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600000 Asian Market Email Database 2023

To talk to key decision-makers in Asian countries like China, India, and Japan, pull this ASIAN MARKET EMAIL DATABASE and contact list now! Building strong business-to-business (B2B) connections overseas before sharing your projects in Asian markets is an important step in a global business strategy.

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Buy 600000 Asian Market Email Database 2023

Are you ready to reach out to major markets and capitalize on business opportunities in Asia? When you have valuable Asian business contacts established, you can be sure that you are! Connect with major influencers in the regions you’re planning to market in. This leads list of Asian contacts is pre-built and full of accurate information that you can use to find business opportunities in Asia and start B2B relationships in Asian markets. When you buy this affordable Asian business directory, you’ll be able to connect to major movers and shakers in the following countries:

– China
– Singapore
– Taiwan
– Indonesia
– Hong Kong
– Japan
– Korea
– Malaysia
– Philippines
– Thailand
– India

So whether you’re conducting a B2B marketing campaign overseas, looking for partners and insight before marketing to new audiences in those areas, or hoping to extend your company’s reach, this Asian business email database is for you. Asian business people can discuss with you your company’s products and services, logistics, and partnerships. When you download our verified Asian contacts list, you’ll have all of the information you need to reach out to sales leads: emails, phone numbers, addresses, company information, fax numbers, and more!

When you call or email leads, make sure that you have a translator ready, and make sure to respect local customs and cultural boundaries. Do that and you could use this Asian business mailing list to maximize your overseas marketing efforts today!

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What exactly is Email Marketing? A look at the subject!

Asian Market Email Database
Asian Market Email Database

What is e-mail marketing, and can it still be effective even today? If you think that people don’t utilize e-mail anymore, you’re off! According to research, 4 billion people will use e-mail by 2020. And in 2025, the number of e-mail users will increase up to 4.6 billion. This is why e-mail marketing is a crucial element of any strategy for digital marketing.

However, knowing the process of creating an appealing and efficient e-marketing strategy for yourself and then implementing it could be somewhat difficult for most people. It’s more than just making your promotions and offers into sophisticated e-mails that you can send to your customers. Specific nuances and techniques are required to ensure your message gets to the most exact and relevant customer segments. What are we supposed to do? Let’s go on.


What exactly is Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a method to interact with your audience and clients via e-mails. It is, as mentioned earlier, an extremely effective tool that will help your business expand in a variety of ways. Whatever your business goals are, the use of e-mail marketing will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

The benefits for your business when e-mail marketing

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Make sure you promote your content
  • create leads
  • Increase traffic to the web
  • Establish relationships and establish connections with your customers
  • Improve the customer’s loyalty
  • Sell your product or service

E-mail marketing can increase your profits and increase revenue for your company. Every dollar you spend on an e-mail marketing strategy will yield $42 in profits. This is an incredible ROI of 4200! This is the reason why it’s worth the investment of time as well as money. Let’s now learn the best way to implement the right e-mail marketing for your company.


Step 1 Make an e-mail list.

The first step of implementing an e-mail marketing campaign is to establish your contact list for your business because your e-mails must be sent to specific groups of customers! There are many methods to collect e-mails and create your list, and one of the most effective is to use a Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnet

A lure magnet is a magnet that draws clients to join your e-mail list. They usually provide things or items worth it to consumers in exchange that can be then exchanged to the customer’s e-mail. They can offer:

  • Information chart
  • Template/Template
  • Course
  • e-book
  • Report
  • cheat sheet

The most important aspect to keep in mind is that your magnets appeal and are relevant to your customers. They also provide worth to your customers.

Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms allow you to add your company prospects to your e-mail lists of yours. The opt-in form could be an account page on your website or a pop-up form displayed on your homepage after a short period. In either case, there are a few ways to design attractive opt-in forms:

  • Make sure you choose a memorable and appealing title
  • Use compelling and rely on
  • Keep the form simple, with only a few requirements too high.

Step 2. Send an e-mail

If there’s a specific number of clients on your contact list, it’s the right time to send out an e-mail to these people! There are many aspects of sending e-mail messages effectively, and some of them are discussed in depth below.

Select an ESP

Electronic mail service (ESP) and marketing and sales tools will make it easier when you are sending e-mails. Most ESPs offer similar features, including integrated e-mail builders, automation software, and segmentation. However, different ESPs might be better than others. Consider what you require the most from your ESP and choose the one that is the best fit for your needs.


It is possible to send the same e-mail to all the contacts on your e-mail list; however, you must separate it into different segments to get the best results. Why are these crucial? Because segmenting your target audience allows you to send more relevant messages to the most important customers’ mailboxes, making them more likely to react positively to your e-mails. Segmenting e-mails is responsible for more than 50% of the total revenue from e-mail marketing!

You can group your audience according to:

  • Demographics
  • Place
  • Source registered
  • Life cycle stage
  • Hobbies and interests

From here, you can tailor your e-mail to directly speak to the intended audience by using different words or images.

E-mail design

There are some important elements to remember when writing an effective e-mail.

  • Copy Your copy should convey the message you wish to communicate. It should be interesting, engaging, easy to read, and connect with the readers.
  • Images Choose not only attractive and interesting photos but images that are images that are optimized for every device.
  • CTA: Your call-to-action should be enlarged and tell readers exactly what it does.
  • Responsiveness: 81 Most e-mail messages are read using mobile devices, so you should optimize to work with them!
  • Personalization: Using it in creating e-mails can make them feel more real and real. Make use of personable language and include the person’s name.


E-mail sending reminder

Asian Market Email Lists
Asian Market Email Lists

These tips can help your e-mails get to read and opened by your customers:

  • Subject Line The subject line of your e-mail is essential to the success of your e-mail appears appealing to the reader. A well-designed and concise subject line will draw people to take a look at your e-mail.
  • Text preview: Compose preview text of your e-mail content with clear language to increase the number of opened e-mails.
  • Time: Make sure to mail e-mails when people are likely to be reading; they are most likely to read them. The most effective time to send e-mails is determined by doing some study or testing to determine the best time for sending e-mails.

Automatization and customer experience

Asian Market Email Leads
Asian Market Email Leads

Automation lets you send e-mails to your subscribers by time or automated actions. Not only will they make it easier to do a lot of time and time, but they also make sure that you don’t lose out on sales, leads, and even revenue.

Automation could be as easy as a set of e-mails delivered to fulfill a particular action (e.g., sign up) or be a complex process that executes actions based upon different parameters and selections. A few common examples of automation are abandoned carts delivered to the customer when they abandon things in their cart.


Step 3. E-mail Compliance

Alongside e-mailing your contacts, there are some guidelines and laws that you must follow to safeguard your contacts’ data and privacy. Furthermore, all e-mails you send out are subject to the laws on spam.

The Spam Act 2003 in Australia Spam Act 2003 states that sending unwelcome e-mails is a crime. There are three conditions to be fulfilled in sending marketing e-mails.

  1. Your e-mail recipients must have their permission before you send them mail.
  2. It will help if you indicate your contact information for the business.
  3. You must supply a valid unsubscribe link.

If not, there’s a high chance that this could lead to the payment of a substantial fine to both you and your company.


Fourth Step: E-mail Analysis

Asian Market Business Email Database
Asian Market Business Email Database

If you’ve decided that your practices for marketing via e-mail are in place, now is the time to begin sending them out and measuring the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing. There are several crucial metrics that you can employ to assess the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy and then compare your results to market typical.

  • Open Rate (OR): This is the number of people who open your e-mails during your marketing e-mail campaign. The subject line, the Preview text, and time of day can impact this.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): This refers to the proportion of users who click your CTA or buttons. You can increase this by ensuring that the content of your e-mails is useful and encourages users to take action.
  • Unsubscribe: This is the least preferred metric; however, it’s probably the most useful since you can get rid of inactive contacts. However, if a large number of users opt-out, think about whether your e-mails provide something valuable to your clients.

Consolidate your findings and data into reports that will help you assess your strategy overall and implement adjustments as necessary.

Get started today and avail yourself of the power of e-mails!

I hope this article has provided you with some of the details you require about e-mail marketing so that you can improve the efficiency of your business and reach out to your clients via marketing via e-mail! If you have issues with your e-mail marketing, you can contact Zizipe for assistance. We will offer you a no-cost consultation and offer individual assistance! Remember that e-mail is a method for communication between two persons. Therefore, be honest, helpful, and honest. Your audience will respond to your message in a manner that is appropriate.

Are you interested in learning further about the subject of marketing? Perhaps you’re searching for specific suggestions to enhance your marketing strategies. Check out our website to read more posts that can assist you in connecting more closely with your clients!


Email Marketing Management Services of the highest quality


WebFX will manage your email marketing. We will manage your campaigns and make sure your email content is high-quality so that users visit your website and buy your products and/or services. We offer email marketing management services that include content creation and personalization. We can help you select the right campaign package to meet your business goals and needs.


WebFX custom email marketing campaigns

Asian Market Business Email Lists
Asian Market Business Email Lists

Email Marketing is one of the most effective Web Marketing Strategies to help your business increase brand awareness, remind people about your business, and keep customers coming back for more.

You must build a campaign that gives your subscribers the right information at the right moment to get the most from your email marketing strategy.

WebFX offers many email marketing services that will help you reach your target audience.


WebFX Email Marketing Management Services


Each custom email strategy includes services such as a campaign, target strategy, and theme development. We also offer A/B testing, design editing, website sign-up implementation, and coding. A/B testing can help you determine which subject lines have the highest open rates among recipients. It will also help you improve your campaign.

We will also test your email on 24 email clients and distribute your emails. It is vital to test your email to make sure you take note of things such as whether a user opens your email based on its subject line or how users interact with it.

A partially managed email marketing service is also available. This service is ideal for businesses who already have their email content in place but need some help with analytics and improving subject lines.

Check out our email marketing plans:


Fully Managed Email Marketing Services: Client-Provided Content


You will provide the email copywriting. The emails will be coded with your content and tested on 24 clients.


Email Distribution Services: EmailMarketingFX For WebFX Clients


Our software will allow you to send emails to large lists of recipients. It will also reduce the cost of sending an email blast to a single recipient, allowing you to generate a positive ROI.

EmailMarketingFX allows you to send multiple emails at once. You can also track the success of each campaign and make adjustments as needed to improve it.


7 reasons email marketing is great for your business

Asian Market Business Email Leads
Asian Market Business Email Leads

WebFX is a partner in email marketing services. This means you can take advantage of one of the most powerful and efficient digital marketing channels. Email marketing may seem to be losing its steam or not being as effective as other digital marketing strategies. But, this is far from the truth.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, yet beneficial, digital marketing strategies. This allows you to communicate with your audience, remind them about events, share special offers, etc.


  1. Many people check their email frequently.


In fact, 89% of Americans check their email at least one time per day. This means that email marketing campaigns can reach your audience right where they are looking: in their inboxes.

It is common practice to send messages to your target audience that they are likely to see. Their inbox is the perfect place for that.


  1. Encourage your subscribers to visit your store


Email can be used to encourage customers to visit your storefront and make a purchase.

You can encourage your subscribers to visit your store by telling them about specials and events in the store. This will allow you to meet your customers face to face and give them the opportunity to see your products in person.


  1. Encourage your subscribers to visit the website


Even if you don’t own a physical storefront you can still use email to drive people to your website.

Your email campaign will see increased website traffic if it makes it easy for subscribers to navigate from your email to your website using buttons and links.

Website traffic is vital because it increases brand awareness and makes conversions easier.


  1. Personalizing emails can make your subscribers more attractive
Asian Market Consumer Email Database
Asian Market Consumer Email Database

Email is a great way to let your subscribers know you value them. How can you do this? Personalization.


74% say target personalization improves customer engagement. This is logical, as personalizing emails appeal to subscribers’ personal interests, based on past purchases and pages visited.


Personalizing an email can be as simple as using the subscriber’s name. This will make it appear less generic and bulky than it is. A user will know the email was intended for them when they see their name.

Personalization is also possible. This increases the probability that users will open your email by 26%.


You can personalize your email content to each recipient based on the items they have added to their cart and previous purchases.

You can recommend similar products to remind them of an item they haven’t yet purchased or to let them know you still have that item in stock.


  1. Email marketing is the digital strategy with the highest return on investment


ROI is a very important aspect of a business. It stands for return-on-investment and basically tells how much profit you make on every dollar that you spend on advertising, marketing materials, materials, or other expenses.

Email marketing has a remarkable ROI of 4400%. This means that for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns, you will make $44.

This kind of ROI is why you should consider email marketing for your business.


  1. Emails have a high click-through ratio


A digital marketing strategy should aim to increase the number of clicks to your site.

You want people to visit your site, whether it be through a Facebook post or a Yelp link.

When compared with tweets, emails are six times more likely to receive a click.


  1. Email marketing drives conversions


Email marketing is a great digital strategy to drive conversions.

In fact, Email Marketing drives more conversions than any other channel, even search engine marketing.

Conversions are what make your business successful. They are also one of the key metrics that can help you determine the health and well-being of your company. Your business will not survive without conversions. Email marketing is an excellent way to increase sales.

Why should I employ an agency to manage my email marketing?

Asian Market Consumer Email Lists
Asian Market Consumer Email Lists

There are several things you should consider when deciding whether to hire an email marketing agency.


Are you or your colleagues knowledgeable in email marketing?


If you want to keep your email marketing in-house, it is important to ask whether anyone on your team has any experience in this field.

It is crucial to have an expert on your email marketing campaign to ensure the most effective and beneficial campaign possible. From the automation through the content to personalization, there are many things that go into email marketing. You won’t likely get the same results if you hire someone else to do the job.

You could spend a lot of money if you don’t have someone on your team or want to hire a freelancer. You will not only have to pay them a salary but also provide all the resources they need to make the best email marketing campaign possible for your company.


Are you looking for an email marketing service provider?

Asian Market Consumer Email Leads
Asian Market Consumer Email Leads

You’re ready to launch an email marketing campaign for your business after reading this information.

Email marketing is a great way to increase clicks to the website, increase brand awareness, and, ultimately, stay top of mind for potential and current customers.

Are they happy with your subject lines? Are they averse to the subject lines? What products do they purchase?

You’ll learn how to create the ideal target audience persona over time and can fine-tune your targeting. Don’t be overwhelmed if this seems overwhelming. We are here to help.

WebFX is a top-rated company. Our clients have seen us generate over $3 billion in revenue and 7.8 million leads. Our clients are part of our family, and our goals are theirs. We will work with you to design the best email marketing campaign for your company. And we’ll make sure it works perfectly to get the results you want.

Our pricing policy will always be transparent so you know exactly what you are paying and what you get for it.

A dedicated account representative will be assigned to you so you can always reach someone for any questions or concerns. They will help you understand your email marketing campaign and show you how it works. You’ll also learn how to improve your future campaigns.

You can see what other clients think about your work by checking out our 785 testimonials and the many awards that we have won over the years.

We are a digital marketing agency that offers full-service, local services. However, we also have options available for those who live in the south or east.

We are open to working with you, no matter where you live.




Crafting an Email
5 Crafting an Email
5.1 Introduction
So far, we have gone through many steps that are preliminary to creating an effective email marketing strategy. But one of
the most important components to your entire email marketing strategy is the email itself. From the smallest details like
font to the greater scope like content, the email message you send out is going to be the most crucial element to getting
customers involved in your email marketing strategy. You must choose a layout that is appropriate and create valuable
content that interests the customer.
Customers are scanners of information, so crafting an effective email that entices them
to want more is crucial to keeping your email marketing strategy effective.
Customers are scanners of information. Getting a customer to actually sign up for your emails is just one hurdle to getting
him interested, so creating an email message that keeps the customer wanting more is an important next step. You must
create a brand and reassure the customer that your email is coming from somewhere trustworthy.
In this chapter, we will cover the basics of crafting an effective email. We will cover the smallest details as well as the
greater scope of your strategy. We will also periodically remind you of the CAN-SPAM provisions to keep in mind when
making your email messages.Challenging? Not challenging? Try more
Try this…
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Crafting an Email
5.2 Getting Unread Email Noticed
When a customer opens his email account, you are likely not the only entity sending him email. He is also likely to have
multiple messages waiting in his inbox that have not yet been read, so he is initially going to have to sift through it all to
see what is important to keep and what is disposable enough to move to his trash. Obviously, you do not want to be the
latter, so making an email that catches the customer’s eye in the first place is important.
The first thing a customer sees about a message is the email header. The email header contains condensed, but pertinent
information including:
• The “From” Line – This is the line of text which tells the receiver who the email comes from. Some ESPs
allow you to have this line state the organization’s name rather than the email address from which it is sent.
This helps in identification for the customer.
• The “From” Address – The “From” address is essentially the same as the “From” line in that it displays the
same information. It is the email address from which the email comes from, but most email programs show
this as the “From” line.
• The “Subject” Line – This is the line that entices the reader to open up your email, giving a hint about what
to expect in the message. Effective subject lines prompt audiences to take action immediately.
• Portions of the Email Shown through Email Programs – This is the content of your message that shows up
in some email programs. Usually it’s the first line or two of the content. Not all email programs have them,
so it is important to focus on creating eye-catching subject and from lines to initially get the attention of
your readers. Still, if your content is valuable, this email program attribute can do nothing but help.
Below, we will discuss how to make the “Subject” and “From” lines much more eye-catching.
5.2.1 “From” Lines
Though it may sound like a simple task, making your “From” lines of emails effective is an involved process that helps build
trust between you and a customer and promotes familiarity with your customer. ESPs allow you to fill out information
that can be plugged into the “From” line. More importantly, it is quite beneficial when you go on specific campaigns and
want to change what the “From” line reads. There are a few things to consider putting in your “From” line.
• Your organization’s name – Putting a name in the “From” line of an email is all about recognition. For larger
organizations, putting this name in the “From” line is important because it is what is most recognizable.
However, you should also consider how your organization’s name is displayed. Are customers likely to
recognize the initials of your organization’s name, or do they recognize the actual name more? Whichever
people recognize more should be put in the “From” line.
Download free ebooks at bookboon.comEmail Marketing
Crafting an Email
• The name of the company founder/president – This is more appropriate for smaller businesses that do
transactions on a much smaller scale than large organizations. The connections a founder/president of a
company conducts are much more intimate, so putting a personal name in the “From” line is acceptable and
perhaps more appropriate than the business name.
• Your name and the organization’s name – Let’s say you work for a large company and have done business
with a client. The client will definitely know your company’s name, but adding your name adds a little bit of
personal intimacy because it conveys that it has come from a person and not just from an email list.
• Your organization’s location – This is more appropriate for larger organizations that have branches in multiple
geographic locations around a nation or the globe.
• Your website’s domain name – Some organizations are more well-known for their online presence, especially
in an increasingly online world. Use the domain name if you have a larger online presence, but include the
organization name as well for customers to be more familiar with your brand.
• Email address – Some organization decide to have their email address in the “From” line. This allows
customers to know who to contact if they have any further questions. Your company, though, should have
multiple email addresses specific to, for example, a certain department that sounds out certain kinds of
emails. The email address in the “From” line should be clear and include the department name as well as the
business name.
The “From” line creates familiarity the company and trust between the company and the
When considering what to put in the “From” line, keep in mind the current CAN-SPAM provisions require you acknowledge
who you are clearly to the recipient. Recognition is not only a good marketing practice, it is a law.
5.2.2 “Subject” Lines
The “Subject” line is what will entice customers to read an email and take action. The “Subject” line will get readers to
open an email and read the content of an email. Coming up with an eye-catching “Subject” line can be effective, especially
since you have a limited amount of room to say what you need to say. Here are a few guidelines to follow when coming
up with an effective “Subject” line:
• Get your point across – You might be tempted to write a lot of information in the “Subject” line highlighting
the benefits of reading the email However, you have a limited amount of characters (between 30 and 50) to
say what you need to say, so you must state something general but valuable. The highlights of your statement
should be in the email itself, so be sure to state the broad claim or importance of your email. Are you
having a sale? Is there a promotional event going on soon? Do you have an update on a blog? Is there a new
product coming to your store? Simplicity is ideal, so state what you want to say and leave it at that.
Download free ebooks at bookboon.comEmail Marketing
Crafting an Email
• Sense of urgency – Going along with the previous bullet point, you want to let the recipient know that what
you are stating in the “Subject” line is valuable and worth knowing. A simple statement of fact is sufficient,
but it is not always enough to get a person to read your email. Make sure they want to read it by intoning a
sense of urgency with keywords and phrases. Instead of simply stating that a sale is going on, say that it is
going on now and that it will only last through today or through the weekend. You can also incentive the
“Subject” line by stating something secondary, like a promotional event where there is only one more chance
to register for it.
• Test your “Subject” lines – You may have to perform some trial and error with “Subject” lines when initially
sending out emails. Here is one of the benefits of having organized, categorized email lists. What you can
do is come up with multiple variations of a “Subject” line and send them out to different segments of a list.
Tools for analysis will allow you to analyze the data and see which ones are more effective. We will get into
analysis in the next chapter.Stand out from the crowd
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Crafting an Email
The “Subject” line, unfortunately, is one of the aspects of an email that you must tread carefully on to prevent spam
complaints. Spammers use a certain style that is distinguishable from more professional emails, so this style should be
avoided at all costs. Listed below are practices that you should NOT engage in:
• Do not use excessive amounts of punctuation, especially exclamation points
• Do not use obscure signs like $ or *
• Do not put the recipient’s name in the “Subject” line
• Avoid ALL CAPS (it gives the appearance of yelling)
• Do not use Re: followed by text (the only exception is if it’s an actual response)
• Do not use vague “Subject” lines
• Do not have a blank “Subject” line
“Subject” lines call for action and entice the customer with condense messages and a
sense of urgency.
CAN-SPAM provisions are targeted at this type of style, so it is important not to use it. This type of style misleads the
customer, which is one of the provisions that the law targets. Avoid these actions to prevent receiving spam complaints.
5.3 Email Content
Following the tips and guidelines of “From” and “Subject” lines should get your customers further into your email. Once
the customer has opened up an email, they have become significantly more involved in your organization.
There is still more for you to do, though. Enticing the customer with valuable and relevant claims is important, but
keeping them interested is even more so. In this section, we will discuss how to make your email content valuable and
relevant to the customer.
Download free ebooks at bookboon.comEmail Marketing
Crafting an Email
5.3.1 Branding
Branding is the use of graphic and artistic elements to give your organization a unique and consistent look. Branding also
extends to writing, especially when it comes to content driven marketing. Your writing is seen in blogs, websites, social
media profiles, and email. Though a more subtle form of branding, writing is a form of branding that should complement
the visual branding components. The important aspects to branding are that it provides the customer with:
• Familiarity
• Authenticity
• Consistency
• Personality
• Distinction
Branding is the use of graphic and artistic elements to give your organization a unique
and consistent look.
Brands also come in the form of logos and colors. They are designed with the ideals of the organization in mind and
are used across all marketing media. Your emails are no different and should utilize branding when trying to reach out
to new and current customers. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using your brand, especially in email:
• Brand Reflects Organization Personality – Your logo and writing should be complementary to each other
and accurately reflect the personality of the organization. Is your organization serious or humorous?
Exclusive or inclusive? Professional or casual?
• Use Logos – You should use logos through all media, and you should also include them in all of your
emails. Put your logo at the top-left corner of a page where readers are most likely to see it. Using the logo
consistently creates familiarity with your customer.
• Use Logo/Organization Colours – Using colors that match your logo, or that are consistent with your
organization, is key to making consistent content as well as unique visual content. Use these in your email
for elements like borders or backgrounds. Fonts can also be a different color, but it is best to use darker
fonts rather than lighter fonts. Additionally, make sure the colors of your website are also consistent with the
colors of the email. Users may hesitate if they see an inconsistency in graphic design between the two.
• Keep Written and Visual Elements Consistent – As stated before, branding extends to the visual and written
elements of an organization. Be sure that your writing reflects the visual tone and use language that is
appropriate. Another factor to consider is font. Make sure the style of font you use goes well in tone and
appearance with the rest of the visual elements you have selected.
Download free ebooks at bookboon.comEmail Marketing
Crafting an Email
You may run across an instance where you have different email formats sent out for different situations. When you send
out emails to people, you want them to know the difference between a newsletter and a promotional offer. Having two
formats too similar or different from each other can create confusion, so you want to have both formats only modestly
different from each other.
One thing to consider is having your organization logo in the upper-left corner of both email formats while differentiating
the layouts. Colors can be slightly modified between the two, while images and written content can take on a different format.
5.3.2 Layout
When customers open an email, they don’t immediately start reading the text that contains the information you are
trying to convey. They look at the entire email as a whole, “reading” the layout from left to right, top to bottom. The top
left corner of your email is where the majority of people will view the email first, so put the most important pieces of
information there. The bottom right corner, however, is not as important. The visual experience of the customer is what
will entice the reader to keep looking and maybe even start reading the message.
Customers “read” the layout of an email as a whole before they read the actual written
content.© UBS 2010. All rights reserved.
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Crafting an Email
Here are a few extra guidelines to take into consideration when laying out your email
• Show Branding – If your audience is familiar with your organization and its brand, putting a logo or your
organization name in the top left corner takes priority over anything else.
• Headline – The headlines should appear as close to the top of the email as possible. Ideally, they should also
be near the top left corner of the email.
• Call to Action – The “Subject” line should already display what the call to action of this particular email is,
but the call to action should also be displayed near the headline in the top left corner as well. The call to
action should contain more information about the special offer since you are not limited in space like with
the “subject” line.
• Visual Anchors – Visual anchors are simple images or graphics that help emphasize important components
in an email, such as a link to your website or to special coupons. Images or graphics like an arrow can be
used to point the user to a desired location on the email. These should be placed closer to the top of an
• Images – Images are a nice element to add to an email, but be careful about how big the image is. You do not
want it to be so large that it covers half the page and makes the customer miss important blocks of text.
You should also be careful how you display the image in an email as well. Browsers should be able to read and display
appropriate file formats like JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs. You can convert images not in these formats using an image editor.
Also, limit the file size of the image by making the dimensions smaller and reducing the resolution to 72 dots per inch
(dpi). And lastly, never embed images in an email. This will make the message big and take more time to load. Instead,
store your images on a server and use an HTML line of code called an image reference to display the image.
5.3.3 Text
Of course, we cannot forget about the importance of an email’s text. Not only should it be essential to this part of your
marketing strategy, it is also part of CAN-SPAM’s provisions in the sense that you must convey certain types of information.
This, of course, includes things like stating your location, the fact that you are advertising, etc. It also requires that the
information you state is not misleading.
Generally, you should balance out the amount of text and design elements in an email. Too much text is intimidating to
read while too many images are annoying. Focus on these areas of text:
• Headlines – Entice the reader to read on. Create the sense of urgency like you did with the “Subject” line.
Also keep branding in mind and think about your word choice and what you want to convey.
• Paragraphs – This is where you will lay out the finer details of your email. Whether it is a special offer or a
frequent newsletter, it should convey further what your “Subject” line and headline claimed first. Make sure,
however, that your paragraphs are not too long and that you do not have too many of them.
• Links – Your email should contain links for customers to be able to click to take that call of action you asked
for. Make them clear to read and distinguished from the rest of the text. This is usually done by displaying
the link with a blue font and underlined.
Fonts are another important component to the text of an email. Regardless of what the words say, the font of text can
give the words a meaning through the tone it conveys. You are free to use whatever font you feel is necessary, but try
to keep the amount of different fonts you use to a minimum. Headlines can have a different font than the body of the
text, but generally speaking, using too many fonts can feel overwhelming for the reader. Also use a font that conveys the
appropriate tone of your company. Remember that branding is still in play.
5.3.4 Linking
One of the most important parts of the layout of an email is to provide links for your calls to action. The reason you
should include links is because you want the customer to become more involved by going to your organization’s website
or social media profile. The links you provide should be clear and precise. This helps your email comply with CAN-SPAM
provisions, entices your customer, and simplifies your customer’s understanding of your call to action.
Links should be provided in an email to get the customer involved beyond the email,
with social media and your website.
You can use HTML to encode a link in your email and display it however you want. This comes in the form of the <a
href> tag and encodes a link so that all the customer has to do is click to get to the website you’re directing him to.
Usually, the link displays the URL, but you can manipulate what is displayed with the help of the <a href> tag. While the
actual URL will be within the tag, you can type in whatever text you want between <a href> and </a> . This makes the
link appear as the text you typed in.
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Crafting an Email
This is especially useful because some URLs end up being extremely long and you want to condense it for easier viewing.
Your displayed link text, just like the body text, should also be clear and precise. It should give the reader exactly what it
says it will and should not be misleading (remember CAN-SPAM). Some examples include:
• “Click here for more details”
• “Read my blog for the latest updates”
• “Email us at organization@domain.com”
• “Retweet this”
• “‘Like’ us on Facebook”
Your displayed link text should also be distinguished from the body of your text. Most of the time, links are underlined
and blue. They also display a different color when they have already been visited by the user, like purple.
You can also use links to direct readers to other things like a file or certain parts of the email. Additionally, you can use
images instead of text to link a user to something in the email or on the Internet. Whichever you choose, be sure that it
is appropriate and clearly stated.
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Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy
6 Analyzing and Tracking Your Email
Marketing Strategy
6.1 Introduction
Tracking how well your emails perform is one of the greatest benefits of an email marketing strategy. Tracking how well
an email does is very simple and ESPs provide the necessary tools for you to be able to do all of that.
Tracking and analyzing the performance of emails is very easy with the help of tools
featured in ESPs.
In this chapter, we will discuss the various ways to track and analyze your email marketing strategy’s performance and
take a look at the different types of reports you can view and use.
6.2 Types of Tracking Reports
Depending on the ESP you use, you have a great deal of data and to track and analyze. The kinds of data your can track
include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Email bounce rates
• Who opened emails
• What links were clicked
• Customers that unsubscribe
• Email forwards
Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used types of tracking reports. As we go through the types of reports, they
will become more and more specific.
6.2.1 Bounce Rates/Non-Bounce Rates
Bounce rate refers to the amount of emails that were not received by recipients. It is the equivalent of having a mailed letter
sent back to the sender. This number is expressed as a percentage of total emails sent and requires a simple calculation.
Bounce rates are the percentage of emails that were not successfully delivered to a

Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy
Calculating the bounce rate means taking the number of bounced emails (which a tracking report will tell you) and dividing
that by the total number of emails you sent to a particular category on your list. You will get a small number (less than
one) expressed in decimal form. To get the percent number, move the decimal to the right two places. As an example, if
you get 0.25 from your division equation, moving the decimal over two spots gives you 25%.
Bounces can happen for a number of reasons, like firewalls or a full inbox. Most of the time, though, it is out of your
control and there is little you can do to fix it. However, you can check for certain things like misspelled email addresses
to see if the problem is in your hands and is fixable.
Non-Bounce rates, on the other hand, are the percentage of emails that did get sent through, regardless of whether or
not the recipient opened them. This is a very useful number because it is used to let you know detailed information that
we will discuss in the next few sections. Calculating the non-bounce rate is also simple. If you already have the bounce
rate, all you have to do is subtract the percentage number from 100 to get the non-bounce rate. Of course, an ESP will
also display both of these numbers for you.
Open Rates
Open rates are the number of interactions your email server gets as a result of a recipient opening an email. This number
only comes from the non-bounce rate and not the total number of emails you sent out. Your ESP will know when an
email has opened because of one of the following:
• The images were displayed in an opened email
• A recipient clicked a link in an email
Open rates are the number interactions an email server gets as a result of a recipient
opening an email.
The reason these actions indicate an opened email is because images are stored on the ESP’s server and accessed from
the server when an email is opened. A link within an email is tracked because clicks are easily trackable. This is another
reason why putting images and links into an email is important for your email marketing strategy.
6.2.3 Click-Through Rates
Click-through rates are the percentage of users clicking on links in an email. This number is taken from the number of
opened, non-bounced emails. As you can already see, these tracking data get more and more specific, building off of one
Click-through rates are the percentage of users that click on links in an email.
The click-through rate number will be displayed and calculated by your ESPs software tools. Some ESP software will allow
you to view exactly which links were clicked in addition to the number of times each one was clicked.
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Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy
Click-through rates are especially beneficial for customizing the interests of your customers. It extends beyond the email
as well, being used on websites to track who clicks on what links. Since it is easy to track what exactly your customers
click on, you can make well-educated assumptions about what they would prefer for you to send them in the future.
Companies can use click-through rates to personalize a customer’s email preferences
and offer recommendations.
Let’s say that you are a store that allows people to buy music as either CDs or downloads. You can track the links a customer
clicks on and customize their emails to include links on specific artists and similar music. First, however, you must place
email subscribers into categories based on these clicks. From there, you can send them more recommendations by adding
in links. Those links can be tracked even further to see if they are effective.
You can also use click-through rates to recommend other types data to the customer to get them more involved in your
company’s other marketing channels. For example, using the store we mentioned above, you can recommend a blogger
who’s overarching theme focuses on the music genre your customer is interested in. In your emails to the customer, you
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Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy
You can also use click-through rates as a means of testing out different versions of an email. Separate a list in two and send
out a different version of the same email to each list. Analyze which list has more click-through rates and if necessary,
make adjustments to the emails. Keep testing them out until you feel you have an optimal and effective email.
Try to cross reference different marketing channels using the information you gather
from click-through rates.
6.2.4 Additional Tracking Reports
In addition to the tracking data we have already mentioned, there are a few other points of data you can view and perhaps
even use to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. You can see how many people unsubscribed and
keep their data in a category of your email list. It is a good practice to keep this data because if the customer decides to
subscribe to your email list once more, you do not have to do any additional research on their information. Remember,
though, that you cannot send them any emails unless they grant permission again.
You can also use tracking reports to see if anyone has forwarded your email to other email addresses. If your email
marketing strategy calls for you to get people to spread the word about your organization or something it has to say, this
is a very useful type of data to track.

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Email nowadays plays an essential role in the lives of everyone, but especially for business. A tool for business, it allows you to share information.

With your employees, suppliers, and your employees, suppliers, and. So how do you effectively use email for advertising your business?

New and existing customers? This book will show you the fundamentals of promoting your business via email.

Sean McPheat, a serial businessman and an internet marketing expert, is the writer of this book. Sean owns several

profitable online businesses that range starting from successful online businesses ranging from an International Training business through to numerous mini websites selling

Various online services and products. Sean is the creator of the Internet Marketing Academy, which aims to enhance.

The highest standards in internet-based marketing across the globe. Sean has been interviewed on CNN, BBC, ITV, and various radio stations.

Stations and has contributed to a variety of newspapers. He’s been featured in more than 250 different newspapers.

Sean is a sought-after consultant and presenter on subjects that relate to online marketing and making money online.

Estimates show that he’s estimated that he has generated over PS20,000,000 of leads and PS6,000,000 in sales through the Internet. This is

This does not even include the millions he has made for his clients!

Asian Email Lists

1. Introduction to Email Marketing

For many years, companies have discovered ways to promote their business and their products by using a variety of channels.

Different types of media. The term “advertising” is that is used to describe ways in which an organization tries to persuade customers to buy

The product or service it provides. The institution could come from a non-profit entity that needs to raise funds.

To a company which sells groceries. These organizations, no matter what their purpose, use advertising to gain.

Their recognition and as a means to get people to be involved. They are advertising to are people who could be potential customers.

How can businesses promote their business? In short, they conduct marketing campaigns; however, there’s so much more to it.

More than the other. There are a variety of advertising campaigns that a company could implement and the method by which an organization chooses to select the kind of

The campaign is highly contingent on the period and the media available during that time. If you look through

In a magazine, you’ll be confronted with an abundance of advertisements that cover a portion of an article or the whole page. The same applies to magazines.

This is the case for the newspaper you take along on your commute each day. The same was true for America’s colonial era.

In the past, Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette often had banners and headlines that were purchased by companies advertising their products.

We encounter this kind of magazine or newspaper advertising even to this day but consider different types of advertising.

We encounter. Also, think about the medium through which we can view the advertisements. When we

When we turn on the television, the shows we can watch get interrupted during commercial break-ups to promote movies, products, or services. trailers, and

There are many other differences. Films that we see in the cinema contain previews of other films, or there could be

Product placement in the latest summer blockbuster this year. Back in the days of phone, landlines were commonplace,

Telemarketers would call us to interrupt dinner. Even our mailboxes are stuffed with ads from an extensive range of companies.

Of companies offering coupons for an oil change and discounts on pizzas. Today, a different kind of mailbox is one.

An essential element to the kinds of marketing that businesses participate in.

Asian Email List

Contrary to direct mail for P.O. boxes or mailboxes outside of apartments and homes, businesses do not need to throw them away.

Millions in pounds used to send their messages to prospective customers. In addition, they have an even more extraordinary.

The number of people with access to Internet Businesses can connect with a more significant number of internet users.

Email marketing. Businesses are aware that email is now one of the most important means of communication. Of course,

Any successful marketing campaign uses multiple forms of media to promote.

With a greater number of users connected to the Internet, businesses can.

To be able to reach a more significant amount of people via to reach out to a larger audience using email marketing.

The next ebook will concentrate only on email marketing and the strategies employed to use it. We will begin by examining.

A few basic concepts of email marketing. It also provides an overview of the things is expected throughout the book.

Asian Email Address

1.1 What’s Email Marketing?

If you are looking for a definition of email marketing, There are a variety of possibilities to define it, from the general to the specific.

In essence, email marketing is the process of sending emails to customers, both existing and potential. Here are some examples.

essential elements to effective key elements to a successful email marketing campaign are:

* Direct Emails – These emails are directly sent to existing and prospective customers

* Retention Emails Regular and frequent emails are sent out to current customers

* Email-placed ads Marketing advertisements are placed in emails sent by other people

Marketing via email is the process of sending emails out to clients, both current and prospective.


These components as similar to email-based marketing. Direct email messages sent to current as well as potential customers.

Customers are like flyers and envelopes that line a mailbox. The regular and frequent emails of customers are similar to printed newsletters sent.

To loyal and frequent to loyal and regular customers. Emails with marketing ads are similar to ads on the pages of a magazine or newspaper.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these elements.

1.1.1 Direct Emails

Direct emails are similar to receiving an advertisement from a local business. In both cases, it could be that the company is giving out an

Announcements for something like an exclusive deal that’s on for a specific period or a coupon to purchase the product or services.

The main difference between them is that, with email, you don’t have to limit yourself to receiving only local companies.

The Internet is a platform where the competition and market have grown global, and everyone wants to be competitive for you.

Asian Phone Number Database

It may sound scary, but in recent times, companies have improved in marketing to the

The right Asiangraphics, particularly with the right Asiangraphics, especially with email marketing. They’ve also become more adept in their marketing using emails.

The laws against SPAM and sensitivity to customers are now crucial in handling their marketing via email.

Practices. Two of them are crucial aspects to consider when you are implementing your email marketing plan.

In contrast to retention emails, the distinct feature of direct mail is that it is an invitation to action on behalf of the sender.

Of the client. Imagine receiving the email of a company. You might or may not have heard of them, and you might

I have not signed up to any of their list of email addresses. Businesses can acquire these lists through purchasing. However, we’ll soon get there.

In a later chapter. Whatever the case, the business considers you potential customers and is looking to lure you in by offering a great deal. You

Perhaps you’ve even had business before with them, and they’d like to continue doing business with you or offering something different.

Could be interested in or you could be interested in or, even better, you could get a better deal than you did not get previously.

The distinct feature of direct mail is that it’s an invitation to action on behalf of the


The goal of the direct email is to promote. They could give you a gift of service request you to join.

To advertise something. Customers who are interested in something tend to receive such emails.

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As we mentioned earlier, Retention emails are essentially printed newsletters. Though they’re still primarily promotional, the retention emails are not.

Emails attempt to keep the loyalty of customers by offering the customers something. This can range from coupons to a gift cards.

For up-to-date news about the most current product. These emails are distributed regularly. It could be a bi-weekly or a monthly

Regularly, the company tries to send emails every week (or sometimes more often) to keep customers interested.

Although still being promotional, Retention emails aim to keep customers loyal by

I am giving the client something.

Why are emails so common? As we mentioned earlier, the Internet has become a worldwide market and a competitive place.

The consumer has a wealth of information to read and select from. In addition, their attention span for consumers is concise.

And you must hold your attention. One study showed the fact that 55% of users subscribe to email marketing and

Newsletters erase the content without even looking them up. As we’ll discuss inside the guide, an effective email

A marketing campaign should make a moderate amount of emails for retention and excellent content utilization in emails.

Email Lists

Another advertising method via email is to request advertising space in an email. In many cases, companies that.

Send out emails to keep customers informed (newsletters) provide space for other companies to put their ads.

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This is beneficial to you as a company, mainly if you’ve looked into the Asiangraphics you’re marketing to.

And potential customers you might and the potential customers you could. Knowing which other businesses’ potential customers will visit and the potential customers you could gain.

Listening is an excellent benefit because it lets you strategically make your advertisements appear in emails that are likely to receive clicks. It’s also an excellent way to increase the number of clicks on your ads.

Benefit for the company with the advertisement you have put up is that they will be aware your emails are read and

They can also perform an analysis to see where their customers are clicking.

Does Email Marketing Effective?

In essence, emails do work. Of course, there’s the stigma attached to SPAM that makes people wonder whether

Whether or not or not, email marketing still works. Marketing via email is just like other types of Internet marketing such as social media, is still effective.

Marketing is fast-paced and needs to be adjusted. Although it is sometimes lumped as a category with SPAM and email

Marketing should be utilized in conjunction with the Internet advertising strategy. Here are some numbers to Asiannstrate that an email is a powerful tool for marketing.

marketing does, in fact, work:

* In a survey conducted by Econsultancy in 2011, 72% of the respondents agreed the ROI of email (Return on Investment) was

Excellent or very good. Excellent or excellent organic excellent or excellent. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was the sole Internet marketing element

That performed better.

Based on the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing in 2010 was forecast to bring in $42.08 in

ROI per dollar. This is superior to other channels for direct advertising, for example, printed catalogs or


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* As per a 2010 report from Foresee Results, the second most significant influence on-site visits were

via emails. The main influence was brand recognition.

* In a poll of more than 8000 local U.S. entrepreneurs conducted by MerchantCircle, the email marketing segment was one of the factors.

the top 3 most successful marketing strategies, as cited by 35.8 percent of those surveyed. Search engine and social media

marketing performed better.

* Forbes Media conducted the Ad Effectiveness Survey in February and March 2009, which revealed that email as well as

E-newsletters are thought to be to be the second most effective instrument to increase conversion rates, after SEO.

* A survey conducted by the Society of Digital Agencies reveals that 70% of marketers who market brands are planning to invest in

Email marketing in the year for 2011.

* Surveyor Campaigner held a survey in 2010 which found that the majority of marketers plan to increase their marketing via email.

levels in 2011, whereas marketing participation of 33% expect to remain at the same levels throughout the year 2011.

* In 2010 The 9th Annual Merchant Survey asked certain merchants which initiatives they planned to pursue in the coming year.

increasing their website’s performance. With 79% of the respondents, the most popular answer was “send more relevant


* A number of surveys conducted in 2009 revealed that marketers tend to spend more on their marketing budgets for marketing via email.

and to target.

* Veronis Suhler Stevenson is the author of an annually updated Communications Industry Forecast that, in 2009, estimated that the industry was total

The amount of money of money spent on email will total $27.8 billion for 2013, an increase by $11.9 billion in 2009.

Like you will see that many businesses make quite an investment into their email advertising campaigns. They’re ready to

They invest their money because they’ve seen the payback from their investment.

The first question we pose is “Does Marketing through email work?” But to understand it further, what should we consider is what questions to

Our own experience is the way the email marketing process works. There are a number of important reasons why email marketing works well:

Target your audience

Marketing is influenced by information (Asiangraphics as well as specific groups, composition of emails and more.)

You can sell directly

* You can establish relationships, trust and loyalty

* Your sales and marketing are supported by other channels

Asian Email Lists

Software and services for email today allow companies to target specific groups of people to improve effectiveness when sending

sending to send emails. Furthermore, there are more advanced methods to make emails more personalized for particular individuals, which

assists in building a personal relationship with the customer as well as a sense of loyalty to the brand. It helps build a personal relationship with customers and builds loyalty for.

Your marketing emails are also monitored once you’ve sent out emails to your customers who are currently in your company as well as

potential. Data can be analysed through a variety of methods such as the web, analytics on downloads and queries and visits

to events for promotion as well as offline stores.

1.3 Do you see a downside in Email Marketing?

Marketing via email isn’t just as easy as sending an email in a standard format to thousands of people who are on the list of email recipients. It is a process that requires

designing and planning for your part as well as making sure that your customers understand and then take action. It’s impossible to

Get everyone to read your emails. However, you can increase the likelihood of people reading them.

1.3.1 Spam The Most Important No-No of Email Marketing

The ability to get customers to react and communicate with you is about getting their confidence. It all boils to one crucial element of

The advice is: First of all, remember:

Never, ever send Spam

Responsible marketing via email is dependent on permission. Before you can even send an email to a client you must obtain his or her permission.

Your permission is required. If you do not, you may be accused of spam. Spam is unintentionally sent and/or large-scale commercial

emails sent out to hundreds of people at once. If you’re being accused of spam, the following situations can occur:

* Your email address/s could be shut down

* Your website could be closed

Your reputation may be damaged

The expression “Spam” is derived from Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit, where customers are

It is only possible to purchase foods that include a large amount of canned meat, also known as Spam. Then,

A band made up of Vikings are singing about the benefits of Spam.

Marketing through email can only be effective only if the emails you send out are permission-based. For the United States, that “permission” is defined as

Part of the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Affliction of Non-Solicited pornography in Marketing) act. We will be discussing the CAN-SPAM Act in detail.

There is more information in chapter 3 in Chapter 3 when we discuss how to create email lists.

Asian Email Database

The rules of CAN-SPAM are regularly updated The issues are being solved. The latest version of

the law also recognizes SMS messages to be commercial messages and has to adhere to the same rules as

emails. A person’s political views and opinions might differ from the ones these laws require however, regardless of what you believe, it’s important

and it is crucial to follow and must be abide by these and it is essential to abide by these. The penalty for a violation of one of these laws could be as high as a fine up to

$16,000.00. It can be a lot quickly if penalties are imposed multiple times.

1.3.2 Be educated

In this intro, we’ve taught the fundamentals of marketing via email. What we want to convey is the importance of precision in the process.

how email marketing is managed. A professional marketer should know how to run campaigns effectively and efficiently.

and this book will show the techniques to accomplish this..

Marketing through email is like taking care of a garden. It is essential to give customers and plants exactly what they want and analyse

What they need. With time, your skills will become more efficient and you’ll produce more outcomes. But , first, understand the basics.

you have a chance

to change

The world

We at Ericsson we are firmly conviction that

the advances we come up with on a regular basis could result in

significant impact in making our world one of the most beautiful places on earth

for business, people and society. Join us.

For Germany we are particularly looking for students

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Asian Mailing List

To control emails marketing you’ll want to buy and install an email marketing program. If you are looking to manage your email marketing campaigns, it is best to use an email marketing

employing email marketing software. some other strategies for marketing are being used. On the Internet, you must have every other

important elements to ensure the highest possible exposure for your company and your product. A website for your company as well as blogs and social

media should be component of your marketing strategy and work together as well as with

Your email marketing strategy should be considered your email marketing strategy as. This will be discussed further when we discuss the process of opting-in.

In the process of setting up your marketing email program must be an offline procedure too. You will be able to get

customers using a variety of communication, and doing this offline is not an exception. In the next sections of this chapter,

We will go over how you can increase your customer base by using lists and opt-in processes. Although it is not a complete guideline,

The next sections will form the foundation on which an email marketing plan comes into existence.

2.2 How to choose the right Email Service Provider

The primary aspect to consider when beginning your email marketing campaign is to acquire software designed to send out

emails. There are a variety of software that are available to purchase and each one comes with a variety of tools to help customers

and send out and sending out. Others even offer tools for analyzing certain information to analyze customer behaviour. The companies that offer this service are

These pieces of software are referred to by their name as email service provider (ESP). Here is a listing of most popular ESPs.

* Constant Contact

* EmailDirect

* GetResponse

* Xert Communications

* Contactology

* Emma

* iPost

* YesMail

* Net Atlantic

* ContactLab

Asian Email Marketing Database

* Sendloop

* Elite Email

* Vidi Emi

* CommuniGator

* Boomerang

* Sailthru

* eConnect Email

* ExpertSender

* Cyberimpact

* Mayoris AG

* L-Soft

These ESPs (email service providers) are firms that provide email services, for example email

services for marketing, bulk emails and other services for bulk email and marketing.

Utilizing an ESP is a vital step in getting bulk emails sent out to potential and current customers. Even if your email is not approved,

List contains as little as 100 email addresses. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) aren’t likely to permit an enormous flow of

the emails to be delivered. ISPs keep an eye out for any activity that is high-volume, such as sending large amounts of emails, thus creating an email marketing campaign

A connection to an ISP could be a sign of suspicious activity. The possibility of your company being blocked, meaning that your organization’s email system

It will be frozen until it is placed to the ISP’s”good sender” list. It is which is also known as the white list.

The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) typically do not allow large volumes of email to go through

through. You will require an ESP to use this service.

A good ESP for your use is advantageous since you can receive a huge amount of emails sent and not be banned. The

ESP is typically ISP capable and is able to work at a larger scale. It also provides list that are separated and classified.

Let’s look at the things you require from an ESP.

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