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New Zealand Email Database

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New Zealand email leads

New Zealand Email List

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New Zealand email leads

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New Zealand Consumer Email Database

New Zealand Email Lists

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New Zealand has grown into an employment-generating center and an attractive trade partner for millions. It’s set to be a significant contribution to the world economy. 

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New Zealand quality email lists
New Zealand Email Lists

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New Zeland email lists

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we make use of the same source as our other competitors: such as Web Directories, LinkedIn, public sources ,government directories and etc.Therefore Quality is same and most accurate than them with affordable price.

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New Zealand Email Database

Digital MarketingThe growth of Internet, World Wide Web and other digital technologies has
transformed marketing. Consumers are offered a an array of goods, services and products.
and prices from various suppliers and provides a better method to purchase and select products.
There’s also a variety of platforms for technology, including laptops, desktops and computers to smartphones
and tablets for users to and tablet devices for consumers to. For companies using digital media, as well as the latest technology
Ogy platforms offer the chance to enter new markets, provide new services, and apply
innovative online communication techniques and are on an than a level playing field with bigger
businesses. For those who work within these companies, it offers the chance to grow
learning new skills and using the new tools to increase the competitiveness of your company.
However the Internet and the related digital technology platforms can lead to a myriad of
threat to businesses. For instance, online companies like (clothing), (books along with sales), iTunes (music) and Expedia (travel) have been able to capture an evocative image New Zealand database for sale.
An important part of their market and sparked fear into the current players. A lot of customers
Today, we regularly use social media such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter as a part of
of their of their daily. Involving them in their daily lives is a continuous problem of their lives, but as we’ll discover,
companies such as ASOS have profited from these opportunities to engage with customers through custom
This has allowed to establish them as a global brand  Buy New Zealand targeted email list.
The success stories of businesses capturing market share in the wake of the increasing growth
The acceptance of Internet by both business and consumer buyers has seen a rapid increase in
Realisation that every business require an online presence in order to be successful or
It is possible that you will survive! Michael Porter said in 2001:
The most important question is whether or not to implement Internet technology. Companies do not have the resources to do so.
option to remain competitive, but how to implement it Purchase New Zealand  email lists.
What are the methods that businesses must master in order to make the most effective use of digital
marketing? Figure P.1 provides an overview of the broad range of actions that are currently
are essential to manage effectively and are discussed in this article. RACE provides the
various strategies required to connect with, engage the audiences on the internet across
the entire customer lifecycle, from creating awareness, to conversion to purchase (online or offline)
and retention and the growth of and retention and growth of New Zealand quality email lists.
The image shows the variety of various marketing activities or operating processes.
It is essential to help in the acquisition of new customers, by communicating with them via third-party
Social media and party websites that draw them to your company’s websites, which converts them into to web-
conversion of site visits into sales and the use of the internet to drive sales. It is possible to see
The application of social media is an integral part of RACE and is therefore one of the main management strategies
Digital marketing is not without its challenges We look at strategies to manage social media marchallenges in digital marketing.
Ketching in the text. Digital platforms are a crucial an element of multichannel advertising
to make it easier for customers to navigate between traditional and “new” media is another major challenge
Lenge is a subject throughout the text. Governance-related management processes are a major part of
digital marketing also includes the planning of how digital marketing can be the most effective resource to help-
gratitude to the company and also integrating other marketing initiatives. The increase in
The adoption of digital marketing requires a substantial program of change that requires
to be controlled. The new objectives must be established, and new communication strategies are developed
and staff are developed by taking on new responsibilities and new skills.

New Zealand email database

Digital marketing – new skills required?
The purpose of this article is to give you a complete information on the ideas, strategies, and concepts
and best practice for supporting and support all digital marketing processes as illustrated and best practice to support all the digital marketing processes shown in and best practice to support all the digital marketing processes shown in P.1. and best practice to support all the digital marketing processes shown in Figure P.1.
is based on new academic models, and best practices from the most successful users of
digital media. The practical experience gained by studying these concepts and the best
The practice is intended to help graduates who have recently been hired and marketing professionals to
make the most of the possibilities of digital marketing while minimizing the risk.
Particularly this text addresses the need to:
** It is important to determine the extent to which digital technology and media alter the existing media
marketing models, and whether or not new strategies and models are utilized to make the most of
medium effectively.
** Marketing professionals need the skills of a digital marketer to sell their products
ucts effectively. Understanding of the latest terminology – words like “marketing automation,”
“click-through,” “cookie” uniques’, ‘click-through’ and ‘page impressions’ as well as of efficient methods of
Promotion and design of websites like search engine marketing will be required in any case, be it for
direct involvement in the design of a site, or to facilitate interaction with staff or
organizations that are responsible for managing and implementing the sites.
** Considering the constantly changing market conditions and best practices for digital markets** Given the constantly changing characteristics of market and best practices in digital market
In addition, information resources on the web are required to keep knowledge up-to-date frequently. This article
and the companion website have numerous hyperlinks to other websites that can help you achieve
The text presumes some prior understanding of marketing among the reader, which may have been that they have developed
Through experience or through students who are studying the introductory modules of the field of marketing.
marketing communications, tals or buyer behavior. Yet, fundamental notions of marketing communications, tals, or buyer behaviour.
Ing, communication theory, buyer behavior as well as the mix of marketing are all described.
Changes in the sixth edition

New Zealand  leads

The highly praised structure of previous editions is being retained because it provides the reader with a clear
The sequence of steps to planning and development that are essential to
develop a plan for digital marketing that is successful in both start-up and established businesses.
The major changes we included in the sixth edition are following feedback from reviews and our
closely monitoring the current trends and developments is:
Chapter 1 – Introducing digital marketing
* The concept of digital transformation within large organizations introduced at the close of chapter.
Preface xv
Chapter 2 – Online market analysis Micro-environment
*Chapter introduction revised to provide information on customer choices using mobile platforms, as well as
customer journeys within the context of purchasing decision models like ZMOT from Google.
and as well as the McKinsey Loyalty Loop and the McKinsey Loyalty.
* Mini case study of Ecomom included to give the latest example of an E-retail failure
severe consequences.
** Business model canvas introduced. A helpful tool to help students review online
Business models for assignments and case studies. Section on portal types deleted.
Chapter 3 The macro-environment online
*Structure of chapter preserved with a discussion of new laws on cookies and native
advertising and selling on the internet.
Chapter 4 – Digital marketing strategy
** The most current strategies for developing a strategy, including the use of digital
transformation programs and a content marketing strategy.
Chapter 5 – – The effect of technology and digital media in the mix of marketing
* A new section on co-marketing has been added to the case study of Napster replaced by a brand new case study on
Chapter 6 – Relationship marketing using digital platforms
** We will introduce concepts used to define CRM in the modern world of marketing. This includes Marketing
Automation Big Data and predictive analytics.
*We have expanded our section about social CRM as well as the notion of Loyalty Loop.
Chapter 7 – Providing the online customer experience
** New emphasis from the online customers experience, to managing the digital journey
On other platforms, including other platforms like mobile phones, social media, as well as retail in-store.
*Explanation and examples for DevOps Growth hacking, added to the agile development–
Section for ment.
* Government Service Design Manual used as a reference document to explain the steps involved in
Online services are being developed through Discovery and Beta, Alpha and the Live Stages (also employed in
numerous commercial projects (many commercial).
* Coverage of design and mobile issues has been expanded in the section ‘Mobile design’.
Considerations and strategies’.
Chapter 8 – Campaign planning for digital media
*New coverage of “Always-on communications, real-time PR and marketing
With campaign examples including campaign examples Burger King, Evian and Metro.
* The new analysis tool, including the content Distribution as well as the Content Marketing matrix added for
reviewing and prioritizing reviewing and prioritising investment.

New Zealand email lists

New Zealand lists
Chapter 9 – Marketing communications using digital media channels
** A review of the most recent changes in the factors that determine search rankings, including an overview of the
the importance of Google’s algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.
* An examination about the effectiveness of marketing using social media is included in the box “Is social media effective in marketing?
“mostly a waste of time”, and an “infantile illusion”?
*New content on co-marketing, programmatic advertising buying and the emotional factors that affect the way you buy
viral campaign.
Chapter 10: Evaluation, improvement and maintenance in digital channel efficiency
** Focus shifts on analyzing the performance of websites and managing them to managing their digital
Experiences on other platforms, including social media, mobile and in-store retail.
*New discussion on the necessity for digital agility to be able to change the content of different types of content illustrated
through an online retailer.
xvi Preface
Chapter 11 – Business-to-consumer digital marketing practice
*New and updated examples.
Chapter 12 – Digital business-to-business marketing practice
** Updated and new examples.
A brand-new series of cases on ‘Digital marketing in action — Smart Insights interviews’ are included.
The chapter begins with a brief introduction. at the beginning of each chapter. They are written in a question-and-answer format and have a focus
about the real-world issues and opportunities for practitioners who work in digital media:
The text is split into three parts, each of which covers specific aspects of how companies operate.
Make use of internet marketing to help them use the Internet for marketing, helping businesses gain an edge over competitors. Table P.2 provides evidence of how businesses use the internet to help them gain competitive advantage.
the way the text is correlated to the established topics in marketing.
Part 1 of Digital Marketing Fundamentals (Chapters 3 and 4)
Part 1 links the application for the Internet to the conventional marketing theories and concepts.
The validity of the models that are in use, given the difference in the Internet and
Other media.
Chapter 1: Introduction to digital marketing, which considers the Internet as a part of cus-
multichannel, tomer-centric marketing and also reviews the connection between Internet
marketingand digital marketing E-commerce and eBusiness, and the advantages of that come from the Internet
is able to bring to adopters and also outlines the distinctions from other media, and briefly introduces
The technology.

New Zealand business database

The structure and the content of this text are based on the structure and content of this
xviii Preface
Topic 1 . 2 3. 4 5. 6 7. 8 9. 10 11. 12.
Consumer behaviour
Market structure and channel
Mix of communications
Communication theory
Quality of customer service
Direct marketing
Marketing in the international market
Marketing mix
Marketing research
Evaluation and measurement
Pricing strategy
Public relations
Marketing through relationships
Marketing of services
Strategies and planning
Background in technology
Note: A tick of blue signifies a pretty detailed coverage. an black tick signifies an unintentional direct reference as well as indirect coverage.
The coverage of topics related to marketing is in various chaptersTable P.2
Chapter 2 Online market analysis micro-environment examines the way digital media
Technology and innovation alters the immediate environment of an organization and the surrounding environment, including
market structure and channel structure of the channel and marketplace. It outlines the kind of analysis necessary to determine the structure of the channel and marketplace.
help support digital strategy by looking at how competitors, customers and intermediaries can help support digital strategy by examining how customers, competitors and
and their interplay and the interplay between them can be assessed.
Chapter 3 The online macro-environment examines the effect of technological, social, and
economic, legal, and political influence of the environment on digital strategy and its impacton the digital strategy of
mentation. The focus is on data and privacy protection regulations , as well as managing
Technology innovation.
Part 2 Digital marketing strategy development (Chapters 4-6)
Part 2 discusses the emergence of strategies for creating strategy and offers examples of
strategies that companies have used methods to incorporate strategies that companies have employed to integrate Internet in their marketing strategies.
Chapter 4 of Digital marketing strategy focuses on the ways in which digital strategies can be synchronized
with marketing and business strategies. It also describes a general strategic approach to
stages of reviewing the situation and goal-setting strategies formulation, and allocation of resources
and monitoring.
Chapter 5: The effect of technology and digital media in the mix of marketing is assessed
the various elements that make up the complete marketing strategy could be adapted in an online world-
ment as a part of strategy formulating.
The chapter on Relationship Marketing that uses digital platforms provides strategies and strategies
Use for using the Internet to establish and maintain one-to-one relationships with customers.
Third Part: Digital Marketing Implementation and Practice

New Zealand business database

Third paragraph of text discusses how to implement digital marketing
strategy. Methods to communicate with customers, establishing relationships , and facilitating
Electronic commerce can be examined in detail. The practical aspects of
Techniques are essential for students who are working placements that involve the use of a website, as well as for
Marketing managers are in contact with suppliers like design agencies.
Chapter 7: Delivering the online experience to customers describes how an online presence can be used to enhance customer experience
The design is designed to aid in the branding and quality of customer service goals. The stages
Analyzing the needs of customers analysis of customer needs, designing the site’s layout and structure, as well as designing the
Site, are covered by key methods such as usability, user-centric design, and usability
and accessibility and accessibility. It also covers various and accessible design models that are utilized to determine accessibility.
Chapter 8 Campaign planning for digital media outlines the distinctive aspects of
Digital media, and later examines various aspects of marketing communication that
They are crucial to launching the best online marketing campaign.
** Chapter 9 Marketing communications using digital media channels. Within the technology-
The techniques covered include banner advertising and affiliate networks, as well as promotion on search engines
sponsorship and co-branding, email social media, and word-of mouth marketing
and in particular, with particular reference to social networks in particular.
Chapter 10 , Evaluation, and enhancement of the digital channel’s performance examines meth-
Ods to assess and improve the effectiveness of websites and the communication in its delivery
The chapter focuses on the marketing and business benefits. The chapter briefly discusses methods and tools to
Updating websites.
Preface xix
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Online market
Place analysis:
Chapter 4
Chapter 6
marketing with
digital platforms
Chapter 5
Digital technology and its impact
Technology and media
about the mix of marketing
Chapter 7
The delivery of the
online customer
Experiential knowledge
Chapter 10
Evaluation and
Improvement of
digital channel
Chapter 8
making plans for
digital media
Chapter 9
using digital
media channels
Chapter 12
Marketing practice
Chapter 11
Marketing practice
Textual structure P.2
xx Preface
Chapter 11 Business-to consumer digital marketing examines the ways to market mar-
offering keting to customers and offers examples of how retail businesses are responding to such
Chapter 12 Business-to-business digital marketing examines various areas
Of marketing other business to another. It also gives numerous examples of how companies can be
This is to help support the international market.
Who is the appropriate person to use this text?

 New Zealand b2c database

The text was developed principally as the main text for postgraduate and undergraduate students.-
Graduate students who are taking special marketing classes or modules that are based on e-marketing.
Internet and electronic commerce, digital marketing and e-commerce. The text is applicable to
pupils who
*undergraduates in business courses, which contain modules on how to use the Inter–
internet and e-commerce. This includes degrees in specialist fields like Internet marketing, electronic
Marketing, tronic commerce tourism, accounting and tronic commerce and general management degrees like
such as business study, administration, and management of business;
Students in undergraduate projects who pick this topic to use for their final-year project or dissertation–
The text makes an excellent text to accompany students in this class;
*undergraduates who have completed the work experience with a company that uses the Internet to gain pro-
Its products are a bit tinkering;
Students at colleges seeking vocational certificates like the HNC or HND.
Computer Studies;
Postgraduate students who are studying master’s-level specialist studies in electronic commerce, or
Internet marketing, general MBAs and programs leading to certifications like the Cer–
Certificate in Management or diploma of Digital Marketing or Management Studies that
contain modules on electronic commerce as well as digital marketing.
The previous editions were widely utilized by digital marketing professionals such as:
* marketing managers or experts such as e-commerce specialists or digital marketing
the managers who are responsible for defining the digital marketing strategy , the implementation of that strategy and
Maintaining the company’s website;
* directors and senior managers who want to be aware of the possibilities of digital marketing
for a company and need practical advice on how to maximize the potential of their business;
* webmasters or technical project managers who can comprehend the technical aspects of
developing a website and have only a little experience in marketing basics and the best way to
Develop an Internet marketing strategy for your business.
What can the text provide for lecturers who teach these courses?
The text will provide a complete guide to every aspect of making use of the Internet and
Other digital media that support other digital media to support. The text builds upon existing theories of marketing
Concepts and theories, as well as asks the and concepts, and questions the context of the different perspectives between
Preface xxi
the Internet as well as other media. The text refers to the emergence corpus of literature that is specific to
It is a good tool for Internet marketing. It is therefore a good option across a range of courses. Professors will be able to use it in their classes.
The text offers a wide selection of examples, activities, and exercises to aid in the teaching.
Weblinks are included in the text, and after each chapter to give crucial information.
Formation sources for specific subjects.
Student learning features

New Zealand b2b database

A variety of features have been included in this article to help readers to get the most value from this text.
of the features. Each feature was designed to help you understand, reinforce learning and assist
users can find the information they need quickly and easily, especially when working on homework and making plans for
to prepare for tests. The characteristics are explained in the order you’ll find them in each
The chapter begins at the beginning of each chapter
The “Chapter at A Glance page is a simple navigation to every chapter. It has:
* Topics of the main topics. The most important subjects and page numbers.
* Studies of case studies: most important cases as well as their page numbers.
** Learning objectives: A listing of what readers will discover by reading the book”
to complete the exercises and.
* Marketers’ questions Explaining why the chapter is relevant for professionals.
* The links to the other chapters A summary of the details in other chapters.
In every chapter
*Definitions: When the terms of significance are first introduced , the primary text will be concise.
Definitions are included in the margins to make it easy to refer.
* Web references: when appropriate web addresses are provided in order to allow readers to access
additional details. Additional information is provided in the text in cases in cases where they directly relate to
and in the final as well as at the end of the chapter.
** Case studies: actual examples of how businesses are making use of the Internet to enhance their market
ing. The final questions at the conclusion in the study are designed to draw attention to the most important lesson
Some points are drawn from the example.
* Small case studies brief sections that provide an example that is more specific or an explanation
more than what is required than what is required in the text. These do not include additional than what is required in the main text.
* Activities: exercises within the text in general that offer readers the chance to practice and also
Apply the methods that are described in the text.
* Chapter summaries are intended to be revision aids that summarize the key learning points
in the chapter.
The chapter is concluded at the end of every chapter
*Self-assessment exercises for students: brief questions that will examine understanding of concepts and
Concepts discussed throughout the book.
** Essay questions: conventional essay questions.
*Discussion questions: these will require more detailed essay-style responses that discuss topics from
the chapter. They could be used as individual essay topics or as the foundation for
seminar discussion.
xxii Preface
*Exam questions: questions that are typical of short-answer types similar to those commonly asked
in exams. They are also useful to help with revision.
“References”: These are the references to articles, books or papers mentioned within the
** Additional reading: texts that are supplementary or research papers on the principal topics that are covered in this chapter.
If necessary the need arises, a brief explanation is offered on suggested additional
studying the major concepts that are the focus of chapters.
* Web links: These are important websites that offer additional information on the ideas
and the topics covered in the chapter. The list is not a repeat of any of the references to websites given in the chapter.
the chapter, such as websites of companies. To be clear, the web address prefix ‘http’ ://’ is
In general, it is not mentioned.
Then, at the at the end of the text
*Glossary of full definitions of the important terms and phrases that are used in the main
Text, cross-referenced to facilitate the ease of usage.
*Index: All key words and abbreviations that are referred to in the text.
Support material

 New Zealand email database free download

The materials are free and available on the website of Dave Chaffey at www.smartinsights
.com/book-support to help users of the book. The website is regularly updated and contains
Advice, comments, and support materials, and hyperlinks to websites that are relevant to the content.
A password-secured area is available that lecturers can use to discuss any issues that arise out of using
the text; additional exam-type questions and answers; and a multiple-choice test
Bank with answers and additional cases that include ideas for discussion; and an e-booklet
Version that includes the lecturer’s Guide as well as OHP Masters.
Porter, M. (2001) Strategy and the Internet, Harvard Business Review (March) (March), 62-78.
Preface xxiii
Dave Chaffey BSc, PhD, FCIM, MIDM
Dave is CEO of Smart Insights (, an online publisher and analytics
Company that offers advice and alerts on the best practices and latest technological developments in the digital industry.
E-commerce and marketing managers and marketers. The information is also intended to assist those who read Dave’s
books. The most relevant information is highlighted at
Dave is also an instructor for digital and digital media as well as a Consultant for Marketing Inthe –
sights Limited. He has provided advice on e-commerce and digital marketing strategy for companies that are
A variety of sizes available of larger companies such as 3M, Barclaycard, HSBC, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia and
It’s the North Face to smaller organisations such as Arco,, Euroffice, Hornbill and i-to-i.
Dave’s love is to educate students and marketing professionals about the current and effective techniques in digital
marketing, thus empowering companies to boost their online performance by gaining the
the most value from their website analysis and market research. This means that they can make the most out of
online opportunities and avoid opportunities online and avoiding.
He is extremely proud to be recognized as a member of the Department of Trade and Industry as one of the
influential individuals who have provided their input and influence to the growth and development of
E-commerce and internet-based commerce and Internet within the UK in the past ten years. Dave has also been recognized
By the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing “gurus around the world who are recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing
has helped define the future of marketing. He is very happy that he is an honorary fellow of the IDM.
Dave is a guest lecturer in e-commerce classes at various universities, including
Birmingham, Cranfield, Derby, Manchester Metropolitan and Warwick Universities. Also, he is a professor at Manchester Metropolitan, Derby, Birmingham, and Warwick
He is a teacher on an IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing He is also a an examiner in the senior position.
In all, Dave is author of five business books that are best-selling, including Digital Business
as well as Ecommerce Management, Digital Marketing Strategies, Implementation, and Practice
eMarketing excellence (with P.R. Smith) as well as Total Email Marketing. A lot of these books
They have been updated in new editions since 2000. Translations are available in Chinese, Dutch,
German, Italian and Serbian.
When he’s not at work, Dave is enjoying fell-running, playing indie rock and traveling with his family.
Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, PhD, BSc, PGCE
Fiona-Ellis Chadwick ( is a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough Univer-
sity School of Business & Economics and is director of the Institute of Consultancy
and and Research Application and Research Application. She is also a active researcher, lecturer , and author. In her job, she is a lecturer, researcher and author.

New Zealand business email database free download

Fiona is a renowned researcher in the domain of online e-commerce retailing. She’s also an active participant in mem-
Be part member of members of the Town Centre Research Interest Group. She is an influential thinker in the creation of
Innovative blended learning for postgraduate and undergraduate teaching in disciplines
of marketing and retailing with her knowledge gained from through working with top international pubsof marketing and retailing. She is a leading expert in international pub
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A shaky commercial career prior to becoming an academic and finishing her PhD. After achieving
an important contribution to the field of online retailing she continues to conduct studies and
research publications that cover the area of strategic use and strategic adoption Internet. Her work on these areas is among the best.academic publications in the areas of strategic adoption of the Internet.
ICS was presented as a paper in Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Eu-
ropean Journal of Marketing, Internet Research, International Journal of Retail Distribution
and Management and Management, as well as additional textbooks and journals for practitioners. She is also an active member of
is the Independent Standards Board for The Retail Ombudsman. Fiona loves the work of
Education and technology can assist businesses develop in the near future.
I am privileged to have shared my experience of learning how to utilize digital market
Involving thousands of marketing students and professionals. I would like to thank that you have shared your
My experiences have been shared that I’ve shared with you. I’d like to especially thank everyone who has shared their
Experiences of using digital marketing are shared in the first case study interviews of every chapter
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Additionally, I am grateful for the effort put forth by digital marketing experts who have shared their experiences
Their expertise as experts presenters in Smart Insights including Mike Berry and Richard
Sedley (marketing strategies), Dan Barker, Ben Jesson and Pritesh Patel (analytics) Dan Bosom
Worth, Paul Fennemore, Katy Howell and Marie Page (Social media marketing), Rene Power
(B2B marketing), Rob Thurner (mobile marketing), Chris Soames, James Gurd and John NewJohn New
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Acknowledgements of the Publisher
The publisher is grateful to the authors in this publication for providing helpful feedback.
We thank the following people for their permission to reproduce copyrighted material:
Figure 1.1 from Google. Google
and and the Google logo are trademarks registered to Google Inc. that belong to Google Inc., used by Google Inc. with permission.
ure 1.3 from, Scott Brinker; Figure 1.4 from
/watch?v=fGaVFRzTTP4, Tesco Stores Limited; Figure 1.8 from Digital transformation: Why
and how businesses invest in the latest business models to be the best in digital customers to ex-
periences. Brian Solis.,, The Altimeter Group.
2014 2014. Figure 1.11 taken from Emarketing Excellence, Planning and optimizing your digital marketing-
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behaviour/what-influences-purchase/attachment/consumer-decision-journey/. This article was published by
permission for permission Digital Marketing advice site edited by Dave Chaffey;
Figure 2.6 taken from Googling to the Present, Economic and Labour Review, Office for National Sta-
Tistics (Chamberlin, G. 2010) ONS, Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the
Open Government Licence v.3.0. Figure 2.10 from the new GfK ROPO study with Vodafone,
This article was posted by the Google Barometer Blog 20th October 2010 Google. Google along with Google
The logo and the word “Google” are trademarks owned by Google Inc., used with permission 2.12 from Goog-Intl. 2.12 is a screenshot taken from Googlogo.
The present, Economic and Labour Review Office for National Statistics (Chamberlin, G.
To be successful in the coming years companies will require marketers, strategists , and agencies
With up-to-date information on how to use digital media like email, the internet with up-to-date knowledge of how to apply digital media such as email, mobile
and interactive and interactive. The goal is to create Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation, and the practice
It is designed to aid students as well as professionals in expanding their understanding. The
In this article, we will demonstrate how the traditional models of marketing or concepts may be used to assist
create digital marketing strategies and plans , and when new models are needed. We
The article will also provide numerous examples of practical applications and best methods for implementing online communicationwill also provide many practical examples and best practices for using online communication
Uses tools to advertise an organisation’s goods and services on the Internet
and other and other digital media, as well as other digital.
The authors in this publication digital marketing is an exciting field to work in.
as it creates new challenges and opportunities each year as well as monthly.

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Innovation is an inevitable fact as we continue to see the development of new technologies, and new business models, and new
Models and innovative approaches to communications. For instance, Google innovates relentlessly.
Its service has grown significantly from 1997 (Figure 1.1) and has a huge number of web pages currently
Indexed and other services, such as web mail, pay per click (PPC) ads analytics, as well as
social networks are as part of its offerings. Complete the Activity 1.1 or look up Table 1.1 to learn more about
Other examples of online startups showing the speed of innovation.
Introduction – how has the digital revolution changed marketing?
Google timeline
Source: Google Corporate Timeline:
Figure 1.1
Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 7
To present some of the leading platforms for digital marketing currently and
to show the innovativeness of the development of online business models and communication strategies.
1. Think about the innovations you’ve witnessed in your time using the
Internet, World Wide Web and mobile platforms. What do you think are the primary
websites in your area that have changed how you are spending your time online?
Table 1.1 illustrates the sites which we believe have the most influence on the world of online
business models that are being used in business models in the US and Europe and the US, with a greater attention paid to the most recent
2. What do these websites share with ones you’ve chosen and what do they have in common?
Do you think that has what made them successful?
Innovation in digital marketing platformsActivity 1.1
Year of establishment Company/service Category of Innovation
1994 Amazon Retailer
1995 (March) Yahoo! Directory and portal
1995 (September) eBay Online auction
1995 (December) Altavista Search engine
1996 Hotmail Web-based Email
Market via the internet (using email signatures ) to
to promote the service)
Microsoft in 1997. Microsoft in 1997.
First search marketing with pay-per-click
Yahoo! purchased the company in 2003. Yahoo! in 2003.
1998, Google Search engine
1999 Blogger Blog is a publishing platform for bloggers.
Google purchased the company in 2003. Google in 2003.
1999 Alibaba B2B marketplace, with $1.7 billion IPO
on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007
(see chapter 2 (see case in Chapter 2. (see case in Chapter 2, p.)
1999 MySpace
Formerly known as eUniverse

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The economy is expected to grow
to the in the future. Digital is now
Mainstream, even though there are
opportunities, displacing existing global
The incumbent platforms will be scarce. In the
latest developments see:
The task of marketers lies in determine the effectiveness of innovations.
that are relevant to their organization and seek to benefit
by introducing them into companies such as the digital marthrough introducing them to a company such that the digital mar
Ketching techniques work effectively in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques.
This text will walk you through the types of questions you can be asking and also the potential
steps to help you develop the most appropriate strategy-
gies. In this chapter, we will look at the initial assessment of the digital
marketing, we will review two major aspects of managing the digital marketing
keting. In the beginning in this section, we will review the principal strategy
The gic issues and the opportunities of digital marketing that need to be
run by organizations. Then, we explain the concept of commanaged by organisations.
strategies for marketing companies online by
digital technology platforms like tablets, desktops and smartplatforms for digital technology like tablets, smart
mobile phones (for instance such as, for example, (SEM) as well as
social media and display ads) that use the distinctive characteristic
The tics of digital media. The following interview with a professional with Nick
Dutch Director of Digital in the Domino’s Pizza Group, highlights some
of the opportunities and challenges for marketing an internet-based company.

The problem marketing professionals face is how to determine the relevance of innovations for their business and to take advantage
by introducing them to companies such as the digital maris
Ketching techniques work effectively in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques.


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This text will guide you through the possible questions to ask and the possibilities of
Step-by-step solutions to help you develop the most appropriate strategy-
gies. In this introduction chapter, we will look at the initial assessment of the digital
marketing, we will review two key aspects of managing marketing through digital channels.
keting. The first section in this section, we go over the principal strategy
The gic issues and the opportunities of digital marketing, which must be taken into consideration
run by organizations. We will then present the concept of comthat is managed by organizations.
methods of communication to promote companies online by
digital technology platforms, such as tablets, desktops and smartdevices like smart
mobile phones (for instance such as, for example, (SEM) phones, and
display and social media) that use the unique characteristic
Digital media tics. The following interview with a professional with Nick
Dutch the Head of Digital for Domino’s Pizza Group, highlights some
of the challenges and possibilities for marketing an internet-based company.
Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 9
Nick Dutch is Head of Digital at Domino’s Pizza Group Limited in the UK and
Republic of Ireland. In this interview, he discusses the process used to make plans
digital strategy development.
The development of digital strategy at Domino’s Pizza
Q. Please describe your job and the way your team is organised
My job combines everything that goes into the customer experience online, from media to
conversion to desktop site as well as on mobile devices. Also, I’m accountable for everything online
marketing activities that drive visitors to the website and also the interaction with the part of the customer
journey , whether on our desktop website as well as mobile and mobile apps as well as our communities on
social media platforms that are also a part of the way Domino’s brand image is presented through the
digital space. In a strategic the digital space, I’m responsible for designing the long-term
long-term strategic plan for digital, and making sure that it is a part of and supports the
overall business plan.
There are six people on our digital team and three managers in tasks for the three
essential tasks: an ecommerce Marketing Manager key roles: Digital Campaigns Manager, an e-Commerce Marketing Manager
CRM Manager. The responsibility of an e-Commerce Marketing Manager is based on performance
with a primary focus on creating the most value from search, affiliate and display marketing.
and also maximizing conversions on the site. They collaborate closely with Digital Campaigns
Management – think of the interlocking Yin and Yang of Digital Marketing. The Digital
Campaigns Manager is able to integrate with larger campaign marketing strategies for brands and
is charged with making the brand come to life online, and they’re also responsible for branding digiis responsible for bringing the brand to life online.
Tal content is available on and off-site. The CRM Manager collaborates with an E-CRM Executive and they
control automated triggered emails primarily and, in the future, will increase SMS and
personalisation of any 1:1 communication and Push notifications on mobile devices,
digital display, and of course the web site its own. The website is also supported by an online database
Marketing analyst.


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Our team is small , as we’re supported in the technical aspect by the Com-
Mercial Systems Team responsible for the creation and maintaining all of our
E-commerce platforms (in IT services) We’re their customer. We closely collaborate with them on
new applications and features including conversion rate optimization, they handle on-site
product content updates. Additionally, there are business analysts within this group who provide
reports and insight to help CRO with reports and insights.
Q. What is your goal for the contribution to the future to mobile + desktop?
channels available for Dominos?
Our digital strategy is centered around the ways we can offer customers with the convenience they need.
across various channels – it is essential that the user experience be platform-independent.
The rate of adoption of digital technology informs this idea, so
We first started with mobile since we were aware the mobile platform was gaining popularity.
popular for customers. We will track the use of the latest technologies, such as NFC
Payment options will be added to these options to a three-year strategy built on
When we begin to see them enter the mainstream. There is a clear plan for the coming years.
12 months. What we have identified two years from now could fall in the dust when there’s no evident
customer imperative.
We consider new developments prioritised in relation to a mix of how they will affect
customer comfort and commercial return by a higher conversion rate or
average order value. It doesn’t need to be a scientific process of prioritisation. choices are made
may be more associated with brands like connected TV offers the chance to work with
This is the Smart Insights interviewDigital marketing in the real world
10 Part 1 Digital marketing fundamentals
TV maker – could be more brand related innovation is an essential element of our
Brand DNA, so we’ll take into consideration those aspects that may not be 100% the same.
Fortunately, it is also feasible.
Q. What’s your procedure to make investments in media?
The basis for this is on the integration with business goals that are founded on
A classic marketing planning method built on the introduction of new products
for instance – the online campaigns are in line to for instance – so these activities are aligned with.
On a high level we make an investment split choice for search marketing, affiliates
and display based on past performance trends , comparing the previous year with and dif-
Fluent quarters, and of course, our future business goals and forecasts. We have to
make use of the right mix of media to draw customers that are showing distinct behaviors
in their purchase decision. This means that some customers may be looking to purchase pizza
This evening, you’re looking for the best bargains this moment. Affiliates are crucial in drivingthe market.
Making that decision. Others may be contemplating eating for a couple of days and display could
It is important to note that there is a halo effect of advertisements that trigger the search for
Domino’s, therefore it’s vital to strike a balance between brand and performance investments.


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In a more practical sense similar to all other e-commerce websites We look at our year-on-year performance.
Make sure you are analyzing your interactions carefully. All decisions depend on beating year-on performances of men.
tality. In this case, we need to make precise decisions. such as the search engine, we could be able to
an annual search budget, where we must balance the spending on natural and paid search
Get the most efficient performance. In addition, based on market conditions, we’ll alter the
Balance of targeting different keywords the balance of targeting different terms Adwords Certain words are demand-creation, for instance
as generics, while other are used to fill in the gaps, such as local or brand words.
Making adjustments to the mix of media months by month is an ongoing task due to
of four elements. First, the competitor’s action such as a campaign or a contest with the same brand
term or any other type of media activities. Then, we can explore new marketing strategies that we might want to try
to reap benefits – for instance, the present ways to target in Gmail or a custom
audiences in Facebook. Also, there are adjustments to business needs , for example weather
impacting demand – we need to create more demand, which could be a mean upweight
local search or a generic with a focus on new customers.
In the end, our methods of analysis or tools with which media can be effective will increase the effectiveness of our analysis.
For instance, we have looked at more recently the attribution of purchases and for example, this is an example of how it has
The emphasis is on the display budgets, and not just’mopping the channels’.
I haven’t even mentioned social media in the past because it’s not that important in an indirect-sales perspective.
From a different point from a different point of view. However, we utilize content marketing in situations where custom content is
was born out of our fans’ enthusiasm that they share, such as the desire to connect us to football. However, we have
it’s essential for other areas like community management on social networks.
We produce and distribute content constantly in this regard. We do offer social sign-in
via Facebook Connect, for example for instance, but it’s not utilized to any significant extent. Of
Of course social media is crucial for customer service, where we need to handle
This is done proactively. We employ external services to manage various social media-related activities.
Q. How do you handle improvement in conversion rates and implement them?
New features on your websites?
We are constantly improving our processes, and we have seen an evolution in our mindset regarding sales have increased from
Online channels have grown. It was an online portal at first but now we have
Being able to review regularly such as an annual or fortnightly review process.
We employ Google Analytics as a performance tool to review the customer journeys as well as
We use multi-device attribution however we also have the option of using the journey analysis e.g. via ads serving
to offer us something like it.
Use of Internet as well as the other electronic media as well as technologies to aid’modern’
marketing’ has led to an array of labels and jargons developed by both
Professionals and academics. It’s been referred to as”digital marketing” Internet marketing,
E-marketing and Web Marketing. In the fifth edition we changed the title this article from
Internet marketing to Digital Marketing since it shows the usage of a range of digital platforms
ways to interact with viewers and different reasons that are explained in the introduction. Of course,
What is crucial in an organization isn’t the word, but rather the actions that make up digital
marketing, and must be prioritized according to their importance. Therefore, in this chapter, we
The focus is on introducing these various digital marketing strategies.
Digital marketing could be described as:
Attaining marketing goals through the use of digital technology and the media.
This concise definition reminds us that technology is the technology that delivers results.
which will determine the investment decision that will determine the amount of investment Internet marketing and not the use of technology.
ogy! Digital technologies like mobiles, desktops tablet, and many other digital technologies.


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Forms introduced later in the chapter.
In real life digital marketing entails managing various forms of online business
presence, like sites for companies and social media corporate pages together with
the use of online communication methods, which are described within this chapter which includes search engines
marketing and social media marketing online marketing, advertising, and email marketing collaboration
agreements with agreements with other websites. These methods are employed to further the goals of
getting new customers and offering services to customers who already have them that aid in the development of
the customer-customer relationship via the customer relationship through. But, in order for digital marketing to be effective, it must have a positive impact on the customer relationship.
there is still a need to integrate these methods with traditional media like
Print, TV and direct mail to form part of the multi-channel communications for marketing.
The role of digital platforms supporting multichannel marketing that is integrated is yet another
The theme of this text is a constant one In Chapter 2, we examine its importance in supporting various
Customer journeys are facilitated by alternative communication as well as distribution methods. On the internet
channels can also be controlled to help support the entire purchasing process, from pre-sales to sale
post-sales and the development of customer relations.
Media owned, paid, or earned media
To design a successful digital strategy today requires understanding the greater complexity, and more
more competitive purchasing environment than ever before and customer journeys that span numerous
diverse kinds of different forms of. For help in developing an approach to reach out and influence
prospective buyers online. It’s common to use the term “channel” to mean three major kinds of media channels.
The marketers of nels must take into consideration the following today (Figure 1.2):
1. Paid media. They are paid media when there is an investment to pay for traffic, reach, and reach
or conversions via or conversions via display networks, search and affiliate marketing. Offline,
traditional media, such as television and print ads, as well as direct mail are still important.
making up the bulk of the paid media spending.
2 owned media. This is the media that is owned by the company. This includes online media owned by a company’s own
websites blog, email lists, websites mobile apps, or their social profiles via Facebook, LinkedIn
or Twitter. These media owned by offline sources could include retail stores or brochures. It’s beneficial to
Think of a company’s presence as a media outlet as if they’re an alternative
investments to other media and also provide the opportunity to promote products similar
the format of an editorial or lar ad for other media. It stresses the necessity for all organizations
to be multichannel publishers.


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Definitions – What is multichannel marketing and digital marketing?
Digital media
Communications are
Facilitated through
Content and interactive
services delivered by
different digital technology
platforms, which includes the
Internet mobile, web
phone, interactive TV,
Digital signage and IPTV.
Marketing via digital
The implementation of
Internet and its related
digital technologies
in conjunction
with traditional
communications with
Get marketing
Online company
Online in various forms
media controlled by the media controlled by
company, including their
website, blogs, email
List and social media
presences. Also called
‘owned media’.
Electronic customer
management (E-CRM)
Using digital
technology to increase the effectiveness of
sales to existing customers
customers and to encourage
the continued use of
online services via
techniques including
database, personalised
web messages, customer
Social media, services, email
Media marketing.
Multichannel marketing
Customer communication
Cations and products
distribution is and are
through a combination of digital
and traditional channels and traditional
at different times in the
buying cycle.
Customer journeys
The order of online
and offline touchpoints
customer takes during a
purchasing process or more general
customer experience.
This could include the following:
a variety of digital platforms
communications media
Pages, websites and
engagement devices.
12 Part 1 Digital marketing fundamentals
3 Earned Media. Traditionally the term earned media is the term used to describe the publicity that is generated
Through PR, brands are investing in targeting influential people to boost awareness of the brand. Today
earned media also includes word-of mouth which can be triggered by social and viral media.
media marketing, as well as conversations on blogs, social networks and other social networks. It’s
It is helpful to think of earned media as the distribution of engaging content created by
diverse kinds of partners like bloggers, publishers and influencers, such as cusvarious types of partners such as bloggers, publishers, and cus
tomer advocates. Another way to look at earned media is that it is a variety of kinds of
interactions between businesses and consumers that take place both offline and online.
We will find out in the final section that the concept of content marketing is now an essential part of the in–
Modernized, modern approach to marketing that uses paid and owned
and earned and earned.
It is evident in the figure 1.2 the overlap between three media types.
It is vital to keep in mind this because the process of achieving this overlap involves integration of campaigns.
infrastructure and resources. Content on a hub or website can be divided into smaller pieces (someresource –
times called microcontent) and shared with other types of media through widgets
powered by software and APIs for data exchange (Application programming interfaces) like APIs for program and data exchange (Application Programming Interfaces).
as an API for Facebook. Facebook API.
The increasing variety of marketing digital platforms
If you are thinking of possibilities of connecting and engaging with your audience members when they’re online, we’ve got you covered.
typically used digital media channels, such as social media, search, or the display of ads on media
websites accessible via laptops or desktops-based hardware platforms. Desktop access platforms
was dominant for many years and continues to be so however, the amount of smartphones on the market
and tablet user sessions currently surpass and tablet visitor sessions now surpass desktop Internet sessions for a lot of consumers. and business
nesses. Together the hardware platform there are many software platforms
that marketers can utilize to interact and reach their target audience via content which they can utilize to engage with their customers through marketing


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or advertising, take a look at the array of choices or available
Paid media
Also referred to as purchased
Media, direct payments
is a problem that occurs to site owners
or an ad network , when
They serve an ad, they serve an ad,
Pay or sponsorship
for the click, lead, or for a sale
Media owned by the company
Different types of online
media controlled by the media controlled by
company and their
website, blogs, email
List and social media
Earned media
The public is reachable
via editorial
Comments and sharing
Method for exchanging
data between systems
like websites, for instance.
Digital properties
Mobile apps
Social presence
of of
into ads
Partner networks
Editor editorial for the publisher
Influencer outreach
Social networks
Paid search
Advertisements on display
Marketing with an alias
Digital signage
Owned by the company
The atomisation of conversations
via APIs shared
and social widgets and social
The interplay of three main types of media online 1.2
Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 13
Notebook, notebook and desktop platforms
1. Desktop operating on a browser. This is the traditional way of accessing the internet via the user’s
The browser of your choice, whether Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.
2 Desktop applications. This platform isn’t frequently, but we do hear it more often from users
users can access free and paid applications on their desktops through either the Apple App Store or the
Microsoft equivalent, like Gadgets. This provides brands with opportunities to interact with users through
These platforms.
3 Email platforms. Although email isn’t typically considered an actual platform, it is an
possibility that is separate from browser or app-based solutions to communicate with pros
clients or pects, either via editorial or advertisement email remains frequently employed
to market.
4 API and Feed-based platforms for data exchange. A lot of users continue to consume data via
RSS feeds, as well as Twitter or Facebook status updates could be considered to be a kind of feed
or stream, where ads may or stream in which ads are inserted.
5 Video-marketing platforms. Streamed video is typically distributed via the other platforms.
The above mentioned forms are primarily through plug-ins and browsers however, it’s not the only way to do it.
A distinct platform. TV channels can be streamed via the Internet
(known by the name of IPTV) is a component of IPTV. They are a part of.
It is possible to argue that the main social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also
Platforms are platforms that provide a type of platform, but they are actually present in all these platforms
So they aren’t being separated.
Tablets and mobile phones
The possibilities for mobile hardware platforms are comparable in several ways to desktops. Because
They are able to be used in a variety of locations. There are many opportunities to get involved in with con-
sumers using mobile marketing as well as local-based marketing via location-based. The most popular platforms include:
1 Operating system for mobile and browser. The mobile operating system and browser are both available that are in close proximity to
Integrated with an operating system.
2 Mobile-based apps. The apps are exclusive to mobile operating systems and are not compatible with other operating systems, regardless of
Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM or Windows. The biggest decision is the decision of whether to release
experiences and content via an internet browser and/or an application that provides an immediate experience
proven experience. If you look up the most recent research, you’ll see most of the research has
Mobile media time is an app-based.
Other hardware platforms
Beyond mobile and desktop access, there’s also many other expanding platforms
Through which you can communicate with your customers. For instance:


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1. Gaming consoles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox There are a lot of them.
ways to engage players through advertisements or in-game placements options to reach gamers, such as in-game advertisements.
2 Indoor and outdoor kiosk-type apps. Examples include interactive kiosks, as well as Augmented
Reality options for customers.
3. Interactive signs. The latest version of sign is connected to kiosk apps as well as
could incorporate various methods like touchscreen, Bluetooth or QR codes can be used
Encourage interaction. The Mini Case Study 1.1 provides a futuristic model.
4 Wearables. Smart watches, such as those from Apple Watch and smart glasses like Google Glass.
Software platforms to manage modern marketing
There’s a wide array of services, applications, and systems that are available for managing
Marketing. A lot of them are now available as SaaS platforms, which offer services available to
Manage marketing with less expense for smaller companies and is easier to manage for everyone
because no installation is needed.

14 Part 1 Digital marketing fundamentals
The options available can be easily summarized in the work of Scott Brinker, who publishes an
overview of the market technology landscape every year. The six primary categories of
The system he recommends that marketers look over the various technologies that are available.
1. Marketing experiences. Advanced techniques that directly impact prospects and
customers throughout their lives including advertisements, emails social media, advertising customers throughout their lifecycle, such as email, social media, search engine
Optimization and Content marketing, A/B test, marketing apps – the front-office of
modern day marketing.
2. Marketing operations. The data and tools for managing the back-office of marketing
like Analytics, Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Digital Asset Management
(DAM) (DAM) and flexible marketing management.
To demonstrate the wide range of tools available to assist marketers and to clarify the
the main categories of services offered.
1 Look up Scott Brinker’s latest roadmap for technology for the year in question on his site. In each category of services summarized in
Figure 1.3 Write a basic explanation of how they assist in the digital marketing
tasks by reviewing the proposal that is described on the websites of the top
Popular services in the sector (the most popular ones are the first).
2. Make a note to be aware of the various types of services within each category.
3. Choose one or two vendors and go to their websites to find out how they explain
Explain the concept the idea to the group(s). You can also consider the
the most well-known service(s) in every grouping.
The most recent marketing technology landscapeActivity 1.2
Experiences in marketing
(Customer experience Digital media channel, voice of
chat, personalisation of the customer testing and sales enable
(Digital analytics,


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Attribution and dashboards
Asset management,
market and demographic information)
Middleware for marketing
(APIs, data management, tag management, identity)
Backbone marketing platforms
(CRM Marketing Automation, CRM, content management Ecommerce, CRM)
(Databases Big Data cloud, mobile as well as web-based development)
(Digital platforms)
Scott Brinker’s classification of modern marketing technology
options. The Digital Platforms are Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
and Twitter
Source: With permission
Figure 1.3
Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 15
3 Marketing middleware like Data Management Platforms (DMPs) Tag management,
cloud connectors as well as API management, and user management.
4 Backbone marketing platforms, like marketing, customer relationship management
automation, content management and ecommerce engines. (These are quite different
on their application, and therefore should be reviewed on a separate basis.)
5 Infrastructure services, such as databases big data management cloud computing, and
software development tools.
6 Internet services like Facebook, Google and Twitter which are at the heart of modern-day marketing
environment. (How you will integrate these important platforms.) Complete the activity 1.2 to
Review the most recent technologies.
Tesco Homeplus opens subway virtual store in South KoreaMini case study 1.1
Within South Korea, Tesco Homeplus has around 600 locations (including the franchise stores) however
It has significantly less stores than E-mart has significantly less stores than the market leader. Based on research that showed that there are many
Koreans prefer to shop at shops near their residences for convenience. Tesco tested an online store to appeal to
These shoppers.
And Tesco currently operates 22 virtual stores. virtual displays are implemented in a the same manner as
Actual retail stores that are actually in operation, from the display to items, but using smartphone QR code readers to shop, and
items delivered to home following purchase (Figure 1.4). This allows South Koreans to shop – in-the-move.
Source: Homeplus (2014),
Video on YouTube explaining Tesco Homeplus virtual Subway Store’s presence in South
Figure 1.4
16 Part 1 Digital marketing fundamentals
Introduction to the digital marketing strategy
The crucial strategic choices to make for digital marketing are the same way as traditional business decisions.
and the marketing strategy choices. We will learn more about this in Chapter 4 that defines an approach to
formulating a digital marketing plan such as customer segmentation, positioning and targeting
All of these are essential to successful digital marketing. They are all essential to effective. This familiar target marketing strategy
Strategies involve identifying the customers to target and defining how you can provide the most value
for these groups in the form of a proposal of the products and services offered to these groups. In addition, positioning the
the brand’s core product or proposition online creation of an appealing extended product
or online value or online value (OVP) is equally important (see chapter 7). This is how the
the online experience for a brand is created through content, graphic layout, interactive, and sharand more.
Ing, rich media and how the online presence can be integrated with offline. All of these
Companies listed in Table 1.1 have a clear and compelling OVP. The strategic decisions made concerning
the future OVP that a company provides is an essential element of an Internet marketing strategies.
Digital marketing has many key elements that are essential to its strategy


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The interplay and integration with Internet channels with traditional channels are an important factor.
Digital marketing is a key component of strategy development. The digital marketing plan is fundamentally the process of developing a
Marketing strategies for channels and must be combined with other channels in the context of a multi-
channel marketing. This means that a highly effective digital marketing strategy must:
* Be aligned with the business and marketing strategies (for instance, many businesses employ an
A rolling three-year plan with a vision) that includes more specific business priorities for each year and
• Set clear objectives for brand development and business and online contributions
of leads and sales on of sales and leads for Internet of leads and sales for other of leads and sales for the Internet or other digital. They should be based on
models of the numbers using the channels.
Keep in mind the type of customers that you have and are able to effectively reach
via the channel.
* Define a compelling different value offer for the channel that must be efficient.
The information is then sent to customers.
* Indicate the combination of offline and online communications tools used to lure users to the
site of the company or engage with the brand via other digital channels, such as email
or mobile.
• Support the journey of the customer through the purchasing process when they choose and make purchases
Digital channels are used to create products when combined alongside other channels.
* Manage the online client journey through the phases of bringing visitors to your website
Website, turning customers into clients and ensuring increase retention as well as growth.
Digital marketing and its applications
For multichannel companies that are already established Digital media provide numerous possibilities
for marketing services and products throughout the buying cycle, companies must
Review as an element of their review as part of their. Take the case of an airline that is low-cost. Digital
Technologies and media can be utilized in the following ways:
* Media for advertisement. Advertisements on publishers’ websites or social networks could be employed to
increase awareness of brand names and demand for products or services.
* Direct-response medium. The use of targeted search advertising allows businesses to increase the number of visits to their website.
Site where customers show intent to purchase, like looking for flights to a particular destination.
Introduction to the digital marketing strategy

Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 17
A platform for transactions in sales. Online booking of flights is the most used method
to book flights, both for business and leisure travellers as well as consumers.
* Lead-generation method. To book business travel tools are available to assist
Follow up on the purchase of corporate flights and follow up.
* Distribution channel, such as for distributing digital products. Today, airlines are selling more
insurance coverage than before like.


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* Customer service mechanism. For instance, customers can self-serve at a higher cost.
efficiently by efficiently by studying the most frequently regularly asked effectively by reviewing frequently asked.
* Relationship-building medium. A company is able to interact with customers in order to
learn more about their needs and promote relevant products and services. For instance,
easyJet utilizes its newsletter via email as well as specialized alerts on special offers to encourage
Recurring bookings of flights.
Platform to facilitate sales transactions. Online booking of flights is the most popular method of booking flights.
to book flights for business and consumer travellers.
* Lead-generation method. To book business travel Tools are available that can assist
Track and follow-up on follow up on corporate flight purchases.
* Distribution channel, such as for distributing digital products. Today, airlines are selling more
Insurance services are more extensive than they were previously like.
* Customer service mechanism. For instance, customers can self-serve more at no cost.
efficiently by efficiently by studying the most frequently regularly asked efficiently by reviewing frequently asked.
* Relationship-building medium. A company is able to interact with its clients to
learn more about their needs and promote relevant offers and products. For instance,
easyJet makes use of its email newsletter and specialized alerts regarding special offers to help
Recurring bookings of flights.
Digital marketing has many benefits.
The advantages of digital marketing for marketing are highlighted by applying the
Marketing is defined according to The Chartered Institute of Marketing
This definition focuses the attention on marketing the consumer however, it also emphasizes the importance of marketing to the customer.
time. This implies that it is necessary to connect to other business processes to attain this level of profitability. Chaf-
fey as well as Smith (2012) mention that the use of digital marketing may be employed to further these objectives as
* Identifying the Internet is a great tool for market research to determine the needs of customers.
Needs and wants (Chapters 7 and 9).
* Preparing for the Internet offers a second channel that customers can
Access information and purchase and make purchases. evaluating the demand for this information is crucial to managing
the allocation of resources to the e-marketing industry (as described in Chapters 2 3, 3 and 4).
“Satisfying” is an essential element of success in e-marketing is to achieve satisfaction from customers
via the electronic channel that raises questions such as how easy is the site to use, is it user-friendly, does
it is performing well and what is the standard of the customer care and how can they be improved?
physical products dispatched? (These problems of managing customer relationships are
Further discussion is discussed in Chapters 6 and 7.)
The fourth chapter of Chapter 4 will demonstrate how to quantify the different objectives as part of the development of digi-
tal marketing strategy. To present the most common types of objectives for digital marketing, refer to
Table 1.2 that provides a fundamental outline to establish and evaluate various types of goals
for the development of digital strategies for digital strategy development based on the 5Ss for digital strategy development based on the 5Ss Chaffey Smith and Chaffey (2012).
An effective method for analysing the marketing strategies that can be derived from the
Internet is the best way to implement the strategy-oriented marketing grid developed by Ansoff (1957) in the manner described in the article titled strat-
Section on egy formulation in Chapter 4’s egy formulation section. This illustrates how the Internet could be utilized
to realize four strategic directions
1 Market penetration. It is possible to use the Internet could be utilized to market more existing products and services into existing
2 Market development. In this case, the Internet can be used to sell into new geographic markets,
profiting from the cost-effectiveness of international advertising without the requirement to spend
an infrastructure for sales support in the countries of customers.
3 Product development. The development of new products and services is designed that are then made available to customers.
through using the Internet. These are typically digital goods.
4 Diversification. In this field the Internet allows the selling of new products that are
designed and sold to new markets.
18 Part 1 Digital marketing fundamentals
The benefits of e-marketing and how it is achieved Examples of typical goals
Sales – Grow includes direct sales online

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Source: Chaffey and Smith (2012)
The FiveSs of Internet marketingTable 1.2
Geyskens et al. (2002) offered a different view, namely which suggests that there exist three major
different forms of demand growth for an existing business by adopting direct Internet
channels. They include:
1. Market expansion. It is as new customers segments are accessed who
I have never previously bought in a particular category. provide an instance of Estee Lauder, who
The company hopes that will be a success. website will draw those who are hesitant to purchase an online store for cosmetics.
counter, as they feel intimidated by the process.
Chapter 1 Introducing digital marketing 19
2. Brand switching, which involves gaining customers away from rivals.
3 Relationship strengthening, which means selling more to customers who are already customers.
For established brands with an established customer base Price reduction in comparison to other brands.
channels aren’t necessarily necessary or even price reductions for web-channels are possible, however
They note that in many cases, the pressures of competition can lead to lower prices on websites. These authors
Also, take note of the potential advantages of reducing in the cost of distribution and transaction by
The introduction of an direct Internet channel when the initial costs for startup are paid. But, for
brand names of the manufacturer, it is crucial to pay attention to the marketing expenditures
It is essential to move products throughout the chain of supply when the brand has been established online
(Pei et al., 2014). It is crucial for brands to determine how they can manage the any channel
There is a conflict when brands are established online.