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3.1 Million UAE Email Database [2023]

The United Arab Emirates is a flourishing country and an excellent opportunity to expand your business. Get this UAE Email Database to stay ahead of competitors and place your message to the people most likely to be your clients.

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Buy 3.1 Million UAE Email Database 2023

UAE Email Database : Accessing foreign markets can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure which people to speak to, who have the greatest potential to purchase the products and services your business offers.

You could waste a lot of hours trying to make your list of email marketing; alternatively, you could cut to the point and purchase the United Arab Emirates email list with the crucial details you require for prospects for sales from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain.

When you purchase a company database with us, you won’t only get generic contact numbers that don’t have any value, such as director@example.com or postal addresses that begin at “Manager.” The United Arab Emirates email database includes direct, verified human information, including real names and job titles, information regarding their company postal address, emails telephone numbers, and several faxes.

The best part is that verified by the premium verifier, and our team member to check every B2B email list that we sell is checked regularly to ensure it’s correct…

Take the burden from assembling business contacts lists. Purchase the mailing lists that include UAE sales leads and download the CSV file, and in just a few minutes, your sales team will be establishing new relationships with prospective clients.

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Business and Consumers UAE email database
Business and Consumers UAE email database


You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What are email marketing Definition and best practices

UAE Email Database
UAE Email Database

Email marketing is one of the pillars of the digital marketing strategy and is the most effective direct advertising method.

It’s impossible to run a business online without email!

From the confirmation email for orders to the newsletter that you receive, They are vital to the growth and management of your company.

In this tutorial for newbies, we’ll provide everything you need to know straightforwardly to help you understand marketing via email.

What are the primary purposes it serves? Where do I begin, the various types of emails that you can send, and the different factors to consider.

What is the reason email marketing has become important?

UAE Email Lists
UAE Email Lists

The goals for advertising via email.

The purpose of email marketing is to inform and keep a database of potential customers interested in your product or services and create sales by enticing visitors to go to specific pages on your website.

Marketing through email can serve three types of goals:

  • notoriety (to get you noticed),
  • Image (position you as an authority) and
  • of the action (sell your services and products).

The messages you send are directly received by the inbox of the recipients’ email. This lets you be present in everyday life of each.

Email, therefore, intervenes at every stage of the relationship with the customer in the prospecting and information stage and the point of conversion, and later on for loyalty.

The attraction of email marketing lies in its huge capacity to scale: it is easy to send emails on a massive scale and personalize the communication as much as possible according to your target’s preferences.

Email marketing in 2023

UAE Email Leads
UAE Email Leads

Email isn’t a new concept. It was among the first digital media to have come into existence. However, email marketing is more widely used than ever before, far from becoming outdated.

Because of its access, it makes it possible to reach a variety of groups of people who aren’t necessarily at ease with the Internet. It is the most universally accessible marketing channel.

Marketing via emails will allow you to build long-lasting relationships with your prospects and customers.

According to research, per content of Internet users check their primary website at least once per day.

About half (45 per cent) of them manage their purchases using the same address.

Email is considered to be the most popular business tool for professionals and those who access their email via their mobile phones.

If you’re not yet using an email marketing plan implemented, you’re losing sales opportunities, as well as is a fantastic opportunity to develop relationships with your clients to become acquainted with them!

It’s the right time to address it. We’ll show you how to do it.

Where do I begin the choice of software?

UAE Business Email Database
UAE Business Email Database

The advantages of software for emailing

The first step to creating an effective emailing plan is selecting the right software for sending.

It is essential to make use of software for sending your emails for a variety of reasons.

The primary reason is that email marketing platforms (like Sendinblue) allow you to ensure that your messages get to your intended recipients.

It’s not worth sending emails if nobody is able to read they’re not received, aren’t they?

Software for sending emails lets you manage subscriptions to your email (a legal obligation I’ll explain in the next section); however, it also allows you to create your email templates easily.

In just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to create an email that is enjoyable to read and meets your goals.

The email platforms let you monitor the performance of your emails. This allows you to determine which of your emails are the best performing emails and learn more about your readers through the opening click and response.

And lastly, and most importantly, emailing software lets you reduce time! The process of sending emails one at a time using Outlook or Gmail is risky but slow and results in very little results.

Comparative analysis of the solutions.

There is a variety of software available to send emails. In order to help you make an informed decision for your company, Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How many contacts do you have? What do you hope to make in the next year?
  • What number of emails do you expect to send over the course of a year?
  • What kind of email do you want to send? (Automatic and/or marketing)
  • Are you comfortable in English? (some applications are only accessible in English)

These questions can assist you in choosing your emailing system according to your requirements.


Take care of your deliverability

UAE Business Email Database
UAE Business Email Database

Deliverability is a term derived from the English “deliverability”. It is a concept that means that emails are indeed sent – and therefore received – by your recipients. Conversely, some emails are delivered directly to the SPAM (junk mail) folder, which means that they are rarely read.

The deliverability of your emails depends on technical but also behavioral factors. Concretely, this means that the quality of your emails influences their good reception – in every sense of the word. Paying attention to the subject of your emails (avoiding certain words like “free”), keeping an up-to-date contact list and setting up an unsubscribe link are good practices that improve your deliverability.


What is an email bounce rate?

UAE Email Database
UAE Email Database

Email bounce rate is the percentage of emails not reaching recipients. Email bounces are when an email sender receives a non-delivery report (NDR), for an email. The Email Bounce Rate is the ratio of the number of bounced emails to the total number sent.




  1. Average Email Bouncing Rates
  2. How to check the email bounce rate
  3. How to Lower the Email Bounce Rate
  4. References


High bounce rates can damage the sender’s reputation. This happens when marketers use stale mailing lists. Errors in importing addresses or entering them can also lead to increased bounce rates as well as spam emails.

Internet Service Providers have set limits for abuse, unsubscribing, and bouncing. ISPs have the power to suspend accounts or issue warnings if these rates are excessively high. SendPulse allows marketers to avoid unpleasant outcomes by sending unique marketing messages that have low bounce rates. This is possible by carefully managing the server’s reputation.


Average Email Bounce Rates

UAE Email Lists
UAE Email Lists

What is the average bounce rate? Below are some average bounce rates for both soft and hard emails across different industries. This information comes from a comprehensive Report by MailChimp.


  • Agriculture and food services: Hard bounce — 0.577%, soft bounce — 0.366%.
  • Architecture and Construction: Soft bounce — 1.39 %, hard bounce — 0.91 %.
  • Finance and business: Soft bounce — 0.633%, hard bounce — 0.466%
  • Computers and electronics: Soft bounce — 0.922%, hard bounce — 0.544%
  • Agency/creative services: Soft bounce — 1.02%, Hard bounce — 0.7%


These statistics show that neither the hard nor soft bounces exceed 2%. Any figure that exceeds this benchmark should be investigated and appropriate remedies implemented.


How to check the email bounce rate

UAE Email Leads
UAE Email Leads

To know the areas that need improvement, it is important to monitor the results of emails sent to a set of recipients. SendPulse’s email service allows you to monitor campaign statistics. SendPulse compiles an email delivery report and tracking statistics once the emails have been sent to contacts. Under the “My campaigns”, tab, the sender can view results in “Campaign stats”. Marketers can monitor delivery and opening as well as clicks.


How to Lower the Email Bounce Rate

UAE Mailling Lists
UAE Mailling Lists
  1. Establish permission-based email marketing
  2. Verify your mailing lists
  3. SPF and DKIM records can authenticate your email messages
  4. Send consistently
  5. Re-engagement campaigns can be sent and inactive subscribers removed
  6. Each campaign’s email bounce rate should be monitored


If most of your emails fail to reach the intended recipient’s mailbox, the reputation of the marketer is affected and the campaign goal is not met. There are some things you can do to decrease bounces.


Establish permission-based email marketing


Permission-based and Double opt-in is when subscribers confirm their email subscription two times. This allows marketers to avoid invalid or non-existent addresses being added to their mailing list. To verify the subscription, the visitor must first fill out a subscription request. Then, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact. SendPulse lets users set up double opt-in subscription forms free of charge.


Verify your mailing lists


Email verification helps keep your mailing list healthy. SendPulse email verification finds invalid addresses and gives you a list of valid emails. This will help you avoid spam, save money on your email campaigns, and ensure that your deliverability is high.


SPF and DKIM records can authenticate your email messages


To increase email delivery and credibility, sign emails with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Marketers can use Sender Policy Framework tech to verify that the email they’re sending is authentic. Go to “Service Settings” and select “Email authentication” to generate DKIM and SPF records.


  1. Send consistently
  2. Subscribers will be less likely to forget they subscribed to receive the emails. You should establish a schedule for email delivery so they can be expected by recipients and subscribers.


Re-engagement campaigns can be sent and inactive subscribers removed


Targeted campaigns can be used to re-engage subscribers that have gone cold. To remove addresses from the mailing list that have not responded to the re-engagement messages, perform regular mailing lists cleanups.


Each campaign’s email bounce rate should be monitored


Monitor bounce rates for each campaign and improve delivery. SendPulse can help you track the results. You can track bounce rates with SendPulse.

SendPulse can help you get your emails to the inbox by helping you focus on building a solid strategy.


Refer to


  1. The article Email Bounce Rate: How To Manage Soft and Hard Email Bounces For Better Performance” on CXL explains what the term means, and how it differs from hard bounces and gives suggestions on ways to decrease this number.
  2. The article “Is it better than the average email bounce rate?” Emma’s blog examines the average email bounce rate and offers suggestions for improving it.


Learn more about the Email Bounce Rate


There are three types of email bounces. They are hard bounces, soft boots, and pending bounces. Hard bounces are usually caused by invalid email addresses. Soft and pending bounces indicate technical problems with the sender or user’s email service.

Email bounce rate is a measure of the quality of leads lists. It represents the percentage of email sent that has been bounced. It is important to monitor other metrics like Emails Read and Mails Clicked. However, the Email Bounce rate is a great way to determine how often emails reach their recipients.

High Email Bounce Rates mean that many emails are not received by recipients. This can lead to a loss of company message and relationships with valuable contacts. Email bounce rates can be reduced by regularly managing your email lists and verifying addresses.




SendPulse allows me to track my email bounce rate


Yes. SendPulse allows you to access detailed statistics reports, including bounce rate, opening rate, and CTR. Unsubscribe Rate is also available. Sign up with SendPulse to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.


What is an acceptable email bounce rate?


It all depends on your industry. It shouldn’t go above 2%. Find out why it is higher and then work with them to fix them. These best practices for email delivery will help you to deal with all bounce rate issues.


Why do emails bounce?

UAE Mailling Leads
UAE Mailling Leads

It is possible that you have accidentally sent an email to non-opt-in users, or that you failed to set up DKIM and SP records. You may not have been sending marketing emails as often as you should, or haven’t deleted inactive subscribers from your mailing lists. Register with SendPulse to increase email delivery and decrease your email bounce rate.


  • Email Engagement
  • Upselling
  • A Follow-up Email
  • an Email List Cleaner
  • Google Analytics
  • CRM Marketing
  • Bulk Email Campaign
  • Email scrubbing
  • Personalized email
  • Subscribers List

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current UAE EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our UAE EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.

UAE Business Email Database Fields*

  1. Company’s Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Sic Code
  10. Industry
  11. Web address

UAE Consumers Email Database Fields*

  1. Full Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number

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