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Looking up email addresses in Canada is easier when you have a trusted database already prepared for you. This is one of our ready-made lists of emails and is full of points of contact in the True North.

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Canada Business Email Database

Reach out to a new market with the help of our organized and reliable email lists. Canada is an important country to market to: While its population is low, its influence is high, containing many high-ranking professionals in numerous industries. With this Canada email database, email marketing is easier than ever. You can find influential professionals ready to make business connections in important cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary. Use our build-a-list tool to focus on a specific area of Canada; business databases from emailproleads.com can be customized to create a more targeted list. With our customization features, getting an accurate lead list is easy, whether you’re hoping to sell to CEOs in Montreal or reach out to small businesses in Canadian markets, including the greater Toronto area. Customize your own list or simply download this pre-made Canada email list to get started right away.

Our lists are human-verified, of very high quality, cost-effective, and contain all the relevant information you need to really get the conversation going: email addresses, phone numbers, titles, postal addresses, and names. To make B2B connections across borders with email marketing, Canada contact information is needed. With us, you have a reliable solution that can allow you to reach across the kilometers and make deals in Canada. Mailing lists are ready for you to download and integrate within your CRM in minutes, so you can start connecting with new sales leads right away. Buy this ready-to-download and -integrate Canada mailing list from emailproleads.com to email leads today!



SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a digital marketing strategy that helps your site rank at the top of organic search results for relevant keywords. A well-designed all Canada email database, Canada b2b email database, Canada best b2b email database, Canada best database for email marketing, Canada best database to store email, Canada best email database, Canada best email database companies, Canada best email database provider, Canada best email database software, SEO strategy increases your online visibility and attracts qualified prospects to your site.

SEO focuses only on organic search results i.e. unpaid listings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It does not take care of the advertisements that appear on the SERPs.

There are several types of SEO. Any SEO strategy should include the following:

SEO on page ( one page SEO ) : SEO on page is about factors on your pages you can control, such as keywords , the titles , the contents of SEO and design of the page.
Off-page SEO ( Off Page SEO ) : SEO off page is about factors that are not found on your website and influence your rankings, such as links to your website from other websites. You cannot directly control these factors, but sometimes you can influence them.
Technical SEO : Technical SEO focuses on website and server optimizations that help search engines and visitors understand and use your site. Technical SEO factors include sitemaps , page speed, and txt files .
There are also several types of SEO that only certain types of businesses use. Here are a few examples:

Local SEO : Local SEO aims to reach users in a certain geographic area, typically customers in the service area of ​​a local business. This type of SEO focuses on place-specific keywords, such as those containing the phrase “near me” or the name of a city, state, or region.
Corporate referencing: The “corporate” corporate referencing is a referencing intended for companies or particularly important Web sites. It focuses on ranking for general, frequently searched, and highly competitive keywords.

So how does all of this translate into business growth? Here are eight ways SEO can help you achieve your goals. By going through the points below, you will understand the importance Canada best email management database, Canada bulk email database, Canada bulk email database free download, Canada business email database, Canada buy email database, Canada buy email database europe, Canada buy email database Canada, Canada can access database send email automatically, Canada consumer email database, Canada corporate email database, Canada create email database, Canada create email database excel, of SEO in business and how to use it to grow your business.

1. SEO increases your online visibility
SEO allows your website and business to be seen by more people online. The visibility potential of SEO is enormous.

Google performs more than 3.5 billion searches every day, or more than 40,000 per second. Organic search drives over half of website traffic.

Internet users turn to search engines to answer all kinds of questions and solve all kinds of problems. When your company’s answer or solution appears at the top of search results, you get great visibility.

2. SEO helps you reach the right audience
SEO doesn’t help you show up for just any search query. With a well-designed SEO strategy , you appear for the keywords that your potential customers are looking for.

To do this, you need to do some research to determine what searches are done by people who may be interested in your products or services.

For example, if you are selling patio furniture paint, you can target keywords like “how to paint patio furniture” or “buy patio furniture paint”.

3. SEO brings qualified leads to your website
With natural referencing, you reach people who have already expressed their interest in a subject related to your business, your products or your services. People who click on Canada customer email database, Canada database disk quota exceeded email, Canada database email, Canada database email extractor, Canada database email hotel, Canada database email not working, Canada database email queue, Canada database email recovery, Canada database email remove, your website through organic search are likely to be qualified leads , that is, to become customers.

Leads obtained through SEO have a conversion rate – the percentage of prospects who become customers – of 14.6% , compared to just 1.7% for traditional marketing.

4. SEO can help you convert leads
The main goal of SEO isn’t to convert leads, but a lot of things that are good for SEO are also good for increasing conversions .

Google wants to rank high quality content that users like, so changes that improve user experience can improve your rankings. Many of these changes can also increase conversions.

For example, improving the design and usability of your website can improve your rankings and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. These changes can also cause them to view your site as more reliable, which will help them feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

5. SEO improves brand awareness
Because SEO puts your website and your business name in front of more people online, it can increase brand awareness .

The more people see your brand name in search results, the more familiar it is to them. Even if they don’t click on your website the first time they see it in search results, after a while it will look familiar to them and they might click on it.

If potential customers see your website in search results, they’ll also already know your business name if they see it in an advertisement, social media post, or other marketing channel.

Unparalleled services
The main measure of customer satisfaction

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6. SEO increases trust and credibility
Another of the main benefits of SEO for businesses is that a good ranking can lead people to see your brand as more credible and trustworthy.

Google wants to rank high quality content from authoritative sources and people are used to getting high quality results in Google searches. So when someone sees your site ranking well, they are more likely to view it as authoritative, credible, and trustworthy.

By seeing your site rank well for several search terms related to your industry, people will begin to see you as an authority in your field.

7. SEO helps you beat the competition
Even if you don’t invest in SEO, there’s a good chance your competition will . And if your competition ranks above you in search results, chances are they will gain customers Canada database email unique, Canada database email with attachment, Canada database yahoo database, Canada email database, Canada email database free, Canada macro email database, Canada schools email database, buy hni database,hni clients,hni database mumbai,hni high networth individual,data of hni clients,hni investors database,hni clients contact details,hni list,Canada HNI Mailing List,Canada HNI Marketing Database, who otherwise would have turned to you.

Improving your SEO is essential to stay competitive in a world where search engines are such a popular way for people to find information, goods and services.

The search results themselves are also very competitive, so you need to invest in a smart SEO strategy to stay ahead of your competition in the SERPs.

Having a strategy that gets you top rankings is essential, as 95% of search traffic goes to listings on the first page of results, and 68% of all clicks go to the top five results.

8. SEO offers long-term value
SEO is a long-term strategy that continues to deliver results long after your initial investment.

A page can continue to rank well in search results long after you’ve created and optimized it, with just a little maintenance . This differs from other strategies, such as paid advertising, where your ads stop appearing when your campaign ends.

Another great example of how SEO can influence business growth comes from Tendance Sac, a fashion and handbag site.

We created a custom SEO strategy for Tendance Sac, which included fashion SEO, with the goal of increasing organic traffic and contact form submissions.

One year after the start of the project, Bag Trend saw a 281% increase in the number of visitors from organic sources and a 30% increase in the number of organic goals achieved, including Canadan HNI Database Directory,Canadan HNI Database Pack,Canadan HNI Email Addresses List,Canadan HNI Email Marketing List,Canadan HNI Emails List,Canadan HNI Mailing List,buy High Networth Individuals email database,Canada High Networth Individuals email list,Canadan High Networth Individuals email database,All Canada HNI Email Database,Canada HNI Contact Directory,Canada HNI Database Pack, contact form submissions. This increase in traffic and leads has helped increase brand awareness, conversions, and revenue.

You can also hire an internal team to do your SEO. This approach gives you a lot of control over your SEO process without having to do all of the work yourself.

Of course, hiring an in-house SEO expert or team is expensive, so you’ll need to make sure that the investment is worth it for you and that you feel ready to hire your own SEO experts. Hiring SEO professionals can be a challenge if you don’t have a lot of knowledge yet.

The benefits of hiring an in-house team include having people working on your SEO full time and having more direct control over your SEO efforts.

1. Hire freelancers
You can also hire freelancers to help you with your SEO. You can hire freelancers to help you with your own SEO or to help your in-house team. You can also ask a freelancer to take the lead in your SEO efforts.

When you hire freelancers, you get the benefits of bringing in an outside professional, without having to commit to recruiting a full-time in-house team or working with an agency. Hiring freelancers can be a great way to try and work with outside professionals.

However, hiring freelancers does come with challenges. You will need to review each freelancer and evaluate their work to make sure they deliver the value you expect. This can prove to be difficult if you are not very familiar with SEO. You will also not have direct control over the process.

2. Work with a SEO agency
Another approach is to use a SEO agency . When you hire a SEO agency, you benefit from a team of experts and the agency’s resources by your side.

An agency will know how to get results quickly and can develop a personalized SEO strategy for your business.

Working with an agency usually requires more commitment than working with a freelancer. However, you have the advantage of having a partner with whom you can work and establish a relationship.

You will also need to go through each agency and make sure they are delivering results. So look for a company with lots of reviews and testimonials and ask them how they report their results.

With an SEO agency , you won’t have as much direct control over the SEO process as when you hire an in-house team. However, SEO companies usually offer options that allow you to be more or less involved, depending on your preferences.

When you hire an agency, carefully examine their website and reviews, and speak with a representative of the company to make sure they can meet your needs and appear to be right for your business.

Next, we’ll discuss some of the basics of how SEO works Canada HNI Email Addresses List,Canada HNI Emails List,Canadan HNI Marketing Database,Canadan High Networth Individuals email lists,ultra hni clients,hni marketing,hni database provider,hnwi database,hni data,data hni clients,ultra hni database,buy hni email database,hni client database, for business, including how to get started with SEO and some tips to improve your SEO performance.

But first of all, it helps to understand a little bit about how search engines work . This will allow you to better understand SEO strategies.

Search engines like Google use “bots” to crawl the web for content. These bots discover content through links or when publishers submit it to the search engine.

When these bots come across a piece of content, they crawl or “crawl” it – the process they use to determine the topic and assess the quality of the content.

The search engine then indexes the content , which means it adds it to its web content database.

When a person performs a search, the search engine uses their data on the pages of their index to determine the most suitable results and rank them accordingly.

The process by which search engines rank content involves a complex algorithm that takes into account a wide range of factors. Search engines don’t provide an exhaustive list of their ranking factors, but it is believed that they consider over 200 factors to rank content.

To be successful in searches, you must optimize these factors. Good SEO makes it easier for search engines to find and understand your content and helps you show Google that your content is of high quality.

Updates that are good for SEO also tend to be good for users, since Google’s goal is to rank content that provides the best experience for its users.

In the next section, we’ll cover some of the most important SEO factors and how to optimize them.

While there are many factors to consider when it comes to optimizing SEO for business growth, it’s important to know the basics first. Here are the most basic things you need to do to start reaping the benefits of SEO for business.

Perform keyword research
The keyword research is to determine the keywords that your potential customers are looking for when searching for information related to your industry, your company, your products or your services. These are the terms you want to target as part of your SEO efforts.

To find keywords, make a list of basic keyword ideas – terms that are relevant to your business or industry. You can brainstorm these keywords, use Google Search Console to see what terms people are looking for when they find your site organically, and browse competitor’s sites for ideas.

Once you have a few keyword ideas, put them into a keyword research tool like, Ahrefs or SEMrush . The tool will provide you with a list of related keyword ideas.

Create quality content
Once you have your keyword ideas, you’ll create content that uses those keywords as inspiration for the topics.

For example, if you sell knitting supplies, one of your keywords might be “how to knit a scarf”. For this keyword, you will create a “how-to” article or video. Another could be “types of thread”. For that keyword, you could create an informative article, video, or infographic explaining the different types of thread and their uses.

It is essential that you take the time to ensure that your content is of high quality so that it is appealing to both search engines and users. Make sure your content delivers value to hni account,All Canadan HNI Email Database,Canada HNI Database Directory,Canada HNI Email Marketing List,Canadan HNI Contact Directory,buy all Canada HNI Email Database,Canada High Networth Individuals email leads,Canadan hni email database,hn1 clients,email list,sales list,email lists for sale,email marketing lists,b2b mailing list,email address list,b2b email list,small business email list,buy b2b email list, your audience, gives them all the information they need, and is easy and fun to use and navigate.

Integration of target keywords
Another essential step is to integrate your keywords into your pages.

You’ll want to include a main keyword on every page, along with several variations of that keyword and possibly a few related keywords.

Let’s say, for example, that your main keyword is “thread types”. You will use this keyword more frequently than others and in the most important places on your page.

You can also use variations such as “types of yarns” and “types of yarns”, as well as related keywords such as “types of yarns for knitting” and “types of yarn textures”.

To improve your website’s Google rankings and achieve truly superior SEO results, you need to be prepared to wait for your content to move up the rankings. In the meantime, you can optimize certain aspects of your marketing in no time!

Here are eight quick wins to improve the Googles ranking of SMEs on the internet!

When you run an SEO campaign, one of the main things you will do will be targeting relevant keywords in your web content. This will help you rank for those buy email list for marketing,buy email leads,buy email database,buy email list,email database,buy targeted email list,business email database,email business database,purchase email lists,buy mailing list,buy email address,email id list,email database provider,where to buy mailing lists,email list database,email marketing database,chennai mobile number database,email id database,business mailing lists,bulk email, keywords and drive traffic to your website.

You may already be targeting certain keywords, but for faster and more relevant results, try expanding your keyword list by adding long tail keywords i.e. words from several words.

Long-tail keywords are more specific to particular search intentions , which means there is less competition. This makes it easier to climb high in the search results for those keywords and to do so in less time.

Another quick task that you can use to improve your site’s Google ranking is to claim your Google My Business profile , if you haven’t already. Google My Business is Google’s platform for displaying basic information about your business through Google, such as your name, address, and phone number.

Even if you haven’t created a profile yet, chances are there is already one for you, probably created in association with your location on Google Maps . By claiming your profile, you can edit the information to accurately reflect your brand , and you can upload photos as well.

Did you know that 53% of users expect the pages they visit to load in under three seconds? If someone visits your website and it doesn’t load within that time, there’s a good chance they’ll hit the “back” button.

When users bounce off your site , not only do you lose traffic, but Google may rank you lower because it feels like users don’t like your site. To avoid this, you can optimize the speed of your pages using different methods:

Limit redirects
Caching Web Pages
Image compression
Code reduction
If you take the time to implement these measures on your site, you will see an improvement in the speed of your pages, which will result in more satisfied users and higher rankings in Google.

Are your website images beneficial for your SEO? If you haven’t made the effort to optimize them , you probably haven’t. But with the right changes, they can quickly turn into additional quick wins for your SEO campaign.

For starters, you can add alt tags – short, descriptive lines of text – to your images. The alt tags describe what the images represent. Google crawlers can’t read images, but they can read alt tags, which means your images will start contributing to your rankings.

Going back to the previous tip, you can also compress your images to speed up the loading time of your pages. Unnecessarily large files will weigh down your pages and make them slower to load.

The next step on our list of quick SEO tips is to build backlinks . The backlinks are links from other sites in your industry and your content. You can targeted email lists,buy business lists,business email lists,consumer email lists,buy email,business email leads,consumer lists for sale,company email address list,email data providers,buy bulk emails,bulk email database,email list providers,targeted email lists for sale,phone number database,delhi ncr mobile number database,mobile number database delhi,sales database,world email database, earn backlinks by visiting these sites, finding broken links on their pages, and recommending that they replace the broken links with new links to your content.

The reason for this advantage is that when Google sees reputable websites linking to you, it assumes you are too and ranks you higher in search results. This is why it is essential that your back links come from reputable sites; focus on quality over quantity.

Security is another feature that Google rewards for websites. If you have a choice between a secure website and an unsecured website , Google will tend to rank the secure site higher. Specifically, Google prefers websites that use the HTTPS protocol.

Besides helping you get higher rankings, using HTTPS on your website will help you be more attractive to visitors, especially if you are an ecommerce site where users have to submit their payment information for make a purchase. Make sure your site is using HTTPS, and your Google ranking will improve.

If you have outdated content on your site, it could be a missed opportunity for your business. If people visit your site and find a ten-year-old blog post , they’ll be less likely to read it – and Google will be less likely to rank it.

To resolve this problem, you can employ a simple solution: Update your old content . Go over some of your old articles and make sure all the information is up to date, after which you can update the published or “last modified” date so that Google ranks them better.

One final way to get SEO results fast for your business is to eliminate 404 errors and redirect loops on your website.

When Google users and crawlers can’t find the pages on your site, it doesn’t send a very positive message. Google will quickly learn how to move you down the rankings, and users buy email id database,purchase email database Canada,Canada email list,buy email list Canada,mobile number database provider,marketing database Canada,company database Canada,student mobile number database,hni database hyderabad,hni customers database,hni database,buy database mumbai, will be irritated and will not want to visit your site.

To eliminate this problem, do a full scan of your site to make sure that all of your pages are available and that all of your links are working properly. If you must use redirects, be careful not to create a redirect loop.

Before we start our interview, I would like to briefly outline the options you have to set up your GA4 property. In order for you to receive the first data, the first step is to create a Google Analytics 4 property. The following individual steps are required for this. I am assuming that you already have a Google Analytics account. Then you have three options.

Option 1: Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 in your existing account
Option 2: You judge a new GA4 Property in an existing account a
Option 3: You create a new GA4 Property in a new account , a
At the end of the interview, I will describe for you how to upgrade to GA4 in detail and how to re-implement Google Analytics. Since there is no clear recommendation for any of these variants, we asked 9 top web analysts what their recommendations are. We asked these 4 questions

Upgrade or set up again ?: What would you advise companies to do? Upgrade or a completely new GA4 implementation?
Why upgrade to GA4 ?: Is there an absolutely compelling reason for you to migrate to GA4?
The first steps with GA4 ?: What are your first three steps / priorities to familiarize yourself with the new GA4 property?
What should the next GA4 features be ?: What do you think should be added to the GA4 product roadmap?
In this article you will find the recommendations and expert opinions of nine national and international web analysis stars we interviewed.

Simo Ahava is probably the world’s top expert on Google Tag Manager. On his blog he shares his expertise on Google Analytics, GA4 and the Google Tag Manager. Simo is also a Google Developer Expert.
Michaela Linhart is a business IT specialist and runs the ANALYTICSkiste, one of the leading digital analytics blogs in German-speaking countries. In 2023 she received database providers in bangalore,buy database for marketing Canada,mobile number database provider in Canada,best database providers in Canada,database vendors in Canada,hni database Canada,online mobile number database,buy Canadan email list,email database of Canadan companies,email ids and mobile number database provider,mobile number database provider in chennai,chandigarh mobile number database, the Analytics Pioneers Award.
Marco Hassler has been dealing with topics related to digital analytics and digital marketing for over 15 years. He is Senior Principal Consultant at the digital agency Namics – A Merkle Company and author of the book «Digital und Web Analytics».
Cem Alkan is a digital analytics consultant at Digital Motion . As an expert for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, he accompanies customers in the ongoing analysis, reporting and optimization of their websites.
Jeff Sauer is one of the top international web analysts, founder of Data Driven , agency owner, business coach and blogger at Jeffalytics. In recent years he has given over 100 keynote presentations and workshops in 20 countries.
Markus Vollmert is co-founder and managing director of lunapark . As an expert in web analysis and tracking integration, he has been looking after customers in the field of digital analysis since 1998.
Maik Bruns is the managing director of Metrika , the web analytics agency that helps companies generate more profit through online marketing and the website. For years he has been connected to Google Analytics, the Tag Manager and the Google Stack.
Marcus Stade is the owner of mohrstade and Inpignus GmbH. On his blog he deals with the topics of data collection on websites, in apps, and their use. He also shares his expertise at various conferences.
Christian Ebernickel is a digital analytics consultant and advises companies in various industries on web analysis. He received the Analytics Award in 2017 for his solution for evaluating personas with Google Analytics.

GA4 is the new Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4 is here to stay and to replace the well-known Universal Analytics in the long term. GA4 is currently still in its infancy. In other words, it would be too premature to switch completely from Universal Analytics to GA4. The experts also point out that, although GA4 is not yet fully developed, you should make it a priority to collect data in a GA4 property as soon as possible and to gain initial analysis experience.
Parallel operation: In the medium term, parallel operation of an old universal analytics property and a new GA4 property is best. Since Google is focusing its development resources on the new GA4 version, your new analysis tool will be called “Google Analytics 4” in the long term.
Build up data history: Since your historical data is not transferred to the new property, it is all the more important to start collecting data in GA4 as soon as possible in order to be able to look at a sufficient data history on day X that you can work with properly .
How stable is your universal analytics set-up ?: Whether you upgrade to the new GA4 property or set up a completely new GA4 property depends on the complexity and stability of your previous universal analytics set-up.
Build future-proof tracking: The version change from Universal Analytics to GA4 is inevitable in the long term. Even if you currently still have a lot of question marks in your head and now have to familiarize yourself with the GA4 topic from scratch, the switch offers many possibilities. You have the chance to question your current setup again, to say goodbye to old burdens once and for all and thus to set up a completely new, future-proof tracking.

Simo Ahava is a recognized expert in customizing web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “lifecycle” of data collection, processing and reporting. Google ahmedabad mobile number database,gujarat mobile number database,corporate email database Canada,nri database Canada,all Canada database provider,database contact number,Canada address list,email marketing lists Canada,email marketing database Canada,Canada business email database,buy Canada email leads,fresh Canada email leads,Canada company email list,b2b email list Canada,best email list providers in Canada, has named him a Google Developer Expert in the areas of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Simo is partner and co-founder of 8-bit-sheep . On his internationally popular blog , everything also revolves around Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

I recommend all companies to start a parallel implementation. It does not cost anything and this means that initial experience with GA4 can be gathered. The “Upgrade” option does not have to be selected if this is not desired. But it offers the opportunity to get started much faster. The upgrade option business email list xls 2019 Canada,email id database Canada,list of Canada email address,Canada email contact list,Canada email providers list,mobile number database,buy b2b email database,buy database,buy database for marketing,bulk email lists for sale,delhi mobile number database,mobile no database,database provider companies in Canada,database selling companies in Canada,b2b email database, does not replace the existing property. A new GA4 property is created using the settings from the Universal Analytics property.

So, to get started, I recommend the minimal effort approach: adding the GA4 configuration to the website. From this point on, Enhanced Measurement starts data acquisition so that data is collected in the GA4 property and tests can be carried out and slowly become familiar with GA4.

I think if you want to carry out analyzes with a Google tool , you have to migrate to GA4 at some point. It is unlikely that Google Universal Analytics will be paying much more attention as GA4 will be the main analytics tool they offer going forward. However, I recommend waiting a little longer list of database companies in Canada,database sellers in Canada,mlm leaders mobile no,buy cell phone number database,database sellers Canada,online sellers database Canada,bangalore mobile number database,buy mobile number database,get mobile numbers database,mobile database provider,mumbai mobile number database,assam mobile number database,b2b Canada database,mobile phone number database Canada, until GA4 is further – it is not yet ready to be the only analytical tool, especially for demanding enterprise use cases.

BigQuery Export: I also think that the free BigQuery export (with near real-time streaming option!) Alone is worth the migration. It’s amazing and 95% why I didn’t hesitate to use GA4 once it became an option!

You can find out more about BigQuery Export for Google Analytics 4 here

I believe that Google works very closely with the community and takes demands into account. Custom Dimensions (term from UA) shouldn’t have existed in GA4 – these are simply event parameters. But the term “custom dimension” is so firmly anchored in the GA world that Google has followed suit for GA4. I’ve heard something similar from standard ecommerce reports. So I believe that everything important will come very soon. Attribution is coming. There will be filters for the property. And my greatest wish: An API for Google Sheets in the form of a Google Sheets add-on. All of this will come, but it will probably take a while before everything is as functional as we are used to from UA. In between, we’ll often swear, but that’s probably part of every tool switch. 😉

Of course, there is always a certain incentive to do a “pure” implementation from scratch and to get rid of any legacy issues or the like. However, I think that for most companies, upgrading will be the easier route. Google has invested in the upgrade wizard and in supporting the migration – that’s why I think this will work well and many individual settings will be adopted – but I haven’t checked all of the details myself yet. Much more important than the selection of the method, however, seems to me that companies change over very quickly and thus go into the parallel operation of old and new versions. Since historical data is not transferred, you have to get new data in the new property as soon as possible.

The absolutely convincing reason for me is that in the long term there will be no avoiding an upgrade. I don’t know Google’s policy on this, but if you look at the procedures used by other providers, after a certain period of parallel operation there will be a sunset phase, where services such as support, documentation, etc. are slowly shut down – before the Service is turned off. Even if that may be years in the future, the day will come someday. So you can only postpone the migration, but not prevent it. If you approach it proactively the other way around, you can define the appropriate time for a change yourself. One should consider the following dimensions

Historical data: A certain period of historical data should be available in the new property. From my point of view, it makes sense to have a year for corresponding comparisons, ie one year of parallel operation before a “definitive” change.
Operating expenses: A parallel operation has the consequence that the operating expenses may increase. This applies, for example, if new events or new custom reports have to be configured in two properties instead of just one. This fact urges a rather short parallel operation.
Availability of important functionalities: Certain functionalities pune mobile number database,chhattisgarh mobile number database,karnataka mobile number database,orissa mobile number database,all Canada mobile database,worldwide email database,mobile database Canada,Canada business database,Canada business email list,Canada database provider,b2b companies list in Canada,buy Canada b2b email database,chennai mobile number database for sale,database companies in Canada, are not yet available for the new one. For example, the Measurement Protocol is only available in an alpha version, and I have not yet found the reporting API for version 4. If this or other features are central functionalities for a company, a definitive change can only take place from a certain point in the future.

First of all, I would familiarize myself with the new reports and the entire structure of GA4 in the evaluation view. Some things are called differently, are housed elsewhere or offer more options. Then the next thing I find important is that you become aware of the new concept of tracking at the event level instead of the page view level. That opens up a whole new way of thinking – maybe in the medium term, for example, you can definitely say goodbye to the Page View – just like we did about 15 years ago with the “Hit” when the Page Tag was introduced. Thirdly, you can then dare to take advantage of the great new possibilities, such as the exploratory reports.

From a feature point of view, I still find that difficult to say. What is still too limiting for me at the moment is the segmentation with only five criteria and a single AND link. For me, that would be a prerequisite for the definitive switch. The integration of analytics from and to third-party systems is also relevant to me, ie the reporting API and the measurement protocol. These would be the next items on my Christmas wish list 🙂

It all depends on the extent to which IT capacities are free to initiate a new GA4 implementation. The general recommendation is to set up a GA4 property in addition to the UA property. If this cannot be a pure GA4 implementation due to limited capacities, at least an upgrade of the existing implementation should be considered.

The user centricity that Google is striving for here is a movement that I have been observing and advocating on the market for a long time. We should strive for this state in digital analysis & marketing. The aim should be to achieve the best possible user experience on the website or in interaction with a company. Google is choosing the right way here – even if GA4 is currently still in its infancy, e.g. the lack of a filter option in the (non-existent) view.

Incidentally, GA4 will definitely replace Universal Analytics in the future, that would be a convincing reason generated from outside 🙂

Priority 1: parallel operation of an “old” Universal Analytics property and the new GA4 property. My priority here is the technical implementation in order to develop a basic understanding of data collection.
Priority 2: Comparison of the data and reports best email list providers,b2b email list providers,Canadan phone number database,targeted email database,bulk mobile numbers database,cell phone number database,database purchase,purchase email database,purchase list,Canadan email id,corporate email id database,Canadan email id list,Canadan database,mobile number database pincode wise,email database mumbai,buy email database Canada,business database Canada, between “old” and “new” in order to have answers to the following questions, for example: How does the new data come in, what does it look like, where does it end up? How do I declare that there are no more sessions in GA4?
Priority 3: After building an understanding from the point of view of technology, data collection and interpretation, concrete work with GA4 is priority 3. It must be ensured that Canada email database,kerala database mobile numbers,mlm leaders in Canada mobile numbers,buy email lists Canada,Canada business email leads,Canada email database,Canada email database list,email address database Canada,buy Canada email database,mass email list Canada,email leads in Canada,email lists for sale Canada,email id list of Canada,email list of Canada,us email combo list,Canada email combo list, daily business can continue as usual. For this, reports and dashboards, KPIs and not least your own mindset may have to be revised or redefined.

The body constantly needs energy – for the body’s own processes such as the creation of new cells, to warm itself or to move. The body gets this energy from food, especially from the macronutrients fat , carbohydrates and protein . When it gets more energy than it needs, the body stores the b2b email lists for sale Canada,b2b marketing email list Canada,best email database Canada,business email address database Canada,business email address list Canada,buy a list of leads Canada,buy email address list Canada,buy email lists Canada,buy email marketing Canada,buy Canada email addresses for marketing,buy Canada email database online,buy marketing lists Canada,database for email marketing Canada, excess calories – in the form of fat. This means: if you consistently consume more calories than you use, your fat stores will grow.

In order to empty them again, you have to burn fat. What exactly happens there? Fats mainly consist of carbon and hydrogen. With the additional supply of oxygen, the body can “burn” the fats. This creates energy, CO2 and water. The water is sweated out and the CO2 expelled through the breath. In this way, the body loses around 200 grams of carbon a day.

This value can be increased – but how? An obvious possibility is physical exertion. However, some foods are also said to stimulate fat metabolism.

As described above, the body stores excess energy in the form of fat. So if you have a balanced calorie balance , your fat stores will not grow. You can do this by eating a healthy and balanced diet . However, if you want to burn existing fat, you need to supply your body with less energy than it needs. That can be hard. So wouldn’t it be easier if certain foods stimulated fat burning?

Such foods should exist. The following candidates are particularly often said to stimulate fat burning:

Some vegetables are said to provide “ negative calories ” and thus help burn fat. That means: These foods have fewer calories than you need for digestion. Lose weight by eating? Sounds good, but unfortunately it has no scientific basis, according to the Stern . 2012, examined study the myth of negative calories on the example of celery . 15 healthy women ate celery while their calorie balance was being assessed. The result: even a low-calorie vegetable such as celery (16 kilocalories per 100 grams) provides the body with calories. This does not fundamentally refute the phenomenon of negative calories, but it is very doubtful.
Certain enzymes are said to stimulate fat metabolism. The enzyme bromelain, which is found in pineapples, is particularly well-known . According to the star, there is also a lack of scientific evidence here. The pharmacy survey adds that enzymes from food are mostly broken down in the digestive tract and do not even get into the blood.
Vitamins are important and healthy – but do they also help you burn fat? Vitamin C in particularis considered a promising candidate. This is due, among other things, to observational studies , according to which people with a high vitamin C intake tend to have a smaller waist size. As the star judges, there is still no connection between vitamin C and fat burning. Perhaps people who consume a lot of vitamin C simply eat more healthily.
Another candidate comes from a completely different group of foods: The substance L-carnitine is mainly found in meat and dairy products and plays a role in fat burning. So eat more meat? This is not only a bad idea for animal welfare and climate protection reasons: According to the pharmacy survey, the body only absorbs as much L-carnitine as it needs. It excretes excess L-carnitine.
Capsaicin from hot spices makes the body sweat. Does it help you burn fat? At most minimally, according to the verdict of the pharmacy survey.
According to the pharmacy survey and the star, tannins (for example from green tea) and caffeine can possibly help to burn more fat. However, this has so far only been researched in the laboratory and on the isolated substances in a very high dose.

Exercise is much better at burning fat. According to the ARD program “ Wissen vor Acht ”, a combination of strength and endurance training is best suited to boost the fat metabolism:

When doing endurance training, the body uses up a lot of calories and burns fat as a result. The need for calories should be particularly high during intensive interval training, according to the Spiegel .
Through strength training you build muscles and thereby increase your calorie requirement even when you are resting. Because: muscles need more energy than other types of tissue.
An interesting question that is asked in this context often is: Should one before the sport eat something or not ? It is widely believed that carbohydrates ingested before exercise Canada email list 2019,Canadan email database,buy Canadan email database,buy bulk email list Canada,buy business email,all Canada email database,Canadan companies email database,Canadan email address database,b2b email database Canada,all Canada business database,targeted email marketing Canada,email marketing data Canada,bulk database provider Canada,Canadan email database companies, prevent fat burning. Ultimately, the body gets its energy from the carbohydrates and not from the fat stores. According to the SWR , this varies greatly from person to person. However, the broadcaster reports two studies with an interesting result: women should consume a small amount of carbohydrates before exercising in order to burn more fat – men should not. This is probably due to the different proportions of fat and muscle mass.

In addition to just burning fat, many people want to get rid of fat in certain places. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work through sport, according to Spiegel und Wissen vor eight. Even if you only train a certain part of the body, the body gets the energy it needs evenly from all fat deposits. However, the pharmacy survey reports one exception: the body can apparently break down the so-called visceral (inner) belly fat, which is particularly harmful , particularly easily .

To lose a pound of body fat, it takes roughly 3500 calories to burn. Without the body taking in this energy again in the form of food. And this goal is not so unrealistic, because even without physical activity, people burn thousands of calories a day. A 75-pound man, for example, already has around 3000 calories a day, even if he hardly does anything. In addition to the normal basal metabolic rate of around 1800 calories, there is a performance metabolism of around 1200 calories during low physical activity (16 hours) and normal sleep (8 hours). For a woman of 65 kilos, the daily turnover is 2400 calories. (Unfortunately, these values marketing database list Canada,marketing lists for sale Canada,online email database Canada,targeted email marketing lists Canada,targeted mailing lists,buy business leads,bulk email list,business contact list,consumer mailing list,buy business database,purchase email address,business email address list,buy consumer email list,marketing lists for sale,buy b2b mailing lists,business leads database, ​​cannot be taken as absolute values, as they are composed individually for each person. However, they should serve as a guide). If you set yourself the goal of losing a pound of fat within 14 days, you could now, for example, create a calorie deficit of “250 minus calories” per day.

However, anyone who tries to achieve this deficit through a radical diet such as the Fdh diet (eat-the-half diet) will unfortunately be disappointed. Because in this situation, the body unfortunately does not fall back on the fat cells, but mainly feeds on our muscle cells. The body now gets its energy mainly from the proteins. And if we eat normally again after 14 days, we will quickly have the pounds back on our bodies.

The better alternatives to a radical diet are exercise and exercise. Our 75-kilo man from the first example consumes around 300 calories in half an hour of jogging. And that at a relatively leisurely pace of around 8 km / h. This increases his metabolism and daily energy consumption to around 3300 calories. And this time the body taps into the fatty tissue. Anyone who manages to run for 60 minutes on six days within 14 days could create an additional deficit of 3600 calories. And the excess pound of body fat would have melted away. Sure, every beginning is difficult when it comes to fat loss: Especially beginners shouldn’t make 60 minutes their daily goal straight away. Slow endurance runs are recommended for them at first. So the beginners can get used to the new load.The first few runs should alternate between 20 and 40 minutes. Intermittent walking breaks are also allowed. It is important that the body slowly gets used to the fact that it will have to use its energy reserves more frequently in the future.

If you already have a little more experience in running, you should include tempo runs in your training plan. Because you don’t have to run for 30 minutes to lose fat. The body consumes body fat in the first few minutes. Ultimately, however, it all comes down to calorie consumption during training. And there, more intensive loads are more effective.

The 75-kilo man from the first example burns around 300 calories when running at 8 km / h. If he runs the same time at 12 km / h, there are already 469 calories. And if he were to run at 16 km / h, it would be 675 calories. Beginner runners shouldn’t necessarily load themselves at these industry mailing list,buy customer lists,email address lists for sale,buy business email address,buy business data,consumer email lists for sale,b2b email lists for sale,business email lists for sale,buy email addresses online,email address list for marketing,best mailing list companies,buy bulk email list, extreme speeds in every unit at the beginning. But a brisk run of 20 minutes a week could make the calorie balance look more positive. The pace should be chosen so that it almost makes the runner out of breath.

A particularly effective method are tempo change runs. However, these are only recommended for experienced runners. The session begins with a five-minute, slow break-in. Then the pace is increased to 85 to 95 percent of the maximum load for three to five minutes. After a five-minute recovery break in the slow endurance run, the next exercise unit follows. A total of about eight to ten tempo change runs should come together.

The special thing about this method: Due to the intensive load, the training brings with it an afterburn effect. The body makes use of the energy store even during the break after training. And now it is mainly the fat cells that are being tapped. The body now burns up to 200 additional calories per hour, and this afterburn effect can sometimes last for up to 90 minutes.

For a long time, strength training was neglected. But it shows: Those who regularly train their muscles and work on muscle building also increase their calorie consumption. And that’s not just because of the 115 calories consumed in half an hour of strength training. Because the more muscles the body has, the more energy it uses. Even if he doesn’t do anything. Because muscles – like the heart, kidneys or lungs – need energy even when they are at rest. And it is precisely at these moments that they fall back on the fat cells. Of course, in addition database mail Canada,email leads list Canada,Canada b2b list,Canada business email database,Canada buy business email,Canada buy email list,Canada company email list,Canada email contact list,Canada mailing list,Canadan company email address list,Canadan email addresses list,Canadan email database 2019,Canadan email database online,Canadan email database service,internet marketing email list Canada, to exercise, you also need to eat consciously to lose weight. Try to become aware of this. You know the biggest fattening foods yourself. Try to ban calorie bombs such as ice cream, ready-made pizzas and chocolate from your menu. This measure alone, together with more exercise, can have a positive effect on body weight.

It is also useful to combine short runs with a dumbbell, or to use the Tabata interval training. The Tabata combines short sprints with various strength exercises. A workout that makes the calories tumble and thus also the fat.

If you want to lose 5 kilos, you don’t have to switch completely to raw vegetables and salad. But it does take a little bit of sacrifice. For example, that you don’t give in to the desire for chocolate or fast food call lists for sale,database provider in Canada,buy email marketing,email database providers in Canada,buy database for email marketing,buy consumer data,email id list for marketing,Canadan business email database,company email address database,companies that sell email lists,buy business email leads,buy email database Canada,consumer email database,buy business email database,Canadan email list,email marketing lists Canada, every time. Or that you are starting to pay more attention to your diet. A change in diet is particularly helpful for losing weight.

Sport is also part of it if you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 kilos, 10 or more. Losing weight is easier with exercise, because you burn a lot of calories, attack fat reserves and even build muscles, so that the body becomes beautifully toned.

Sounds so simple in theory. But the problem is often our inner weaker self, who persuades us that tomorrow is also another day. Instead of going to work out, we prefer to spend the time on the couch.

But in order to lose 5 kilos or more and maintain the weight permanently, it is important to defeat your weaker self. You can find out how to do this here: Put an end to lazy excuses: THIS is how you make your training a habit!

Frustration eater or sweet tooth: If you want to lose those annoying 5 kilos once and for all, you have to know your bad habits. To do this, you should keep a nutrition log for at least a week. Write down bulk email database Canada,buy email database online,all Canada mobile and email database,buy database Canada,database purchase Canada,buy an email database,where to buy email database,purchase manager email id list,all Canada database,best email database provider Canada,Canadan doctors email database, everything you eat. Try to give the exact gram and don’t forget the drinks. Since we often eat without being hungry, you should also note how you felt before eating.

After the week, sit down and see where the extra pounds come from. Are fast food and ready meals, sweets, chips, or maybe high calorie drinks to blame? This knowledge helps you immensely if you want to lose 5 kilos, because you should change something about these things.

Emotions often play a big role when it comes to eating. Do you also belong to the boredom or frustration-eaters? Then here are a few tips on what you can do instead to finally lose weight.

Do you want to lose 10 pounds quickly? Then you’ve probably already tried one or the other diet. Lightning diets promise rapid weight loss, e.g. 5 kg in 2 weeks or 1 month.

Stay away from these diets. You lose weight, but you gain weight again just as quickly afterwards. In order to lose weight permanently and maintain the weight, you should change your diet over the long term.

Regardless of whether you want to lose 5, 10 or 20 kilos, the best way is to change your diet. With the nutrition protocol you have already found out where your weak point is. You should definitely work on it with the tips mentioned above.

You should also follow the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society: Eat a serving of vegetables three times a day and a serving of fruit twice a day. Both are low in calories, but contain many vitamins and minerals. Get used to eating vegetables at every meal. Specifically build your hot meal around vegetables. Reduces the pasta and meat portions in favor of vegetables.

It should be noted: People who are very overweight lose weight faster and significantly more than people who only struggle with two or three kilograms. It also plays a role buy email list online,buy emails for marketing,buy mailing address,all Canada mobile number database,consumer email marketing lists,email leads list,phone lists for sale,customer email list,purchase email lists by industry,buy email address database,all Canada mobile number list,email id database Canada, how much you eat and whether you exercise. However, five kilos in a week is rather unrealistic, even for a very overweight person.

“It is quite possible to lose several kilos in a week,” says Restemeyer. However, you have to know that this is initially not about fat, but only about water. To lose a kilo of fat tissue, you have to save 7000 kcal!

The nutrition expert urgently advises you to lose weight slowly, but over the long term. “Anyone who loses a lot of weight within a very short time runs the risk of not being adequately email list providers in Canada,email lists Canada,Canada b2b contact database,Canada hni database,Canada leads database,Canadan business mailing list,Canadan companies email id database,Canadan email database list,Canadan email id database,Canadan email list download,Canadan journalists email database, supplied with all the nutrients. In addition, thanks to the yo-yo effect, they regain this weight just as quickly.”

The metabolism goes to sleep when we eat far too little. Then, once we return to normal eating habits, the body takes all the calories it can get and stores as much as possible. The pointer of the balance jumps up again.

“In order to outsmart the yo-yo effect, you should really lose weight with care. Half a kilo per week, one to two kilos per month are optimal,” says Silke Restemeyer. She also recommends taking a diet break of four to six weeks after the first three to five kilos, during which the weight is maintained.

Those who slowly lose weight in this way don’t give the yo-yo effect a chance and can be sure that they are supplied with all the nutrients. In addition: Anyone who is allowed to eat 1200 kcal or even a little more per day is much happier than someone who has to get by on only 800 kcal!

We now know how many calories we need to save to lose 1 kg of adipose tissue. And we have learned that our body works on the back burner and our basal metabolic rate drops when we reduce our calorie intake. Which explains why drastic 1 or 2 week diets are usually not very promising in the long term.


But how do we actually know how many calories our body actually needs, regardless of whether we want to lose a few pounds or just want to stay in shape? Our daily calorie requirements sales leads database Canada,email address database,b2b email marketing lists,sales leads database,real email addresses list,best place to buy email lists,online email database,email contact list,buy email id,b2b marketing data lists,email database Canada,buy email database uk,i need email addresses for marketing, depend on various factors, such as gender, age and physical activity …

If you are in a hurry to lose weight, there is no way around exercise. Activate your fat burning through exercise! If you exercise several times a week, you will lose a few pounds quickly.

At the start of the new year, many fitness studios have attractive offers for new customers. But it’s not just the gym around the corner that gets you going , online fitness programs such as Gymondo * or Fitumenia * are also becoming increasingly popular – making it easy to stay fit at home!

There is nothing wrong with losing weight in a healthy way when you have a few pounds too much on your hips. Above all, losing weight healthily also means taking a holistic view of weight loss. The three pillars of weight loss make it clear that, in addition to a balanced diet , exercise and the mental attitude also play an important role. In addition, you should clarify for yourself whether your own ideal weight corresponds to normal weight or is rather unrealistic and unhealthy.

Losing weight is above all a matter of the head and therefore you should be able to motivate yourself when losing weight. Set several small goals for yourself. These are easier to achieve and thus strengthen the ego on the way to the desired weight. Also, think positively and have fun losing weight. Relapsesb2b database Canada,b2b marketing lists Canada,best email marketing lists Canada,business email lists for sale Canada,buy business data in Canada,buy business database Canada,buy business email leads Canada,buy business email list Canada,buy consumer email list Canada,buy email list online Canada,company email address database Canada,consumer email database Canada,email company list Canada,  from food cravings and training absences happen to everyone. Do not let this demotivate you and instead rejoice over what you have already achieved and that you have decided to do something good for your body by losing weight in a healthy way. Celebrate the small achievements and reward yourself. Go shopping or go on a wellness weekend. You deserve it. Even after small successes.

Fats have a bad rap, despite the fact that they play an important role in your body. Although it has a significantly higher energy density than carbohydrates and proteins and should therefore not be consumed too much, especially when losing weight, essential fatty acids in particular fulfill All Canada Email & Mobile Database,All Canada Email and mobile number database,All Canada Latest Database,Buy Email Database and Mobile Database of Canada Online,Canada’s leading Best Buy Email Database,Canadan Email Id List Mobile Number Database,Canadan email address,buy Canadan email database online, important body functions. The fat composition of food is complex. For a balanced diet and healthier weight loss, the main sources of fat should be plant-based and fish. Also make sure that the food is prepared with low fat content and, for example, prefer steaming to frying.

It’s no secret that you should avoid sweets if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. However, sugar is also hidden in many processed products. This is not always easy to see because the food industry has come up with all sorts of names for “sugar”. Make sure you cook with the freshest and least processed foods possible. You should also replace sweet and unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. How about apple carving instead of chocolate?

Whoever gulps down the food too quickly runs the risk of eating beyond the feeling of satiety. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to start signaling satiety. Chewing well is also an important digestive process. Well-chewed food makes it much easier for your body to process the nutrients it contains. buy investor email database,buy database of email addresses,buy email database australia,buy email database canada,buy bulk email addresses,buy email marketing database,buy email database dubai,email marketing database Canada,email address list Canada,all email id list in Canada,2019 Canadan Mobile Number and Email Database,All Canada Email and Mobile Database,Buy Email Database in Canada,Buy Canada Email Lists Fresh 2019,Canada Email Lists and Database,2019 Canadan Mobile Number & Email Database, It also reduces the likelihood of digestive problems. Also, eat doses and stop when you are full. Two meals a day can be sufficient if they are balanced and the macronutrient distribution is covered. So eat less, but varied in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

You can lose weight without exercising , but if you want to lose weight healthily, exercise and regular training have some advantages. For example, strength training increases your muscles and increases your basal metabolic rate. In other words, you also burn more calories when you are not exercising. Everyday exercise also boosts the metabolism, which is why no opportunity for exercise should be missed. Endurance training, in turn, is an excellent way to burn additional calories and also has a beneficial effect on your well-being and psyche . Variation also ensures more fun and so instead of jogging you can also use a jump rope or a hula hoop ( AD) for your endurance training. Make sure that you do not overdo it at the beginning so that you can enjoy the movement and develop important routines better. Routines make it easier for you to lose weight healthily in the long run.

Another tip for healthy weight loss is getting enough sleep. “Slim in your sleep” may sound too good to be true, but sleep itself actually has several advantages that positively support weight loss. Those who have had a good rest are more concentrated and more balanced. This makes you react more rationally and less emotionally. The willingness to be active increases and the fight against food cravings becomes easier. In addition, during restless sleep and lack of sleep, the body increasingly produces the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin , which makes losing weight even more difficult.

An important step towards healthy weight loss is to be mindful of your own eating habits. Feel your feeling of fullness and question your portions and meals. Often times, people eat past fullness because it tastes so good. If you have cravings, give yourself some time before reaching for the chocolate and question your habits. Is the chocolate really that important after a meal or does the meal work without dessert? Maybe there are healthy alternatives for dessert or snacks, if there is no other way? Fruits and fruits contain plenty of sugar, but also many vitamins and nutrients. Reaching for the apple is a step in the right direction.

Cooking takes time, but it creates a good overview of your own food. The goal of the manufacturers of ready-made meals is good taste, and this usually works easier and cheaper with unhealthy ingredients, which later appear on the list of ingredients in puzzling names. If you cook yourself, you have Canadan mobile number list,mobile number database Canada,business email database Canada,mailing list Canada,Canadan address database,Canada database for sale,email in Canada,business lists for marketing,b2b marketing email list,All Canada Email id Database,Canada Email Databases Canada Mobile Number Databases,Canada Mailing List and Email Database,Canadan email database for email marketing, your diet in your own hands and know what you are eating. In order to lose weight healthily, a diverse and balanced diet is particularly important. Studies tooshow that the consumption of ready-made meals is linked to obesity. Cooking yourself creates opportunities for diversity and helps you lose weight in a healthy way. Enjoy the variety of foods and, as required, supplement your diet with important fiber from vegetables and / or proteins from legumes, eggs or even lean meat.

If you feel comfortable with two balanced meals a day, you have the option of placing both meals in such a way that a break of 14 to 18 hours is best overnight. This is exactly the amount of time the body needs without food to switch from burning glycogen (burning sugar) to fat metabolism. With this basic database providers,commodity traders database,fundoodata database download,justdial database,delhi database with mobile number,doctor database,candidate database,real estate database,database companies,b2b database,email database marketing,realtime data provider,mcx data provider, concept of intermittent fasting and a balanced diet, healthy weight loss becomes much easier. Routines simplify the new changes in your everyday life and turn them into habits over time. One thinks less about established routines and habits. They provide security and over time can replace bad habits and thus enrich life. In order to lose weight healthily and sustainably, you should plan new routines in advance and above all specifically. Bring fixed structures into the times and sequences of meals and the exercise program and be patient. Habits don’t emerge overnight, but once they are established in everyday life, healthy weight loss is much easier.

Sooner or later everyone gets them. In the case of food cravings, the head and body crave sugar and unhealthy food suddenly becomes particularly attractive again. Give yourself some time during a food cravings attack. Most of the time these fade away again. If there is no other option, you should us email database,customer data base,data purchase,travel agency database,ecommerce email database,delhi database,students database providers,database provider companies,Canadan companies database,nri database,naukri database,corporate database Canada,loan database,nse traders mobile database,mlm leaders data,12th students database,email ids database,Canadan email address list, choose a healthy alternative instead of chocolate. Fruits and fruits are particularly good for snacking.

Without a calorie deficit, no weight loss attempt will work. If you find it easy to eat little, congratulations! But then you should pay even more attention to your nutrients. Homemade smoothies and shakes help to achieve a more balanced diet with reduced food intake thanks to their high density of nutrients and vitamins. Green smoothies in particular are particularly healthy. But you should do this yourself, as there are currently no specifications in Germany regarding ingredients and fruit content for the manufacturers of smoothies.

Losing weight healthily is much easier when you are balanced. You react more emotionally to stress and mental strain. Positive routines are at risk and there is a risk of cravings. Take time to yourself regularly to clear your head. Stress cannot be avoided in life, but if you are balanced, stress does not throw you off course so easily. Whatever helps you find balance, do it.

Low-fat diet: fat is the nutrient with the highest energy density. Therefore, high-fat foods are greatly reduced in the low-fat diet. A maximum of 30 to 60 grams of fat should be absorbed per day. The low-fat diet is now considered to be less up-to-date, since, according to current knowledge, high fat consumption is generally considered to be questionable. Fats play an important role in the body as they control important body functions. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, in addition to reducing fat, the composition of the food is also crucial. This should be predominantly vegetable.

Paleo Diet: The idea behind the Paleo Diet is to eat largely like the Stone Age people. In other words, without grains, legumes and dairy products. In addition to losing weight, a healthy diet is the main focus of the Paleo Diet. Whether a diet should be based on the theory of evolution is questionable, however, since today’s man and his diet cannot be compared one-to-one with the Stone Age man. The assumption that the genetic makeup of modern humans would not deviate from that of Stone Age man is also controversial.

Glyx diet: In the Glyx diet, foods are based on the glycemic index. This divides the food according to its effect on the insulin release. Foods with a low value and therefore also a low insulin response are preferred in the diet. The Glyx Diet offers ease of use through easy food evaluation and also a solid Email Database of Canadan Business & Companies B2B,Canada Email Lists & Database,Canada Mailing List & Email Database Canadan B2B Sales Leads,b2b database marketing,schools database,database provider,sms database,doctors database,business data lists,export import data provider, foundation for healthy weight loss. The disadvantage of the Glyx diet, however, is the concentration on a single value. Some foods deviate from the general recommendations of the DGE. The evaluation of fruit and vegetables according to the glycemic index should even be viewed rather critically.

Protein diet: As the name suggests, the protein diet focuses on protein. Carbohydrates in the form of pasta, bread or potatoes are largely avoided. They are replaced by proteins. In contrast to the low-carb diet, fats are only allowed to a limited extent. The mechanism for losing weight is the same. email id list in Canada,free database Canada,calling data download,doctors database Canada,credit card database,college student database,calling data provider,database providers in mumbai,data provider company,database of Canadan railway,email database providers,student database provider, The supply of glucose is reduced and the body gets its energy from fat metabolism. The protein diet is also a good basis for healthy weight loss. However, the high protein consumption often exceeds the DGE recommendations many times over. This is to be viewed critically, especially over a longer period of time, as the kidneys have to compensate for a high load in the protein diet.

Are we all getting older? We assume so. But there is one important factor that depresses general life expectancy: a quarter of adults are obese. This category includes tech support data provider,database Canada,database vendors in mumbai,database advisor,engineering students database,pune database,calling data for loan,data providers in delhi,database of travel agents in Canada,mobile number data,medicine database,bangalore database mobile numbers,b2b database providers in Canada,neet database,student database in excel,kolkata mobile number database,stock traders database, people with a BMI of at least 30 . This increases the risk of numerous diseases, from arteriosclerosis to cancer and strokes – and it has been proven that life is shortened by more than ten years.

Obesity is perhaps the most dangerous global epidemic. The number of those affected increases every year; according to the Robert Koch Institute, it is currently almost 70 percent of men and a good every second woman in Germany.

Actually, these facts are inexplicable, because there are countless diets and weight loss programs. But most diets fail, it has been known for a long time. 90 percent of those willing to lose weight even weigh more than they did before trying to diet and are victims of the yo-yo effect. Nutritionists are only now slowly uncovering the causes of this. One of the most important findings is: A simple equation that was previously considered the first and most important law for weight control does not apply to many overweight people. It read:

The second law – if you exercise every day, you get lean – is being shaken by recent studies. For example, in a study on the subject of weight loss with exercise, test subjects tended to gain weight and not, as expected, slim. Aside from top-class sport, exercise is far overrated as a calorie burner. Not a little bit of recreational sport burns a lot of calories, but in reality our brain is a real energy guzzler. It consumes around a quarter of the total energy – although the brain only makes up two percent of the body weight.

But if you think you can lose weight with brain jogging and learning languages, you are unfortunately also mistaken. The calorie requirement increases only slightly. Most of the energy, by the way exclusively in the form of glucose, is processed by the brain in activities that we are not consciously aware of, such as hormone production and the control of metabolism and organ functions.

Then the lifestyle should be decisive – our western one with constant sitting is often seen as the basic evil about the obesity epidemic. An investigation could refute that too. Scientists compared the daily calorie requirements of typical (seated) Americans with those of an African tribe who live as foragers . The calorie requirement of both groups was the same: around 2600 kilocalories for men, almost 2000 for women, although the originally living Africans move constantly and only rarely sit during the day.

The explanation for this lies in the dietary fiber, which vegetables, fruits and nuts provide in abundance. With indigestible fiber, the body excretes calories unused. The plant fibers have been shown to make you slim, as a further study shows.

In this study, two groups of people who wanted to lose weight were allowed to eat the same food with the same daily amount of calories. However, in one group all cereal products were made from nri email database,teachers database,hni clients database,nse realtime data provider for metastock,import export data provider,car owners database,hr database Canada,Canada business directory database,Canadan face database,email id list Canada,hyderabad mobile number database,database of Canada,database providers in chennai,data for calling,loan requirement customers database,Canadan business directory database excel, whole grain, in the other group were peeled and processed. The whole grain group burned around 100 more calories per day – an amount that can lead to three kilograms of weight loss in one year.

So dietary fiber has a positive effect on the metabolism. However, the metabolism, feeling of satiety, hunger and the number of fat cells cannot be fundamentally influenced. Much of this complicated Buy Canada Email Lists Fresh 2023 Canadan Mobile Number and Email Database,buy leads,b2b email lists,travel leads,company database,leads database,data provider,companies database,email database lists,dentist email lists,list of company emails,database for sms marketing,online sellers,bulk email id,email data,candidate resume database,list of email ids,buy database online,school database,email list download, interplay is due to the nature of the system. This is why some people find it easy to lose weight or are slim anyway and will remain so, while others are constantly struggling with obesity despite great efforts.

But they too can hope. Because with the right diet, appetite changes. The desire for healthy food, which tends to make you lean rather than fat, increases as a result: high-fiber foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grain products and protein-rich foods such as fish, poultry and yoghurt. The appetite for pizza, burgers, fries and sweets is dwindling.

Sounds untrue? But that’s true, as a six-month study recently showed: Here half of the test subjects ate the listed foods rich in fiber and protein, and were also given tips such as: Eat before lunch because pizza is always served there. The control group, on the other hand, ate normally.

The subjects’ brain scans were performed at intervals, showing them various foods. Gradually, the reward center in the subjects’ brains reacted more and more to the healthy foods. The appetite for whole grains and fruit increased, fast food was hardly appealing anymore. At the end of the study, the subjects had lost an average of eight kilograms, the control group had gained just under one.

Even if it is difficult to lose weight, especially for people who are genetically predisposed: with the right food and a little stamina, it can still succeed. Perhaps it is already a small consolation for them that annoying calorie counting has been overrated. In any case, it is easier to incorporate a healthy diet practically into everyday life and to become slim permanently, not in a hurry.

However, if you do not currently know how high your basal metabolic rate is or if you do not estimate how many calories a porridge with oatmeal and almond milk provides, it is advisable to track calories for two to three months and determine your basic and total metabolic rate. A fitness tracker can help you learn to estimate your basal metabolic rate and calorie consumption.

Because in order to lose weight, you have to eat less than your total sales . One speaks here of a calorie deficit , which should at best be between 200 and 500 calories per day.

It is better and easier to keep an eye on the weekly calorie balance and not strive to hit a precise caloric landing day after day – this is more productive for a positive mindset.

This means that on one day you can, for example, have 200 to 300 calories above email data provider,student database,buying leads online,email list Canada,b2b databases,it companies database,database company,Canadan company database,email id list of companies,supplier database,amibroker data provider,nse data provider,mobile phone number list,bulk database,teacher database,companies email id list,online seller in Canada,email directory Canada,b2b data companies,list of companies in Canada with contact details xls,b2b contacts database,call list of mobile number,bangalore database,companies database Canada, your total turnover if this extra is compensated for on another day in the same week – for example with a few minutes of extra training.

Not at all recommendable: aiming for too high a calorie deficit or fewer than 1200 calories a day. This strategy is counterproductive and will not be successful in the long term.

Also pay attention to your macronutrient distribution – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – it should also be optimal with a small calorie deficit.

You don’t have to be on a low-carb diet to lose weight. Everyone reaches a small calorie deficit – even without giving up certain food groups. In principle, you can eat anything – even chocolate.

The formulas for success are: “Find the right amount” and “Good is what is good for you”.

The body needs, among other things, the vital carbohydrates that provide energy for it and, above all, the brain. It is best to use complex, long-chain carbohydrates that do not affect the blood sugar level too much and keep you full longer.

Suitable carbs are, for example, oat flakes , which also provide protein, buckwheat , quinoa , amaranth , oat bran , whole grain products, potatoes and sweet potatoes, but also vegetables rich in carbohydrates.

On the other hand, you should consume trans fats (e.g. french fries, chips, fried fish etc.), saturated fatty acids, alcohol, sugary drinks as well as sweets and pastries less often and not every day.

Cravings for chocolate? Then choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 80 percent.

This has the advantage that the bitter substances on the one hand reduce hunger for sweetness and on the other hand the amino acid tryptophan is absorbed and broken Canada database,airtel mobile number database,Canadan companies directory,database provider in mumbai,bangalore business directory database,startup database Canada,mobile number database mumbai,tamilnadu college students database,engineering students database in excel,Canadan medicine database,student databse,tamil nadu mobile number database,Canadan email database 2023, down in the body into a neurotransmitter and messenger substance serotonin – the happiness and feel-good hormone.

Tryptophan also influences the production of melatonin , which in turn has a calming effect and allows you to sleep well.

Meanwhile, there are bitter substances as powder or in drop form , which promote digestion and war against food cravings. You can enjoy them pure or in smoothies, in a salad dressing, etc.

One of the best pieces of advice to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way: cook for yourself! And as colorful, natural and varied as possible.

Vegetables and proteins should be on your daily menu from now on. Vegetables in any form, in particular, create volume and provide important fiber , vitamins and minerals.

If you exercise two to three times a week, pay more attention to your micronutrient intake. In particular, vitamins K , C, E, D, B, as well as zinc , iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium are important for maintaining and building muscle mass.

Vegetable and animal proteins boost the metabolism rapidly and also Canada email list 2023 Canadan Mobile Number & Email Database,business email list xls 2023 Canada,buy email database 2023,business mailing list,contact lists,buy sales leads,b2b data,b2b contact lists,buy travel leads,leads provider in Canada,msme database,buy leads for your business,mobile phone number database,share market traders database,database provider in delhi,free buy leads,email database Canada download, keep you full longer. This is mainly due to the fact that the body has to use a lot more energy to break down proteins into amino acids.

Your body already burns calories during digestion. Almost a quarter of the nutritional energy of proteins dissipates without landing on your hips.

In addition, proteins are required to maintain and build muscle, which in turn has a positive effect on fat burning. Because the more muscles you have, the more energy your body burns when it is at rest.

Attack in everyday best a mix of plant (tofu, lentils, soy flakes , pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc.) and animal sources of protein such as lean curd , granular cheese, eggs, lean chicken and beef – especially in organic quality.

Daily food intake should consist of 30 percent healthy fats . With a height of 175 cm, a weight of 70 kilograms, at the age of 30 and a daily requirement of 2100 calories, this is around 70 grams of fat (630 calories) per day.

Fats control your hormonal balance and keep the hormones in balance.

Above all, testosterone production is promoted by healthy fats such as omega-3 . This in turn also has an enormously positive effect on muscle building.

When it comes to fat, it’s primarily about quality. We recommend foods such as avocados, almonds, almond butter , walnuts, linseed oil, olive oil, linseed, chia seeds and the high-fat fish salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring, all of which contain omega-3.

Avoid trans fats and too much of the saturated fatty acids that are database for employers Canada,flipkart database,handicrafts buyers email address,hyderabad doctors database,Canadan email id list download,Canadan nri database,company email database,b2b contacts,database for sale,import export database,students database,b2b contact database,email list online, found in sausage, fatty meat and cheese, butter and lard, palm and coconut fat, baked goods and sweets, for example.

Sufficient fluid intake is crucial for powerful training, vitality and for the regeneration of the muscles. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends that an adult drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

Drinks such as carbonated and low-sodium water, unsweetened teas, lemon water , so-called infused water and isotonic sports drinks are best . It is best to avoid beverages that provide calories such as juices, sodas, and energy drinks.

Especially if you do sweaty training several times a week and your protein intake is increased, you should ensure that you are drinking enough fluids.

Example: With a weight of 58 kilograms, around 2.3 liters per day is recommended. For sweaty workouts an additional 0.5 to 1 liter of liquid – depending on the duration and intensity of the sports unit.

The distribution of fluid intake throughout the day also plays an important role. The body only absorbs 0.2 liters of fluid per hour.

Therefore it is not very useful to distribute three liters in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Important: drink before you feel thirsty.

After you have acquired the knowledge about healthy foods and their energy density (calories), it is advisable to go a step further – try to intuitively listen to your feeling of hunger.

Are three meals, or rather five smaller meals spread out over the day, optimal? Warm food at lunchtime or in the evening? You decide what is good for you.

The top rule: Eat when you are really hungry and, if necessary, question your previous habits. Are you hungry after getting up or is it more pleasant for you to have breakfast later? Does the piece of chocolate pan Canada database,database for school management system,mobile numbers database,trader database,online shoppers database,corporate companies database,list of gmail addresses,whatsapp mobile number database,whatsapp number database,database seller,Canada pincode database,list of schools in hyderabad with email addresses,truecaller database download,bangalore database provider, have to be after lunch or is it maybe a trained tic?

You can also feel your feeling of fullness: The best time to finish a meal is when there is a pleasant feeling of fullness – the stomach should not be tight and painful.

Learn to perceive the body signals correctly, because this is an essential part for long-term loss and maintenance of the desired weight.

Strength or Cardio Training – Which Is Better For Losing Weight? This question is asked very often. The answer is simple: both in combination.

The main focus should be on strength training , because it also stimulates the metabolism. As already mentioned, muscles consume more energy in a resting state and therefore hni database delhi ncr,chennai database provider chennai tamil nadu,database provider in kolkata,builders database in chennai,pin code wise mobile number database,data for telecalling,database of schools in bangalore,Canadan whatsapp number database,calling data for personal loan,unique database,buy truecaller database, increase the basal metabolic rate – also known as the thermal effect.

Build a week like a Cardo unit or a time-saving HIIT workout in order to burn fat further stimulate. Spread the strength and cardio training over different days.

It is important to find fun in training and to bring variety in, in order to literally stay on the ball.

10,000 steps, 30 minutes of exercise a day or at least 150 minutes a week – a lot is currently being talked about everyday exercise. In addition to training, daily exercise is of great importance for health and reducing body weight.

For everyday movement, it means: Use the stairs instead of the escalators, ride your bike to work, do the shopping on foot or get off a bus stop earlier on the way home.

With the help of everyday exercise, between 300 and 500 more calories can be consumed, depending on the type of exertion.

A Swedish study that appeared in the British Journal of Sports showed that regular, daily exercise (without exercise) already has a very positive effect on cardiovascular health, belly fat, high blood pressure, blood lipid levels and blood sugar processing.

The research team led by Elin Ekblom-Bak said that the risk of heart attack decreased by 27 percent and the risk of death by a third.

Many consider “ slim in sleep ” (see book “slim in sleep” ) to be an empty phrase – but the duration of sleep and the intensity of sleep are actually decisive for the success of corporate companies in mumbai database,hr database mumbai,car owner database,mobile number database pune pune maharashtra,jharkhand mobile number database,data vendor in mumbai,architects database Canada,hni database provider in mumbai,surat mobile number database,ludhiana mobile numbers database,students database providers in Canada,pune companies directory,raipur mobile number database,bulk sms database, training or weight loss. Why? Those who sleep too little (less than 7 hours) produce and inhibit various hormones.

Starting with ghrelin – a hormone that is responsible for controlling hunger and satiety. If you get up with cravings, more ghrelin will be poured out.

Second: The satiety hormone leptin, which is stored in adipose tissue and makes you feel full, is hardly released when you sleep little, so that you suddenly feel hungry all the time.

Cortisol – the stress hormone – is also released too much when the quality of sleep is reduced and sleep is too low.

If the release of cortisol remains at a high level, it causes water retention in the body, inhibits testosterone production, which is important for muscle building, and weakens the immune system.

The growth hormone somatropin, which promotes muscle regeneration and muscle building, is also produced by the body during a deep sleep phase.

If you sleep too little, less of the hormone is produced, which in turn affects muscle growth and therefore your energy consumption. A vicious circle!

All in all, a lack of sleep slows down energy expenditure. Therefore, develop a fixed sleep routine and treat yourself to seven to eight hours of sleep per night – for a positive hormone balance and optimal training and weight loss success.

Standing on the scales every day can quickly backfire and be more discouraging – or worse: downright addictive.

The weight on the display is not really meaningful. Because the density of muscle mass is known to be somewhat heavier than that of fat.

There are two options to find out if you have lost any fat percentage:

Take before and after photos of yourself at the same angle, in the same lighting conditions and against the same background
Measure and record the circumference of the chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs with a tape measure – at intervals of one to two months

Eating does not have to be 16: 8 intermittent fasting (see book ” Intermittent fasting “), for an effective regeneration phase, cell renewal and promotion of intestinal health , around 12 hours get travel leads,travel leads provider,list of email ids of students,Canadan whatsapp numbers,school database in excel,traders database,Canadan mobile number database,school database maharashtra,companies providing data entry work from home,personal loan customer data,.marketing email,car owner database delhi,pune doctors database,mumbai builders database,cell number database,bangalore companies email database, of food break are already highly recommended – this is best achieved in the period from dinner to breakfast the following day.

The idea behind this is that a late dinner followed by an early breakfast inhibit metabolic and regeneration processes in the body.

The most important thing when getting used to your diet and establishing a sports routine is to keep a positive mindset and under no circumstances allow yourself to be stressed by expectations and goals.

Everyone goes at their own pace. Set smaller milestones instead of chasing the big goal from the start. This is how you stay motivated.

Be careful with yourself and your body. Integrate a few yoga and meditation units into your exercise routine – they have the effect of relieving stress that can accompany you in everyday life.

Stress has the negative effect that more cortisol is formed in the body, which leads to water retention and stress-related cravings can destroy your weight loss plan. That should be avoided.

A healthy, balanced diet without sacrificing, with sufficient exercise in everyday life and a balanced sport routine should ultimately feel very simple and be part of life – without you constantly thinking about whether you are allowed to do this or that at the moment.

This “strategy” enables you to attentively and permanently achieve your ideal target weight.

To  answerthisquestion,the weight you want to lose must first be defined more precisely. Because from a health point of view there is a big difference between losing weight in the form of fat, water or even muscle mass . For example, you can lose two liters or more within an hour due to sweat loss database company in mumbai,consumer database for sale,email marketing b2b lists,cfo email database,buy database delhi,email database delhi,b2b business database,database providers in Canada,buy Canada whois database,data provider in delhi,student database for sale,stock market data provider,data provider in delhi ncr,email database price,nri contact list,email marketing,email database ahmedabad,online buyers database in Canada, during training. That makes two kilos less on the scales, but on the one hand it is not beneficial for health and on the other hand the kilos are back on as soon as you compensate for the water loss with sufficient fluid.

There are also diet forms such as the ketogenic diet , which by omitting carbohydrates leads to a depletion of glycogen stores in the body. Since glycogen binds a lot of water, you lose weight quickly on a keto diet, but a large part of it is water. As soon as carbohydrates are eaten again, the body stores more glycogen again along with water. A loss of water is – apart from pathological water retention – never desirable.

Loss of muscle mass is also less than desirable. With strict fasting or a low-protein diet , muscle wasting occurs quickly, as muscles burn a lot of energy, which the body wants to save during times of hunger. On the other hand, it can “burn” muscle cells in order to use them as energy. Since this path is easier construction email database,doctor database Canada,Canada networking database,email database chennai,customer email database,Canadan students email database,buy b2b data,get email list for marketing,buy ceo email lists,lawyers database Canada,online shoppers database Canada,database of teachers,nurse practitioner email database,buy pharma companies database,buy college student database, than breaking down and burning fat cells, the muscles must first believe in it when it comes to hunger metabolism. In the long term, the loss of muscle mass in turn leads to weight gain, as the basal metabolic rate drops significantly as a result of muscle wasting.

A rule of thumb that is often used is the 3500 kcal rule: In order to lose half a kilo of body weight , you have to eat 3500 fewer calories per week. So you would have to eat 500 fewer calories a day than you use to lose a pound of weight. This rule is very simple and practical – but is it also true? The rule is based on the assumption that one kilogram of body fat contains around 7,000 calories. However, a study published in the journal Nature showed that the 3500 kcal rule is not exactly correct. Accordingly, the participants in weight loss programs lost less fat than the calorie deficitwould suggest. However, the differences were relatively small – at least within the first three months. The more the subjects lost weight, the less the continuous weight loss became.

The 3500 calorie rule is still useful as a rough guide, despite slight deviations. Logically, 7000 fewer calories per week would then lead to the loss of one kilogram of fat . In practice, however, this is not that easy. It is true that one kilogram of body fat consists of around 7,000 calories. However, most people with a calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day are already starving . With an average daily calorie requirement of around 2000 calories, an intake of just 1000 calories causes the body to switch to economy mode and try to save fat. Instead, lean body mass is burned in the form of muscle – not a good thing.

What is the maximum healthy way to lose weight in a month? In order to avoid starvation metabolism and negative health consequences , the calorie deficit should not exceed around 20 percent of the daily calorie requirement. For a 60-pound woman who needs 1,800 calories a day, that would be 360 ​​calories. The calorie intake of the 60-pound woman should not be less than 1440 calories per day. This would result in a weekly deficit of 2,520 calories, which corresponds to a fat loss of 360 grams. That would be a healthy loss of 1.5 kilograms of pure body fat per month.

How much someone can lose weight in a healthy way within a certain period of time also depends on the initial situation of the respective person. Influencing factors that determine how quickly and how much weight you can lose as much as possible are:

Starting weight: weight Anyone who is severely overweight can lose more weight faster and more than a person who has already reached their optimal weight with the right lifestyle change.
Age: For hormonal reasons, a higher basal metabolic rate and a tendency towards more physical activity, younger people find it easier to lose weight than older people.
Gender: Since women have less muscle mass on average and, due to hormonal and evolutionary reasons, store fat more easily than men, men tend to lose weight more easily.
Basal metabolic rate: The basic amount of calories burned in order to maintain database companies in bangalore,database provider in jaipur,corporate database delhi,sme database Canada,b2b database companies in bangalore,student data provider in delhi,buy business persons contact numbers hyderabad,chennai database,database providers in pune,students database kerala, all body functions depends on body type, age, gender, body weight and muscle mass. A 20-year-old 75-pound man with thick muscles has a significantly higher basal metabolic rate than a 50-year-old 50-pound woman with a low percentage of muscles.
Type and duration of the weekly training: The combination of strength training to build muscle and high-intensity interval training to burn calories is best build body fat in both the short and long term.
Diet: Calories serve as a good guide for weight gain or loss. However, there are – regardless of the amount of calories – certain foods that lead to the storage of fat and those that stimulate fat burning .

In general, artificial intelligence describes the attempt to reproduce human-like decision-making structures in an ambiguous environment, i.e. to build or program a computer in such a way that it can process problems independently. An objective, comprehensive assessment of the topic is not easy: On the one hand, the relationships are highly complex – on the other hand, using new frameworks and cloud bpo candidates database,airtel client database,data selling companies in delhi,data entry project provider,get company data,private company data providers,12th students database 2023,10th students database 2023,student database mumbai,business database,delhi businessman contact details,corporate email database,canada email database,Buy Canada database,Buy Canada email database,Buy Canada mobile database, infrastructure is becoming easier and cheaper. This makes the technology tangible for almost every developer and barriers to entry continue to decrease.
The fact is, however, that the large Internet companies are investing unimaginable sums in this environment and see this as one of the most important competencies in order to be able to be successful in the market in the future.

At codecentric we have set up a dedicated AI (Artificial Intelligence) team. Experienced developers and data scientists deal intensively with the latest technologies. We assess differently, work out opportunities and benefits for our customers and share our experience in projects, publications and training.

AI is already in many products today. Computers can now talk to us pretty well and understand images. They did not learn this “as before” through a hardwired program, but rather by being shown many examples. So basically they can learn anything, and the more examples they see, the better they get.

They are not yet able to solve complex tasks as well as humans – but development is making great strides. And when it comes to certain, very clearly defined tasks, they are in some cases clearly superior to humans.

Okay, the big internet companies are investing massively in AI – but what does this mean for Germany? Which industries can benefit from this technology? Are there also use cases for small companies that don’t have huge amounts of data? What problems can we help you with?

The technology offers impressive new possibilities. We believe that there will be innovative use cases in almost every industry. Yes, even your hairdressing salon already has products that would not be possible without artificial intelligence. Everyone knows Alexa by now – in the following sections we want to show a few more examples and encourage creative thought …

Lots of customers write lots of emails. To answer these, there are entire support departments or call centers that deal with the concerns or complaints of their customers throughout the day. Since these e-mails are often formulated as free text, this task was considered not to be automatable for a long time. This is changing right now.

For a long time it has been possible to use classic machine learning methods to differentiate emails into “spam” or “non-spam”. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning also open up new opportunities to understand the content of e-mails. Machines are learning to read more and more reliably individual so-called intents from texts. Intents could be, for example, that a customer would like to notify a change of address, a termination or a complaint. If such a recognition is reliable enough, it can also be processed and answered automatically at the same time.

We are already using this technology in several projects and see that the results are getting better and better.

Imagine an optician in a busy pedestrian street. Thousands of people walk by. There is a large display in the shop window that interacts with the customer. If the customer looks in this “mirror”, he sees himself and automatically gets the latest sunglasses rendered in his face. The system recognizes b2b data purchase,buy phone number database,email database bangalore,investors database in Canada,buy college students database,coimbatore students database,mobile database,buy student database,buy fresher candidates database,buy karnataka database,justdial database for sale,data selling companies,policybazaar database,property owners database dubai,school student database in excel format,commodity market traders mobile database, whether the person is male or female, old or young, and derives product recommendations from this. The person stops and looks at himself in the “mirror”.

She can interact with the shop window using gestures. The system can display discount campaigns and integrate social networks in order to connect the online world with the pedestrian zone. In addition, the system provides statistics on how many customers stop, which ads work best and how many people then entered the store through the shop window.

The same thing works with a travel agency, where the passer-by suddenly walks across a sandy beach. With a shoe or hat store. Or in the toy department of a department store, where the latest action figure can be seen in the display, which imitates exactly the same movements as the child who stands in front of it with wide eyes.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are even AI applications in the hairdressing salon. A mirror (or screen) that shows exactly what a man or woman will look like after applying a certain tint.

Under predictive (business) analytics, we summarize techniques and methods from the fields of big data, machine learning and data science that generate forecast models from business data. The goals of such models are usually to optimize business processes, increase profits or save costs.

For example, a supermarket can use predictive models to predict which products will be sold when and how often. This enables purchasing and inventory to be optimized. If information is also available about which products are often bought together by whom (e.g. via Payback), new marketing strategies can be derived from this. For marketing campaigns, the amounts of data that are available in almost all industries today can already be used very effectively to predict which type of marketing will generate a particularly large number of leads in a target group at what time. This has become particularly relevant for social media marketing.

In other cases, information gathered about customer behavior is used to predict which customers may terminate in the near future. These so-called customer churn models can then help to address such customers in a targeted manner so as not to lose them, for example with discount campaigns.

But there are also exciting use cases for data-driven recruiting: algorithms can pre-select suitable applicants for positions or automate the matching of open positions with (online) job profiles. This gives recruiters more time to concentrate on the essentials.

There are similar applications in the field of cosmetics, where various make-up recommendations can be displayed in seconds, or in the field of cosmetic surgery, where you can see beforehand buy student data,data of school students,database service providers in Canada,Canadan business database,Canadan consumer database,Canadan b2b database,Canadan b2c database,property buyer database,database vendors in bangalore,mobile no data provider,pharmaceutical companies email list,Canada state city database, what you will look like after the operation. Such applications naturally also run at home – very simply in the browser. In connection with augmented reality, this can also be transferred to interior design / furniture or bathroom design.

There will certainly be many interesting innovations in this area in the near future. Possibly. do you want to promote such a development?

The above examples are all technically and economically feasible. Some of them have already been implemented. But there is more. The big Internet companies show us what is actually already possible today.

With Amazon Go, Amazon has developed a supermarket in which there are no more registers. Customers check in with their mobile phones when they enter the market. Computer vision and other methods are then used to automatically determine which goods the customer takes from the shelves. At the end of the purchase, you simply leave the shop and the amounts are automatically debited. This supermarket is no longer an experiment – it exists and it really works.

Some critics portray artificial intelligence as an immature gimmick that is not yet “production-ready”. However, companies that have mastered this technology show that you can use it to develop products that were unthinkable a few years ago.

The topic is broad and not easy to define. It contains many sub-disciplines and is a hodgepodge of buzzwords that are difficult to keep track of. In the following topic map we present the most important terms and their interrelationships. At codecentric, we mainly deal with the subject areas of deep learning, computer vision, object detection, human pose estimation, natural language processing, reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks.

Millions of years ago, the so-called Cambrian explosion occurred on Earth. This was a “relatively short” period in which biodiversity exploded on earth. Some researchers believe salary database,database of high schools in the us,bangalore companies database xls,whatsapp number,sme database Canada download,how to check insurance status of a car,business persons contact numbers in hyderabad,list of database companies in hyderabad,2 students database kerala,europe email database,list of companies in malaysia with email address,hong kong business directory database,whois database,mcx data provider in Canada, that one of the main reasons for this explosion was the development of vision. Suddenly foraging, sheltering, and reproducing had become much easier.

We are currently on a similar path in computer vision. Computers begin to understand what is being seen in pictures or videos. This gives you the opportunity to perceive the world as people do. However, today’s development is many orders of magnitude faster than evolution back then. The breakthrough came in 2012 when a neural network won the prestigious ImageNet competition for the first time. Since then, research has been rolling over and over again, and so many new scientific publications have come out that drive the state-of-the-art that you can no longer read them all.

At codecentric we deal intensively with the field of computer vision. We believe that the way we interact with machines could change fundamentally in the near future.

A special area of ​​computer vision is object detection. The computer should recognize in an image or video which objects are in it and mark and name them accordingly. From multibox detectors to Faster R-CNNs with Region Proposal Networks to YOLO and single-shot detectors to RetinaNet – today there are numerous algorithms and freely available software that deliver good results, are easy to use and run in real time.

If that was too many technical terms for you, just watch the following video. In it you can see a drone that flies through our company headquarters in Solingen and detects cars, people, laptops and much more:

Human Pose Estimation is also a specialty of computer vision. Some people may already know the principle from their home game consoles. For several years there has been special hardware (e.g. Kinect) that can reliably detect people and their extremities. This allows games to be controlled through gestures and movements and you can interact with the system in a “natural” way. The problem with this is that this hardware only works under “laboratory conditions” in the living room. (data2day: win with ‘1337’)

Thanks to neural networks and deep learning, human pose estimation is now possible even without special hardware – e.g. with a normal webcam and over greater distances. You could control your presentation like in the film “Minority Report” or you can develop systems that understand the actions of people (waving, hitting, falling, etc.). In one project, we experimented with a drone that autonomously Buy Canadan mobile database,prepare a table for maintaining school database,us mobile phone number database,hni database mumbai xls,how to get details of a number,jio customer database download,ladies whatsapp number,tamil movies database chennai tamil nadu 600032,list of mobile numbers in hyderabad,find mobile number data sim,whatsapp numbers for chat,jee student database 2018,personal loan data delhi, focuses on a person and to which you can use gestures to transmit control signals. Applications in competitive sports are also conceivable, where athletes’ movements can be precisely tracked and optimized. You could also simply track movements and transfer them to avatars in order to quickly generate high-quality animations. Are you from hollywood?

The topic is broad and not easy to define. It contains many sub-disciplines and is a hodgepodge of buzzwords that are difficult to keep track of. In the following topic map we present the most important terms and their interrelationships. At codecentric, we mainly deal with the subject email id database mumbai free download,email contact number list,online buyers database free download,list of companies in mumbai with email id pdf,list of software companies in mumbai with email id,mobile no database free,bahrain email database free,free nigerian email database,punjab mobile number database free download,student mobile number database free download,free b2b data,egg donor database Canada, areas of deep learning, computer vision, object detection, human pose estimation, natural language processing, reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks.

In the area of ​​NLP or Natural Language Processing, one tries to teach a computer language. On the one hand it is about understanding language, on the other hand it is also about synthesizing natural-sounding language. The applications of this technology are diverse. With Alexa, we know a new kind of human-machine interface that “lives” in our living room, to which we issue voice commands and which provides us with information. Other systems can translate speech in high quality and in real time, and still other systems are able to understand the meaning of texts – for example, to be able to automatically reply to an e-mail.

Enormous progress has been made in the last few years, especially in the field of computer vision. Above all, methods such as transfer learning or pre-trained models have created the basis so that you don’t always have to start from scratch. This means that good results can be achieved even with smaller list of doctors in command hospital lucknow,mass mailing software Canada,list of doctors with mobile numbers,free mobile number database mumbai,mobile number database free download,mobile number database pdf free download,free mobile number database,email database collection,Canadan company database free download,Canadan songs database,download email database xls,email address database free download, amounts of data and less budget and can be built on previous results. These good practices learned from the field of computer vision are also slowly finding their way into natural language processing – we therefore assume that there will continue to be rapid progress here in the next few years.

Meanwhile, the cloud providers also provide various text-to-speech systems that can be integrated into your applications with little effort. We took a closer look at these systems and compared them with one another.

Reinforcement learning (RL) is another branch of artificial intelligence. In RL, computers learn similarly to children through positive and negative reinforcement. That is, they get a reward for doing something they want and can be punished for doing something wrong.

In the RL we call the computer that is supposed to learn something “agent” and we call the reward “reward function”. The agent first tries different actions at random until he receives list of it companies in hyderabad with email ids,list of pharma companies hr mail id,list of email ids of companies,email database free,nri email list free,email marketing database dubai,college database,primary teacher database,list of it companies in nagpur with email id,student data,sri lanka mobile number database,pen pal email list,email address database Canada free download,mumbai architects list with email id, a reward. The state – called “State” – is noted in order to be able to learn complex and far-reaching action-reaction systems.

An agent who learns to play Super Mario, for example, basically learns by trial and error over many rounds which actions make him win. Probably the best-known example of a computer that has learned to play complex games is AlphaGo, or its successors AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero. The major advance from AlphaGo to AlphaGo Zero is that AlphaGo still got human input in order to learn; Google DeepMinds AlphaGo Zero, on the other hand, taught itself to play by playing against itself millions of times. Within a few days (!), The artificial intelligence developed moves that nobody had thought of before and was able to beat the world champion in a game that was long considered too complex to teach a machine.

Because computers with RL are able to learn complex processes and react flexibly to the environment, reinforcement learning is also used in self-driving cars and in robotics, for example. For example, Google DeepMind recently showed how RL can be used so that an agent teaches himself to walk and also learns to overcome obstacles in the process.

With this method a computer can, in principle, learn any task. There are many more impressive examples. It is also exciting that the agents often develop a completely different solution than we would have expected based on our human experience. For example, AlphaGo has used completely new moves or robots that have learned to walk do so in a way that looks strange to us, but still leads to the goal.

With every expansion and as a result of the steadily growing complexity, the field of artificial intelligence becomes more and more complicated and less tangible. Due to groundbreaking successes in this area, especially machine learning , the research behind artificial intelligence arouses immense interest. Developing AI to such an extent that programs are able to learn independently and find solutions to complex problems remains one of the most important research fields despite the increasing complexity. It is all the more important to keep the understanding of the decisions and results of artificial intelligences as high as possible.

This is exactly where Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) comes in: Users want and should understand how the AI ​​of a program works and how the results achieved are to be evaluated. Otherwise there is not really a basis of trust for the respective digital calculations. The transparency created by Explainable calling data for loan pdf,fresher candidates database,shadi com database,karnataka database,pan card online portal for Canada reviews,database,matrimony database,private credit database,new movers database,petrochemical database,can i sell my customer database,global product database,12th students database 2019, AI is therefore of enormous importance for the acceptance of artificial intelligence. What exactly is behind this approach?

Explainable Artificial Intelligence literally means “explainable artificial intelligence”. The term is a neologism that has been used in research and discussions about machine learning since 2004. A generally valid definition of what explainable AI exactly is does not exist to this day. The XAI program of the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) defines the goals of explainable artificial intelligence but with the following requirements:

There should be explainable models without having to forego high learning performance. It should also be made possible that the future user understands the emerging generation of artificially intelligent partners , trusts them to a reasonable extent and can deal and work with them efficiently .

Artificial intelligence has long ceased to affect just researchers and scientists. Rather, it is already an integral part of everyday life. It is therefore all the more important that the modularity of artificial intelligence is not only brought closer to designers and direct users: In particular, decision-makers must be made as understandable as possible about how AI works in order to create the basis for trust in the technology .

Some well-known companies are already setting a good example in this regard: In 2017, the Nvidia group published an article on its website in the developer blog with the topic “Explaining How End-to-End Deep Learning Steers a Self-Driving Car” . In this post, four developers explain how their artificial intelligence learns for autonomous driving. The company describes its research results transparently and uses several easy-to-understand examples to show how artificial intelligence learns things.

In the same year Accenture published the guidebook “Responsible AI: Why we need Explainable AI” , in which the technology service provider deals with aspects such as ethics and trust in relation to machines (especially in the area of ​​autonomous driving).

There are various methods and approaches to create transparency and understanding for artificial intelligence. We have summarized the most important ones for you in the following paragraphs:

The layer-wise relevance propagation (LRP; for example: “layer by layer transfer of importance”) was described for the first time in 2015. This is a technique for determining the characteristics of input vectors that contribute most to the output result of a neural network.

The counterfactual Method ( “counterfactual method”) describes how to perform specifically on receipt of a result data input (etc. texts, pictures, diagrams). It is then observed to what extent the output result has changed as a result.

Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME) is an explanatory model with a holistic approach. It wants to be able to explain every machine classifier and the forecast that follows from it. This should make the data and procedures understandable for non-specialist users.

The Rationalization is a method, which is used 99datacd reviews,Canadan girls mobile number,vip mobile number list,email database Canada especially for AI-based robots. The machine is designed in such a way that it is able to explain its actions independently.

Google has also recognized the growing accountability: Since the large corporation researches very heavily in the field of artificial intelligence and also uses this for the search engine and various other areas, the company is very keen to make the programs transparent . The building blocks of Google Explainable AI have been able to create integrative and interpretable machine learning models since 2019 . The suite can be used free of charge for up to twelve months.

In the package, Google offers, among other things. the so-called what-if tool , which allows the behavior of a model to be visualized. The predictions of this tool can be adjusted according to your own needs. The various demos and the graphical user interface make it possible to take a close look at the various machine learning models without having to write a lot of code yourself. For this purpose, Google offers free company database Canada,mobilink jazz mobile number database free download,list of architects in delhi with email id pdf,phone number database search,uttar pradesh mobile number database free,college students database in excel,truecaller database,free email database bangalore,Canadan email database xls free download, various ready-to-use tools: In addition to an age estimate or the classification of flowers, there is also a function that evaluates various portraits. The images are divided according to whether the person in the image is smiling or not. In addition, the module also specifies various parameters relating to the characteristics of the faces. For example, the images can also be selected according to whether the person has a beard or a pony.

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