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3M DUBAI Email Database [2023]

The Dubai email databases will help you to spread your business across the globe in no time. It will help you to contact the people who are genuinely interested in your business and you will get the maximum number of orders.

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3 Million DUBAI Email Database [2023 Updated]

You can easily take your business to the next level by starting an easy marketing campaign with Dubai Email Database.

UAE Dubai Email Database
UAE Dubai Email Database

If you are in search of the top quality email lists of Dubai in order to market your business, either small or big, you are at the right place. This kind of database of email addresses is what is required for making your marketing tactics more advanced and flourished.

UAE Dubai Email Lists
UAE Dubai Email Lists

The UAE Dubai Email Database has everything that a business or a company needs in order to launch an effective email marketing campaign that will help you to target Dubai-based businesses.

UAE Dubai Email Leads
UAE Dubai Email Leads

Why Choose Our Email Database Over Other List Providers?

It is a fact that our price is much cheaper than our competitors which is a huge advantage for our customers. You can get the databases of numerous companies of Dubai within 24 hours and that too at an affordable price

UAE Dubai Mailing Lists
UAE Dubai Mailing Lists

The reason that our databases are low in price is that our customers also own small businesses and we care for them. But at the same time, lower in price doesn’t mean lower in quality, our databases are refreshed timely and are updated on a daily basis.

UAE Dubai Email Address
UAE Dubai Email Address

The Company of EmailProLeads has worked day and night in order to provide you with the relevant and accurate email information of the leading businesses of Dubai. This will help you to flourish your business easily,

UAE Dubai Business Email Database
UAE Dubai Business Email Database

Benefits Of Using EmailProLeads Dubai Email Database List

If you are in search of some quality marketing data in order to run your multi-channel marketing campaigns across Dubai, our Dubai Email Database List can be a strategic resource for you. Our Spain email lists can help you to connect with the business decision-makers, Executives and different industries across Spain.

UAE Dubai Consumer Email Database
UAE Dubai Consumer Email Database

Our Targeted Dubai Business Database will give you complete access to different marketing information in order to reach your target audience. You can easily reach the audience via emails, contacts or addresses and can easily and flawlessly execute your marketing strategies.

UAE Dubai leads
UAE Dubai leads

EmailProLeads.com has been strongly positioned to help you and your company in the expansion drive. Our strong network of data partners will help you to spread across many countries beyond geographical limitations. Our Dubai Business Email List will lead to seamless business interactions between you and your target customer. Also, when we equate our growth with our clients and go an extra mile in order to ensure they realize a visible increase in the campaign response rates, ROI and conversion rates.

UAE Dubai Phone Leads
UAE Dubai Phone Leads

Our Dubai email list is a massive business database that contains all the consolidated information for different contacts from sea to shining sea. In a few minutes, you can get all this information at an affordable price.

UAE Dubai email leads
UAE Dubai email leads

Our Email Lists Contain The Following Features: 

  • The Lists of different contacts are selected by job roles, different regions, and industries.
  • Our lists are categorized for you and you can also make your customized lists.
  • EmailProLeads also offer orders of considerable amounts to regular buyers.
  • Our prices are much affordable and less than the other companies because we have also considered small business owners.
  • The executives in our UAE Dubai Email Lists are senior managers that belong to different famous industries such as construction, technology, engineering, food and drink, hospitality, healthcare and much more.
  • The contacts that are mentioned in our mailing lists work into different job functions like human resource and management, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, supply chain and others.

2023 Best-Selling Updated 3M UAE Dubai Email Database

The United Arab Emirates is no doubt, a thriving country and is one of the best places to flourish your business. It is a valuable potential place for your business and can make you reach heights easily. It has been ranked as one of the top five global cities for businesses among Tokyo, New York, London, Paris and Milan.
It gives access to 3.3 billion people in three different regions of the globe with its population amassing around 50% of it as tourists as well as ex-pats all over the world. Dubai is called the ‘City of Business’. Also, it is a strong commercial capital in the Middle East and has been recognized to have an effective regional trade and various business hubs.
Dubai email database
Dubai email database

The Dubai email databases contain a lot of information and can be considered as a treasure hub of relevant and useful information that will be really helpful for your business.

Dubai is the gateway of the most developed markets of the world and therefore, the opportunities here are limitless with a variety of target markets. It is a special economic zone especially for the business owners as they can get the benefit of keeping 100% ownership of the business and can also enjoy the tax exemptions.
The Dubai email lists can help you to reach the target audience in no time. With such a large population, the place becomes vast and therefore, it is not easy to find the target audience easily. The people who are genuinely interested in your business will help you to reach heights in your business.
2022 Best-Selling Updated UAE Dubai Email Database
2023 Best-Selling Updated UAE Dubai Email Database

Accurate And Freshly Updated UAE Dubai Email Database

The Dubai customers database provided by Email Pro Leads is having all the information of the contacts that are interested in your business. Buy the Dubai email lists to get ahead of the competition and you can directly put your pitch in the hands of the people who are most likely to become your customers.
The UAE Dubai Email Database will also be helpful in saving time and your efforts that could have been wasted otherwise on the work that has already been done by us. Our team has already completed the research work and have also cross-checked the information for your convenience. These are the tasks already done by our team and you have to pay a small amount for the same. The value is also affordable as we have also taken into consideration the small businesses.
With the help of our UAE Dubai b2b database, you can reach the highest position in the market.
Dubai leads
Dubai leads

Why Should You Consider Our UAE Dubai Email Database?

It is not easy to tap into the foreign markets and achieve a position, especially when you do not know how can you find the right people or can target your audience. The target audience refers to the customers who have the highest potential to buy what your business is selling. You will be otherwise wasting a lot of time in compiling your own email lists which will definitely be a hard option and not worth your precious time and efforts as this work is already done by our team.

You can easily buy the UAE Dubai targeted email list from Email Pro Leads and can get the important contact information you need for sale leads in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain.

When you will buy a business database from us, you will not just get the generic contacts that will lead you nowhere such as director@example.com or the mailing address that starts with ‘Manager’. The United Arab Emirates consumer email database comprises direct, human-verified contact details that will be including real names, job titles, information about the companies, email addresses, mailing addresses, contact numbers and fax numbers as well.

Dubai email leads
Dubai email leads

Each b2b email list that we sell is regularly checked by the machines and also by real people in order to make sure that the data is accurate and up to date.

No need to hassle. Just buy the Dubai email database, download the CSV file and literally in minutes, your sales staff will be forging new connections with the potential customers.

Reach Your Target UAE Market using our Dubai Email Address Database

Folders Are Segregated As Per
  • Job title
  • State
  • Industry

Email Pro Leads is offering the only most current UAE, DUBAI EMAIL DATABASE to help you in your business. It is updated constantly and is also checked for accuracy. Email Pro Leads only offers you the best on which you can totally rely upon.

Why Should You Consider Our UAE Dubai Email Database
Why Should You Consider Our UAE Dubai Email Database

What Are The Properties Of Our Dubai Email Lists?

The Dubai email database provided by us contain the properties mentioned below:

  • Affordable rates
  • Updated timely
  • Highly accurate
  • Fresh and new records are available
  • Easy and simple MS Excel Files
  • No limitation on usage
  • Easy controlling by MS Excel
  • Main categories
  • Already sorted for you
  • Customizations also available
  • SIC Categorised

Our Dubai email database is updated for you. 

Dubai lists
Dubai lists

Dubai Email Leads Specification

Email Pro Leads offers the most efficient and current UAE Dubai Email Database to help you grow your business and target your audience. The Dubai business database provided by our company is updated and is also checked constantly for accuracy. 

It has also been observed that various businesses and companies who use this method of email marketing and send emails to the targeted individuals get higher returns on their incomes as compared to the business owners who do not follow this method.

Email marketing is, no doubt always a better idea.

At Email Pro Leads, you can buy the Dubai Email Database for a small amount and can grow your business. 

Dubai Email Lists FIELDS

  1. Company’s Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Sic Code
  10. Industry
  11. Web address

Why Should You Consider Buying UAE Dubai Email Database?

If you are not marketing your business, either the product that you are selling or the services that you offer, chances are a lot less than you will be getting more customers or your business will flourish.

It is therefore suggested to opt for marketing, mainly email marketing, as it holds the ability to reach a large number of people in a short span of time. Also, Emails are considered the most important marketing channels in this age of digitalization as they constantly deliver the highest ROI.

After the pandemic of Coronavirus, every businessman has witnessed a decline in his business and has suffered a loss. The market was readily transferred on the internet as the physical world was no longer working enough. Internet was the best and is the best place where one can market one’s business as it helps to target the maximum number of audience in a short span of time.

Dubai email lists
Dubai email lists

Email Marketing holds the top position in the list of various marketing tools that can help you to boost your business efficiently. Buy UAE Dubai database for marketing and save your precious time and efforts.

It is suggested to go for email marketing as it is the most effective channel that can help you to reach every business in the world. It is the time that you make the most fruitful investment for your business.  Buy UAE Dubai email database for marketing and witness the growth in your business.

You need not waste your precious time and efforts to manually search for different business contacts for your business either from telephone directories or online websites. The team of Email Pro Leads have already done all this work and the accuracy is also guaranteed. These databases are up to date and are affordable at the same time.

It requires efforts, time and resources in order to create the lists of emails and gather a great number of records. Also, there is no need to waste your money when all the work has been done already.

Buy UAE Dubai Email Database for your business and this will be one of the most useful investments.

Why Should You Consider Buying UAE Dubai Email Database
Why Should You Consider Buying UAE Dubai Email Database

Dubai Mailing Lists Disclaimer

The UAE Dubai quality email lists provided by us can be downloaded easily once you purchase them and you do not even have to wait a bit for the lists. As soon as your order gets confirmed, you can easily download the email lists in MS Excel format for easy access. 

The UAE Dubai email databases will help you to spread your business across the globe in no time. It will help you to contact the people who are genuinely interested in your business and you will get the maximum number of orders.

The UAE Dubai email database providers have done thorough research and accuracy tests and after that, have come up with a list of different business contacts as per your need.

The UAE Dubai database can be downloaded easily and there is no complexity. All the relevant information is provided within the databases and you just have to reach them. Email marketing has emerged strongly after the wave of coronavirus as the whole of the world shifted to online business. This is because it is easy to get customers online and with the advancements in technology, you can easily deliver your orders from sitting at one corner of the world. Everything has become so easy with the onset of internet marketing.

Purchase UAE Dubai email lists and you will not regret your decision!

Dubai Email Database

FAQs Regarding UAE Dubai Email Database


Q1- When were your data lists last updated?

Our data is verified on a weekly basis and we have developed a complex algorithm for this purpose. With this algorithm, we can check the accuracy levels of our data against millions of sources and can apply necessary updates.

Q2- How long does it take to get my email list after I order online?

You can instantly download the database once your order is confirmed without any delay.

Q3- Do customers download files as Excel Files?

Yes, we offer easy formats such as Excel files, CVS files or txt files.

How Can You Take An Advantage of Business Email Leads?

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

It can be challenging to determine the most effective ways to market your e-commerce company. There is a myriad of options to consider and, let’s face it, and you will find pros and cons for everything.

We’ll look at two strategies for marketing that are having a positive effect on online retailers. Email Marketing is a tactic you may have heard of and used; however, we’ll also look at the less utilized SMS-based marketing tactic.

Buy 3M DUBAI Email Database

We’ll start by discussing what they are, then guide you through the pros and cons of each and how these two marketing pillars work together. In addition, we’ll also give amazing examples that you can duplicate for your online business.

What exactly is Email Marketing?

Dubai Coporate Email Database
Dubai Coporate Email Database

Email marketing lets you communicate electronically with your existing and potential customers.


It’s an indispensable tool for businesses and can be used to develop email marketing campaigns that advertise your brand, announce an innovative product line, promote the sale, or aid in building a relationship between your business and the customer.


For a successful email marketing campaign, You must consider the below.

Buy Middle East Dubai Email Database

Absolute design



A/B testing

If you’re designing your emails, the layout could be difficult to discern, especially if you don’t have prior experience in design.


That’s where proper email software could come to the rescue. We at eCommerce-platforms.com are big fans of Sendinblue (read our Sendinblue review).


Sendinblue lets you create professional designs quickly using their drag-and-drop editor. They have a huge catalog of email templates or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can create one completely from scratch.

Buy 3M DUBAI Email Database

What’s SMS Marketing?

Dubai B2B Email Database
Dubai B2B Email Database

Marketing via SMS is the act of sending texts to your client base.


In compliance with GDPR, businesses must seek consent from their customers to send texts. This option is available if your existing or prospective customers sign-ups to create an account.


The plan is to send an SMS with an action (CTA) to direct customers to your shop. There are numerous SMS options available. However, we suggest locating a service already integrated with your marketing software.


This is why an online marketing tool such as HubSpot (read the HubSpot Marketing Hub Review) is so effective. The tool lets you manage marketing via email and search engine optimization, chat, and SMS on one platform.


As opposed to email marketing, there are no design considerations to make However, we recommend using a quality URL shortener. SMS messages are restricted by the number of characters they can contain, and URLs may become long, which is why choosing a service such as Bitly and Rebrandly is crucial.

Buy United Arab Emirates Dubai Email Database

The benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Engagement
Dubai Business Email Lists
Dubai Business Email Lists


Click-through and open rates tend to be extremely effective for email marketing since it’s dependent on permission.


They are potential or existing customers who have agreed to your email communications and would like to hear from them. According to Statista, the number of email users will reach 4.6 billion email users in 2025. So that’s the place your customers are.


  1. Cost
Dubai Business Email Leads
Dubai Business Email Leads

It’s a lucrative communication tool, and it could also be scaled based on the performance of your business. Sendinblue is available for free, including unlimited contacts and 300 emails daily. There aren’t any extra costs for email marketing. What you see is exactly what you receive.


Buy 3 Million DUBAI Email Lists


  1. Directivity


In contrast to traditional offline marketing, emails can direct people directly to take action. It doesn’t matter if it’s flash sales or a blog post. You can direct them directly to your site.

Buy B2C Dubai Email Database

  1. Design and branding
Dubai Consumer Email Lists
Dubai Consumer Email Lists


Email is extremely adaptable and allows you to send simple text messages, including images, or even include files. Many email marketing software programs permit you to effortlessly design the emails you send to fit your web page, vital for boosting your brand’s visibility.


  1. Trial
Dubai Consumer Email Leads
Dubai Consumer Email Leads

When A/B testing is involved, most people think that it’s just the subject lines that should be tested. But, the majority of software lets you test different CTAs, email content, and even images. The results of observing what works in your emails could aid in shaping your website’s copy.


  1. Reporting
Dubai Company Email Database
Dubai Company Email Database

All the top email providers permit connection to Google Analytics. This lets you know the number of users who have visited your emails and, most importantly, what pages they clicked on or were not interacting with. This will help you plan your subsequent digital campaigns.

Buy Arab Emirates Dubai Email Database

The disadvantages of marketing via email

  1. Spam


Finding the ideal balance between providing information and not being seen as “spam” isn’t easy with email.


If you have excessive sales messages, it could make your message less effective, and sales don’t seem as important anymore. It could lead to losing your subscribers. It is important to ensure that you have the authority to contact this person and that all the necessary permissions are granted.


  1. Deliverability


There are many reasons for your email not to get delivered. If your email is poorly constructed, has words that appear “spam,” or contain too much punctuation, it might not be able to pass through many filtering of spam in your email inbox. Emails.

Buy 3 Million DUBAI Email Leads

Making sure that your lists are up-to-date can be a lengthy manual task.


  1. CTR = Click-Through Rate (CTR)


While CTR is generally excellent for emails, it can go lower when marketing emails. Also, if you send out emails with promotions too often, you are more likely to be not be read. A more limited approach is recommended here.


  1. Devices


It is unlikely that everyone will view an email from the same device, phone, or laptop. So, it is important to examine how your email appears and make sure that you cover every aspect. Images that don’t download or unreadable text are only common problems.

Buy DUBAI Email Lists

The benefits of SMS Marketing

  1. Access


Cell phones and mobile phones are extremely personal. Therefore, the average person will carry their phones wherever they travel. Instead of email, users are not obliged to have an active internet connection.


  1. Time Sensitive
Dubai B2C Email Database
Dubai B2C Email Database


SMS marketing campaigns are extremely effective when you’re offering time-sensitive deals. People will not go through their email, but receiving a text message on their phone with details about sales coming to an end is far more efficient.


  1. Deliverability


Because text messages are mostly simple text, you won’t face the issue of messages being blocked by the user’s mobile. Also, people tend to remain with their phone numbers to ensure that an individual on the other side gets it. When they leave the company, people might possess multiple email addresses, including old email addresses from work.


  1. Engagement


Research has revealed that the open and engagement levels could be up to 98%…


In addition, due to its simple text is much easier for users to interact within response with your CTA. Consider this: what was the most recent time you got an email message you didn’t understand? This makes the rate of response extremely high.


  1. Targeting


If you’re using a good CRM (CRM) tool, it is possible to tailor your marketing messages based on customers’ purchase activities or preferences.

Buy Arab Dubai Email Database

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  1. Content limit


The main drawback for SMS-based marketing lies in its sheer number of characters.

Buy 3 Million DUBAI Business Email Lists

The text must be concise, but many texts display an even smaller preview. This means that you can only display space of 20-30 characters that will draw your readers’ attention and then make them browse your site.


  1. Cost

In contrast to marketing through email, SMS isn’t free, but it can cost. If you are looking for integrations with HubSpot, the most affordable options can cost around 100 dollars per month.


In reality, the people who own these integrations need to engage the services of a mobile phone company. Pricing plans also depend on the amount of freight you ship, the amount of support you require, and whether your business is international. Including your company name in the text could cost you more if you want to view animated media or gifs through the multimedia messaging service (MMS), which costs you more.

Buy DUBAI Business Email Database

  1. Spam

Text messages are unlikely to be viewed as spam, just like email. However, it is certainly increases over time.

Buy B2B Dubai Email Database

It’s important to ensure that your company’s name is included in the text, in addition to having the proper permissions to communicate with the recipient.


  1. Contact list


The chances are higher for someone to provide you with their phone number rather than their email address. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that you don’t make the mobile number field mandatory when someone opens an account on your site.


You may be wondering what I should do to get their phone number? If you make their mobile number an essential part of your marketing and you don’t get his number. In this instance, it’s worth looking at your CRM system to determine whether you should conduct SMS advertising based on the number of people who have provided the information.

Buy Arab Dubai Email Database

Great examples of Email Marketing

We’ve explained the obvious advantages of email marketing; however, which brands are doing the best with this strategy for marketing?


Statista revealed that 90 percent of internet users are email users and have sent one email within the last month. How can you ensure that you stand out from the competitors?

Buy UAE Dubai Email Database 2023


Advertising is



I just received this message from Quiksilver, and I loved it.

Buy 3 Million DUBAI Business Email Database

This is a fantastic way to use a gif within an email to explain the various options available to you when it comes to shorts. The vague statement “iconic for reasons” is like bait and switch but is still delicious. It encourages users to explore more.


Quicksilver email marketing

Quiksilver did extremely well in the email because they didn’t mention the price. The first step is to create the brand’s story and then give the buyer the reason to purchase.


The email also contains an enlightening story of how world champion surfers wear the briefs. The way they show how their design”original” design is “the authentic” is excellent, noting that their rivals have “ripped from” their designs.


Quiksilver is a smart way to increase awareness of its collection by displaying products that complement the shorts.

Buy Business Dubai Email Database

Additional products

As effective as the email may be as good, the landing page needs to reflect. The Quicksilver boardshorts website reflects the contents of the email and provides other options that could slow down the email, like video.




Tesco uses email so well. Particularly in their usage of the subject line.


The majority of people want to feel they belong to an exclusive community and will receive something as an individual customer. Tesco achieves this through the use of the word “special.” Utilizing synonyms such as “exclusive,” “private,” and ‘personal’ as well as “dans dividual’ is a great way to increase CTR.


Tesco email

It is also important to note that Tesco does not employ “we.” Many companies are keen to boast about their products and services, but at the time, the customers are just looking for information about what you can do to help them.

2023 DUBAI Email Database Buy now



It is vital to stay current and relevant essential in your email messages. Myprotein is being utilized in fashion and coincides with the opening of fitness centers, which comes with deals.


The subject line is among the most effective I’ve seen. He was asking a pertinent inquiry with an offer and an urgent move.


The emoji was also used to signal his “flash-sales.” There’s some debate on the value of emojis for your business. However, the results of a Search Engine Journal study showed that they increased click-through rates. They should be placed near the final point of the. Object.


email protein

Do your items have a seasonality? Could the news impact your company? You can check the news, follow the social media channels and check out what your customers think about it.

Buy UAE DUBAI Email Database

Excellent examples of marketing via SMS

What is SMS, and how do you use this open rate strategy for marketing? As Quiksilver did in the previous example, we’ve already mentioned that it’s very difficult to think of a new idea and develop something unique. The most important thing in SMS is cutting to the chase and utilizing your character count effectively.


Here are three examples, and to add, there’s a bad one too.




A huge amount of online commerce? It is extremely important to their SMS and is a method of marketing they are sure to value.

Buy 3 Million DUBAI Consumers Email Lists

Their name is displayed to allow for recognition. They have also added prominent brands to attract the viewer. You can also utilize CRM software to modify the display to meet the user’s needs.


Another key aspect is that there’s an easy option to leave or, better yet, OPT out. Capitalization of the word makes this accessible to the customer, demonstrating that Size? is concerned about their customer’s preferences.


message size

hello fresh


Not all texts should be employed to promote sales. Hello, Fresh does a fantastic job in providing a notification of the delivery of an item and advertising their sweepstakes.


In this manner, Hello Fresh benefits from reviews from customers, and the customers feel rewarded for it.

Buy consumers Dubai Email Database

Good morning fresh SMS

Muscle food


As a marketer, you’ll be aware of your competition, and sometimes it’s not bad to mention them.


In no way is this a positive thing like Muscle Food did below. What makes you different from your competition? Are you cheaper? Do you offer faster delivery? Do you provide free returns? Include your special selling point on the SMS.


Muscle Food has also done with this, and not like the others. It has shortened the URL. This is great for boosting the CTR because it’s well-defined and reduces the character’s count of the SMS.


A text message from Muscle Food

I thought it would be worthwhile to mention a poor example provided by Papa John. I got this message from them, and I’ve never purchased multiple pizzas at a time. A family-friendly arrangement won’t appeal to someone living independently, and I was a bit annoyed. This is why it’s crucial to use your CRM responsibly and ensure that your demographics of customers are current.


dad jeans SMS

Use of SMS marketing and email in conjunction with SMS marketing

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s much more straightforward to obtain an email address than they are their mobile number. So, you can utilize the potential for email marketing to obtain your customers’ mobile phone numbers.


Here’s another example from MyProtein It allows users the option to “subscribe to texts” within their footer whenever you send a review of a product. The page needs to direct users to their account, and there is a clear method to accept SMS.

Buy United Arab Emirates Middle East DUBAI Email Database


If you’re looking to increase marketing is concerned, there is no situation of email marketing or SMS marketing.


Both strategies can aid your business, and both of them have distinctive advantages and drawbacks. The only difference between them is the fact that CTR is excellent.


Marketing via email is far more affordable and flexible, while SMS offers better open rates and delivery capabilities.

Buy United Arab Emirates Middle East DUBAI Email Database

Do you intend to employ any of these communication channels to promote your business? Contact us in the comments section and tell us what they did for you.

Buy 2023 DUBAI Email Database now and get your first sale TODAY!


what is an email campaign effort?


Email Marketing Campaign

DUBAI Email Lists
DUBAI Email Lists

An email showcasing effort is an organized arrangement of individual email messages that are sent across a particular timeframe for one explicit reason. These particular purposes or invitations to take action (CTAs) can incorporate the accompanying: download a white paper, pursue an online course, or make a buy.


Each email requires an elegantly composed headline, centered content, and a particular source of inspiration to accomplish the mission’s objective.


Similarly, as with most advanced content, a title ought to find some kind of harmony among useful and charming, inciting individuals to click without over-or remaining conservative on what’s inside. Those that don’t precisely address what’s inside will be judged likewise.


Centered content ought to be content that is pertinent to both the general idea of your email promoting effort as well as regarding your crowd overall. In many email crusades, advertisers might decide to utilize dynamic substance to interest various portions of their crowd.


Great email showcasing efforts ordinarily incorporate one fundamental CTA with the chance of an optional CTA. Your CTA buttons ought to be clear and strong, without overpowering or detracting from the actual informing.


Email crusades are regularly sent through email specialist organizations, similar to Campaign Monitor. Ordinarily, you will need to portion your crowd to be certain that each section is getting customized content that is pertinent to their particular advantages or needs.


Email promoting efforts can be an oddball send or can grow to a progression of messages that are sent over a certain period. Be that as it may, with various messages, it’s essential to remain predictable with your general idea, regardless of whether your CTAs are different in each message.


What is the motivation behind a pamphlet?


Pamphlets are one of the most impressive advanced advertising instruments available to you since they let you discuss straightforwardly with your possibilities and clients in a customized manner by serving important substance and significant advancements directly to their inboxes.


Bulletins are more qualified to teach and engage your supporters than they are for making a deal. Getting a pamphlet ought to want to get an update from an intriguing and accommodating companion instead of a hard sell from a pushy salesman.


This isn’t to imply that you ought to just utilize bulletins to stay in contact with your supporters.


How successful are pamphlets for developing your business?

DUBAI Email Leads
DUBAI Email Leads

As the go-to device for basically all email advertisers, email pamphlets can speed up your business development whenever done accurately.


Whenever you make a propensity for sending endorsers customized refreshes that increase the value of their lives, your business starts to receive a few significant benefits. You construct increasingly more confidence in your image, you reinforce your standing as a naturally suspected innovator in your field, and you work on your chances of being top-of-mind at whatever point your crowd thinks about purchasing something in your business classification.


Set forth plainly, the more your crowd believes that you comprehend their requirements, the more joyful they’ll be to work with you.


These details give a feeling of exactly the way that famous and powerful email advertising and bulletins have become:


For each dollar you spend on email promoting, you’ll get a $36 return by and large – more than some other channel. (Litmus)

31% of B2B advertisers say that sending email pamphlets is the most ideal way to sustain leads. (Content Marketing Institute)

49% of customers are glad to get limited-time messages from the brands they love consistently. (Statista)

One more regularly disregarded advantage of having an email list is that you have unlimited oversight over it. This implies you will not unexpectedly lose admittance to your supporters insofar as you keep on conveying the worth they pursued through your pamphlet and different messages.


What ought to be in a bulletin?


Pamphlets can be utilized for different purposes and come in various structures – there’s no restriction to how you can utilize them. For instance, your pamphlet could contain anything from:


Week after week satisfied digests

Inside and out guides or digital books

Ongoing meetings with industry specialists

Contextual analyses and tributes

News about impending deals, advancements, and arrangements

All things considered, you ought to move toward each pamphlet with the express goal of furnishing your crowd with prompt worth. You’ll before long exceed your greeting on the off chance that it appears as though you’re sending messages to your supporters only for it.


Recall that the general purpose of a bulletin is to keep endorsers associated, drawn in, and informed about what’s going on in your business or industry. In any case, it’s improbable that every one of your supporters shares similar necessities and interests, so you ought to consider sending various types of updates to various fragments of your endorser list.


For instance, a parent who works all day might like to receive a very succinct email, while somebody who’s resigned may have more opportunity to peruse a more drawn-out message. Customizing your pamphlets in this manner will guarantee your perusers just get the data that is generally pertinent to them, which, thus, will work on your commitment and transformation rates.


Concerning explicit components that you ought to remember for your pamphlet, an eye-getting headline and a solid source of inspiration (CTA) are fundamental. You ought to likewise guarantee that your messages follow an unmistakable and steady organization, and consistently give your perusers the choice to effectively withdraw assuming they need to.


How long should a bulletin be?

DUBAI Business Email Database
DUBAI Business Email Database

Some examination recommends that the ideal length for a bulletin is around 20 lines of text, or at most 200 words. In any case, truly, there’s no enchanted number that will ensure a high active clicking factor.


The fact of the matter is just persistence and testing will allow you to sort out what length turns out best for your particular crowd. In any case, that is uplifting news! Any advertiser searching for a brilliant ticket given some supposed ideal word exclude is of karma, and that implies less contest for those of us who will invest the effort and accomplish the work.


The proper length for your bulletin will rely upon your supporters’ inclinations, which, as we referenced already, may fluctuate from one section to another. You don’t need to send a similar pamphlet organization to everybody.


Yet, the right length will likewise rely upon the particular substance of your pamphlet and what activities you’re requesting that your perusers take. For instance, assuming that you’re empowering endorsers of RSVP to an occasion, they’ll most likely need sufficient data to assist them with choosing if it’s appropriate for them. So your pamphlet email could contain a few segments, including profiles of the highlighted speakers or craftsmen, data on the occasion’s motivation, scene subtleties, etc. In the meantime, a bulletin email welcoming perusers to look at your most recent blog series can presumably get by with negligible duplicate.


At last, be that as it may, the most effective way to work out the best length for your bulletin and streamline for other significant measurements in your email crusades is to run some email A/B tests.


Jump further into pamphlets

DUBAI Business Email Lists
DUBAI Business Email Lists

Understanding the viability of email pamphlets is fundamental if you have any desire to develop your business. They are an important apparatus for fostering your email list, changing over supporters into clients, and building trust and devotion with your crowd.


Since it has become so undeniably obvious what pamphlets are and how they can help your business, now is the right time to get to work and consolidate them into your showcasing methodology.



Consider the entire customer journey, beginning at the beginning. How many emails do your customers receive in total? Are they receiving emails within the first 48 hours after signing up? You might consider suspending your normal sales workflows until the customer leaves your post-purchase series. You can consolidate some emails. For example, you can include a thank-you message in an order confirmation email. A loyalty program invitation can be included within the thank you email. Social sharing can be integrated into a feedback request. Keep the main purpose of your emails simple, do not overwhelm your customers with CTAs, and keep the overall theme.

Your timing of your post-purchase email depends on which emails you send and how customers respond (along with any other messages that you may be sending).

Here are some tips for timing your post-purchase emails
Thank you emails:

These shipping confirmations and confirmation email should be sent as soon as possible after the customer clicks “Order Now”. Most thank you messages are sent within three to five business days.
Collecting feedback emails

It’s dependent on your shipping times so this timing can be difficult. Your review requests emails should be sent within a few days of your customers receiving their orders.

You should not send these emails to customers before they have received their orders or had the opportunity to use them. This could result in you being ignored at best and getting undeserved bad reviews at worst.
Recommendations for products & invitations to loyalty/rewards programmes:

You’ll need to consider the engagement level with any product recommendations or invitations to loyalty program emails. Also, the frequency at which you have sent emails will be a key determinant for product recommendations.

Consider how long it might make sense for your brand to send them a product recommendation message once they have received their feedback messages. This will depend on whether they leave feedback. It would make sense, depending on how your loyalty program is set up, to send out an invitation soon after the purchase or later.
Emails for Replenishment

Timing replenishment emails is a delicate matter. You don’t want your customers to think too far ahead of you, or be late so they run out of product (or won’t get it in the time they need).

The timing of the replenishment email depends on the product’s lifecycle and the average fulfillment time for your store. As an example, Purina suggests that replenishment emails should be sent 10 days after the product runs out. If you have many international customers, the delay may need to be extended.

It’s crucial to continuously audit your post-purchase emails and adjust based on customer reactions.
Omnisend: How do post-purchase emails work?

Omnisend can handle post-purchase emails in many different ways. Omnisend’s post-purchase email flow includes everything, from shipping confirmations to review requests to emails that offer discounts for second purchases.

Automated workflows are possible for post-purchase email marketing, regardless of whether a merchant engages with one of our paid plans or a free plan.

Except for strictly-Analyst roles and users with other user roles, any role can access the email flow settings. This includes the automation that is triggered and for whom it’s being triggered.

It is easy to follow and can be edited if necessary. To begin, users need to go to the Automations tab. Click on the Create Workflow button and then select one of the Order Follow-up’ suggestions.

After you have selected your suggestion, you can start creating post-purchase email campaign with the following settings.

Trigger filters: These are the settings that determine how your post-purchase automation targets customers and activates it. This includes targeting customers who fail to make a purchase and sending shipping confirmations once the customer has made their purchase.
Audience/Conditional filters are used to determine which customers will be targeted for particular automation workflows. This can include whether the buyer is a repeat client or falls under a particular tag.
Exit conditions: These are the terms at which point customers cease receiving emails. This includes cancellations and changes made by customers to their orders.
Frequency: This is how often and when customers receive messages. This can include certain messaging being sent at specific times after specific triggers.

Once you have created the right content for your messages (e.g. a friendly review request, or a tempting discount), you can start your automated email marketing.
Take a bow

As an online seller, it is important to retain your customers. It is also a major goal. You can still nurture your customer relationship by sending them great emails after a purchase. This will help you restart their journey to buying.

These messages can be tested to see which one works for you. You can be creative and mix and match messages, or consolidate when it makes sense. You should test your timing and make sure it is relevant to your customers.
Email automation: Definition, benefits, and tools
What’s better than reaching customers right where they are?

Reaching customers where they are at the right moment. Personalization is a great way to build strong relationships with your customers.

This is the greatest benefit of email automation.

Automated email is a great way to tailor your customer experience. They are based on information about customers’ behavior and actions. Automated emails can be sent automatically, meaning you can save time and do other tasks.

This guide will introduce you to email automation. It will also explain the process and provide you with the right tools.

Sections of content:

What is email automation?
Automated emails offer many benefits
How automatic email sending works
The best email automation tools
Example of automated email workflows

Email automation that works even while you’re asleep is possible
Get started for free
What is email automation?

Email automation allows you to send specific emails at specific times and is a great way to communicate effectively with potential customers. Many email apps already have pre-made campaign workflows that allow you to send a series of emails in a sequence.

Email automation’s greatest value is its ability to send the right emails at the right times to the right people. You can effectively nurture subscribers by linking your CRM to an email marketing application, thanks to data about customers’ purchases and behavior.

These automated emails include:

Get confirmations when you order
Shipping confirmations
Happy Birthday
Notifications about abandoned carts
New subscribers will receive welcome messages
Product abandonment messages
Cross-sell and Upsell messages

This Pipcorn welcome email gives new subscribers a discount. This is a great way to encourage people to make purchases.
welcome email pipcorn
Email automation has many benefits

Automated emailing can be a lifesaver for busy marketers and business owners. There are many great reasons to automate emails.

This is a simple fact: automating emails can help you save time and allow you to send multiple subscribers automated emails at once. You don’t have to do the same task for each subscriber. The best part is that your campaign content can still be personalized.
Email marketing is a great way to make the most of it

Automated email workflows can be created to communicate with as many subscribers you wish, whenever you like. You can increase sales even if you have a single marketing team.
Customer retention can be increased

Email automation can be a great way of reviving the relationship with subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in a while or purchased from you. Automated win-back email campaigns are a great way to encourage passive recipients to engage again.
Establish great relationships with your customers

“Hey, remember us–here’s an offer for a future sale!”

Companies have information about subscribers in CRMs. This allows them to make automated email super relevant. Automated emails are a popular way for businesses to increase their reach: they get 300% more clicks per email than promotional messages.

Let’s summarize the benefits:

Email marketing is the best way to grow your business. Sending automated emails can help accelerate this process.
What is automated email sending?

Email marketing apps make it easy to automate email sending. It’s easy to set up automated email sending by creating a campaign.

Let’s take a look at a welcome email automation. This campaign is one where the trigger is a sign up for a newsletter. It’s an essential email automation tool for ecommerce shops.

These are the steps to set up your welcome email automation flow

Get an email marketing tool. You’ll need an easy-to-use, email automation software like Omnisend to get started.
Segment and build an email list. A list of subscribers can be created to receive automated emails. Your list can be broken down into smaller segments according to information such as interests and behaviors.
Create an automation trigger. An event or condition that activates the automated campaign is called a trigger. This could be a signup for the newsletter, abandoning a cart, subscriber’s birthday, lack of engagement for X number of days, etc.
Create email campaigns. Design the automated email by creating images, texts, call-to-action-buttons, discounts, brand logos, etc.
Activate the automation. Select the time you want to send the automated message and then turn it on. You can monitor its performance to identify improvement opportunities.

Although it may sound difficult to set up email automations, the right tool will make it easy for even beginners.

If you prefer videos, here’s a quick overview on how to set up a welcome email automation system. Click here to learn how to create an email that offers a discount to first-time customers.

The most tedious task in creating the content for an automation email is, as the video shows. You can still do it easily with the drag-and drop email builder. This feature is available in most email automation software.

Keep that in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular email automation software.
Automation tools for email

This section contains five tools that can be used to automate email marketing.
1. Omnisend — For ecommerce
email automation tool omnisend

Omnisend, an email automation tool for ecommerce shops, is simple to use. You can manage all five steps of automation, from building an email list to creating automated workflows. It has a simple interface with a drag-and drop flow editor.

Omnisend automates all email flow from online shops to customers.

Welcome emails
Product abandonment emails
Emails for shopping cart recovery
Emails for cross-sell and upsell
Order confirmation emails
Shipping confirmation emails

Omnisend’s email automation has helped many ecommerce sites achieve great results. Here are some examples:

Amundsen Sports saw a 1010% increase in revenue per email with its welcome emails, cart recovery and product abandonment automations.
To’ak Chocolate saw a 460% increase of revenues through marketing emails (39%) of which were automated email workflows.
Naked & Famous Denim saw a greater than 4400% increase in revenue per email (RPE) through an automated abandoned cart campaign.


With Omnisend, you get 500 emails per month for free. Unlimited features.

Paid subscriptions start at $16/mo with the Standard plan and go up to $59/mo with the Pro plan. Omnisend offers automation in all plans. This makes it the most cost-effective and powerful tool to automate emails, considering all of its features.

Are you looking for email flow ideas to help your business? A free consultation with an email automation expert is a great way to get ideas for your business’s email flow. You can learn how to use automated email to power your business.

Register for a free Omnisend Demo

2. Hubspot Email Marketing — For SaaS & Large Businesses

HubSpot, a leading marketing automation platform, focuses on customer journey management. It also helps automate repetitive tasks. HubSpot includes an integrated email marketing automation app, which collects subscriber information from the CRM.

Pricing: HubSpot comes as a package deal. You get HubSpot CRM and many other marketing tools. The plan with automation starts from $850/mo.
3. Constant contact — for small and nonprofit organizations
Email automation tool for constant contact

Constant Contact is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly emailing automation platform. With website signup forms you can easily build an email list, manage subscribers, and create email flows using drag-and-drop tools. If you are looking for clients on social media, there is an integration with Instagram and Facebook ads.

Email automation is available in the Plus Plan for $45/mo and 500 subscribers. The number of contacts will determine the final price.
4. ConvertKit — Content creators

ConvertKit, a powerful email automation software that targets content publishers such as bloggers and course creators, is an excellent tool. Advanced targeting capabilities allow you to deliver the right content to each subscriber. A great feature is the ability to create automated email marketing flows, such as online courses subscriptions.

Pricing: Email automation is available in Creator and Creator Pro plans, which cost $29/mo and $59./mo respectively. Pricing is for 1000 subscribers. Prices will increase as your email list expands.
5. Campaign Monitor — For marketing agencies

Campaign Monitor is an excellent tool for creating automated email flows for marketing agencies. It supports multiple users and roles, as well as branded templates and signup forms. You will also find all the basics like drag-and-drop builders and reporting.

Pricing: You can send 12,500 subscribers email marketing automations for $29/mo For $59/month, you can get unlimited email automation flows.
Email automation examples

These are six examples of automated email messages that online businesses send their subscribers.
1. Welcome email

Automation trigger: Subscribe to a newsletter

A welcome email, also known as a welcome series or welcome message, is an email sent to customers and subscribers to welcome them. This is a great way to promote your company and increase sales. 48% of welcome email recipients convert.

“All our automated emails have been very beneficial. They generate income with very little effort once they are set up.
Jason Slattery is Director of Marketing at B-Wear

This is an example of the email marketing flow from B-Wear, which is a clothing retailer. This email encourages buying by offering 15% off for new subscribers.

Success story of email automation

B-Wear’s email welcoming offer of a 15% discount helped to increase revenue per email 390%. All of their automated emails achieved a 43% conversion rate.

Check out the B-Wear Email Automation Strategy for more details

2. Email for cart recovery

Automated shopping cart abandonment

When a registered customer adds a product in their shopping cart, but then leaves the site without purchasing it, this email automation workflow activates. It is designed to remind customers about an abandoned product and encourage them to place their order.

WPStandard is a Shopify store that has been able to successfully recover its sales using this automated email. It is short and sweet and focuses attention well on the product.
email automation example wp standard

For assistance with your abandoned cart recovery strategy, please contact us.

Here are seven best practices to avoid abandon cart emails
Shoppers leave [+solutions] because they don’t want to buy.
Google Analytics: How to Reduce Cart Abandonment

3. Visitor re-engagement email

Automation trigger: Being unengaged for X days

Automated reengagement emails, also known as win-back email, are sent to subscribers who have not interacted with their messages for a set period of time. Engaging subscribers is one way to keep them engaged.

H&M offers a great example of a reengagement email. With a big headline, the brand clearly outlines its value proposition. This is a great way to draw attention to the main value proposition.
Email automation example h and
4. Product abandonment email

Automated trigger: Visit a product page and not buy

The product abandonment workflow email flow is one of the email flows that ecommerce sends to registered visitors who have viewed products but not purchased. This email automation offers customers a second chance to view products they might be interested in.

This Asos example was sent to a visitor that had checked out six products.

Learn more about browse abandonment automation. [+7 examples]

5. Order confirmation email

Automated ordering:

The email automation workflow acts as a receipt, containing order details. A typical confirmation will include product information, shipping and billing details, as well as a link to track pages, if applicable.

Trade Coffee is a great example. This email not only summarizes the order, but also provides links to customer service. The brand communicates that customers can reach them easily, increasing their trust.

Create great order confirmation emails:

Example + Best Practices for Order Confirmations
Shopify Stores Order Confirmation Template
Order confirmations are important and have many benefits

6. Product review emails

Automated trigger: After a customer places an order, it takes X days for the automation trigger to kick in

Your final email could be a product evaluation email. This email should be sent after customers have had time to test your product, which could be anywhere from a few days to one week after purchase.

Target provides a great example of a product reviews email. The email includes a brief introduction, a link and product image. The email provides assistance in resolving any issues prior to reviewing the product. This is a great way to reduce negative reviews.
email automation example target

You can also create additional campaigns beyond the six examples in this article.

Check out these 12 email marketing automation workflows.

Email automation: summary

Email automation is a great way to keep your subscribers informed and engaged. Email marketing apps make it easy to create automations and send them at specified times. This allows you to save time and build customer relationships.

This article should have helped you learn more about automated emailing, and provided some useful tools for getting started. You can find more information about email marketing at our email blog. We have great examples and pro tips as well as in-depth guides.
A standard, repetitive “leave feedback” message won’t likely bring you the amazing results you desire. That email is sent by hundreds of companies. Customers shouldn’t spend time writing reviews for other brands.

Reviews are a great way to build trust and social proof. They also help customers connect with you. Email marketing can be used to gather feedback. You cannot afford not to send product reviews. To better gather customer feedback and to get as much customer love, they should constantly improve and optimize their messages.

Continue reading to find out how to make your leave a review messages more engaging and how to seamlessly include them in communication with your audience. Also, learn how to reduce negative reviews and create a better customer experience.
Incentivize product reviews

While the majority of customers review online, only half of those who actually leave reviews are written. Retailers need to find ways to increase customer participation.

Think about the customer when you create your message. Ask them why they should open it. This message has what value to the customer.

Retailers emphasize the importance and value of customer feedback when soliciting feedback. It will be sufficient for some, but not enough for others.

While it is important to show appreciation to customers, you can create more tangible value by giving discounts on your next purchase or entering them in a drawing. These incentives could be what customers need to increase product reviews.

George at Asda demonstrates how they incentivize their customers. They also help customers overcome their concerns by offering suggestions on how to respond to feedback.
Omnisend product reviews emails will help you get more autopilot reviews! Get started today
Email to request a review of each product
Subject line: We want to hear your thoughts in order to be eligible for a PS50 coupon
Your message should be branded

While incentives may be one of the most effective ways to grab customers’ attentions, these messages are an integral part of your post-purchase experience. Are your messages written in a concise, engaging way and include branded visuals?

Do not send a boring, black-and-white message that is dated and boring. Instead, communicate your brand’s personality. Make it friendly, warm, and inviting.

Your product review email should be included in your automated post-purchase series. It should be the most important part of your entire workflow.

Below are some more examples.


This message is beautiful and informative. They offer customers many options for where to leave feedback.
Example of an email to leave feedback on trustpilot

HollisterCo.com email to request a review

Hollister uses a completely different message. This message does not mention customer appreciation. It is simple, clear, and offers an incentive to give a rating. This message is a combination of multiple elements and suits their brand voice. Isn’t it genius?
Incorporate “leave feedback” into your post-purchase communications

It is important to consider who the messages will benefit when creating post-purchase messaging. The messages that ask customers to purchase, or leave product reviews, do not improve the customer experience. It is important to strike a balance between messages that benefit the customer and those that benefit the company.

Before you send a “leave feedback” message, think about how you can add value to your customers by sending other messages. Send a thank you message, provide product care instructions, and share relevant blog articles. You could also offer an incentive to encourage them to buy again. Your customer may feel more obliged to give something in return for something they have received. Their feedback could be even better.

This example shows how email messages can be combined with SMS to send a post-purchase workflow. The product review is then being requested via SMS. Because 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes, retailers are increasingly using this channel to communicate their most important messages. This is a great option for testing and building post-purchase workflows.
A post-purchase workflow: SMS + email asking for a review
The Post-Purchase Workflow – Email + SMS
Lessen negative online reviews

It is said that “there’s no such thing a bad publicity.” However, this statement doesn’t necessarily apply to customer feedback. Although it is impossible to avoid negative reviews, there are ways that retailers can reduce their number.

There are many ways to do this:

1. Only invite returning customers to rate your work. Recommendations from returning customers will increase your chances of receiving positive reviews. Although this might limit the number or reviews you get, the positive reviews may be more valuable than the negative ones.

Split your first-time buyers from your returning customers to do this. Set up different post-purchase workflows and focus on loyalty-oriented emails for the first-time buyer.

2. Include the contact information for customer service. Also, include a link to leave feedback (not public). This will allow you to identify customer service issues and respond accordingly. This is a great option to offer first-time customers.

You don’t need to choose one. These two ideas can be combined into every message. This can help you avoid negative reviews and resolve customer service issues, resulting in better brand satisfaction.
Offer alternatives to the traditional product review email

Social proof can be a powerful tool to influence purchase decisions. As easy as reviewing a product, building your brand’s social evidence can be as simple as getting one. Two great ways to begin collecting social proof are during product reviews.

You can create a separate message asking your customers to share photos and their experiences with the items they purchased.
In each product review message, include an alternative CTA.

YouTube videos of unboxing, Instagram Stories of trying new products, excitement over new sneakers on TikTok – these are all great examples of social proof. Brands should encourage customers to share their posts in post-purchase messaging.

You can use social proof to support customer nurturing messages. Choose the best photos/unboxing videos on social media and build messaging around them. This content can be used to engage customers and influence future purchases.

These are just a few examples from emails that encourage customers to share their experiences via social media.

1. Costumes
Send us a message at Buy Costumes to leave a review

2. Cocunat
Send a Cocunat review via email

Send an email to K-deer to leave a review
Take a bow

It is obvious that customer-centric approaches are important nowadays. However, product review emails are not usually customer-centric.

It is part of the customer experience to ask customers about their recent shopping experience. But asking customers for feedback isn’t enough. Your messages must be engaging and offer tangible value. These messages can be made more effective by using a creative and authentic approach and cleverly integrating product reviews emails into your post-purchase communications.
The most lucrative lifecycle messages that a retailer can send are the welcome series messages. Are they as effective? They aren’t, and here’s why.

A welcome series serves the purpose of onboarding new subscribers to your email list with messages that convert them into customers. Many retailers that follow traditional welcome email best practices fail to send messages that are authentic to their brand. Instead, they end up sending generic messages to their customers. It’s not authentic to send the same message every time you sign up for a new subscriber.

Epsilon research shows that 80% of consumers will make a purchase if brands offer personal experiences. Personalization is expected to be a standard for DTC retailers and brands.

Hence, why is personalization so important when it comes down to automated lifecycle messages?

Today’s retailers need a welcome program that stands out and drives revenue. Retailers need to think about how they can send new and engaging messages to their customers. These are just a few ways you can do this.
Consider which messages are worth including in your welcome series

If a brand follows traditional best practices, it will often end up with a welcome sequence that looks something like the following:

How do you decide which retailer to buy from if you receive the same welcome package from three different retailers? It is possible to lose interest in the brand and messaging.

Retailers need to analyze their messages and think about the needs of consumers at each stage of their journey. Using this example, ask yourself these questions:

1.Is your newcomer shopping right now? What can you do to help them make a purchase? How does your CTA assist them on their journey? Which information is most important to your customers?

2. Are your brand stories compelling enough to make your subscribers want to hear them? Product-oriented information might be more valuable if it is not.

3. Why would your customer choose you over your competitor? Your competitive differentiators can help you decide what information to include in your welcome series messages.
Black Halo offers trump cards as a welcome email. This is an incentive to make your first purchase. It also includes free shipping, generous returns policies, and easy exchange.

4. Do not waste your time and messages on things that are unnecessary or obvious today. Social media is an integral part of people’s lives. If they need you, they will find you along with social proof.

5. Do you intend to use the information that you have collected? Don’t ask customers for their preferences if they don’t want to use it immediately to personalize email messages. You’re setting unrealistic expectations and you won’t be able to meet them.

Your goal is to convert a new subscriber into an existing customer. You might want to send the customer some value-add messaging.

Customer-friendly Return Policy
A discount for your first purchase
Products/product categories that are recommended
Fulfillment options include speed and cost of delivery as well as curbside pick up.
You have payment options like buy now and pay later
This link will take you to the landing page where you can ask more questions about your subscriber and what their interests are. Only if you intend to use the information immediately
FAQs, how-to guides and other related content
Influence through social media (Using social media posts as a way to highlight products).
Social proof can be achieved through user-generated content (product reviews, testimonials and socially-shared posts).
Photos and videos that tell the story of your brand. Instead, you should focus on product-oriented, personalized information

Pay more attention to user-generated content. A social invite message may no longer make sense to most people, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Social media should still be part of your welcome series. Instead of an invite message, highlight customers’ posts on Instagram and TikTok that talk about your brand. This type of social proof can not only influence purchases, but also increase awareness about your social channels.

At Email Pro Leads, you can buy the Dubai Email Database for a small amount and can grow your business. 

Dubai Business Email Database Fields*

  1. Company’s Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Sic Code
  10. Industry
  11. Web address

Dubai Consumers Email Database Fields*

  1. Full Name
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code
  7. Phone Number

DUBAI Email Database

The following applies to emails: After the click is before the click – after all, the journey for the user should be after
open even further. Read the newsletter, click on links and ideally also convert.
Here, the influence of so-called usability factors is often underestimated, for a click or
even purchase can be crucial. Usability is the often forgotten stepchild
of optimization. In the broadest sense, this includes the user-friendliness of a newsletter
Roger that. However, that would only be a superficial interpretation. Usability goes much deeper – we
can distinguish four areas, which can best be described with the following terms:
• Happy
• trust
• power

DUBAI Email Database

This includes handling, intuitive user guidance, user-friendliness, etc. Are, for example, the
Call-to-actions recognizable as such? If design and layout are appealing, do they animate
to the click? Is the wording precise? Does the user know what happens when he clicks a button?
The design and structure of the newsletter are also important here – they should be recognizable
Follow the concept, if possible, not confuse the user, but guide them through the email. The sender
and the newsletter’s content should be recognizable at first glance so that the user
immediately knows what to expect. This starts with the subject. Make it clear what is at stake and make your readers curious about what’s coming.

DUBAI Email Database

Take it literally and make your users happy with your newsletter. Is your name
Welcome him, preferably in person, and also address him on an emotional level.
Work with imagery. The language of the images is often more powerful than words and touches users
on another level. They can help create moods and atmospheres that
Influence the click/purchase decision positively and thus support it. This also includes
entertaining elements that can be both textual and visual. Enrich yours
Content, for example, about background knowledge and facts that are not every day, that is not common
represent knowledge. Create extraordinary texts and descriptions that surprise,
and stand out from the crowd. That arouses curiosity and distracts from a pure product focus. With a positive effect on the overall impact of the email.

DUBAI Email Database

Creating trust is an essential part of usability. This can be due to different
factors are achieved. An important point is the possibility of personal contact: whether by telephone or live chat, give your customers the feeling that they are
can confidently turn to you at any time with their wishes and problems. Also, send other trust signals, such as seals from Trusted Shops or others. Also,
integrating ratings – both of the products and the shop itself – gives the user
a sense of security. In addition, recommendations are proven to lead to purchasing decisions

DUBAI Email Database

to lead. A personal address and a personal sender also create trust and
give the user the impression of exclusivity. This also includes the imprint. Watch out
for the completeness and correctness of the legal information. Apart from the fact that omissions can lead to warnings because a pattern is mandatory in Germany, this also sends another trust signal to the user.
The technical framework conditions also have to fit. The best newsletter is only half as
worth it if the user has trouble loading the images, can’t open them, links don’t work, or the like. Therefore, ensure that images are correctly integrated and not too
significant to avoid long loading times. Content delivery is the best way to do this
Network (CDN). In addition, many users today access emails with their mobile devices – and large images
mean large amounts of data when downloading. Always offer the option of displaying the newsletter in the browser if the user’s email client blocks images or
the email does not display correctly. Check all links. Dead-ends or non-functioning or non-loading landing pages are clear negative signals and create frustration.

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To secure the attention of the recipient, it is essential to also focus on the areas of customer contact and emotionality when creating and sending newsletters
move. This includes the following aspects:
• Personalized approach
• Emotional processing
• Dynamic content
Personalized approach
This goes in two directions – on the one hand, this affects the way the recipient is addressed, but
it also includes the sender. The recipient should always be handled personally by name – a “Dear Customer” inspires neither trust nor a feeling of exclusivity,
but rather the impression of interchangeability. With an individual address
I signal to my customers or subscribers that they are essential to me. The positive effects
of personalization on opening and click-through rate (CTR) also underpins a study
by the market research company MarketingSherpa, which was carried out in 2011. So
For example, personalized email campaigns achieved 47 percent higher open rates
than those with little or no individual customer contact. The same effects
are also felt in the CTR, which was 41 percent higher in comparison.
However, this applies to the salutation in the email itself and the subject line. the
The effect is comparable to an entire room where someone suddenly calls your first name. Independent
regardless of whether you are meant or not, you react to it – you feel addressed. And also, one
personal sender can make the difference. At first, you might
This tends to depend to some extent on content and strategy
– take advantage of this in email marketing and score with emotional ones
Content that also appeals to the user beyond the conversion. On the one hand, image worlds can do that
be – moods, people who represent and reflect your brand world or message.
Take your reader to another level and give them a little time to get involved

DUBAI Email Lists

To deal with you and your topic before you draw their attention to offers and products.
Images also evoke feelings and other sensations or memories in people.
But texts and other content, such as multimedia, can also arouse emotions. Tell
Tell your readers little stories or entertain them with information and facts about everything
Your product worlds without putting the product itself in the foreground. Take reference
to current events or circumstances. Offer links to further editorial landing pages, embed infographics, or links to videos.
Dynamic Content
Addressing customers personally is one thing – content tailored to them is another.
Dynamic content integration is recommended, especially for complex product ranges, to send the customer precisely the offers he needs or directly to his interests
. For example, this can also be queried when registering for the newsletter
that a targeted control occurs from the outset. Newsletters that specifically display viewed products or address shopping cart abandoners go one step further.
Dynamic content and offers in email marketing have many advantages:
• Individual product suggestions tailored to the customer – increasing the conversion rate
• Closer customer loyalty through greater personalization
• Less wastage – higher open rates and CTRs

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To make your brand visible on the Internet with a lasting radiance, one is good
A well-thought-out digital strategy is essential. A branding concept that
customers a clear brand identity in both online and offline communication
conveyed. For the design of email marketing as a communication tool, this means one
effective integration with existing offline and online communication tools and above
astringent integration into the existing brand communication.
A story makes facts interesting.
With a good brand story, you make the facts about your offer attractive,
whether online or offline. This is particularly advantageous for those whose products can be easily reproduced because the pure data is exciting, and
the lifestyle, service, or community consumers “buy” into it. With
Good storytelling will make you more interesting than the rest of all your competitors. Included
It’s about knowing your target group and picking it up from where it is. Apart from
the emotional bond that can be achieved and strengthened through stories, the benefits of products or services are presented and used by the consumer more quickly

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. This gives possible prospects, customers and not to forget yours
Employees have the opportunity to identify with your company – and to like it.
Here, too, there is the opportunity to share the brand story in all channels, such as in
Extend email marketing and design a suitable brand fit on a granular level.
Intelligent management of the database is also an extended extension of your CI, company values ​​, and your target group history. Enter, e.g., B. Application cases for your products
and no further linear product descriptions. Instead of blank values, enter user stories and
identifications further.
The brand story is more than a sales argument.
It’s not enough to think that a good campaign story is all it takes to sell. One
The brand story creates much more. You attract people who share the same values ​​as you, who
pursue the same ideas that have had the same experiences. It creates identification and
Trust. Trust breeds loyalty. With a strong community of friends, colleagues,
Employees, suppliers you are much less vulnerable in times of crisis and have a
Accelerator in times of success. The brand story is also helpful for you. If you know why you
You can make faster decisions that will effectively shape your business’s future by doing what you do. Along with clarity, speed is one of the most critical success factors.

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Why do you exist?
If you have no idea what brand story to tell, “Why” is a good one
Beginning. Why? Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. In
the shared values, goals and experiences have immense potential for identification. The DNA of your
personal history and thus also your mailings is therefore also the heart of your corporate
Identity. The label creates closeness, allows trust to grow, and promotes loyalty. You need to
Understand email marketing as part of a holistic communication strategy and as a channel for the company’s external impact with a mostly more concrete message.
Users who receive your newsletter are already interested in your products in some way
or expressed at your company. The approach that the user has a continuity also applies here
expected in “storytelling,” a constructed story as a singular penetration about one
CRM channel. The story needs to be ongoing and can expand across side stories of your products
enrich them again and again. So stop describing what you do; start telling
why you do what you do.

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Successful and consistent brand building is impossible without an awareness of your own story. The founding history of a company shows why, under what circumstances, and
for what purpose it was founded. This also includes the values, goals, and visions of a company
. Stories can breathe life into the brand. The essence should be consistently implemented on all channels and touchpoints
to make these stories accurate and credible. This means that the brand story, i.e., the heart of the brand, is the same on all channels
must be. The story’s structure is decisive for the effect of the recording: it has to
be quick to record and omit any extra detail.
If customers are bombarded with excessive information, disinterested reactions often result. If the information is easy to digest, customers see it as valid and vital.
What customers do not understand cannot be necessary to them, is hidden and not included. Stories help to increase user identification and motivation. In this respect, the
Storytelling methodology is exciting for a large number of market-operating companies. To
stringent brand communication and thus branding becomes possible, it is necessary that
Email marketing is based on the set framework of brand communication.
• Orientation towards the corporate identity
The layout of an email should always be based on the brand or company website’s corporate design (CD). Based on practical experience, this is recommended
to avoid a media break between the emailing and the landing page, which is usually integrated into the website, thus providing the user with a high orientation. To a permanent
To ensure compliance with the CD, the structure of templates, i.e., standard templates for e-mailings, has proven itself in practice. These templates, format, and design for email campaigns
are derived from the existing CD of the brand or company website and defined as a standard.
• Orientation towards tonality

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In addition to an orientation on the CD, how the email recipient is addressed must match the brand tonality. For example, a young target group is becoming increasingly popular via print campaigns
managed in an unconventional language style; this should also be retained in email campaigns
to ensure a uniform brand appearance.
• Orientation towards the core brand values
A central requirement of e-branding is an orientation towards the core brand values. For the
Email marketing means checking the communicative message of a campaign. Give the
campaign reflect the core values ​​of the brand being advertised? For example, it makes less sense than
sending a premium brand in the high-end sector an aggressively priced sales campaign by email.

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Content marketing focuses on the interests and needs of the target group
placed. The point is not to rely on advertising messages but to reach consumers with relevant, engaging, and entertaining content.
A paradigm shift is taking place with content marketing – customer-centric communication
takes the place of superficial advertising. An email is characterized by a firm
personal reference to – Emails end up in the recipient’s mailbox, which is an emotional
speech enabled. A strong individualization of the topics for the target group is possible thanks to the
Email marketing automation is possible.
Both factors predestine the email for this, in the context of individualized customer contact
to be deployed. In the editorial design of the content, the content
Marketing established the storytelling format. Telling stories makes it possible, complex
To convey content quickly and to offer an emotional experience.
Story stories should be told from the customer’s perspective when it comes to storytelling.
This creates trust because customers feel understood. But it comes with customer-centric
Communication depends not only on the form but also on relevance and substance.
Expect with the amount of information and the amount of substitute content on the web
User practical and well-founded information that will help them progress. Otherwise, the disappointment
great to have “wasted” the short time reading irrelevant content. Experts advise
relying on simple language on the web since the texts are mostly skimmed over. One
Usability study from 2016, in which the reading behavior of
Pupils and students on the web were analyzed3
, concludes the text length:

“Is it […] to be assumed that the users will find out more about a topic at the affected point
want to inform, the text can be more detailed.
On the other hand, is it a place where users are still unsure where on the website they find relevant information, text components should be shorter and a quick scan
enable.” The email texts regarding spelling
and grammar should be correct.
As valuable and relevant as the content in the newsletter may be, two “hurdles” have to be overcome before the newsletter content can be consumed: opening the newsletter and clicking on
the content. The subject line and the teaser text, which refers to the editorial article, play a role here
linked, a significant role. Numerous studies and checklists on the Internet describe how that.

DUBAI Email Database

mytaxi is one of the best-known taxi apps in Germany and, according to its statements, has been more than
Ten million downloads. The app is available in over 40 cities with more than 45,000 connected taxis worldwide. The mytaxi logbook is sent monthly to registered users of the app
shipped. It summarizes all journeys made via mytaxi in the past month.
With the subject “Your logbook December 2015,” the user is immediately aware of what is in the email
expected. In addition, this subject clarifies from the outset with a direct salutation that it is about
no ads and no spam. This also supports the informal greeting in the header.
The crisp headline once again summarizes the newsletter’s content in a nutshell
and picks up the user immediately. This is followed by a personal greeting with first and last names
and a short introductory text. The actual content of the newsletter, namely the overview
about the taxi rides made in the past month, however, is not reproduced in text form but rather via clear icons that speak for themselves. In addition, a road or a way is indicated over a line that
leads through the facts.
The user receives information about the costs of the kilometers driven and other exciting aspects like average travel time and average speed. In the right sidebar, there are further elements: on the one hand, the so-called
Badges that the user can collect. If he doesn’t have them yet, they are greyed out.
These include, for example, “app payer”, “pre-order” or “cosmopolitan”. Depending on how often
the user uses the services, he gets the badges. For “Cosmopolitan”
For example, bookings made in several cities are a prerequisite. As further additional information, the email also lists the respective drivers – with a picture (if available),
Driver ID and rating. The purpose of the newsletter is not to sell products
or promote new bookings but only to inform the user and subscribers of mytaxi.

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But presentation, structure, and content are good examples of successful email marketing:
• Extremely high degree of personalization
• Dynamic content, implemented creatively and entertainingly
• Clear structure and sensible structure
• Valuable additional information
The newsletter thus has several positive effects:
• Information and an overview of bookings made
• Entertain through a witty presentation and interesting facts
• High relevance through personal address and content
• High degree of individuality
• Brand building – mytaxi as THE app for worldwide taxi rides
14 15
Whether you use the newsletter channel as a customer loyalty tool or to sell your products
or use services – the following applies to all scenarios: Successful newsletter marketing is
individualized newsletter marketing:
• Focus on the interests and needs of your subscribers, bid
exciting and valuable content.
• Customize the newsletter by engaging your subscribers both
address them personally and import dynamic content.
• Create an optimal experience for your subscribers at the “Newsletter” contact point.
Pay attention to intuitive user guidance, clear structures, and a sensible structure as well
technically flawless conditions.
• Address your subscribers on an emotional level. Use pictures for this, prepare
your content in multimedia.
• Tell stories and entertain your subscribers with exciting information
around your product worlds without putting the product itself in the foreground.
• Provide valuable and entertaining additional information.
• Send your subscribers a signal of trust by including contact options in the newsletter
to embed you, seals, or ratings.
• Optimize the subject line and the teaser texts to encourage clicks.

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