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We’ve been helping businesses, and individuals connect with USA Senior Citizens Email Database for more than 10 years. Superior quality data coupled with top-quality Customer Service creates the perfect resource for any company that wants contact with Senior Citizens.


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USA Senior Citizens Email Database

Effectively communicate with USA Senior Citizens Email Database using the digital age using a senior permission-based email list. If you believe that seniors aren’t technologically savvy, look at the findings. Studies have shown that baby boomers, seniors, and older adults comprise a fast-increasing portion of computers, Internet smartphones, and tablets.

Senior Citizens Email Database
Senior Citizens Email Database

Not to mention that over 50% of older adults using the Internet today are on social media platforms, including Facebook. Some segments of the more aging populace even consider themselves to be avid Internet users. If you’re not incorporating electronic marketing, such as email, into your marketing strategy, you may be missing this highly profitable segment of the senior population.

How USA Senior Citizens Data is Compiled

The Permission-Based Opt-In Seniors Mailing List has been derived from a myriad of proprietary and public feeds both offline and online, like surveys, self-reported information as well as previous memberships or purchases. If you use our data, you are assured of its accuracy and reliability. Our compilation team reviews the entire database to match the National Change of Address (NCOA) database every month. The database is CASS certified to ensure accuracy further.

Think About The Facts:

77% of seniors are on the Internet.
4 out of 10 seniors own smartphones.

The Recommended Use

This Confirmed Opt-in U.S. The Senior Citizens list is perfect for a wide range of offers such as insurance, annuities, and long-term-care products such as retirement and estate planning and health care Medicare real estate, construction, leisure and hospitality hotels and magazines, travel catalogues, retail, and other offers.


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What exactly is Email Marketing? (Tips and tricks for doing the job)


In your quest to boost leads and increase conversions If you want to increase leads and conversions, you might need to answer the question “What are the benefits of an email-based marketing strategy?” These campaigns require collaboration between different disciplines. When you understand how to make an email marketing campaign you will be able to increase overall sales and retain customers. We address the question, What exactly do you mean by email marketing? We will go over the concept of email marketing and provide guidelines on how to create it.


What is Email Marketing?

USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Database
USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Database

Marketing via email is a marketing strategy that guides and manages the sending of emails to customers who are both current and potential. Marketing strategies that focus on conversions via email and usually contain calls to encourage subscribers to act. The aim of email marketing is to maintain customers and convert prospects into clients. Email marketing lets you personalize your contact with your audience and communicate news about your team and your business. For instance, you could make use of emails to communicate the latest developments about your company and sales or to advertise your products and your brand.

This will boost sales by making sure that customers are aware of their options and are aware of your offerings. Email marketing is a favored method because it provides the greatest ROI of any marketing method available. The benefits of marketing via email include higher sales, higher conversion rates as well as real-time advertising.


How to Design an email marketing campaign

USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Lists
USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Lists

Making emails for marketing requires understanding your products and services as well as changes within your organization. Start by following these steps for starting the email marketing program


  1. Set the goal

USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Leads
USA Senior Citizens Phone Number Leads

Set goals for your email marketing campaign will ensure that the entire team is working toward a common objective. This helps you increase productivity and meet objectives more easily. Here are some suggestions to establish goals for your projects:

  • Notifications: Regularly informing customers about the latest company news and the latest offerings can bring value to the user. Consider what readers can get by studying emails.
  • AttractionNow the challenge is to focus on attracting customers and converting them into buyers. If you have readers who aren’t already customers, an email-based campaign is an excellent way to draw them towards the brand and guide users to the company’s website.
  • Interaction In the process of creating your emails, it is usually required to have an impressive vocabulary and a captivating language that encourages interaction. Utilizing relevant elements, such as videos or images can get your readers interested in the product or service offered by the company or the company’s mission or values.
  • ConversionConversion will be the principal objective of your marketing email campaign. When you are creating conversions, take into consideration how you can increase these conversions to bring in more sales.


  1. Think about the type of email you will receive.


When you are preparing your email marketing strategy Consider whether you’d like to promote an item or sale or announce an opening or create an offer. The aim of your marketing campaign is typically to decide the format that your emails will take. A few of the most popular types of emails that are used in email marketing include:

  • shopping Cart NotificationsWhen your customers or clients quit shopping and do not return their shopping carts, you can send them reminders that increase their likelihood of buying.
  • Confirmation emails are sent out following the purchase. They offer customers and customers an overview of their purchases.
  • newsletters these newsletters inform the customers as well as customers of any potential changes to the company and also offer educational information.
  • Product Announcements: Product announcements notify customers of new products and change customers as well as customers.
  • Special deals: By sending emails to customers about special deals increasing the likelihood of people using these deals to purchase products or services.
  • Welcome emails: Sending email messages of welcome to your customers can make them feel like they are the top priority of the company.


  1. Define your target audience

USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Database
USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Database

Determining your target audience and defining it will boost your leads and converts since your content can reach them much more quickly. You can divide your audience into segments by following these steps:

  • Browsing BehaviorTracking the actions of website users allows you to gain a better understanding of their purchasing preferences. This information can be used for sending targeted messages to these individuals in the near future.
  • Information about demographics: Basic information such as gender, age, and income is available by registering and telling you some details about each individual’s lifestyle.
  • Interactive: You can categorize your list by the activity of your users. You might want to create a targeted marketing campaign targeted to your less active customers.
  • Geographical location: Location can have a significant influence on the shopping habits and buying choices of certain customers. It also helps you plan your emails based on the time zone or even target your target audience based on the local store’s location.
  • Purchases made in the past: This section is ideal to send recommendations on related products or items that are a supplement to previous purchases.
  • The timing between transactions: Sorting by time from the last purchase will aid in sending an appropriate message to the recipients.


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  1. Choose a suitable email service


Not all platforms for marketing via email are created equal. The email marketing platform you select typically will meet your requirements. The factors to consider when selecting the best email service are price as well as interface, feedback, and comparison.


  1. Create a subscriber list


To create your subscriber lists, you must have an unwavering commitment with the permission of your subscribers to send them emails. Here are a list of things to consider when creating your subscriber list:

  • Utilize a form on your website. You could consider putting a pop-up form on your company’s website that lets visitors sign up.
  • Create a form for your social media platforms. Include additional features on your social media site to allow customers and viewers the possibility of sharing your content.
  • Create a value-based proposition. A value proposition gives clients and customers something they will appreciate if they decide for them to send their information addresses to you.
  1. Schedule your email

This guide will assist you in creating the perfect email to attract customers and customers:


Take a look at your subject line


In the beginning, you must write an email subject that will entice people to read the email. For a topic to highlight take into consideration the following points:

  • numbers: Consider quantifiable values which will encourage people to click your email.
  • Tone use of informal tones gives a feeling of familiarity to visitors and customers, which helps increase customer retention.
  • PersonalizationWhile it is possible to send an email message to many recipients, you can personalize your email to a specific customer.


Provide relevant data


After your customers have opened the email, your content has to be connected so that they read on. The more content you offer your customers, the more likely they will keep reading your emails. Also, it ensures that they are accustomed to getting your emails. This improves customer retention as well as increases the likelihood of buyers purchasing the products that you promote in email campaigns.

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Avoid spam folders

USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number ListsUSA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Lists
USA Senior Citizens Mobile Number Lists

Certain emails block incoming messages by sending messages into the mailer’s spam box instantly. To prevent this from happening, think about these suggestions:

  • Be sure that the recipient is authorized to receive emails, and has the option of unsubscribing.
  • Personalize the email message to ensure that the email recipient system is fully aware of the purpose of the message.
  • Use domains with approved registrations.
  • Reduce spam using keywords through the use of up to four keyword phrases per mail.

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Improve your formatting


Take a look at ways to optimize your email marketing campaigns to work on your smartphone, computer as well as other devices on mobile. This will ensure that the recipient can access the message from any location and also avoids obstacles that could stop the receiver from understanding the message. To ensure that your formatting is optimized, try testing your email time and time using your email program to ensure that all images, fonts, and indexes are correctly formatted.

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  1. Keep track of your research

It’s possible to track your email analytics to figure out the most effective campaign. This will provide a foundation for future communications as well as a wealth of knowledge to improve your marketing campaigns. When you track the analytics of your campaign, you will know what topics are of the greatest interest to your readers. Here are some factors to take into consideration in order to improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign:

  • Delivery: Make sure your recipients are able to read your email, increasing the likelihood of them reading your email.
  • clicks Monitor whether email recipients open emails. This will determine if your subject lines are encouraging recipients to read your email.
  • Converters: Your conversions determine whether the recipients fill out the forms or comply with your directions.
  • Subscribers Cancel: Track the number of times your subscribers cancel their subscriptions to your campaigns to determine whether your campaigns will be of interest to the people you are targeting. It is generally recommended that the cancellation rate of subscriptions be less than 2percent.



It is not enough to be able to identify the right things to do when creating a list. Buying
Cheap lists can ruin your email marketing efforts and damage your brand.
image. You can build your list organically by putting in extra effort
You will get beautiful results if you just scratch.
Make sure your landing pages, opt in forms, and lead magnets are well-designed.
Advertisements that are targeted at the right audience are especially effective if they’re paid.
Don’t forget segmenting your email list. Most email marketing
Platforms have tools for segmenting emails to make it easier.
Now you know how to create an email list.
It is important to also learn how to maintain it.
Maintaining your list involves keeping your customers subscribed
Engaged to the point that they become paying customers.
These bonus tips will help you.
Everyone wants to feel welcomed, in person or online.
It is best to send new subscribers when you gain them.
welcome emails.
These emails don’t need to be sent individually, so you can just send them all together.
You can create autoresponders for welcome emails.
After a trigger, autoresponders automatically send emails to the address provided.
Action by a customer
This feature is a must if you use an email marketing platform that’s reliable.
It is easy to set-up.
At 91%, welcome emails have the highest open rates of email. With
These emails have a high open rate and are ideal for introducing people.
Your business to your subscriber and getting them complete
To build your list further, you can use your welcome emails.
Ask your subscribers to refer friends and family. It’s easy to refer your new subscribers.
Referring friends to your new customers can be a great way to go.
Imagine that you have just made a friend and they can’t believe it.
stop talking. It would be irritating, right?
This is how subscribers feel when they receive many emails.
Within a very short time.
Spamming is sending unsolicited and irrelevant emails to others.
People who are looking to market to them.
They may be offended and unsubscribe or report.
You can also be considered spam. This can be very damaging to your business’ image and could lead to a loss of customers.
Your domain is blocked and you are unable to send email to other accounts.
It is a terrible thing.
Don’t do it.
Do not lose customers after they have been yours.
Email marketing is more than just sending emails.
To help you, an email marketing strategy that is customized to your needs is essential.
achieve your marketing goals.
This strategy will outline the type of emails that you send and how often.
Frequency, design, monitoring.
Your subscribers need to know when you send your emails
Emails and the type of email to expect.
Your customers shouldn’t unsubscribe because you aren’t.
Delivering on your promises and not sending out sales emails only.
Email marketers who are professionals can help you create and maintain your email list.
Your email marketing strategy will help you increase your list.
Maximize your profit. To make email, you should hire one.
Marketing is easier for you
Your subscribers are busy people who don’t like to do boring things.
be disturbed. You must keep them interested in your company to keep them engaged.
To be able to relate to them as if you were physical friends.
This is the essence of keeping a list.
We hope that you enjoyed this guide and are now ready
To build your list.
A better way to get results is to build an organic list.
Trust and loyalty are the foundation of a customer-business relationship.
Follow these steps to get your email list set up.
High-quality conversations can lead to a significant increase in revenue.
This guide is simple and straightforward.
When it comes to marketing books, products and services, nothing compares to the power of a large mailing address. It is important for nonfiction writers, especially those who are aspiring to publish, to put their efforts into building their mailing list. This can be done using your writing skills. You can create a quick ebook, and then give it away as a lead magnet.

A call to action, also known as a lead magnet, is an offer you make in exchange for your email address. These are sometimes called “ethical bribe” or “offer” by bloggers to get site visitors to sign up to their mailing lists. These forms can be found on many sites, including this one. You’ll find the offer on the right. Here is the NinaAmir.com offer.

Although you can create a strong platform on Twitter or Google Plus, you do not have control over them and you cannot claim ownership of the contacts you build there. If you build a list of followers with an email-marketing platform like Aweber.com you are able to use that list to contact people who are interested in your book(s), your products, or services. This allows you to reach your potential clients, readers, and customers with great freedom.
Make a free Ebook Lead Magnet

Today, very few people want to sign up in a newsletter. They are too busy and their inboxes are full. If they get a valuable product, such as an ebook, whitepaper, report, or manifesto, they will sign up to your mailing list. If they are eligible to receive an audio recording, course, or video series, they will also add their email address to a form on the site.

Producing a written product, such as an ebook, can seem simpler and faster if you’re a writer. To build your mailing list, you should use your strongest skill-writing.

First, sign up for an email marketing service. Click here to visit Aweber.com. Write a brief ebook to attract subscribers to either your primary or specific list. This could be related to your current book project, or one that you are certain you will need to promote in the future.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you’re trying to finish a manuscript. I’m telling to create an ebook. It’s easy to create an ebook giveaway for your list that builds trust and promotes good writing.
It is easy to create an ebook giveaway for list building in a few simple steps that don’t require much writing.

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Six Fast Ways to Create an Ebook!

These six methods can help you create a quick ebook. They are all easy to do, and require very little writing. Each one should include your bio, contact information, and an “About” page about your company at the end. Do not exceed 10,000 words. You should aim for between 4,000 and 6,00 words. To build your mailing list, you will need to quickly create a brief ebook.

You can write a quick ebook: There are many book formats you could use to quickly create a book. You could, for example, create a Q&A book. Consider 10 common questions that you are asked and how often they are answered. You have a book. You can also write a prescriptive nonfiction book. This will include five steps (or fewer) that you use to accomplish whatever you are doing. You can also create a list with 10-25 tips and resources, and include them in a tip book.
Blog a brief ebook: Make a plan for your blog that will include a series or posts about a topic you think your clients, readers, and customers will be interested in. You could, for example, write five to ten posts about a topic in your book. A series of posts could be written that addresses common problems encountered by clients and customers. This is a solution/problem book. After you have published the series, add an introduction to your article and a conclusion. A chapter, of blog-post length, may be added with additional information. This gives readers something to look forward to.
Use an event transcript as the foundation of your ebook: If you often offer teleseminars or webinars, record them with whatever service you use, such as Gotowebinar.com, freeconferencecall.com, or gotomeeting.com. Once you are done, download the recording and have it transcribbed. There are two options: Either you can make the transcript look like an ebook or provide the raw transcript. Although the latter option is more difficult, you can create a nice ebook with just a little effort from an hour-long webinar. This is especially true if you know in advance that the information that you share will be printed. Consider adding a conclusion and an introduction to your webinar.
Podcasting or speaking an ebook: This is the best way to create a short ebook. “Speak” it. Write a brief ebook. Next, you will speak about the book in your podcast sessions. Each one is a little like blogging a book. If you don’t have a podcast, you can use a digital recorder or your SMART smartphone. Or, you can use a transcription program like iDictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Next, edit, revise and add an intro or conclusion.
You can reuse existing material to make a book. For example, authors often give away samples of chapters from their forthcoming books. Or they “book” their blogs (repurpose old posts) instead of “blog their books.” You may even have enough newsletter articles to create an ebook. You can create an ebook in no time with a little editing and revising.
Make an ebook with templates. You can offer a service such as five blog post templates, three press release formats, or 10 fill in the blank ways to write a book summary. Package this into an ebook. Add an introduction and a few tips to the end and you’ve got an ebook. You haven’t even written anything!

Whatever ebook type you choose, make sure your manuscript is professionally edited and covered. Then, convert the entire project into PDF format. You can also convert the ebook to epub or mobi and upload it to Amazon, or any other site if you wish.
Do not stop at one Ebook

These six options will allow you to quickly create an ebook for free. These options don’t distract you from writing your “real” ebook. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who sign up for your short ebook once you offer it as a “gift” to existing subscribers to your email list. You’ll also realize the importance of this list when you promote your book or product/service. When you announce the publication, it will have created a potential readership that is eager to buy your book.

You might also want to create short, free ebooks that target specific groups or interest lists. This allows you to market to them at any time, regardless of whether you have a book, product, or service to launch.
It is difficult to write a convincing cold email. Each line should grab your prospects’ attention and be concise. There are powerful formulas that you can use to organize your copy and increase the number of cold emails received.

Our team of marketing experts combined their years of experience in email marketing with the best strategies and techniques from professionals around the globe to create this article as well as the ebook.

Let’s begin with the most popular copywriting model, AIDA. This model focuses on one reader. This formula will make your email more personal and more recipient-centered. AIDA-based emails won’t seem like a spam, but rather a friendly invitation from one person.

These are the AIDA components:

Attention – Grab the prospect’s attention by opening the subject line. To get your prospects to notice you, analyze their target audience.

Interessiveness – Once you have attracted the attention of your target audience, appeal to their personal or professional interests. Your prospect’s pain points should be highlighted. It’s all about the prospect and not about you.

Desire – List all benefits and describe their value. You can stimulate desire by using social proof, scarcity effect or exclusivity to elicit this behavior. Or, you could tell how your offer would transform your prospect’s lives.

Action – Now that you have attracted the attention of your lead, whetted their curiosity and created a desire for your offer it is time to send your email. Ask for a specific action. Don’t confuse them by giving multiple options.

Let’s look at the AIDA formula in action.

AIDA formula

This email is very concise. This email perfectly illustrates one thing about cold emails: making your email short increases the likelihood that the recipient will read it. Let’s see the next formula.
The Point or BBB: Get to the Point


The more concise, the better. People love simplicity and brevity. Don’t use unnecessary adjectives, and don’t go around in circles. These are the principles that will guide you in building your BBB email.

Keep it short – Keep your emails as brief as possible. Studies have shown that shorter emails lead to faster responses.

Blunt – Get straight to the point. Describe what you have to say and how it could be helpful or useful.

Simple – Keep it simple Avoid using complicated sentence structures or words. Keep in mind who you are writing this email to.

Do not ask for an appointment, or ramble on about it. This cold email formula makes the shortest email messages, so each word must add value.

This is how your email should look:

BBB formula

We were able to communicate in just 40 words that we are aware and understand the prospect’s primary pain point. We also introduced ourselves and explained our services and encouraged them to take action. There’s nothing more.
Make an Image or a BAB


The BAB formula allows you to create a customized offer that is tailored to your recipient’s needs and wants.

Before – Describe the problem your prospect is facing. Be specific and only mention the benefits or consequences of your product or service.

After – Show them the possibilities of a future without this issue. Use specific numbers or stats if you have them.

Bridge – Tell them how your product/service can help them achieve that future.

Write one paragraph per element of the formula for maximum impact. A call to action is also important.

This formula is very popular with cold emails. This formula works because it’s based on Freudian pleasure principles, which states that humans instinctively seek pleasure and avoid pain. These are two key motivators that drive people to take action.

Take a look at this example:

Formula BAB

The BAB formula will help you transform product-focused copy to benefit-focused copy that appeals to prospects and converts them.
Pain Points or PAS


Similar to the BAB formula the PAS formula relies on identifying a unique pain point. Instead of presenting a picture of a bright future without this problem, you add salt to the wound. This is how it works:

Problem – Find the sore point.

Agitate – Stress the seriousness of the problem by getting into the details. Use examples, personal experiences or links to resources to reinforce your assertion.

Solve – This stage is where you are the hero and have a solution.

Because pain is more motivating than pleasure, the PAS formula works. People are more likely than not to do something to gain positive results to avoid negative consequences. The recipient will be motivated to find a solution if they can see how the problem could worsen or impact other areas of their lives.

This is the formula in action.

Formula for PAS

Your prospect should feel frustrated by the Agitate and Problem elements. Make sure that the Solve element addresses them all. Never agitate prospects with problems your product or service does not solve.
It’s all about the Question or QVC


Did you know that asking a question in your email can help attract attention to the receiver? Keep your cold emails between 3 and 5. Use the QVC formula below to help you manage this difficult task.

Ask a question – There is no need to introduce yourself. Instead, get straight to the point.

Value Proposition – Communicate your core message, and highlight what makes you different from others.

Call to Action – This is the last point in your email. A closing call to actions should be effective in eliciting a response.

QVC should be clear and concise, just like the BBB formula. Pay close attention to each word. Let’s look at this email formula:

QVC formula

This is one of your most powerful formulas to get your prospect hooked from the beginning. Your email should sound more relaxed than a solicitation for attention.
Be nice or PPP


PPP works because of psychology: Being praised by people even you don’t know releases dopamine which improves your mood.

Praise – Be kind and open to complimenting your prospect. Receiving a compliment activates your pleasure centers in the same way as receiving money. This is a great scene to start your email.

Picture – Create a cause-and effect sequence to show your prospect how your product/service can benefit them. Prospects will trust your reasoning more when you clearly explain cause and effect.

Push – Give them a taste of what you have to offer but don’t go into too much detail. Give enough information to pique the interest of prospects and to push them to take action.

This is an example email that we created using this formula.

PPP email formula

We’ve seen this common error made by many marketers with this formula: Not putting enough effort into the Praise component.

This is the key element that will most influence your prospect’s decision. It should be a compliment that highlights a specific and significant achievement, not just empty praise.

Don’t overplaud either. Focus on the things that make your prospect stand apart to preserve the human touch and not sound too salesy.
Star of the Show/SCH


This SCH formula was originally created as an advertisement message. Although its elements are very similar to AIDA formula’s, the key components are distinctive and more specific. These are your steps:

Star – Present your idea, product or service as the star of the show. Your opening should be positive and catchy.

Chain – Give a list of compelling facts, benefits, and reasons why your Star will make a difference in the life of your recipient. This section is meant to draw the recipient’s interest and desire.

Hook – Get them to take action with a strong call to action

You should be focusing on the chain. The chain should contain enough information to support your hook and star. These could include testimonials, data from trusted sources, case studies, or other relevant use cases. Here’s how it works.

SCH email formula

This formula is great because it allows you to be creative in your copy. It’s ideal for trying out new ideas and experimenting with them.

To increase conversions, include information about current discounts and offers that will convince your prospects to take action faster.
Get Their Feelings Stirred or SSS


SSS is a short formula that focuses on characters and includes the following elements:

Star – Introduce your star in your story. This could be you, your prospect, or even your idea, product or service.

Story – Write about the problem that the star is facing. Your story should be coherent and compelling.

Solution: Describe the winning situation that led to the star’s success.

Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic. Try to find the problems of your prospects and get their emotions involved. This will help you stand out. This will result in an email with the SSS formula:

SSS email formula

You don’t need to have much experience in copywriting. Get feedback from your coworkers on your final copy and the Story element.
Let them go or BYAF

But you are free

The BYAF is an extremely simple, but highly effective method of compliance-gaining.

It is as simple as stating that the prospect will not accept your offer or request to move it forward. 42 psychological studies that included more than 22.000 participants have proven its persuasive effectiveness.

Recognizing the freedom of your target audience to say no increases your chances of receiving an affirmative reply and your overall response rate.

It’s as simple as that!

It is easy to use the BYAF formula. Your email can be arranged in any way you like, so long as you include the But You Are Free element.

But you are free to use the email formula

This is the method we use most often. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any planning. The BYAF element removes any objection that might be raised by any prospect who receives a cold email. This makes you appear friendlier to prospects, which is always a benefit.
The Classic or RDM


This model was based on John Caples’ analysis of the Reader’s Digest articles using his classic book Tested Advertising Methods.

He believes that the best articles have a few things in common.

They are fact-packed
They are very specific
There are very few adjectives
These are telegraphic
They are arousing curiosity

Check that your email ticks all the boxes. This is a formula you can call old but good. This is how you can use it for cold emailing.

The Reader’s Digest Model email recipe

These are the characteristics that email marketers will use to describe a great email copy. You should finish it with a compelling CTA or open question that will encourage the recipient to reply.
Get 10 cold email formulas that work every single time
Get your free ebook

Select your recipe

Although cold emails can be difficult to send, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. These 10 proven formulas will transform your cold email into useful messages that generate leads or build stronger relationships.

In my opinion, the best formula you should try is P(roblem)-A(gitate)-S(olve). It’s short enough to communicate your message quickly and efficiently, while also solving problems. Register on Snov.io to receive 100 unique Email Drip Campaign recipients and put your favorite formulas into practice.
Four Reasons Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media Marketing
It seems that everyone is competing to gain the most followers. Instagram followers are more influential than Twitter fans. However, thousands of Twitter fans can mean a larger reach for your brand.

If you look at it this way, social networking seems like the best tool for a company (and 83% say it’s important to their brand).

However, statistics show that email is used more by consumers than any other social media platform. In fact, over half of email users check their email before checking their social networks in the morning. This information could be used to argue that while social media may seem like the most important asset for a brand, email is the preferred choice of consumers.

Let’s look at the key reasons why email marketing is superior to social media marketing.
1. It’s more personal

Today’s consumers want deeper relationships with brands. Even in this digital age, where everything is done behind a pixelated display, consumers still want deeper relationships with brands. This is where email comes in.

You have to wait for your followers to scroll down to see what you post on social media. Brands often see their posts disappearing due to all the algorithm changes that prioritise content from family and friends.

Emails, however, are delivered directly to the inbox of recipients.

Because you are talking to your customers one-on-one in a private setting, it is a more personal way of communicating with them.
2. You own your list of subscribers

Imagine spending hours on social media building a following that you love, only for it to go down and take all of your fans with it. Think about Vine.

Social media platforms have the problem of controlling your followers, and you are basically unable to control them.

How many people would you lose contact with if Twitter shut down tomorrow?

email marketing

Source: Chromozome

Email is different because you can own your subscribers’ list, regardless of whether it’s stored in a CRM or an Excel spreadsheet. Once a subscriber signs up for your email list, they have unlimited access to your data. You are not subject to the changing and volatile nature of social media.
3. Algorithms are not your only option

Social media platforms seem determined to give consumers what they want, and that is great. Sometimes, however, this can be detrimental to brands and businesses trying to reach their target audience.

In the last couple of years, platforms like Instagram and Facebook drastically modified their algorithms to meet the needs and wants of their users. Consumers want to see more posts from friends and family than from brands.

Brands have to be creative to make their brand stand out on social media feeds.

Email does not have such algorithms.

It is very simple: send an email, and it will go straight to the top in the recipient’s mailbox.
4. You get a higher ROI

This is where the numbers come in and things get juicy.

Marketers are likely to constantly think about the return on investment of any techniques they implement. It doesn’t make sense to spend your time, energy and money on a tactic that isn’t bringing in any results. Email is your friend.

Marketing emails are opened on average 1 in 5 times and have a clickthrough rate of 3.57%. Facebook has a lower average clickthrough rate at 0.07%. It goes beyond that. Email marketing is the most profitable marketing strategy. Every company that invests $1 in email marketing can expect to generate $38 in revenue.

email roi

Source: Marketing Insider Group
Email Marketing is better than social media marketing every time

It is tempting to join the social media wagon and try to gain as many followers as possible. Social media is constantly changing and there’s always the chance that a platform will close its doors. This could lead to financial ruin.

Although tools like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be great for building relationships with your audience and generating leads, email is what really gets results.

Email has a huge ROI, which completely outweighs social media’s ROI. It is definitely a strategy tool that you should consider. It is easy to reach recipients directly, build relationships and doesn’t need to be influenced by the social media world.


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