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The United Arab Emirates is a thriving country and a valuable potential market for your business. Buy this UAE, DUBAI EMAIL DATABASE to get ahead of the competition and put your pitch directly in the hands of those most likely to become your customers.

Purchase UAE Dubai email database and you will not regret your decision!

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Tapping into foreign markets isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t know how to find the right people to talk to, those who have the most potential to buy what your business is selling. You can waste a lot of time trying to compile your own email marketing list … or you can cut right to the chase and buy this United Arab Emirates email list or UAE Dubai Email Database , which contains the important contact information you need for sales leads in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain.

Dubai Email Database
Dubai Email Database

When you buy a business database from us, you won’t just get generic contacts that lead nowhere, like director@example.com or mailing addresses that start with “Manager.” This United Arab Emirates UAE email database contains direct, human-verified contact details including real names, job titles, information about their companies, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers. Best of all, every B2B email list we sell is regularly checked by machines and by real people to make sure that it’s accurate.

Dubai Email Lists
Dubai Email Lists

Let us take the hassle out of compiling business contact lists. Just buy this mailing list of UAE sales leads, download the .CSV file, and in minutes, your sales staff can be forging new connections with potential clients.

2022 Best-Selling Updated UAE Dubai Email Database

The United Arab Emirates is no doubt, a thriving country and is one of the best places to flourish your business. It is a valuable potential place for your business and can make you reach heights easily. It has been ranked as one of the top five global cities for businesses among Tokyo, New York, London, Paris and Milan.
Dubai Email Leads
Dubai Email Leads
It gives access to 3.3 billion people in three different regions of the globe with its population amassing around 50% of it as tourists as well as ex-pats all over the world. Dubai is called the ‘City of Business’. Also, it is a strong commercial capital in the Middle East and has been recognized to have an effective regional trade and various business hubs.
Dubai Mailing Lists
Dubai Mailing Lists
The Dubai email databases contain a lot of information and can be considered as a treasure hub of relevant and useful information that will be really helpful for your business.
Dubai Email Address
Dubai Email Address

Dubai is the gateway of the most developed markets of the world and therefore, the opportunities here are limitless with a variety of target markets. It is a special economic zone especially for the business owners as they can get the benefit of keeping 100% ownership of the business and can also enjoy the tax exemptions.

Dubai Business Email Database
Dubai Business Email Database
The Dubai email lists can help you to reach the target audience in no time. With such a large population, the place becomes vast and therefore, it is not easy to find the target audience easily. The people who are genuinely interested in your business will help you to reach heights in your business.

Accurate And Freshly Updated UAE Dubai Email Database

The Dubai customers database provided by Email Pro Leads is having all the information of the contacts that are interested in your business. Buy the Dubai email lists to get ahead of the competition and you can directly put your pitch in the hands of the people who are most likely to become your customers.
Dubai Consumer Email Database
Dubai Consumer Email Database
The UAE Dubai Email Database will also be helpful in saving time and your efforts that could have been wasted otherwise on the work that has already been done by us. Our team has already completed the research work and have also cross-checked the information for your convenience. These are the tasks already done by our team and you have to pay a small amount for the same. The value is also affordable as we have also taken into consideration the small businesses.
With the help of our UAE Dubai b2b database, you can reach the highest position in the market.
Dubai leads
Dubai leads

Why Should You Consider Our UAE Dubai Email Database?

It is not easy to tap into the foreign markets and achieve a position, especially when you do not know how can you find the right people or can target your audience. The target audience refers to the customers who have the highest potential to buy what your business is selling. You will be otherwise wasting a lot of time in compiling your own email lists which will definitely be a hard option and not worth your precious time and efforts as this work is already done by our team.

Dubai Mobile Number Database
Dubai Mobile Number Database

You can easily buy the UAE Dubai targeted email list from Email Pro Leads and can get the important contact information you need for sale leads in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain.

Dubai Phone Leads
Dubai Phone Leads

When you will buy a business database from us, you will not just get the generic contacts that will lead you nowhere such as director@example.com or the mailing address that starts with ‘Manager’. The United Arab Emirates consumer email database comprises direct, human-verified contact details that will be including real names, job titles, information about the companies, email addresses, mailing addresses, contact numbers and fax numbers as well.

Dubai email leads
Dubai email leads

Each b2b email list that we sell is regularly checked by the machines and also by real people in order to make sure that the data is accurate and up to date.

No need to hassle. Just buy the Dubai email database, download the CSV file and literally in minutes, your sales staff will be forging new connections with the potential customers.

Reach Your Target UAE Market using Dubai Email Address

Folders Are Segregated As Per

  • Job title
  • State
  • Industry

Email Pro Leads is offering the only most current UAE, DUBAI EMAIL DATABASE to help you in your business. It is updated constantly and is also checked for accuracy. Email Pro Leads only offers you the best on which you can totally rely upon.

What Are The Properties Of Our Dubai Email Database?

The Dubai email database provided by us contain the properties mentioned below:

  • Affordable rates
  • Updated timely
  • Highly accurate
  • Fresh and new records are available
  • Easy and simple MS Excel Files
  • No limitation on usage
  • Easy controlling by MS Excel
  • Main categories
  • Already sorted for you
  • Customizations also available
  • SIC Categorised

Our Dubai email database is updated for you. 

Dubai lists
Dubai lists

Dubai Email Leads Specification

Email Pro Leads offer the most efficient and current UAE Dubai Email Database to help you grow your business and target your audience. The Dubai business database provided by our company is updated and is also checked constantly for accuracy. 

It has also been observed that various businesses and companies who use this method of email marketing and send emails to the targeted individuals get higher returns on their incomes as compared to the business owners who do not follow this method.

Email marketing is, no doubt always a better idea.

At Email Pro Leads, you can buy the UAE Dubai targeted email list for a small amount and can grow your business. 

UAE Dubai Mailing Lists FIELDS

  1. Company’s Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Sic Code
  10. Industry
  11. Web address

Why Should You Consider Buying UAE Dubai Email Database?

If you are not marketing your business, either the product that you are selling or the services that you offer, chances are a lot less than you will be getting more customers or your business will flourish.

It is therefore suggested to opt for marketing, mainly email marketing, as it holds the ability to reach a large number of people in a short span of time. Also, Emails are considered the most important marketing channels in this age of digitalization as they constantly deliver the highest ROI.

After the pandemic of Coronavirus, every businessman has witnessed a decline in his business and has suffered a loss. The market was readily transferred on the internet as the physical world was no longer working enough. Internet was the best and is the best place where one can market one’s business as it helps to target the maximum number of audience in a short span of time.

Dubai email lists
Dubai email lists

Email Marketing holds the top position in the list of various marketing tools that can help you to boost your business efficiently. Buy UAE Dubai database for marketing and save your precious time and efforts.

It is suggested to go for email marketing as it is the most effective channel that can help you to reach every business in the world. It is the time that you make the most fruitful investment for your business.  Buy UAE Dubai email database for marketing and witness the growth in your business.

You need not waste your precious time and efforts to manually search for different business contacts for your business either from telephone directories or online websites. The team of Email Pro Leads have already done all this work and the accuracy is also guaranteed. These databases are up to date and are affordable at the same time.

Dubai email database
Dubai email database

It requires efforts, time and resources in order to create the lists of emails and gather a great number of records. Also, there is no need to waste your money when all the work has been done already.

Buy UAE Dubai Email Database for your business and this will be one of the most useful investments.

Dubai Email Lists Disclaimer

The UAE Dubai email lists provided by us can be downloaded easily once you purchase them and you do not even have to wait a bit for the lists. As soon as your order gets confirmed, you can easily download the email lists in MS Excel format for easy access. 

The UAE Dubai email databases will help you to spread your business across the globe in no time. It will help you to contact the people who are genuinely interested in your business and you will get the maximum number of orders.

The UAE Dubai email database providers have done thorough research and accuracy tests and after that, have come up with a list of different business contacts as per your need.

The UAE Dubai database can be downloaded easily and there is no complexity. All the relevant information is provided within the databases and you just have to reach them. Email marketing has emerged strongly after the wave of coronavirus as the whole of the world shifted to online business. This is because it is easy to get customers online and with the advancements in technology, you can easily deliver your orders from sitting at one corner of the world. Everything has become so easy with the onset of internet marketing.

Purchase UAE Dubai email lists and you will not regret your decision!


For Any Queries, Please do Whatsapp

+1 (718) 504-0796

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

How do you define email marketing?

Uae Dubai Email Database
Uae Dubai Email Database

One of the most effective ways to communicate with a prospective customer base could be Email Marketing. Through this method of communication, the contact is direct with them, and the likelihood of the conversion is greater and often more efficient.


Email Marketing

Uae Dubai Email Lists
Uae Dubai Email Lists

Many believe that due to the rise of the new Digital Marketing tools, such as social media, Email Marketing is dying however this isn’t the case since this method remains one of the most important strategies you employ and, if you use it correctly way, it can yield amazing outcomes.


According to a study done by McKinsey & Company, email is 40 times more effective in gaining more customers than other social media and, as per Econsultancy, 66% of marketers think that email’s capability to create RSI can be described as “excellent” and “good” however only 41% of them feel the same about the social media marketing.


Additionally, Harris Interactive assures that users enjoy email, with 81% who stated that they would make purchases on the internet or in stores because of emails.


The same study by Harris Interactive indicated that 42 per cent of businesses believe that email is among the most efficient leads-generation channels. In addition, 88% of B2Bs believe that email is the most effective lead generation method.


Another indicator that email marketing is more popular than ever is that according to MarketingSherpa, the companies that send more than 100,000 email messages per month get an average return of 94% on this investment. This data makes it obvious to see that Email Marketing must be present in your marketing strategy.


To begin this journey, you need to know the definition of Email Marketing and the advantages of Email Marketing; what is an Email Marketing campaign? What is the best way to design your Email Marketing campaign? And the most popular Email Marketing platforms, in this manner, you’ll be capable of sending your first email with no fear of trying.


What is email marketing?

Uae Dubai Email Leads
Uae Dubai Email Leads

Practically, Email Marketing is sending emails to draw the attention of prospective customers. The concept is simple. However, we’ll clarify that it doesn’t contain the sending of junk or spam emails since it’s about high-quality information and that the individuals to who you email it are interested.


Another idea that we are fond of since we believe it’s right on target is blogger Vilma Nunez. She claims the following: Email Marketing is “a technique employed by companies to communicate with their intended audience via emails. This type of marketing strategy includes mailings and newsletters, and, more importantly, an effective strategy that can support the actions that are carried out.”


In its way, Wikipedia defines it as “In general terms, the word Email Marketing>is usually used to describe sending out email messages to improve the relationships of a business with its previous or current customers, and to increase customer loyalty. Customer and business, getting more customers, or convincing existing customers to purchase something now and adding announcements to emails that other businesses send at their customer.”


You will notice that the most common theme is that the primary goal is to create a personal connection with your prospective customer. Still, another important factor is that these emails have a purpose behind them as they aren’t sent out without an obvious reason.


Additionally, as part of its obligation to remain, it’s not an intrusive method since the customer decides to be informed, whether it Blogspot, offers ebook, etc. about your brand, product or services, and you will increase engagement with customers who are interested in the services you provide.


The benefits of Email Marketing

Uae Dubai Mailing Lists
Uae Dubai Mailing Lists

The most significant advantage of email marketing is undoubtedly the direct contact with your prospective customer. You have a personal connection with an individual that could be turned into a sale. The other benefits of this online marketing tool include:


The cost

Uae Dubai Mailing Leads
Uae Dubai Mailing Leads

There are a variety of platforms, which we’ll be discussing later, where the mailer is free, as are templates, etc. Therefore, the cost of the email campaign for marketing is inexpensive compared to other online marketing methods.



Email Marketing allows you to select the people you send your messages to. Therefore, if you know clearly who your Buyer (audience) is and what they are looking for, or you want to know about what is important to people, their wants are, their daily challenges and goals, and other such details. You’ll be able to create 100% customized content and, consequently, you’ll be very close to making a sale.



In a world where people desire everything from today, Email Marketing becomes your friend; as soon as you’ve established your plan and the segments you want to create, it will take only a few seconds will be between hitting the send button and then receiving the email from your prospective customer.


You can test it.

Uae Dubai B2C Emaill Database
Uae Dubai B2C Emaill Database

The majority of email marketing platforms allow users to evaluate the effect on their marketing actions in real-time. To determine whether your segmentation is working or if your marketing message is effective, allow an hour or a day to pass by, and then you’ll be able to adjust the rudder.


You can get to any part of the world.

Uae Dubai Phone Number Database
Uae Dubai Phone Number Database

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find clients in different countries, but by using Email Marketing, you break geographical barriers and connect to all corners of the world with just one click. Long live globalization!


It’s environmentally friendly.

Uae Dubai Mobile Number Database
Uae Dubai Mobile Number Database

While this benefit may not be directly related to your company, it’s an advantage for everyone around the world. When you send an email, you can save thousands of tons of paper each year that contribute to caring for our planet and stopping the destruction of our parks.


What is an Email Marketing campaign, and how to implement it?

An Email Marketing campaign is a series of commercial messages sent to a database of email addresses of those who have opted to be part of your newsletter. A creative and strategic justification must also back them.


The most crucial aspect of being aware is that when you are executing the Email Marketing campaign, you must define a strategy and understand your Buyer Persona precisely. If you don’t have this information, you’ll likely lose time and wind up feeling extremely frustrated.


We will detail step-by-step what you need to do for the most successful Email Marketing campaign, and you will be able to attract the highest amount of clients with it.


Find the goal

Uae Dubai Telephone Number Database
Uae Dubai Telephone Number Database

You first need to determine the goals you intend to accomplish by the campaign. Once you have defined your objectives, you need to establish metrics to determine whether you’re meeting the goals of the campaign or not.


For instance, if you have summer sales that will allow you to sell the entire items from last season’s sale, Your goals could be:


Enhance the volume of sales via emails.

Please create a new sales channel that will benefit our customers.

Get more people to visit the internet.

The criteria for these goals may include:


An increase of 15% in sales made via email.

More than 15 times more web traffic comes via email.

The number of new subscribers by 20 20%.

Define the strategy

It is now time to decide how you’ll achieve the goals you’ve already established. Once you have created the strategy, you must find an equilibrium between the strategic and the imaginative, as it’s not just the process of sending out an email to an audience who is interested in one (or many) of your offerings; however, it is also about how you communicate the information you wish to communicate.


If we use the previous summer sales that sold everything from the previous season, your strategy might be:


Special offers are available to those who sign up for your email newsletter.


Special offers for older subscribers.


Define the content

You know what you’re looking to accomplish and how you will do it, but now you need to decide how to transmit the information. This crucial aspect is vital since it’s crucial since a significant portion of the success or failure of the plan is determined by how you communicate the information.


Everything is contingent on your audience’s preferences, how they communicate, and the type of product; however, it is important to be aware of the way you’ll deliver it. After clicking “send”, there’s no way to go back, and a negative message could result in the prospect of purchase.


For instance, if we keep the same concept of selling summer merchandise and sell the entire merchandise of last year, excellent content could be


Sending outfits using the items you already have at a discount

Submitting articles (ent blog or radius) in which summer trends are presented and where you mention your products.

Sending special offers for a couple of days, with an unrestricted URL only for Subscribers.

Determine the amount of frequency content

Find the right balance The ideal is one per week, but only when it’s quality content that will not make your readers bored to be able to. However, if you do not have high-quality content already completed and thought about, it is recommended to send out emails every 15 days or once each month. It would help if you dedicated enough time to create the quality content you require.


Create a schedule for shipping

Uae Dubai Business Emaill Database
Uae Dubai Business Emaill Database

Once you have decided what content you’ll send out and when it is time to define the precise dates and the information you’ll send, keep in mind that you need to be able to keep your emails fresh enough so as not to make your readers bored and also make them read your emails, so be inventive.


The Anatomy of the Perfect Email

We’ll give you useful tips to ensure that you can create an ideal email starting from name to body and consequently achieve the maximum amount of sales by this technique. Let’s start!


The subject or title of the message

Let’s say that it’s your first impression to your reader, so it must be appealing enough to make them browse through before opening the mailer. It should also be short (no over 50 words); however, it should be compelling enough to ensure that the reader will not be able to resist opening the email.


Create a personalized email using your name as the person in the text under the subject. In this way, they’ll be more likely to open the mailer because it gives them the impression that it’s an exclusive offer only for them.


Check the text

Uae Dubai Consumer Emaill Database
Uae Dubai Consumer Emaill Database

An error in spelling could result in the conversion process, so make sure you check the grammar and spelling of your email with care. Be sure that the message isn’t long enough, and remember that you only get a few minutes of focus which is why you should be concise and precise in the message you wish to convey.


Less is more

Uae Dubai Company Emaill Database
Uae Dubai Company Emaill Database

In and around Beijing So, don’t spend your time squandering the images and details you provide in your mail. Be concise, concise and clear, and your recipients will appreciate it.


Don’t forget about yourself.

While we don’t intend to be intrusive or speak about ourselves constantly, It is essential to incorporate your company’s logo and company name in the body of your email. In this manner, you’ll be informing the customer about your brand. Also, you should include a “view on the internet” hyperlink if some users have difficulty reading the email.


Also, we suggest including at the bottom of the email all contact information that you can think of, such as email addresses, websites and phone numbers, addresses and so on. This helps you let people know where and ways to contact you without having to do a lot of searches.


pay attention to the message

The focus should be on message, what you intend to convey, and, most importantly, what you wish to promote or sell. Be cautious with your images to ensure that you do not overdo it in your email. Also, be aware of the weight. If they are heavy, it is possible that servers can stop you immediately.


Buttons for Social Networks

Uae Dubai Corporate Emaill Database
Uae Dubai Corporate Emaill Database

By including them, you can help increase the spread of your content and share it with other users who might have an interest in the service or product.


Unsubscribe button

Uae Dubai B2B Emaill Database
Uae Dubai B2B Emaill Database

While the final thing we would like is for users to opt out of our mailing list, we need to include it at the bottom of our email if a user decides to decide to do so.


It’s a professional platform that functions as a collection of digital marketing solutions. It began by focusing on mass marketing. In the following years, they’ve added diverse solutions like creating landing pages or retargeting systems, and the most recent is the Marketing Automation module. Importantly, customer support is available in Spanish.



In essence, Email Marketing is an excellent method of generating immediate contact with your customer. If you practice consistently and strategically, you will build more lasting and durable relationships in time.



Source Link: https://www.genwords.com/blog/email-marketing


How can you increase sales at an online store with marketing via email?


The Internet has been a major aspect of our everyday lives for quite some time. Ukrainians increasingly prefer shopping online because it’s efficient and lucrative. According to data for the year 2018’s year 22, millions of people from Ukraine can access the Internet more than 7 million of them regularly make purchases at online stores. Marketing via email can help you reach new customers, and also sell your service or product online.


Promotion via search engines

Uae Dubai Business Emaill Database
Uae Dubai Business Emaill Database

We all use Google or any other search engine to get the information we require. The majority of the time, we locate the information we’re seeking on the first page, and seldom go through over two or more pages of results. In order to expand your sales and attract more customers, it is necessary to get an advantage on your first result on the page. Another way to look at it is that it is referred to as the top 10 results of a search.

The content and images you post on your store’s website should be optimized for SEO so that your pages appear at the top of the results for the queries that you want to rank for. Experts advise spending money on an appropriate SEO installation once to make money several times over.


Based on the semantics collected (the amount of queries that your prospective customers could use to find your products) Search or contextual advertising is constructed. Contrary to organic search results it’s displayed over the results of your search. The cost per click of contextual advertising is based on a number of aspects, such as competition in the area, the effectiveness of your advertisement, and your landing page. The principal goal of such advertisements is to draw the maximum number of people who are willing to purchase as many to your website through an appealing ad. Contrary to SEO contextual advertising begins functioning immediately following launch, however, it stops operating when the amount of money allocated to your advertising account is exhausted.


A different kind of search advertisement is remarketing. This term refers to the return visitors who previously visited your website by displaying your advertisement to this specific group of people. There are many challenges associated with remarketing. It’s enough to glance over the details about purchasing a smartphone at a time, and you’ll see advertisements on a regular basis offering to purchase the phone, receive an “only this day” discount, and other bonuses. Remarketing that is properly configured can result in an increase in revenues.


Making targeted ads on social media

Uae Dubai Business Emaill Lists
Uae Dubai Business Emaill Lists

You can discover the benefits of targeted advertising by yourself or employ a specialist to help not “drain” funds. This kind of advertising is built on optimizing the advertisement for an individual audience that makes use of a particular social media.


The most effective advertising platforms that can be targeted within Ukraine are social media networks.


  • Instagram;
  • Facebook.


There is a belief that Facebook is better suited for marketing products that are targeted toward a group of people with greater purchasing power, however it doesn’t necessarily mean that Facebook isn’t suitable for products that advertise in the low and middle price segment.


Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform and is a massive marketplace for your business. With a chance of 100 percent, you can claim you have customers using Instagram. If you can design your advertising correctly, Instagram effectively draws customers into virtually any area that you can think of, including cosmetologists, law firms, or even an online store.


Promote and Trade using Interactive Content Marketing


Let’s attempt at explaining it in easy words.

Let’s examine the data and again. She suggests that the conversion of visitors into buyers is six times greater for stores on the internet which make use of the concept of content marketing as a promotional technique.

Here are some of the content marketing opportunities to boost sales at your online store or business:


  • publishing on the website for your shop, consistent publication of content related to the theme (useful articles and news) will earn you more trust and respect from the public;
  • periodic publication of articles, with links to your store’s online site in other popular blogs that have similar themes;
  • Native (native) advertisements on sites owned by third parties (the intention behind these videos or articles is to guide the viewer or reader to the need to buy an item in an online retailer);
  • Maintain your pages for your online store across different social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter G+, G+, etc.) with consideration of the preferences of the particular target group of customers.


Content marketing is becoming ever more popular every year. It is important to utilize these methods of advertising and think about them when planning your budget. In the current market, you can market any service or product through a thematic website on a social media platform and then attract customers from these sources.


Promotions through people and their views



The majority of people would rather read the reviews of other customers of this company before purchasing anything on the Internet. Research that shows the majority of customers of online stores frequently review reviews on various sites. If you’re looking to draw large audiences, be in control of what information about your company appears on the Internet to provide feedback to your customers.


Don’t be fooled by bloggers who are the latest influential people on the web. They have an enormous number of fans who are willing to purchase the products their favorite bloggers have to provide. When choosing an influencer for advertising from, you should consider the extent to which your product is appealing to the public.


Regular advertising via auto-messages

Uae Dubai Business Emaill Leads
Uae Dubai Business Emaill Leads

One of the most effective methods to promote your business through the Internet is through mailing. By frequently sending out promotional emails to the email addresses of prospective customers it is possible to increase your sales by many times. Utilize letters that are linked to a single concept and draw the attention of your customers. Offers to anyone who has purchased from you previously. Be sure to segment your customers. Men should be receiving letters about the top gifts to give on March 8 and women on February 23. Make a list of mailing addresses with one of the most popular Messengers (FacebookMessenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp).


Include an online consultant on your store’s website. He can help convince the customer to buy and guide him to make the best decision. Make sure to enable messages about offers currently available which are on your website. This way, you will be able to remind clients about your company. It is crucial to not load your site with an excessive number of pop-ups with an invitation to call for assistance or discounts. Utilizing these tools in a negative way could negatively impact the impression of your business from a potential customer.


Promotions through sweepstakes and other promotions


A lot of companies regularly draw the attention of prospective customers by offering sweepstakes and other prizes. This is a fantastic option for those looking to establish a stronger relationship with the public. According to the top agency for advertising, the more simple the terms of the draw and the fewer people participate in it.

You could invite guests to try an opportunity to try a trial version of the product for free and learn about the company. Regular discounts can also catch the attention of consumers.


Other methods for promotion


Many people believe that there’s not much reason to regularly post your advertisements on bulletin board websites. But this isn’t the case. Popular bulletin boards such as OLX have an enormous audience (their numbers of users reach more than a hundred thousand users per month).


Another effective method for promoting your business is to include information about your products and your company in the most directories and catalogs that are popular.

Remember that the more promotional strategies you employ and the greater results you’ll get in getting customers. The importance of email marketing for online sales is a huge one. It’s only important to make use of the tools that are available carefully and effectively.


The reason SEO is necessary to have an online shop


SEO is a collection of strategies aimed at enhancing your website and the elements that make up it so that search engines display the site for specific queries of your prospective clients on the first line of the first-page organic results. Search engine optimization can provide continuous quality traffic through the search engines. This can help you become less dependent on advertising paid for and help you reduce future costs.


How do you choose the right keywords for your store’s page?


The base of your optimization plan is to gather a top-quality semantic base. The correct keywords will bring you successful results, but using the wrong keywords can cause negative results with untargeted users.


Where do you begin to collect semantics?


The first step is to have to organize all the pages on your website (categories and subcategories, product pages blogs, categories, and other information pages). Following that, it is time to establish the keywords that should be used on each page.


Product promotion keys

Uae Dubai Consumer Emaill Lists
Uae Dubai Consumer Emaill Lists

In the core of semantics of your online store, there are both more and fewer prioritized pages. In the same way, there are higher or lower priority requests for various pages. The priority for product queries is the content on the product cards however when distributing semantics between pages, don’t forget to consider the content of the primary site, pages for categories, and the blog. Distribute low-frequency inquiries across products cards, as well as high-

frequency and middle-frequency queries to higher-level pages within the hierarchy.


Search terms and types within the search


There are many kinds of requests:


  • Informational: The user searches for information by using the words what, how, where, and what.
  • The term “navigation” is used most commonly in the search for a specific website or application
  • Commercial – The user’s intention includes a product, however, there’s no explicit need for action. For instance, “the best action cameras this year”, “the current laptop to study on”;
  • Transactional – there’s the clear intention to buy and this is evident in the question: “buy a yellow dress in 44 inches.”


When it comes to product websites, we must concentrate on obtaining the transactional keys first because we need customers who are ready to purchase.


How can I find keywords?


Analyze user intent. It is important to know what the user was looking for when they entered a particular question within the search. This is the intention that puts the user in different phases of the funnel. For instance, a user is browsing “menswear” and then ends up at the highest point in the funnel. If there’s no intention to buy, the customer is probably in the research phase.


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Email Pro Leads offers only the most current UAE, DUBAI EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our UAE, DUBAI EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.


1. Company name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

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Marketing via email for B2B

The majority (81 percent) of marketers who use digital media view marketing via email to be the primary marketing channel. Effective email marketing campaigns are an integral component of many marketing strategies. Are you using email marketing as your preferred method? If so, then you’ll be able to make contact with your customers and boost your (online) revenues.

What is Email Marketing?

With email marketing, businesses send out emails to their clients or other individuals who might be interested directly. The aim of marketing by email is to gain the attention of customers either by persuasion or giving details. It’s also a great instrument for managing relationships.

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The most widely-known instance of email marketing could be seen in the newsletters for email. However, it’s far higher than. In fact, it is possible to will often see lead generation studies and satisfaction surveys as well as information sharing and invitations to events within emails for marketing campaigns.

Marketing via email is a popular choice for virtually every company. Both B2C and B2B businesses, they benefit from communicating with their target audience.

The difference between automation and marketing via email

Marketing automation can take you one step further than email marketing. Automated marketing can help support the entire process of interaction on the internet. Automated marketing allows you to send out messages at the appropriate timing and with the appropriate message to those in your targeted group. To do this, you will require tools to automatize your workflow, like Sharpspring.

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Advantages of E-mail Marketing in B2B

Marketing via email is used for B2B leads to nurture. Your customers are reached quickly, efficiently and efficiently without any effort. Furthermore the product offers the following benefits:

Marketing via email is quantifiable.

You’ll have plenty of information when you’re employing (the appropriate) the correct software to promote your business through email and other forms of emails. This lets you quickly identify the amount of views or clicks as well as conversions generated by your marketing emails. This data will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and allow you to make adjustments when needed.

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The target group may be divided.

The majority of marketing emails are able to segment their audiences. This lets you sort your target audience based on interest gender, interest, or other vital information. You can email your entire target group the same email, or allow each target group segment to receive an individual email. This way, you are able to develop content that is relevant to the audience you are targeting.

It is simple to customize

If you fill your database with data from specific groups, the data can be easily customized. For instance, you can choose to reach out to recipients directly using their initial name and their last. You can also deliver a personal message or offering based on the person’s interests or previous purchases. This is what makes email marketing an effective and efficient channel for marketing.

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Costs are fairly low.

It’s not too expensive to spend a lot of money to send out emails to your targeted public. Make sure you build segments that are the most effective segmentation. In addition, the costs depend on the platform you choose and the extent to which the functions are.

Importance for B2B extremely high.

According to research, B2B mailings score better in terms of relevance. In addition, they are opened more often and have a higher likelihood of being clicked than B2C campaigns. About 30% of B2B emails are read. In B2C the percentage of emails read to be read is 22.84 percent. The rate of clicks for B2B varies from 5.23 percent, while for B2C, it’s approximately 3.45 percent.

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Our experience with B2B email marketing

The most efficient results from email for marketing, it’s crucial to choose the right platform that will meet your goals. For example, do you require an entire package or an initial interface for sending newsletters?

At Frontis we partner with a range of software. Both are focused on marketing automation and marketing by email. We can therefore find the ideal solution to address the requirements of all.


With Mailchimp you can send email messages with a stylish design. It’s a user-friendly and straightforward software. In addition, Mailchimp offers the possibility to separate the target group into various segments based upon various data.

It’s easy to connect Mailchimp seamlessly to CMS systems such as Umbraco and Kentico.

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SharpSpring is a complete marketer’s email platform’, which has integrated CRM as well as numerous integration options. SharpSpring monitors the behaviour of website visitors and automatically sends the appropriate information at the right moment.

Thanks to the CRM-integrated system, you are immediately aware of any interaction between (potential) customers and colleagues and colleagues, the different stages of the buyer’s journey and the details needed to personalize to the contents.

In addition, SharpSpring is easy to connect to other CMS as well as CRM systems. Frontis can be a gold partner with SharpSpring.

Kentico Xperience

You’ve integrated your online marketing system that you can use through Kentico Xperience (formerly Kentico EMS). It lets you provide the most personalized experience for customers (potential) prospective customers. This is not just for marketing via email, but also through multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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The Enterprise Package, users are able to create processes to display exclusive content to different kinds, based on their preferences and behavior.

Newsletter Studio

If you’re a customer of Umbraco this email marketing program might be of interest to you. The program, called Newsletter Studio Newsletter Studio, you can make mailers and distribute them and analyse campaigns with your back-office software through the (Umbraco) website. You can also post content on the site to serve to make an email newsletter.

Everything is accessible in one location, which means you won’t require additional software to run your marketing emails. Newsletter Studio also contains a set of extensions with which you can modify all of the functions in line with your preferences.

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Ebook: Tips on marketing via email B2B

Are you intrigued by the potential benefits of email marketing for your B2B enterprise? Are you looking for tips and strategies to take your marketing through email to the next level?

Download our eBook on email marketing that is specifically designed for B2B companies. Below is the steps to optimize your marketing emails.

What do you mean by Email Marketing? What exactly is the purpose behind it?

Marketing via email has been in use for a while and with it’s for the good motives. It’s an easy and effective method of communicating with potential customers, establish relationships and make leads into loyal customers.

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Email marketing is different from other social platforms in this way. Emails are often read and shared. Social media is always scrolled and you must make your impression.

In this beginner’s guide I’ll cover the fundamentals of email marketing, and how it works. When you’re done with the guide you’ll know the fundamentals of email marketing and know how to get started using email marketing.

What is it exactly? Email Marketing?

Marketing by email is a thriving digital marketing technique that allows you to send email to current and prospective customers.

Marketing emails that are effective convert the people on your mailing lists into customers that will become loyal customers thanks to the relationships you make by establishing connections with them.

The “What is Email Marketing” Beginner’s Guide I’ll describe the steps you must to follow to utilize emails for your marketing.

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The reason why we want to use marketing via email?

The most important issue the question of what does email marketing mean? I’ve already covered for you. I’ve not yet talked about the benefits of marketing through email, or what’s the value of email marketing to your business? I’ll explain.

Despite the growing popularity of social networks and the huge amount of spam emails being sent out, it isn’t a successful marketing approach via email. It remains the most efficient method to build connections and maintain lasting relationships with your customers.

There are many reasons that marketing through email should be part of your top priorities. Three of our top reasons:

Email is a great way to communicate.

Your mailing list is in actual fact, the sole possession.

Emails are able to convert with an extremely high rate in conversion.

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The most efficient method of increasing sales online. It’s no surprise that you’ll always get emails from the top webshops and companies like Coolblue, Amazon, Dominoes and many others. Email is effective and these businesses know this well.

Email is a powerful communication tool. How do you determine the most common times that you check your own email? A majority of people check their email every day to see which messages have come in. However, this is not the case for other methods of communication.

The mailing lists that you’ve created belong to you: On all social networks the account you’ve created (with your activities with it, along with your followers) may be removed and/or suspended at any point without notice, and at any time without prior notification. Your mailing list remains yours. No one can take it from you.

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Emails have a higher rate of conversion. Buyers who buy products through emails sent by marketing firms are able to spend 138 percent more those who aren’t made via emails. Marketing via email could yield the ROI (ROI) that is not more than 400. This is a massive amount and, generally three times higher than the social networks. Therefore, email is and will always be the most effective method of driving online sales.

Is Email Marketing Right for Me?

One of the issues you may be contemplating is deciding if email marketing is the best choice for your needs. It is important to know that email marketing is used in many ways, which makes it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

The most important thing you’ll need to consider is whether like to communicate with others. If the answer”Yes,” then “Yes,” you can start creating your email list. Make sure you add your clients who are currently customers as well as those who have a loyal relationship with you to your list of addresses for mailing.

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Find out about your goal is

If you’re working on or have already made an inventory, you’ll definitely want to start sending out emails. What kind of emails you should be sending your business?

In order to do this, you need to first establish the purpose with email marketing. Let me provide you with some examples.

Shop When you own an online store and you want to increase the number of sales you sell and boost your sales by offering special discounts or highlight items.

Restaurants: Do you wish to bring customers to your restaurant or do you want customers to place frequent requests in order to have food delivered directly to their home? You could create special events that are appealing for customers. In order to keep them cozy and cozy it is also possible to mail out an email announcement when you’ve got a new and delicious food they can taste.

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Coaching Are you coach? Do you provide training or offer other services? There is a way to mail informative emails to increase your relationships with potential clients. Due to the trust that people trust in your business, the time it takes to finish an informative meeting with them will be lower. It is important to be aware of this frequently.

Quote commercial: Do produce and distribute lots of quotes? You may think that email marketing isn’t a problem. However, this is an inaccurate assumption. You can also send follow-up emails that are automated following the sending of quotes. For example, you could make three emails that will prompt the prospective client to reply to you and discuss issues. This doesn’t have to be mandatory. It could be an email to see if everything is in order with the document as well as any other concerns.

After the purchase After the purchase, you can continue to send information regarding the product or service you purchased or the service purchased to increase your trust. For example, how you’ll do with it or what you think a customer will get from the purchase. This will help you build more trust and increase chances that a client will return in the future because of the quality of service.

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How do you begin sending emails to customers?

You may be wondering how to start your journey in marketing through email? Email marketing is made up of a variety of elements.

#1 Email Marketing Software

to help you identify your target audience or to send automated emails that have the highest rate of reception with the help of software that allows marketing through email. Additionally, you can track the results of your campaigns using information like the rate of open and the frequency at which emails are opened and other similar aspects.

A quality email marketing system can automate different methods to create leads in only a couple of minutes. For example, you can create an email series ahead of time for a certain audience to increase sales.

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There are many companies that offer email marketing. I’ve used ActiveCampaign for a long time and have had great satisfaction for a number of years.

#2 Create the mailing lists for your clients

In the event that you’re using right program, then it’s probably a great idea to add your mailing list using it. However, you might not have email addresses, but you’re seeking to collect the addresses of your customers and your visitors.

With ActiveCampaign and other applications, it’s normal to create registration forms. They’re not always that stunning.

If you’d like to take an alternative strategy, there’s options of choosing a software such as ConvertBox and installing another WordPress plugin that allows you to design forms. The most crucial thing to remember is it must be directly connected with an email marketing firm. Through the use of this hyperlink, the registrations are added immediately to your list of email addresses.

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Marketing through Email FAQ

Below are a few additional frequently asked questions on marketing through email. Some of the details could already be covered in the past however, certain aspects should be considered of.

What is the most effective software to send marketing emails? There are many companies that provide marketing via email. I’m a huge fan of ActiveCampaign myself. This is because of the many options and also because my emails are delivered efficiently to my recipients. Click here for an account for a trial to test out the program.

What can I do to create an email marketing strategy for my company? Perhaps this article helped you with the opportunity to think about particular aspects. The creation of an email marketing plan for your business is something I’d recommend that you try.

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To create an email marketing strategy you must follow these steps:

1. Take note of your goals that you’d like to achieve using email marketing.

2. Select the kind of email you’ll send (Examples of this include newsletters, informational or designed for sales ).

3. Use the right program to market by email.

4. Select the market that you wish to target and then divide your list of options.

5. Create an registration form (if required). ).

6. Create an email schedule and create your auto-follow-up email.

7. Design an email with the most appealing subject.

8. Be sure to write down all the emails you require in your funnel to send emails.

9. Select the way you want to make your emails look and keep track of them.

10. Check and test the effectiveness of your marketing email campaign.

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When should I mail out emails for marketing? The frequency with which you’re able to distribute emails to your list of email subscribers. It’s all about finding out what’s practical for you and you will be able to determine the most efficient quantity.

The most effective thing I could recommend is to create an established routine. People are enthralled to anticipate receiving something at a particular moment, especially when they’re anticipating an email you’ve sent.

What is the best time to send emails? The best time for your website is dependent on the amount of people in your list of subscribers and the demographic that you want to reach. I’d always suggest to examine Google Analytics to see which period of the day you have the most people visiting your website. This is a good idea of when your customers are the most active. It’s possible to send out an email in this time frame to ensure that you’re at the highest position in lists of email addresses.

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What metrics for email are most efficient to gauge? Three essential parameters that are essential to marketing through email. It’s a matter of:

1. Delivery rate The proportion of emails that arrive in the mailbox of an person to whom you’ve emailed it.

2. Open rate: The open rate is how many people have read the email.

3. Click-through rate (CTR ) (CTR): This is the amount of people who opened your email, and also clicked on the link in the email (to eventually be directed to your website or your offer ).

Do I require an electronic newsletter? It’s a fantastic alternative! More than 83 percent of business-tobusiness (B2B) marketers are sending out emails with newsletters. Numerous large companies are using this method since it’s an integral part of their strategy in the area of content marketing. Marketing via email is a powerful method to communicate with your customers.

What’s the reason for the email marketing software is cost so much? Many people are of the opinion that email marketing is expensive. This isn’t the case. You’re definitely dependent on subscriptions, and we’re not happy about it. If you’re doing well and you’re successful, you’ll earn money within a matter of minutes. This is the reason you should consider the software used to market your email as an investment.

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If you have an email list with less than 1000 subscribers. you can buy the entire list for the sum of 25 euro per month. It’s easy to make sales if you send emails out to the same number of men every month. The 25 euros that the software costs you, it will be possible to eliminate it in a very short amount of period of. The price will increase as you add the expansion of your mailing list, however it’s the same concept.


This comprehensive guide from online marketing firm CliQi is targeted at those who are willing to make a commitment in the field of marketing using email. If you’re not certain it’s worth a look through our comprehensive guide to the best reasons to create an email list. You can then integrate the software to automate marketing via email into your online store you’ve created.

What is email marketing?

Marketing via email is an extremely effective method to promote your company digitally, by sending emails to potential customers as well as existing customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospective customers into clients and turn the first-time purchasers customers who purchase your products or services regularly or every week.

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The reason you should utilize email MARKETING Services?

We’ve addressed the most basic question: What does email marketing mean? However, we didn’t discuss the reasons why email marketing is essential for your company. Let’s explore this further in the next bullet points.

Despite the rapid growth of social media, and the absence of mailers (which isn’t the best marketing strategy, in actual) Email marketing remains the best and most efficient way to keep leads in the loop and increase customer loyalty.

The reasons are numerous. why you must make email marketing your first priority. However, these are the top threereasons to do so:

Email is the most effective method of communication. Have you ever thought about the fact that at the very minimum 90percent of users check their email on a daily basis? That’s not the case for any other method of communication.

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You have control over the list of emails you send out to market. On any social media, your account (along with the followers you follow and your posts) is able to be removed and suspended in any point and for any reason and without notice. Your account is the only owner of your own list of marketing emails.

They convert better than posts on social media or organic rankings if they’re at the fourth or lower position. People who buy goods advertised through email are able to spend the same amount as those who don’t receive mail-based offers. Email marketing could yield the return on investment (return on investment) of 444 percent. That’s big! If you’re wondering whether social media is able to convert more take a look at this: The average price for purchasing an email may be three times that from social media.


The idea for email marketing is it’s an effective marketing channel which is a kind of direct and digital marketing that uses email to be used to promote your company’s offerings or products. It’s a means to inform your customers of the latest news or special deals by incorporating them into your regular content calendar by sending emails. It is also an essential component of your marketing plan online by creating leads, improving the brand’s reputation and visibility and building connections. It is also able to keep customers interested in between purchase by using different types of marketing via email.

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We’ve collected four essential email marketing strategies we’ve observed with our clients for the purpose of email marketing at thebagstore.nl. These simple tips can boost the open rate of your emails and boost the profits from email marketing even more!

Tips 1: Increase Your open rates on email

This is important since regardless of how much effort you’ve put into making or segmenting your emails, you’re unlikely likely to reap any benefits until your emails are opened. A variety of factors affect the probability of people open your emails. Let’s examine the different aspects.

Check to see if the recipients have signed up to receive your email notification. This point can’t be stressed enough.

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Send an email using an IP address that’s verified. This IP address isn’t being used by anyone else who tried to send spam in the past.

Send email messages using verified domains.

Keep your email template code clean.

Strategies 2: Eliminate active subscribers to make sure that your email marketing list is up-to-date

It’s crucial to reach out to your subscribers regularly and frequently to ensure that your list of email subscribers isn’t getting too old. Even so, emails will continue being old in time. Many people have changed their email addresses, or may be a different person regarding your product or company.

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It is recommended to eliminate inactive subscribers regularly. Inactive subscribers can be those who haven’t been active in email in the past six months or more. You can find this information through your email marketing provider.

Three Tips: Make sure to use the same timing of your marketing email campaigns

The time of your emails have a huge impact on the number of people who open and read your promotional emails. The ideal timing will result in more conversions, so be aware of your date as well as time you mail your followers.

It’s not possible to establish the best time frame right away. However, you could do A/B tests to determine the best timeframes and then consider future campaigns. Consider asking yourself whether you have completed tests that with the potential to profit? Yes!

Strategies 4: Optimize emails for mobile users

Mobile email accounts account for 67% of the emails that are read today. This is based on your target users and your products and services. It is impossible to ignore your mobile customers. You need to be confident in them.

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Verify that you’ve got the email you want to use that’s responsive, and offers loads quickly. Keep in mind that smaller screens on mobiles are breaking up long subjects on mobile devices.

The decision to choose an email marketing firm

Before you’re able to make an attempt to send an email you need to be granted permission. If you started by using an opt-in, then you’ve gained the authority to email them, and you can send it! This is why opt-in marketing is an excellent option. Be cautious if you haven’t yet used opt-in.

The idea of purchasing email lists could be an a great method of avoiding problems but it’s not. We don’t recommend purchasing email lists. We don’t suggest the use of business cards for email addresses that you’ve collected at gatherings unless you’ve obtained explicit permission to send them emails.

People who don’t join your mailing list don’t seem to be those who want to purchase from you. It’s a total cost and a waste of your time. First thing that you need to take to ensure you are following the most effective way is:

1) An opt-in form;

2.) A tool for marketing via email.

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With OptinMonster users can create more effective opt-in forms and then test the results by A/B, without having to hire an expert developer. This, along with other benefits, make OptinMonster one of the best WordPress Lead generation tools. It’s easy to create efficient, precise and customized opt-in pages you can add anyplace on your website.


For sending emails you need to employ an email marketing firm. We’ve examined two highly efficient companies for marketing via email and have outlined every option they offer.

Email marketing provider: Sendinblue

UAE Dubai B2C Email Lists

Sendinblue isn’t just the one email marketing software that’s fully-featured for businesses and also the SMS-based marketing software. All of it is accessible through a user-friendly marketing platform that comes with an easy drag-and drop editor that permits users to create completely customized emails, establish automated workflows, and even create user segments. It’s possible to mail up to 300 messages per dayfor free with Sendinblue’s Sendinblue branding. Paying plans begin at €25/month and you are able to add SMS at an extra fee based on the volume of data you want to send.

Mailchimp: Email Marketing Provider Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an incredibly well-known email marketing tool. It’s a great option for those who are just beginning to market through email since it’s easy to set up and has an easy-to-use interface. It’s also possible to incorporate new subscribers to specific segments with Mailchimp Groups and OptinMonster.

Mailchimp offers a no-cost service that can accommodate up to 22,000 subscribers. If you’d like to utilize autoresponders or other advanced features you must upgrade to a paid subscription. Plans for paid begin from EUR10 per month, but they could be raised up to EUR30 with 2500 subscriber. The more subscribers you have , and the larger your list of subscribers, the more you’ll need to pay on an Mailchimp subscription.

Frequently asked questions on the marketing of emails.

We hope that this article will help you develop a powerful advertising email marketing campaign. Here are some of the most frequently-asked queries regarding marketing via email. Some of the information is discussed within this post, but the rest is also available to people who require an overview.

UAE Dubai B2C Email Leads

How often should I be sending marketing emails? There isn’t a strict and sensible guidelines for the frequency at which marketing emails can be sentout, so we recommend asking your customers which frequency they’d prefer to receive information from you. You can also test A/B to find out the frequency that is most efficient in terms of efficiency.

What is the best frequency to send my marketing messages? The timing is one of the aspects that is different depending on the list of recipients. We recommend you try this, and see the results you will get from it. The results can be beneficial to your company. You can use Google Analytics to find out when your customers are most active and earn the highest amount of revenue.

What kind of metrics should I track to determine the efficiency of my marketing email campaigns? Rates of delivery (is the amount of emails that were delivered to the email address of the recipient). The percentage of people who opened your mailer (the open rate refers to the proportion of recipients who have were able to read your message. The rate of click-through (the click-through rate reflects the percent that recipients clicked an hyperlink within the mailer ).

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