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100K Taiwan Email Database [2023]

Taiwanese managers and business owners are very busy. You need a reliable email list that they can trust to stay in touch with them. This Taiwan email database will help you outperform your competition.

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Buy TAIWAN Email Database 2023

Taiwan Email Database : Taiwan is rapidly growing, as are most Asian markets.

This Taiwan mailing list will give you the exact email leads you need to reach real decision-makers in Taiwan and not be overwhelmed by changes in the business environment.

Our Taiwan email database is the perfect business database to reach key Taiwanese decision-makers before your competitors.

You will receive a Taiwan mailing listing when you purchase email leads from us. Our team members verify it for accuracy. While verifiers can make mistakes, accurate business email lists are essential.

Our Taiwan email database has been double-checked and verified by humans to reduce the chances of errors.

Our data can be used to augment your business contacts list or as a primary email address list.

Selling in Taiwan is not easy, and however, it takes hard work and an excellent B2B email database.

We can help you get the Taiwan mailing list to build your business and make quality contacts.

Get it now to discover the connections that can help you stand out in your industry and increase sales.

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Buy Business and Consumers Taiwan Email Database 2022
Buy Business and Consumers Taiwan Email Database 2023


You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email Marketing The Definition, Benefits, and Tools

Taiwan Email Lists
Taiwan Email Lists

Whatever your intended group is, the chances are email marketing is a part of your overall marketing plan.

However, with more and more people being informed and sharing their thoughts via social networks, some are automatically deleting items out of the “promotions” folders. Email marketing is useful in the 21st. The 21st century?

The simple answer is yes! Find out why email marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy.


What is marketing via email?

Taiwan Email Leads
Taiwan Email Leads

In simple terms, email marketing can be defined as any message addressed to a potential buyer in the hope of turning the email into a purchase. As a marketer, it’s more beneficial to consider marketing via email as a customized communications flow that creates trust between your brand and the person you’re communicating with.


What is the process behind Email Marketing Effectively Working?

Taiwan Mailing Lists
Taiwan Mailing Lists

There are two primary types of marketing via email: inbound and outbound. Inbound is a popular choice for B2C companies, while outbound is specifically designed for B2B.

We will concentrate on inbound marketing. However, the most important thing to be aware of about the outbound approach to marketing is that it’s frequently used in email marketing to communicate with other companies to collaborate and backlinks.

If you want to get into email marketing, you must first create subscriber lists for your emails. Then, you can develop emails to market your business that is targeted towards the people who have signed up for your emails.


After a bit of A/B testing of your marketing emails, It is important to learn what resonates with your particular audience and craft messages that best meet your objectives.

However, is it worth the effort in a time with numerous other options? Let’s examine some of the advantages.


The benefits of Email Marketing

Taiwan Mailing Leads
Taiwan Mailing Leads

Email marketing is one of many methods employed in a digital marketing strategy. However, it could be the most efficient. Some of the advantages of email marketing include:

  • Email offers an average return on investment of $44 per dollar you spend.
  • Most Americans use email at least once per day, and many Generation Zers prefer online ads over other forms.
  • Customers can email you – they do not have to leave their homes or have a computer to access your marketing materials.
  • Three-quarters of Americans have visited a store or website following getting an email. This may seem like a small amount but keep in mind that it’s likely that they wouldn’t have been there without the message.


Email Marketing Best Strategies and Best Practices

Taiwan Business Email Database
Taiwan Business Email Database

If you’d like your marketing email to be successful, it is essential to prepare yourself to be successful by using emails tips regarding the best methods and strategies.


Do not send emails without asking.

Taiwan Business Email Lists
Taiwan Business Email Lists

Have you ever received an email, and after you unsubscribed, you had to confirm, “I have never signed up to these emails?” It’s a bit annoying and appears like a nuisance. People might ask, “How did they get your email address? What other data are they able to access? What is the reason I should never believe this business? >>

If you’d like to make your email marketing effective make sure you have permission before sending the first email.


Even if your current email list is small, never buy email lists. If you also request them to: “Enter your email address and receive 20 percent off the one-time purchase!” and similar to that, ensure that they sign up for a new advertisement or subscription.


Personalize your messages

Taiwan Business Email Leads
Taiwan Business Email Leads

Personalize emails to your readers. Forbes has created a comprehensive collection of data on the expectations of personalization, both for your email and other aspects that make up your branding (such as your site’s product recommendations). A few highlights are :

  • 70% of Generation Y are Disappointed in Companies that send irrelevant emails
  • 71% of all customers are influenced by personalization before opening or even reading branded emails.
  • Certain marketers say that personal emails have led to 760% in revenue.
  • Brands claim that their conversion rates increased by 202% using personal calls to action in emails.


Uses With Us Email Marketing Automation You can monitor your contacts’ web pages and email habits to send messages related to them. This lets lists be segmented to ensure that only the most relevant emails are sent to specific groups of people.


Another method to deliver individualized messages is through an electronic drip-marketing campaign that sends emails whenever certain situations occur.


Keep track of when you last sent an email.

Taiwan Consumer Email Database
Taiwan Consumer Email Database

Marketing professionals often conduct aggressive and unproductive marketing via email. Several ten email marketing rules are “You must be aware that time is everything” with a valid reason: people want to hear from you, but they do not wish to be in touch with you every day.

While it might sound counterintuitive that fewer emails can mean more engagement. Also, less is better!

Don’t waste time.

Taiwan Consumer Email Lists
Taiwan Consumer Email Lists

The messages should be brief and clear. The number of people using mobile devices is rising, and nearly half of all emails are read. So, the most effective way to connect is via short, conversational, and relevant messages.


Be aware of your performance.

If you don’t monitor the KPIs of your email and metrics, you’ll be unable to know how effective your advertising strategy is. It’s good to know that many platforms and email marketing software have reporting options that let you know which strategies work and which ones aren’t.


Historical and current trends in Email Marketing

Taiwan Consumer Email Leads
Taiwan Consumer Email Leads

It’s not easy to imagine life without email today, yet marketing via email has an interesting timeline that continues to grow.


Ray Tomlinson first sent an email in the year 1971. What was the significance of this significant leap in technology? Tomlinson believes it was “something similar to QWERTYUIOP”.

Seven years after, Gary Turk, marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp, sent the first-ever mass email that promoted 400 DEC customers using Arpanet. The marketing letter was successful as it brought in $13 million in sales.


At the beginning of 2000, it was clear that spam was an enormous problem. In 2003 the year 2003, President George W. Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act in the name of part of an overall effort to stop the flood of unwelcome emails.

Marketers realized they had to alter their marketing strategies via email to connect with their customers.


And then came the year 2020. There has been a lot that happened in this calendar year. Let’s get to the point about the return of email marketing. Permission-based marketing is, also referred to as inbound marketing, has altered the relationship between consumers and marketers.

Email is a key element in the inbound customer. If you contact potential customers via the appropriate email formats, you will develop relationships and bring leads to conversions.


Future-looking The Future: New trends for Email Marketing Automation

Taiwan B2B Email Database
Taiwan B2B Email Database

Alongside the expansion previously mentioned, some emerging trends are worth keeping in mind.


Programs to Reward Email Customers Programs

Programs for loyalty will be a major factor in automated email marketing. They allow marketers to take a deeper review of their customer’s data. This data will help marketers know the needs and want of their customers and how they react to specific advertising campaigns.



To get the interest of smartphone users, pictures in emails are expected to play a greater part in marketing via email. Marketers can utilize visualization to make behind-the-scenes photos and sneak peek and photos that capture the interest of potential buyers. Images must be lively enough for sharing since social media is expected to be a major influencer in many people’s lives.


Artificial intelligence and email

We expect AI to have a larger role in marketing via email. Alongside its benefits for automation of marketing emails, AI will enable greater personalization of reporting, optimization, segmentation, and content automation, resulting in quicker and more efficient marketing campaigns.


Best Email Marketing Techniques

Taiwan B2B Email Lists
Taiwan B2B Email Lists

Marketing is now required to be carried out in more prominent ways. Customers are demanding evermore. Campaigns must become more aggressive, and utilize all resources available. They can be used by anyone who is linked to an e-mail address or email. These kinds of resources are listed in the name of email marketing.

Email marketing is the use of email to prospective customers to inform them about a product. This lets you make an offer that has been created based on the preferences of the buyer and their actual needs. Furthermore, it permits you to make exclusive offers for a specific amount of time.


Additionally, email marketing costs are extremely low in comparison to other typical marketing techniques. This means that every business will spend very little money marketing their product. This lets you better control who you wish to reach.



Email is an essential element of any marketing plan that is successful. If you have 100 or 100,000 clients the fundamentals of your strategy remain the same. In this article we’ll review some of the most effective strategies to implement your email marketing strategy which is divided into the following areas before you get started with email marketing; Copywriting and design optimization after sending out your marketing emails

If you’ve earned yourself the status of the preferred marketing channel preferred choice for more than 70% of the people who get your emails The right strategy for marketing can boost brand awareness loyalty, brand loyalty, and spending. Utilizing available metrics and analytics will help you increase ROI (ROI) and also save time and cost in the long run.

This blog post provides an overview of email marketing and includes how you can utilize this method to market your dive business, as well as what PADI can offer to help you succeed in your marketing. Download the PDF flyer with links and find the slides posted online here: http://padi.co/BSW_EMdb.


Before you begin marketing emails


Join using the email provider


This will not only ensure that messages are being sent (since some personal inboxes restrict the amount that you are able to send out at the same time) Additionally, it can offer additional benefits, such as monitoring your audience and reporting on analytics.


Be sure to obtain permission from your target audience


With the advent of GDPR, as well as other digital data privacy regulations, businesses could be liable for heavy fines if do not properly manage customer data.

The requirement to be granted permission to forward emails to customers does not only create legal limitations, however but also offers marketing benefits. Research has shown that click rates and open rates are 10x more when you send emails to customers with permission has been obtained.


Create a List

Taiwan B2B Email Leads
Taiwan B2B Email Leads

A few easy ways to increase your email list include adding a signup page on your website, adding the call-to-action button on your blog posts, and posting on social media and advertisements. Offline, you can reach out to for people to sign up in person! You can also add an email message to the forms that divers must take a signature on.

If you’re asking your prospective or existing customers to sign up to your mailing list, make sure to explain to them the reasons they’re required to supply your data and ensure that you’re collecting the information in a legally-sound way.


Create a List


There are a few simple ways to build your mailing list on the internet including a sign-up form on your website, a call-to-action button on blogs, or making use of social media posts and advertisements. Offline, you can reach out to for people to sign up in person! You can also add an email message to some documents that divers must take a signature on.

If you’re asking your prospective or existing customers to sign up to your mailing list, make sure to explain to them the reasons they’re required to provide your data and ensure that you’re collecting this information in a lawful way.


Divide your list into segments


There is no have to send each email to every customer on your email database Therefore, you must divide it into sections. So, the messages that are received by your client will be useful, relevant, and informative for the recipient.


Follow the laws strictly


It’s crucial to do this not just to safeguard your company, but to ensure your email lists remain full of people who would like to be able to hear your message and buy your products. This isn’t just about security for data, consider the laws that govern data accessibility and whether your customers are able to effortlessly access marketing data.


Create goals as well as goals


Before you send emails, consider the goals you’d like to achieve through your newsletters. Think about yourself in the customer’s in their shoes and think about the ways your email marketing strategy will help them reach their goals at this moment.

One method to assist you in making a decision is to ask yourself: ” I want my email marketing strategy used to… ”

Possible answers could help you:


  • Create traffic
  • Develop relationships with your clients.
  • Sales increase
  • Make new ideas


Copy of emails and design optimization

Taiwan B2C Email Database
Taiwan B2C Email Database

Type of mail received


The letter must be reviewed before you send it. Better yet, ask someone else to go through it and make sure your words are logical and you didn’t misspell any words or other mistakes.


The Message Design


Find out what devices your customers typically browse their emails and design messages according to their preferences. It’s also important to keep things simple since fancy images and cluttered pages can deter your reader from taking the action you’d like them to perform.


Be aware of:


  • Size of image – too big will cause a slow load of your message.
  • Information Hierarchy – Make important content more prominent.
  • Be sure that the initial CTA button appears, without scrolling.


It is possible to use the technique of inverted triangles to aid in the design of these components. The picture above illustrates how the image, the title, and the call-to-action button all work as a team to attract the reader’s focus toward that CTA button. It’s a straightforward design principle that you can use to entice users to click to discover more.




It’s a common aspect of email design, yet it’s an essential element of your email marketing campaign. You don’t need to design an entirely different header and footer for each email and this is something that you are able to put a bit more time and effort into.


This may include:


  • “Unsubscribe” button
  • Link to edit email settings
  • Social Links
  • Storage Permission Reminder
  • Your company’s address and the number of your phone


After you have sent those marketing messages

Evaluation of the results

Taiwan B2C Email Lists
Taiwan B2C Email Lists

The sending of emails isn’t all that’s needed to complete your email marketing plan particularly if you’re just at the beginning. Knowing how your messages will be received will assist you in expanding your understanding and developing your future strategies.


Things to be measured comprise:


  • Delivery percent Here you can discover the percentage of your emails that were sent out to your subscribers. This will give some idea of how well your list of clients is.
  • Percentage of Openings This measure will inform you the number of emails that were opened generally in percentage. It will help you determine the effectiveness of your headlines and previews will be in attracting users to open your email.
  • Click Percentage This metric tells the number of recipients who were clicked upon by clicking on one or several hyperlinks within your email. It is important to note that this is usually displayed as a percentage, and is an amount of the total number of emails sent. This is an important metric in the dashboard for marketers which gives you an indication of how your email marketing is working.
  • Unsubscribe Rate This measure will tell you the percentage of recipients on your list of email subscribers unsubscribed after receiving this email. This will help you determine the degree to which your emails were received by your audience as well as if a person clicked that link in order to opt out, they will declare they aren’t happy with what you’ve sent them.


Additional improvements

Taiwan B2C Email Leads
Taiwan B2C Email Leads

Once you’ve identified the data, you can apply them to enhance your marketing approach via email.

If, for instance, you observe that adding an emoji within your subject line increases the open rate, you can incorporate it within your email marketing be aware that things change. Emojis may become less efficient after the next few months and you should continue to test and improve your marketing.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current TAIWAN EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our TAIWAN EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.


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