionals to get the results you want of your email marketing strategy. The most important thing that you must do is to enhance your email marketing and help your readers.

is the portion of customers who exit their shopping cart after they have completed their purchase. there are those who have not utilized our services for a long time Retargeting is the process of re-advertising these customers using email, which is a crucial and important tool.

New and targeted advertisements
Since the speed of emails is typically fast it is possible to design and create an appropriate campaign and execute it within the context of email according to the national and sacred theme and event.
Marketing for retention
In many cases, keeping an old client is much easier than attracting a new client however, the overall profit from them buying them is similar. Retention marketing is about convincing clients who have already purchased our products or services to buy from us again this is a strategy that’s not that difficult with email marketing.

Newsletters Newsletters
Still have their own loyal fans. Anyone who is searching for new and useful content will join your newsletter. You can design your strategy to deliver interesting and informative content via your newsletter blog posts, blog posts, updates on new products and services as well as social media posts etc. regularly and on a continuous schedule.

What exactly is Email Marketing Automation?

New Zealand B2B Email Database
New Zealand B2B Email Database

Automation refers to process automation and this type of automation could be used in marketing via email. This means that you will create a professional automated system behind your marketing email system to ensure that you get use of all the information and personal data of your prospective and current customers by adhering to GDPR regulations. In simple terms the concept of marketing automation for email is similar to sending automated emails in accordance with the consumer’s history of shopping preferences, interests particular dates, customer behaviors as well as other factors. Marketing automation via email allows you to stay in contact with your target audience with no difficulty.

What could we do to create an email campaign for marketing?

The digital marketing campaign, particularly email marketing campaign aren’t distinct from other marketing campaigns, and obviously, it comes with unique characteristics. For marketing via email you must define your goals, the personality of your audience the content strategy, the deadlines, costs and KPIs.
It is the first thing to decide what we want to achieve in marketing via email. Are we interested in attracting prospects or do we wish to reach out to previous customers? We’re seeking more sales or provide special deals for a certain time.
We then have to move on to the segmentation of email lists or the creation of categorical lists, which is known as the segment for customers. The list is built on the persona of the recipient. Simply put, divide the intended audience so that you can deliver the appropriate message to each segment.

buy new zealand email list
buy new zealand email list

Conclusion remarks

Email marketing is among the most effective and cost-effective marketing and communication methods available. even the rise of new platforms hasn’t yet offered a completely alternative, and email marketing has proven to have excellent outcomes. Through email marketing, you will be able to remain in contact with your customers and audience and send out the most recent news, provide informative and entertaining content, and provide amazing deals to your customers.
It is a great return on investment . By knowing your target audience, you will be able to get a decent click-through rate. If you can implement this method with a solid foundation and you are able to expect to get a high-quality output.

new zealand email list

Keep it brief and sweet.
Subject lines for email will be cut off if they are too long, especially on mobile devices. We recommend that subject lines not exceed 50 characters be used for email openings, as mobile devices account for up to 46%. This is to ensure that people reading your emails understand the message.

You can reduce the length of your subject lines by focusing on which words are more important and removing unnecessary details. If you are sending an order confirmation, wouldn’t it be better to say “Your order is being shipped” than “Order #9435893458358”?

This is also true for regular emails. Don’t waste time with the words “update” and “newsletter” in your subject line. Studies show that these words may decrease open rates as it informs recipients that the email is part of a series and they can catch the next one.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database 2022
New Zealand Consumer Email Database 2023

3. Use a familiar sender name.

Name recognition isn’t only for the famous, it also applies to the everyday. Be as real as possible when setting the sender name. Olivia@yourcompany.com is both inviting and unintimidating to people when they open their inboxes.

If you have already spoken with your recipients, please use your name as the address. This is even if the email is coming from the entire company. Your customers will be most impressed if they feel that you are working with them, not the whole company.

Joanna Wiebe, Copy Hacker’s Joanna Wiebe, says that if the “from” name does not sound like it is from someone you would like to hear from it doesn’t really matter what the subject line. People are busy and won’t spend the time to talk with you if your conversation isn’t easy or friendly.
4. Avoid sending a reply to the sender’s name that is ‘no-reply.

Most people are hesitant to open email from unknown senders due to the volume of spam they receive. Even fewer people enjoy talking to robots. Imagine if you call a company but can’t get in touch with a person. It’s frustrating, right? Email is also affected.

Never use “noreply@company.com.” This email address is not recommended. It makes it less personable and it stops people from adding it to their address books.

Avoid using an email address that is not unique and instead send the email from someone you know. We found that emails sent to Maggie Georgieva, HubSpot, had higher open rates and click-through rates than those sent to just HubSpot. (HubSpot customers) Learn how to personalize your “From” name, email address and URL here.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

5. Personalization tokens are a great option.

Remember that personalization? Personalization tokens, such as name or address, can be used in the subject line to create a sense of rapport. This is especially true if it’s a name. Everybody loves the sound of their name. It also increases clickthrough rates: Research has shown that email subject lines that include the recipient’s first name had higher click-through rates that those that didn’t.

Wag!, a dog-walking business, is an example of how brands attach this information to subject lines. This is done with dog names. Here’s an example of such an email HubSpot writers received:

Email newsletter from Wag dog-walking company with pet name in subject

This is great personalization and timing.

A personalization technique that works well is to adapt subject lines to the location of the recipient — such as lists of the best outdoor bars or restaurants in their respective cities.

Don’t get too personal. This can be a bit creepy. These personal touches can be a little creepy, but they show you care about more than their email addresses. Personalization tokens can be used in the subject line but if that is not possible or desirable, you can use “you” and “your” to make it sound like you are addressing them directly.
6. Segment your lists.

Email blasts sent to all your contacts may be useful and relevant to some, but not to others. This could lead to confusion and frustration. What is the point of this restaurant sending me a list with recommendations for local steakhouses, even though I am vegetarian? When I signed up for the company’s email list last night, why is it sending me case studies?

You can personalize your customer’s experience by using data from past actions, such as which forms they have filled out, which industries they are in, and what their preferences are. Email marketing allows you to personalize the experience of your recipients by using something called list segmentation.
7. Don’t make false promises.

Your email subject is a promise to your readers about the message you will send. You must keep your word and not make false promises to get your email opened. This will frustrate your audience and cause them to distrust your subject lines. The result is a lower open rate as well as a higher rate of unsubscribe.
8. Tell them what’s in your heart.

Talking about promises, if your visitor downloaded an offer, you should use a subject line such as “Your new ebook inside!” Or “Your guide awaits!”. This is a better option than simply saying “Thank you!” because it clearly states that there is something inside the email.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

9. It’s important to time it correctly

It can make all the difference in your open and click-through rates if you send an email at the correct time and use the right subject line. A prime example? Eater, a food publication, sends out at 6:45 P.M. a Wednesday night that says “Where to Drink Beer Now” just in time for happy hours. It was perfect.

Another favorite example is Warby Parker’s classic email with the subject “Uh-oh your prescription is expiring.” It was sent two weeks prior to the deadline for the recipient to renew his prescription. Warby Parker increased their chances of getting an email opened by sending it at the right moment. It also included a call-to-action regarding upgrading your glasses.

Buy New Zealand Consumer Email Database 2022
Buy New Zealand Consumer Email Database 2023

10. Use concise language.

Remember that people scan email very quickly so it is important to be concise and clear. It is better to be concise than to use complicated and flowery language, unless you are trying to lure recipients with a mysterious subject tone.

new zealand email list

Consider how your email will benefit recipients when you write a short subject line. This benefit should be very obvious. It’s more appealing to say, “How can you increase your open rates by 50%” than to “How can you increase open rates”.
11. Begin with action-oriented verbs.

Subject lines can be compared to calls to action in that they are meant to encourage people to click. Action verbs are more appealing than subject lines. You can make your emails more clickable by including a vivid verb at the start.

People will click on your emails if they have a compelling subject line that conveys urgency and excitement. An email inviting people to a dinner with hockey legend Bobby Orr might have the subject line “Dine with Bobby Orr”, rather than “Dine with Bruins legend Bobby Orr” or “Local Boston Sports Legend Meal,” which is more generic and less actionable. To help readers imagine themselves at a dinner table, the email used “Dine”.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

12. Make people feel special

It is powerful to believe in the psychology of exclusivity. People feel more connected when they feel inside. This builds loyalty and encourages them to open your emails.

Your recipients will feel special if you use the right words. Here are some examples of phrasing:

“For our dear customers only”
“An exclusive deal for you”
“My gift for you”
“You’re invited!”
“Private invite”

13. Give yourself a sense of significance.

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “Act now!”

While we don’t recommend using this exact language in your content we agree that it can be effective in compelling readers to click (or take action) in email subject lines that communicate urgency and scarcity. However, when used creatively and strategically.

You don’t want your brand to be “the brand that cried Wolf”. Use these subject lines sparingly and limit them to situations where you are actually required to act immediately.
14. Use numbers.

Many businesses send out emails with vague subject lines. This is why data and numbers are a great way for you to get your emails noticed. Use data and numbers to show a clear message about your offer and set expectations.

Effective email marketing best practices include using numbers in the subject line, just like blog titles. Numbers can be used to refer to your subject line, page length, or numerical benefit of a resource. For example, “Join more then 750 people at this event!”
15. Pose a compelling question.

A question in the subject line can draw people in, especially if it is relevant to your recipient’s buyer persona. This is one way to spark that curiosity we spoke of earlier. You might also try this: “Are these SEO mistakes?” “Do you know what’s wrong with your website?”

Zillow sent once an email with the subject “What can you afford?” That link took you to a website that featured apartments for rent. This subject line is both encouraging as well as competitive. It gives you hope that apartments are available that fit your budget. However, it also compares what the market has to offer.

new zealand email list

DocuSign also offers another example. DocuSign sent an email late during the lead nurturing process with the subject line “What are your customers telling you?” The email’s body contained several case studies, which were intended to assist the recipient in deciding whether or not to purchase DocuSign. This was a smart decision: People who are further down in the funnel are more likely to listen to customer testimonials.
16. Do not be afraid to go punny.

People love a good pun. This is a great way for your recipients to be delighted and spice up your email. JetBlue has some of the most funny email subject lines, such as “Land wander-ful low airfares now!”

Quirky, a community-led platform for inventions, wrote one of its email subject lines as follows: “Abracord-abra!” Yes, that’s what we did. The second part is conversational, self-referential and what most people would say after telling a really stupid joke in real life.

You don’t have to be too sarcastic. There are small ways that you can sneak them in your emails, if you want. Don’t do it too often. Remember the rule: If in doubt, ask your coworker.
17. DON’T use ALL CAPS! !

You should not use a subject line like “OPEN NOW TO RECEIVE A FREE TIAL” or “50% Off Coupon Today !!!!!!!!”.” It’s unlikely to get your email opened. It’ll likely get your email dismissed.

Why? Why?

These tactics are not only disruptive but also look spammy. Instead of using disruptive tactics such as these to make your email stand out, personalize them, establish relevance and use catchy, delightful language.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

18. Do not include an exclamation and a question in the same subject.

Here’s an example subject line that will automatically land in the spam folder of a recipient: “Want to find a quick solution? Get on it!

In the above example, the quick solution is not the problem. It is not “act immediately” — even though those are well-known email marketing spam words. Both phrases can be used together. This is an email saboteur classic, and it can come in many forms. You just need to ask and shout at the same moment.

Webservers often flag spam emails if they include both an exclamation and a question mark in the subject line. This is a very common example. Is there a better solution? This is a bad idea!

This format is not only overdone but also alienates your audience. It’s a sign of ignorance. Any good marketer is more knowledgeable than open-ended questions.

new zealand email list 2022
new zealand email list 2023

19. Use engaging preview text.

Although preview text is not technically part of your subject lines, it appears right next to them — and deserves your attention.

Preview text allows recipients to see the contents of your email. Email clients such as the iPhone Mail app and Gmail will display the content alongside the subject line. The exact amount of text displayed depends on the email client used and the user’s settings.

email preview text in inbox

The email client will pull the preview text from your email body if you don’t specify it. This can make your email look messy, depending on the content of your email. It’s also a missed opportunity to engage your audience. (HubSpot customers click here to see how to set the preview text for your emails.
20. You can A/B-test your subject lines.

These tips and best practices can be a great starting point, but what works for one company may not work for another. It is all about finding the right solution for your audience. This is where A/B Testing comes in.

Although it is tempting to trust your intuition and predict the subject line language that will get people to click on your emails with your messages, you should always A/B-test your most important subject lines to ensure you are getting accurate results. Then, tweak your subject lines based on your results. Which subject line works best for you? Include numbers or not? Questions or statements? (HubSpot customers – Learn how to A/B Test Emails in HubSpot.

Let’s now review our top practices and look at the steps for creating great email subject lines.
How to write good email subject lines
Step 1: Identify the purpose for the email.

What is the purpose of the email? How does it inform the subject line? When brainstorming subject lines, identify the real purpose of the email.
Step 2: Decide the call to act.

What is the reason the user will click on the email? Do you offer a discount? Freebie? Important information? Is your offer compelling enough to get them to view or learn more? It is tempting to have a call-to-action with an incentive that has yet to be seen.
Step 3: Create multiple subject lines

Use similar subject lines, but use different words and tones. So you don’t spend too much time pondering the same sentence over and over again, it is a good idea to have several options.
Step 4: Get feedback.

Ask your colleagues to review the subject lines and give feedback about which one they prefer. It can be helpful to get another perspective.
Step 5: Check your subject line.

To find the best subject line, you can perform an A/B testing as mentioned above. Once you have completed the test, choose the best email subject line to use in your next email marketing campaign.
Here are some examples of catchy email subject lines

Here’s some inspiration: We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting subject lines that we have seen in recent times.
EF Tours “Trip or Treat!”

Examples of catchy subject lines for emails: EF Tours

This subject line by EF Tours uses a fun emoji and a sense that there is urgency due to a time-bound sale. These two techniques create an email subject that stands out from your inbox.
Chanel: “Smoldering Red Lipstick.”

Examples of catchy subject lines for email: Chanel

Chanel’s Chanel example is simple, but it works. The product can be visualized as a gorgeous red lip and viewers will feel enticed by the promise of a “smoldering look”.
Wish: “Electrify your night-out.”

Examples of catchy subject lines for email: Wish

Wish allows the reader to imagine how much fun they could have with one of these dresses. This imagery will allow them to imagine how much fun they could have with their choice of dresses, especially if they are discounted.
Drizly: “…here’s $5 for you to stay in.”

Examples of catchy subject lines for email: Drizly

This subject line is unique and makes you wonder what Drizly meant by the first part of the email. It also gives you an incentive for opening the email.
Shutterfly: Claim your FREE UNLIMITED photo book

new zealand email list
new zealand email list

Shutterfly has some examples of catchy subject lines for email messages

Although we warned earlier about CAPS lettering being too bold, it doesn’t overpower the Shutterfly subject line. It makes for an interesting offer.
Mediabistro: “Generous Summer Fridays and PTO”

Mediabistro has some examples of catchy subject lines for email messages

The viewer will be able to visualize themselves using Mediabistro’s work perks and will feel inspired to learn more about the topics presented.
Get more clicks with catchy subject lines

Your emails won’t get opened if they don’t get read. We hope these tips will help you come up with engaging and creative subject lines. Your content is already great. Now, show it off in your subject line.
Many schools send out blast email. Every school sends out blast emails to every email address on their contact lists, regardless of how it got there. This was a great marketing strategy in the early days email (the ’90s), because it worked. But not anymore.

People expect and want personalized content. It’s not surprising that prospective students aren’t opening your emails if you continue to send information about your criminal Justice program to them.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

Personalize does not mean inserting someone’s name into a field tag. Personalizing the content of personalized emails is key to making them stand out. This is how you can get the right messages to the right people at just the right time.

According to our research, targeting different email addresses to different people resulted in an 16% increase in click-through rates (CTRs). This is the result of personalizing content to the persona level.

Persona targeting is just one level of personalization options. The key to precision personalization is segmenting your email list into many smaller lists.

An email benchmark report for 2015 found that North American open rates are steady at 32%. That’s the average open-rate. Who wants to be average?

There’s email marketing and then there’s also email marketing well. If you aren’t getting the open rates you need to get into the top quarter, take a look at the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of personalizing the content that you send out.

This is our four-step guide to improving your email personalization and increasing your open rates.
Collect the Right Information

If you don’t have any information about the person behind the email address, segmenting and personalizing is impossible. You can learn a lot about your digital visitors by using online surveys, forms, and back-end information collection. This includes behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data.

As you collect more data, you can refine your lists. Let’s take, for example, a list of leads that meets this criteria.

Senior high school
Lives in targeted state or zip code
Download this report about studying abroad

new zealand email lists
new zealand email lists

This is a good start. As the visitor engages with your content, it becomes clear that they almost always access it via their mobile devices. They also clicked on a Twitter link to go to your blog post that featured a French professor. You can now add them to an email target for mobile users who use Twitter. The next email they receive will be optimized for mobile and contain Twitter-sized content that they can read and share.

Smart lists are great because your leads automatically get added if they meet the criteria. There is no limit on the number of email addresses that can be added to any given list.
This Data can be used to determine a lead’s place in their enrollment journey

You can better gauge where they are in their journey by how much they interact with your content and what kind of content.

Define content and behavior criteria to help you identify where prospects are. You can use this criteria to create lists for different phases. You can use behavioral indicators to identify when people are engaging more with your content, spending more time on your website but narrowing their focus to specific pages, shifting their attention away from content you have tagged for one phase of the journey; or they’ve moved from online content to attending events in person.
Align your email content with the lead’s place in their enrollment journey

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

It is crucial to know where a lead is during their enrollment process in order to send out the most relevant content. Your guide to choosing the right academy for your child is downloaded by a parent. Is it time to send them an application packet? It’s not.

Instead, send them an email that includes a brief embedded video interview with a parent from your school. This is a conversation about what was most important to them during their selection process. You have at the bottom a call to action inviting them to click on the link to take a virtual tour of your school. This is an email that a parent will be more likely to open at the beginning of their discovery phase and engage with.
Download 50 custonmizable buttons for call-to-action here

What happens if they click that link? This gives you more information to help you refine the content that your parent receives.
Monitoring Email and List Performance

This gives you more insight into how prospective students and their parents interact with emails from the past. Are they oblivious to emails regarding financial assistance, but open emails related to school sports teams?

Based on how many of your leads are opening your emails, you can choose the content and frequency. If a lead is engaging well, they may be ready for the decision phase. Instead of waiting for the lead’s email to be sent, create a smart list that captures leads who open a certain number of emails within a set time period to shorten the nurturing process.

If the recipient is not opening your emails, ask them if they are an outlier or a member of an underperforming group. If your list is not performing, you should reevaluate whether or not you are sending the correct content. Take a closer look at your criteria if the content seems related. These criteria were just random, and didn’t create an actionable segment.
It’s not them — it’s you

People like to receive emails with relevant and interesting content. Your emails are not being opened by your leads if they don’t open them. Maybe you’re not, but your subject lines sound like snores.

Email marketing isn’t going away. Email marketing is a competitive field. This raises your chances of success. Personalizing your email content will increase your email marketing return.
Do you know the expression “What you see is what your get?”

However, this might not always be true when it comes email marketing campaigns.

Emails can look different for different subscribers because everyone uses different email services such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo.

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

Sometimes images become blocked or the alt text is not correct. This could cause you to lose your subscribers and damage your credibility. It is important to test all emails before sending them.

HubSpot’s free email marketing software can boost opens and CTRs.

This post will discuss the top free and paid email previewing, previewing and rendering tools that you can use to ensure your emails are ready to go for your customers and leads.

Let’s first review HTML emails versus plain text emails.

HTML Emails vs. Plain Text Emails vs. HTML Emails

HTML emails encode a document for an HTML reader (e.g. HTML emails code a document so that an HTML reader (e.g., a web browser) can render and read it. This allows pages to display multimedia, color, images and more. Plain text emails do not include multimedia, colors, images or special fonts. It’s the same as an HTML email, but it’s plain text.

Both HTML and plain text email have their benefits, but there are certain use cases where it is better to use the HTML option.

You should preview all emails, regardless of the type. This will ensure that they are ready for your intended audience. This is particularly important for HTML emails, which can contain multimedia elements, colors and fonts.

Purchase New Zealand Consumer Email Database
Purchase New Zealand Consumer Email Database

Your HTML emails will become more complex and you’ll need to test and preview your emails before they are sent to your recipients. You can ensure that your messages are clear, professional, error-free and easy to read by previewing them before they go out to your customers and leads.

You can adjust any necessary changes before the final version is sent to your audience. This allows you to send your messages with confidence to your customers and those who really matter.

Get free email preview tools

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool
MailNinja Email Previewer
Inbox Analyzer

Test your email with free tools

The following tools, which are free to use for email previews, can also be used as email testing tools. They can be used to help with email previews or email testing.
1. HubSpot Email Marketing Tool

HubSpot Email Marketing Tools best email previewing, testing and rendering tool

Start with HubSpot’s Email marketing software for free

New Zealand Consumer Email Database

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tools allow you to create, personalize and optimize your marketing emails, without any need for code or assistance from designers.

This tool is part your all-in one HubSpot CRM platform so you can be confident that the data you use to personalize your emails is accurate. You can personalize emails by using the recipient’s membership status and lifecycle stage. Then schedule your campaign to send your personalized emails automatically.

You can quickly create professional and beautiful emails using pre-made templates and the drag-and-drop editor. Finally, you can A/B-test different elements of your email — such as subject lines and the time at which your emails are sent — to find out what works best for you audience.
2. SubjectLine.com

SubjectLine.com Subject line email testing tool

It is crucial to test the visual design of your email. But, it’s important to also preview the actual content.

SubjectLine.com allows you to test your subject lines, and get a rating of 100. This tool takes into account the total length, word count, urgency, and many other factors.

This tool will help to make your subject lines more clickable so that your readers are more inclined to open.
3. MailNinja Email Previewer

MailNinja Email Previewer email tool

MailNinja is an easy-to-use and free email preview tool. This tool allows you to instantly preview your HTML emails. You can also double-check your alt text and send test emails to see how your email looks on different devices.

This is an easy, free alternative if you are unsure or don’t trust your email marketing software.
4. Inbox Analyzer

Inbox Analyzer email preview tool

Inbox Analyzer is another free tool that helps you preview your email and removes the hassle of spam testing.

To see how your emails appear in the top inbox providers, and to determine if they deliver, send them an email. This tool will tell you if your mail hits the inbox or spam folder, and whether it has been delivered.

You’ll also receive instant reports about your reputation alerts and sender scores. This tool will allow you to identify issues and help you resolve them.
5. PutsMail

PutsMail HTML free email testing tool by Litmus

Litmus offers PutsMail, a free email test tool. PutsMail allows you to see how your email will appear across 50+ devices and platforms. This tool is great if you just need a quick way to preview your email.
Pre-Paid Email Preview Tools

Get a Response
Check out My Email
Email about Acid

1. Get a Response

Get a response email marketing software, and email previewing & testing tool

Price: $15/mo (Basic), $49/mo (Plus), $99/mo (Professional), request custom pricing (Max)

Get Response is an email marketing tool that helps you create content, increase sales and drive traffic to your website. You can preview your emails in over 25 email clients and see if multimedia elements such as images are blocked.
2. Litmus

Litmus Email Preview and Testing Tool

Price: $99/mo (Litmus Basic), $199/mo (Litmus Plus), request custom pricing (Litmus Enterprise)

Litmus is an email testing tool that allows you to test and develop your emails. A paid account will allow you to access an email preview tool, which allows you to view screenshots of your emails across more than 90 apps and devices.

Litmus accounts allow you to add a Chrome extension and you can test your emails without leaving your email provider. The extension allows you to validate links, images, tracking, and more. The extension will automatically run a new checklist for every edit.
3. Stripo

Email templates from stripo, email testing and dynamic AMP email builder

Price: Free, $12.50/mo (Business), $40/mo (Agency)

Stripo is an email builder that offers email testing and integrations with a number of email service providers (ESPs), including HubSpot and Gmail. You can access a variety of modules from the library so that you can use them in different campaigns.

Stripo’s HTML editor makes it easy to design responsive emails. This means that you don’t have to worry about how your emails will look on different devices.

Purchase new zealand email list
Purchase new zealand email list
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