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Looking up email addresses in Canada is easier when you have a trusted database already prepared for you. This is one of our ready-made lists of emails, and is full of points of contact in the True North.

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Canada Consumer Email Database

Reach out to a new market with the help of our organized and reliable email lists. Canada is an important country to market to: While its population is low, its influence is high, containing many high-ranking professionals in numerous industries. With this Canada email database, email marketing is easier than ever. You can find influential professionals ready to make business connections in important cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary. Use our build-a-list tool to focus on a specific area of Canada; business databases from emailproleads.com can be customized to create a more targeted list. With our customization features, getting an accurate lead list is easy, whether you’re hoping to sell to CEOs in Montreal or reach out to small businesses in Canadian markets, including the greater Toronto area. Customize your own list or simply download this pre-made Canada email list to get started right away.

Our lists are human-verified, of very high quality, cost-effective, and contain all the relevant information you need to really get the conversation going: email addresses, phone numbers, titles, postal addresses, and names. To make B2B connections across borders with email marketing, Canada contact information is needed. With us, you have a reliable solution that can allow you to reach across the kilometers and make deals in Canada. Mailing lists are ready for you to download and integrate within your CRM in minutes, so you can start connecting with new sales leads right away. Buy this ready-to-download and -integrate Canada mailing list from emailproleads.com to email leads today!

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What is email marketing?

Canada Email Database
Canada Email Database

When done correctly, email marketing can produce positive results. Email marketing is a proven channel for marketing that has been around for many years. It can generate up to 4,200% ROI. Email marketing is not something you should abandon.

Email marketing is not only effective but also the easiest and cheapest way to start a campaign. Many service providers make it easy and intuitive to automate many of the steps. You can set it up to run automatically in many cases so that you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.


It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, creative, or business owner. Email marketing is a tool that all entrepreneurs can use. If you are a beginner at email marketing or just curious about how it works, this article will help you. This comprehensive article will cover all you need to know to fully reap the benefits of email marketing.

Let’s dive!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing, in short, is a digital marketing strategy that sends emails from your business to subscribers. Subscribers are email contacts that have signed up for your mailing list and given their permission to receive emails.

These emails can be used to inform your audience about new products or projects, drive sales and build communities, answer queries, and many other uses.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to convert potential customers into buyers, and make repeat customers out of one-time customers.

An email marketing campaign can be as simple as a single message or as complex as a series of emails. These emails are sent to customers to test their knowledge at key touch points.

One example of a possible email broadcast could include the following messages:

  • Welcome letters
  • Emails with promotional information about sales and new products
  • Informational emails such as company announcements or newsletters.
  • Emails to friends and family, such as thank you notes, birthday wishes, and so on.
  • Transactional emails include confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails and order updates.

Why is an email marketing strategy important in 2023?

Canada Email Lists
Canada Email Lists

We’re here to convince those who think email is a bit outdated.

Statistics speak for themselves.

In 2019, more than 3.9 billion people used emails worldwide, so it’s likely that your prospects and customers have an email account they check frequently.

Marketing is about getting potential customers to think about you when they need your product or service. It is important to be a part of their lives and make them feel valued. Email marketing is a great way to get your brand noticed.

Email marketing software is very popular because it allows you to personalize emails and target certain customer segments. This allows you to make sure that your posts are always relevant, welcome, and useful.

Here are some more reasons email marketing will be a great strategy in 2023.

  • Email marketing costs. Many email marketing services offer free scheduling and running email campaigns for small mailing lists (less than 2000 subscribers).
  • Email marketing is simple. After you have created an automated email campaign you can leave the work to the program.
  • Your mailing list is subscribed to by customers. Customers/leads will be happy to have you contact them. A cold call can be very ineffective. Emailing subscribers is a better option.
  • Email is a great way to connect with customers at every stage of the buying process. Email can be used to drive conversions regardless of how many customers have interacted with your brand in the past.
  • Email marketing can convert well if done correctly. Email marketing can be used to promote sales. You can send messages about special offers and discounts, or emails about abandoned carts.
  • All ages use email and it is widespread worldwide. You won’t miss any important customer segments.
  • Your email list is yours. Social media marketing depends on the social media networks you choose. These networks can change at any time. However, having your own email list allows for direct contact with potential customers on your terms.

The benefits of using ESP

Canada Mailing Lists
Canada Mailing Lists

Let’s now look at what ESP is and the main benefits it offers.

Bulk emails save time

ESP allows bulk emailing to your mailing list. The software stores your subscribers’ email addresses. It will also allow you to organize your list into targeted groups called segments. More information on this later.

The software will then allow you to choose which group to send the email to, and when it should be sent. The software will then send an email to all addresses relevant to you, so you don’t need to do it manually.

Automate your campaigns

You should be able to define pre-defined triggers that send emails if you’re ESP has automation features. A welcome email might be sent to the first subscriber (trigger). A confirmation message might appear when you purchase a product (trigger).

Automation ensures that your emails reach your customers at the correct time. This means you don’t miss any opportunity to connect with your audience.


These tools can be used to create engaging emails. Many ESPs have intuitive drag-and-drop editors that allow you to drag and drop design elements directly into your email drafts.

You can, for example, usually:

  • Edit colors
  • Insert logos
  • Select the font you prefer.
  • Add images
  • You can use nifty blocks such as products and countdown timers.

These are just a few examples, but they illustrate the point.


Many ESPs provide valuable statistics on your email campaigns. They will tell you, for example, how many emails were opened and delivered successfully, which ones resulted in subscriptions, and how many of those emails resulted from conversions. Many ESP solutions include information on open metrics, click rates, and who is using your email newsletters standard.

You can also use advanced tools to test which version of your email performs better.

Chandelier adaptation

Customization is one of the best strategies for email marketing. It allows recipients to perceive emails as being relevant and personal. Emails may contain the recipient’s name or other personal information that many ESPs automatically fill out.

It is possible to experiment with different types and styles of letters. You can also experiment with different types of letters. For instance, email is used by different companies to promote content marketing campaigns and build customer loyalty.


Segmentation tools are a standard feature of most ESPs. You can organize your subscribers into smaller groups based on common criteria. You can use this to group customers by their age, location or if they have certain behavior. To ensure maximum engagement, you can submit custom content that is tailored precisely to specific segments.

Your metrics will allow you to gain insight into new customers and help you make your marketing more cost-effective and efficient.

How to get started in email marketing

Canada Email Leads
Canada Email Leads

We’ve established the foundations. Are you ready to start email marketing?

Here are the essential components that you will require if so:

Software for email marketing

We have already discussed how ESP is crucial for sending effective emails to your subscribers.

There are some email marketing services that are more effective than others. Here’s how to tell the difference.

  • It should be integrated with existing marketing tools.
  • You should ensure that your Omni channel marketing strategy includes social media marketing and SMS.
  • Budget is another important factor. Some ESPs offer free plans that can help you reduce your contact list. Some ESPs are more suited for larger companies that want to spend more on advanced features to manage a larger audience.

We will be introducing you to some of the programs we love later in this article.

Distribution list

Your “mailing lists” are the names and addresses of subscribers who have chosen to receive emails from you. Every subscriber must consent to receive email messages from you. They also have the option of unsubscribing at any time. Your emails will be treated as spam if you don’t give your explicit permission.

Permission-based marketing must also consider data protection laws to ensure your brand is compliant. This will help you come across as professional, trustworthy, and trustworthy.

Increase your mailing list

It is equally important to grow your email list as it is to create a successful email marketing program. Not all your subscribers will open and respond to the same email. It’s a numbers game and quantity is key.

There are many ways to increase your mailing list.

To make it easier for customers and their families to sign up, you must include subscription forms on your website, blog, or store. Unfortunately, if you leave your subscription form empty and expect visitors to give you their email, you won’t be successful.

Lead magnets

To attract new subscribers, entrepreneurs instead use a lead magnetic.

A lead magnet is an email gift that offers a free gift in exchange for the visitor’s email address and name. A free download link will be sent to subscribers after they sign up. Lead magnets could include PDFs, videos or checklists.

Lead magnets must be cost-effective and offer a taste of the products or services you offer.

Here are more examples of lead magnets:

  • EBooks
  • With valuable tips and tricks, cheat sheets
  • White papers and case studies
  • Access the webinar
  • Samples and Trials Free
  • Consultations and quotes are free
  • Assessments and tests
  • Coupons
  • Templates

You are free to be creative with your lead magnet concepts! No matter what lead magnet you choose, ensure it meets these criteria.

All lead magnets should be:

  • Instantly available. Visitors will want immediate access to a lead magnet once they sign up. They may feel like they are being cheated if you don’t offer it.
  • Providing value. Your customers’ lives should be improved by a lead magnet.
  • Your lead magnet should be relevant to your target audience.
  • It is easy to use. Lead magnets are quick and easy to use. Prospective customers should be able to navigate the entire resource easily so that they can go on to other products. Avoid long books, video courses, or any other resource that requires a large investment. These ideas can be saved for your salable products.

Create landing page

Canada Business Email Database
Canada Business Email Database

After you have created your lead magnet, you will need a landing page that includes a consent form in order to drive traffic. Visitors can then sign up for your mailing list.

Website building software, ESP or other specially-designed software/plugins can be used to create landing pages or subscription forms.

These best practices will help you to get the highest conversion rates on your landing pages.

  1. Create a catchy headline. Quickly introduce your lead magnet, and then outline the benefits of signing up.
  2. Give a description of the services your subscribers can expect. This could be used to indicate the value of a lead- magnet, or simply let your subscribers know the type of emails you will send. Example: “Every week, I will send you a delicious new recipe to try at your home!” “
  3. Make your brand stand out with compelling visuals. A good design will attract visors and boost your brand’s reputation. If you feel it is appropriate, include a picture of your lead magnet.
  4. Make and publish a simple consent document. Do not ask for more information than is necessary. Only ask for names and email addresses. Visitors will be less likely to feel the effort was worth it if they are asked for more information than this.
  5. Use a clearly visible subscribe button. Make your subscribe button stand out by using a contrasting color on your page. This will ensure that users don’t need to scroll down in order to see it. Make sure to use simple and specific text that encourages people to click. Example: “Send me your first recipe right now!” “

Your consent form should be used

You will need an opt-out page, as we have already said. Once you have it, it’s time to place it on your site so it can get the most attention.

These are some of the most effective and common places to opt-in forms.

  • Welcoming you to the gate
  • Landing pages
  • Your footer
  • In a light box popup
  • Archive page of your blog
  • Your website title
  • A floating bar
  • Your About Page
  • Register on specific pages
  • Pop-ups that have exit intent
  • Sidebar
  • A blog post’s end or middle should be highlighted

Email Marketing Success Tips

Canada Business Email Lists
Canada Business Email Lists

We’ve now covered the basics of email marketing. Let’s look at the top email marketing tips.

Do not buy your mailing list

If you are just starting out, and you don’t have many subscribers yet, it might be tempting to buy an email list. This is how we will make it easier:

Don’t do this.

It is risky to buy mailing lists. Unsolicited email is against data privacy laws in different countries. It is not only unethical to add people’s data into your CRM without their consent, but it is also often illegal. This is due to both the GDPR and the CAN-SPAM laws.

Unwanted emails are often considered spam. There is a high chance that your message will not reach its intended audience. Finally, your target audience is often not the one you have acquired from mailing lists. They didn’t sign up for your updates and are therefore less likely to openly greet you. Not at all.


Personalization is one way to make your emails more relevant for customers. According to 74%, personalization improves customer engagement. Personalized emails can lead to 6x more transactions. Some business owners claim that personalized emails account for 58% of their revenue.

Personalizing email means that your subject and content are tailored to each reader. Pre-installed customization tags are the best way to achieve this. Depending on which software you use, they might automatically insert the reader’s name, age and location.

Email list segmentation, as mentioned above, allows for better personalization. It’s easier to send emails that are relevant to certain behaviors.

Optimize for mobile devices

Up to 85% of users access their email via smartphones. There is a good possibility that customers use their smartphones to check their emails. Optimizing your email for mobile devices will increase engagement and improve the user experience.

Many ESPs offer mobile response as a core function. This includes email templates that adapt quickly to the screen size of the recipient. Sendinblue, a tool that allows you to preview the way your email will look on mobile devices, is one example.

Use dual subscription

Yes, email marketing can bring you maximum results if your list grows. It’s also important to keep in mind the quality of your readers. Your subscribers will be more likely to interact with you if they are more engaged and interested.

A single subscription is when one subscriber is added using a signup form. Dual subscription is even more powerful. Once they sign up using your consent form, an email confirmation will be sent to them. To complete their subscription, they will need to click on the link.

This is useful for many reasons. The double opt-in process removes email addresses that are not correct. This will prevent your mailing list from taking longer or getting hard bounces. This eliminates spam traps, and confirms the consent of the subscriber.

You can reduce your unsubscribe rates by checking the appearance of your emails and images on multiple devices prior to sending.

Improve email delivery speed

Email marketing success depends on email deliverability. No matter how many emails are pinged, if they don’t reach your customers’ inboxes, they won’t be a success.

Your emails should be able to pass without spam filters and get delivered easily. If deliverability is compromised, your email could be marked as spam or your sender IP blocked.

There are many ways to get your email delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Only send messages to subscribers to your email list who have signed up to receive information from you.
  • Keep your subscriber list current. Inactive subscribers who don’t open your emails should be deleted as well as inactive addresses.
  • Your email content should not be considered spam. Email services can interpret certain phrases and words as spam. See the complete list here.
  • Include an unsubscribe link in all your emails. This is a GDPR requirement and gives readers who are not occupied the chance to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Your mailing list will look cleaner and more up-to date.

Subject and content for A/B email tests

A slight change in the subject or content can make all the difference in your email conversion rates. To determine which one is best, you can use A/B testing.

Split tests are great for optimizing email marketing campaigns. An A/B split-test sends the version A of your email to one set of subscribers using the marketing tool that you have chosen (assuming it has split testing). The second version, called “version B”, is sent to another group at the same time. You can test everything, from your call-to-action to email formats and messages to A/B.

The program then records which version received the most interaction. You can even automatically send “winning emails” to other subscribers with some programs.

Automate your life

Email automation is a key component of scaling your email marketing strategy. It’s difficult to keep up with customers and communicate with them in the right way without automation.

Auto responders are the simplest form email automation. These automated emails are personalized and personal emails that are triggered at specific points in the customer’s buying journey. Auto responders let you keep track of your subscribers and not have to hit the send button manually. One example of an auto responder that is most popular is the simple welcome email. This is sent when a subscriber first joins your mailing list.

Advanced email marketing automation features allow you to create complex automation sequences using “if/else” logic and behavioral triggers. You can also use A/B testing to test your automation. If automation is important to your business, ensure that you choose ESP which offers a powerful editor for your email workflow.

Best Email Marketing Services

Canada Business Email Leads
Canada Business Email Leads

You will get the best out of email marketing if you choose an email marketing company that suits your needs and your budget.

Small businesses need to have a great email service that helps them build trust and relationships. Larger businesses may prefer to use advanced features to increase brand awareness and click through rate (CTR).

Notably, even though there are some free email options, you will often have to delete them quickly.

Here are some recommendations.

Hub Spot

Hub Spot, a well-known marketing suite that offers solutions for a variety of digital marketing strategies, is a great choice. Hub spot is a great choice for businesses that have complex operations and need a complete solution.

Hub spot can be used by beginners, but that doesn’t make it a bad solution. Hub spot allows you to create personalized, beautiful email campaigns using smart rules that segment your list into niche audiences.

With the Hub Spot CRM, you can use analytics and A/B testing to optimize your campaigns. You can also organize customer data using the Hub Spot system. Hub Spot’s marketing package also allows you to create and manage a blog.

Hub spot offers a variety of tools free of charge as part of its marketing packages. These include email, chat and form builder.


Sendinblue is a transactional email service that provides invoice and subscription billing. It has been in existence since 2012. They changed their service to offer bulk email a while back. Today, Sendinblue sends over 30,000,000 daily SMS messages and emails.

It provides powerful reporting and list management tools as well as automation and list management tools. To enhance you. Kit marketing tool, you can add advanced features such as their CRM software or chat features.

Sendinblue offers a generous free plan as well as affordable premium options. This tool is for those who want to save unlimited contacts and have access to advanced email marketing tools.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another ESP provider. It was founded in 1995 and now has more than 650,000 users around the world.

Constant Contact is a pioneer in email marketing solutions that offers surveys and social campaign management. Event bite integration allows you to easily manage your invitations.

The platform also boasts high deliverability rates. It’s not the best automation or design tool, but it’s still a good option.

Constant Contact doesn’t offer a free plan. Constant Contact charges $20 per month, based on how many contacts you have. This makes it more affordable than other options.


AWeber is another major in the email marketing sector. They are probably right to claim that they invented the answering machine after more than 20 years of experience. AWeber, however, is a more reliable, basic and expensive email marketing platform.

Canva is a great tool for creating promotional images for emails. AWeber also offers hundreds of editable email templates you can customize with AWeber’s drag-and-drop interface. AWeber also provides behavior-based automation, abandoned cart email, purchase labeling and split email testing.

AWeber offers a free plan to up to 500 subscribers. The Pro plan costs $16.50 per monthly after that.

Omni send

Omni send, a powerful marketing automation tool, focuses on two main points:

  1. Omni channel Marketing Solutions
  2. Electronic commerce

The software offers features that allow for email marketing and SMS marketing, Facebook Messenger, Google Integrations and more.

Omni send can be used to create opt-in forms and pop-ups, manage social media campaigns and organize contacts. Omni send, unlike other ESPs is great for online store owners who wish to include products in emails and set up transactional communication.

It also offers advanced segmentation and automation tools that go beyond basic marketing automation tools. Omni send automation, in particular, allows you to plan each touch point on the path to purchase.

Omni send is free and you can receive 500 emails per month as well as a 250 person contact list. There are two premium plans available. The price depends on the number of subscribers.


Although Moosend may not be the most well-known email marketing tool, it isn’t impossible to use. It offers both a free plan as well as a pay-as-you go service. This makes it one of the most affordable options for those who just want to send occasional email campaigns.

The free program also has most of the Pro features. You can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers, and it covers 1000 subscribers.

Moosend offers 40 email templates, as well as spam and A/B testing, as well as simple automation. The email workflow options include solutions for upsells, abandon carts, anniversary emails, and many other features.

Convert Kit

Convert Kit is an email solution that is clearly designed for writers. It targets Bloggers, You Tubers and bloggers as well as podcast owners.

Convert Kit can also be used by small budget teams or dive-doubles who wish to send plain text newsletters. Despite its marketing focus, Convert Kit offers many of the same features and functions as other ESPs. You can create stunning landing pages and manage subscribers using tags.

Convert Kit plans can be more expensive, however. The program that comes with the free plan is less comprehensive and doesn’t include reports is also limited. Convert Kit offers only three email templates, so it is not suitable for people with more complex email design ideas.

Are you ready to increase conversions using email marketing?

Canada Consumer Email Lists
Canada Consumer Email Lists

Although it sounds cliché, sometimes old is better. Email marketing is the king of digital marketing. It can, however, be a powerful tool for other marketing strategies if it is done right.

Email marketing can be used to grow and sustain a business. It can also increase conversions and create more loyal and meaningful customer relationships.

You will need a quality email provider and your own mailing list to get started. You can get started today by creating your own mailing list and starting to send out newsletters.

When comparing email marketing options, make sure to check the delivery speeds of each provider. You don’t want your email client and spam folder to collide.

The difficulty in executing simple concepts is, as with many other things, in the execution. Keep these best practices in mind to increase engagement, deliverability and conversion rates for your email campaigns.

Any questions? Please leave them in the comment section below. Good luck with your first email marketing campaign!


The best SMS marketing software in ecommerce in 2023. It has a large reach and amazing engagement results. While this channel may not be your best option, it can add power to your existing marketing strategy.
Omnisend sees that SMS is growing in popularity: More and more ecommerce websites are searching for the best SMS marketing software, to integrate short text messages into their communication channels. There are many good reasons for this.

Mobile phone penetration is high in most countries, at least 83%. Advanced economies have up to 94%. Text messages are also easy to read because they are short. SMS can be used to send time-sensitive messages. It is also easy to reply to so SMS marketing in two-way is a great way to improve CRM and increase customer engagement.

You probably see the same opportunities for SMS marketing that we do if you’re reading this article. Let’s find out which SMS marketing software is best for your ecommerce website.
Automated automation workflows can help you drive sales with autopilot
Start Free Today
1. Omnisend

Ideal for: Ecommerce businesses
Pricing is based on the plan. Standard: $0.015/SMS within the US
Top features: Segmented SMS/MMS campaigns and bulk SMS blasts. Automation including SMS and other channels.
G2 rating: 4.6

Omnisend allows you to send SMS promotions and automated workflows that integrate different channels. Omnisend allows you to send messages via multiple channels, and it also offers an email and SMS marketing platform. This will increase your campaign engagement and save you money per message.

Omnisend is compatible with Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce. Omnisend also supports CRM efforts with unique features.
Feature list

Segmented SMS/MMS blasts and bulk SMS blasts
Automated workflows using SMS alone or with other channels
Advanced segmentation
To capture your phone number, sign up forms and landing pages are available
24/7 Support


Omnisend allows marketers to access our SMS marketing tools regardless of their plan. Standard and Free users have 60 SMS per month (with the possibility to top up at any moment), while Pro users receive free SMS credits equaling the price of the pricing plan.

Standard plans include SMS for an additional cost. To send a text message, it costs $0.015/SMS to the U.S.
Get started today with Omnisend & drive sales with autopilot using pre-built automation workflows
Start Free Today
2. SMSBump by Yotpo

Only for SMS communications
Pricing: No cost to test. Paid plans begin at $19.9 + $0.0149/SMS within the U.S.
Signup keywords and SMS chat are the top features
Shopify app store rating : 4.8


This SMS marketing software was designed for SMS communication only. It can be used as an independent marketing channel. SMSBump can be an excellent alternative to Omnisend, if you don’t need an omnichannel approach but only require text messages.

This comprehensive SMS marketing tool offers many useful features. SMS Bump allows you to send SMS and MMS. You can also send bulk SMSes and discount codes to it.

SMS Bump is compatible with Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce.
Feature list

Register Keywords
SMS Chat
A/B Testing
Messaging according to time zones


A free trial plan is available. Paid plans start from $19.9 + $0.0149/SMS within the U.S.
3. Postscript SMS & MMS marketing

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses
Pricing: Prices start at $50 for 1500 credit
Top features: Segmentations and campaigns
G2 rating: 4.9


Postscript is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use text marketing software that allows you to send SMS messages. Segmentation is its trump card, and it is extremely useful in CRM. Segmentation can be done easily by using Shopify or Shopify Plus to identify customers based on their Shopify and Shopify Plus purchases.

Postscript supports SMS/MMS. You can use live chat to offer customer support and close sales by sending text messages. It even has live chat software that you can use to respond to customers quickly and efficiently.

Postscript SMS marketing, like all other tools on the list, follows US TCPA regulation. You will find all legal statements and agreements there.

But, SMSBump is only designed for Shopify. Different solutions should be considered for businesses that are built on different platforms.

SMS campaigns
SMS Campaign Automation
Chat live


Pricing plans start at $50 This price includes 1500 credits, which will make your SMS approximately $0.033. Although Podium is not a free SMS marketing tool it offers affordable plans that can be tailored to your business’s needs.
4. EZ Texting

Ideal for: Small, medium and large businesses
Pricing: Starting at $49/month with 12,000 messages per annum
Top features: Advanced reporting, polls and surveys
G2 rating: 4.5


EZ Texting is an alternative to SMS Bump vs Postscript. EZ Texting is our most comprehensive SMS platform. This unique offer includes a range of SMS marketing tools, including polls, surveys and contests.

The innovative SMS platform allows multinational and small businesses to connect with their customers by creating engaging SMS marketing campaigns. It will help you increase your customer base and profit.

The EZ Texting platform offers advanced features such as segmentation, automation, and reporting. If you wish to contact them through different channels, however, you will still need to import their customer data.

It’s not a free SMS marketing tool, but it is one of the best. EZ Texting, one of the most popular SMS marketing softwares, has been used by thousands of businesses to send SMS messages to their customers.

Advanced reporting
Survey and poll features
Chat live


To try EZ Texting, you can get started for free. Prices start at $49/mo and include 1000 SMS credits ($0.049/SMS).
5. Twilio

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses
Pricing: Pay-as-you go, depending on the country and carrier
Top features: Automated responses and modular platform
G2 rating: 4.4

Twilio, a cloud communication platform that allows businesses to integrate different types of messaging into their applications, is powerful.

It is not a platform that offers all the features you want, but allows you to select only the channels you use and scale up as needed. You can start with SMS, then move on to chat, MMS, and WhatsApp. You can also use it to send email, voice and video calls.

This SMS marketing tool allows businesses to send bulk messages to a large number of contacts. You can even include pictures and promotional material, as well as track who clicks on your links.

Bulk SMS marketing tools allow for two-way communication without any obstacles, regardless of whether you are using new numbers or leveraging existing ones. This innovative SMS marketing software also offers intuitive, simple and accessible text messaging features.

Developer-friendly APIs
Modular platform
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Automated Responses
Two-way messaging
Message personalization


Twilio provides text message marketing at a pay-as you-go price. It is not possible to compare the pricing with other providers as they charge differently by country and sometimes per mobile carrier.

You can expect to pay $0.0075 for a message sent to a US audience. Texting UK contacts will cost $0.04 per text message. It also offers volume discounts and dedicated-use discounts for larger businesses.
6. Tatango

Best for: enterprises
Pricing starts at Their Enterprise Software starts at $1,000/mo (0.01/SMS; $0.02/MMS).
Top features for SMS/MMS/RCS automation and messaging
G2 rating: 4.5


Tatango is well-known, robust in functionality, and is mainly used by enterprises.

This text marketing service includes SMS, MMS and RCS marketing campaigns. It also provides detailed reporting, segmentation, segmentation, reporting, segmentation, segmentation, and some fancy features like text-to-win, voting. Tatango is simple to use. However, Tatango customer support is available and will help you if needed.

Surprisingly, Tatango doesn’t support two-way messaging.

SMS, MMS and RCS messaging
Mobile coupons
Advanced reporting


Their Enterprise Software starts at $1,000/mo. ($0.01/SMS; $0.02/MMS)
7. HeyMarket

Ideal for small and large companies
Pricing: Starting at $49/month with 12,000 messages per annum
Top features: Automated replies and custom fields
G2 rating: 4.7

This text marketing software can be used by businesses to increase customer support via SMS.

It is no secret that brands are often asked similar questions about shipping, delivery services, opening hours and stock availability. This innovative SMS marketing software ecommerce software creates shared inboxes that answer customers’ questions quickly and efficiently.

Support team members can send their messages via email to the SMS platform to ensure customers receive the best possible service. This automated SMS software may also be selected.

HeyMarket is a great customer service app. They also specialize in creating high-impact SMS marketing campaigns. This means that you can send your viewers both drip-feed and mass texts to keep them up to date on your latest campaigns.

Heymarket can be integrated with many other social media and marketing applications. You can integrate it with Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and other social media applications to expand your customer reach.
The key features

You can set reminders to remind you to reply to customer support inquiries.
It supports a variety of platforms including Android, iPhone and Web.
There are many support options available, including chat, email and help desk.
It is possible to organize contacts into large lists and send targeted messages.
You can access a chat widget on your website to exchange messages with viewers who visit it
You can also respond to Facebook messages using this SMS and email marketing software


HeyMarket offers a variety of SMS pricing options to help businesses find the right match. The pricing structure is affordable for small and medium-sized companies and can send up to 12,000 messages per year.

You can also choose from a Plus or Pro package, which costs $99 per month, and $199 respectively. You can send 30,000 text messages per calendar month with the Plus package, while the Pro package allows you to send out 60,000 text messages.

Heymarket allows you to customize a plan that suits your business’s needs, unlike other SMS marketing services. After choosing the pricing structure that suits you best, HeyMarket will give you a free trial.
How to select the best SMS marketing software in your ecommerce store

You have many options for text messaging marketing software. All SMS marketing services may look similar on the surface. When you look at pricing, features, and user interfaces, you will quickly discover which ones are best suited to your business.

Here are some features you should consider when selecting an SMS marketing tool to help your ecommerce store.

Integrations with ecommerce platforms – Not all text marketing services integrate seamlessly with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Check to make sure the tool you are considering is compatible with your ecommerce platform.
Channel integration – Text messaging marketing is most effective when it’s part of an integrated campaign. You will be more productive if you find a tool that you can use to manage all of your campaigns.
Automated workflows: Some tools allow you to create messages that will automatically be sent when certain events or circumstances occur (ex., a visitor signs up through your website or a customer abandons a shopping cart). You can provide personalized and engaging customer experiences by making sure your text messaging marketing tool is an automation platform.
Detail personalization – These are essential to your CRM and your ability personalize the customer experience. This will result in better engagement and ultimately higher conversions.
List building tools – Many text messaging platforms offer TCPA compliant list-building tools that you can integrate into your website to help you collect mobile numbers of your visitors. These tools could include landing pages, popups and interactive sign up forms.
Global reach – Make sure your SMS marketing tool supports international text messaging if you have an ecommerce company with a global audience.
Pricing is competitive – Compare not only the price of plans but also what you get for your money. Is it reasonable to expect to pay SMS per message? Are there packages that can make your campaigns more affordable? Consider what extra value you could gain from each package.

Wrap up SMS marketing software

These are the top SMS marketing platforms. They all have a strong presence and positive social proof. They won’t disappoint you.

Your business goals and priorities should also be considered.

You should consider SMS Bump if you are looking for SMS marketing software that can be used standalone to send text messages. It seems to be the most affordable. If your company is already in a sustainable stage and you’re looking for advanced marketing tools, I recommend Omnichannel Marketing with Omnisend.
It’s 2020, and we may not have a BFCM. The holiday rush, sales, and preparations start now. This means that your holiday emails and texts must be prepared.

We have just reloaded our SMS.

Omnisend now has more SMS power to handle large-scale tasks. This will allow you to manage the holidays.

You can watch the video or read on to find out what has changed to make your life easier, and to improve your performance.
1. Increase conversions by using a new MMS format

Image speaks 1000 words. MMS format can speak 1,600 characters and includes an image (jpeg, png) or gif. It’s amazing! It’s easier to convert visual messages than text-only SMS and we can’t wait to see how it will help you skyrocket performance.

MMS can be used to increase engagement in your promotional text campaigns. You also have the option to include it into your automations. It’s one thing to text ‘Hey! We missed you!’ for customer winback, but it’s quite another to show it as a gif/image, which can help build your brand.

Not all recipients of messages in the US and Canada can use MMS format. The message will only be sent to contacts who are not located in these countries.
2. Send time-sensitive SMS messages at a faster speed to stay zen

Holiday sales revolve around two things: discounts and time-limited offers. Even if you don’t have the best Black Friday deals this year, it’s possible that you will want to promote limited-time offers (e.g. “Special offer valid until midnight EST” or “Discount code valid for this weekend only” etc. Selling is all about scarcity.

However, there is one thing that must be done in order to preserve the value of the offer: it must be sent on time. Sending 1 SMS message to the US via other platforms can take up to one second. The cost of sending a campaign faster or in a shorter time frame would increase if you have multiple sending numbers and/or throughput.

There is no BUT with our SMS reload. A SMS campaign with 10,000 contacts could be sent in just 5 minutes at 30 messages per second in the US.

You can rest assured that your last recipients will not visit your website and find out that the advertised item has been sold out.
3. You can use SMS to drive holiday sales with no daily limits and at holiday-scale

You have speed, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the scale. We are also increasing this. Reloaded SMS means that you won’t have to worry about daily SMS limits in the US, or purchase multiple sending numbers.

You need to send a larger holiday campaign or automate SMS with a higher load (e.g. cart abandonment during holidays). All scheduled texts will reach recipients promptly, regardless of their load. You can also create a continuous messaging thread with US customers by using the dedicated US number to send all text messages (and MMS) from that single US sending phone.
4. Get FREE SMS credits with no additional throughput fees

This could not get better. Yes. Omnisend SMS does not mean “another channel to reach customers”.

We offer SMS credits for free – with no hidden throughput fees. This will allow you to send and drive sales at scale.

Every customer who signs up to the Pro & Enterprise plan receives free SMS credits equaling the monthly plan price (e.g. The $99 plan price includes $99 in SMS credits. We don’t charge extra for high speed SMS or additional numbers, so you have complete control over your spending.
It’s now!

Omnisend is the best place to use SMS if you haven’t tried it yet, or if you are still using another SMS tool. By creating a consistent customer experience across all channels, you’ll be able to save time and money.
There’s lots of buzz about SMS marketing in the ecommerce industry right now, as customers are engaging with it.

Why? What does text messaging offer that other marketing tools do not?

Texts can be sent quickly: no design required, just short copy.
Texts are easy to read. More than 90% of SMS messages can be read in less than 3 minutes after receipt.
Texts are distinctive. This channel isn’t as saturated as email or social media.
Texts generate revenue.

These are the four main reasons SMS marketing is so appealing to retailers. Let’s look at four easy steps to get started with your SMS program.
1. Get customer phone numbers

As you begin your SMS program, it is important to collect and create a list with customer numbers. This can be done in many ways, both online and offline. These are just a few of the many options.

On your online sign up forms, add a field for your phone number. You’ll be able collect both phone numbers and emails from your visitors. You can increase registrations by offering incentives – an incentive that gives them a reason to register. Alastin shows this in the following example:

Please note the disclaimer regarding legal data. To comply with SMS marketing regulations, make sure you include this disclaimer in your sign-up form.

Ask your customers to sign up with your SMS program.

It’s also possible to connect with existing customers by sending them an email offering in return for their phone numbers. Brooklinen did this just before the holiday season. You can see below how they offered early-bird access via email to their largest sale. They sent them an email that led to a landing page where they could leave their telephone numbers.
An email campaign
A landing page

Ask for the number of your customers at the online or offline checkout.

Here’s how to get on Shopify

You can collect SMS numbers from brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops by using a tablet that has a sign up form that customers can fill out.

Get started with Omnisend today! Get started today!
2. Send your first SMS campaign

Now you have a growing SMS subscriber base. It’s now time to send your SMS campaigns. It’s easy to create an SMS. You just need a brief, but compelling message.

SMS messages are great for reminders and time-sensitive promotions, such as flash sales or expiration reminders. You can use SMS however you like.

SMS can be used as a standalone channel or combined with email campaigns. Imagine sending SMS to non-openers of an email campaign two days after your initial message. This could increase subscriber engagement. This is how it works with Omnisend.
3. Follow the campaign results

You can track your results once your campaign is launched.

The reporting of text messages is different than an email campaign report. An example is that SMS providers cannot see open rates in an SMS report. As you can see, the typical metrics for SMS messages, such as click rates, number of messages sent and sales, will still be visible.

These detailed reports can be very effective, as Silver Street Jewellers discovered after they launched their first SMS campaign.

“SMS is powerful, because you can immediately see a large traffic jump after you send an SMS campaign.”
Laura, CEO of Silver Street Jewellers

Silver Street Jewellers’ full story is here.
4. Add text to your automation workflows

You can also use SMS messages to your advantage by incorporating them into your marketing automation strategy. The data shows that SMS messages that are triggered, whether they’re emails or text, perform at least sixty times better than regular messages. Texts that are sent along with other communication channels, such as emails, push notifications or Facebook, perform even better.

Why? They reach the right customers at right times with the right content through the right channels.

Automated workflows are also great because they reduce your workload. Marketers can set them up once and monitor their effectiveness. If necessary, they can make adjustments and continue to generate revenue.

Here are some examples.

Your welcome series for new subscribers. Let’s suppose that you send a welcome email with a 10% discount for your first purchase. It may be used by some customers, but not all. You could remind non-buyers via SMS of the expiration date to encourage them to use the code.

Retailers are increasingly using browse/product abandonment workflows. The simple reminder that a product has been abandoned can make a significant contribution to your overall marketing revenue. This message can be sent as a single email or text message. Here is a sample workflow.

An abandonment series for carts can be as effective, if not better. This is an automated workflow that can be one of the most lucrative in ecommerce. You will notice a significant increase in your monthly revenue by setting up reminders for items that have been added to the cart.

Learn how to incorporate SMS into your cart recovery strategy.
Take a bow

SMS can be used to increase sales and engagement in many ways.

It’s simple to integrate it into your marketing strategy, even if you don’t have it yet. You can even test SMS with Omnsiend’s SMS credits for free.

26 billion SMS messages are sent each day, so if you don’t use it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. SMS is easy to set up and can increase your sales. Try it today.
We’re seeing more marketers use SMS as a primary channel, so we’ve been working hard to improve Omnisend’s SMS marketing features.

Anyone who has been following our product news for the past months will be familiar with this: We have released SMS credits free of charge, pre-built workflows that include SMS, STOP/HELP keyword assistance, and many other SMS-related features. We’re not done.

We have updated our Gorgias integration to support two-way SMS messaging to enable our customers’ ecommerce businesses to make the most of this channel. Two-way SMS allows brands to provide seamless customer service by answering any questions or requests of their customers via SMS. They can also create two-way SMS marketing campaigns to drive additional engagement.
What is two-way SMS messaging?

Omnisend Pro and Enterprise clients who also use Gorgias (the all-in-one supportdesk for Shopify merchants) now have two-way SMS messaging.

Here are some ways to get started.

Connect your Omnisend account to Gorgias (follow this step-by-step guide).
You can check your SMS credits balance. All Pro & Enterprise plan customers get free monthly SMS credits. However, if you have used them, you may want to subscribe for more SMS credits. SMS credits can be used to send SMS campaigns, automate, or respond to customer messages.
Your SMS automation or campaign can be set up. You can use two-way SMS to provide customer support. Make sure you include a call to action so that your customers will respond.
Once you get any SMS replies, the ticket will be created in Gorgias Helpdesk. These tickets will be auto-tagged using the “Omnisend” tag. The ticket subject line will start with “SMS via Omnisend.”

Notification: Other than STOP/HELP, responses are automatically omitted. The responses can be managed in Omnisend directly.
These tickets will be answered by you or your helpdesk agent in Gorgias. The replies will be sent via SMS via Omnisend using the same number back to the customer.

Gorgias has updated our integration, which allows ecommerce brands the opportunity to offer seamless customer experiences to their customers. Any customer query can be answered easily using the same channel that it originated.

You may be wondering, “What else can I do to use two-way messaging?” Or “Do people really like texting brands?” An omnichannel marketing automation platform is available that will allow you to use SMS to engage shoppers.
How to use SMS in two-way communication to increase customer engagement

Two-way SMS offers a new way to engage customers and customize your marketing. The best part? It’s all scaleable with the Omnisend + Gorgias integration These are some ways you can make use of two-way SMS to automate your marketing based upon the responses.
1. Survey responses from customers to gauge customer satisfaction.

You may have heard of two-way SMS to measure customer satisfaction. But, we are referring to a case study with a twist. You can combine Omnisend’s marketing automation tools with customer satisfaction scores to make it easy for you to act on the information you collect. Here’s how it works:

Establish an automated customer feedback process with an SMS message asking customers to leave a satisfaction rating after they have purchased.

two-way SMS — customer feedback

Gorgias assigns auto-tags to each response score (e.g., review_score_5″ for all 5-point responses). Gorgias tags can be synced with Omnisend so that you can create tag-based segments.
To segment your audience, use customer responses. You can ask them questions or offer special incentives.

Two-way SMS customer responses
2. Send out SMS invitations to enter special contests

SMS has a high potential to drive customer engagement with its 98% open rate, and 14% average click-through rate. Omnisend customers now have two-way SMS, so they can not only encourage recipients to click through to their store, but also engage them with special contests.

You could, for example, send an SMS to a segment of your audience inviting them to reply and enter a giveaway contest.
Two-way SMS preview response

All incoming SMS’es can be auto-tagged with a contest opt in keyword (e.g. WANT100) in Gorgias. You can also see the tag in Omnisend so that you can create segments of all participants in the giveaway and then send them a special offer, even if they don’t win.
Two-way SMS thank you

This segment can be saved for future campaigns that target the most engaged customers.
3. Additional data is needed to support your segmentation

Two-way SMS messaging gives you the opportunity to ask your customers anything. It is smart to ask customers for information you can use later, such as customer satisfaction scores. You could also use these other, open-ended but scalable uses cases:

As part of the Welcome Series, ask new subscribers to choose their preferred geo-location for brick and mortar retail shops. This data can be used to segment your audience and create personalized offers that are geo-specific.
You can create an automated cancellation series by sending an SMS asking for details (reasons), and then reply accordingly.
Collect more information from your subscribers (ones that you don’t yet have much data on), such as whether they shop for beauty or home products. Then send them segments based on this information.

Welcoming SMS with Interest
You can send SMS free of cost

Are you interested in two-way SMS messaging and want to test it out? Omnisend Pro and Enterprise customers get SMS credits equal to their monthly or yearly plans. This means that if you pay $99 for a monthly plan, you will receive $99 worth monthly SMS messages. It sounds great, doesn’t?

It’s time for ecommerce to make more use of SMS. With the popularity of SMS as an ecommerce sales channel, it’s now that it is booming. Connect your Gorgias account to Omnisend and get started today.


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