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700000 Chennai Email Database

In order to sell in Chennai, you need a targeted email list. With this Chennai email database, you can make good B2B contacts with real decision-makers. Our verified Chennai mailing list has the accurate and updated information you need to create a reliable business database.

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Doctors, Engineers, Credit Card Holder, Car Owners, Job Seekers, Corporates and Professionals, Loan Customers, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Businesses, Classifieds, Real Estate, BPO, Financial Advisors, IT Consultants, HNI Database, IT Companies, Insurance Agents, Dmat, Social Media Users, NRIs, Real Estate, Frequent Flyers, Abroad Travellers, Exporters and Importers and lots more…Chennai Email Database


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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email Marketing: What’s it all about? (Guide 2023)

Chennai Email Lists
Chennai Email Lists

Email marketing is synonymous with spamming and intrusive communications.

This channel is now the best way to communicate the right messages to people at the right times.

An email is a powerful tool for inbound marketing professionals and digital marketers. It’s also a democratic channel.

Email marketing is still viable and can help you grow your business.

This guide is for both beginners who want to learn more about email marketing and those who have an existing strategy and want to improve it.

Email marketing defined

Chennai Email Leads
Chennai Email Leads

Email marketing allows companies to communicate with customers. It adapts the content to different audiences to meet a variety of marketing goals.

Email marketing is often thought to be a channel for conversions, but in reality, it can do many functions that can adapt to a variety of situations. These are just some examples.

  • Attract new customers for our brand
  • Information bulletins are used to keep users in touch with the company, and to communicate new information (offers, product launches, or services …).).
  • Thank you for signing up and sending the user downloadable content
  • Loyalty Email, where we aim to increase repeat purchases.

Email marketing was initially viewed as a mass communication channel. The messages were not relevant to the recipients. Email marketing is considered invasive communication over the years.

However, email has changed and marketers today see email, via direct messaging, as one of their most personal means to communicate with customers.

Email marketing: Why you should?

Chennai Mailing Lists
Chennai Mailing Lists

Recent developments have seen social networks gain prominence in digital marketing.

Email marketing is a great option for anyone who has email addresses and wants their brand to be more relevant among their contacts.

All the online actions are concentrated in our email address. The email address is used to create logins on any website. It is, therefore, an integral part of any user’s Internet activities.

Here are some reasons to use email marketing.

Amazing coverage

Chennai Mailing Leads
Chennai Mailing Leads

A company can publish a post to a social media network like Facebook. However, not everyone who follows your page will see it.

This is due to the algorithms which determine which messages are most important for each user.

This is why social media coverage can be unpredictable. This means that you can’t control how many people see your posts.

This is not possible in email marketing. This channel has a great advantage: it provides predictable coverage.

This means that if 100 email addresses are selected to send your message, all 100 of them will receive it in their inbox (unless there’s a glitch, which I’ll explain later).

Flexible format

Every digital marketer needs an email. Email messages can be sent with no limit in characters and can include images or GIFs.

Emails can include templates and graphics or they can only contain text, just like personal messages to all your contacts.

It allows you to communicate brief messages, link to multiple web pages, or tell a lengthy story. The email can be sent in any format you like!

There are best practices for designing and writing emails. We’ll talk more about this later.

The best return on investment

Chennai Phone Number Database
Chennai Phone Number Database

To start an email marketing strategy, you only need 3 ingredients: a domain (for example, “Antonio DeCarlo.it”), an email marketing platform, and a person to execute the strategy.

It is crucial to choose the right email marketing tool. There are many options available on the market to meet all needs, including free tools such as, which is the best.

Sendinblue is a great tool for contextualizing. It has an intuitive and simple email generator that allows you to create form templates, landing pages, or newsletters.

Additionally, technical support and application are available in Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

To measure the success of your campaigns, you can view the reports as they are being sent. It can be synchronized with other tools such as Prestashop, Word Press, and Magento.

However, it is important to remember that no matter what tool you choose, your investment won’t be very high.

Email is the digital marketing channel with the highest return on investment (ROI). You don’t have to invest a lot upfront and can generate large volumes.

Email marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy

Chennai Business Email Database
Chennai Business Email Database

Email marketing can be tied to a commercial or promotional approach but it is far more than that.

If someone grants permission for a company to send emails directly into their inbox, you have access to their private life and an opportunity to engage them.

Our email is what we use to communicate with our friends, family, and co-workers.

Email is the best channel to communicate with potential customers in a marketing strategy. This can result in amazing results.

Let’s take a look at the role of email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Maintain a good working relationship with your customers

If a person opts to receive emails from your company, they expect that you will be in touch with them at least once a month.

Although it may seem obvious, many companies neglect to maintain a constant connection with their contacts.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your leads.

This will make your leads remember you and increase their chances of becoming customers.

Promote your content

You know the importance of promoting your blog content if you want to make it a success.

Email is just one of many channels that you can use for promoting your content.

For example, sending out a newsletter can make your blog posts more popular and increase your visibility online.

Grow your leads

Inbound marketing strategies that focus on lead nurturing are essential. It is only with it that you can turn your subscribers into customers and your leads into leads.

Is required to inform your contacts about your business and to strengthen your relationships with them.

Email is the best way to nurture leads because it allows you to send personalized messages at the right times to the right people.

If you have a marketing automation tool, email marketing can be used to nurture your customers and keep them active.

More to sell

Did you receive emails from companies offering discounts or offers in your inbox lately? This channel is used by many companies to increase sales, particularly those who sell directly to consumers, such as clothes and tickets for flights.

It is now possible to get your contacts to transact by simply clicking on an e-mail.

Soon, you will be able to pay directly from your mailbox. Email marketing is a great way to promote your products.

Enhance your relationships with customers and consumers

You can’t walk away from customers after they have made a purchase. Keeping in constant contact with your customers is an important part of email marketing.

Satisfied customers bring many benefits to your company. You can keep that relationship going by email.

This channel can be used to send relevant content to your customers, along with discount codes and promotions.

These are the 4 types of email marketing you must use in your strategy

Chennai Business Email Lists
Chennai Business Email Lists

To understand how to build a successful email campaign and how to integrate email marketing into your company’s daily digital strategy, you need to be familiar with the types of emails that your business can send.

Blog updates

This is the email you should be familiar with. This is the message it sends to you when new content has been posted to your blog.

These emails are great for getting to know your readers better. These are the first emails that someone will receive when they sign up for your mailing list.

It is a great way to keep your email list active and up-to-date with new content, as well as increase your chances of generating leads through CTAs in your texts.


E-commerce and blogs are very common places to send out newsletters. Many companies send out weekly or monthly updates to their customers with company news and key blog posts.

Create an email newsletter that’s unique and relevant to your subscribers if you want your email to be read.

Include links that will take readers to other pages.

Invitations for events

Emails are great for the promotion of the events you’re organizing. It is important to explain why the event is worth their attention.

Emails promoting events should include all information such as the date, time, and limit of attendees.

Remember to highlight your link to the registration page or the ticket purchase page!

Email marketing targeted to a specific audience

You may choose to target your visitor based on the action they take on your website or blog.

The next step is to send several emails with targeted and relevant content.

These targeted emails are used to guide leads through the sales funnel and help them reach a decision.

You can identify a group of contacts who are interested in a particular topic and continue the conversation by providing more relevant content. This will increase the chances that they will contact you again.

Templates and tools for email marketing

Chennai Business Email Leads
Chennai Business Email Leads


You will need a tool or software to send mass emails if you want to begin your email marketing strategy.

Sendinblue is the best tool for beginners. It has a free version and is intuitive. There are also AWeber and Get Response other popular software available.

Hub spot is a full-featured marketing automation tool that allows email marketing.

These tools can perform many functions, including lead tracking and blog management.

How to choose the right template for your email

Now that you have a tool, it’s time to start writing your first email marketing. You will need to decide which model you want to use.

You have two options: either create a template in HTML from scratch or use pre-made templates made available by tools such as Sendinblue. This option reduces the amount of work required.

Look for a template that is responsive, which means it’s mobile-friendly. Most people today read email on their smartphones or tablets.

If your model is not responsive to these devices, it will be difficult or impossible for your marketing emails to be read.

Your template must be responsive. It should also have space to display images and text. Many companies only send email marketing messages with images.

Some providers however classified this mail as junk mail.

Combining images with text blocks is a great way to make your email lighter and more enjoyable to read.

Remember that the simpler, the better. This is how you can get the reader’s attention to what you want.

How to make an email marketing mailing list

Chennai Consumer Email Database
Chennai Consumer Email Database

It is sad to say that an email contact list drops 22.5% annually Email addresses can change, old accounts are deleted, and contacts may unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Building and growing your contacts list is one of the most difficult aspects of email marketing strategies. But where should you begin?

The most obvious solution is to purchase a mailing list.

However, email marketing’s golden rule states that don’t buy contact lists! Let me tell you why.

Do not buy a mailing list

An individual’s inbox can be a very private space. This is where she receives messages from work and personal.

If someone gives you their email address, this means they are willing to interact with you.

You are purchasing an email list that contains addresses that have not agreed to receive your messages. They also don’t know you. These people are not authorized to receive messages from you directly.

These lists can also include fake or nonexistent emails that indicate to suppliers that you’re emailing a bought list. This could lead to a supplier ban or penalty.

It is a bad idea to buy an email list.

It takes effort and time to create an email list. But, here are some tips to make it easier.

Your list’s quality should be your top priority

To begin collecting leads, you must first add space on your blog for your visitors to register their email addresses to receive communications from such as news, promotions, and newsletters.

This is possible with some tools. Convert plus is my favorite tool. It adds an email collection window to your website or pop-up.

OptinMoster is an alternative tool that lets you place email collection boxes wherever you want on your Word Press blog.

Keep in mind that the easier it is for users to register their email addresses, the more addresses they will be able to collect. Maximize the user experience on your blog.

When you register, you may want to ask for additional information. While this is perfectly normal, it is important to not ask too many questions. This could scare people into giving you their email addresses.

Remember, building a mailing list is not just about getting new leads but also keeping the ones you have.

Keep your contacts in touch by submitting relevant content. You could lose everything you have worked so hard for.

Writing great emails: Here are some tips

Chennai Consumer Email Lists
Chennai Consumer Email Lists

You’ll be more likely to send your first email marketing message if you already have an email template, email messaging tool, and contact list.

If you want to create amazing emails for your subscribers, there are some best practices. These are the best practices:

Keep the text brief

Did you know that 8 seconds is the average attention span for humans? This means that your emails should be clear and concise.

Edit your emails to remove any unnecessary information. Avoid distractions and get to the point.

Use the correct language

Consider who is reading your email when you are writing it.

This will help you decide the tone of your voice and avoid jargon.

Use conversational tones

Email can be used to nurture relationships with your contacts.

You should build intimacy in your writing, address your reader as a person, and communicate in a way that captures their attention.

You can then have a conversation with them.

Create original items

One of the most important parts of an email is its subject. The subject’s purpose is to encourage the user to open the message and summarize in a few sentences the essence of the email content.

When writing your items, don’t be afraid to express yourself. There are a few techniques that can be used to increase curiosity and open rates to spark the interest of the recipient.

How to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy

Chennai Consumer Email Leads
Chennai Consumer Email Leads

So far I have provided the basics of email marketing strategies that can help you improve your relationships with your contacts.

You may be wondering what next steps you should take to optimize your strategy for maximum results.

To make this happen, the first step is to create an action program. This will allow you to set a frequency and type of email marketing.

Five steps are essential to good email marketing planning:

  • Describe your buyer persona
  • What content will be sent determines the content
  • Set the frequency of your sending
  • Define the campaign’s objectives and which KPIs are to be monitored.
  • Organizes a very precise schedule.

These steps will help you create a strategy that will allow you to get your first email marketing results.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current Chennai business email lists to help you. Our Chennai email database is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro  Leads, we only offer the best.


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