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5M Middle Eastern Market Email Database [2022]


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Connect with the business person from The Middle East with this reliable and precise MIDDLE EASTERN Market EMAIL DATABASE from Emailproleads.com.

Get in touch with locals to grow globally and target a new market!
Begin calling prospects and emailing leads now.

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5 Million Middle Eastern Market Email Database

Do you wish to make contacts with Middle Eastern business professionals?
If you intend to market globally, it’s crucial to establish business-to-business solid (B2B) connections in the field.


Middle Eastern Market Email Database
Middle Eastern Market Email Database

Using the Middle Eastern Market Email Database, find the top business contacts who will help share your brand name with potential customers or network with the best connections in your region.


Middle Eastern Market Email Lists
Middle Eastern Market Email Lists

With our reliable, accurate information, you will discover everything you require to contact business contacts within the UAE, Middle East: email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, and more!


Middle Eastern Market Email Leads
Middle Eastern Market Email Leads

At Emailproleads.com have a passion for helping businesses establish new connections, and we provide the top data available at the lowest cost to accomplish this.


Middle Eastern Market Mailing Lists
Middle Eastern Market Mailing Lists

We have a list of the pre-designed list that can be downloaded and integrated with your CRM as soon as you are ready.


Middle Eastern Market Email Address
Middle Eastern Market Email Address

It contains information about contacts from the following countries:

  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  •  Iran
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain


Middle Eastern Market Business Email Database
Middle Eastern Market Business Email Database

Utilize this info to reach out and market your product or service to an extensive group of professionals in these countries for an even better future.


Middle Eastern Market Email Leads
Middle Eastern Market Email Leads
Middle Eastern Market Consumer Email Database
Middle Eastern Market Consumer Email Database

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to connect with this group or market their market. Or build stronger relationships for your business before launching the product/service. This is a great Middle Eastern market email database to a brand new segment of customers from the Middle East!

In the Middle East, this is a highly effective and powerful method!

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+1 (718) 504-0796

EmailProLeads.com offers only the most current MIDDLE EASTERN MARKET EMAIL DATABASE to help you.

Our MIDDLE EASTERN MARKET EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy.

Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.

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5. State

6. Zip code

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8. Fax number

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10. Industry

11. Web address

Middle Eastern Market Email Database

How to conduct email marketing step-by-step [includes a Guidefor Email Marketing Step-by-Step
Digital Marketing / by Lorena Garcia
how to do email marketing
If you’re beginning to think about the online marketing of your business, you’ve likely thought:

“How can I make email marketing more interesting to my customers?”.

The reason is that these days, users get numerous emails every day.

It is crucial to understand what it takes to differentiate yourself in the crowd and be helpful to our contacts.

Middle Eastern Market Email Leads

No one wants to be thought of as SPAM!

This is why in our blog today, we show you how to conduct email marketing step-by-step, which tools are best to use for this purpose and how to develop strategies to reach your objectives.


Is email marketing a form of marketing?
When we speak of marketing via email, we’re not talking about sending massive emails to a database of people. This is an instrument that, when used properly, allows us to build relations with our contacts in an easy way, thereby converting them into potential clients.

The trick is to add the value of your customers through every mail they get. So, we can think of email marketing as an excellent method to reach out to your future customers in a personalized and segmented manner. It lets you offer your customers valuable content and build the trust of your customers.

Middle Eastern Market Email Database

Email marketing course
The best email marketing tools
Before you can learn how to conduct email marketing, it’s crucial to select the correct software.

First of all, sending shipments through our accounts using platforms like Gmail and Hotmail is a possibility wholly disapproved of. It offers limited options for design and personalization and is aware that large messages could be classified as SPAM.

However, WordPress offers plugins that provide marketing emails. Although this could be an excellent idea, it’s not the ideal choice. Some plugins, such as Mailpoet or Mailster, can overflow your WordPress and do not provide statistical information regarding your mailers. It will take several hours to complete sending them to all contacts since they are not using a specifically designed server.

How do we send email marketing? Select a tool that is specifically designed to accomplish this. We will have various options on the market, each with different functions, pricing, and agreements… While it’s a job that may appear easy, it is crucial to be aware of each platform’s advantages to select the best one for our company.

Many platforms provide free trial versions that you can use the tool to test before you decide if it’s the most appropriate option to ship your goods.

Top 5 tools for marketing via email
1. Benchmark Email
This tool allows you to create mass email messages and also includes the ability to automate. You can develop funnels to help nurture your prospective customers by sending them additional items that might be of interest to them.


It comes with a trial version, where you can make 2,000 contacts and send 14,000 shipments each month. You can also sign up that has a very affordable paid version. It isn’t equipped with segmenting users, limiting its use with an extensive and diverse database.

Middle Eastern Market Email List

This tool for email marketing isn’t widely used but is extremely simple if you’ve never attempted mass mailing. It lets you easily create your newsletter by segmenting your readers and obtaining specific information from your mailings. It also has automated features and the potential to design sales funnels.


The fascinating feature is that it automatically chooses the most appropriate time to send your emails. You can also link it to your CRM.


The best part is that it comes with a free version, where you can save unlimited contacts and send up to 300 messages each day.


The method of email marketing is a cost; however, it comes with several additional tools, including an opportunity to score leads making landing pages, sales funnels webinars, and landing pages. It is compatible with various CRMs, and it is possible to segment your subscribers.


4. Mailify
With Mailify, you’re not limited to sending marketing emails, but it also offers the possibility of sending out mass SMS.


One of its benefits is creating automated sequences and the massive catalog of custom templates available.


Furthermore, it uses the “drag&drop” method to create emails, making them speedy and straightforward.

You can design forms and landing pages within the same program to collect prospective customers. These will be included automatically in your database.

Middle Eastern Market Email Address

5. Mail relay
It is among the most popular tool for marketing via email. It comes with a free version, which lets you save 15,000 contacts and send out 75,000 shipments each month.

If you’re looking for more space, the company offers excellent prices across its various plans.

Auto-responses can be set up, and the system offers various templates with responsive designs.

As you can see, there’s no single perfect tool. This is why you must evaluate the one that best suits the requirements of your business, and then you choose the one that best meets your needs.

email marketing goals
To whom are my emails directed?
Your business may have an email list of suppliers, customers, or distributors, and these contacts are already familiar with the product or service. But still, email marketing can be the ideal tool to build your relationships.

There are a variety of ways to build your contacts organically. This is the one that’s the most efficient.

Middle Eastern Market mailing List

Your website
Create forms for different sections on your website. Visitors can be invited to join your newsletter and specify the kind of content they’ll be receiving, such as blogs, news, or promotions.

The forms could be displayed on different pages on your site or as a pop-up. If you select this option, you must ensure it’s not too intrusive for users.

landing page
When you’ve got exclusive material such as ebooks or guidebooks… that could be of interest to your clients, make a landing page to download the content. The client will get the content in exchange for an email.

Middle Eastern Market Mobile Number Database

You must ensure that the material you offer your readers addresses a need they might face and is simple to consume.

Social networks
Utilize your community of contacts, and invite people into your databases. The most helpful thing is to use posts to bring them to your landing pages.

Middle Eastern Market Mobile Number Lists

Furthermore, you can also advertise with paid ads on these social media platforms, and this lets you precisely reach out to your intended group of people.


With Facebook or Instagram, you can make ads that include a form or redirect users to a website where they can provide you with their personal information.

email marketing campaign
Whatever method you decide to go with, ensure that you’re complying with the requirements of GDPR. Your contacts must have provided their consent in writing to receive your emails.

Middle Eastern Market Phone Number Database

Use a checkbox on your forms—also, opt-in verification. Users receive an email which they need to verify that they’re willing to receive your newsletters.

It is crucial to speak to a target audience that is genuinely attracted to your services or products. This is why one of the worst practices is to purchase subscribers.

Middle Eastern Market Phone Leads

Database sales are also tempting to get in front of many people.

However, this could harm brand image for your business and may be considered SPAM.

It is also vital to ensure that your database is clean. This involves frequently removing emails from your database that don’t read your emails since this causes your engagement levels and open rate to decline.


An effective way to keep your list of email addresses clean and up-to-date is by making the process of unsubscribing simple.

Middle Eastern Market Email Database

So, those who do not want to be involved will be eliminated.

Steps to follow to do email marketing
After you’ve chosen the software that will send the emails and your database is in place, it’s time to figure out how to create email marketing.

It is essential to correctly adhere to the steps below since they affect the other. If you execute this process correctly, your emails will be more efficient.

1.2. – Define your objectives
Before we begin the conversation with our contacts, it’s crucial to consider what we intend to accomplish through it. Do we wish to provide some visibility to our company? Advertise a service or product? Are you willing to share our blogs?

After deciding what we want to accomplish, it is best to define it with a specific or quantifiable value.

As an example, I would like to boost the earnings from my online store by five percent.

It will be easy to judge if we’re following the plan correctly or not achieving the results we expect to achieve.

2.- Segment your audience
If your marketing campaigns are tailored to your target audience and people genuinely interested in the subject, they will be more successful.

For this, the most effective method is to separate your databases.


This is the process of grouping customers by characteristics similar to yours. For instance, you could divide them by geographic area and age group, or even by the topic they are interested in.

The more information you have regarding potential customers and customers, the better you can determine this segmentation.

Middle Eastern Market Email Database

3.3. Identify the content strategy
After you’ve defined your group of customers, the next issue is what are you going to offer to them? To provide value to your contacts, the content you send them must be planned out and give importance to the people who receive it.


It’s only about making it visually appealing; it’s not about making the contacts discover content they are interested in.

This is an essential aspect of mastering the art of email marketing.

To establish this strategy, begin by focusing on the goal you’d like to accomplish. Your emails should be targeted to achieve the plan, and then decide when you’ll be able to send emails.


It is one of the factors that can help you determine whether your mailers are becoming monotonous.


It is also essential to consider the timing you start your campaigns. Based on your information about your readers, please note the time they are most likely to check your email.

Try sending emails using different times and examine the rate at which you open each to determine your most crucial time.

Newsletters via email
We could classify emails depending on their purpose or purpose:


These are the regular shipments. They help keep your contacts informed on your industry or company’s latest news and developments. Its primary benefit is that you can create an expectation for your clients.

They are aware that once a week, or even a month, they’ll receive emails from your company. It’s also an excellent method to advertise your latest blog posts or downloads.


– Punctual emails

The emails are sent out when you’ve got a new offer or when you wish to convey a specific message. These emails’ calls to action are highly effective as they usually focus on the sale.


Automated email

This method is the most difficult, yet it’s also the one that delivers the most significant outcomes. It is possible to create automated flows that let contacts receive certain emails or others following their behavior. The emails will be sent promptly, according to the timeframe you’ve set.

Thus, you won’t need to have to worry about the launch of your campaigns.

Middle Eastern Market Email Leads

4. Create an intriguing subject
This is the essential step for your marketing emails to succeed.

Your subject line and the name of the sender are the first things that your contact will receive in their email. This means it should be intriguing for him.


Make sure to include between 25 to 40 characters to ensure that the message is visible in your inbox, whether it’s on mobile or computer. One good tip is to personalize the line using the recipient’s name to draw the recipient’s attention.

While doing this, you should keep it brief and straightforward. Inspire your readers’ curiosity, and your open rate will increase.

Like we mentioned, your sender’s name is vital. Thus, select an address and character that will inspire confidence in your contacts.

It must be identical for all emails you send out, as this will make it easily identifiable in mailers. It could be your business and your website or even an appropriate name.

5.- Give importance to design
As we’ve mentioned before, the most critical aspect is to ensure that the information you upload is helpful for your database.

However, do not be apprehensive about how you’ll show your brand. A striking design will enhance its image as a business and provide a pleasant experience for the user.

The headlines should be engaging and should have a concise and distinct tone. Avoid putting excessive text in the body of your email; however, do not restrict yourself to creating it using images.

Your email may be viewed as spam by specific servers. It is CTAs (also known as calls-to-action) that need to be noticed, have striking colors, and be consistent with the image of your company.

Use short sentences that contain imperative verbs.

Many users are checking their emails from their mobile devices.

You should ensure that it’s fluid and appears correctly across every platform when designing it.

Middle Eastern Market Email Lists

6. Automate your shipping
Automating your email messages is a fantastic way to be at the forefront of prospects, buyers, and contacts.
Numerous platforms allow you to plan your deliveries based on the customer’s behavior or the curiosity shown on our site.
Automation allows you to save money and make the selling process more straightforward. In the beginning, you can create automation that welcomes those who sign up for your newsletter. Please introduce yourself, and then send them the best content.
7. Analyze the results
Be sure to track the effects that your marketing email campaign produced. This can be assessed using different indicators.

First, look at the percentage of the opening of clicks that have occurred and the invalid emails that haven’t received your email.

This will allow you to improve your advertising campaigns and gain knowledge about the preferences and interests of your customers. In the next section, we explain what KPIs are the most crucial in

Your email campaigns.

email marketing campaign
KPIs that you need to consider when you are launching email marketing campaigns

It is possible to evaluate how your marketing email campaign performs by considering various metrics. Therefore, you’ll be able to determine which one has performed better and why, as well as what it has done for your business.

The tools for marketing via email that we’ve mentioned at the top of the article will give you various information. They are metrics you must look over to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Middle Eastern Market Email Address

1. Bounce rate
These numbers refer to emails that were not delivered to their intended recipients. To calculate this data, you need to multiply the number of non-deliverable emails by the sum of the addresses you have given the message.

This measure is beneficial to clean your inbox since it indicates nasty emails or overflowing inboxes.

There are two kinds of bounces, “soft” bounces that occur when there’s a temporary issue. However, your email address appears to be valid, and “hard” bounces, which happens when the address is not valid or is not valid.

2. Delivery rates
The percentage corresponds to the number of emails delivered to their destination. The goal is to reach a delivery rate of 95% or higher. If the number is less, then you need to check your database.

Additionally, it’s an exciting thing to evaluate campaigns against one another.

Be aware of the length of time that the campaigns with the highest open rates were distributed, as well as their subject lines. This will allow you to understand your potential clients better.

3. CTR
In assessing the effectiveness of our marketing emails, We should not just examine the number of people who have opened our email but also the way they’ve engaged with the email.

The CTR is the proportion of users who clicked on the email of the total number we’ve sent it.

This indicator will inform us that the campaign appealed to the recipients and help us make the right decisions about future campaigns.

email metrics

4. Conversion rate
Databases are opening emails and clicking on them; however, is it boosting the sales you make?

The conversion rate is the number of people who click the email and end with the actions we’re looking for: purchase or fill in the form, make an appointment…

Middle Eastern Market Email Database

The higher the price, the more intriguing the proposition has been for your contacts.

To get this rate, you must create a Unique Tracking URL (UTM) for each link in your emails. Google Analytics will provide you with information about the origin of your customers.

How to do email marketing:
These tips will assist you in learning how to conduct effective email marketing, and you will get results.

Be in touch with potential customers. Always provide them with high-quality information. Creating a strategy takes some time, but once it’s done, your results will increase.

Middle Eastern Market Email Lists

One of the most important recommendations is to ensure that the recipient feels wholly engaged in the email message. That is, it’s as relevant as it can be to the person receiving it.

Every content we publish should be developed to accomplish the stated goal.


There has to be a significant correlation between the content posted on our site or blog, landing pages, and the emails included in my email.

We invite you to explore all the possibilities for marketing via email! Please do not be afraid to reach us if you ever have concerns.

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