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6M Mena Email Database [2023]

Are your contacts getting stale in the desert countries that comprise North Africa and the Middle East? If yes, download this MENA email database with a wealth of B2B contacts that you need to succeed in this vast dry, deserted region.

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Buy MENA Email Database 2023

Mena Email Database : The growth rate in business within North Africa and the Middle East is increasing. Are you going to be lost?

If you purchase the MENA email database, you’ll have all the most up-to-date information to gain an advantage and gain more customers.

This complete business database has the actual names, business information, email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses of sales lead across the region, starting from Morocco to Iraq from Iraq to Yemen.

Our pre-designed MENA mailing list can be an excellent list of resources for your next campaign, but if you prefer to take a less invasive focussed method, we’re here to help.

By contacting us, we can assist in creating an email list that is targeted with the particular population you require by sorting contacts according to factors like job title or company size, geographic location or the industry.

Use it to create an email list for B2B CEOs from Saudi Arabia, teachers in Tunisia or business owners from Oman.

It’s straightforward to be caught in mistaken thinking you have good contacts but then discover that they’re not up-to-date or contain mistakes that render them useless.

We understand the frustration, and that’s the reason a verifier regularly checks our lists of email marketing to ensure that all our lists are for business, including our MENA email database.

MENA list of email addresses is populated with only accurate, current and valuable information.

Explore the business world in the MENA region by downloading this list of email addresses for Middle Eastern and North African contacts.

You’ll be provided with reliable information to aid you in your quest to succeed. Download it now!

MENA countries consist of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

For Any Queries, Please do Whatsapp

+1 (718) 504-0796

Buy Mena email database 2022

Buy Mena email database 2023

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email Marketing: The Basics and Tips for Beginning Email Marketers

Mena Email Lists
Mena Email Lists    b

Marketing via email is a well-known and extensively used internet-based marketing channel. This is mostly because of the high effectiveness. Customers and other contacts are contacted quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. Costs are significantly lower than other types of direct marketing, such as postal mailers.

In many instances, it is highly suggested. The low costs are attractive, but the ease of use allows anyone to send successful newsletters independently. Many areas to market via email: Blogs that wish to inform readers of new articles periodically. These businesses offer new customers a set of emails with pertinent information about their customers to online shops with regular customers keen to make them aware of special promotions. With the help of easy-to-use email marketing software, it is no longer an issue. Marketing via email is no longer only for big companies and can be utilized efficiently by anybody.


To start with a positive beginning, we’ve provided suggestions to help you get started successfully in marketing via email.


The best software

Mena Email Leads
Mena Email Leads

It is important to evaluate the various solutions available here. The different providers differ in terms of cost, functionality, and dependability. Be sure to take into account these elements:

  • Cost per email sent. The cost usually decreases when you have a larger volume of shipping.
  • Pricing model. It is based on the number of delivered emails or users. Both subscription models and prepaid models are popular for payments.
  • Capability to ship. The number of emails the service provider can send in an hour is the highest possible. To help you understand the process: Newsletter2Go can send as many as 3 million emails an hour for each customer. Additionally, the service’s servers should be blocked to deliver emails.
  • Place. Only German suppliers also comply with German requirements for protecting the privacy of data recipients. Suppose you are using software from the USA, for instance. In that case, it is possible to commit an offence without even noticing since it is not guaranteed that the safety of transferred data is not guaranteed.

After you’ve decided on an email marketing service, the next thing you must do is to collect and contact addresses for recipients.


Marketing via email is a very well-known and widely utilized internet-based marketing channel. This is mostly due to its high efficiency. Contacts and customers are contacted quickly and effectively with little effort. The cost is much less than other types of direct marketing like mailers.


Friederike Beins wrote an expert article


In most cases, the use of email marketing is strongly advised. The low costs are appealing, but the ease of use lets nearly everyone sends out effective newsletters on their own. There are numerous examples of use areas for email marketing, starting with blogs that wish to keep interested readers informed of new content. These businesses offer new customers a series of mailers with pertinent customer data to online shops with regular customers keen to make them aware of the latest deals. With the help of easy-to-use software for email marketing, it is no longer an issue. Email marketing isn’t restricted to large corporations. However, it can be employed effectively by any person.


To help you start with a great start, we’ve come up with some helpful tips for getting started on the right foot with marketing with email.


The correct software

Mena Business Email Database
Mena Business Email Database

It is important to evaluate various options here. The different providers differ in terms of cost, functionality, and dependability. It is important to consider these elements:

  • Cost per email sent. The cost typically decreases in the case of a greater volume of mail.
  • Price model. The billing model is based on the number of emails sent and the recipients. Both subscription and prepaid models are used for payment.
  • Capability to ship. The number of emails an organization can send per hour must be as high as possible. To better understand: Newsletter2Go delivers three million or more emails an hour for each customer. Furthermore, the company’s servers must be allowed to ensure that emails are delivered.
  • Place. Only German companies also meet German standards for the protection of data recipients. Suppose you are using software from the USA, for instance. In that case, it is possible to commit an infraction without even realizing it because it is not guaranteed that the safety of data that is transferred can’t be assured.

Here are some more suggestions on choosing the right email marketing software.


If you’ve chosen an email marketing company, you must do the next step to collect and contact addresses for recipients.

Create a list of recipients

Mena Business Email Lists
Mena Business Email Lists

Without the list of the recipients, marketing via email is almost impossible. You want to deliver your email to someone. It’s tempting to mail to existing contacts or, for instance, people who provided their contact information on the course of a contest. But, it isn’t always the case: the mailing of newsletters for advertising is only allowed if the recipients have provided their explicit consent in advance.

The consent declaration is available at any time, such as at the time of purchase procedure or when you sign up to receive the newsletter via a dual opt-in application form. The procedures get slightly more complex when importing contacts from other sources like the Excel spreadsheet. It is safer if you send them an email confirmation before the first newsletter is delivered and request the confirmation of consent. Certain newsletter software tools allow automatically sending an opt-in double-opt-in email immediately when you import the contact list.


What are the best ways to attract new subscribers? It’s always helpful to give prospective customers additional incentives to sign up for your newsletter. It’s a great idea to provide a voucher for first-time visitors to your site. The code will be sent to you when you’ve signed up for your newsletter. However, you will also need to maintain these new subscribers. It is essential to choose the correct material in your newsletter.


The most appropriate content

Mena Business Email Leads
Mena Business Email Leads

The pertinent and appropriate content is contingent on the makeup of your targeted audience and your objectives. If you’re looking to boost your sales efforts, offers are the right choice. Ideally, they are specifically tailored to each customer by segregating them into various groups of recipients. By incorporating specific special offers relevant to the individual recipients, you can get the most effective results. Certainly, different content is more relevant for those who receive an info or sales newsletter than an informative one. Some people search for great offers, while others seek the most recent information. The “right” contents are very different.


The best design

Mena Consumer Email Lists
Mena Consumer Email Lists

When creating sales newsletters, There are a few aspects to be considered that could be crucial to the success of your sales newsletter.

Above the fold, you place the most important information, such as the offers you would like to advertise in your newsletter. The term originates from print advertisements and refers to the portion of a brochure or newspaper that is visible immediately and without flipping the pages or folding it. Marketing via email is the portion of the newsletter directly in front of you when you start it up, without scrolling. The primary content, including an important call to action, should always be in the upper right corner.


CTA The use of CTAs (CTA) is crucial. For instance, a button could instruct the user what action they must take following opening the publication. The title of the CTA must be as simple and as motivating as you can. For instance, “Access now” or “Get voucher” is more effective than a generic request such as “Click Here”.


Contrasts and colours The most important thing is to use colour contrasts to help sell your product better. Offers and click-related elements must be distinguished from other elements of your newsletter. However, this doesn’t mean you have to fill your whole email with different elements. Instead, concentrate on one thing that grabs the attention of your readers. It is possible to determine if this method works by conducting an easy test: squint and read your email. Are you able to see the areas where attention should be directed? Do you find it easy to locate? If yes, you’ve done everything right.


Alt text Beautiful, appealing images included in newsletters are essential. However, many readers do not notice the images since their email programs do not display graphic images. This is the same for the most popular applications like Outlook and Thunderbird. To ensure that the content of the email is easily identifiable, it is essential to specify the alt text in graphics. The alt text is always displayed even when the graphic is not loaded. The text should be precisely what the image says: “20% discount on the summer collection”.


The first newsletter is sent out – what should you keep in mind?

Mena Consumer Email Leads
Mena Consumer Email Leads

You’ve found the best email marketing tool, set your list of recipients with relevant content written for the intended audience, and then designed an appealing newsletter. The first electronic mail can be delivered. Keep this in your head:


  1. Timing of shipping. The time and delivery date must be adjusted to the target audience. For instance, it is likely to be simpler to get in touch with B2B customers on Mondays and Fridays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. End-users typically have more time during weekends and evenings. However, the best shipping time may differ for every individual. Check it out and see what time is best for you.
  2. The sender’s name and subject. The information the recipient will see before opening the email must convince the recipient. Choose a trusted recipient, at least with the real name and important topic. To get tips regarding the length of your subject, read this helpful blog.
  3. Display optimized for mobile. Research has proven that over half of emails are seen by mobile devices. This is the reason you must improve your newsletters for mobile display. Many email marketing tools provide templates in responsive designs to meet this need. The display will then automatically adjust to the device being used.
  4. Recipients groups. Sending an email to every recipient only works in certain situations. Emails specifically targeted to a particular target audience are the most effective. To achieve this, choose recipients from your list that have certain characteristics that are applicable (e.g. gender, customer status, etc.). It is possible to use all the details you’ve saved in your mailing list to target your audience.
  5. Tests. Before you mail the newsletter to everyone, you must conduct certain tests. The first step is to make yourself copy the newsletter to verify the format. It is also important to examine all the hyperlinks. If it is possible or possible, the test for spam testing is worth it. This will allow you to know beforehand how high the chance is that spam filters screen your newsletter.
  6. Submission. Is the delivery time accurate? The sender and the recipient are in line with the intended segment? The proper screen on smartphones is protected? Did you select the correct recipients and check everything? You can now begin by sending the mailer or delaying the mailer for a preferred date shortly.


Analyze and improve

  1. But, successful email marketing does not just mean sending out effective newsletters and monitoring their success but also monitoring the results and constant optimization. The first step includes using software for marketing emails that integrates tracking to analyze and collect crucial key figures like the delivery rate, the opening rate, click rate, the unsubscribe rate, and conversion rate. These KPIs can give information on how the intended audience is being addressed properly and how well the recipients accept the newsletter’s content. Simply collecting figures is only half of the fight. You must also use them and realize the need to optimize your email marketing. This will allow you to improve the performance of your email marketing step-by-step and turn email marketing into an extremely effective marketing tool. The infographic to the right illustrates the different optimizations that are possible to implement in a crucial figure showing an unsatisfactory performance.


  1. Email marketing is a part of the standard marketing mix online and has an array of possibilities. The essential requirements for this are the usage of a robust and legally-secure marketing tool for emails with content that is appropriate to the audience and a basic understanding of design, technology as well as user-friendliness. If these requirements are met, nearly everyone can benefit from the power of email marketing. They can see the ease with which it can be utilized to be successful.


This is the Ultimate Email Marketing Personalization Checklist

Mena Company Email Database
Mena Company Email Database

Email marketing is among the most efficient marketing channels in terms of return on investment ( $44 for every dollar spent) is concerned. One of the main reasons that make email marketing so effective is that it can provide a large degree of personalizedization.

We’ll be looking at the most comprehensive personalization checklist for email marketing today.

First, let’s define the personalization of email marketing?


Email marketing personalization explained


Personalization in marketing via email is more than just adding the recipient’s name to the salutation. Personalization in email marketing involves addressing each person in a unique way. It is true that it mentions the recipient’s name, but you can go further by offering relevant content and an individual experience for each of your clients.

How can you do that?


Data is the main tool you use.


In order to make relevant content that is relevant to your readers, you should gather as the information as you can about them. This includes information like:


  • First name
  • Past behavior on your website
  • Geographical geographical
  • Purchase History


The information you need to tailor an experience for your customers is based mostly on the product you offer, your business model, and your marketing objectives. But the more you know about your customers more you know about them, the better your marketing strategy for personalization will be.

If you are able, be sure that you collect as much information as you can from your customers at the time they sign up, to enable you to create personalized campaigns.


List segmentation is crucial.


Utilizing the data you’ve collected you have, you can make sure you segment your email list using the information you have. Segmentation is simply the process of grouping customers who have similar characteristics together. For example, you can segment your list by gender, location, or browsing the past. It is recommended to use the advanced segments whenever you can and utilize various attributes to improve your segments to ensure greater targeting and better personalization levels.

Segmentation can be a fantastic method to design content that is pertinent to your customers without having to create content for each customer.




Personalization of marketing emails is difficult to accomplish without the help of automation. If you’ve got a small list or a huge list, you’ll find just too many moving pieces involved in managing a successful campaign you have to do it by hand.

This is the reason one of the best investment options when it comes to marketing via email is an automation tool such as Campaign Monitor which will allow you to increase the size of your marketing campaigns via email.


Personalization is crucial.


If asked to pick an ability that is most crucial for marketing in the coming years 33% of marketing professionals said “personalization.”

Additionally, 70% of marketing professionals agree that targeted personalization improves customer engagement and they have an average of 20 percent in revenue personalizing experiences.

This is why we collaborated with the team at Moveable Ink to create the Ultimate Email Marketing Personalization Checklist that will help marketers make use of personalized marketing to engage the masses, not just email inboxes.


The ultimate personalization of the email marketing checklist

Let’s get into the details of this checklist of personalization.


Step 1: Design your personalization plan.



Create email content based upon the behavior of your subscribers in recent times.



Display content based on the subscriber’s location and weather.



Try adding the name of your subscriber to an image to draw their interest.




Utilize the location of your subscriber to set up helpful reminders regardless of where they reside.


Step 2: Read each email.


Subject line


  • Grammar: Make sure that your grammar follows the correct rules and that the personalization is appropriate in relation to your subject.
  • Fallbacks: Create a default text for when you don’t have your data in your file.
  • Length: Maximize the lengths of the subject lines keeping your preview window in your mind.




  • Length: Verify length to ensure that it is read across all devices.




  • Fonts When you’re using an entirely new style of font to personalize your header Make sure that it’s compatible with the other content of your emails.
  • Test: Make use of a test tool such as Litmus to test.




Testing When you’re currently using sophisticated personalized content that’s based on your subscriber’s behavior, for instance, you can test different variations.


  • Grammar: Make sure you check for spelling, grammar, and all the fun things.
  • Conversions: Make sure that your customized content encourages users to click the call-to-action.




  • Tracking: Add tracking links to determine the effectiveness of your personalization.
  • CTA copy Create a compelling CTA copy persuasive.
  • Links: Ensure your links go to the correct places.
  • Clarity Clearness: The CTA must be simple and easy to locate.


Step 3: Make sure you have completed all of these last (and essential) steps.

Mena Coporate Email Database
Mena Coporate Email Database

Check data fields.


Are you able to access all of the information that you require for each customized field? Your personalization will only be as good as the data you provide ensure that your fields are checked to make sure. What you don’t need is for a Fname or even an expletive to appear in your customized field.


Include fallbacks.


Make fallback content available for fields that could not be filled. Content for fallback is email content that is able to be used by all your subscribers.


Improve the speed of your email.


Unplanned delays could ruin the perfectly personal email you sent.


Design review.


Be sure to test a variety of names including special characters, as well as align your personal text and images. The more eyes you can get, the more beneficial, so make sure you send your friend and yourself an experiment email.


Make an A/B test.


Send one personalization email and another without personalization. This is the best method to evaluate your personal email marketing strategy.

Check that it’s responsive.

Does it look great on mobile and desktop? Check all the above for all devices.


Wrap it up


Personalization plays an important role in the creation of emails that your clients are interested in and enticed by when they click the crucial call-to-action.

To assist you to learn to personalize your email marketing We have put together an abundance of sources to assist you. One of the most important to read is our post 7 Essential email personalization techniques.


Benefits of Email Marketing Benefits of Email Marketing for any Business!

Mena B2B Email Database
Mena B2B Email Database

The benefits of marketing via email are immense.

When you have limited resources or budgets are in a tight spot or time is short and conversions are required whom do you call? or, more practically speaking, whom do you call? (Because there is no one who has a telephone to make calls these days.)

Email is the method you’re using.


At the very least, you will. Because when it comes down to marketing, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of email marketing. The benefits of email marketing in the current world of internet first business and eCommerce imply that you may be not taking advantage of a myriad of opportunities to increase traffic, reach high-value customers and reduce the cost of acquisition and increase revenue in general.

Are you skeptical?


Continue going. We’ll be sharing the benefits of using email marketing and ways your company can benefit from these benefits. This will be done in three sections:


  1. The Most Popular Marketing Statistic for Emails You Need to Learn
  2. What exactly is Email Marketing? The only overview you’ll ever Be Needing
  3. 9 Benefits to Email marketing for your Business


Let’s get started.

The most important email marketing stat you need to be aware of

Mena B2B Email Lists
Mena B2B Email Lists

In the average scenario, email generates $42 per $1 that is spent.

That’s a 4200% return on your investment!

What else can give you a 4200 percent ROI?



The average return on advertising spend (ROAS) is now up from 38:1 in 2018. This means that email is becoming more important. This is good news since more than the 4 billion population — or half of the world’s population utilize the email…

In our analysis of how to increase traffic to your website using Facebook, We found that advertising to Facebook’s 2.8 billion users yields an ROI of 8.1. (That’s five times as effective as email.) Don’t get us wrong, Facebook is an amazing tool to grow but it’s not an email platform. It’s perhaps the biggest benefit of marketing via email: its early ROI is world-renowned.


In terms of market share in terms of share, the travel industry has delivered the highest return (at $53 per dollar spent). However, the other industries aren’t too far behind, with entertainment (45:1), eCommerce and retail (45:1) as well as technology and software (40:1).

If anyone questions why you should use email marketing, just throw these ROAS email marketing stats at them in the face.


The benefits from email marketing to your company


Marketing via email drives more sales than Social Media MarketingThe advantages of email marketing in comparison to other channels of marketing are significant and we could see this in our analysis of ROAS above.

In addition, 60% of customers say they’ve bought something through marketing emails however only 12.5 percent of them considered a buy button as a factor in a purchase through social networks.


Email Marketing is One of the fastest ways to engage Customers


Nearly 20% of the emails are read inside the hour after they’ve been sent. That’s a remarkable speed. In less than six hours, nearly half of the doors have been open.

If your message is urgent, email is a guaranteed method to get the message quickly.


Email Marketing is One of the Cheapest ways to engage customers.


In terms of cost-effectiveness, very few methods of marketing can compete with email.

In contrast to paid media, there’s no charge for sending an email or making people click it. Contrary to other social platforms, social media has nothing to pay to increase the reach of your emails and ensure that they reach most of your clients. Contrary to SEO which requires you to wait around for pages to be ranked higher to boost traffic, consuming not just your time, but also your budget. In contrast to print media, there’s not any cost of printing or shipping.

There is a cost in the design of email campaigns as well as creating contact lists, but in comparison to other methods for marketing the costs are much smaller.


People are addicted to receiving emails. Lots of Emails.


One of the most common concerns that clients face regarding marketing through email is that they don’t want to upset customers. Yes, if you send three emails per day, you’re probably doing too much. However, you might be surprised by how many emails your customers are willing to deal with.

Research has revealed studies have shown that nearly 49% of customers are happy to receive promotional emails every week. Further data suggest that sending 3 to 5 emails per month is the ideal frequency. It’s true that your audience wants to hear from them. Marketing via email is an excellent method of connecting.


Personalizing your email marketing campaigns is simple


Personalization is the top crucial factor in marketing. If someone is able to relate to your content they’re more likely to be interested. It’s that simple. With merging fields and segmentation of lists personalizing your emails is easy when you use marketing via email.

The average open rate for emails is approximately 20 percent. If you customize your email subject lines (like merging fields to add a contact’s initials) and the open rate is 50 percent higher. In the same way, segmentation drives 50 percent higher clicks. (Segmentation is the process of sending unique messages to various groups of the list.)

The best part is that this kind of high-end personalization can be completed in a matter of seconds, and can even be totally automated. In any case…


Marketing Emails Can Be Mostly automated


The shorter time you’ll spend mailing out emails, the more you’ll need to invest in other strategies. If there’s one method that excels over all other types of marketing in the way it works, it’s how effectively and efficiently it lets you use automation.

It’s true that automated emails earn 32% more revenue than emails that are not automated.

From welcome drips that are automated to automated emails for abandoned carts, Email outreach is great at getting your audience engaged and re-engaged without needing to touch a single finger.


Email Marketing Helps Improve SEO


Email marketing is a great way to make it simple to boost search engine optimization efforts. We’d be willing to say that it’s one of the SEO strategies that are most often ignored.

Particularly if you have many contacts.

As we’ve previously seen it is extremely efficient for distributing content and is equally effective in driving targeted traffic to your website. One of the benefits of marketing through email is that more traffic means better SEO. Although email marketing has an insignificant impact on search engine rankings in Google or Bing It can boost back-link growth for your site, which is a key SEO ranking element.

Furthermore, email content that is of high quality will compliment your site content. This could increase the density of keywords as well as high-value content for EAT, and better CTR/CR across various channels. All-in-all, natural link growth and visibility of your brand is crucial to more effective SEO results.


Email Marketing is a direct line to your target audience


One of the most beneficial advantages that email marketing offers is that it allows you to directly contact your target audience. Every single person in your target potential customers.

Most of your contacts lists will get your messages. (That is provided you’ve taken the proper precautions to warm your domain and stay clear of the spam filter.) This isn’t the case on other platforms, like Facebook where just 5.2 percent of your fans ever see your posts that aren’t paid for.


Building trust is among the most crucial aspects of selling. Trust is the basis for loyalty. In turn, loyalty can lead to growth. However, if you aren’t able to get your message across effectively, everything is lost. It’s a good thing that email marketing helps you establish a genuine relationship with your clients.


At the terms of your choice…


Email gives you complete control over Your Marketing


If you have a large number of people who you be in contact with, the better chances of success. However, not all channels allow you to manage this method. In reality, with platforms such as the social network, it’s possible that you do not control your contact list or even your details in any way. Any time, it can disappear. (Just contact to delete your Google+ account. Wait a second.)


In the event that Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter went away the next day How many users would you be able to lose?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about email. You’ll have total control over your email contacts lists throughout the day.


Conclusion: The benefits of email marketing are immense


Marketing via email is among the most cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies. It can help small-scale businesses get new customers to join and increase their profits with little investment. It can help larger companies create leads and connect with their customers in a large size.

However, there are many digital marketing options available. But is email marketing beneficial when compared to other options?

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current MENA EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our MENA EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.


1. Company name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

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