1 Million USA Senior Citizens Email Database

We’ve been helping businesses, and individuals connect with USA Senior Citizens Email Database for more than 10 years. Superior quality data coupled with top-quality Customer Service creates the perfect resource for any company that wants contact with Senior Citizens.


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USA Senior Citizens Email Database

Effectively communicate with USA Senior Citizens Email Database using the digital age using a senior permission-based email list. If you believe that seniors aren’t technologically savvy, look at the findings. Studies have shown that baby boomers, seniors, and older adults comprise a fast-increasing portion of computers, Internet smartphones, and tablets.

Senior Citizens Email Database
Senior Citizens Email Database

Not to mention that over 50% of older adults using the Internet today are on social media platforms, including Facebook. Some segments of the more aging populace even consider themselves to be avid Internet users. If you’re not incorporating electronic marketing, such as email, into your marketing strategy, you may be missing this highly profitable segment of the senior population.

How USA Senior Citizens Data is Compiled

The Permission-Based Opt-In Seniors Mailing List has been derived from a myriad of proprietary and public feeds both offline and online, like surveys, self-reported information as well as previous memberships or purchases. If you use our data, you are assured of its accuracy and reliability. Our compilation team reviews the entire database to match the National Change of Address (NCOA) database every month. The database is CASS certified to ensure accuracy further.

Think About The Facts:

77% of seniors are on the Internet.
4 out of 10 seniors own smartphones.

The Recommended Use

This Confirmed Opt-in U.S. The Senior Citizens list is perfect for a wide range of offers such as insurance, annuities, and long-term-care products such as retirement and estate planning and health care Medicare real estate, construction, leisure and hospitality hotels and magazines, travel catalogues, retail, and other offers.


Our Best Selling Database: USA Email Database


How does Email Marketing work? Introduction to Email Marketing Service


We recommend that before beginning to read this piece, read the definition of digital marketing and then read through this piece, which serves as an introduction to one of its methods.


What exactly is Email Marketing?

USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Leads
USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Leads

As we mentioned in the introduction In the introduction, email marketing is one of the methods used to connect and engage with your audience or customer. One example of email marketing that we all are acquainted with is the email newsletter. Marketing via email is more extensive than marketing via email. It is possible to send an email using a customized email that could be under the business name. company and then continue to send emails by purchasing email hosting.


What’s the main difference between email marketing and advertising?


In the context of email marketing, we’re seeking a two-way interaction with the target audience. This is carried out with the client’s consent. However, in marketing emails, an advertising message is delivered to the user by the email bank, and not with the consent of the user.


How do I configure email marketing?

USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Database
USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Database

For you to launch the email campaign you first need to define your marketing plan and look for a niche for an email-based marketing campaign.

The next step is to sign up on one of the major email software platforms like Chimp. Chimp and build an email database. Get users’ email addresses by making suggestions like mailing ebooks or other articles. Then, you can make use of the emails you have collected to promote your business.


Is Email Marketing Still Effective?


Absolutely! However, what exactly are the key reasons that email marketing can bring a high return on investment?


1 Direct contact with the person using it


If you get an email from an individual, you can find a simple way to connect with them. You can contact them anytime. There isn’t a similar thing on social media and time has reduced the speed of interaction between users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


2Higher conversion rates for marketing via email


Email is easier to access over social networks, however, will it result in more conversions of users? Absolutely. Research has shown that on average, one-third of subscribers to the newsletter ultimately purchase.


Discover how to gather users’ email addresses

USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Lists
USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Lists

In the next section of this article, we’ll teach you how to gather the email addresses of users and teach you the best way to go about marketing emails.


Add a form for a subscription via email to the top frequented pages


The majority of visitors to your site are likely to be interested in the products or solutions you provide. Therefore, I would suggest that you add at least one registration form via email on your site.


Be sure to provide convincing reasons to receive an email address


The process of receiving emails from users is typically not an easy task, therefore it is important to create appealing deals for users to get their attention. For instance, you could utilize the following subjects to convince users.

  • Send ebooks via subscribers’ emails
  • Download video templates and download templates
  • Use of the service for free for a short period
  • Create reports and articles that are practical.

As a rule, the more appealing your offer, the higher the chance of getting users’ email addresses.


Blog pages that are optimized for receiving emails


The most important requirement to receive email messages from users is that they are of high-quality content. If they are satisfied with the quality of your content then you can include them in the email lists of your readers. It is possible to put the form for email subscription as an image on an easily accessible area of your website.


Valuable content

USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Leads
USA Senior Citizens Telephone Number Leads

When they click to open your email, the recipients are searching for answers to the subject. It is important to explain the reason for sending the email in a minimum of two paragraphs. Use a copywriter to assist with this.

Note that email messages that have lengthy words and paragraphs are usually dismissed by users.


Contact (or CTA


CTAs are frequently employed to improve the engagement of users. Putting up links to websites or social networks, registering for a specific course or offering discounts on products and services are all examples of enticing users to make a move.


Make use of images


When it comes to email marketing design along with the aesthetics and user involvement, pictures can extend the life span of content that is presented to the user’s mind. If the email you send is to announce an innovative product or service or to give users a discount, then making use of images is the ideal method to increase your engagement rate.


Offering a variety of international and Iranian email marketing and advertising services


Here are a few examples of the top marketing tools you can make use of.


The Mail Chimp


One of the most popular platforms used to send emails to Iran is Mail Chimp. . The reason behind the success of this system for marketing emails is its simple user interface and its ease of use. Furthermore, it is possible to send up to 2,000 email messages per month to your customers for no cost. If you’re looking to send out more emails, you must purchase any of these plans. Additionally, you can make use of plugins to connect to your website and collect emails from visitors.


Constant Contact

USA Senior Citizens Business Email Database
USA Senior Citizens Business Email Database

When you sign up on this website You can avail of its services for 60 days at no cost and without the need to establish the term credit card. It is among the most effective e-mail platforms available to small-scale local companies. There are a lot of options for customization available to users.





The program is designed for writers, bloggers, and marketers. An excellent user interface, as well as attractive templates which are offered as defaults, can catch your attention. Another benefit of this system for marketing emails can be the WordPress plugin that allows you to add users’ emails directly to your email list.




Miller Lite is a different popular email service available in Iran. The main reason that users take note of Miller lite is the attractive user interface and full integration with WordPress CMS. Miller lite offers free service for up to 1000 subscribers. This is an ideal choice for startups and small-sized businesses.



USA Senior Citizens Business Email Lists
USA Senior Citizens Business Email Lists

Another service for e-mail that has seen a significant increase in recent times includes SendInBlue. Its features are unlimited contacts lists as well as an algorithm for artificial intelligence that allows you to send emails at the right time.

With the no-cost SendInBlue plan, you’ll be capable of sending up to 300 emails a day, and 9,000 email messages per month.




One of the very few Iranian marketing tools for email is Najva. Whisper was initially utilized for push notification. Now, it also provides marketing and email services. The use the benefits of the service are absolutely free.



What has yet to be written about email marketing We might all seem to know the basics. The problem is that they can be so obvious that we become too confident and overlook them. We have you covered!

It is essential to create a series of reliable comprehensive checks that will keep you on top. Although it sounds daunting, the concept of “series if comprehensive checks” is actually quite simple.

Here are our top email marketing practices for 2023.
1. Know your audience

Your target audience is the first thing that you must identify. You should not use generalizations or “maybe” – your target audience must be identified.

If this is your first year of business, shots in the dark are unacceptable. These are particularly unacceptable if they are. You will quickly exhaust your marketing budget if you offer random products to random people.

Analyzing your prospects is possible when you have all the information you need about them, such as their conversion rates and LTV. This allows you to identify the problems and pain points of your audience and, most importantly, the obstacles that may be stopping them purchasing your product.
2. Keep compliant

Email best practices include taking the CAN-SPAM Act and other similar regulations seriously. You should only send your offer to people who are interested in it. Incompliance is not only bad marketing but also illegal. You will be fined if you store or use data that users have not consented.

email drip campaigns
3. Relevance is key

You can segment your leads even if you already have the perfect buyer persona.

You can segment by narrower parameters if your targeting is accurate and your leads are well-rounded. These include location, past purchase history and experience.
4. Always confirm

Another marketing tip: Always verify your email list. This is essential for both large and small email campaigns. A clean prospect list will ensure low bounce rates, high deliverability, open rate, and a good reputation for the sender. It will also save you money by not sending out invalid emails.

Not only should you verify your email list before you send your campaign, but also when it is being built. Emails can be banned or abandoned as situations change.
5. Expand your email list

Lead generation never stops. You must grow your list if you want to increase your profits. It can be done with an email finder extension, or automated through a finder API.

For maximum growth, create buyer personas and research audiences. It is best to have one person on your team who is solely focused on lead generation. If you don’t have the budget for that, dedicate a few hours per week to growing your list using finder tools.
6. Make your own templates

Pre-made templates for email marketing are extremely popular and will continue to be so for quite some time. Nearly every email marketing blog gives away free email templates to their readers. What may seem like a list of useful templates, is actually a collection that hundreds of email marketers use around the globe. This means that you could lose your opportunity to be noticed if you use them.

This is a more efficient marketing strategy. You can have an email template created specifically for your campaign or company. There are many tools available that will help you make one, even if you don’t have the budget.
7. Keep it as short as possible

Keep in mind that this is an email and not a philosophical tractate. You don’t want it to drag on for too long. Keep it concise, clear, and to the point. Your email will be read by the recipient in about 30 seconds. It should look easy.

A perfect length for email content is between 50 and 125 words. Emails between 200 and 250 words have the highest open rates and response rates. But, I recommend that you limit your email to 200 words.
8. Personalize

It is easier to close deals if we are more friendly and human. Personal approach is appreciated by people. It creates the impression that an email was designed just for them. Personalization is what you need.

You can still use data such as the names of recipients, their positions in the company and their accomplishments with automated outreach tools, even if you create an automated email drip campaign. Be careful not to overdo it. You should write to people as if they were talking to you in real life.

9. Attachments are easy to understand

Multiple attachments, images, and links increase the likelihood of your ESP blocking you. Use them with moderation. Stick to the 70-30 ratio (text to image) and only insert one link. Google Docs is a good option if you have to send multiple attachments. The platform scans files for viruses and users trust it.

You can use images in an email if you decide to go plain-text. But don’t forget the fallback text for a photo. If the ESP doesn’t display the image, it will show it.
10. Include an unsubscribe link whenever possible

This marketing technique is obvious, but it’s still important. Don’t forget to mention that all emails you send must give the recipient the option to opt out of receiving further emails. This is easiest if you include an unsubscribe button. Do not try to use any tricks – the unsubscription process must be simple and clear.
11. Optimize your email campaigns for all devices

Mobile opens accounted for 46% in 2018 of all email openings. Additionally, 71.6% of users will delete email messages that don’t look great on mobile. This means that your email campaign must be displayed properly on every device, including mobile.
12. Automate your email marketing

Automation is an essential part of the 21st Century. Automation can help you save time and money by allowing you to focus on more important tasks while the tools handle the tedious, time-consuming work.

Email marketing automation can automate almost every step: email list creation, verification, email email sending, follow ups, and tracking. Snov.io offers all these tools, so you can save hours! You can streamline your email marketing by using one tool: Snov.io.
13. Don’t go overboard

You can send as many emails you want, but it won’t be a good email marketing practice. Over-sending emails lead to 69% of recipients opting out. Only 15% of recipients are happy to receive emails daily, or even would like to.

Everything depends on the product and your target audience. This is why it is important to experiment, test and find the right frequency for your clients.

Email verifier
14. Never stop A/B testing

A/B testing is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns. To get to know your audience better, you should test every aspect of your email campaign: colors, CTAs and subject lines.

You can learn what works best to increase conversions, click-through and open rates. It will also help you create your own unique format and design that you will stick with in the future.
Wrapping up

These are some of the top email marketing practices that will help you stand out from the rest and increase your campaign’s success. It can be used as a guideline for creating a successful email campaign. You can share your best practices with us in the comments if you’d like to see something added to the list.

The way small and large companies operate is changing rapidly due to automation in business. Automation has opened up a world of possibilities for small business owners, allowing them to compete with larger corporations through their time management and processes.

Sales automation has a lot to offer in marketing. These are some marketing automation strategies that will optimize your sales and marketing funnel.
Lead generation

As long as there have been sales, lead generation has been an integral part of running a business. Lead generation is an essential part of the sales funnel process.

You can generate leads by offering customers something low-cost (or free) that is high in value. This is a great opportunity to encourage customers to purchase and create an emotional response similar to a free sample from the grocery store.

These are some of the most common lead generation methods:


These lead magnets can be sent out via various online channels. Once they have provided their contact information, they will automatically go to the inbox of your prospect. Although lead magnets can take time to make, once they’re launched, they’re an easy-to-use, low-maintenance way to automate the entry stage of a sales funnel. They also trigger a predetermined email flow that will help your lead move through each stage.
Email marketing

Email marketing is a key element in building an online sales funnel. You should learn more about email marketing if you don’t already have some experience. Learn how to send Parserr data directly to Salesforce, how you can organize your email outreach and how to create an effective email series.

There are several important things you should consider when starting an email campaign to promote your sales funnel. The first is to determine the campaign’s goal. The next step is to decide what to do with leads that don’t meet the campaign goal. Leads should be recycled via different channels to ensure effective sales funnel automation.

You will need approximately ten emails to create an automated email marketing campaign. These emails should be prepared in advance and set up to trigger when a lead magnet has been downloaded. To build trust with customers, you need to understand the basics of storytelling. Be in alignment with the brand, and don’t ask for sales in the last emails.

It is crucial to pay attention to conversion rates and analytics in order for your email marketing automation to be effective.
Social media

Modern marketing is dominated by social media. It’s the best way to get into your customers’ hearts. This allows you to build trust and brand awareness by connecting with customers and leads.

Social media can be used to share valuable content and get customers to sign up for your email list or lead magnet. This creates an opportunity to establish another channel that will help leads make their first purchase through promotions.

A scheduling service such as Buffer is the best way to integrate automation into social media. Buffer is a social media scheduling service that automatically posts content at the best times to increase visibility and create compelling sales stories with little human intervention.

You can automate social media using If This Then That (IFTTT). This will allow you to improve the user experience and streamline your marketing efforts. An example: A thank you message to someone who follows you on Twitter can be automated. This will start a conversation, and make potential leads feel valued. It can set up alerts to notify you when someone mentions your brand on social media. This data can be used to help design future campaigns or automate strategies.
Marketing made easy

A business’s ability to be easily found by customers online and offline will make it more likely to create a successful sales funnel. Businesses can use sales automation to add a personal touch and make their brand stand out from the crowd online.

Podcasts can be enjoyed while you are on the way to work, cleaning up, or out shopping. You can’t miss the opportunity to learn from marketing experts and companies that share their stories and tips online. These are the top podcasts for email marketers to listen to.
All Email

Listen here

Everything email

LiveIntent’s monthly podcast will teach you new email marketing strategies, dispel email myths, and reveal the top email marketing mistakes. The podcast by LiveIntent also discusses technical issues like authentication and deliverability of emails.
GaryVee Audio Experience

Listen here

Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media and digital marketing guru, is also an entrepreneur and one the most popular podcasters. His podcast about social media and digital marketing is this where he shares his rich experiences and talks with his guests, many of whom are well-known speakers. He also shares his insights and thoughts about all the things that have helped him get to where he’s at.
Podcast on Email Design

Listen here

email design

Litmus is amazing. Litmus is amazing. We have already featured Chad S. White’s book as their long-time research director in our list for must-read books on email marketing. This podcast is purely about email marketing and design. Not only will you hear the latest news in the email industry, but you’ll also get practical tips and strategies for marketing. We recommend this podcast to email marketing professionals as it is one of the most popular.
Call to Action Podcast

Listen here

Call to Action

Unbounce is a leading landing page and pop up builder on the market. We are confident that they know a lot about conversions and CTAs. This podcast will teach you how to create the perfect call to action, convert more with the latest marketing tricks, and increase your revenue quickly. A beautiful podcast all in all!
Ask me about email marketing

Listen here

ask me about email marketing

AWeber is a giant in the email marketing business. Their Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast provides great insight and solutions for any email marketing issue. Listeners can focus on the most important elements of email marketing by using the question-and-answer format. They only need to ask one question and get one answer.

Are you worried that we have missed a great podcast opportunity? Send us your favourite email marketing podcasts to be featured in the next article.
What is the normal open rate?

Let’s first understand what a normal open-rate is before we start making changes to our email marketing strategy in order to increase our email opening rate.

The open rate refers to the percentage of people who opened an email relative to the total number you sent it to.

It is also very easy to calculate:
How to calculate your email open rate. The email open rate is an excellent indicator of the success of your email marketing campaigns. MailChimp, Sumo, ConvertKit, and MailChimp Alternatives can be used to calculate your open rate. However, most email drip campaigns tools include built-in calculators that will automatically display your campaign’s open rate.

Many email marketers worry that their open rate for email campaigns is not as high as the average, despite all their preparations. There’s always room to improve, but a 21% open rate is a great result. This is the open rate MailChimp found as the average during their research.

Source: Mailchimp

What can you do to increase your open rate and ensure that your messages get read? This article will show you how to break all open rate records.
How to increase your email open rate

These simple hacks will help you increase your open rates.
1. Make irresistible subject matter lines

First, your subject line should resonate with your audience.
Why? Because it is the first thing that recipients will notice about your email subject line. It should be specific, concise, and eye-catching.

Make sure your subject line is unique and doesn’t include spammy words. This list of words that can trigger spam filters is saved as a bookmark or a pdf to ensure your email lands in the inbox. To test your subject line before hitting send, you can use the Email Subject Line Tester tool. This tool will tell you if you need to remove any spam words.
2. Use power words

Our brains are quite emotional. Many people believe that logic and facts are the only way to influence and control our decisions. In reality, however, we may not be as in control as we believe.

We are not our customers, and we can make use of that fact to our advantage. With the use of only power words, you can make your audience feel trustworthy, provoke curiosity, and make them fearful.
What is a power word?

These words can create an emotional or psychological reaction in the reader.

Click here to skip:
Use power words to stimulate curiosity
Trust is built with power words
Powerful words that appeal to vanity
Subject lines for FOMO (fear or missing out)

Powerful words can elicit emotions and spark the imagination. Herschell Gordon Lewis, a legendary copywriter, outlined six marketing motivators that can increase response rates. These are:

Approval required

Let’s take a look at some of these motivators in action.

Fear: Hurry! Only today!
Exclusivity: Last chance to order 100 gadgets
Greed: Buy 1 get 1 FREE!
Guilt: We miss you! Perhaps a discount could bring you back
You need approval? Check out our new collection of dresses that will turn heads
7 ways to anger companies: What you don’t want to know about discounts

Let’s now see how to use these weapons of persuasion within your subject line to trigger four different emotions from your reader.
Use power words to stimulate curiosity

Anything that isn’t in line with our worldview sparks curiosity. Engage your recipient by:

Asking strange or unusual questions will encourage the reader to take part
Informing or promising something

These words will get your reader to click on your email and open it by inducing curiosity. It’s a promise!
Source: Medium

These words can be easily incorporated into your subject line. These are some examples of curiosity-inducing subject line ideas from Optinmonster.

9 surprising facts about Thanksgiving
Five unconventional ways to increase leads
The behind-the scenes story about how we increased our organic traffic by x80

To invoke curiosity, you can also ask questions

Can you learn Japanese fluently in just 30 days?
Instead of
In just 30 days, you can learn to speak Japanese fluently
Trust is built with power words

A simple change in the words you use can make or break a situation. You can make your email subject lines more professional and gain the trust and credibility of your reader.
Trust building words using power wordsSource: Medium

These are just a few examples of trust you can create between your brand’s recipient and your brand.

Expert opinion on how to boost B2B sales
Grow your business with security
Social media growth hacking techniques that work
The best tools to improve communication

There are many other ways to increase credibility in your subject line. Take, for example:

Forbes Columnist: How to Blog Well in 2019 and Beyond
International Speaker: What is the Worst Mistake You’ve Made on Stage?

In addition to the credibility, the subject line “Worst Mistake” is also powerful words. Sharing one’s vulnerabilities helps earn trust.
Powerful words that appeal to vanity

It’s a natural part of our human nature to take pride in our abilities and ourselves. We love being admired and appreciated by others. Guess what? This human tendency can be used to your advantage to appeal to your prospect’s vanity.
Use powerful words to appeal to vanitySource Medium

Here are some examples of email subject lines that appeals to vanity

The most amazing products celebs use
The ultimate solutions to increase your sales
Creative ways to declutter
Sneak peek into our upcoming collection
Scientology’s Worst Crimes: Insider’s Shocking Revelations
The Top 10 Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Share Their Productivity Secrets

The word “Secrets”, in the previous example, evokes curiosity while the word “Wealthy”, appeals to vanity. You can combine power words from different sources to make your subject more powerful.
Subject lines for FOMO (fear or missing out)

FOMO triggers the fear of missing out and makes your audience more likely to act. FOMO can be used to instill urgency into your email marketing.

Science Direct published a research paper that defined FOMO as “Pervasive anxiety that others might have rewarding experiences from which one cannot”. FOMO makes you feel like you are missing out on the fun. I believe we have all felt this fear at some point.

Here’s an example of how GetResponse leverages FOMO to its advantage.
email marketing fomoSource: Sumo

Here are some examples of email subject lines that can invoke fear of missing out

Tonight only: The denim lover’s nightmare
Marketing strategies that didn’t work.
[URGENT] This is your last chance to see it in a day
Last Chance to Get MOZcon for 50% Off
Free Shipping for the First 100 Buyers

Power words can be used correctly to increase sales and appeal to the deepest fears or desires of recipients of your email campaigns. For maximum results, you can combine power words from different sources.
3. Make it personal

This famous Dale Carnegie quote from How to Win Friends Influence People might be familiar to you. He said, “Remember that a person’s name is for that person the sweetest sound in any language.”

Communicate with your readers as if they were in person. It’s as easy as that! For a better open rate, you can either start your email with the name and address of the subscriber, or include the prospect’s name in the subject line.

This is Pat Flynn’s personal email. He founded Smart Passive Income.
Personal letter example email marketing

This introductory email is a great example of his amazing work. It makes you feel like you are reading a friend’s email every time you open it. Personalized emails can increase two things: click through rate (by 14%), and conversion rate (by 10%).
Iblogzone – Personalized emailSource
4. Segment your list

Segmentation can be used to market email campaigns. It allows for highly targeted emails that result in maximum conversion. An email list that is divided into smaller groups, or “segments”, can see a 14.6% increase of open rates compared to an unsegmented one.

Lyris also found that:

39% of marketers segmenting their email lists saw higher open rates
28% had lower unsubscribe rates
24% reported higher deliverability and more revenue.

You can begin to segment your list based on which form your readers have chosen. This will automate the process and give you a highly segmented mailing list.

Related: 11 Buyer Questions Answered
5. Double-opening is a good idea.

Plan A may not work, but plan B might. It’s always a good idea having a backup plan. Double-open: Send your email to subscribers who haven’t opened it in the first week.

Remember to change your subject line every time you send an email and to include power words in the second one (see tip #2). Noah Kagan writes that he experienced a 11% increase in open rates when he used double-open. This equates to a total 30% increase. In just one minute, 7,028 people read his email.
What’s next?

Don’t forget your mobile users. BlueHornet reports that 67.2% consumers use smartphones to check their emails.

If you want to create better subject lines for your emails, you need to improve your writing skills. Learn from the marketing icons, sales icons, and copywriting. Check out our list for the top marketing books.

email drip campaigns
In short

There are many ways to grow your small business, but email outreach is the most cost-effective and easy way to do it. However, regardless of your years of experience, email marketing is not something you will be able to do well. You must learn how to segment, personalize and create compelling subject lines. Double-opens are a good idea!

Now it is your turn. These email open rate hacks can be integrated into your email marketing strategy immediately. Like, now. We’d love to hear from you in the comments about which hacks worked for you.
Mail marketing is sending commercial messages via email. Email marketing can be used for many purposes, including promoting products and services directly, offering special deals to existing customers, and many other things. Email marketing includes any email sent to prospects. Definition

Do not listen to those who blame their poor email marketing results on the outdated format. Your email marketing results will depend on your product quality, your tools, and the content of your emails.

Email marketing is doing better than ever. We don’t think so. The numbers speak louder than the words.

97% of experts use email marketing (Social Media Today), to convert recipients into customers.
59% of marketers noticed email has a higher ROI than other methods of promotion (Campaign Monitor).
In 2018, 235.6 billion emails were sent every day. This number is increasing by 5% every year (Radicati).
In 2016, every $1 spent on email marketing brought in $44 (Campaign Monitor).

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Many theories exist about email marketing’s redundancy, particularly when compared to other e-marketing methods. While some may prefer SMM, we can show at least four reasons why email marketing is superior. While some may argue that PPC might be safer, the benefits of email marketing outweigh any other forms of marketing.
Advantage #1: The price

Email marketing is becoming more affordable every year due to the abundance of tools available that simplify and streamline your workflow. Snov.io, for example, offers complete email marketing tools on a monthly and annual basis. You can begin your email marketing for as low as $39 per monthly.

email drip campaigns
Advantage #2: Targeted audience

Email marketing is the ideal combination of mass and personal marketing. Email drip campaigns allow you to reach very targeted leads and automate the entire process including follow-ups. Email marketing allows you to reach people who are interested in your offer. You can also keep in touch with them.
Advantage #3: It’s easy to get started

To get started with email marketing, all you need is an email list. There are many methods to build your email list. We love to use an email finder and laser targeted targeting to ensure you reach the right person with your offer. The email copy is next, which can be created by you. You are now ready to go. Start small, then test and grow.
Advantage #4: It’s easy to track and analyze

After you have sent your campaign, the next step is to analyze the results. An email tracker is a great option if you are still sending small emails from your email account. Pay attention to the statistics page if you use email sending tools. For the best results, follow opens, clicks and replies. Edit your email copy accordingly.
Advantage #5: It’s easy to reach anyone

Marketing emails are a great way to reach people, unlike other channels. Email is used by everyone, from teenagers to senior citizens to CEOs and freelancers.
Advantage #6: Personalization

Email marketing allows you to reach out directly to your customer and give it a personal touch. Personalization is key to open rates and conversions. 62% of emails are opened based only on the personal subject line.
Advantage #7: Segmentation

Personalization and segmentation go hand in hand. To send relevant offers to prospects, it is useful to group all prospects according to specific parameters such as location, age, interests, job position, and location.
Advantage #8: Automation

Although marketing automation is not new, it has become a powerful tool for email marketing. You can now save hours and even days by switching from manual campaign sending to automated drip marketing. You don’t need to constantly monitor and manage the follow-ups. Just tune it once, and you will reap the benefits for weeks.
Advantage #9: No character limits

Marketing emails are open to all. This means that you can create captivating emails through either a story or visual content such as pictures and videos.


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