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The United Kingdom is a large and diverse market, and you need a business mailing list company that can get you the accurate contacts you need to reach your goals. This verified UK Consumer email database contains a wealth of information to help you succeed.

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The United Kingdom is a big country filled with big business opportunities. With such a spread-out population, it can be hard to find the people you need to talk to to expand your business. But with emailproleads.com, you’ll have the edge in this lucrative market. This UK mailing list has all of the contact information you could possibly need to form B2B relationships with London firms and attract more customers. Buy it and you’ll save your sales team a lot of time they could have wasted on tracking down and pursuing inaccurate sales leads!

Our London email list is a massive business database containing the consolidated information for vital contacts from sea to shining sea. In just minutes, you can get the real names, company details, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers of potential customers you need to be talking to all over London. But if you’re not quite ready for an all-out marketing campaign that covers such a large audience, we can still help you get just what you need. We offer a variety of other pre-built email marketing lists sorted by state, job title, or industry, and we also have a list-builder tool you can use to make your own customized UK email database containing only the leads you need.

Your competition is already reaching out to your target audience with their own business mailing list. But here, you can get an accurate, premium United Kingdom mailing list that will put you ahead of the competition. Buy it today and see for yourself!


Your goal is to convert a new subscriber into an existing customer. You might want to send the customer some value-added messaging.
Customer-friendly Return Policy
A discount for your first purchase
Products/product categories that are recommended
Fulfillment options include speed and cost of delivery as well as curbside pick up.
You have payment options like buy now and pay later
This link will take you to the landing page where you can ask more questions about your subscriber and what their interests are. Only if you intend to use the information immediately
FAQs, how-to guides and other related content
Influence through social media (Using social media posts as a way to highlight products).
Social proof can be achieved through user-generated content (product reviews, testimonials and socially-shared posts).
Photos and videos that tell the story of your brand. Instead, you should focus on product-oriented, personalized information

Pay more attention to user-generated content. A social invite message may no longer make sense to most people, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Social media should still be part of your welcome series. Instead of just sending an invite message, you can highlight customers’ posts on Instagram and TikTok that talk about your brand. This type of social proof can not only influence purchases, but also increase awareness about your social channels.
K-deer does an excellent job with UGC repurposing

You can create more engaging messaging by assessing the above elements. This will help you to reinforce your brand’s value, address the vast majority first-time buyer concerns, and build consumer confidence.
Personalize your welcome messages by identifying the intent of customers

Although we have provided some suggestions for how to think about what is important to new subscribers, this won’t make the content more relevant. We need to create relevant welcome series messages that correspond with customers’ needs.

It’s easy for cart abandoners to guess what they want. They simply placed items in their cart and told us. It’s harder for new subscribers to see. Marketers need to be able to walk in their shoes. What brought them to our site? What were they looking for? What information could they need to help them make a decision about a purchase?

This information can be accessed and used immediately in a welcome series. Here are some examples.
Sign up to collect information
Method 1.

We don’t go to a store just to buy everything. We are usually looking for something specific, such as a new casual dress, a skin care product for sensitive skin or shoes to match the blue suit in our closet.

The way people shop for products is determined by their shopping intent. This information can be captured using forms. Retailers can then tag customers based on this information and provide a better customer experience from signup to the end of the welcome series.

Take, for example, a new subscriber browsing your saltwater fishing section. A welcome series could communicate information about other products, such as fly fishing or freshwater products. These generic welcome series might not only be ineffective for new subscribers, but could also hinder their journey to purchase.
Method 2.

Another way to collect new subscriber information is to ask them at signup. Simple information, such as gender, number of SMS or primary interest, can be enough to personalize your welcome messages. You might be surprised at how willing your customers are to share their information if you keep it simple.

This example shows that the retailer requests gender and primary interest categories. Marketers can use this information to create relevant welcome messages for their customers, including product recommendations, hero images and discounts.

Learn more about how you can collect and use these data to create a stronger welcome series.
Reaching your newcomers is not as easy as it seems.

What do you do if a new subscriber opens the first email in the series but doesn’t redeem the offer and ignores all subsequent emails? You can’t do much if your subscriber is relying only on the emails in your welcome series.

This is a great reason to include more channels into your marketing plan. Research shows that omnichannel campaigns have a 287% higher purchase rate than single-channel campaigns. You can incorporate text messages, push notifications and other channels into your welcome sequence to increase customer outreach and personalize it.

Both consumers and retailers are adopting SMS as a preferred communication medium. By including text messages in your welcome series workflow, it will allow you to reach new customers and keep them connected with your brand. Omnisend also found that SMS integration increased conversion rates by 47.7%. Not bad, huh?


It is no longer necessary to send a single welcome message or a welcome series to all your subscribers. As you build and review your welcome series, think about your key competitive differences and the value that you offer the customer right now. Your primary goal is to guide the subscriber towards a purchase.

You can turn subscribers into customers by reaching out to customers through their preferred channels and offering them engaging content.
7 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Your Customers
One in ten customers will receive emails welcoming them to their mailing list after signing up.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to your new subscribers, who have just confirmed their interest in you. Welcome emails are a great example of email marketing.

Take a look at our short videos of 10 minutes to learn what a welcome email and welcome series are. Also, how to get started.

These emails are not being sent? Start sending them!
Get started for free and drive sales on autopilot using pre-made welcome email templates
Get started today for free
What is a “welcome email”?

After confirming their interest in your business, a welcome email is your first contact with them. A welcome message serves two purposes: to confirm a new subscription and to welcome the subscriber aboard. This is just one type of automation workflow.

When a visitor signs up for your newsletter, you should send them a welcome email. Retailers send an automatic “thank you” email to sign up for your newsletter so that they don’t miss anyone.

You will need to find a platform that automates your welcome messages in order to automate them.

You have the option to choose from one or several welcome emails to properly introduce your brand. Omnisend has found that sending three emails in a sequence produces better results. These emails can increase engagement and revenue by more than twice the usual rate.

It is easy to create a welcome email. Omnisend users also have instant access to pre-built templates. You can drag-and-drop your email builder to get it looking how you want. But the best welcome emails take into account the needs of the recipients. The welcome email should consider whether they have signed up for a discount code, or abandoned cart.

You could introduce your brand, product range and values to new subscribers. You can also ask questions on signup forms to find out what subscribers want and then automatically place them in the right segments.

We will also be discussing some examples of welcome series emails and best practices for welcome email.
Why is it important to send welcome emails? (backed up by data)

For many reasons, welcome emails are unique:

74% of email subscribers anticipate receiving a welcome email shortly after signing up for a new newsletter. This alone should make it an integral part of your email marketing strategy.
On average, welcome emails get opened at 30.69%. This is a 202% increase over regular email campaigns.
On average, welcome emails get five times as many clicks than regular email marketing campaigns.
The average conversion rate (51.94%), is much higher than that of the vast majority automated emails sent out by ecommerce companies.

You have many options to reach your subscribers through welcome emails. What else can you do with them?
These are the 6 main benefits of receiving welcome emails from ecommerce

Sending a welcome email increases the credibility of your brand. Customers are skeptical of new brands. A well-written welcome email can be a great way to get new customers started and help them move up the sales funnel.
A welcome email can be a powerful tool for storytelling. This email can be used to tell your brand’s story, provide information, or give you a behind-the scenes look.
Many retailers include incentives to purchase in their welcome messages. These can be small discounts or free shipping. These messages have a high conversion rate, which shows customers love them.
In addition to establishing more contact points with new subscribers, welcome emails can also be used to increase those touchpoints. Brands invite subscribers to follow them on Facebook or to complete a survey with personal data to enhance their customer profile.
A welcome email is a great way to show your products and to introduce your brand using your best offers or product categories.
This is your opportunity to express appreciation to your customer by sending a thank you email. For inspiration, see these 12 Thank You Email Examples and Templates for Ecommerce.

These are the best tools for crafting a welcoming email

There are many email marketing tools that you can choose from. Each one will let you create great welcome emails. You will also find that pricing structures and other features may differ from one platform to another, making it easier to choose the right platform for your company.

These are some of the most used email marketing platforms:


Let’s take a look at some wonderful examples of welcome emails and see how retailers use them in their marketing strategies.
These are the 7 best examples of welcome emails
#1. To onboard, follow these steps:

Clearly structured information makes it easier to retain and process information. If you have multiple things to say or want your new subscriber encourage to do certain actions, 1-2-3 steps is a great solution. Airbnb offers one of the most impressive examples of a welcome email.

If you want your Call-To-Action button to work, you can only use one.
airbnb welcome email example

You could also use a structured email list to promote the benefits of being a member of your community. Michaels also asks subscribers to fill out a survey regarding their personal interests and demographic information. This can help you segment your customers and organize personalized campaigns.
welcome email example michaels

Vente-Privee’s example has a strong greeting message. It also introduces the benefits and how to become a member. However, there is a lot of information, which can make it overwhelming.
Ventprivee email welcome
#2. 2. Tell your story

Marketing is as old and as important as storytelling. When customers have a choice of several options, a compelling brand story seals the deal.

A welcome email is an excellent media medium to tell your story and introduce your key selling proposition.

This is AWAY’s beautiful example of a welcome email to introduce the brand and product.

This brand introduces briefly the team and then explains point-by-point why their product is so unique. It also offers a free trial.
Send me a welcome email
#3. Offer a deal

You can build trust between your business, your subscribers and create positive relationships by offering discounts or other incentives. This often helps to break the ice with the first purchase.

Modkat’s email, for example, is simple. It welcomes the subscriber, briefly introduces the brand, and offers a deal with a clear CTA.
Modkat Offer in their Welcome Email

Never underestimate the CTA button.

Once you have a perfect welcome email design, it’s time to examine the CTA button. Is it clear and reflects what you expect recipients to do? Are you able to click it easily?

The call-to-action button should not be placed at the end of an email. It should be visible on the screen and not need to scroll. Keep it brief, easy to read and bright.

It is difficult to design a CTA that works. However, you can experiment with different options until you find the one that works best for you. Rebrandly URL Shortener is a great tool to help you create short URLs that are trackable and easy to add to your CTA buttons. This allows you to compare click data and determine which button is performing best.
#4. #4.

The best welcome emails examples aren’t shy and modest. This is your chance to introduce yourself to potential subscribers as best you can.

Use your trump cards to your advantage: happy customers, beautiful images, popular products, free returns, warranty, etc.

See how Crocs displays its products.
Example of a welcome email from crocs
#5. #5. Send a series of welcome emails

What number of emails should be included in the welcome series and how many? A series of three welcome emails is more effective than one. Data has shown that it generates 90% more orders. This number could be even greater if you know how to communicate with your new subscriber.

You can provide more information about your brand by sending three to five ecommerce welcome emails to your subscribers when you onboard them. You can strengthen your first impression by approaching your customers multiple times. This will increase your sales and help you build a strong customer base.

Here are some examples of welcome series emails:
Welcome series Omnisend

The welcome email sequence’s first email is a general greeting to the subscriber and briefly introduces the community. We can also see a photo and a short quote from the founder, which make the email more personal.

The second email contains some behind-the scenes information and tells the story of the brand.

The third email will be used to provide social proof and the discount code for the first order. You might receive the discount even sooner, by sending the first email.

The entire welcome email sequence will be sent within four days after signup. However, there are no set rules for the content or structure of the welcome email. It’s mostly a matter of testing and finding the best solution for your brand.
Get Omnisend started for free and drive sales on autopilot using pre-built welcome emails templates Get started for free
These are the 10 best welcome email subject lines that you can use today

You don’t have to create a new subject line for welcome emails. Merchants will most often use the text “thanks for subscribing” or “welcome [brand name ]”.

But you don’t need to stick to these lines. Here are 10 effective, yet simple subject lines that brands currently use:

We are [brand name]. Here’s what you need to do next.
Welcoming to the A-List
We are [brand name] Get PS10 off your next order
You’re in. You are now part of the family.
Hello Karolina! Thank you for subscribing.
Welcoming to [brand name] Enjoy 20% Discount on your first order
Welcome to [brand] – Here’s 15% off
Welcoming you to the club
Welcome! Thank you for signing up
We are [brand] Let’s get together!

Use emojis in your subject line. This tiny icon will help you stand out.
When is the best time to send thank you emails

Many marketers find it difficult to decide when the best time is to send welcome emails. The answer to sending campaign emails is clearer.

To find the most effective time to send emails, we analyzed billions upon billions of customer emails. We discovered that:

Better results are at the beginning of each month
Thursday was the best day to send an email
Emails sent at 8am have the highest open rates, while emails sent at 5pm have higher click rates.

This is a great option for one-off campaigns. However, the welcome email series refers to automated messages that are sent after someone signs up.

These are the best welcome emails practices. You should send that email as soon as someone has completed an email capture form to be added to your list.

This is where the problem lies. If you send your email too soon after a customer has signed up, they might not receive it. They may be still browsing your website or other shops and could miss it.

If you send it after signing up, they might have forgotten about you, or be busy with other tasks. If they sign up at night, it’s possible they are asleep.

All of this being said, it is best to send your automated welcome email one hour after signing up. This is the most ideal time frame, as subscribers will still likely be online (not asleep) but it’s still enough time to ensure they are not leaving your site.
Automated workflow welcome email

The first email is sent out within an hour in this example. The second email in the series is sent a day later. The last one goes out 3 days later.

It is possible to use the same timing for your welcome emails, and adjust as needed for your brand.
Get Omnisend started for free and drive sales on autopilot using pre-built welcome emails templates Get started for free
How many emails should you use for a welcome series?

The image below shows three welcome series email examples. There are many options. There are many options. You can either send one welcome email, or send four or more.

The best welcome emails for a series are concise and clear. We recommend that you send only three welcome emails.

Your first email welcomes them and thanks them for signing up. It also establishes your brand quickly.
This second option can give you a peek behind the scenes at your brand, products, or yourself
The last email should be a celebration of happy customers, using, for instance, rave reviews on social media, and a coupon.

We discussed the three-email series earlier and found that it is one of the most popular. This can be used as your welcome email template.

You can however, reduce the welcome email sequence to only the first and final emails. These are the two most important for any welcome email sequence: an initial welcome email with a tempting offer to purchase and a compelling offer to buy.

The welcome back email is another type of welcome email. This email is sent when someone contacts you after a specified time.

If they decide to log in or purchase from you, it is a good idea for them to receive a welcome email back. For this welcome message, it’s a good idea to send it within one hour.
The key takeaways

A simple welcome email can help you build customer loyalty and increase sales. The examples of welcome emails above show how varied and creative you can make them. Here are six tips to help create the best welcome email.

Your best self. Tell your story. Display your products and offer. Your new subscribers will feel “good decision to sign up”
No matter what your main goal for the automated welcome email, it is important to keep it simple and use a bright CTA button. It is crucial to convert subscribers into buyers through email design.
High-quality images can be used to support your email.
Incentive is important. Incentive matters.
Send a series welcome emails. They are more effective than one email for order rates and brand awareness-raising.
Your customers should be polite and you can choose the way that you prefer to close an email.

You can create great results quickly with welcome emails. They are an essential tool in your marketing toolkit. However, you will need a marketing automation platform to get the job done.

Check out the Omnisend pre-built templates for welcome emails that will work straight out of the box if you are unsure about how to send an automated CTA, email or workflow.
Get started for free
Automated text messages: Definition, examples, and Tips
Despite all the digital media options available, SMS is still the best platform for marketing. This is particularly true for ecommerce, where marketers can maximize automated text message’s value.

Automated SMS messages can help you increase conversions by delivering personalized messages that encourage customers to take action. Text message automation can be difficult to set up and understand.

This article will give you an in-depth understanding of automated text messaging and how businesses can make use of it. This article also contains a step-by–step guide to setting up automation campaigns for sales promotion.
What is automated text messaging?

Automated SMS messages are pre-written SMS messages which are sent automatically to customers according to certain criteria. These criteria could include a schedule (sent two hours before a big sale starts), a timeline (1 month after a customer last purchases) or a trigger (sent right after a customer makes a purchase).

Businesses can send personalized SMS messages to customers using automatic text messaging. This saves them the time and effort of manually sending SMS. Text message automations allow businesses to build better relationships with their customers in a cost-effective and quick way.
What can businesses do to make automated text message delivery more efficient?

All industries use text messaging automation to market. Ecommerce merchants who offer personalized shopping experiences are most successful.

These are the best ways to use text messages in business.

Ask for customer reviews
Transmit transactional messages
Don’t throw away your shopping carts
Get special offers from us
Increase awareness about sales and promotions
Remind clients about appointments

It doesn’t matter what purpose it serves, one of the best things about running an automated text message campaign for marketing purposes is its ability to generate results immediately.

Laura Greenshields is the CEO of Canada’s Silver Street Jewellers. She says that SMS is powerful because it can immediately see a large traffic jump after sending an SMS campaign.
Silver Street Jewelers saw a 40% increase in their profits after adding automated text messaging to their digital marketing strategy. Read the entire story to learn how SMS campaigns can achieve the same results.
Example of automated text messages

It can be difficult to write automated text messages. They must be concise and engaging enough to get recipients to take action. However, every message can contribute to your traffic and income if it is done correctly.

These are some examples of automated text messages that you can use to inspire your marketing messages.
Discount personalized

It’s [first_name] It’s [brand_name]. Get 10% off your order by using the code [code].
Special Offer

TWO HOUR REMAINING to receive 40% off your entire order from [brand_name] At checkout, use code [code] Sale ends TONIGHT 2023! [link] Sale notification

[brand_name]: Our best offer just got even better. Purchase a [bundle_name] to receive [item_name] for free. Seriously. To access this link, click [link].
Confirm your order

Hello [first_name]! Thank you for shopping at [brand_name]. When your order is shipped, we will send another text. Track your order at [link].
Reminder: Abandoned cart

Hello, [first_name] Have you forgotten about the items in your shopping cart? These items will look amazing on you! Enjoy free shipping! Enter [code] during checkout.
Welcoming message to the newsletter

Hello, [first_name] We are grateful that you signed up for our newsletter, [brand name]. We offer a 10% discount voucher as a gift with your first order. Use [code] during checkout.
Request for customer review

Hello, [first_name] Thank you for your purchase. We appreciate your recent purchase. It will take only 1 minute. You can find the link here. We appreciate your assistance!
Reminder for appointment

Hello [first_name] It has been [#]months since your last [service]. To schedule your next appointment, text back or call [phone_number] We hope to see you soon!
How to send automated text messages to customers in 5 steps

It can be difficult to introduce SMS to your business as a communication medium. Once you have all the automations in place, you will be able to communicate with your customers on a personal and timely basis. The best part is that the communications are on autopilot so that you don’t have to worry about manual messaging.

These are the five steps you need to follow in order to set up text messages that automatically send out information about your business.
Step 1: Sign up to receive an automated text message service

The tools and services that you use will determine your success with automated messages to drive sales. To avoid surprises later on, make sure to review the pricing structure before you sign up for an SMS marketing service.

You should also consider the availability of automation text messages features, ease-of-use and complementary tools such as data capture forms and customer segmentation.

Register for an Omnisend account to get instant access to all these features.
Step 2: Start building your contact list by uploading your contacts

After you have registered for an SMS marketing platform, upload your contact list. Make sure every number is in international format.

It is best to only send text messages to customers who have specifically signed up for the service. This requirement is required in some countries, such as the United States. You should ensure that you have their express consent before adding them to your list.

It’s a great time to begin building a list if you don’t already have one. You can integrate Omnisend’s pre-made sign-up forms to your website. They’ll seamlessly work with the automated SMS features.
Here’s how Divatress grew its SMS subscriber base by 70K in just eight months.
Step 3: Create an automated SMS campaign

To automate text messages on Omnisend you need to choose the workflow that best suits your business goals. The Product Abandonment and Welcome workflows are two of the most popular automation workflows for SMS. These can be set up with SMS only or in a series that includes push notifications and email. Make sure to add the correct messaging types to the sequence.

You can, for example, set up a Welcome series that sends an SMS to customers immediately after they sign up. Next, set up the workflow to send a welcoming email shortly after the SMS. These two messages can be used together to encourage a first purchase if they are done correctly.

Similar to the Abandoned Cart workflow, remind potential customers about products they are interested. A timely SMS message could help you incentivize your customers to buy.
Step 4: Add content for the automated message text

After you have chosen the best automated workflow template for you, you will need to modify it to suit your business. You will need to include your campaign name, and the sender’s information. You must craft your personalized message.

Your auto-generated text messages must also include opt-out instructions. Opt-out instructions for recipients located in the USA and Canada should include a keyword response (e.g. “Reply STOP, unsubscribe”) An unsubscribe link is sufficient in other regions. Omnisend features make it easy to opt out.

Once you are done customizing your text message, save the campaign to allow it to start sending messages.
Step 5: Monitor campaign performance

Once your campaign is up and running you can relax and let Omnisend do the rest. You should still review Omnisend’s reports in order to determine what is working and what can be improved.

These are the top SMS metrics that you need to be aware of:

SMS sent – Total number of text messages that were sent
Click rate – The percentage of SMS recipients who clicked on a link within an SMS.
Sales – The dollar amount of the sales generated by the campaign
Unsubscribe rate: The percentage of customers who unsubscribe from your messages
Bounce rate – The percentage of intended recipients who did not receive an SMS due to any reason (such a invalid number).


All types of businesses have found automated text messaging to be an effective marketing tool. It is essential to generate sales and provide excellent customer service. Finding the right service that has powerful features is easy. It is easy to get your company started with such a powerful marketing medium by taking it one step at a while.

UK Consumer Email Database

Suppose you are searching for accurate and demonstrated UK purchaser email lists. Our UK Consumer Email List is the right statistics to help you with your advertising and marketing desires. The UK Consumer Mailing List has the whole lot you need to release a powerful and strategic email advertising campaign focused on customers within the UK. This consumer database may be used in several approaches, including prospecting, lead generation, offline advertising and marketing, telemarketing, research, job looking, and different B2C-associated purposes.

facts available
Greeting – 636,276
Full Name – 676,209
Email address – 884,693
Address – 679, a hundred and fifty-five
ZIP Code – 636,276
Town/City – 665,724
Country – 458,191
Region – 636,276


In compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection, your facts could be incorporated right into a document owned with the aid of the Ministry of Education inside the United Kingdom and Ireland, 20 Peel Str. By completing the form, consent is granted to the Ministry of Education within the United Kingdom and Ireland for the collection and processing of information provided for the cause of sending facts on the Ministry’s packages and activities. The switch to 1/3 parties isn’t always foreseen, besides in cases where there may be a felony duty. You can work out your rights of get right of entry to, rectification, the difficulty of remedy, competition, or deletion of your facts.

More facts
The individual responsible for processing your facts is the Ministry of Education in the United Kingdom and Ireland, postal address: 20 Peel Street, London W8 7PD, smartphone +forty four (0) 207 727 2462, www.Educacionyfp.Gob.Es/reinounido External hyperlink, It opens in a new window.
The purpose is to obtain information approximately the activity of the Ministry and the acts or events that take location inside its scope.

The records are based on the competence attributed to the Ministry by article 3 of RD 1138/2002, of October 31, which regulates the administration of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training abroad. The Ministry is entrusted with promoting, directing, and managing the exceptional movements of the literary movement of Spain overseas according to RD 1027/1993, of June 25.

Your consent for the processing of your information is vital for the submission of these records. If you did not offer us this data, said control would no longer be viable.

Switching your facts to 0.33 events isn’t always foreseen except when there’s a criminal responsibility.

The statistics furnished may be saved so long as the connection is maintained or for the time necessary to comply with felony duties, as long as its deletion is not asked through the fascinated birthday party.

UK Consumer Email Database

You can exercise your rights to get admission to, rectification, the dilemma of remedy, opposition or deletion of statistics, statistics portability, as well as to withdraw the consent given, requesting it to the Ministry by email or postal mail, or submitting the shape to the exercise of get entry to rights together with their identification documentation on the registry workplaces, via postal mail or on the electronic headquarters www.Educacionyfp.Gob.Es External link, opens in a new window.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current UK Business Email Database to help you. Our UK Business Email Database is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.


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