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400000 Kolkata Email Database

In order to sell in Kolkata, you need a targeted email list. With this Kolkata email database, you can make good B2B contacts with real decision-makers. Our verified Kolkata mailing list has the accurate and updated information you need to create a reliable business database.

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Data can be filtered easily as per your need and requirement


Working Professionals, Company owners, Account holder, Business Owners, Ecommerce Buyers, Students
Doctors, Engineers, Credit Card Holder, Car Owners, Job Seekers, Corporates and Professionals, Loan Customers, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Businesses, Classifieds, Real Estate, BPO, Financial Advisors, IT Consultants, HNI Database, IT Companies, Insurance Agents, Dmat, Social Media Users, NRIs, Real Estate, Frequent Flyers, Abroad Travellers, Exporters and Importers and lots more…Kolkata Email Database


  • The most affordable one
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  • Easy controlling by excel Kolkata Email Database

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email marketing: What it is and how you can get started (includes an example and 5 top software).

Kolkata Email Lists
Kolkata Email Lists

This article will help you to use email marketing efficiently, regardless of whether your business is new or established.

This course will help you understand email marketing (with simple examples), and how to use it to create newsletters (follow-up and auto responder).

I have added a section of the article to discuss the main email-marketing software and the possibility to do email marketing for free

What is email marketing? What does it mean?

Email marketing means marketing using email. Emails are a key tool in digital marketing because they enable you to reach your leads quickly for both promotional purposes and to build trust.

Trust is often what leads to people buying our products, especially if they are medium- or high-priced. Email marketing allows you to have more information and to make better decisions.

You get $ 40 for every dollar you spend on email marketing (including the cost of software to send emails)

This is a crucial fact, especially considering the social media hype: many people believe that marketing is about having many followers on Instagram or Tik Tok!

How is it possible that email’s primacy has lasted for over ten years, despite all the innovations?

It’s very simple: email marketing evolved… and continues its evolution.

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your lead (we’ll be seeing how soon), give him resources, and help to solve his problems before he becomes a customer.

Imagine, for example, offering a consulting service.

  • Scenario 1: The potential customer visits your service page without email marketing, possibly not knowing much about you and your company. He or she must decide whether or not to purchase.
  • Scenario 2: With email marketing, the potential customer receives emails for a period in which he can get information free of charge. He gets to know you and appreciates you. Then, he proposes the purchase. Only then can you propose the purchase

Are you able to tell the difference?

Be aware that you don’t need to send every email to every potential customer. The software handles all of it!

Here’s the key.

Email marketing automation

Kolkata Email Leads
Kolkata Email Leads

This technology can automatically manage multiple marketing processes, from cold traffic to final customers.

You can learn how to use email marketing automation to automate the acquisition and conversion of leads into customers.

  • Imagine not having to worry about creating engaging articles and videos that your audience will enjoy.
  • Now imagine that you have filtered the most relevant people to your offer and registered them on your mailing list.
  • … Finally, these people will receive automated emails that have been planned and tested ahead of time, which will eventually turn them into customers.

All you have to do is drive traffic using your videos, articles, or paid advertising. All the rest will be automated.

This is email marketing automation.

This is used by large corporations, but also by people who are starting from scratch. Continue reading to learn how I can do it all with very low costs (and you can email me for free).

Let’s talk about the two macro-tactics used: simultaneous email sending to the list (which will be simplified with the term “newsletter”), and creating a series of emails (the “follow up”).

Email marketing: newsletter

Kolkata Mailing Lists
Kolkata Mailing Lists

Email marketing is now the most popular method. It’s used by almost all companies and professionals that have done digital marketing.

To send newsletters, the first thing to do is to create your mailing list. This is a list that includes contacts (leads), to whom you will be sending your newsletters when you need them.

How can you create a mailing list?

  1. A traffic source is required (e.g. you can open a YouTube channel or create a blog.
  2. Traffic must be driven to a squeeze page.
  3. Simply insert links under your videos or in your articles to do this. Advertising can be used to direct your ads to your squeeze page.
  4. A portion of visitors will choose to give up their email addresses and become leads. The leads will then have been through a “selection phase”.

NOTE: This is a great way to acquire leads and ensure that you have an email database of people who are interested in what you have. Email marketing is so effective because you don’t just target the masses, but you also focus on potential customers.

Your business will continue to grow as more leads are added to your mailing list over time.

Imagine that you are looking to launch a product/service. With a mailing list that contains thousands of people, it is possible to generate hundreds of customers in a single click.

It will never matter how hard you try to send a newsletter.

  1. Write your email
  2. Click the “send-to-list” button


Boom! Your email marketing software will automatically send your message to all your subscribers. You can reach thousands of people simultaneously, at no additional cost, whenever you like.

Here’s what you need to know:

You will see more results if you grow your mailing list.

You can send newsletters with all major email marketing software. These are the most important tool in email marketing.

Before I get into software, however, I want to show you a tool that automates the lead nurturing process to turn a lead into an actual customer in the shortest possible time.


Follow-up email marketing

Kolkata Mailing Leads
Kolkata Mailing Leads

The concept of following up email marketing consists of multiple points of contact for the lead to communicate your sales argument and build trust. All this can be done in both a programmed or automated manner.

Let me explain:

Your email marketing software automatically sends follow-ups to anyone who signs up for your mailing list.

We have already mentioned that the lead generation process is designed to help you acquire leads and keep them focused on your offer for a sufficient time to earn their trust.

You can “dilute” your content (sales or otherwise) over several days and establish a relationship with the lead.

Follow-up sequence for email marketing

  • Day 1: A welcome email in which you introduce yourself and explain why people should follow you
  • Day 2: Submit your best content
  • Day 3: Talk about the product/service you offer
  • Day 4: Submit your best content
  • Day 5: A special offer for a short time
  • Day 6: Emailing subscribers with exclusive content
  • Day 7: Share a case study or testimonial related to your offer
  • Day 8: Be aware that the offer is only available for a limited time.
  • Day 9: Closing of the Offer

This simple series structure will guarantee you an exponentially greater conversion rate than direct sales.

What’s the difference between follow-up and newsletter?

Newsletters are created when you need to share “news” (news article, new product, etc.). You can send it to those already on your mailing list, or perhaps people who have been with you for a while.

Follow-ups are the first message a subscriber gets. These are your standard strategy to quickly educate and monetize subscribers.

The correct strategy is the following:

  • Sign up to receive your automatic series (follow up) already tested.
  • It will be removed from your mailing list when the automatic series ends. You can still send him newsletters so that you can promote new initiatives you may not have thought of yet.


Even if the follow-up does not convert the lead to a customer, it will still be possible to convert them through the newsletters.


You can create a follow-up sequence by:

  1. Use email marketing software (more information on this in a moment).
  2. Send emails ahead
  3. Sort through your emails to decide when you want them to be sent
  4. The software will respond by saying: “When someone registers for list X, this sequence begins”

This series will be sent to anyone who subscribes to your list via the squeeze page.


Email segmentation

Kolkata Business Email Database
Kolkata Business Email Database

To simplify, I have spoken to you about the mailing list as one undifferentiated contact listing

The software allows you to make multiple lists within the program to aid in strategic and management decisions.

This is a classic example. The customer list must be distinguished from the noncustomer list.

Let me explain:

It makes sense to offer a product or service, such as Offer X, via newsletters and automatic follow-ups to people who haven’t yet bought it.

It doesn’t make sense to offer it to people who already own it.

This is why it’s easiest to segment email using 2 lists.

  1. General Lead List (those not having purchased offer X).
  2. Customer List (who purchased offer X)


Sign up for the lead list to receive your sales follow-up sequence.

  • If they don’t buy, they will remain on the overall leader list. You can send newsletters to them in the future to convince them to purchase, even if they don’t yet have a product.
  • If they purchase, they will be added to the customer database. You will be able to send them different materials such as the possibility of purchasing another offer (offer Z).

Email marketing for free

Kolkata Business Email Lists
Kolkata Business Email Lists
  • Many people have asked me via email and comments if they can use an email marketing software that is valid for free.
  • Each of the software mentioned in this article comes with a 14-day free trial. However, one of them went further to meet the needs of people who are just starting.
  • Which software do I refer to? To Get Response.
  • They just activated a new type of account for free:
    • For 30 days, you will be able to test all features.
    • You can continue to use it even after the trial period with limited functionality
  • What happens after 30 days?
    • To continue building leads, you can use 1 squeeze page.
    • Although you can only accumulate 500 leads, that is enough to begin monetizing.
    • Your leads can receive endless newsletters
    • Although you can create a website as well, I don’t recommend Word Press. Word Press is the best platform for ranking on search engines and generating traffic for free.

Conclusions and insights

Kolkata Business Email Leads
Kolkata Business Email Leads
  • Congratulations! Congratulations!
    • Email marketing is essential in online marketing. It is statistically more profitable than any other strategy, and it is the foundation for building a funnel.
    • You’ve seen why marketers often offer free content in return for your email address
    • Now you know what a newsletter does and how it can help increase your profits.
    • You have figured out how automated messaging can be used to get cold traffic (those not yet familiar with you) and turn it into warm traffic (people who trust you).
    • Now you know which email marketing software is best and how to get started for free.
  • All you need to do now is create an account, and begin generating leads.
  • To help you make the most of this process, I’d like to share other articles from my blog that are related to the one you just read.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current Kolkata business email lists to help you. Our Kolkata email database is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro  Leads, we only offer the best.


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