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150784 Belgium Business Email Database [2023]

Belgium has been a major economic powerhouse throughout Western Europe for years, and it is possible to expand your business in the country by purchasing this authentic Belgium business email database.
Make use of our trusted Belgium business mailing list to form the basis for your next marketing campaign that is successful!

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2023 Belgium Business Email Database

Belgium Business Email Database : Belgium may be a tiny country; however, there are huge gains by doing business. To make the most of the available opportunities, begin downloading this Belgium business mailing list.
It will help you discover influential Belgians who are the most likely to purchase your goods and assist you in expanding your European operations.

The pre-built Belgium business email database includes strong leads for sales across the country. You’ll find the real names business information, including direct mail addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and phone numbers for people you have to contact to expand your company’s business in this strategically significant country, which is a member of the EU and is home to NATO’s headquarters.

You can be confident that you’ll receive precise, reliable data when purchasing contact information from emailproleads.com. This is because we assure deliverability.
What can we do to ensure you’re sure your Belgium business mailing list is suitable and current? It’s easy: We put every email marketing list that we offer through a double-verification procedure every day.
The first step is to check each element using computerized processes. Afterwards, we go back and look over every part of it using human eyes to identify any mistakes that may be left.
We go that extra mile to offer you the top-quality data products available!

Purchase the Belgium business mailing list now, and you are on the path to increased sales within a matter of minutes.
Could you test it and check it out?

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Belgium Business Email Database
Belgium Business Email Database


You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What is Email Marketing?

Belgium Business Email Lists
Belgium Business Email Lists

Email marketing is an extremely safe, reliable, and effective communication tool. Allows users to reach them with a personal and direct message.

It’s as easy as sending an email and writing good text.


No. It is important to consider many factors:

  • visual design
  • The idea of a mail
  • UTMOST IMPORTANCE: The subject of the mail (Subject).


These aren’t the only aspects, but they are equally important to achieving the desired results.

Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects to consider when creating email marketing campaigns.


This means that you need to know as much detail as possible.

  • They like it
  • hobbies
  • shopping behaviours
  • Ages
  • Preferences


You can do more than this, but it gives you an idea of the importance of knowing your audience before you start an email marketing campaign.


Different types of email marketing

Belgium Business Email Leads
Belgium Business Email Leads

Converting visitors into leads is one of the primary goals of mass mailing.

Are all leads the same?


No, of course not.


It is therefore important to distinguish between the different types of email to attract the right lead.

  • Prospecting email: The goal is to provide content that draws potential customers to the brand.


  • This segmentation must be done according to the profile.


  • Newsletter: A great channel to get new subscribers and active readers.
Belgium Mailing Lists
Belgium Mailing Lists
  • Through daily, weekly, or monthly content, you can establish a relationship with the website and inform, as well as generate traffic.
  • Promotional email This is ideal for presenting brand offers that can attract new customers and draw attention from existing customers.


  • This email is designed to increase sales by using promotions or dates that are short-term.



  • Invitation email This is used to promote or publicize an event.


  • It must be sent at least two months before it is due.


  • It is recommended that follow-ups be done every 2 to 3 weeks and twice per week during the event.


  • Loyalty email It’s important for current customers to feel at ease with the brand.


  • Customers should be offered special offers, discounts, and promotions to ensure that they continue using the product or service.


This is retargeting.

  • Transactional Email: This email is used to inform customers about the status of their orders.


  • This provides greater security regarding the payment confirmation or location.
  • Administrative email: This is an informative email used to send downloadable files.


  • It can also be used to greet a user after completing a subscription to the website.



Use email marketing to your advantage.  


Belgium Consumer Email Database
Belgium Consumer Email Database


  • Email marketing is a great tool to get potential customers’ attention and convert them into customers.
  • You may still be skeptical about the need for an email marketing strategy. Here are some data points:
  • Do you know anyone who does NOT have an email?


  • According to the Mailrelay portal, it had an estimated 3.930 million users who had an email address in 2019.


  • Everybody on the planet has an electronic mail account.




  • I challenge you to find a universal marketing platform.


  • It’s a cost-effective option compared to other communication channels.


  • These email marketing platforms allow you to register for free and send up to 12,000 messages per month.


  • Email marketing is widely recognized as one of the most efficient digital strategy channels. It’s far superior to social networks.


  • According to the marketer’s report, this channel has an ROI of 122%, four times higher than other marketing strategies.


  • This is the most popular channel to receive promotions messages.


  • Marketing sherpa explains this. By telling 78% consumers prefer to receive email promotions, Marketing sherpa says.


How do you create an email marketing campaign that is effective?


The portal reports that 46% prefer email marketing to other communication channels, whether to receive information or promotions.


  • It has been found that 86% of consumers believe that more than half the emails they receive do not have any relevance and are therefore not of use.
  • In this light, it is important to create effective email marketing campaigns that can provide reliable KPIs.


  • In his Podcast Digital Marketing for People Like You, Carlos Malfatti explains that there are three essential elements to a successful email marketing campaign.
  • A large database
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization.
  • It is important to remember the steps required for a successful mail campaign:


Set your goals

Belgium Consumer Email Lists
Belgium Consumer Email Lists
  • To create an email marketing campaign that is effective, you must first establish the objectives.
  • In all cases, you don’t always want to sell more. There are other priorities for your brand.
  • Before you send the campaign, you need to evaluate whether it is necessary or what you are trying to achieve.
  • All goals must be quantifiable.
  • The most popular are:


  • Increase subscribers
  • Sales increase
  • Submit a new product
  • Get more visitors to the website.
  • A new channel can help you build customer loyalty.


  • Every objective should be based on concrete goals.
  • Here are a few (measurable, concrete) examples.
  • Email marketing campaigns can help you achieve a 10% ROI
  • Assure a 15% buyback for users



The best strategy is the one you choose

Belgium Consumer Email Leads
Belgium Consumer Email Leads
  • It is important to carefully plan the elements of your email marketing campaign to get the desired results.
  • Consider the following:
  • You have already received VALID emails previously from the contacts you wish to reach.
  • It is important to use the best Lead magnet for this purpose.
  • This will be an incentive for users to register their email.
  • Mail subject is an important subject and should not be overlooked
  • It must be (among other things):
  • Surprising
  • Striking
  • First, be punctual.
  • You will find some form of compensation for opening an email message.
  • These ten tips will help you create effective email subject lines.
  • One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is underestimating the importance and relevance of the subject email.


  • MAKE SURE THAT the email has a responsive design to be viewed on all devices.


  • 64% of users access email via mobile, especially emails with promotional offers.
  • If you’re looking to sell, there should be a promotion in the body.


  • A striking description is required for content presentations. This will allow the recipient to click the email.
  • It is important to determine which audience the content is targeted to identify the days with the highest response and flow to email marketing campaigns.


  • The hour’s users are most active is also important.


  • According to the Mailjet blog information, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best for email marketing campaigns.


  • However, Wednesday is a good day to get a good opening rate and clicks.


  • Between 10:00 and 11:00 is a period that allows for user interaction through their email.


What other considerations should I make when sending mass emails?

Belgium Company Email Database
Belgium Company Email Database
  • Email marketing, as has been proven, is one of today’s most effective channels to reach and meet KPIs.
  • To make it effective and have the desired effect, you should consider the following:
  • Stop mail from getting lost in the subscriber’s spam folder.
  • Make sure to be punctual and impressive.
  • Send an email to yourself, thereby increasing your intimacy.
  • Mailings must have an impact. Therefore, the content must be unique and creative.
  • Humor is always a good ingredient.
  • It is important to use it correctly and implement it in every message, according to its relevance and target audience.
  • Email Marketing is still a very important tool.
Belgium Company Email Lists
Belgium Company Email Lists
  • We have worked for companies and professionals of all types for 15 years and know how important it is to integrate an effective email marketing strategy into any digital project.
  • Are you a mass-mailer? What were the results?


  • Please leave a comment to share your thoughts and experiences with the article.





In order to efficiently manage your own in-house SMTP relay, you’ll require a deep knowledge of e-mail delivery and how to set up SPF, DKIM and ReverseDNS records. A majority of people cannot do it without the help of an professional.
However, an internal SMTP server is a suitable option since the delivery quality is dependent only on the practices you use to send messages as it isn’t affected by the other users who share the SMTP server with you.

Another reason to consider an SMTP server that is special SMTP server is cost-effectiveness over a long shot. If you are looking for cost-effectiveness paired by other functions like control and protection, management of lists, email management tools and more. A multi-channel email solution EasyMail7 with an SMTP server that is dedicated SMTP server provides a great equilibrium — an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise in the quality.

EasyMail7 come with a wealth of built-in intelligence for bounce handling feedback loop analysis and suppression lists that automatically will protect your reputation from the redelivery of your mail to a list of failed or unhappy addresses.
How do I enter into the SMTP Server in EasyMail7

Click “Settings” Click “Settings “Email Accounts”.

“Add New” to add a new SMTP server account “Add the New” to create a new SMTP Server account.

In the window that appears, enter your account’s name, From name, email address as well as Reply email address. Bounce (Return) email address.

Select”Delivery Options” or click the “Delivery alternatives” tab.

Enter the SMTP server’s address and the port (usually 25, usually).

If necessary, modify the protocol for security.

In case your server needs authentication, click your server’s “My Server Requires Authentication” option. Enter your user name and password.

Click on the “Test” button and type in an email address for testing. Select OK.

If your SMTP configurations are right, then you’ll receive an email to the test email address, stating that your SMTP settings are correct.

In the event that SMTP settings aren’t working The program will show you an error log. Repair the problem and try the SMTP settings once more.
How to use Yahoo’s SMTP settings in EasyMail7 to send email newsletters

Yahoo is a renowned service that lets you to send messages through the SMTP server. You can definitely do this once you have connected your Yahoo email account to EasyMail7.

This guide will walk readers through to set up EasyMail7 to make use of Yahoo SMTP. Yahoo SMTP settings.
Step 1. Give Access to Yahoo’s Email Account.

There is one crucial thing that needs to be taken care of to ensure the successful implementation of Yahoo SMTP server with EasyMail7.

Yahoo protects the email accounts of its users from unauthorised access and has not allowed other applications to connect it.

To ensure that EasyMail7 to use the account of your Yahoo email account to send emails, it is necessary to switch the access on.

For this to be done, log in on to Yahoo. Log into your Yahoo email account from the browser.

Go to “Account Information”.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7

Select”Account Security. “Account Security” tab.

Change the “Allow applications that require sign-ins that are less secure” option on.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7

Follow the Steps 2.
Step 2. Configure EasyMail7 to use Yahoo’s SMTP.

Start EasyMail7 and then go to Settingsthen Email Accounts.

Select “Add to Cart”.

Enter the account’s name as well as the “From” Name.

Input the email address of your Yahoo mail address under”From” in the “From” mail address “Bounce (return)” mail address, and “Reply” your email address in”General tab.

Limit the number of emails sent per hour, and one SMTP connection to meet Yahoo’s limitations on emailing.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7

Click then on”Delivery Options” and then click on the “Delivery Options” tab.

Select”Send via SMTP Server” as the “Send through SMTP Server” option for delivery method and then select Yahoo from the pre-defined list of SMTP.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7

EasyMail7 will fill in the SMTP server (smtp.mail.yahoo.com), port (587), and security protocol (STARTTLS).

Check for the “My server needs authentication” option and then enter your Yahoo account login username and password.

Simply click “Test” in order to check settings for SMTP settings.

If you get an test email from EasyMail7 All is well and you’re accomplished. If not, make sure to double-check that your settings are in order.

Save your account settings within EasyMail7.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7
3. Configure Bounce Handling in the EasyMail7.

There’s a second essential thing you should implement — configure bounce handling to eliminate complainers and bounced users from your list of subscribers and keep a positive reputation for your sender.

These steps are to be followed:

Return to the primary EasyMail7 window.

Simply click on “Bounce Handler” in the left pane.

Create an account on the Bounce Handler with the following configurations:

Type of Account: IMAP
Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
Port: 993
Security protocol Security protocol: STARTTLS
Login: your Yahoo email address
Password: password to you Yahoo email account

Hit “Retrieve” and then wait an amount of time.

Click on the three dots within the “IMAP Folder” menu, and then select the Yahoo folder, from which the system will pull bounced emails. Most often, bounces go directly to the Inbox.

Additionally, you can set additional actions and options that are used to address bounced emails, and confirm the action by clicking OK to save your account.

How to use Yahoo SMTP Settings in EasyMail7

Then, you can manually initiate the account verification process within your Bounce Handler after each broadcast to have bounced email messages addressed and removed from your contacts groups. You can also visit the settings of your bounced account and choose to have your account checked automatically and handle bounces on a regular basis.
Professional SMTP Service for Sending Email Newsletters
If your email list is not large it is possible to use your SMTP servers of the Internet Service Provider to send emails to your subscribers. Find the SMTP server of the most popular ISP on this page.

As your list grows it is time to locate a reliable SMTP server in order to send large amounts of messages. G-Lock EasyMail7 is able to send email using any third-party SMTP server. Additionally, you can utilize your SMTP configurations of any provider like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill etc. within G-Lock’s EasyMail7.
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon SES is a highly efficient and scalable bulk and transactional email sending service for developers and businesses. In G-Lock EasyMail7 , you can utilize Amazon SES API. Amazon SES API as well as SMTP settings.

You can send emails via Amazon SES when:

there isn’t a personal SMTP server
you aren’t allowed to connect to the ISP mail server because of restrictions on sending bulk emails
You can’t afford the high monthly charges that email service providers charge.

The benefits of sending via Amazon SES are:

It is easy to sign up and is made on a pay-as-you go basis. Send bulk emails for the lowest cost and with no loss in quality, as far as the speed of delivery. In comparison with the other ESP (email services) that can cost you as much as $200 for 1000 messages Amazon SES offers 200x less expensive, at only $1 for 1000 messages.
high rate of deliverability high deliverability rate — your emails will pass the SPF as well as Checks for Sender ID policies, which are that are enforced by several ISPs as well as DKIM’s signature.
feedback loops Amazon SES will send you an email when one of your customers has reported your message as spam. G-Lock EasyMail7 integrated Bounce Handler will extract the email address of the recipient in the feedback loop in order that to remove the person off your list.

Learn more about how you can utilize the Amazon SES API in G-Lock EasyMail7 for marketing via email

SparkPost is the speedy email service that is able to be utilized by anyone wanting to get their mail to the Inbox efficiently and consistently without a flurry of surprises, blockages or the necessity of hiring their own delivery experts.

SparkPost constantly analyzes the disposition of messages data and constantly updates the sending rules for you and you’ll see less bounces, blocks or delays.

100,000 emails per month for no cost
IP addresses dedicated or shared
Industry-standard email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
Emails that are opportunistic and default TLS encryption for security that is out of the box
Make a transfer through SMTP and REST APIs

Find out more about how to make use of SparkPost along with EasyMail7 to market via email.

Register for Your Free SparkPost Account

Utilizing to use the SendGrid SMTP settings in G-Lock’s the EasyMail7 service is an alternative in the event that you don’t have an individual SMTP server.

SendGrid is a cloud-based mail delivery platform that sends billions of emails per month to small, medium-sized as well as huge Enterprise customers. The SendGrid platform is based on industry-leading practices to make sure your emails are delivered. These features (and other features) are automatically integrated in the SendGrid service:

ISP Feedback loop study
Reputation monitoring
Spam check application
Email authentication (SPF & DKIM)
Secure, encrypted delivery

Create Your SendGrid Account

Mailgun is an option you can consider when you require an experienced SMTP server to manage the marketing of your emails.

Mandrill is a flexible and cost-effective email infrastructure servicethat comes with all the tools that promote marketing:

No hidden costs, just one fully-featured plan.
All features are available to everyone
A distributed, global infrastructure for sending
Customized DKIM and SPF
dedicated IPs
Multiple sending domains per account

If you’re just starting out and your email list isn’t huge, you can opt for the no-cost plan that comes with Mailgun which lets you send out 10,000 emails per month.
How to Utilize Email Validation API with the Advanced Email Verifier

This guide explains how you can verify email addresses using the email validation API that is integrated within Advanced Email Verifier. Advanced Email Verifier. It is presumed that you have a familiarity with the application and its functions by configuring the settings, making lists, and import email addresses.

We have joined forces in partnership with Swift Email Verifier of webemailverifier.com to provide a robust and accurate API for email validation (Application Programming Interface) (Application programming interface) for our users.

Important! The API for email validation is not available for free. You need to purchase the API key and API server(s) through our partnership Swift Email Verifier. The cost starts at $50/month to use one server. The complete list of available plans here.

You can make use of the API for email validation for the following reasons:

The direct Internet connection mode won’t work since the Internet Service Provider prevents connection to SMTP port 25,
You can’t confirm emails using the web script since your host prevents access to SMTP port 25.
you can’t install the Advanced Email Verifier on a Windows server or Windows VPS with proper SMTP emulation authentication/integrity properties such as Reverse DNS, Forward Reverse DNS, SPF, Valid HELO identifier, clean IP reputation, etc.

Free Download “How to Use the Email Validation API” Guide in PDF

What information is analyzed by the API for validation of emails (in the progressive order):

Email syntax is a test that is a way to check the syntax of email addresses and makes sure that they are in conformity to IETF standards.

Mail Server Existence Check – This examines the existence of the domain email address through DNS MX record.

Mail Existence Check examines whether the email address actually exists and is capable of receiving email.

Catch-All Domain Email Check- This checks whether the domain that hosts email will be able to be able to receive all emails addressed to the domain, even though their addresses aren’t on the server for mail.

Disposable Email Address Verify This checks to see whether the email address is offered by a reputable Disposable Email Address (DEA) service like Mailinator 10, 10MinuteMail GuerrillaMail and more than 2000 others.
How to Make Use of the Email Validation API

Follow the steps listed below to confirm emails using the email validation API:

Go through the home menu within the Advanced Email Verifier and click on Settings.

Select the Connection tab of the program’s Settings.

You can check the “Use API to Validate Emails” option.

Select the “Buy API Key / IP Address” button.

On the order page, select the best package for the size of your mailing list. Each server/node is issued with a quota of 1 million.

It is recommended to purchase an multiple-IP service when you have a large number of emails to check and wish to improve the accuracy rate.

The billing cycle runs every month. Each node will be removed at the end of the billing cycle , if you don’t decide to keep using it and pay the entire renewal payment. You can also ask to be able to have your API server moved before the expiration period of billing to pay an additional fee for support in which case the previous servers will go down.

When your order is processed, you will receive an API key as well as your API server’s IP. It is needed for authentication to the API for email validation.
Before you sign up for an expensive API plan, you may get a free API code for 500 addresses.

After you have received your API key as well as API server’s IP address visit”Advanced Email Verifier” Settings, and then select”Connection” “Connection” button.

Copy-paste your API Key into the “Validation API Key” field.

Copy-paste the IP address of your computer into your “IP Address(es)” area. If you purchased several API server, you must enter the IP addresses on each line.

Click”Check API Key”, then click on the “Check API Key” button to view your API key’s quota, and ensure that the API Key you have entered is correct.

How to Utilize the API for Email Validation? Email Validation API

To ensure greater precision, you can set the number of times you would like to be able to have the “Unknown” results of emails immediately validated. In the “Automatically verify “unknown” email messages (times)” area. We suggest entering 2-3.

You can re-check your “Unknown” emails for as many times as you’d like. Your API credits won’t be taken off on any “Unknown” emails.
Setting up Email Validation Rules

Once you have entered your API number and your IP address you can click the Rules tab of the Settings.

Advanced Email Verifier is equipped with default rules that block the verification of emails sent from free email services like Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com and Gmail.com. With the email validation API you won’t have problems validating email from these email domains, however Yahoo can sometimes provide false positives due to the fact that it is impossible to validate Yahoo emails with a 100 percent success without sending emails to Yahoo users.

So, if you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of verification of the API in relation to the particular email domain or email ISP as resulted from the tests it is your right to remove such domains from your validations of email through the API. To accomplish this, go to the Rules tab, then search for the domain, and verify that it is listed on the list of rules. You can create additional custom rules that will work for you.

Be conscious that rules be given precedence above the API. The processing of email addresses is done according to the rules first, before being processed through the API. To allow the exclusive processing of all email addresses using the API turn off the default rules for validation of email addresses.

Click OK, to save your settings.
Setting Connections and Timeouts as well as Timeouts

Go into the home menu, and input the desired number of connections for multi-threaded verifications.

Based on the hardware of your system and the speed of your network depending on your system hardware and network speed, you can use anywhere from 500-1000 threads for the many parallel connections under the Connections field. You can also set the maximum timeout to 180 seconds. While AEV can support up to 1000 simultaneous connections, it is not advised that you make use of a many connections when your system does not accommodate it, as doing this would lead to many “Unknown” results, with the status message “Unable to connect to API”. If you’ve got dual or multi-core system, and a high-speed network, then using the 1000 threads is acceptable.

How to Make Use of the Email Validation API

Additionally, to avoid connections timeout issues it is suggested to include Advanced Email Verifier to the list of programs that are allowed in the firewall settings, if you are you are using it on your computer. If you are using anti-virus software disable it prior to checking your email address.
Validating Email Addresses via API

Choose the email list in the left and then click”Start” to begin checking email addresses.

How to Utilize the API for Email Validation? Email Validation API

After a certain period of time the program will show the results of verification along with responses of each email address that has been verified.

How to Utilize the API for Email Validation? Email Validation API

After the validation process is been completed, you can preserve or save only the email addresses that are marked as “Good” to keep the number of bounces you receive to a the minimum.

How to Make Use of the Email Validation API
How to Get Accurate Results as well as Earn Points by Using Email Validation API

The Advanced Email Verifier is able to support the speed checking mode, when it checks only domains’ authenticity. The speed checking mode is not dependent on the port 25 , and can be used even when the test of Direct Connection mode is not successful within the Advanced Email Verifier Settings.

In that case it is possible to go through your list in quick checking mode the first time, then delete the email addresses that are that are marked as “Bad” before you perform another check with the API for email validation. These are steps you should follow

1. Go to Settings > Connection.

2. Select the “Direct Internet Connection” mode , then click OK.

3. You can check for the “Fast verification (DNS query-only)” option in the menu bar for Advanced Email Verifier.

4. Select “Start” to begin the verification process.

5. Remove “Bad” emails once the verification has been completed (Clear then Bad) and remove”Check for “Fast verifying (DNS request solely)” option in the main menu.

6. Go to Settings > Connection.

7. Select to switch on the “Use to validate emails API” mode , then click OK.

8. Select “Start” to go back through the list.

9. Export or save “Good” address email once the verification process is completed.
It is possible to validate ALL emails with the API for validation of emails?

While the API for email validation offers a high accuracy in confirming emails with the majority of email ISPs that are free or ESP, it’s impossible to ensure 100% accuracy because of a myriad of factors that are beyond our control. The accuracy levels you will get is dependent upon the outbound SMTP connections policy for the distant ISP or ESP as well as the reliability of the connecting IPs , and a variety of other aspects.

The addresses that could not be verified for one or another reason is marked by the software in the program as “Unknown”. This type of unidentified results in many instances result in Greylisting which is a technology that reduces spam by refusing the initial attempts at delivery of emails. The Greylisting system works by sending an “Temporarily unavailable” email to the mail server that is sending the message for the very first (and it’s only the very first) time a message has been received from a specific sender. Therefore, it is sensible to try these validations following a period of time that has passed.

Furthermore, “Unknown” results can also be caused by the inability of verifying the authenticity of the emails through replicating a message sent to the recipient’s email server because the email server that the recipient is using demands that a real message be sent. This makes it impossible to confirm whether the address is legitimate or not. It is not possible to know until the message is bounced because the mail servers don’t cooperate or can’t be verified without sending a genuine email to them.

To resolve this issue and to save API requests, we have added certain domains recognized to frequently reject attempts to validate emails for validation to Rules settings of the Advanced Email Verifier in order for the program to mark all emails coming from these websites as “Unknown”. If your email lists contain email addresses from domains that are not cooperating with email The program may not be able to give the 100% guarantee of validation. The rate of success fluctuates and there is no absolute time frame for a guarantee.

To handle this to accommodate this, the Advanced Email Verifier has an built-in software for dealing with bounces. It is used to handle bounced email to the list of unknown results.
Guidelines for dealing with Unknown Results

The following procedures are highly recommended to deal with Unknown results that are reported by the API for email validation:

1. Since a majority of the unknown results are caused by temporary issues (Soft Bounces) such as SMTP server timeout or downtime, Greylisting, Mailbox size exceeds quota, temporary mailbox suspension/deactivation, and temporary blockings due to IP reputation, it is strongly recommended to re-validate Unknown email addresses again at a later time. We don’t recommend deletion of Unknown email addresses immediately following the verification. It is likely that the emails that were previously marked as Unknown will be confirmed as valid.

2. Examine all failure status codes for Unknown emails to understand the reason why each email address on the Unknown list was not verified as valid or valid. It is your choice to remove only the emails with the status codes that are more likely to signify invalid emails. You can remove the remainder.

3. After trimming the list of unknowns according to the above procedure the next step is with saving Unknown emails in a file. They can later be used in your email marketing campaigns. We strongly suggest that you utilize AEV’s Bounced Manager module within AEV to manage bounce email and then remove them from your list.
Utilizing Verified emails in Third Party Email Delivery Services

Many businesses and email marketers are employing third-party email delivery companies to manage the delivery of marketing and transactional emails. Utilizing an experienced third party mail delivery provider, better inbox location or delivery rate could be attained. These third-party email delivery services have agreements with various ISPs/ESPs . They have a strict accepted “Bounce Rate” thresholds to those who use their services to avoid being branded as an email delivery service that is spam-related.

While the advantages of using a third-party email delivery service are clear however, care must be taken not to go over the permitted or acceptable “Bounce Ratio” of any mail marketing campaign that you use their platform. The bounce rate is the proportion of emails that is not delivered after you distribute your email campaign. Although many third party email providers do not specifically set a bounce rate limit however, the standard acceptable rate of bounce is 5percent. If you go over this threshold the account will be removed or suspended. In the majority of cases the third-party mail delivery providers are required to ISPs/ESPs as well as Spam Advisory Groups such as Spamhaus to enforce bounce rate thresholds, and also to deactivate accounts that go over the thresholds to stop Spam.

To avoid having your third-party account being suspended or deactivation, it’s essential to follow these best practices prior to the import of your clean emails to your third-party email delivery service:

1. After verifying your list, keep only the valid emails that are verified in the verification tool. Do not add the emails marked as unknown to the legitimate emails. It is a good rule of thumb to never send emails marked as Unknown to your third party email delivery service. Unknown emails to a third party email delivery service.

2. The Unknown emails in separate files and then forward the message directly to Unknown emails via an encrypted SMTP server. Within 24-72 hours you can use the bounce handler to scan every bounced email, then extract the email addresses, and then save the addresses in a text file. Then, save the files and then subtract it from the Unknown list that you download from your verifier.

3. Some email addresses that are marked as valid by the verifier might not actually be valid. This false positive is due to the strict anti-spam system employed by certain ISPs particularly Yahoo. With Yahoo in particular, deactivated/suspended/expired emails are marked as Valid by the verifier because Yahoo regards these emails as valid or “existent” even though such emails are not active and cannot receive messages. So, when you attempt to forward your messages to these emails they will bounce since they aren’t active.

Therefore, prior to using the valid emails that you download via the verifyer, it’s highly recommended to eliminate any Yahoo mails from the database. It is possible to save Yahoo emails in a separate file and then add them to the Unknown emails. You can send a text message Unknown emails with your private SMTP server. Then, make use of an option to deal with bounces in Advanced Email Verifier to handle bounces. Advanced Email Verifier to process the bounces that are sent to these emails.
How to Verify the Email List using G-Lock Email Verifier

Before you begin using G-Lock’s email verification tool Read these articles in order to ensure you don’t get on the blacklist as a result of the verification process for email addresses using Yahoo. * aol.com, hotmail.com and live.com domains:

1. Email Validation Rules Explained
2. The Best Practice for Using the advanced Email Verifier

This video tutorial will show you how to set settings for the Advanced Email Verifier settings, create a list , include emails in the list, verify and export the good emails to a.

You can utilize the Advanced Email Verifier to verify your personal opt-in lists of email addresses only.
Below, you’ll find the directions to configure configuration of the Email Verifier configuration to quickly start cleaning your list.
1. Configuring Email Verifier Settings.

In on the General tab, you are able to select the “Periodically sleep” …” option.” and then type in the duration like 60 seconds and how many emails you want to send, such as 1000, in order that the program stop and restarts itself in a sequence. This will help to avoid any errors problems with verification.

Make sure that you check the “Stop checking” …” choice isn’t checked out in the correct order so that the program doesn’t stop at the bottom of the list.

Enter 1 in the “Emails in one connection session” field since some mail servers don’t permit multiple concurrent connections from the same IP address.

How to Verify Email Lists with AEV

After that, go on the Connection tab and check using the “Direct internet connectivity” mode to confirm it’s working.
Direct internet connections provide exact results if You install Email Verifier onto a machine that has an unclean (not blacklisted) or static IP address and a great MTA reputation. If connections originate from an IP addresses that are dynamic, blacklisted or has a bad MTA reputation, lots Mail servers block the connections , and the emails will get flagged in the status of “Unknown”. Direct internet connection is recommended for the Windows VPS where you can install and set up your SMTP server. This article will provide more information on how to utilize the AEV in this Windows VPS.

If the test of direct internet connection fails, you should check your firewall and include AEV.exe to your firewall. AEV.exe file to your list of programs that are allowed. If that doesn’t work try a different method of connection, such as the authentication APIs for emails.

How to verify the email list using AEV

Then, you can go to the DNS tab within the Settings.

Enter your email address in your “Mail FROM” field and your domain in the “Domain name for HELO” field.

Check for the DNS servers and eliminate those that are not working.

How to verify the email list using AEV

In the Rules tab, be sure that you have checked the “Enable Rules” option is enabled.

Select OK and save your settings (no changes are required to be made under tabs Reply Code Rules and Color Theme tabs).

How to Verify Email Lists with AEV

On is the Menu Bar, you can leave your Connections and Timeout as they are. five connections with a 60 seconds Timeout is sufficient.

How to Verify Email Lists with AEV
2. Exporting email list.

If you’re using Excel spreadsheets, you should suggest adding email addresses as well as other fields into the internal Lists of Email Verifier in My Lists. This is due to the fact that Excel is not a reliable databases.

Therefore, create a fresh list in “My Lists” with all required custom fields and then click”Import” to import all of your data “Import” choice to load all your data in the Email Verifier.

How to Verify Email Lists with AEV

If you would prefer to connect straight to an Excel spreadsheet, or to any other database like MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL etc., go to “My Databases” and click on “New”.

Be sure it is that the Excel file is closed prior to when connecting to it.

Create a link to the file via the Verifier for Email. Verifier.

These fields are mapped: Email, Status, VerificationResult and LastResponse.

In advance, create the Status VerificationResult as well as the LastResponse fields of the document ahead of time.

Also , check out the choices: “Use transaction to update database” and “Show only 50 records from the chosen table”.

Once you’ve connected to the database the program will write verification result directly into the database. This means you don’t have to save or export the verified list.

However, you can select the option “Save results locally to files” and choose the appropriate location on the disk that will save the results of verification to local disk. If you select this choice, your application won’t record the verification results into the database, but instead create separate files with bad, good or unknown. email addresses within the chosen folder.

If you select the “Save results locally to files” option The software will only save email addresses in the files. Custom fields will be deleted. Therefore, avoid this option if your don’t want to lose your custom fields. Additionally, select separate databases for each in the order that the data is not overwritten.

Click OK to make an online hyperlink in the file.

How to verify the email list using AEV

Additionally it is possible to utilize to use the “Load List” option under “My Lists”. This option loads fast many messages using .csv and .txt files. The file should contain only emails aligned in one column. The column must have the Email word used as column’s title.
3. Checking Email addresses.

Click the Start button to begin the verification. If you click on”Start”, it’ll check only the current list.

However, you can select additional options in the menu of Start buttons by pressing the down arrow within the top right corner of the Start button.

You can also look up all lists in My Lists, and the entire database in My Databases or both.

If you make multiple hyperlinks in Excel documents, then you may select “Verify All My Databases” option. It will check all the files one at a time.

How to verify the email list using AEV

Once the verification process is completed After the verification is complete, you can read about Unknown, Timeout, and Greylisted results here.
4. Exporting Verified Emails.

As we mentioned, when you create links to the file it automatically saves the results of verification to the database or file. If you choose that saves the verification results in local files the program will create several files that contain good, bad and unknown. emails that are stored in the specific folder.

So, in this scenario there is no need in order to export or save your verified list by hand.

However, if you have transferred email addresses and other contact details into internal lists within “My Lists”, you need to save manually your verified list or export it once the verification process has been completed.

The Save option saves all fields that are visible to text or a CSV text file.

Importing the option lets you save data in a variety of formats, including Excel. When you export option, you are able to choose which columns to export.

All email addresses can be saved or exported at one time and you can save only good, Bad, Unknown, Greylisted or Timeout email addresses to a folder.

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