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100k Greece Email Database [2023]

Make inroads into the Greek business world when you buy our comprehensive Greece email database and you can develop strong B2B contacts that may become longtime customers. Download it and see for yourself what premium data can do for your business!

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Greece Email Database : Make your business more visible in the birthplace of Western civilization by using This Greece Email Database or Greece email list, and you’ll be one-two step ahead of your competitors. 

You are looking for sales leads that could be available and tripping over old contact information, and running into the wall with your generic addresses. 

To contact Greece people, you’ll reach actual figures from the Greek business community using current, precise, and accurate contact details, creating new B2B relationships while recording more sales. 

Gain the edge you require to be the leader in the market by purchasing the Greece mailer list!

As with every database for business, we offer the Greece Email database or Greek email list includes:

  • The actual names.
  • Business information.
  • Telephone numbers.
  • Direct email addresses.
  • Verified mailing addresses 
  • and even telephone numbers of people. 

You must contact to get more customers on board and generate more sales. 

Accounting professionals will undoubtedly be ecstatic when you have this valuable sales tool! 

Download Greece Email Database pre-built business lists in a CSV file, then import this into the CRM software, and you’ll be able to start your marketing plan. 

It’s easier to collect information and will spend less time closing the deal when you put your trust in us to deliver the marketing lists for email that you require. 

Get it today and test what you think!

Greece Email Database
Buy 2023 Greece Email Database

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

33 Marketing Email Examples

Email marketing is an extremely efficient way to communicate with your customers. According to data, 3.9 billion people worldwide utilize email. In contrast, 3.5 billion people use social media.

Research has shown that 89% of marketers utilize email as their primary method to generate leads. Yet the average rate of open emails is 22.15 per cent.


Why do some emails go through while others don’t? What is the difference between effective newsletters and spam? To find out the answer, we will examine 40 examples of email newsletters from different business sectors that we have discovered and enjoyed reading.


If you’re looking for an email newsletter service and want to compare different options and options, we’ve already accomplished it. Check out the article for a comprehensive description of the best 30 email marketing solutions.


Online shopping

  1. La Roche Posay

It is an email marketing campaign via an online cosmetic retailer.


La Roche Posay

We liked what we saw. These emails are designed to convince the customer to purchase through a promotional discount. This mailer offers a discount that’s only valid for a short period, and the urgency of the offer makes the buyer make a decision faster. It’s great that the email includes the feature of a countdown timer that indicates how long is left before the offer’s expiration. The letter is also personal and contains suggestions to a particular user who has already looked at the products available on the website. In the mailer, the subscriber is informed that the products can be purchased for a lower price and influence the purchase decision.


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  1. Yves Saint Laurent

What is it? A promotional mailer from a top cosmetics retailer.


We liked. Simple design, the banner that includes a visible promo code, yet does not take away attention from the subject. The goal of these mailers is to draw the consumer to purchase and make the user a frequent buyer of the store online. It is simple to read via a smartphone and is brief and, at the same time, informative.



  1. Tiffany & Co.

What exactly is it—a newsletter with the word English from the world-famous jewellery manufacturer.


The letter’s translation:


Home Style with Tiffany


We believe that jewels are worth wearing every day—diamonds with sparkling sparkles and bold chains. Explore our most loved jewellery designs and get dressed at your home.


Rising Diamonds


If you don’t have a natural gift, Tiffany Victoria vines are perfect for you. They don’t die, and you don’t require gardening expertise. Get your garden ready.


tune in


Be sure to have the appropriate tools for your home improvement task. We suggest eye-catching jewellery that is part of Tiffany’s Tiffany HardWear collection. Begin a project using Tiffany




Diamonds and Home Pants? A perfect match of opposites. Bring some sparkle to your home dates with the jewellery of Tiffany T1. Tiffany T1 collection. Find house dates.


Video mode: Enable


Are you working at your home? Tiffany diamond jewellery makes sure you stand out during any video chat. Combine and mix our various styles to discover your personal. You can work from your home in style.


Training Goals


Get ready, tune in, Tiffany. Do your workouts into a getaway by wearing Tiffany T pendants. Always remember, there’s something that makes you smile when you wear Tiffany. Be a part of Tiffany.


The majority of Tiffany & Co stores have opened. The majority of stores that functioned just as a pick-up location has now been opened. Our customers’ safety and employees are our main concerns. We are looking eagerly to welcome customers to our stores. Check out the latest store news.


What we enjoyed. Tiffany sells expensive jewellery to going out. Because of the coronavirus, the events have been cancelled, which is why the brand has been trying to convince clients on the newsletter that jewellery can use at home, for instance, or during video calls. The design was developed specifically for this letter – images of jewellery are enhanced by photos of girls dressed wearing home-style clothes. These images are more appealing to look at than the stock images. The buttons are made in the same way as the whole letter.



  1. Lamoda

What exactly is it. A sample mailing list includes ready-made images from an online store for clothing and footwear.

We liked what we saw. Lamoda creates visual content and provides prepared solutions for your autumn wardrobe. It is possible to see what the complete image appears. The prices and brands are also listed here. It is a motivational letter for people who like to browse glossy magazines. The readers who have read until the end are enticed by the online store and want to buy gift certificates.



  1. H&M

What exactly is it. A letter that entices customers with new products from the clothing shop.


What we enjoyed. The goal of these mailings is to build the loyalty of customers. The company discusses the fall collection to welcome new customers, convert them into customers, and remind people who have bought a product. It is formatted in the style of the pages of magazines and is fun to browse through. The picture shows the prices. There is also an online link to the complete collection and an option to locate the closest store.



  1. Adidas

What exactly is it—a warm-up email from a company that makes sports clothes and shoes.


A brand’s email newsletter is sent out by a clothing and sports shoe manufacturer.

We liked what we saw. This email goes out to new subscribers. Its goal is to encourage the user to take action and make a purchase. The subscriber is asked to follow the link and then personalize their profile only to receive their interested information. The user is reassured that the company cares about the person and does not wish to bombard him with messages. Additionally, subscribers are given a discount of 15 that lasts for a specific period.



  1. Ozon

What exactly is what is. The trigger mailer keeps and removes the customer from the store online that is universal.


I am sending emails from an online store.

We liked what we saw. Ozon operates with abandoned carts: an email is sent to people who quit the site but didn’t complete their purchase. The person who receives the email is named; the recipient is also identified in the subject of the mailer. According to research, letters with personalization are read 50 per cent more often. For instance, it creates a sense of desperation: the number of available products in the warehouse is restricted, and they are only reserved after the customer has placed an order. Campaigns via email offer related or similar products for sale to make the customer buy them alongside the other items on the cart. This means that the company will increase the value of the check.



Send personalized emails to your customers using the flexibility of segmentation

customers and boost the number of customers who visit the online store. This will increase the number of customers and boost the conversion rate

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Send personalized emails to your customers using customizable segmentation

Online services and applications

  1. Twitter

What exactly is it. It is a method to trigger email via an online social network.


Distribution of emails via an online social network

We liked what we saw. Every year, on the day of the first day of registration for a user, Twitter sends a letter of congratulations, and best sends wishes Happy Twitterversary. Amazingly, the creators created a unique name for this day. Through an imaginative letter social media network, it reminds of itself: users will click on the link in the mailer so that a message with a hashtag will automatically appear on his profile.



It is possible to design trigger emails for various segments. You can sort users according to the time of registration, their actions on the website, or their interests. This is simple to accomplish without programming skills in Carrot quest. Carrot search service. It collects important details on each website’s visitor and lets you create automated scripts using this information.


The emails are sent following the specific user action you have specified beforehand (in the case above, this would be the registration date). You can also filter your audience. For instance, you can send emails only to users who utilize your services.


Before sending a trigger email, be sure you don’t end up with spammers in your folder. Our guide will assist you in this regard and an infographic that outlines the rules of deliverability.


  1. Tinder

What exactly is it—a letter of activation from dating apps.


We liked. Once you’ve registered, Tinder sends onboarding emails to users to assist them in navigating the application. Tinder sends these messages to encourage users to use their service. The Tinder message is composed of suggestions on how to improve your performance on the application. It encourages you to take actions that are laid out: update your profile, upload photos and add an anthem, connect to Instagram and send a super like. The appropriate button accompanies each action. Tips are illustrated with animated images with a corporate look. The app is attractive.



  1. Bookmates

What exactly is it—a digest of articles from a website that allows you to read books via subscription.


We liked what we read—a catchy headline. I would like to know if this isn’t a newsletter, what is it? The subtitle is also captivating. It is revealed that Bookmate has launched a new medium, and it can only be read through the mail. This creates an impression of exclusivity for the user. If the content appeals to the user, he’ll be inclined to join. The creators explain that the mailers will be sent every week. Users can provide feedback on the newsletter. Review feedback helps newsletter writers become acquainted with their readers better and improve engagement.



11 Unisender

What is it? Articles of the bulk mail service.


What we loved about it. Unisender creates mailings for an individual – these letters are more reliable and read 35% more frequently than mail sent via an email address used for general purposes. The writers of the letters are changed – Artem, Egor, Marina. The preheader and theme are written humorously “Sorry we’re lazy” “Even the preheader is a bit too lazy to think of”. The letter includes emojis, and they’re appropriate. The content is written casually and casually, and, in the end, you can check out Artyom’s photograph and confirm that it is a real person. This letter is also an excellent example of how users are enticed to be part of the service study. They are asked to answer a couple of questions. In return, Unisender promises to discuss the company of the person who wrote it in an article and offer the respondent a coupon to get free newsletters via email.



  1. Glavred

What exactly is it—a newsletter for education from the service, designed to improve the content.


What we enjoyed. Glavred emails are a great way to send a solid text. Three months in, readers receive articles with illustrations in the mail about writing interesting and truthful texts with proper syntax and structure with the informative style. The letters are written in an easily recognized style and appear like books. In the first letter, they explain the program’s format and explain what a solid text is and why it is necessary. The letter also announces the following letter. This draws the reader’s attention towards the list of mailing addresses. He will be eagerly awaiting the letter. The writer uses the postscript to draw attention to the important details: ensuring that the message doesn’t become spam. The link is for acquaintances to whom the user wishes to suggest an online course.



  1. Megaplan

What is it? A useful article from CRM-system to help businesses.


What we enjoyed. Megaplan posts articles exclusively from his blog, transforming emails into his little edition. These emails aim to create a relationship of trust with the customer. They don’t contain any direct calls to purchase or purchase, but by using these mailings, companies demonstrate their ability and directly affect the growth of sales. The illustration is branded. Every letter is accompanied by an “afterword”, which the chief executive creates. The result is very personal and also a lamp.



  1. Carrot quest

What exactly is it—the mailing lists we have.


What are the methods we use? We compose correspondence on behalf of certain people -marketing manager Polina and CEO Dima. The reader can tell that a real person writes the letter, and this draws the attention of others. It’s more enjoyable to be interacting with a genuine person rather than an unpersonal business. Users are more likely to respond to emails from such companies and provide feedback. When we write the email’s subject lines, we will always provide the letter’s benefits. If we require more context, we employ the preheader.


We aim to be friendly and welcoming. We add GIFs and illustrations of the author to the newsletters. We allow readers of evaluating the content by using buttons within the letters. We will never send emails that do not include an unsubscribe link.


Join us every week for a weekly newsletter.

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  1. Campaign Monitor

What exactly is it. It retrieves feedback from the automation and marketing email service.


Newsletter sent by the automation and marketing email service.



Since the inception of Campaign Monitor 2004 Campaign Monitor in 2004, we’ve been committed to helping our customers achieve their marketing goals via email.


We’re researching to influence the future direction for the Campaign Monitor brand. And would like to hear what you appreciate the most from the email marketing tool you use. Complete this survey to tell us the things you consider important to us.


It takes between 10 and 12 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. In appreciation for filling out this survey, we’ll provide you with 20 dollars Amazon gift card.


To redeem your gift card, make sure to enter your email the close your survey. This offer is only availed for a brief period.


We appreciate your valuable time, and your feedback is crucial to us.


Thank you,


Kalyn New


Director of Marketing for Customer and Product


What we enjoyed about. The company will explain to users the reason for the survey and inform them how long it takes to complete the questionnaire. To encourage the user to fill out their survey, the business gives a prize, and this is a smart strategy to get more people to respond. The author of the letter expresses appreciation and makes the recipient feel appreciated. These newsletters can be used to gather feedback and help enhance your business plan.



  1. Trello

What is it? An article digest from a website for managing projects.




How to spot the signs of burnout in your team and how to do to address it. Make sure your team is set up for success and lessen stress by identifying the early symptoms of burnout.


How do you manage the team remotely?


Remote teams thrive on ritual, trust, and openness. Here’s how you can keep your remote team alive for a long time.


Three ways to be an effective team player not being a solo player


Discover why being yourself can boost your creativity and teamwork skills, even if you’re an introvert.


Close More Deals Close More Deals: Use Trello as a CRM


Utilize Crumble Power-Up to transform Trello into a flexible CRM that can help you increase the size of your company.


What we enjoyed. Trello provides a range of blog articles that are useful to users. In their newsletters, they provide articles on current topics. They also provide tips to maintain the team’s remoteness and prevent burnout in the workplace. The newsletter includes concise descriptions of the articles and hyperlinks to the blog with corporate-style illustrations.



Collect the boarding chains and work

by churning product by using Carrot to search

14 days of no-cost

Collect the boarding chains and work

Airlines and Aggregator Sites

17 HeadHunter

What exactly is it—content mailer for Valentine’s Day from the Russian hiring platform.

Content mail from the recruitment platform.

We liked what we saw. HeadHunter examined vacancies about the desire for sales, work, and pets. The letter’s subject is: “Ekaterina, love in the vacancies. What? Yes!”. It’s personal and will increase the chance of discovering interesting and encourages you to look through the list of mailings to learn more. The letter includes a photo and a small amount of text, and an article link but nothing more. This is a great illustration of creating an email newsletter that is timed around the holidays.



  1. Cyan

What exactly is it—a collection of articles from a website about renting and selling real estate.


We liked what we read. The collection includes essays on various aspects of real estate and stories of different regions and countries, and everyone will discover something that interests them. The final paragraph of the newsletter is a section titled “questions about the real estate agent,” along with an online link. The user can either click the “all “all queries” button or make a request for your questions – this improves the number of subscribers and enhances their engagement with the newsletter.



  1. Tickets

What is it? A creative Halloween-themed mailing via the ticket aggregator.


What we enjoyed. On the page for subscriptions, you will find examples of the emails sent out by Kupibilet and reviews from readers. This is useful; you will immediately know if you’re interested in this material. Every letter begins with a meme quote “I do not wish to go through anything. I’d like to swim” This is hilarious and easily remembered. In general, humour is a major element of Kupibilet mailers and always gets attention. This year, for this Halloween holiday, Kupibilet has compiled the most difficult travel issues and provided suggestions for avoiding these.



  1. Aviasales

What exactly is it—a digest of stories from an airline tickets aggregator.


We liked what we saw. Before the corona scandal, Aviasales emailed customers with deals, travel tips and responses to questions. The service now delivers digests that include articles about travel in the country and advice on current issues. There was also a section that contained responses to the reader’s questions. Answers to questions are a way for subscribers to communicate with the website – they can ask questions for themselves and will certainly be in anticipation of an answer. The writer writes answers to Dasha’s blog. Dasha is more beneficial to contact customers for a specific individual rather than on behalf of the business. The user can rate the email with five different emoticons. This allows for interaction with the message, which aids the company in collecting feedback from customers and measuring its effectiveness. Campaign.



21 Skyscanner

What is it? A welcome mail from an airline ticket aggregator.


Mailings from an email address of an air ticket aggregator

What we enjoyed. The email invites users to interact through the services. The welcome message communicates the business’s mission and draws the attention of. Then, a button with clearly stated instructions notices “find flights “find flight tickets”. The letter provides the functions of the service and provides guidelines on how to utilize it effectively. For instance, with Skyscanner, you can purchase tickets for flights, choose the right hotel, and hire a car. Each feature is divided into distinct blocks and accompanied by a photo, making the text more easily read and remembered.



  1. Airbnb

What exactly is it—a different offer from an online platform to find accommodation for tourists.


A letter entices visitors to a website to find a place to stay for tourists.

What we enjoyed. Airbnb’s services have disappeared in the wake of the coronavirus, and Airbnb introduced an “online experience”. The newsletter is a variety of ways to travel without leaving your home. You can learn more by clicking the link. This service encourages virtual tourism to remain afloat. The letter is brief and minimal.



  1. jet Blue

What exactly is it—a welcome note by the American airline.

A newsletter from an American airline

The letter’s translation:


We’re happy to have you include JetBlue to your list of loyal customers – the ones who frequently send flowers of low fresh-cut fares, deals and other goodies for your mailbox. We’re confident that we’ll establish a relationship with you on your terms; however, just remember that we’re looking forward to the day you’ve lost your head.


What can you expect from our email messages:


fantastic promotions and discounts;


Notifications of new destinations;


Updates to partner and product information;


Travel inspiration.


Are you already in the water?


Let’s meet each other better (Understood, and we’ll get to talking shortly!)


Let’s get it done! (Ok, good, We like your style to think!)


This is the beginning of something wonderful. We’re looking at the future with anticipation!


What we enjoyed. The letter is written, the pictures and text complement each other. The welcoming message is elegantly written, and the airline describes its readers like lovers and assures it will operate at their discretion. The writer’s wordplay is related to travel and names of business (blue-tiful and aboard but) and explain what readers can anticipate from email newsletters. A letter like this is pleasing to read, and the reader isn’t raised to send the email to spam.



  1. S7 Airlines

What exactly is it. A collection of articles from Russia’s airline. Russian airline.


Content is taken from a Russian airline.

What we enjoyed. The actual subject in the correspondence: S7 talks about travelling to Russia if foreign flights are cancelled. The letter is formatted like a page from an advertisement booklet and is written in the corporate design of S7. It is nice to see vibrant photos. The email closes with a special discount and encourages users to purchase. The buttons for call-to-action are designed with the airline’s colours. They are accessible and easy to read.


  1. Arzamas

What is it? A newsletter from an educational program.

A newsletter from our educational program

We loved it. The letter is extremely personal. It begins with, “Hello, my name’s Asya.” In the first paragraph, we find out that Asya believes that she is a Gryffindor and has one dog named Uma. This brings them the two together and makes the communications more personal. The letter is written in the same manner and references Harry Potter. Harry Potter universe: the headline reads “Lumos maxima!”, the farewell is “Sent from Hedwig”. The author reveals fascinating facts such as that the mandrake’s scream was believed to exist into the Middle Ages, Nicholas Flamel existed, and British students walk around in the robes of their teachers. After reading this announcement, you’ll want to take a listen to the brand new program.



  1. Caviar

What exactly is it. A newsletter from the school of creativity and innovation. Thinking.


The Newsletter of the School of Innovation and Creative Thinking

What we enjoyed. The website promises to send out letters each week with informative messages “simple and short, but with an element of drama.” The page for subscriptions states that reading the Ikra newsletter can take around 120 seconds. It’s very pleasing that the authors precisely describe the content subscribers subscribe to. The letters are as brief and concise as is possible, and the images do not draw attention away. When you sign up for the email newsletter, you have the option to select the type you want of news: all updates and corporate developments, as well as training, and so on. This is practical for the reader.



  1. LinguaLeo

What exactly is it. It is resolving the issue of an abandoned cart from a program to learn English.


The service allows you to send emails for studying English

What we enjoyed. The service emails this message to customers who have viewed the item, added it to their cart, but didn’t purchase it. This transactional email is elegantly designed. The subject line reads, “Don’t let me go! ” Inside, there is a photograph of the basket that is weeping. At the very least, it brings a smile.



  1. Skying

What exactly is it. Skying Online School calls its mailing lists “free email courses” The lesson is offered each week in a letter format. There are a variety of mailing lists that are each week English teaching materials “10 lessons to help you communicate easily”, “English for IT professionals”, English for the television show “Sherlock”, and many more.


We liked what we found. Every Skyeng emails contain important or informative information in various formats. The letter begins with a brief introduction. The authors describe what the email is all about and why you must take the time to read it. The next section is a banner that features an advertisement and a button that, instead of calling you to take action (“pay for a bundle of classes”), the message reads “class. Thank you.” The primary content of the letter includes hyperlinks to English-language blogs and podcasts, which are arranged in three sections. Subscribers who are learning English will be thrilled to receive this useful newsletter. The authors usually use emojis, and the letters are informal and are concluded with a live salutation and a picture of the writer.



  1. Skillbox

What is it? A feedback letter from students of online universities.

We liked what we saw. According to studies, 91% of customers will be more inclined to buy when they read favourable reviews about an item. By sending out mailings to its subscribers, Skillbox highlights the life-changing nature of the courses and provides inspirational stories of alumni’s success. The letters contain pictures of graduates with their names, surnames and names, and their workplaces, which increases confidence in the story. Reviews help a business enhance its product and convince the buyer to purchase.



  1. Netflix

What exactly is it. A letter of activation from the platform that streams.


What we enjoyed. Netflix sends out trigger emails to viewers after they have watched the show. The platform personalizes the emails and informs users about their most interest. Netflix reminds users of what they would like to see before and what they haven’t watched yet. It also has a “find some new information” button. This is the way Netflix keeps its users engaged with films and emails.



  1. Amediateka

It is a creative newsletter sent by a Russian streaming platform.


What we liked about it. The interactive design increases user engagement. According to studies that show interactivity in emails boosts conversion by three times. The Amediateka letter is based on an animated GIF and an interactivity button. This game is enjoyable to play and to see what happens. Additionally, email marketing can solve an actual issue for users. Selecting a suitable series can be a challenge.



  1. Kinopoisk

What exactly is it. It retrieves feedback from online cinemas.


What we enjoyed. Kinopoisk clarifies the goal of the survey: to make the mailings about films more effective and warns users about the number of questions and the time it will take. Respect and courtesy for the customers in return for their time and attention are beneficial and improve the likelihood that the person who subscribes will pass the test. Two buttons are included within the email “Take your time to complete the survey” and “I don’t want to receive any more letters.” The buttons are big and prominent so that the reader does not need to hunt for a button to opt out. Then there’s a humorous GIF.



33 Spotify

What is it? An email that contains new music from streaming audio services.


What we enjoyed. Spotify creates a personalized playlist for each user, which is continuously updated. It sends out a gorgeously created list of the latest music in the form of a letter. Each image is clickable. Because of personalization, these mailers will remind the user of the site even if he’s not been on the site for an extended period.



Conclusions and recommendations

The letter you send can be long or short, with text or images humorous or subdued. Every company has their formula for the perfect email marketing campaign.


We’ve put together with general guidelines that are useful to you, regardless of the field that you are in:


personalize email messages and send users the content they want to read;

Select your voice tone to choose your tone of voice, and use the same way;

Include reviews from real customers in the mailing lists to improve the worth of the product to the users.

Come up with a compelling preheader and topic make sure they are short and easy to understand;

Do not overlook your call to action. It must be clear and understandable and make the buttons easily visible;

Engage your email readers: Use videos, GIFs, and buttons to improve user engagement

modify mailers for mobile devices. Users check their phones more frequently than on computers;

Create a distinctive style for every letter, using the illustrations of the author that are not stock images

Add a link or unsubscribe button in the email. Make it clear that the user has the right to opt out.

Through Carrot quest, you can sort users by their behaviours, interests, the website, the cause of the change and other variables, and then you can write a beautiful letter in the service and mail it to the segment you are currently in. If you’d like to write similar letters to the ones in this post, test the service free for 14 days – no cost. If you’d like to learn how to segment your customers better, you should read the blog post.


How do you use email marketing? why should you consider using it to promote your business?


Marketing via email is among the strategies that are highly well-known in the field in the field of online marketing. It’s been several years since the first promotional email was sent, however, due to the increasing use of email as well as email services, we can now see the benefits of online marketing. If you’re looking to reach out to your target audience efficiently and cost-effectively the email marketing method is among the best options, however, you must keep certain essential points in your mind. It is true that beginning your journey in this area is best done with an effective and thorough marketing plan for an email to achieve good results.


What is the background of marketing by email?

Greece Email Database
Greece Email Database

The process of sending e-mails online has been around for a long time, and one of the first emails came out in the year 1971, by a person who was named Ray Thompson. In the following year, an initial management method was created and it was in 1978 that an executive in the field of advertising known as Gary Turk launched a campaign that brought in $ 13 million in revenues.


What’s the purpose of email marketing?


In simple terms, email is marketing and email, while online refers to marketing. Thus, email marketing could be categorized as online marketing and is a crucial element of digital marketing in the world. Most likely, you’ve used various methods to send out online messages which may have various purposes. For instance, if your message is intended to sell an item, advertise it further, give discount coupons, or another sort of advertising goal it is marketing by email.


In the age of digital marketing, this strategy is regarded as one of the most important features of branding, and advertising products or services that must be appealing and motivating in terms of the design and the content. Sending emails that are unattractive or lacking in graphic content won’t yield positive results in the present. So, take note of what your customers are interested in within your email marketing strategies and make sure that the content is appealing.


Is Email Marketing still popular?

Greece Business Email Database
Greece Business Email Database

Email is not a brand new technology and has been utilized for years in the world of the internet. However, its application in marketing via digital channels is increasingly used in the branding process and in the promotion of the image of a brand. This technique is currently well-liked by digital marketing professionals since if a thorough email marketing strategy is implemented great results can be achieved with it.


What are the advantages of marketing via email?


It is among the most efficient ways to build your business and brand in the event that the user of your service or buyer of your product is pleased to receive your emails. It is possible to run a successful and effective marketing campaign for your email with an appealing layout and well-structured content that will also yield an excellent yield on your investment. The biggest error is using purchased emails that will not want to receive marketing emails.

With the consent of the recipient in the right manner If you have the permission of the user in the appropriate ways, you will reap the following benefits of the use of email marketing:


  • Improve conversion of products and sales rates
  • Improve brand recognition and increase the popularity
  • Customer stabilization rate growth
  • Get more visitors to your website
  • Maximize the effectiveness of advertising messages
  • The ability to use a low-cost advertising technique
  • It is easy to access and implement advertising campaigns
  • The ability to manage email advertising budgets
  • The ability to share content easily


What are the negatives of marketing through email?

Greece Business Email Lists
Greece Business Email Lists

With all the advantages of electronic marketing, however, there are disadvantages to it. The disadvantages can be reduced to a large extent by examining a few points that are listed below:


  • Possibility of sending spam messages
  • The possibility of not sending emails under special circumstances
  • Design and content issues
  • Volume limitation problems


To avoid such issues, you can avail the services of reliable email marketing companies that are less susceptible to sending out spam messages. Additionally, in some circumstances, there’s the possibility of missing messages. This is something you can avoid by monitoring the performance of your campaigns.


What’s the cause behind the rising popularity of email marketing?


There are many factors that have led to the rise of email marketing among those who are active in digital marketing. Additionally, companies are keen to use these services due to the fact that If you conduct a professional advertising campaign via email, they could achieve a high ROI. One of the major advantages is the cost as well as the potential of controlling the cost. You can control the advertising budget according to your objectives and the number of submissions. You can also be available in different plans and offerings of your service supplier.

This is among the most efficient ways to communicate with your clients and your audience and to present the product/service to the public in the shortest time possible. It also offers a variety of personalization options and allows you to reach out to particular audiences in a unique manner.


Examples of Email Marketing

Greece Business Email Leads
Greece Business Email Leads

Regarding the kind of email marketing campaigns, we will discuss two key examples that are commonly utilized in the field in the field of online advertising.


Promotional Emails


These kinds of messages are designed to promote an upcoming product or provide an incredible deal and typically are designed to encourage sales. In these types of messages, the person who is receiving the message will receive a link on the web page and be presented with an appropriate purchase offer.


Informational Emails


This kind of advertisement is also able to boost sales, however, its primary goal is to provide more information about the audience. But, by doing this the sales increase and brand awareness could be made.


How do you begin an email marketing campaign?


In order to begin email marketing, you must select a messaging service first. In order to do this, the most important factor is to choose an option that is well-known and has a variety of alternatives. The email marketing services include features like monitoring results and reporting, so you can determine how your target audience is captivated and its effectiveness of it. It is also possible to select the plan you want depending on your situation and requirements. In every plan, specific features are included.

With the program the user with the software, you have to input an email list for the audience that you’ve already created. In order to create this list, it is best to think about the group who are attracted to getting promotional emails. Otherwise, there could be negative effects.

In the final step, the content that is suitable and has an appealing appearance should be created which can be accomplished by using the services of the software supplier. Design, content, and completeness are a few factors to be taken into consideration in order to get the desired results from investing money.


Do Design as well as Content Design Really Important in Email Marketing?


Designing the appearance of an email marketing campaign is among the primary and crucial factors that can attract the attention of the target audience. There are a variety of capabilities available within email marketing applications that allow for design and visuals as well as the ability to develop a good design with pre-designed portfolios.




New Customer Onboarding Checklist
[Here you will fill in the actions that customer success team members and account managers need to take to onboard a new client. You can modify, delete or add items to the list we have pre-populated. This will depend on your company’s product and service.

Automate all new customers

You can create an automated welcome email which triggers when a user registers.
Send a follow up email to invite your customer to log in to the software after two days.
Create a greeting message that greets the first login and includes a CTA for their first action.
To help users navigate, design feature callsouts are displayed when the user first enters.
All empty states, which are areas in your product without any content or data until users add their own content, should be filled with content.

For each new customer, there are tasks to be done individually

Set up the first meeting between your customer service team and the new customer.
Create a welcome package for your new customer. Fill in the details of their Customer Success Team, objectives, due dates, and other pertinent information.
Send the Welcome Pack along with the Due Date for the Customer Intake Questionnaire.
Celebrate when a client reaches an important milestone. You could send a handwritten note or an in-app notification to your client.


Template for a Welcome Packet

We are pleased to welcome you to the [Insert Company Name] customer community. We are honored that you have chosen to work for us. We make it our top priority to make sure you have a great experience with

from the beginning. This packet contains resources that will help you to set yourself up for success in your first [Insert time frame] onboarding and beyond.

This packet contains:

[Delete any components not required for the company’s onboarding process, and add any we have missed.]

* A brief introduction to our team, and points of contact at [Insert Company Name] * Customer intake form. Please return it by [insert due day].
* The timeline for our first months together [Insert timeframe] * Links to help documentation, and other resources


Meet Your Team

Below are the contact details for [Insert Company Name].

[Replace stock silhouettes by friendly headshots for your customer success team members responsible for this customer.] [Insert Team Member’s Name & Title][Insert Team Member’s Name & Tie] [Insert Team Member’s Name & Title][Insert Team Member’s Name & title]



[Insert Phone Number & Email Address] [Insert Phone Address & Email] [Insert Phone Address & Email]


Customer Intake Form Template

Customer Intake Questionnaire: [Insert Customer Name Here] Please return the form by [Insert Due date]

This form must be returned by the [Insert Due Day]. Your answers will be reviewed together during your first call at [Insert Date/Time for First Call].

Company Fundamentals and Contacts

1. Describe your brand or organization in a few sentences. Please list the services or products that you offer.

2. How many employees do your company have?

3. What number of employees are you expecting to interact with [Insert Company Name]? Please list the names of key members of your team who will be meeting regularly with you and their email addresses.

Company and Team Objectives

1. What are the key goals of your company? What are your company’s key goals?

2. What are the key goals of your team?

3. [If applicable to services work] What’s your team’s budget for the year?


1. Who are your largest competitors?

2. What are the top three biggest obstacles facing your company?

Previous Setup

1. How was your team before you signed up with us? How did your team approach paid advertising? Or “generating new leads each month”?

[Note: These questions are only applicable to companies that offer software or other technology products. If you offer a different product or service, feel free to remove the questions.

2. Please describe your technology stack and any tools that you are using that our product will replace.

3. Are you looking for assistance in migrating data and system settings from an older system to ours or vice versa? What is your budget for technical support?

4. If you have an internal team that will handle the migration, please indicate the contact person and email address.


1. What do you hope to accomplish by working with [Insert Company Name]? Any goals you have in mind.

2. Were there any other providers of



Template for Onboarding Timeline

* The table below outlines the onboarding process for your customer.
* Add a date in the “Date To Complete” column to indicate when you expect them to complete an onboarding call, complete training, set up IT, or use a specific feature of your product.
* Please describe the activity or content of the call in middle column to help the customer understand what they should do on that date.
* Establish objectives to make sure that your onboarding process is successful. Your new customers will be happy to check items off if you set objectives. Even better, your customers will be interacting with you product or service frequently as soon as they purchase it. This is great for retention.

Below is a schedule of our time together in the onboarding phase.

Onboarding with [Insert your Company/Product Name] * Enter the length of your onboarding process here, e.g. “6 weeks”
* Enter the date range, e.g. “Runs starting January 1, YYYY, to February 13, YYYY.”
* Include any details about the frequency of onboarding calls and when customers can expect to hear back from you.


This is a complete outline of the onboarding process, starting with our initial calls and ending with the first steps your team and you take to get started with [Insert Company/Product Name].

You can schedule your calls sooner than the due dates — these are guidelines to make sure we have enough time for everything in the next [Insert Length Of Onboarding].

You are also free to finish the task ahead of time.

Date to Complete Meeting/Task/Training Objective(s)
First Onboarding Call EXAMPLE
* Meet our team
* Go over onboarding schedule
* Define onboarding goals
Get Product Training
** Please refer to this document before you call. ** EXAMPLE
* Create a contact
* Check the import process
* Set up deal pipeline in settings
February 20 EXAMPLE
All data from the previous system can be imported
Note: If you have any questions, please contact our Support team! EXAMPLE
* All data transferred to our product




Sample Agenda for the First Onboarding Call

This sample agenda serves as a guideline for creating a standard onboarding call agenda that your customer success team can all use.

You can swap out items from this list if it makes sense for your team or your product/service.

Who’s Involved?

[Insert your company name] * List the team members that will be participating in the call.

[Insert Customer name] * List customers that must be included in the call.
* If you don’t know the names yet of the people on the call, please specify their titles (e.g. “A representative of your IT team”


Double-check that all parties are present at the call before it begins. **

1. Introductions
a. Introduce yourself
b. Ask each participant to introduce themselves and explain their role. Also, take note of the location of each participant.
c. Establish rapport
2. Onboarding Overview
a. Establish expectations about the timeline and your goals
i. Mention the Customer Intake Questionsnaire and its due date
b. Describe your role as Customer Success Manager/Onboarding specialist
3. Overview of the Product/Service Resources
a. Provide information about where the customer can get help
b. Show them any documentation that you may have.
c. You can share the Resources section of the Welcome Packet.
4. Customer Processes/Goals
a. Ask the customer about their business goals (if they are B2B) and personal goals (if they are B2C).
b. Get an overview of their current processes to accomplish the same thing your product/service will.
i. Note what motivates them
ii. Review the notes your Sales team made on their purchase decision
iii. Which results are they looking for with your product/service.
c. Set goals
i. To see results with your product/service, review the trainings they need and the actions they must complete before onboarding ends.
ii. Run through the suggested timeline and walk through Timeline section in Welcome Packet
5. Next steps
a. Recommendations and tasks to be assigned
b. Next call

Training Resources Repository Template

This template will help you to share important resources with your customer. Here you can provide details about the trainings your customer will need, link to the help documents they will need to read, and explain how they can get assistance if they haven’t gone through all the resources.

Trainings to Completion:
* List any webinar recordings or product training sessions that your customer should view to get familiar with your product/service.
* If applicable, include the due date.
* Make sure you link to the resource so that customers can access all the information they need from one document.
* EXAMPLE: Content Marketing Certification (by January 15, 2015)

Help documentation:
* Link to onboarding documentation or key setup.
* Give the title of the article, and then link to the text to make it easy for the customer to understand what they will be reading.
* EXAMPLE: How to import contacts, companies and tickets.

How to reach customer support

Customer Support is your best resource for [Insert which issues Support is most qualified to deal with]. You can also reach me at [Insert email address] for any other questions.

Support Email Address: [Insert support email address] Support Phone Number: [Insert Support number and extension, if applicable] Support Hours: [Insert hours, including time zone]


Handoff templates
Template for Handoff Email

Consider adapting this email to notify customers that onboarding has ended if your onboarding specialists have to pass the service role on to another long-term account manager.

These elements should be included if you decide to create your own handoff email.
Contact information for the new point of contact (POC), at your company
What are the topics and issues that your new POC can address in your company?
How customers can contact your team to get support or arrange a meeting

Hi, [Insert Contact Number],

Now is the time for onboarding. It’s time for you to transition to your long term point of contact at [Insert Your Company Name], [Insert the name of a new POC/support team] (cc’d). [New POC/team] will ensure that you maximize the value of [Insert service/product name] and provide guidance on your long term strategy and how to use [Insert names for any tools your success team will assist customers with]. They can also act as account managers, and answer any questions about your account or contract.

I have documented our collaboration to date and encourage you to contact them directly if there are any questions or topics that you would like covered. Our Customer Support team can be reached at [Insert telephone number].

It was a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you all the best.

[Your Name]


Handoff Notes Template

For your customers to be successful with your product/service, it is crucial that you have good customer service. To give customers service personnel, renewal specialists and long-term managers a complete picture of each customer’s goals and history, we recommend that they document how their team is using the product/service after onboarding.

This notes template was created to make sure you don’t forget any important information. This template is best suited for B2B companies. You may need to use a different approach if your business is B2C.

Contacts/Location Main:
* Include the primary POC first. This includes the best way to contact them and their office.
* List any other POCs below them. Specify their roles and the situations they would like to be involved in.
* Be specific about the location of any differences within your team.

The Decision Maker
* Please specify the decision maker. This could be a VP, or another senior employee who is not directly involved with your product or services but has the ability to make decisions in cases related to it.

Summary of what company does
* Please describe the main product or service the customer’s company provides.
* You may also find useful information about the company’s structure.

How they make their money:
* While this may seem obvious in certain cases, it is still worthwhile to list the revenue sources of customers to determine where leadership’s priorities are.

Highlights/Goals Reached:
* List the goals the customer achieved during the onboarding period.
These could be product usage goals, training sessions completed or results they’ve already seen during onboarding.
* Also, take note of the highlights for customers. What was the most exciting thing they did?

* What are the remaining roadblocks facing the customer?
* Which skill areas do customers need additional help in?
* What other challenges are customers facing that could impact their ability to use our product/service successfully?

The remaining items are to be addressed:
* Did the customer specify any issues they would like to be addressed on future calls?
* Did they mention something they wanted to do after they had fully embraced the product/service?

Additional Services/Product/Training Needed:
* Please indicate any training sessions the customer has not completed.
* You may also suggest additional resources that the new account manager could pass along.
Compelling Subject Lines

Making a good first impression is the first step. You must ensure that recipients open your emails. Subject lines are crucial — choose short, clear subjects that clearly state what you’re sending, from whom, and why it matters.
Content Recommendations

Although the primary purpose of welcome emails are to introduce your brand, they also serve to provide valuable information about next steps for customers. If you’re interested in what you do, you can start by linking to your website.
Special Offers

Your welcome emails can stand out by personalization. Welcome emails can be used to drive interest by offering personalized introductory offers for products that consumers might like based on their information or data on public, social platforms.
Clear Options for Opt-Out

If users don’t want to be contacted, it’s important to give them a way out. All welcome emails should include “unsubscribe” options so customers can choose how much or how little contact they wish to receive from you in the future. Incessant, unstoppable emails are the worst thing for a budding business relationship. Customers should always have the option to opt out.
Here are 10 examples of standout welcome emails

What does a great email welcome look like? Here are some outstanding examples of welcome messages that include thank you emails and getting started messages. These will help you guide customers through the entire welcome process, making a lasting impression.
1. Virgin America
Type of welcome: Get started

Virgin America welcome email, with a red CTA.

A welcome email can be a great way to introduce people to your brand’s unique characteristics and eccentricities.

Virgin America puts the “I love You” hand symbol in front of everyone. The small gesture shows that Virgin America cares about its customers. Virgin America is positioned as a fun, hip brand with its playful copy “Welcome aboard” and casual call to action “Grab your seat.”
2. Food52
Type of welcome: Get started

Get started with Food52 by receiving a welcome email from Food52.

A welcome email can often speak volumes about a company’s brand. Food52’s email welcome, with the preview text “We brought snacks,” at the top, is a great example of this.

The preview text, also known as a preheader or snippet of text, is the copy that is pulled from an email body and placed next to (or below) the subject line. You get a glimpse of the brand’s personality when Food52’s welcome email arrives in your inbox.


Food52’s email welcome does a great job building trust. It puts a face (or two faces) to the recipient’s name. You will see the founders of the company as soon as you open the email.
3. Monday.com
Types of welcome

Monday.com’s welcome email includes a link to a video by CEO Roy Man

The welcome email is simple and friendly, with a conversational tone in both the subject line and the body. This keeps the attention on the video.

Monday.com is a task-management tool for businesses and teams. The welcome email that you receive when you sign up makes it feel like Roy Man is speaking directly to you. This email personalizes the greeting by including the recipient’s first names in the subject line. This is a well-known way to increase email click-throughs, especially if it is mentioned in the subject.

Your email should feel like a conversation between you, your subscriber and the recipient. You don’t have to tell your customer everything. Instead, embed the details in a video.
4. Kate Spade
Type of welcome:

Kate Spade’s welcome email includes an orange envelope graphic and a thank-you message.

Let’s face the facts: The internet-using public is constantly being bombarded with messages asking them to sign up and subscribe to various email communications. It’s important for a brand that someone takes the time and weeds through the clutter to sign up for your emails.

Kate Spade uses a simple, but effective, tactic to thank subscribers for signing up. They write “Thank You” in bold, big letters. Kate Spade creates the feeling of getting a thank-you note in the mail by writing “Thank You” on an envelope. The 15% discount code is also a nice touch.
5. Lyft
Type of welcome: Get started

Lyft welcome email, pink CTA.

Lyft is the perfect company to send welcome emails with an ideal attitude.

Lyft’s bright and simple welcome email is shown above. It focuses solely on the design of the app and delivers a design that is as welcoming and smooth as the lifts it wants to offer. The email’s pink-branded call-to-action invites you to “Take A Ride”, a friendly language that won’t make new users feel pressured.
Type of welcome: Offer

IKEA welcome email, with a free membership offer

Although it might not be the most beautiful email on this list but that doesn’t mean IKEA’s welcome email isn’t effective.

Instead of trying to sell, IKEA uses its welcome email to make the case for their products (e.g. “By stuff! IKEA’s welcome email is not about selling (e.g., “By stuff now! The top of the email includes a call to action that explains the benefits of the company’s member benefits program. You can also visit their design blog or contribute to their “Share Space” collaborative site.

If you don’t want to purchase any of the items, IKEA’s email welcome lets you log in and begin shopping. There’s even a login field at the top.
7. Michaels
Type of welcome: Offer

Michaels email welcome with 20% discount on your entire order

Michaels’ welcome email takes inspiration from Kate Spade as well as Virgin America. Michaels’ welcome email is used to express gratitude to those who signed up and to promote the brand. This company does a fantastic job. The long email feels like a huge arts and crafts project complete with chalkboards, yarn, paint and yarn.

Michaels also makes it clear in his welcome email what future emails will bring. This is a remarkable feature. This nice piece of copy sums up the email after thanking subscribers.

“We’re going send you fun stuff, such as DIY tips and tricks, invitations to in-store events and special deals and coupons.”
8. Sphero
Type of welcome: Hello

Sphero email welcome with BB-8 Star Wars Droid greeting

Sphero’s email welcoming him may be one of the most adorable we have seen — it was sent from a faraway galaxy.

Sphero probably manufactured the Bluetooth-controlled BB-8, Star Wars’ friendly Droid. If it was, an email similar the one below will be waiting for you when you activate your new companion rolling.

The subject line of this email qualifies it to be on the list. It reads: “A little Droid said you wanted our emails.” Sphero creates a connection with its recipients by cleverly personifying their product and being open about its email marketing newsletters.

This welcome email will show you how to use your new BB-8 Android with your smartphone.
9. InVision
Types of welcome

InVision email welcome with a link to view video

InVision’s prototyping app is free to sign up. The welcome email explains what the next step should look like: how to use the app.

InVision’s welcome emails are designed to make it easy to take this step. It explains what you need to do through a series of short videos. This makes sense given the interactive, visual nature of the product.
10. Drift
Type of welcome: Get started

Drift email welcome with a link to get started

No fancy design work. There are no videos. No photos. Drift’s welcome email after signing up is a lesson on minimalism.

The email opens with some candid commentary about the email. Dave from Drift says that most people have very long welcome emails after signing up for their email list. He then adds, “Good news: We aren’t the majority.” Below is a list of most popular blog posts from the company. The only mention of product is in the end.

This is a great example of how to create a non-interruptive welcome email. It’s also laser-focused on adding value, not fluff.
Example Bonus: HubSpot’s Email Templates for Welcome

Do you need some help in getting your welcome emails off the ground? To make it easier for you to connect, we have you covered with our welcome message templates. This is one of the four templates in our free kit, which also contains 40+ customer emails templates. It shows a simple example of a great welcoming email.

Fill in the details and adjust the text to reflect the brand voice. Then, send it.

Customer welcome emailDownload this kit to create the perfect welcome email series for your new customers.

Let’s now look at some examples of great welcome emails.

How to write a welcome email

Use a catchy subject line
Restate your value proposition
Next onboarding steps
Create the “A-ha!” moment
Add useful resources
Give customer service contact information
End with a call to action

1. Create a catchy subject line

Research has shown that only 23% of welcome emails are actually opened. This means that if your welcome email isn’t opened by your customer, they might not even know you sent it.

Subject lines are the best way to increase email open rate. Customers will be attracted to your content if they see it as catchy and actionable.

Be sure to include the subject line of your email and why it is important for your customer. Keep your subject lines short and to the point. The preview will only allow the reader to read a few sentences. The rule of thumb is to give enough information in your subject line to pique the interest of the reader, but not so much that they have to open your email to find out more.
2. Restate your Value Proposition

This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it can provide significant benefits.

It gives customers the assurance that they made the right choice by signing up. It is a good idea to remind customers why they signed up for an account. This also clarifies what they can expect from your product or service.

You can also explain any ancillary features or services that you offer to increase your business’s stickiness. This is especially important if your solution has unique features that customers may not be aware of.
3. Show the next steps in onboarding

After reminding them why they signed-up, set them up with your product/service. Users must follow certain steps after signing up in order to get the best out of the platform. Examples include:

Complete their profile information
Uploading required information (e.g. Contacts into a CRM, profile picture to a social media account, etc.
Upgrade their account or complete an order

4. Create the “A-ha!” Moment

This is a crucial step to make in a welcome message. There’s a data-backed explanation for it. Chamath Palihapitiya, a former head of Facebook growth, famously found that if a user can gain seven friends in a matter of 10 days, they are more likely to recognize Facebook’s core value and return to being an active user. This is called an “aha moment” and it’s when the customer sees the benefits of using your product or services.

This is how you get your customer to have that aha moment quickly so the product sticks and customers achieve success as soon as possible. This will improve your customer experience and help you grow your business.

This can be done by first identifying your business’s core value and the prerequisites that customers must meet to get it. These tasks can be guided by your welcome email.
5. Add helpful resources

As we mentioned, the goal is for the user to immediately see the value. Customer success does not end there. Customers may require additional assistance depending on the product’s complexity. Customers might need assistance with troubleshooting, advanced features usage, and getting the best out of core features.

You’re likely to have already created help content that addresses common customer questions. This help content is crucial to customer success. It could be tutorial videos, FAQ pages, or blog posts with best practices. Include it in your welcome emails. This will give them the tools they need before they have to search for it after the problem occurs.
6. Provide Customer Service Contact Information

Your customers will be successful if they are able to reach you. While you can create great help content all day, it is impossible to anticipate every problem your customers might face.

Customers are not perfect. Not all customers will want to spend hours looking through your help materials to find the answer. It’s important to communicate clearly with customers about how they can reach you for more help.

This contact information can be added to your welcome email to build trust and establish a connection. This builds customer loyalty and assures customers that you are there if they have any questions. Do not send customers on a treasure hunt to find a way for them to ask a simple question. This can lead to frustration, and could even cause them to follow the example of your competitors.
7. End with a Call to Action

Your welcome email should conclude with a call to action that encourages customers to start the onboarding process. Customers will be excited to begin the onboarding process once you have demonstrated your company’s worth and explained how you can help them reach their goals. Make it easier for customers by including a link at the bottom of each email to trigger the first step of the onboarding process.

Directory of corporations in Greece

If your enterprise is branching out to Greece, it could be hard to realize which to start. Getting sufficient contacts to make your marketing campaign worth it takes a lot of time and resources, especially for small corporations with temporary staff.

Fortunately, Global Database’s Greece business enterprise database is a more efficient choice. Our commercial enterprise contacts listing includes more than 10881 entries of personnel and groups in the USA, and new data are introduced daily. Information includes contact details, billing, personnel, office places, enterprise length, and many more organizational facts.

List of industries in Greece
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Database of cellphone numbers in Greece
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Greece B2B Marketing Database
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With accurate and complete records from the Global Database, your group can perform various probably profitable advertising sports.
• Cold income messages using smartphone and email
• Electronic newsletters
• Information on new product launches
• Invitations to activities, both in character and online, e.g., Eg webinars.


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1. Full name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

Greece Phone Number Database

It is the “Subject” line Unfortunately, it is one of the elements of an email you should be aware of to ensure that you do not send Spam.

complaints. Spammers employ a particular style that is distinct from professional emails and this is why this style should be

Avoid at all cost. Here are some practices are not recommended to do:

* Don’t use excessive punctuation marks, particularly exclamation points.

* Don’t use obscure symbols like * or $

* Do not include the name of the recipient on the “Subject” line.

* Don’t use ALL CAPS (it can give the appearance of shouting)

* Don’t utilize Re as a substitute for text (the one exception to this is when it’s actually a response)

Do not make use of the vague “Subject” phrases.

* Do not include an empty “Subject” line

“Subject” lines encourage action and tempt customers with concise messages as well as a

feeling of urgency.

The CAN-SPAM regulations are targeted at this particular design, therefore it is essential not to make use of it. This type of style deceives the

customer client, one of the laws that will enforce. Beware of these practices to avoid getting spam complaints.

5.3 Content of Email

Follow the guidelines and tips for “From” as well as “Subject” lines will get your customers to read more of your email. When you have completed the process, they will be able to access your email.

The customer has opened an email, they’ve increased their involvement in your company.

There’s more to be done but it is not over. Inviting customers with relevant and pertinent claims is crucial however, it is not enough.

Keeping them engaged is more crucial. In this article we will talk about how you can improve the quality of your email messages and interesting.

pertinent to the client.

Greece Mobile Database

Branding involves the application of artistic and graphic elements to give your business a the appearance of a distinct and consistent brand. Branding can also be used to create a distinctive image.

This includes writing, specifically in the context of marketing-driven by content. Your work is featured on blog posts, on websites and and on social media.

Media profiles, as well as email. Although it is a less subtle type of branding writing is a kind of branding that is meant to be used in conjunction with

the components of branding that are visual. The most important elements of branding is that it provides customers with:

* Familiarity

* Genuine

* Consistency

* Personality

* Distinction

Branding involves the application of artistic and graphic elements that give your company an identity that is unique to it.

and a consistent appearance.

Brands can also be found in the shape of logos and colors. They are created with the goals of the company in mind.

Are used in all forms of marketing. Your email messages are no different, and you should use branding to send out emails.

to both current and prospective to current and new. Here are some guidelines to follow when you are using your brand particularly in emails:

* Brand Reflects Personality of the Organization The logo and the writing should complement one another.

And accurately portray the character and accurately reflect the personality of the company. Does your company seem either humorous or serious?

Inclusion or exclusive? Casual or professional?

* Utilize Logos Use logos on all your media, and include them in every one of your

emails. Include your logo at the top left corner of an article where readers are most likely to view it. Utilizing the logo

Consistently, you build rapport with your client.

Make sure to use the logo/organization colors Use colors that are in line with your logo or match your

organizationis essential for creating consistency in your content and also distinct visual content. Make use of these features in your email

for elements such as backgrounds or borders. For other elements, fonts could be of a different hue. However, it is preferential to go with darker colors for things like borders and backgrounds.

Fonts that are more pronounced instead of lighter ones. In addition, ensure that your colors are consistent with the fonts.

The colors of the colors of the. The users may be hesitant to open an email if they find an incongruity in the style between the two.

* Ensure that Written and Visual elements consistent. As we’ve said earlier, branding extends to both written and visual elements.

aspects of the element of an. You must ensure that your writing matches the style of the organization’s visuals and employ the language that’s appropriate for

appropriate. Another aspect to consider is the font. You must ensure that the font you choose is appropriate in both tone and

appearance and the visual elements you’ve chosen.

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There is a chance that you will come upon an occasion that you’re using various email formats that you send out to different scenarios. If you email

send out emails to your customers who are interested, but you need your readers to be aware between the two. A newsletter is different from a promotional offer. With two

Formats that are too similar or distinct from one another can cause confusion, so it is important to keep both formats moderately

Different from one another.

Another thing to take into consideration is putting your company’s logo displayed in the upper left corner of both formats and ensuring that you differentiate

The layouts. The color scheme can be modified between them, and the written and visual content may be formatted in a different way.

When people receive an email from you, they won’t immediately get to reading the email which contains the details you’ve provided.

trying to communicate. They examine the email in its entirety, “reading” the layout from left to right, and from top to the bottom. The top

The left-hand corner on your email’s left side is where the majority of people read the email first. Therefore, place the most important parts in the left corner.

There is information in the top left corner. The right-hand corner at the bottom, however, isn’t as significant. The experience that the visuals provide to the consumer is what matters.

can entice readers to continue looking, and perhaps even get them to read the content.

The recipients “read” the layout of the email as the whole, before reading the actual text


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Here are some additional guidelines to keep in mind when you are laying out your email

Display Branding: If you’re public is already familiar with your company and its image, consider putting the logo or your

The name of the organization in the upper left corner has priority over any other.

* Headline The headlines should appear closest to the uppermost point of your email as it is possible. In the ideal scenario, they should be

Be near the top left corner of the email.

*Call to Action”Subject “Subject” line must already indicate you are requesting in this specific email,

However, the call to action should be placed near the headline, in the top left corner, too. The call to action should be displayed in the top left corner.

The action should include more details regarding the offer as there is no limitation on the space as you are with

The “subject” phrase.

* Visual Anchors Visual anchors are simple images or graphics that can help draw attention to important parts of the process

In an email, you can include things, for example, a link to your website , or special coupons. Graphics or images like an arrow could be

It is used to guide users to a desired place in the email. These should be put closer than the upper part of an email. They are used to direct the user to a specific location.


* Images Imagery is a wonderful element to incorporate into an email, but you must be cautious about how large your image is. You do not

We want it to be so big that it fills more than half the page and makes the user miss important chunks of text.

It is also important to be aware of when you display images in emails and. Browsers must be able to read and display the image.

suitable file formats such as appropriate file formats like JPGs, GIFs appropriate file formats like JPGs, GIFs, as well as PNGs. Images can be converted in these formats with the image editing software.

Also, reduce the size of the image by making its dimensions smaller and reduce its resolution by 72 dots per inch.

(dpi). Also, do not include images in your email. This can make the email large and will take longer to load. Instead,

save your images on a server , and then utilize the HTML page of code known as”image references” that display your images.

5.3.3 Text

Naturally, we can’t overlook the importance of email’s text. It’s not just crucial to this section of your

marketing strategy, and it’s an integral part of CAN-SPAM’s requirements in that you are required to send certain kinds of information.

This obviously includes things such as listing your address and the fact that you’re advertising and so on. Also, it is required that you declare you provide the

The information you give is not false.

In general, you should be sure to balance the text content and design elements that you include in your email.

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In general, you must make sure that you balance the text content and design elements that you include in your email. Text that is too long can be overwhelming to

to read, while too many pictures are distracting. Pay attention to the following areas of text:

* Headlines: Inspire the reader to keep reading. Make them feel a sense of urgency, just as it was with the “Subject” phrase.

Keep branding in mind and think about the word you choose and the message you wish to convey.

* Paragraphs These are the places the area where you’ll lay out the details that you will include in the email. If it’s a special deal or

regular newsletter, it must provide more detail about the information that you have stated in your “Subject” headline and line stated in the first place. You must ensure that

However, make sure make sure that your paragraphs aren’t too long and you don’t have too many.

* Links In your email, you should provide hyperlinks that customers are capable of clicking to complete the action you outlined.

for. They should be easy to be read and distinct from the the text. This is usually accomplished through displaying

The link has a blue font with an underlined.

Fonts are an additional element in the text of an email. Whatever the text says the font used in text can be an important factor.

Give the words meaning by the tone that it portrays. It is your choice to make use of any font you think is needed, but you should take your time.

To keep the number of fonts that you have to keep it to a limit on the number of fonts you use to a. Headlines may have an entirely different font from that of your text.

text, however generally the use of too many fonts may feel overwhelming for the person reading it. Make sure to choose one that communicates the

the appropriate tone for your business. Keep in mind that branding is an important factor.

5.3.4 Linking

The most crucial aspects of the design in an email’s layout is the ability to include hyperlinks to your calls to take action. The reason why you

It is important to include links because you want customers to be more engaged through your organization’s website

or social media profile. The hyperlinks you include must be clear and concise. This allows your email to comply with CAN-SPAM.

The provisions will entice your customers and helps your customer understanding of your calls to actions.

Links should be included in an email in order to get customers involved beyond the email.

using social media as well as your on your website, as well as social media.

You can utilize HTML for encoding a hyperlink within your email, and display it in any way you like. This is done as a

the href> tag, which encodes a link , so that the only thing a user has only click on it to go to the site that you’re sending him to.

Usually, the link shows the URL, however it is possible to alter the information displayed by using the a hyperlink =””> tag. When you use the tag, it displays the URL.

The URL is actually contained within the tag. You can write whatever you’d like in between the tags . This is what makes the

Link appears as words you typed into.


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This is especially helpful because certain URLs can end up being very long, and you need to compress it for simpler reading.

Your hyperlink text as well as that of the text in your body, must be precise and clear. It should inform the user the exact information it needs.

The company says that it will not and shouldn’t be in any way misleading (remember the CAN-SPAM law). Some examples include:

* “Click here for more details”

* “Read my blog for updates on my latest blog posts”

* “Email us at organization@domain.com”

* “Retweet this”

* “‘Like us on Facebook”

Your link’s text must be distinct from your body text. The majority times the links are highlighted

and blue. They also display a distinct colour when they’ve already seen a user visit them. for example, the purple.

It is also possible to use links to guide users to other items such as an image or a specific part within the emails. In addition, you can make use of

images rather than text in order to link the user to an item in the email or via the Internet. If you do, be sure it’s a valid link.

is correct and clearly stated.

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6 Tracking and Analyzing Your Email

Marketing Strategy

6.1 Introduction

The ability to track how your email campaigns perform is among the top advantages of a marketing email strategy. It is a way of determining how effective your email marketing strategy is.

An email is easy and ESPs offer the essential tools to be capable of doing all the above.

Analyzing and tracking the effectiveness of email messages is easy using tools

The show was featured in the the ESPs.

Within this section, we’ll examine the different ways to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy and

Check out the different kinds of reports you can access and utilize.

6.2 Different types of tracking reports

The type of ESP that you are using there is a vast amount of data to monitor and analyze. The types of data you can keep track of

They include, but aren’t included in, but are not:

* Rates of bounced emails

* Who has viewed emails?

The links clicked

* Customers who opt-out

* Email forwards

Let’s review of the most widely utilized types of tracking reports. When we look through the various types of reports they

is becoming more and more specific.

6.2.1 NON-Bounce Rates/Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is the percentage of emails that weren’t received by the recipients. It’s the equivalent of receiving a letter that was mailed.

The sender is then notified. The number of emails returned is calculated as a percentage of the total emails that are sent. It is an easy calculation.

Bounce rates are the proportion of emails that weren’t successful in getting to an


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Calculating bounce rates involves using the bounce rate of emails (which the tracking report will provide) and then dividing by

which is the sum of the number of emails that you that you have sent to a specific group in your list. It will give you a tiny amount (less than

One) which is in decimal format. To calculate the percent one, move the decimal number to the left two places. For instance, if

You receive 0.25 by dividing the equation Moving the decimal two spaces provides you with 25%.

Bounces can occur due to many reasons, including firewalls, or a full inbox. In most cases however, it’s not your fault.

control , and there’s not much you can do about the issue. There is nothing you can do about it. But, you can look for certain issues, such as incorrect spelling of emails.

To determine if the problem can be fixed by you and can be fixed.

Non-Bounce rate, on the contrary, are the proportion of emails that actually get received regardless of whether or not they were bounced.

The recipient did not open them. This is an extremely useful number since it can be used to inform you of the exact information about

We will go over this in the coming sections. The calculation of the non-bounce rate is also a simple task. You already own bounce

If you want to know the bounce rate, all you need to subtract the percentage from 100 to determine the non-bounce. Of course that an ESP will

Also, we will display both of these numbers for you.

6.2.2 Open Rates

The open rates represent the amount of interaction your server receives as a the result of an email recipient viewing an email. This amount

It only comes from the non-bounce rate , it is not the total number of emails you’ve sent out. The ESP will be able to tell when you have sent an email.

The email was opened due to one of the following reasons:

Images were displayed inside an open email

A person clicked on a hyperlink in an email

Open rates refer to the amount of emails an email server receives due to an email recipient

Opening an email.

This is because the reason that these activities are indicative of an email that has been opened is due to the fact that images are saved on the server of the ESP and accessible from

the server every time the email is opened by the server. A hyperlink within an email can be tracked since clicks can easily be tracked. This is an additional reason.

The reason for incorporating images and hyperlinks in an email is essential to your marketing strategies via email.

6.2.3 Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates represent the percentage of users who click on links within an email. This figure is calculated from the amount of

opened, non-bounced emails. As you’ve seen that these data trackers become increasingly specific and based on one


Click-through rates represent the percentage of people who click on the links within an email.

The number of clicks-through-rates will be calculated and displayed by the ESP’s software tools. Certain ESP software can allow

it is possible to see precisely the links that were clicked in addition to the amount of times they were clicked.


Greece Consumer Email Database

Click-through rates are particularly beneficial for determining the preferences of your clients. This goes beyond email.

and also, is being also used by websites to determine who is clicking on which hyperlinks. It is easy to monitor what you are offering your clients are doing, it is

Click on and you’ll be able to draw well-informed assumptions regarding what they would like to be sent in the near future.

Businesses can make use of click-through rates in order to customize the preferences of customers’ email

and provide suggestions.

Let’s suppose that you run an online store that permits customers to purchase music on downloads or CDs. You can monitor the links the customer has purchased.

clicks on and personalize the emails they receive to include links on particular artists and similar songs. In the beginning, you must include

Email subscribers are classified according to these clicks. You can then make more recommendations to them by putting

in links. These links can be monitored further to determine whether they’re effective.

It is also possible to make use of click-through rates to suggest different types of data to your customer in order to make them to be more engaged in your

Other channels for marketing by the company. For instance by using the above-mentioned store we can suggest bloggers

that’s overall theme is focused on the genre of music your client is attracted to. When you send emails to your customer you

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Greece Company Email Database

You can also utilize click-through rates to aid in the process of testing different versions in an email. Split a list in two parts, then send

Sending a different version the identical email to each of the lists. Examine which list has higher click-through rate and, if required,

Make adjustments to your modify the. Test them again until you are satisfied that you have an effective and efficient email.

You can cross-reference various marketing channels based on the information you collect

from click-through rate.

Additional Tracking Reports

Alongside the tracker information we’ve previously mentioned there are additional data points that which you could look over and

Even use it to increase even the efficiency of your use to improve the effectiveness of your. It is possible to see the number of people who have unsubscribed as well as

Maintain their personal information in a particular category in the email lists you maintain. It is recommended to store this information in case should the customer decide to

Join your email list again and you don’t need to conduct any further investigation into their details. Remember,

But, it is not possible to not send them emails until they give permission to do so yet.

You can also track reports to determine if someone has forwarded your email to different email addresses. If your email

Marketing strategy requires you to convince people to share the news about your business or about something that you have to say about it and this

is a valuable type of data that can be tracked.

6.3 Information on Email Tracking Offline

There could be an occasion where you’d like to monitor how well your email campaigns are performing for specific components of

the entire strategy of your marketing. Sometimes, however the use of click-through or open rates aren’t going to do much to assist you in tracking

your progress and achievements. There are a few situations when you’ll be interested in knowing whether your emails are working are:

* Purchases in-store

* Calls to the phone

* Event Attendance

Sometimes, a company wants to know if its emails are encouraging people to participate in certain actions like the ones mentioned.

Their activities can’t be recorded by software, and the ability to track this type of information requires a certain amount of participation in

Your email recipients. The best method to assess the effectiveness of your email is to test your email recipients

You will receive their email address when they purchase at the store or phone your company. For event attendance, you

It could be that they will provide them with some kind of code which allows them in the event. It can only be viewed via an email.

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