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1 Million China Email Database [2023]

China is changing its trade laws, and the economy is reacting. This China email database is essential to ensure that your company communicates with the right Chinese person. Do not waste time; get this China mailing list now.

It can be challenging to find email addresses if you want to market to Chinese professionals or customers. It’s easier to find accurate and verified China email addresses from EmailProLeads.com

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You need china email addresses that can be trusted when purchasing leads in China’s dynamic market. Emailproleads.com will provide you with the exact contact information that you need to make business contacts in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, or Guangzhou.

Business & Consumers China Email Database
Business & Consumers China Email Database

We know how fast information will change for mailing lists in China. We take the time to ensure that your China email list is correct when you buy it from us.

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Buy china email database 2023

Our China email database is checked regularly with both human and automated authenticators. Ensure that you get in touch with real consumers/clients and not just dead ends.

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Purchase china email database 2023

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china company database email extractor
china company database email extractor

Our verified China email database is key to your success in China. Our china contact lists can build the relationships that will help you grow your business. Emailproleads.com can help you get started on your Chinese email marketing campaign.

china email database free download
china email database free download

Email Pro Leads provides the most up-to-date CHINA EMAIL DATABASE for your assistance. Our CHINA EMAIL database is up-to-date to 2023 and is continuously checked for accuracy. EmailProLeads only offers the best.

china database email extractor
china database email extractor

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china database email providers
china database email providers

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Business and Consumers China Email Database
Business and Consumers China Email Database

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What exactly is E-MAIL marketing, and how is it carried out?

China Email Database
China Email Database

It is predicted that by 2023 the number of active e-mail accounts will reach 4.3 billion in active mail accounts.

You may be overwhelmed by the many marketing avenues available to ensure you have a steady flow of sales.

We won’t determine which one of the channels is the best to increase sales. However, we can assure you that the most effective way to increase the number of customers in the selling funnel potential clients is to use the marketing through e-mail.

Possible customers. To increase sales.

It’s not about sending out massive e-mails whenever you want to; instead, establishing a strategy for content following your previous planning, which is in line with the main goals of your online business.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you are marketing via e-mail is to have an established list of contacts, and you won’t have the best results.

Yes, indeed. It is essential to know that following the most recent GDPR and the laws on data protection, you must gather the e-mail addresses of the individuals you would like to reach out to via e-mail in a legally acceptable manner and only with the prior permission of the recipient.


The benefits of marketing via e-mail

China Business Email Database
China Business Email Database

If you’re unsure whether it’s appropriate or not for your company to use marketing via e-mail, rest assured that your competition is already engaged in this kind of marketing plan.

Many online stores regularly send periodic newsletters to their customers to conduct the marketing of content with customers who are on their e-mail lists. Others, for instance, offer discounts via e-mails or mail messages to customers’ mailboxes, introducing new features or functions for their goods.

The benefits of e-mail marketing are immense. However, among them the advantages, these highlights:

  • Scalability A massive e-mail can be sent with any personalization problems. If you write it properly and the recipient is impressed, they will believe that you wrote it solely for him.
  • Positioning If you adhere to the fundamentals that guide content marketing when creating your e-mail marketing campaigns, you’ll stay visible to your clients but not be burdensome.
  • Accessibility: Market segmentation has led to more and more social networks that are specialized to be created based on the kind of content they offer, which means that most users use some networks. It could be that the majority of users do not utilize social networks. However, it is extremely uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t have an e-mail address.
  • The most efficient and fastest method to announce news or announcements is via e-mail. Thus, this tool is ideal for announcing saying extraordinary deals.
  • Cross-selling: Many online stores make use of the first contact via e-mail after a user joins the system and makes their first order. This allows them to provide complimentary merchandise and upsell items with greater features than the ones originally purchased via automated e-mails.

If you also have a drop shipping company, e-mail marketing can be very beneficial from three different perspectives:

  • Enhance the visibility for your store online Marketing campaigns via e-mail will allow more people to know about their existing online store.
  • Help increase salesThe primary purpose of your store is to increase sales of your products. E-mail marketing is a must to help sales increase.
  • Improve Your image and brand strategy A well-designed e-mail marketing strategy can give immense positive publicity to the image of your company.

Types of e-mail that you can e-mail to your contact list

China Consumer Email Database
China Consumer Email Database

If you’re considering conducting an e-mail campaign for marketing, you have to discern between the various types of e-mails you can send, based on the reason for sending it:

  • Bulletins It is a type of newsletter you periodically send for your contact list. It is a way to inform them about news related to your business and provide comments on the most recent news in your field. As for other prominent online businesses, create their newsletters with extracts or summaries of the articles they post on their blogs.
  • Offers Also, you can send e-mails with discounts, coupons or offers that are limited. However, it is recommended not to create all of your marketing e-mails based on promotions, as these kinds that you send out e-mails can only be relevant for people who are enthusiastic about your product.
  • A series of e-mails focusing on sales and marketing for launching an innovative product or presenting the latest service could create an e-mail campaign to market using many e-mails that help create interest in the launch.
  • Secondary e-mails and order follow-up In the case of an online store, customers should be informed of what’s happening to their purchase. From the moment it is registered on your eCommerce. Until the purchase is completed and ready for shipping, You should automate a set of predefined e-mails to ensure that your customers never lose their connection to your business.

How to do e-mail marketing

In the final section, we’ll outline the most important steps to follow for e-mail marketing.

  1. Manage contacts If someone is added to your e-mail list, you need to manage any new subscribers. If they no longer would like to receive your e-mail, You should also be able to remove subscribers who ask to be removed.
  2. Edit and write e-mails Effective e-mail marketing platforms come with templates that can be used for various uses and provide an editor so that you can tailor your e-mails to your specifications.
  3. Automated messages should also allow you to build sequences of e-mails that automatically send out when certain “triggers” are activated.
  4. Measure the metrics to determine what’s best for you what percentage of people are opening your e-mails. If your customers are clicking on links or calls to take action

We’d like to know which platform you’re using in your project. For this, you can use the comments section access to the comment section located at the end of the article.


Marketing by email and Its Strategy

China Consumer Email Lists
China Consumer Email Lists

Effective email marketing strategies are essential to achieving your marketing goals. It offers a wealth of opportunities for marketers trying to broaden their audience.


Your Guide to creating a successful Marketing Email Campaign


The development of a strategy that is effective is vital to the success of your client’s email marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have a clearly defined plan, you could just be shooting arrows in darkness.


Advantages of Email

China Consumer Email Leads
China Consumer Email Leads
  1. It’s free!

Once you’re online, there is no further expense.


  1. Easy to reference

Sent and received messages and attachments can be stored safely, logically, and reliably. It’s a lot easier to organize emails than paper.


  1. Easy to use

Once you’re set-up, sending and receiving messages is simple. That goes for a host of other email functions. Data storage and contacts can be accessed quickly and easily.


  1. Easy to prioritize

Incoming messages have subject lines which mean you can delete them without opening them. How much time does that save compared to ‘snail mail?’


  1. Speed

Message to send? Done, under a second! An email is as fast a form of written communication as any.


  1. Global

Web-based email means you can access your messages anywhere online.

Going overseas?

Before you go, mail yourself a copy of your passport number, travel insurance details, or your accommodation details.


  1. Good for the planet

Actually, the advantages and disadvantages of email are clear here. Computers themselves aren’t ‘green’, but email offsets some of the damage by reducing the environmental cost of contact.


  1. Info at your fingertips

Storing data online means fewer large, space-taking file cabinets, folders, and shelves. You can access information far quicker if you learn how to use email this way.


  1. Leverage

Send the same message to any number of people. Adaptations are simple, too. If you have a product or service to sell, email is an effective medium to get your message out.


  1. Send reminders to yourself

Do you use more than one account?

Email yourself messages from work to home or vice versa.


However, how do you develop a winning plan to market your email?


Let’s review some of the most effective methods to use to develop a successful plan for marketing.


Determine Your Goals

China Consumer Email Leads
China Consumer Email Leads

Before you begin to plan your marketing strategy it is important to establish your objectives.

Define what you wish to achieve by the end of your marketing email.

The most popular objectives for a marketing campaign are:


  • Improve brand recognition
  • Sales increase
  • Get new customers
  • Develop relationships with current customers and enhance customer relationship management
  • Improve brand loyalty and keep loyal customers
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website


Create An Organic Marketing Email List


Making an organic list of email marketing is essential for the effectiveness of your plan. There are many marketers who purchase emails marketing lists.

It’s certainly a way to get more people to join within a shorter period of time. Also, it requires less effort.


It’s not a great idea to make use of emails marketing lists because your emails might be tossed into your spam box. In addition, the majority of people on email marketing lists could be fake.


Segment Your Email Marketing Lists


When you’ve got your list of email marketing you can segment it on pertinent criteria.

Segmenting your email list could be helpful to help you stay efficient and organized.


Here are some of the parameters you should consider when separating your list of email marketing:


  • The stages of lifecycles of users
  • Demographics: gender, location Age, location, and job title
  • Engagement and behavior of users
  • Buy frequency


By creating segments on your marketing email list, you can modify your emails to suit the requirements of a specific segment.


Make Your Email List


The most valuable benefit of any plan is its subscriber list. Therefore, it is crucial that you update and check your subscriber list on a regular basis at regular intervals.

Always update your customer information and delete all customers from your database who have not unsubscribed from your email.


Is it counterproductive?


This isn’t. By removing inactive users from your list of email addresses, you’ll see an increase in engagement levels.

The majority of email providers offer the option to eliminate inactive subscribers immediately. This means that you don’t need to take hours to do it manually.


Craft Compelling Subject Lines


What is the significance of subject lines?

If a subscriber opens your email the first thing they will likely notice is the subject line.

It could be the deciding aspect of whether someone is able to open your email.


Subject lines for emails are essential for an email marketing strategy since they directly impact the open rate of your emails.

A captivating subject line will spark the interest of your audience and draw their interest.

Here are some additional best methods for marketing emails to help you write appealing subject phrases:


  • Keep your lines short.
  • Be wary of using phrases that are spammy, such as “Free” or “Earn Money.” They might send your emails to the junk folder.
  • Use your subject matter as if you were asking your readers to ask a question. It is more interesting and informal.


Utilize a design that is attractive

China Consumer Email Leads
China Consumer Email Leads

A stunning design for your email can do wonders in generating conversions for you. It’s a little-known but vital aspect in creating a winning strategy to market.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing emails:


  • Utilize a vertical layout
  • Utilize a lot of white space
  • Make sure your paragraphs and sentences are brief
  • Place your call-to-action button prominently
  • Beware of using too many images
  • Share buttons on social media
  • Please include your complete contact details in the footer


It is also possible to use email marketing platforms like Sendinblue which provides you with stunningly designed templates as well as a drag and drop builder.



Lead generation & selling eBooks
As a lead generator, we mentioned the potential of selling eBooks. This is a great way for your business to attract relevant traffic. Instead of relying on eBook sales for your main revenue stream you can sell eBooks or online worksheets for just a few dollars each. This will allow you to capture data and build an email list.

You can save your time as an industry expert or professional by creating digital assets. They also help you attract customers and grow your social media following. Create an ebook or worksheet that your audience will value to create a self-sustaining marketing funnel. To increase conversions, you should entertain, inform, educate, or inspire your audience. You can also ask those who are interested to download the digital asset to join your social media pages or subscribe to your email list.

You can contact them again later to market additional products and services. They will respond more quickly to you if they have already received something of value.

Digital assets can be a great way for you to make a strong platform and build a following. You might want to give your loyal fans more of your wonderful work if you have a large mailing list. This strategy works well if you want to increase sales for a more expensive online course or coaching program.

Kajabi allows you to sell eBooks and Worksheets

Kajabi allows you to easily sell your downloadable knowledge products and support your knowledge commerce business. A website, payment processing and digital product hosting are all included. You can also use automations, marketing automations, powerful analytics, and email marketing. You can also sell membership sites, online courses, podcast episodes, or host a coaching program from the same platform.

We don’t take any commission on your sales. You should be aware that eBook sellers on other platforms can take a large chunk of your earnings.
This post is for those who are struggling to pay advertising on Facebook, Google, or any other platform.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding paid advertising for your company and show you how to create a new strategy that’s generating explosive results at Kajabi.

You’re here if you want to scale your business, get leads at an affordable price, and turn those clicks into customers.

If you want to increase ad engagement and lower costs while making more sales through paid advertising, this article is for your needs!

This article is for everyone!

This is the perfect tool for those who just want to get started with online advertising, or advanced ad buyers looking to scale and grow their business.

This article is for those who are tired of spending money on ads that produce little or no results.

This article has been broken down into seven sections to make it easier for you to understand and take action.

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Section 1 will introduce you to paid online advertising and tell you why it is so important to grow and scale your business.

Section two will be dedicated to metrics and paid advertising terms. This section will explain the most important metrics that you should know, such as CPA, CPM or any other. This section will give you a list with the 45 most important terms in online advertising.

Section three will discuss the differences in advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing. These are the top three platforms for online paid advertising.

Section 4 will cover different types of ads. You don’t know how to distinguish a promoted post from a display ad? You don’t have to worry about it, this section will teach you how to use over 20 types of ads in your business.

Section five will show you how we tested our story-based ads and got 50% more engagement. This will really boost the success of your advertising strategy!

Section 6 is about how to use story-based ads within your business. This section will show you how to create and implement the story-based advertising strategy that we introduced in section 5. It has led to a 50% increase in engagement.

Finally, we will wrap up section 7 and share our top takeaways.

Are you ready to get started?

Table of Contents

Section 1: What is Paid Advertising and Why is It Important?
Section 2: What are the most important metrics for paid advertising?
Section 3: Understanding the differences between FB and GA platforms
Section 4: Types and types of ads
Section 5: Story-based ads testing
Section 6: How you can use it in your business
Section 7: Recap

Section #1: What is paid advertising and why is it so important?

There are many terms used to describe online paid advertising.

It is sometimes called search engine marketing. Others call it paid platform marketing or paid channel marketing. Some call it pay per Click.

Whatever you want to call it, paid advertising online aims to drive web traffic to your website, landing pages, or sales offers.
Why is paid advertisement important for your company?

Paid advertising is crucial for your business because of four main reasons.

Paid advertising is the first way to sell and “buy” customers.

You can make $147 per customer if you sell a $197 product.

That trade will continue all day and on Sundays twice!

You can calculate your cost per acquisition (CPA), or the actual advertising costs to get people to buy from you. This will allow you to determine how much advertising you can afford while remaining profitable.

*If you are a bit confused by the acronyms in Section #2, we will give you a complete list of all metrics and their meanings!

Paid advertising can also help you scale your business.

You can buy customers for $50, and make your business profitable. Pay advertising costs $500, $1000, or $5000 per day. Each $50 spent, you’ll get a new customer worth $197.

If you acquire new customers for $50, and spend $5000, you will get 100 customers. Your return on ad investment (ROAS), would be $9,000.

This will allow you to quickly grow and scale up your business!

Third, paid advertising is a cost-effective way to generate leads.

You can increase your email list and nurture potential customers by driving traffic to opt-in or lead magnet forms.

Paid advertising is a great way to promote your business.

Online paid ads can be used to build profiles for people who might not know you.

Google recently conducted a study that showed “search ads raise top-of-mind awareness an average of 6.6 percentage points.”

Even if they don’t click on your ads or not, seeing enough of them puts you “top-of-mind” when they have an issue that you can solve.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some interesting stats on paid advertising in 2019.
Here are the 2019 statistics on paid advertising

86% of US consumers use the internet for product searches.
The latest data shows that more than 7,000,000 advertisers spent $10.1 Billion on paid advertising in 2017.
Visitors who click through an online advertisement are 50% more likely to buy than visitors who search for your website organically.
Nearly half (46%) of internet users cannot tell the difference between an organic and paid advertisement.
46% of search clicks are directed to the Top 3 Paid Advertising Results.
In the last few years, retail, education and publishing were the highest-spending industries for paid advertising.
The last two years have seen the lowest spending on paid advertising for home improvement, automotive and consumables.
Formstack claims that paid advertising is the third-highest source of on-page conversion.
Payed advertising accounts for 65% of clicks from high-buying intent users.
This is not only online research. More than 40% of smartphone owners report that their smartphone can be used to compare products at brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target.
People who search for something near them or nearby end up shopping in less than a day.
Google is the largest online advertiser with 37.2 percent of ALL online paid ads and Facebook has 19.7%.

The take-away: Paid Advertising is essential for making sales, growing your company, generating leads, and expanding your brand. You are wasting money and potentially losing customers if you don’t use paid advertising.
Section 2: What terms and metrics are important for paid advertising?
What are the metrics of paid advertising?

Paid advertising metrics are measures of the performance of your ads.

Metrics allow you to see how well your ads perform.

This section will cover some examples of metrics that you might be interested in:

Cost per Click (CPC).
Cost per impression (CPM)
Cost per lead (CPL)
Cost per Conversions (CPA)

What are Paid Advertising Terms?

Paid advertising terms refer to phrases or industry-specific words that are often used in paid advertising.

Here are some examples of paid advertising terms that you should be familiar with:

Ad Rank
Ad Position

Let’s now get to the point.
These are the Top 45 Terms and Metrics You Need to Know About PPC To Master Paid Advertising

Keyword. Keywords can be terms, topics, or phrases that potential customers search for in search engines such as Google and Bing.
Clickthrough Rate (CTR). CTR, or clickthrough rate, is the rate atwhich people view your ad and click on it.
Conversion. Conversion. Common actions include signing up, filling out forms or buying products.
Cost per acquisition bidding (CPA). CPA bidding allows you to pay for ads based upon conversions. You might be paying $3 per click on your ad, and $3 for each person who fills out your lead acquisition form.
Cost-Per-Click (CPC). CPC bidding is where you pay for ads based upon how many clicks they receive. This wordstream post will show you how many clicks it costs across industries.
Cost-Per-Lead (CPL). CPL is a bidding system that allows you to pay for your ads according to how many leads you receive. For example, if you paid $7.50 per lead acquired.
Cost-Per-Phone (CPP) CPP is the bidding system that determines how many calls your ads receive. Businesses that sell on the telephone can benefit from CPP.
Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM). CPM refers to the bidding process where you pay a fixed price for each 1,000, 10,000 or 1,000,000 impressions.
Cost-Per-View (CPV), a cost-per-view option that is used with TrueView video campaigns. CPV charges for ads based upon how often your video clips are viewed.
Extensions for Calls Call extensions allow you to add your phone number in an ad for more calls to your company.
Callout extension. Callout Extension. This extension lets you expand your offer to include a promotion or offer.
Extensions of price. Price extensions allow you to expand your ad so that it includes up to 8 prices and offers for specific products. This is an excellent option for businesses who sell physical products and deliverables.
Promotion Extension. Promoting specific offers can be made easier by adding promotion extensions to your ad. Promoting your highest-converting offer should be promoted with promotion extensions.
Extension for Seller Ratings Seller rating extension. This will show your business’ rating using stars or % from Google approved sources. You must ensure that your feedback is positive before turning on the extension. Negative feedback will appear with your ads.
Sitelinks Extensions. Sitelinks extensions allow you to add links to other areas of your website, such as your community or your about page. These extensions can be used when there is a lot of traffic to your website looking for certain parts. This will make it easier for them to find the right part of your website and improve their user experience.
Display/Content Network. This is a curated list of websites, videos, apps, and other places where you can place your ads. Google refers to its network as the Display Network. Bing’s network is known as the Content Network
There are many types of bidding. There are many ways to pay for your online ads. These are called bidding types. There are three main ways to bid: impression (CPM), conversions (CPA), and clicks (CPC). It is important to try out each type of bid for your business.
Audiences. These are the people you want to reach. Google and Facebook offer different targeting options, but you can still define your audience using things like income and occupation.
Ad Delivery. You can control when your ads are displayed, and how fast Google uses your daily budget.
Daily Budget. Your daily budget is the maximum amount that you will spend on your ads each day.
Remarketing. Remarketing is the act of delivering ads to people who have visited your site or landing page.
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. RLSA allows you to target search ads to people who have visited your site before, leading to higher conversion rates.
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), The sum of all the money you can expect after subtracting the cost of your ads.

Ad rank. Google uses Ad Rank to determine the position in which your ads appear. Your quality score and your bid determine your ad rank.
Adwords Campaign Experiment (ACE). Campaign experiments let you test different elements of your ads, such as headlines, copy, and offers against existing ads.
Average Cost per Click (CPC). This is the average cost per click (CPC) that you pay to have someone click on your link. It doesn’t matter if they buy.
Bid. Bid is the amount you are willing to pay for a click or conversion, or 1000 impressions.
Bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the rate at which visitors leave your landing page or site without visiting another page.
Broad Match. Broad match is your default matching option. Broad match allows your ads to be displayed for any search term that contains your keyword.
Broad match modifier (BMM). Broad match modifier (BMM) allows you to include variants such as misspellings, abbreviations and even synonyms. Make sure you don’t over-expand your search results by using the broad match modifier.
Exact Match. Exact Match is a type of matching in which your ads only appear if the search terms have been entered correctly.
Campaign. Campaigns are specific groups of ads that include keywords, bids and your actual ads. Campaigns can be run on any ad platform.
Dynamic Keyword Insertion DKI allows you to personalize your ads with keywords.
Frequency Capsulation. Frequency capping allows you to limit the number of times people see your ads.
Impressions. How many people your ads will be seen by.
Impression share. Impression share refers to how many impressions you have received in comparison to the impressions that you were eligible for. The quality score and targeting are all factors that affect your impression share.
Longtail keywords. Long Tail keywords are search terms that are at least 2 words long. These keywords are ideal for creating extensive content such as our Ultimate Guide Series.
Manual Bidding. Manual Bidding is a bidding option that allows you to manually set the amount you want to pay per bid.
Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding. This is where Google’s algorithm automatically decides your bids or placements. Smart bidding is a risky option because the algorithm may not fully understand your business and customers beyond their keywords.
Negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear in search results for. If you were selling a product that helps you stop divorce proceedings and fix your relationship, negative keywords might be used.
Quality Score. Your quality score is an opaque algorithm that determines your ad’s rank and position.
Text ad. This is the most popular type of ad. Text ads are text-only, and do not include video or photos.
Advert for images. A combination of a static image and text in an ad.
Trueview video. Trueview video ads can be displayed in-stream or in-search using Google Adwords.
View-through conversion. This is the number of people who saw your ad but didn’t click, but then went on to buy from you or take another action within 30 days.

The take-away: Paid advertising comes with its own set metrics that are used to measure ads and terms that it is discussed. Before moving to the next section, make sure you are familiar with all 45 terms. If you are ever unsure what a term means, refer to this section.
Section 3: Understanding the differences between platforms FB vs GA vs Bing

Are you unsure whether to advertise on Facebook or Google Adwords.

Bing (BA), not to be missed

Everyday, another article is published promoting Facebook ads (FBA), or Google Adwords(GA) as the new goldrush.

You’re likely to be shown ads from Sam Ovens and Tai Lopez if you have ever done research on online business.

How do you choose who to trust?

This section will cover everything you need to know regarding Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and Bing ads.

There is no single platform that will work for everyone.

Every business is unique. As you can see, certain types of businesses, such as coaches, do better with Facebook than others. However Google Adwords works better for other types of businesses.

We’ll also explain why everyone should use Bing. Hint: It’s still significantly cheaper than the other two, and has a comparable reach.

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons to Facebook Ads.
Facebook ads

Facebook introduced Facebook ads for the first time in 2007 FB ads have grown to be the 2nd largest online advertising platform and one of Facebook’s top revenue sources.

These are other statistics about Facebook Ads.

26% of the users who clicked on the ads in this survey reported that they made purchases.
93% of social media marketers use Facebook.
In Q2 2018, the cost per ad increased 18%, while impressions increased 21%
One-third of internet users spend their time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two of the largest online advertisers. Google accounts for 37.2% of digital advertising market. Facebook, however, is responsible 19.6%.

Set up FB ads

You will need a Facebook Business Page and a credit card to set up Facebook ads.

Once your business page is set up, you can start Facebook Ads Manager.


You will choose “Create new campaign” from the ads manager. This will take you through the selection of an ad type (which we will discuss in section 4) and a marketing objective. It will also allow you to upload marketing assets such as images and videos.

You will then choose a daily budget for your ads and a time period that you would like them to run.

You are now ready to advertise on Facebook Ads!
Facebook Ads: The pros and cons


Granular Targeting Facebook’s first positive is its ability to provide granular targeting when choosing an audience. Targeting audiences can be done based on their demographics, interests and behavior. If you wanted to target new moms, for example, your product could be targeted on FBA by Mothers who have just announced baby showers. This level of detail is not possible on GA or BA.
Reach. As of July 2019, 1.59 billion people use Facebook every day. Although organic reach has decreased a bit, there’s no doubt that Facebook can reach large numbers of people at a very low cost.
Advertising options. FBA offers a variety of advertising options. You can make carousel ads with single images, collections or videos. You can also boost posts and send ads through Facebook messenger. As you will see in section 4.


Competition. Competition. Particularly in the coaching and business building area.
Shady reporting. Facebook’s ad reporting has been plagued by a surprising number of misrepresentations, which always favor the Facebook balance sheets. FB overestimated the number of video views by as much as 79%, most notably. Justin Brooke, an Ads expert, has suggested moving most of his ads from FBA to GA. He has also seen ads delivered to teens in his targeting of customers between 25 and 45.

There is no searcher intent. FBA has no searcher intent.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords was launched in 2000 by just 350 advertisers.

Google Adwords, which is currently the dominant platform for internet advertising, has more than 30% of all online ads being displayed through its Google Network.

Google AdWords can be more complex than Facebook ads and may prove intimidating to some business owners.

After reading this section, you won’t feel that way!

Google Adwords Stats

Google alone hosts more than 160 billion searches per month.
Google is not the only one who uses the Google Display network. It also reaches 2 million additional websites and applications that are part of the Google Adwords program.
36% of all mobile searches are local and use Google. Google Adwords is a must-have for any local business or brick and mortar location.
Google Adwords offers an average return of $3.60 for every $1 that a business spends on Google Adwords.
Google Adwords ads are 50% more likely than organic searches to find your site.
Google provides a number of statistics that show that even displaying ads to your target audience can increase brand awareness by up to 80% compared to businesses that don’t use Google Adwords. While you should be careful not to believe everything Google has to say about their ads business, there are clear statistics that show the effectiveness of Google Adwords in increasing brand awareness.

Set up Google Adwords Ads

You can set up Google Adwords by going to Ads.google.com

You will then be asked to create your Google Ads account.

Taken to the overview page.

You will find the overview page by clicking on Campaigns. Next, create a new campaign.

When you create a new campaign you will be asked about the goals of the campaign and your personal goals.

There are many options available, from selling to driving traffic to your website.

The next step is to choose a campaign type, from search, display, or video.

Next, you will be asked how you would like to achieve your campaign goals.

Next, you’ll be taken to the campaign settings page. Here you can name your campaign and select your audience.

You can see that your targeting options are more limited than on FBA.

Once you have submitted your campaign ideas, you will be asked to name your ad groups and create them.

Next, you’ll write your ads and upload creative assets such as images and videos.

Finally, confirm your ads and make payment.

We now know how to set-up your GA ads. Let’s take a look at the pros and con of Google Adwords.

Google Adwords pros and cons:


High-quality ad reporting. Google Adwords reporting offers the best and most reliable ad reporting. Adwords ads can be monitored with any report or metric you wish.
Extensions have increased ad sizes. Google has been increasing the size of its ads since 2016, adding extensions that allow you to give more information to your ad viewer. These extensions let you add offers, phone numbers, and other information to improve your user experience and increase your quality score.
Different stages of the buyer journey should be targeted. Google is a search engine so people will see your ads while searching for solutions at different stages of the buyer’s journey. While you can place different ads at the top, middle, and bottom of your buyer’s journey to reach users at each phase, it is possible to set up multiple ads.


Processes for approval are strict. GA has strict approval policies and processes regarding what advertising can be done using GA. This makes it hard to write convincing copy.
High CPC. High CPC. Certain industries, such as Legal ($6.75 per Click) and Consumer Services ($6.40 Per Click), have very high costs per click, regardless of whether the visitor buys.
Quality Score. Quality Score. Your ads will not only be judged by your budget, but also your quality score. This algorithm, which Google doesn’t share publicly, grades your landing pages and relevance to determine how frequently you display your ads.

Bing Ads

Microsoft’s answer for Google Adwords is Bing.

Microsoft used Overture outside company to display ads on Bing before 2006.

In 2006, Microsoft advertising was created. Later, Bing ads were also born.

Bing Stats

Bing ads can reach more than 162 million searchers. This represents around 30% of search engine share and 6 billion searches per month.
Bing has lower bid prices than FBA and GA, as well as lower competition.
You have a better chance of having your ads at the top of the page if you have more ads!
Although it’s a small sample, an advertiser discovered that his bounce rate was more than 8% on Bing Ads than on Google Adwords.

Set up Bing ads

To set up Bing ads, you need to first create an account at ads.microsoft.com

However, if you use Microsoft Office products such as word, you might already have an account.

After your account has been set up, you will be asked whether you wish to import your campaigns from Google Adwords. Or create a new campaign.

This is a very useful feature. It will allow you start with your GA audiences, ads groups, etc. instead of starting from scratch.

After your ad has been created, you can go live!

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