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Email Database Lists

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Europe Email Database

Buy 2023 Europe Email Database

2023 Europe Email Database

Download a Targeted E-Mail List for Your Sales & Marketing Needs. Europe Email Database

Europe Email Database
Europe Email Database

Email Pro Leads offers over 10 million Europe Email Database
No matter what your Target Market is, we are providing you an Accurate E-Mail List to meet your needs.

Europe Email Lists
Europe Email Lists

Our Up-to-Date E-Mail address database includes Business and Executive E-Mail Contacts that are gathered from a variety of sources, including telephone interviews, phone directories, and trusted third-party sources.

Europe Email Leads
Europe Email Leads

Reach Your Target Market!

Popular E-Mail Marketing List Selects Include:

Europe Email Lists NDUSTRY

  • Business Services
  • Professional Services
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Services
  • Retail, Wholesale
  • Construction
  • Government
Europe Mailing Lists
Europe Mailing Lists

Europe Email Leads CRITERIA

  • Owns/Rents
  • Square Footage
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Year Started
Europe Email Address
Europe Email Address

Europe Email Address GEOGRAPHY

  • City
  • Zip Radius
  • County
  • State
  • MSA
  • Country
  • Region
Europe Business Email Database
Europe Business Email Database

Europe Mailing Lists COMPANY SIZE

  • Employees by Site
  • Total Employees
  • Annual Sales Revenue
Europe Mobile Number Database
Europe Mobile Number Database

Europe Email Database CRITERIA

  • Specific Contact Titles
  • Presence of URL
  • Woman/Minority Owned Indicator & MORE!!
Europe Mobile Number Lists
Europe Mobile Number Lists

Europe Business Email Lists

  • SIC Code or NAICS
  • Executive Titles (200+ Options)
  • 1 or Multiple Contacts per Business
  • Sales Volume/Employee Size
  • URL/Fax
  • Industry Description
  • Headquarter/Branch/Franchise
  • Public/Private
  • Minority Owned
  • Import/Export
  • Business Technology
  • Many More Options Available Upon Request
Europe Mobile Leads
Europe Mobile Leads

Europe Consumer Email Lists

  • Age/Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Presence of Children
  • Mortgage Data
  • Religion
  • Home Value/Net Worth
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Occupation
  • Specialty
  • Many More Options Available Upon Request
Europe Phone Number Database
Europe Phone Number Database

Lists of Countries in Europe Email Database Package

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic (Czechia)
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Hungary
  • Belarus
  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Slovakia
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Albania
  • Lithuania
  • North Macedonia
  • Slovenia
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Montenegro
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Iceland
  • Andorra
  • Monaco
  • Liechtenstein
  • San Marino
  • Holy See
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Faeroe Islands
  • Gibraltar
Europe Phone Number Lists
Europe Phone Number Lists

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Five reasons to use email MARKETING


We thought email marketing was going out of fashion, but it’s regaining its popularity. Over the past year, several companies have taken the initiative to digitalize their strategies and optimize and leverage their online channels.

This change brings email marketing techniques to the top of the digital marketing pyramid. According to the website Hubspot, “email marketers are sending 27% more email than they did before the outbreak of coronavirus.”


As you will see, email marketing is growing and, instead of decreasing it, now is the right time to make more investments in this marketing channel.


How to make use of the power of email marketing

Reasons to Use Email MARKETING

This is the reason why email marketing should be a top priority this year:



Europe Email Database
Europe Email Database

In the words of Tom Wozniak (Editor of Forbes), “With email volume rising steadily and Statista evidence suggesting that it will continue to grow in the coming years, It is safe to conclude that the battle for attention-seekers will only increase in the coming 12 months.


For instance, if you’re in the retail industry, your competitors are likely to have doubled their marketing via email since the outbreak started. The reason is that face-to-face interaction was not possible in this particular industry due to the closure of stores.


In the coming year, it is essential to remind your fans of why they remained committed to the brand initially. It may be necessary to make a shift in approach to meet the changing needs of their followers. If you wish to be successful, you’ll need to be prepared to make changes in tandem with them.


use your email marketing competitors

What do you need to do? Rethink and reconsider your email marketing strategies regardless of whether it’s your welcome email or feeding programs for nurturing. It will provide your customers with an impression of trust and loyalty to your company’s reputation.


Let’s continue. Another reason to concentrate on marketing via email is to take this chance to interact with your readers and understand what they are looking for and want. Stop spreading irrelevant information, and instead, start making your email marketing campaigns a two-way road.


  1. Create your email marketing to be a TWO-WAY Method

Europe Business Email Database
Europe Business Email Database

That’s right. You’re able to interact with your audience on a different level. So take advantage of this opportunity. Many email marketers see emails as a method to promote, upsell and provide information to their subscribers, but it’s an effective channel to assist you in understanding your audience. It’s also a tool that can help you know your audience provided you properly make use of it.


It doesn’t matter if it’s promotional such as confirmation emails, newsletters, or re-engagement programs; it’s difficult to satisfy your clients’ requirements when you’re not sending the correct message. This is why many companies that are digitalizing are now utilizing feedback from emails.


This type of unique user feedback lets your team create effective email campaigns specifically designed for your target audience. As a result, you’ll not only deliver content your customers want but also encourage users to remain loyal to your brand.


For instance, suppose you’re trying to gauge the customer’s experience who bought something through your online store. In this scenario, you could easily incorporate the survey via email into your confirmation email or any other follow-up email that you send to the customer. It is also possible to make a survey available via email. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an excellent measure of feedback that you could make use of.


Create your marketing email

Europe Email Mailing Lists
Europe Email Mailing Lists

Incorporating NPS within a post-purchase transaction confirmation email is a fantastic method to determine how your customers feel about your online journey. After they have made their purchase or other purchase online, the experience remains new in their mind. That makes it a perfect moment to inquire about their thoughts and to find out the extent to which they’re loyal to your company’s brand.



Europe Email Lists
Europe Email Lists

In terms of your message out, another reason to focus on email marketing is that it allows you to showcase your brand. Suppose you’re doing your marketing with the correct method. Personality doesn’t mean just calling your subscribers by name. It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of those who follow you and focusing on their needs, not the ones of your company.


The human connection to digital marketing

In the same way, your customers have a voice, and email campaigns provide an excellent chance to show them that you’re with them.


Aren’t you sure if you’re sending the correct message? Make sure to check the feedback message, as we’ve seen earlier. This will help you contact followers on an even higher “human” basis.


  1. Customization and Segmentation Provide A COMPETITIVE AWARD

According to Ascend, most marketers who influencers surveyed said personalized messages were the best method for email marketing. In addition, 37% of respondents think that data segmentation for personalization is a more effective marketing method via email. It’s time to merge these two possibilities!


The key to delivering the right message to your readers will know exactly who your intended people are and what kind of information they need. Whatever your field, your customers typically have different tastes and ages and different languages and interests and behavior that distinguish them from other people. Use these differences to reach out to them by providing the appropriate content.


We’ve said it before the process of personalizing an email does not only mean adding your name at the email’s top but knowing the needs of your readers. For instance, what can the purchase history of your subscribers provide you with? Please use this information to suggest additional relevant goods or solutions to the same customers and keep them informed with the most recent news. If you do this, you’ll be on your way to surpassing your competition.



Europe Email Leads
Europe Email Leads

Typically emails for marketing purposes consist of multiple emails reviewed by an expert in email marketing. The specialist decides the timing and reason for emails sent out to subscribers. With the help of automated practices, email marketers are departing from this marketing method instead of letting the machine take care of the task for them.


Automatization in marketing via email

Let’s look at campaigns that include segmentation. Campaigns with segmentations are an assortment of marketing emails delivered at a regular interval on a set schedule. They begin with an action, such as signing up, followed by another follow-up email; the third email is sent a week afterward.


They are especially interesting for marketers who use email because it’s the user who initiates the series (based upon their behavior) and not the marketing professional themselves. Bonuses! These kinds of emails are more responsive and friendly towards the receiver!


EMAIL MARKETING is effective

Europe Email Mailing Leads
Europe Email Mailing Leads

It’s the perfect time to grow your business’s performance with extensive emails. Make the most of the growing popularity of marketing via email and create opportunities to interact with your customers, personalize your company, and create long-lasting relationships.


Marketing via email isn’t disappearing anytime soon, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with tools such as email feedback and monitor your subscribers’ performance, then you’re getting off to a good start.


What is Email Marketing Automation?


Email advertising mechanization is a procedure that sees advertisers send set-off or coordinated special messages to endorsers on their mailing list. It empowers online advertisers to convey customized messages to the two possibilities and clients on a timetable or when explicit circumstances are met.


Email advertising computerization is tied in with making limited-time crusades a robotized cycle. How could it be helpful? Mechanizing messages saves advertisers the issue of making and sending new messages each time when a possibility shows interest in a brand, a client leaves a truck, a business dispatches a deal, etc. Aside from that, studies have shown that utilizing promoting robotization programming prompts an 80 percent increment in the number of leads and a 77 percent support in transformations.


Why use email Automation for marketing ?

Europe Email Business Email Lists
Europe Email Business Email Lists

Make divided mailing records

Convert possibilities into clients

Keep up with commitment to possibilities and existing clients

Increment proficiency

Further, develop commitment

The following are five justifications for why each advertiser ought to carry out an email promoting robotization. One can:


Make fragmented mailing records

Email promoting computerization empowers organizations to make exceptionally portioned mailing records. Advertisers can fragment their rundowns in light of endorser exercises and Customer Relationship Management information (whole buy history, last buy, lead stage, and so forth.)


From successful fragmenting, advertisers can harvest exceptionally designated showcasing mechanization work processes that augment the two deals and commitment.


Convert possibilities into clients

Studies have reasoned that north of 60% of clients leans toward an email as a technique for contact, hence making it the ideal apparatus for lead sustaining. Email robotization assists advertisers with sustaining the leads that they need to change over through their deals channel. It guarantees that they keep away from the work escalated errand of sending showcasing messages physically.


Keep up with commitment to possibilities and existing clients

Email advertising computerization furnishes online advertisers with navigating information that empowers them to recognize which resources or connections inside their messages get positive reactions. By considering this data, advertisers can then advance the viability of the messages in their messages to keep away from grievances, assemble positive brand impressions, and lessen the quantity of withdraws and skips. Eventually, advertisers get to keep up with solid degrees of commitment with the two possibilities and clients.


Increment effectiveness

Europe Email Business Email Leads
Europe Email Business Email Leads

With email mechanization, online advertisers can modernize monotonous CRM errands and save a great deal of time and exertion. A portion of the exercises they can robotize includes: putting away and following client information, deciding the degree of premium of their clients and their goal to purchase utilizing lead scoring, restoring contact with idle leads, and working out profit from venture (ROI).


Further, develop commitment

Email mechanization empowers advertisers to give fitting, customized, and ideal messages to their supporters. Thus, advertisers help the commitment supporters have to their image.


Advantages of Email Marketing Automation

Expanded exchanges

Successful division

Expanded income with value-based messages

Incorporate with the client purchasing cycle

Email showcasing mechanization enjoys a few benefits. These are:


Expanded exchanges

Email computerization permits advertisers to give customized fields, for example, name, area, organization name, etc, in email messages. Redoing promoting messages in this manner brings about open rates expanded by 26%. Likewise, quite important is that messages with customized messages lead to an exchange rate that is multiple times higher.


Viable division

Europe Email Consumer Email Database
Europe Email Consumer Email Database

Email advertising computerization assists advertisers with conveying applicable messages to their supporters. It permits brands to fragment (in light of information) the two leads and clients into various gatherings to guarantee that they get the offers they’re keen on. As per MailChimp’s review, portioned email crusades have 100.9 percent higher navigate rates and 14.3 percent higher open rates.


Expanded income with conditional messages

Conditional messages will be messages shipped to site guests consequently after they play out a particular activity, for instance, downloading an eBook, buying, etc. Email showcasing computerization permits proactive advertisers to utilize conditional messages to go to different lengths. For example, an email for affirming a request could likewise incorporate “Comparative Products” in the lower part of the message. With conditional messages alone, organizations can procure up to multiple times more income.


Coordinate with the client purchasing cycle

Email robotization permits advertisers to synchronize their business exercises with the buying pattern of their clients. It empowers them to send messages right about the time a client needs one more of their items. For example, assuming a client buys blanch one time each month, an advertiser can plan a special email that goes out to the client following a month.


How does email showcasing mechanization work?

Email computerization is about triggers and activities. Whenever a specific occasion is set off, a particular email or set of messages are sent. The length of a computerized email series relies upon the quantity of showcasing activities the business needs to mechanize. The advertiser can, in this manner, be just about as imaginative as they need in the kind of satisfaction they ship off endorsers. To empower email showcasing mechanization, an advertiser makes an email stream utilizing an email administration.


An email stream is a progression of robotized messages shipped off a supporter given their information or explicit way of behaving.


Utilizing the work process, organizations can send the ideal messages to leads at the ideal time in light of the data they have about them.


By following the exercises of leads when they are drawing in with the brand, advertisers can accumulate experiences and use them to set sets off that will send the most important messages. An email administration, for example, SendPulse assists with setting up and tweaking these triggers or occasions as per the advertiser’s particulars.


Email promoting computerization can be utilized for both B2B and B2C organizations. The two sorts of organizations can utilize robotization streams to send welcome messages, re-commitment messages, or criticism demand messages. B2B brand set triggers for the accompanying activities:


A guest sees a specific page on a business site.

A possibility begins following the business via web-based entertainment.

A potential client shows rehashed interest in unambiguous items or administrations presented by the organization however doesn’t connect.

B2C brands, then again, end mechanized messages when:


A potential purchaser sees a specific item yet doesn’t add them to their shopping basket.

A client added items in their truck yet didn’t buy them (deserted truck).

New or existing client changes over.


Organizations ought to exploit email advertising computerization to arrive at imminent clients as well as to upgrade associations with existing clients.


How to computerize email promotion in SendPulse ?

Europe Email Consumer Email Lists
Europe Email Consumer Email Lists

Go to the Automation 360 tab

Pick an occasion

Make a mechanization stream

Screen changes


Stage 1: Go to the Automation 360 tab

On the client dashboard, click on “Mechanizations,” then “Make new computerization” and select Automation 360. This apparatus permits the advertiser to set up robotized messages, SMS, and web move set off by specific occasions or conditions and ship off a supporter on a current mailing list.


Stage 2: Choose an occasion

Select a beginning occasion or condition. It very well may be a specific date, for example, a birthday, a contact webhook, or a custom occasion set by the client. Whenever this start occasion is set off, the robotization stream promptly starts. For an effective mission, set a trigger in light of the way of behaving of beneficiaries on the information base.


Stage 3: Create a robotization stream

Start making the robotized stream beginning with the occasional set. There is a settings board where one can change determinations about the robotization stream. Use “conditions” to set the following stage in the robotization stream and “channel” to customize messages in light of orientation, area, etc. Computerization 360 likewise permits advertisers to deal with their mailing records. One can duplicate, move, update, or erase contacts on a rundown.


Stage 4: Monitor changes

Change is the achievement of the objective, as determined by the advertiser. It tends to be open rate, navigates, or buys. For this situation, the occasion is the objective, and whenever accomplished, it turns into a change. After the email is sent, add a condition and pick the planned objective, for instance, buy. Whenever a client gets, it will consider a change. Consequently, you can follow the number of transformations are made against the messages sent.


Email Marketing Automation Best Practices

Europe Email Consumer Email Leads
Europe Email Consumer Email Leads

Plan a marked email format

Send an onboarding series

Fragment your mailing list

Support leads

Send achievement messages

Take clients back to their shopping baskets

Upsell and strategically pitch consequently

Send conditional messages

Reconnect uninvolved clients

Deal with your mailing records





Section 1: Paid Advertising is essential for making sales, growing your company, generating leads, and expanding your brand. You are wasting money and potentially losing customers if you don’t use paid advertising.
Section two dealt with paid advertising terms, metrics and guidelines. You no longer need to be confused by terms and metrics. Here are 45 important terms and metrics that you can use for paid advertising.
Section 2: Paid advertising comes with its own set metrics that measure ads and terms it is discussed. You should be familiar with all 45 terms, metrics, and terms. If you have any questions or need to refer back to this section.

We will be discussing the differences in advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing in section 3. These are the top three platforms for online paid advertising.
Section 3: Each one of the main advertising platforms has its pros and cons. Before you start any paid advertising program, it is important to do your research and make informed decisions. Don’t be afraid of testing your ads across all platforms if you’re just starting out.

Section four dealt with different types of ads. There are 20 types of ads that you can use in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads.
The take-away: You can test 20 types of ads on Bing, Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Start slow and only select one type of ad for each platform. Then, test each of these 20 ads to determine which is best for you.

Section five is where we walk you through our story-based ads testing that generated 50% more engagement We also explained why this strategy is good for you.
The take-away: Stories create emotional connections with readers and help you to build a relationship by showing that you are sensitive to their problems and needs. This will increase your engagement, clicks and conversions.

Section 6 dealt with how to use story-based ads within your business. This section outlines the steps involved in creating and implementing the story based ad strategy that we discussed in section 5. It has been proven to increase engagement by 50%.
Takeaway: CPA and LTV are the two most important metrics to scale your ads. If your lifetime value is sufficient, you can lose money even on the first sale.

Now you are ready to rock your business with story-based advertising.

Make engaging ads now!

Kajabi offers a free 14-day trial that will help you create story-based landing pages or integrate the opt-in to your email list. It will make it easy to run your online business.
It seems so simple. It simply informs the recipient that you have acknowledged an action taken by him or her, such as purchasing one of your digital products and signing up for your email list.

Confirmation emails must also be converted. After receiving the email, you want recipients to act. How do you create these emails?

This is what we will be covering today. Your bottom line can be affected by the images, text, or call to action (CTA), you use to confirm actions. It is essential that you learn how to create confirmation emails that convert, if you are looking to sell more Knowledge Commerce products.

What is a Confirmation email?

A confirmation email is an email that a business sends to customers to confirm a particular, personal action. Your email marketing software may automatically create an email to confirm that someone has purchased one of your online courses. Confirmation emails often include important but not too dry details such as these:

Name of the product purchased
Sale price
Product delivery method
Sale date
Garanties or warranties
Options for refund

You can spice up your emails with verbiage that encourages customers to respond to another request.
Why should you send confirmation emails?

The bottom line is that most people expect confirmation emails. Email marketing is now a standard practice.

Consumers expect to hear back from brands when they sign up for email lists, purchase products, or provide contact information. We’re used to instant responses and instant gratification.

Confirmation emails should be sent because your audience expects them. It also provides a connection between your brand and the consumer. It is not a way to distinguish your brand from others. It’s actually one of the most important aspects to understand when creating an email marketing campaign.

For 14 days, try Kajabi for free

Kajabi has everything you need for your online business, even emails.
Yes! Yes!
What are the benefits of sending confirmation emails?
Photo of a woman seated cross-legged outside on a bench using her iPhone

There are three reasons you should send confirmation emails. Each one offers tangible benefits that will help you grow your company. Although it may seem like an innocuous step in brand building, sending confirmation emails can bring you major benefits if done correctly.
1. Begin a one-on-one conversation with your prospects

Email is personal. Email is very personal. It was used to update family members, confirm meetings with colleagues and replace snail mail when it first appeared.

It’s much more common today. It’s common to text friends and use chat apps with coworkers. Email might be used almost exclusively for commercial purposes. Your brand is helping customers hear your voice and you’re listening to brands.

It’s a strong connection. The recipient will feel a pull towards your business when you send that confirmation email, especially if it is personalized. Although it may not result in a sale immediately or brand loyalty, it is a crucial first step.
2. Contact Prospects at Key Points in the Consumer Lifecycle

It’s not always easy to draw a line between customer and consumer. Sometimes it can look like this if you’re really lucky.
Photo of a graph showing steady increases in the consumer’s starting point to the customer’s ending point

It’s more likely that it will look like this:
Photo of a graph showing customer starting point and unpredicted path to customer ending point

What are those squiggly lines? The customer lifecycle. Although it’s unpredictable, if you are able to connect with prospects and customers at key points along the trajectory, you will be able to make a sale.

Confirmation emails and other targeted touchpoints are essential to a customer’s buying journey. You can better understand your customers’ needs and wants if you have more touchpoints. Customers can have a personalized experience through touchpoints, which helps you seal the deal and build valuable consumer trust.

Let’s take, for example, the CTA in a Facebook Ad that you used to inform a customer that he/she has signed up for your email newsletter. This is valuable data.

But what next? Send a confirmation email referencing the Facebook connection. You’ve already shown that you are paying attention to each customer and that you care about them.

Perhaps a customer is just buying one of your online courses but is still in a buying mood. This is great but you must capitalize on it.

An email confirmation that offers a discount on a future purchase may be just what the customer needs to convince him or her to buy again.

For 14 days, try Kajabi for free

Kajabi has everything you need for your online business, even emails.
Yes! Yes!
3. Keep track of valuable data
Photo of a woman in black blazer, her arms crossed in front and pondering the solution to a problem

We will talk more about data in the future, but let us get this out of the way: Data is extremely important. Data is crucial to how your business runs and how you connect with your customers.

You can use Kajabi’s email marketing tools to your advantage. You have all the data you need.

You will need to purchase the software separately if you want data from third-party email providers. A complicated email marketing process is the last thing a business owner needs.

No matter what program you choose, ensure you have the ability to track and measure data. For example, which emails are most effective in convincing people to purchase products. This type of metric will inform your marketing strategy.
How to write Confirmation emails that delight and convert

We don’t want you to be confused so we have 14 tips for creating great confirmation emails that will delight customers and encourage them to convert. These steps will help you convince more customers to sign-up for your email list, purchase your products, or invest further in your brand.
1. To maintain the integrity of your subscriber list, confirm email signups
Close-up photo of hands typing animated white envelopes from the keys

Many entrepreneurs believe that the email list size is more important than any other factor. This is a trap!

Yes, an extensive email list is a valuable asset. But quality is more important than quantity every day.

You can protect your brand by using confirmation emails to ensure that your email is received by the right people. You’ll also have a better idea of who your prospects are.

After signing up for an email newsletter, consumers sometimes make mistakes with their email addresses. This mistake should not be made again. You can preserve your email delivery and your integrity by sending confirmation emails that allow unqualified leads to opt-out.

Confirmation emails are a way to show that you care about consumers’ rights and wants. This is made even more effective by using a two-step authentication process. #Kajabi — Tweet this!

Kajabi makes it simple to keep track of email signups and confirm subscribers. You don’t need to use a third-party service to manage your email list. Instead, use the Kajabi platform to manage it.
2. Provide Clear Next Steps

Every day, consumers receive a lot of emails. They don’t have the time or the desire to search for information about the brands they subscribe to.

Clear next-step instructions can help improve the quality of your emails. How can subscribers improve their email communications?

For example, you might ask them to confirm their subscription or to use a coupon code. No matter what the reason, make sure you clearly state it in your email.

To make next steps clear and easy to follow, you can use a CTA-button. A bulleted or number list can be helpful if you want people taking multiple next steps.

Don’t forget to thank your prospects for their interest. An email confirmation should have a purpose. This valuable opportunity will be wasted if you don’t tell your prospects what they should do.
3. Let prospects know the steps required to achieve a goal

People enjoy working towards a goal. Gamification is a popular way to communicate and bond with customers.

You can build relationships with your prospects by setting a goal and helping them to understand how they can achieve it. An email confirmation is a great way to set a fun goal that your customers can work towards.

Perhaps you offer a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points towards a discount or a free gift. You might outline the various ways your prospects can earn points, such as following you on social media or buying one of your digital goods, or filling out surveys.

You could also tie the goal to the course you are teaching. You might offer certifications to people who complete your online courses. Once someone has signed up, send them a confirmation email explaining how certifications work and the steps they need to take to reach their next goal. Do not be afraid to present yourself as an expert in your field, and tell your customers about the benefits they will get from your certifications.

This is a way to make your prospects feel part of your company culture and to motivate them to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Consumers’ competitive instincts are also triggered when they set a goal. Even though they did not set the goal, they want to achieve it. It’s a great way to achieve this goal is to hold a 2-week-long or 30-day challenge that includes a social media component (think hashtag). This will create an atmosphere of urgency and camaraderie, as well as valuable user-generated content that can be used to grow your business.
4. Promoting your products and services in a non-salesy way

We don’t have to remind you, but customers don’t like being sold to. It feels intrusive.

You want to sell your online courses. This means you need to get your products in front customers. It is important to make it personal and not selly.

Your confirmation emails should include a humorous or clever way to introduce your products. You could, for example, send an email saying “Thanks so much for signing up for my newsletter.” You can also include a link to the weight-lifting class you are teaching and I will do the heavy lifting. You can also include images and links to your product pages at end of email.

Avoid using phrases like “Buy Now” or “Purchase This Product.” It’s not about the sale.

Offering something of value is one way to make your customers more comfortable with your product pitches. Your subscribers will feel more grateful if your confirmation email includes a valuable lesson. They’ll also be more likely click on your CTA. Let’s return to our fitness course example. An email might include a thank you, five of your favorite ab exercises and a CTA for signing up for your complete course.
5. Receive a Reward for Confirming Purchases

Usually, purchase confirmation emails are quite dull. These emails are like digital receipts and not something you want to read.

A reward can be added to your purchase confirmation emails. Your prospects will be more likely to open the email and engage with your CTA if they are given a reward.

You could give away a bonus, coupon, discount code, free month access to your site, or any other valuable reward. Think of something you would personally use if you were the customer.

The idea is to encourage gratitude from your recipients. Reward them for reading your email. You might be rewarded with a referral or purchase in return. This is the best compliment.
6. Mobile-First Mindset: Design email templates

Our society is becoming more mobile. However, this doesn’t mean that we are spending more time on the subway. Today’s consumers are more likely to purchase products, subscribe to email lists, or perform other functions on their smartphones than ever before.

Therefore, confirmation emails must be mobile-friendly.

Images should not be too large, as your email will load too slow for mobile. Also, ensure that your email templates are compatible with mobile devices. Emails that don’t load properly on mobile devices are less likely to be read by customers. Send a test email to confirm everything loads properly.
7. Invite Subscribers To Participate In A Referral Program

Confirmation emails can be a great way for customers and subscribers to feel more connected to your brand. Invite everyone to join your referral programme.

You might offer $20 off your next purchase for each customer you refer. The customer who refers you could get the same discount — it would be a win-win situation for all.

Make sure that you have a system for handling referrals. You don’t want to offer a discount until the purchase has taken place. It is also important to protect against losing records.
8. Optimize your Subject Lines to Get Open Rates

Your confirmation emails’ subject line is perhaps the most important. It will help you get people to respond to your message. Nothing else matters if the recipient does not open the email.

A catchy subject line can evoke curiosity, tension, joy, or both. It should be as brief as possible and convey the contents of the email.

Start with a few words to let the recipient know why your reaching out. You could use “Subscriber Confirmation” or “Purchase Confirmation” as your first words. Then, add a colon (:)..

You can then get a little more creative.

Let your recipients know if you are sending a coupon with the purchase confirmation email. You might write the entire subject “Purchase Confirmation: Fantastic Coupon Inside”

You can be funny, witty or serious, but the subject line must accurately reflect the contents of your email. If you do not, recipients will feel cheated.
9. Opt out of being subscribed

Unwanted emails are not something people like to receive. This sentiment is probably familiar to you. It is likely that you get annoyed by too many emails in your inbox.

You can provide unsubscribe options in confirmation emails to avoid annoying potential customers. They should be as clear as possible. Also, don’t conceal them with a small font or a pale color.

While it is hard to watch people leave, you must protect your brand. Businesses should offer consumers the ability to unsubscribe from emails. Consumers love this. For your unsubscribe page, think of something creative or funny. This is your last chance to impress your customer or at least make them smile. You never know what you might find. You may just be able to save your relationship or change their minds about ending it.
10. Use brand-specific messaging

Email is saturated. This is a fact. You can still stand out in a crowded market by consistently sending brand-specific messages. This includes confirmation emails.

Take a look at the emails you have sent in the past six months. Which tone of voice are you using? Do you have certain words or phrases that you repeat over and over? Are you able to identify a brand-specific hashtag

Congruent emails should include all these elements. This allows recipients to know that they can trust you to keep your brand intact and deliver what they need. Your brand will be taken out of the running if your email tone and language is unfamiliar.
11. Tease a New Email

One great way to ensure people open your emails is to let them know. Let them know what’s in store.

It’s almost like a teaser for next weeks episode of your favorite TV show. They want you to tune in so they give you a glimpse of the characters in the next episode.

To get your recipients excited about the next thing they will receive from you, send them a confirmation email. It could be a free resource that is related to Knowledge Commerce. Coupon? A coupon code? Another thing of value?

To reduce the likelihood of subscribers deleting your emails, you can make it exciting and exclusive.
12. Be Light on the Images

Both consumers and entrepreneurs are easily distracted when they see shiny, new things. Do not fall for this trap.

Yes, images and graphics can be more engaging if used with care. You should not use too many graphics or images that are “heavy” as they will slow down the loading time and distract your audience.

People should focus on the content of the email. If they only see the beautiful pictures, they will not be able to take away anything of value.
13. Landing Pages and Emails to Test A/B

Strong CTAs should be included in confirmation emails. Perhaps someone just purchased one of your online courses. That’s great! You want them to purchase other courses, right?

CTAs should direct to a landing page. This could be the landing page for your most popular digital product. No matter what the reason, you can A/B-test different landing pages to determine which one is most effective.

Each A/B test should only have one variable changed. You might alter the subject line, primary photo, or CTA button. You can test each element until you find the right combination.
14. Write like a human

The most important tip was saved for last. Why? We want you to keep it in your mind.

It can be too simple, or too personal to communicate digitally. You can easily write like a robot, even though your emails were intended for real people.

Refuse to succumb to this urge. You should not feel the need to speak in your emails to customers over the phone or in person. It’s important to appear friendly, approachable and authoritative.

This is exactly how you write confirmation emails.

Before you send them off, ask someone to review your drafts. You can get valuable feedback from real people about your tone and language choices.
Example Confirmation Email

Although we have given you many tips for designing confirmation emails, real-life examples are more helpful. Let’s look at some examples that help customers stay loyal and convert more.

We have Rover, which matches dog owners with dog sitters. You will receive a confirmation email when you find a dog sitter through the site. It beautifully represents the brand.
Email confirmation photo of Rover

There are several CTAs at each end that can be used to assist consumers in finding other helpful resources. The confirmation provides dry details in a playful and creative manner.

We like the confirmation you get under the option of confirming or denying the request. Rover gives consumers the assurance that they are covered with insurance, emergency assistance, and a guarantee. Talk about making pet owners feel at ease.

Let’s look at another example that might be familiar to you. It comes from Amazon. The usual confirmation details are included, including a photo of the product and the purchase price.
Amazon provides suggestions at the bottom based on your purchase. These CTAs take you directly to the product sales pages.

REI, the outdoor apparel retailer, is another example. These confirmation emails are concise and straight to the point. However, they make use of images well and include powerful CTAs.
Photo from an REI confirmation email

Particularly impressive is the “Members Get More” section. This section is a great way for prospects to sign up to REI’s membership program. The text appeals directly at the target audience of the company.

Check out this email confirmation from GoDaddy. The company sells domains and web hosting.
Photo of GoDaddy confirmation email

The top image is quite large, which can slow down loading times. However, the rest of the email is perfect. It is quite long which allows GoDaddy to include multiple calls to actions. Even though the email is auto-generated, the “Recommended For You” section gives it a personal touch.

This is a great way for customers to return for more.
Kajabi can help you turn your knowledge and content into products that you can sell

It is difficult to run your own business. Knowledge Commerce professionals are not told that it’s easy.
We believe our customers will experience greater success thanks to the tools and support we offer. Entrepreneurs can even try our platform for free for 14 days.

Our platform is a leader in email marketing and confirmation emails. It has some of the best tools available, and you don’t need to spend on third-party software to get an email marketing program started.

Kajabi is a great place to start selling your knowledge online. Kajabi can make it easy for you to get your knowledge commerce products on the market.


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Yes! Yes!
How to write confirmation emails

Confirmation emails aren’t necessary. Many entrepreneurs use confirmation emails as an afterthought, if at all.

We are confident that you won’t be the next entrepreneur. Kajabi offers many resources to help you be the best possible entrepreneur. Don’t forget about our email tools which include autoresponders.

Confirmation emails should be sent to all customers who interact with your company. It shows that you value your customer’s business and appreciate their interest.

Each email feels like an intimate conversation between you, the recipient. It feels like you are looking out from behind your computer to say “Hi there!” Thank you for taking [whatever action was taken by the consumer]!

Prospects are also given the opportunity to contact you at every stage of the sales process. As they consider their options and make a decision, you build trust and loyalty.

Finally, you can use the data collected from these emails to improve your future communications with customers. Marketing your business without data is based on guesswork. This is a waste of time and doesn’t benefit anyone.

How do you create a confirmation email that converts? These are our top tips:

Confirm email signups by starting with subscribers. Tell people what your next steps are, and then help them to understand how to achieve specific goals.
Be gentle when promoting your products and services. Avoid hard-sales.
Include a reward in purchase confirmations if possible. These people will be more likely to purchase other products from your company.
Keep your mobile-friendly mindset in mind, and don’t be afraid to use images.
Refer recipients to your email list with a referral program.
These subject lines can be optimized to keep your brand messaging consistent.
Your recipients will be excited about a future email or an incentive. This will motivate them to open your future messages.
Regularly A/B test confirmation emails and landing pages.
Don’t forget, to be human when writing. As a result, your emails will convert more effectively.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current EUROPE EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our Europe Email Database is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at EmailProLeads.com, we only offer the best.

Europe Email Database Fields*

1. Full name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

Europe Email Database

Marketing churn rates determine the success of company target groups
are subgroups of the total population share common characteristics. e.g., e.g.:
• Cell phone owners, 25 to 45 years old
• Office workers who use computers every day
Although the net size of an audience slowly changes, there is a constant stream of
individual members. Some leave the target group, and new ones join the target group. Added
comes that the characteristics that define the target group evolves.

Europe Email List

Can wind. The definition sometimes includes more, sometimes fewer people. As a result, the
Member churn rates vary even more. The effects
are unavoidable. To keep up, marketers need to match the churn rate with new ones
match contacts. This applies to both B2B and B2C markets.
In European countries, between 11 percent (Italy) and 18 percent (Switzerland) of
employees have worked in their current job for less than a year. In Scandinavia lies the
The rate is even higher: between 16 percent (Norway) and 24 percent (Denmark). The average
in the EU seems to be about 15 percent. Germany has remained relative over the past five years, stable at 15 percent to 16 percent. Changing jobs or responsibilities slows things down
communication and reduces sales success. Without the right contact person,
you never sign a contract.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 2.8 million out of 80 million (3.5 percent) had Germans in 2014
a change of address beyond the municipal boundaries. No problem, as long as you order

Europe Email Leads

One might think that lungs take place over the Internet. But especially in this environment must
many sales are delivered by courier. Driving the wrong information in the database,
the costs go up. Target groups that are defined by social criteria can still
change faster. The attrition rate among students in four-year training is
at least 25 percent per year. More than 33 percent per year for a three-year apprenticeship.
Target groups of fast or short-lived products – like fashion – change much more drastically with exchanging ideas within society. This explains why customer retention is such a big problem for B2C marketers.
Whether B2B or B2C, the acquisition of new contacts (address generation) fulfills two goals:
1. Replace the recently lost contacts to last
2. Gain additional contacts to promote growth
The effects determine the success of companies.
With a modest annual conversion rate of (e.g.) 20 percent – ​​without any expense

Refreshment – it could well be that half of a customer database is gone after four years
is USA ble. After five years, 60 percent of the database is no longer suitable for further processing. Conversely, industries with little prospect of repeat sales
(such as capital goods) or companies that live from new customers must consciously.

It aims to go looking for new contacts. If the amount achieved is not reached or if the
Disappointed in the conversion rate, this is reflected in the company’s poor financial results.
The acquisition of new contacts is not an issue that should be left to chance.
Acquiring new customers is an important business area and requires a clear strategy. Now for
the actual real challenge: how does a successful approach to new

Europe Mailing Lists

Contact search off?
How can new newsletter subscribers be generated? What incentives do you have to target the audience
Offer? On which channels should you be present with the newsletter? The questions are so diverse
are, the solution is: take a close look at your target group. The key is to
understand which incentives the target group reacts to (vouchers, sweepstakes, or the
information advantage) and which channels the target group is present. The following will be
good ways are described that can be used for newsletter marketing.
Both “own” and “external” channels can be used for newsletter marketing.
The homepage should not be missing from your channels. Users aware of the homepage
land are fundamentally interested in the company and its topics. Nevertheless
Most of them will probably not come to the homepage because of the newsletter

Be men. Therefore, a strong presence of the newsletter on the homepage is essential. for one
Navigation, menu, and footer are ideal for firmly anchoring the newsletter, but banners
and overlay forms can provide strong visibility. However, the flags and overlay forms should be used consciously to minimize the disruptive effect.
Another channel is social networks. Starting from ads on Facebook to
the photos and graphics in Pinterest that are linked to the newsletter registration, through to the
Newsletter applications in the interest groups in business networks are the range of
Possibilities of newsletter marketing large. But here, too, the principle applies: are relevant
the networks in which one’s target group is active.
Another popular way to generate new newsletter subscribers is to link the
Registration for cash or non-cash prizes. When downloading a whitepaper, a checklist, or
a guide, as part of a competition or when granting discounts,
pointed out that subscribing to the newsletter is a prerequisite for receiving the bonus. is
Is it legal to link consent to cash or non-cash bonuses? In principle, newsletter registration should always be voluntary. “If the person concerned cannot or cannot reasonably be expected to have any other access to equivalent contractual services without consent
is” (§ 28 Para. 3b BDSG), there must be no coupling because in this case, the grant would be
the consent is not voluntary. Should turn the premium on another (reasonable) way
be accessible, a pairing may occur.
Another essential prerequisite for being noticed by the target group is the
Visibility of the newsletter in the search engines (via SEO or SEA). A targeted application
of the newsletter in the search context of the search query (region, keyword, etc.) also reduces scatter

Europe Mailing leads

Losses. Not only the online channels but also the offline channels such as freebies,
Contacts at events, brochures, business cards, print ads, presentations are a
18 19
tried and tested means of generating new registrations. Due to the media break, the new
Those interested in the newsletter can be quickly introduced to the online registration process. A verbal
Granted consent to the use of the data for sending the newsletter is also possible, provided that
in the second step, it will be confirmed in writing very soon (no later than three months). In addition to the “owner.”
Channels can be used in the context of newsletter marketing “foreign” channels to their
To be able to use reach for the marketing of your newsletter. A possibility of using
third-party media is co-registration or co-sponsorship. The organization of these measures can
either be via professional providers or “on your own.” When co-registering will, the registration for the actual service has been extended to include the signup for the newsletter. With co-sponsoring, different companies jointly finance a campaign, often a competition, to
collect new email addresses as part of this campaign.
Another promising method of generating new email addresses is to apply
the newsletter to the newsletter of other providers with the same target group. Because the receiver
is already a newsletter subscriber, the medium and its advantages do not have to be explained first
. The email address is already known, so there is no hurdle in the registration process.
But this is not just about advertising the newsletter, and it also curates content
advertising possible. Since there are no particular marketplaces for this form of advertising,
such cooperations are organized independently. Multipliers, such as bloggers and the press,
are further possible contact potentials for your newsletter. It is essential that this “Bot.

Europe Phone Number Database

Schafer” is accepted by the target group. The disadvantage is that relationships with the multipliers often have to be established first. The address pool can also be accessed via the so-called address rental
being constructed. The owner of the addresses “rents” his addresses by renting them to his
address pool sent an email with the application for the newsletter. In this way, a great
The range can be achieved, but caution is advised, as dubious providers on the market
there do not comply with the legal requirements. Quality seals provide the necessary orientation.
If the first hurdle has been overcome – the target group has noticed the newsletter’s existence
– it is essential to persuade the interested party to convert, i.e., register for the newsletter. The following applies:
The benefits of receiving the newsletter should be clear to the interested party throughout the registration process. The essential advantages of the newsletter should be communicated briefly and conclusively. The registration process should be lean and the hurdles low. Should one think of more
Data than only interested in the email address of the prospect, this data can freely

Europe Phone Number Lists

Willingly be queried after the conversion because each additional query of records is
a potential hurdle in the registration process. A look at metrics like visitor signup rate,
Form Abandonment Rate, Double Opt-in Bounce Rate helps improve the existing signup process
question and optimize. Another way to expand the address pool without prior application for the newsletter and without registering for the newsletter is to take it over
the email addresses of existing customers.
Under § 7 Para. 3 UWG, advertising by email is permitted without consent if:
• A trader in connection with the sale of a good or service from the
the customer has received his electronic mail address
• The entrepreneur uses the address for direct marketing of his similar goods or services
• The customer has not objected to the sending of advertising messages
• When the address is collected, and each time it is used, the customer is informed that he can object to the use at any time without having to do anything other than
the transmission costs are incurred according to the basic tariffs
All of the above requirements must be met.
Only when you trust the other person, do you buy.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a few euros at high street retail or several
Millions in the B2B business in the boardroom: “People buy people first” is the old saying
success in sales. Many products and services – not only in B2C but also in the B2B area
– can now be sold well on the Internet. For others, however, it’s about something completely different.
The product needs to be explained. It can be cropped or customized. Or do you need a Bera?

Europe Phone Leads

Performance, rehearsal or USA nstration. If the product is complex or expensive, the purchase of detailed
conditions or several people can only go slowly. And that means neither
Marketing and sales success comes simultaneously, but only after several steps and stages.
Nonetheless, marketing functions as a precursor to sales. Maybe we should
rather say: The online interaction is a critical preparatory stage for initiating personal
sales. In this context, it is good to ask: How do you create trust in the online environment? This part will find a few practical basic ideas that you can use as a guide.
Give and take
All of life is give and take, but in the online world, it’s most effective when the
Marketer gives something first – or at least offers something. To arouse customer interest, and To

Europe Mobile Number Database

Required to fulfill two characteristics. First, it must be relevant; second, it must meet the requirements
correspondingly low or light.
Exchange is not robbery.
The classic example is the landing page: “Read our e-book on Blah!” it screams
the headline. The text below says: “To which email address may we send the e-book?”
The marketer provides information, gets an email address – and, of course, permission
to use them to meet the wishes of the interested party.
First impressions count
From the simplest of first contacts, style is critical. How to formulate a call to action
shapes the expectations. Imagine a Google Ad with the call-to-action “Click here
– Free PDF Download” – what would you expect after the click? That one the PDF immediately
can call, right? If we are confronted with a form, we are disappointed. With a dozen
Fields to fill in – all mandatory? One would prefer to do without the whole thing. If you
but read a call-to-action like “Click here to request our PDF e-book,” then you know
exactly what it is about. Fair dealing begins with an honest formulation of the call to action.
Did you promise something? A download, a service? No matter what it is, you are then in everything
Honor obliges to get it done. And as promptly as possible. Your prospects have neither patience
nor fancy technical errors, 404 pages, or slow connections. Mistakes are not trivial here:
You determine the perception of your company and let the way you deal with customers
suspect. Any lack of respect for the customer gets around very quickly.
Be creative
Every information offered on the Internet offers the marketer a reason, relevant information
to inquire about the contact person.
“We offer detailed brochures for download for several industry-specific solutions.
Here you can make your selection.”
20 21

Europe Mobile Number Lists

With such offers, one can successfully animate contacts to identify themselves. Be but
Ensure the fields to fill out are kept to a minimum and always relevant. It doesn’t work here
just about the data collection minimization law. It is more critical that every field in the online database be filled out correctly. Ask things the contact doesn’t want to share, then find them
You in the database rubbish values ​​like “asdf.” If your data collection is relevant, then you need it
Do not provide any field with “* mandatory.” With this idea in mind, marketers can use a
Generate a targeted series of “touchpoints” from a standard set of brochures or sales literature.
The optimal order
You have to discover the details for your products and target groups yourself. But here are a few
Proposals. The first “touchpoints” should be lightning fast. Purely intuitive. “Yes, I want that – click.”
And so, the offer must be tempting. And the hurdle of data collection should
be as low as possible: typically email address and opt-in. Basta. In the course of further “touchpoints,” you can ask for a little more time and a little more information – but only,
as long as it is relevant to the offer. After four, five, six, such interactions can
start talking about an online relationship.

Europe Mobile Number Leads

Personalization of the speech
Perhaps all interactions so far are anonymous – they just go through an email address.
Personalization can certainly be offered at any time. But it is up to the contact person
to decide whether she wants it or not. Don’t force anything. In the B2B area – and especially with
Decision-makers or owners of the old school – a well-intentioned “Duzen” sometimes comes
very bad. When passing a lead to sales, think about how the sales professional should approach the customer in an initial meeting. Do you mean that “Duzen”
fits just because it’s about online communication?
A full address
Want to ask for an address and make sure you get the correct information? Then offer something that can only be delivered by mail. The self-interest of
contact is always reliable. For the sake of cost alone, you might consider this methodology
Bring a game after collecting a lot of other information.
Finally: face to face
We are slowly but surely getting to the supreme discipline: an invitation to an event. As always,
it must be relevant to win a yes:
“Meet us at the trade fair/roadshow/user day.”
“Welcome to our open day/golf tournament/summer party.”
And with that – maybe after a few weeks, maybe after several months – we have taken the most crucial step. Thanks to clear relevance and consistent behavior, we have
found someone who is the sales professional in our company
who wants to get to know based on a simple email address. Hats off.
The long way from the new contact acquisition to the new customer is an exciting process in itself.

Europe Telephone Number Database

The individual stages, their order, reporting, and optimization are essential
more complicated than shown here. Nevertheless, innovative and playful thinking is worthwhile,
paired with the willingness to try new ideas – both are essential factors for success.
“Marketing is the master of strategy – but a servant of sales,” says the old saying. In the
Lead generation is correct. Close cooperation with sales helps enormously. To understand,
what the customers want, what is missing, where the shoe pinches, which products or solutions are well received. Such insights pave the way for the online marketer. IT and marketing technologies are essential companions. Without their websites, landing pages, and portals, we would never have the
Receive reports and analyses that tell us if an idea was stupid or brilliant. The management
shows us where we can best use these methods and processes: on which products or
Services, which markets or segments, which target groups we focus on
should. We report our successes to management and reap the glory. Finally need
Marketers are the colleagues who accompany us through the everyday routine of acquiring new customers and generating leads: copywriters and graphic designers who are keen to experiment and who are always looking for even better results
or chasing conversion rates, and equally hungry email marketers who bring the whole thing to life with subject lines and calls to action.
In short, everything revolves around the customer.
• Trust is gained through consistent behavior and, above all, through fair dealing.
• You collect information step by step. Progressive qualification takes time.
• Politeness and an appeal to the contact’s intelligent self-interest is best
for good data quality.
• Never forget that it’s about people: respect is also shown online in the wording of the
Data protection.
Legal certainty opt-in
Advertising by email, both in the B2C area and in the B2B area, requires the
recipient’s consent. The necessity of the support results from § 7 paragraph 2 number 3
UWG, as well as from the Federal Data Protection Act, § 28 paras. Three sentences 1 BDSG. Although this principle sounds very simple, it leads to a multitude of implementation difficulties in practice.
Several judgments and changes in the law mean that the requirements for declarations of consent are constantly being tightened.
The requirements for effective consent can be summarized as follows:
• transparent (e.g., the declaration of consent must not be “hidden” in the general terms and conditions)
• voluntarily
• consciously, unequivocally, explicitly (e.g., actively ticking a box)
• separately (e.g., the declaration of consent must not be submitted together with other declarations)
Consent must also be verifiable and recorded in detail.
22 23

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