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300k B2b China Email Database [2023]

As China alters its laws on trade and regulations, the world economy reacts. It is essential to have this B2B China email database to ensure your business is in contact with the correct Chinese decision-makers. Don’t delay and risk getting lost: get the B2B China mailing list now.

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If you’re looking to purchase email leads in a fast-growing market such as China, it is essential to be sure to receive an email list that you can trust.

When you buy email addresses from Emailproleads.com, you’ll get the exact contact details that you require to establish B2B contacts with any firm within Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, or anywhere within the United States.

We know how quickly mailing list details in a country such as China could change. We ensure it is correct when purchasing a b2b China mail list through us. 

We regularly review the information on all of our lists using automated processes and authenticators from humans to ensure that the B2B China email database will put you in contact with real key decision-makers, not just in a dead end. 

Our reputation has been built on creating top-quality business lists, and we are confident we can guarantee that the B2B Chinese email list will satisfy your requirements.

The success you will have in China begins with our authentic China B2B email list. 

We offer a business contact list to establish B2B relationships that you require to increase the growth of your business. 

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Email Pro Leads offers only the most up-to-date China business email databases to aid you. We have a China corporate email list that is regularly updated until 2023 and is regularly verified to ensure accuracy. At Email Pro Leads, we only provide the best.

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Buy Business B2B China Email Database 2022
Buy Business B2B China Email Database 2023


You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Seven Call-to-Action Examples for Higher Conversion Rates

CTAs, also known as CTAs, are all over the place you see in marketing, including email, on-site messages, texts marketing, on-site messaging, and many more. This is because every marketing campaign aims to convince a user to take action. That is why every step in the process is often the result of the click of a CTA.


Do you want to send leads via email? It’s just a CTA click.

Do you want to add it to your cart? Click to call for the move.


To purchase? The most important CTA click.

B2b China Email Database
B2b China Email Database

A CTA is intended as the primary and most engaging component of your content. However, the right one isn’t always easy to find. We decided to consult the experts! We spoke to a number of our top partners to discover examples of outstanding CTAs that will inspire you.



What is what is CTA?

CTA or a call to action CTA is a piece of content designed to trigger a reaction or a specific action. The exact words and the purpose behind each CTA will be contingent on the context of your marketing.



Welcome offer

Here’s a special welcome offer by our agency partner, Foster, to their customer, Bohemia. The company uses”Get Code” as their “Get code” button to request an email sign-up. The text is an ominous reminder that the user submits their email address and is awarded a discount voucher. The idea that the customer is rewarded with an item (the code) instead of a gift (their email) is a great way to encourage conversion.



The closing button in the “No thank you” copy suggests that users should turn down the offer. The idea of saying they don’t want it to cause users to think twice before they close the deal.


Bohemia CTA

Full-screen pop-up window

B2b China Email Lists
B2b China Email Lists

For its cosmetics clients, Florence by Mills, Foster designed a full-screen takeover promo that served as a landing site to gather pre-launch information.


They utilized two CTAs within one campaign, which allowed the customer to choose their preference of method for communication. Each CTA led to a different page with either an SMS or email field, based on your choice.



This approach relies on the idea that users are more likely to be engaged and keep their subscriptions if they can select the method they prefer to use for communication.


The two cases from Foster demonstrate an awareness of their audience and what they are drawn to. The first one focuses on a fear of not wanting something and not being able to participate. The second is self-selection. Letting your customers choose the channel they prefer immediately increases the impact and effectiveness of your advertising.


Florence CTA


Lead capture via email

This brand Visitor employed a different CTA copy strategy to provide an opportunity to emphasize an edgy tone and enhance the overall image of the brand. They retained active language; however, they avoided using the standard “Buy Today” message.



CTAs provide a fantastic opportunity to display your personality and engage your audience. Based on your brand’s tone and voice may experiment with different copies on CTAs However, success depends on maintaining a solid brand tone and having a solid comprehension of what appeals to your audience. Be consistent, and be fun!


Some of the top picks that we’ve observed our customers using:


My mailbox is empty and lonely

Let’s shop

Fly with us

I’m on the list.


Email Call-to-Action

B2b China Mailing Lists
B2b China Mailing Lists

In this instance, Visitation added an animation to grab subscriber attention and a reiterative text to highlight the main reason for sending an email. The intention behind the email is to get subscribers to their site and, at the same time, inform them about what makes Park Seed’s products excellent.



Emails do not have to contain one CTA either. There could be multiple CTAs in one email, based on the campaign’s goal and the area you’re trying to get people to click.


To send emails to abandoned carts, Creating a massive CTA redirecting the user to a checkout or cart page is sensible. There could be several CTAs to get users to click on multiple new collections or products for win-back campaigns. If you’re looking for ways to clean up your email list, You can send your subscribers an email asking whether they’d like to continue as a subscriber. You can offer 2 CTAs: One to opt-out and the other to alter the email preferences of your subscribers.

B2b China Business Lists
B2b China Business Lists


These are only the most common examples of how CTAs are used in emails to distinguish. Various phases of the funnel. Every time the subscriber clicks on the CTA and gets to know more about their preferences, you can use that information to guide future campaigns (even if the click was an unsubscribe! ).



Exit offer

This is how Eventige employs an exit incentive to make visitors remain a bit longer at their client’s site, PBH Food’s website. The animated pop-up is not just effective in grabbing users’ attention, but it provides them with an offer that is not binding. This makes them more receptive to taking it up since they aren’t required to exchange any data. A further benefit of this method of unconditional exchange lies in the principle of reciprocity. Providing consumers something free is likely to instill a feeling of obligation and boost conversions.



Lead capture by email

B2b China Email Leads
B2b China Email Leads

This second example from their client Black Buffalo is an animated pop-up that has double the impact. It is, firstly, visually appealing with a unique and intriguing name. It also needs two key details to guide a person through the registration procedure easily. While the CTA is an ordinary “Follow” button, it is well-suited to its captivating visuals and ease of use.


Exit offer

B2b China Mailing Leads
B2b China Mailing Leads

Another lead capture email by Eventide, in conjunction with Blue Lizard Sunscreen, uses familiarity to draw people’s attention. They have placed an iconic Sesame Street character in the pop-up and leveraged an alliance with a partner to create more confidence. The CTA text reads “Subscribe,” but that will work well in conjunction with the initial impression of familiarity with this persona, making him the main focus of the campaign.



Another instance of a highly efficient registration procedure only requires two details that make registration quick and simple. The fewer barriers you face to registration, the better. Even though it could seem like you’re losing potential data points, you can request more details later. Or better yet, off the hidden fields in your promotional offers to get the most out of every sign-up.


BlueLizard CTA

B2b China Business Database
B2b China Business Database

What should you be thinking about concerning CTAs

Whether your marketing plan is to increase sign-ups for newsletters and free trials or encourage customers to add items to their shopping cart, effective CTAs are the best way to do it. Here are some strategies to encourage customers to do the thing you’d like them to:


Utilize their languages. When you use “show me your” and “build my” phrases, it suggests that your customers are receiving something that is their own. If you can use the viewpoint of the client of view in the context of the customer’s language, you make your offer irresistible. It is something they must accept or claim instead of taking the chance of being left out.

Set expectations. Make sure your copy lets people know precisely what they will get from you – If you’re a B2B company, you’re likely trying to schedule an event or call. Use phrases such as “Talk about us” or “Book an appointment” to convey a feeling of cooperation while letting people know that it’s a 1:1 interaction rather than an email. Generic sales email.

Self-selection. The above example is an example. However, these CTAs can be used to serve more than just a communication method. They can also be employed to guide users to content that is interesting to them or, for B2B business, the kinds of products and services that a customer is searching for. Examples include “I would like,”; “I am one,” or “I am looking for.” This allows you to provide them with relevant information and help visitors get what they’re searching for in a matter of minutes, which is a win-win!

These are only numerous ways you can increase your “clickability” in your CTAs. In the end, you’ll need to ensure that your CTAs are designed, well-designed, and tested A/B.



Try using these ideas in your CTAs to see the best solution for your customers, and you will see your conversion rates rise!


what is an email marketing platform ?

B2b China Business Email Lists
B2b China Business Email Lists

Step by step instructions to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform for Your Business


Email promoting is one of the best ways you can share your message, sell your administration, and fabricate a relationship with your clients.


As a matter of fact, organizations that send robotized messages are 133% bound to send applicable messages that compare with a client’s buy cycle. More than 75% of email income is produced by set-off crusades, as opposed to one-size-fits-all missions. Computerized email crusades represent 21% of email advertising income.


To put it plainly, email advertising is no joking matter, and assuming you’re responsible for drawing in with existing clients or new possibilities, you want an email promoting instrument that will assist you with really dealing with your rundowns, interface, crusade.


Peruse on to figure out the key elements you ought to think about while picking your email showcasing stage and our suggested email promoting arrangements.


What to think about while picking an email promoting programming

As we probably are aware, email promoting isn’t tied in with sending irregular promotion messages to individuals, trusting that they’ll become beneficial transformations short-term. It’s tied in with speaking with individuals in an acculturated style, utilizing designated content to convey your message.


All things considered, utilizing an Excel accounting sheet combined with Outlook to deal with your rundowns and send messages no longer measures up. At an advanced age, you really want something undeniably more proficient.


Mechanized email crusades represent 21% of email advertising income.


As per a new overview, 60% of advertisers express that email promotion is delivering a huge ROI, and 32% express that it in the long run will. That implies that picking the right email promoting programming for the gig is urgent to your endeavors.


While picking your foundation, these are three things you ought to consider…



B2b China Business Email Leads
B2b China Business Email Leads

At the point when you work in computerized showcasing, your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) is your closest companion. Refreshing records and sending messages physically is tedious, so picking an email promoting stage that coordinates consistently with your CRM will furnish you with an issue free answer for overseeing important substance and client information, as well as furnishing you with an outline of key measurements (open rates, navigate rates) to see which missions are playing out awesome.


Perusing and Viewing choices


43% of individuals presently browse their messages on their cell phones each and every day.


In this day and age, increasingly few individuals are opening their messages from a customary work area setting, and that implies picking an email promoting device with usefulness and portable streamlined layouts is fundamental. Assuming that somebody opens an email on their cell phone and it can’t show accurately, they’ll skip it right away, and your endeavors will be repetitive.


Reaction dealing with


Whether your business is little, medium, or titanic – email reaction taking care will be of fundamental significance. Assuming that you are important for a more modest business conveying a bulletin or email series to around 1,500 individuals each month, you’ll require less complexity in regards to robotization and reaction dealing, and you’ll have the option to physically deal with a portion of the work. Yet, assuming you’re taking care of mass measures of messages, picking email showcasing programming that will permit you to send computerized reactions or total client reactions into tickets will be advantageous.


Email advertising choices

Now that you get what you’re searching for in your email advertising programming, we should take a gander at probably the best instruments accessible for the gig.


  1. MailChimp
B2b China Consumer Email Database
B2b China Consumer Email Database

MailChimp is one of the most open email showcasing stages in this present reality, with around 7,000,000 clients around the world. For little to medium-sized businesses overseeing week after week or month to month pamphlets, close by customary missions, with a solid online entertainment center, this instrument is great. , MailChimp incorporates any semblance of Salesforce, WordPress, and GA. The stages additionally work flawlessly with Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Instagram.


MailChimp is one of the most open email showcasing stages in this present reality.


The stage permits you to robotize layouts, tweak messages, and add plans easily. Albeit viable and outwardly satisfying across all stages, assuming you’re searching for an instrument that takes into consideration somewhat more backend improvement, MailChimp is fairly restricted. As per a new benchmark report, MailChimp shows a normal open pace of around 22% across every one of the key ventures.


  1. GetResponse
B2b China Consumer Email Lists
B2b China Consumer Email Lists

GetResponse is a versatile email advertising apparatus that offers a magnificent profit from the venture as your value plan will rely upon the size of your organization and the number of reaches you have at the hour of sign up.


GetResponse is an adaptable email advertising device.


With 500 pre-planned layouts fueled by easy-to-understand altering programming in addition to natural rundown building apparatuses, it’s feasible to make completely incorporated, intuitive missions with restricted specialized information. GetResponse has the absolute best Salesforce joining programming available and has been lauded for its day in and day out client report and instructional exercise client workshops. Assuming that you’re building efforts in view of resources from certain sources, GetResponse will permit you to trade records from a few organizations and deal with in-assembled measurements including best-performing messages and truck deserting rate.


  1. SendinBlue
B2b China Consumer Email Leads
B2b China Consumer Email Leads

For an online business, SendinBlue is especially powerful. The stage offers easy-to-use email configuration devices as well as a lot of backend scope for engineers hoping to add additional users to your email crusades. One of the most valuable highlights of SendinBlue is the way that it permits you to synchronize contact records from the most significant stages, meaning assuming you’re managing a wide interest group, you can deal with your substance effortlessly.


SendinBlue | How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform for Your Business


Point-by-point examination remembers experiences for where messages have been opened as well as gadget type, and the conditional email choices are further developed than most email advertising instruments accessible. These capacities incorporate designated SMS messages that work related to your messages, notwithstanding fitted messages to clients including ‘make a buy’, ‘recall your secret phrase, and ‘you left things in your shopping basket.


A little specialized ability is expected to open up SendinBlue’s maximum capacity, yet with a little inner joint effort, this could well be a strong resource for your online business.


  1. ActiveCampaign
B2b China Company Email Database
B2b China Company Email Database

The ActiveCampaign intuitive point of interaction is an incredible approach to building content-rich email crusades with speed and precision.


The stage brags a reach refined market and deals robotization highlights as well as an immense library of free stock pictures, picture facilitating, and ongoing investigation so you can screen crusade execution as it’s working out.


ActiveCampaign’s intuitive connection point is an extraordinary approach to building concurrent substance rich email crusades both rapidly and precisely


One of the fundamental selling focuses for bigger or more dynamic organizations is its A/B testing apparatus. The usefulness is not difficult to arrange and combined with the constant examination; it can demonstrate exceptionally viable for streamlining missions that will offer the greatest ROI.


Picking the best email promoting apparatus for your necessities can be interesting, yet by posing yourself with the right inquiries, putting forth clear quantifiable objectives, and taking the time to comprehend your choices, you’ll make certain to pursue the ideal choice.


At last, perhaps the main components of any battle are arranging and content. If you have any desire to reinforce your advanced abilities, our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will furnish you with a solid groundwork in the center ideas of computerized advertising.


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Step by step instructions to Create An Influencer Outreach Strategy That Excels

Voice Search: Why Your Brand Needs A Voice Strategy

Foster a point-by-point comprehension of key online entertainment specialisms including content showcasing (both creation and conveyance), and the virtual entertainment stages on which you can advance this substance.





Import your GA Campaigns Bing ads’ number one advantage is the ability to import your campaigns. This makes it super simple and quick to run the exact same campaigns on GA on Bing. Bing ads offer more targeted targeting options than Google Adwords. They are still not as precise as FBA.
Higher Engagement Rates Higher engagement rates for Bing ads are a sign of a higher quality campaign. According to The Search Engine People, clicks on Bing for automotive industries got between 10-56% and 32% more engagement than CPC.


Less traffic. Bing has a much smaller audience than either Google Adwords or Facebook ads.
Tracking. Bing offers good tracking and analytics, but it is not as robust as Google Analytics. Even if you use Bing ads, Google Analytics will be required on your site.
No negative keyword feature. Bing doesn’t allow you to create negative keywords, unlike Google Adwords. This is to ensure that your ads don’t appear in searches that aren’t relevant to your intent or context.

The bottom line: There are pros and cons to each of the main online advertising platforms. Before you start any paid advertising program, it is important to do your research and make informed decisions. Don’t be afraid of testing your ads across all platforms if you are just starting.
Section 4: 20 Types of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Now that you’re familiar with how to set up ads for Google Adwords and Facebook, let us get into the various types of ads you can run.

Google Adwords Ad Types

Text ads. Text ads can only be text. Text ads can be extended with extensions such as the site extension or the phone number extension.
Responsive ads. Responsive ads adjust the ad automatically based on the place. A responsive ad can display in both a text and video format depending on the placement.
Image ads. Image ads can include text and images.
App promotion ads. App promotion ads are used to encourage users to download and install apps.
Video ads. Youtube video ads include a video clip and ad text. On Google Adwords, there are two types: bumper ads and outstream ads. Bumper ads display 6-second clips that are displayed before a video and can’t be skipped. Outstream ads can be mobile-only ads that are only available on Google Display Network sites.
Advertisement for Product Shopping. Product shopping ads allow you display product ads in one ad. Product shopping ads can include images, titles, prices, and the name of your business or store.
Shopcase ads. You can display multiple related products in one ad by using showcase shopping ads. This can be useful when someone is trying to decide where to purchase a generic term such as “running shoes”.
Call-only ads. Call-only ads are available for businesses who want to drive phone calls using their ads. They pay per call. Call-only ads allow you to include two headlines, your company name, phone number, and two descriptions. You can also add your verification URL and display URL.

Types of Bing Ads:

Audience ads. Basic bing ads. Bing’s text ad type that is more targeted at a specific audience.
App install ads. App install ads are mobile-only ads that encourage users to download and install an app on their phone.
Dynamic search ads. These ads are a unique type of Bing ad that creates search terms relevant for your website’s content.
Expanded text ads. Expanded Text Ads are regular text ads that have been extended for things like
Responsive search advertisements. Responsive Search Ads allow you to have 3-15 headlines, and 2 – 4 ad descriptions in one ad. Bing will manage your ad to display the best headline and description.

Types of Facebook ads:

Video ads. Video ads are advertisements in the form of a video that appear in your viewer’s newsfeed. While video ads are a great way for reaching your audience, Facebook has in the past exaggerated views by as much as 79%.
Photo ads. Photo ads include an image, copy, and a link or button to promote your product.
Slideshow ads. Slideshow ads let you use multiple photos to tell a story, show your product or showcase testimonials from satisfied customers.
Carousel ads. Carousel ads look similar to slideshow ads, but they use different images and products. Carousel ads allow you to create “cards”, which are displayed much like a product catalog.
Canvas ads. Canvas ads are mobile ads that create an “full screen” experience with photos, videos and GIFs.
Dynamic product ads. Dynamic product ads automatically promote products to people who have clicked on your ads or visited your website. These ads are Facebook’s retargeting.
Lead Form Ads. Lead form ads can be used to generate leads for your business, or for services such as coaching.


The take-away: You can test 20 types of ads on Bing, Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Start slow and only select one type of ad for each platform. Then, test each of these 20 ads to determine which is best for you.
Download the Story-Based Ad Template

To get the free PDF template, share this post!
Get your Ad Template here!
Section 5: Story-Based Ads Test

Kajabi has done many tests on its ad copy, creative and to determine the best combination. What we found was amazing!

Story-telling ads performed almost 50% better than regular ads!

Before we dive into the details of our story-based ads statistics, let’s take a look at some compelling statistics about storytelling.
Statistics on storytelling

92% of consumers desire brands to make ads feel like stories.
Images are processed 60 times faster than words by the brain. This is 60,000 times faster than words!
Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts alone. This is about 22,000 more!
Stories are emotionally charged and 95% of buying decisions are subconsciously made using emotion, rather than logic.
This study found that 69% of the participants believed that a story version was better than the same facts presented without a tale.

Let’s now get to the test!

We created a website that focused on simplifying your business.

We began with a simple advertisement similar to the one recommended by many other gurus. This included an exciting, brightly colored image and simple text with a call to action.

This post received almost zero engagement, as you can see.

There are no comments, shares or likes.

We decided to try a different approach.

The video was compelling and relatable, and it also added spice to the copy.

We wanted to create a compelling image that would compel viewers to view the video and then take action.

It performed much better, as many people watched the video and stayed.

However, we weren’t able to get the engagement that we expected from this ad.

Click-through rates were around 1%, and we clearly didn’t get as many comments and reactions as we would like.

We did something else. We decided to ditch the video and run an ad that only had a picture and no copy.

This was the winner.

The ad featured a simple picture of one our employees and some headline text. We also included a great story in the copy.

We found that people relate to the ad in a unique way.

They felt like Mike, from our story, and could identify with his struggles and how he triumphed over them.

It was a great breakthrough!

We have never before been able as a company to connect with our potential audience in such a way that they are moved to take action.

This ad was not only great for engagement.

We witnessed amazing results in clicks and conversions when we shared this story.

We TRIPLED our click through rate (CTR) to get started.

Our relevancy score soared and our cost per Click was half of what it was for the next best performing ad.

Then, we saw the conversions.

The ad brought in more conversions than any other ad in the first 30 day than any of the funnel saw in the previous 30 days!

The only difference is?

Concentrate on telling a story.

We knew from this point that Kajabi’s ability to tell stories in the COPY was key to creating high-quality engagement for the campaign.

Engagements and ads as a whole are only successful if there is an emotional connection.

The takeaway: Stories create emotional connections with readers and help you to build a relationship by showing that you are sensitive to their needs. This will increase your engagement, clicks and conversions.
Section 6: How you can use it in your business

Okay, now you’re familiar with what Kajabi did and why it worked. Let’s get into the details of how you can create your own story-based ads.

You can also download the Story Based Ad Template “Done for You” here.

You can use story-based advertising in five steps.

First, we will take a bird’s-eye view and then we will move on to the actual creation of these ads.
Five Steps to Create Story-Based Ads

Find the stories that your audience is interested in hearing. First, do audience research to determine what stories your customers want to hear. This is where avatar creation and the development of your meta-messages come in.
Make story-based videos. Next, create story-based videos. These videos could be testimonials, as we do with the Heart of a Hero series. These could be testimonials like the one we have without Heart of a Hero series. Or they could be your own story about how you got to where you are today.
Make videos into story-based ads pages. Once you have video, you can turn your story-based ads pages with video clips and story-based text. You’ll also need an opt-in box for your mailing list to get the complete story-based video.
Begin with Re-targeting. Next, we’ll start with paid advertising. This involves retargeting ads on Facebook and Google Adwords. Re-targeting allows you to show your ads first to those who have visited your site or engaged with your content.
Scale! Scale!

Does that sound a bit complicated?

It’s easy once you get started.

Let’s begin with step 1, which is to find the stories that your audience wants.
Step 1: Find the stories your audience wants to hear.

You probably already know the stories that your audience may respond to.

If you don’t know what to do, we can help you in this section.
5 steps to find the stories that your audience is interested in hearing:

Find Them Online
Online, define the Demographics and Psychographics for your audience.
What are their goals and problems?
Which stories help them solve their problems and move them towards their goals?
Your stories can be integrated into the Buyer’s Journey

Finding your audience online is the first step in finding their stories.

Where can they meet and ENGAGE?

Do they appear in the comments section of a blog?

Are they on Twitter too?

Are they on a specific forum or in a particular facebook group?

Are they part of a compensated community?

Are they listening to a podcast?

Do you want to follow certain gurus?

What technologies should you use?

For teaching, make a list of the most active blogs, forums, communities and podcasts.

Spend time with them looking for their goals and problems.
Step 2: Determine the demographics, and psychographics.

Once you have identified 2-3 locations where your audience gathers regularly, it is time to do some research and compile their demographics and psychographics.

Demographics can be described as:

Status of the relationship
Income bracket

Social media is the best way to get demographic information.

Find similar businesses in your field and follow them. Then, see who they interact with.

Another way to find out demographic information about your audience is through forums and comment sections on blogs.

Once you have established your basic demographics, you can move on to the psychographics.

Psychographics refer to people’s attitudes and behaviors.

These are the “Lifestyle factors.”

People define themselves as “Preppy”, “Sporty” and “Conservative” according to their preferences.

These psychographics are:

Likes on Facebook
Purchasing Behavior
Recent life events, such as divorce or having a baby
Types of personality
Political affiliation

Psychographics are very important as they allow you to understand the personality and their values.

Step #3: Find out what your audience wants, needs, and goals are!

Once you have a list with demographics and psychographics it is time to identify their problems, goals and desires.

Next, you’ll go back to the list you created in step #1 of where your audience hangs online. Then, you’ll go there to look for posts about their goals, problems, and dreams.

It’s not necessary to answer every question that your audience has, but only the most common 3-5 problems.

Once you have a solid list of the problems your audience faces, it is time to determine their goals.

Similar to the problems, you should look for the most common goals.

Let’s find out what your audience REALLY wants.

What are they really trying to accomplish with your product/service?

One man may join a gym to lose 20 pounds or have trouble fitting in his clothes.

His real desire may be to attract the opposite sex.

It can be difficult to determine your audience’s true desire, but once you do it, the results are EXPLOSIVE!
Step #4 What Stories Can You Solve Your Audience’s Problems, Move Them towards Their Goals, and Fulfill Their Desires?

You now know who your audience are and what their top 3 problems, goals, or desires are.

This step will help us find stories that meet our needs, goals, and dreams.

There are two types you can use when telling stories:

Testimonial stories. You can use testimonial stories to highlight people who have used your product/service and how they found it helpful.
Personal Stories. Personal Stories will allow you to share how you have solved a problem, achieved a goal, or fulfilled a dream in your life or business.

Testimonial Stories:

Testimonials are the best type of story-based advertisement because they show someone similar to your audience, who has overcome the same goals and problems.

When writing testimonial stories, it is important that you match your audience’s needs, language, goals, and wants.

Kajabi is a great example of this problem. Users have to “band-aid” multiple online systems.

We created a testimonial-based ad featuring Bonnie and Elissa, two of our heroes. They both discuss how stressful and costly it was to try to fix all these systems.

This is the same language as our audience, solves the problem that multiple systems are being band-aided together, and fuels our audience’s desire to grow their businesses!

Do you make sense?

Okay, let’s now talk about personal stories.

Personal Stories

You can share personal stories about how you solved a problem, moved closer to a goal, or achieved what you want.

A personal story can be used for a number of reasons.

If you’re a solopreneur, or a personality-based business, the first reason is that it may not be possible to get a tax refund.

Your brand is your personality, whether you’re a speaker, coach or consultant, author, or influencer.

Your audience will be more connected if you share personal stories.

Gary Vayneurchuck, marketing guru, uses personal stories to create ad campaigns that are highly effective!

Gary can be found in ads talking about finding meaning and hustling 24/7 or how to use social media to grow your company.

Gary shares his personal stories in these ads and encourages others to get involved.

What are you waiting for?

Moving towards their goals, solving their problems or pursuing their dreams is how they can help.

A personal story-based ad campaign is also a good idea if you don’t have success stories.

A personal story can be a great way for your business to demonstrate how it works, whether you’re just starting out or adding a product or service.

Step #5: Integrating your stories into the Buyer’s Journey

This is an important step that course creators rarely consider.

There are four stages of buyer awareness. They are:

Stage 1: Completely unaware. They are completely unaware that things are bad, but don’t know what to do about it.

Stage 2: Problem-Aware. Problem-aware people know the problem but don’t know how to fix it.

Stage 3: Solution-Aware. Now, the solution-aware person has a clear idea of where they are going wrong and what the solution is.

Stage 4: Niche-Aware. This is the last stage of awareness.

Different stories will be appealing to buyers along their journey.

People in the completely unaware stage may need to be shown a personal story about someone who quit their job to start a business.

People who are problem-aware want to understand WHY they have this problem.

The problem-aware stage is when a person knows he has a weight problem but doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it.

This video will show how a client gained 30 pounds after graduating from college. It will also explain the reasons behind the problem and what the client can do to fix it.

The Solution-Aware stage is where people are able to identify the problem and explain why it is occurring. They don’t know what to do.

Referring to the Kajabi Bandaid example, the person is aware that they are spending too much money and too much time trying to keep their system in order, but they don’t know what to do.

People in the Niche Awareness stage are able to identify their problem, explain why it is and find solutions. However, they also want to see the differences between themselves and your competitors.

The Burger King “Beyond Meat” campaign is a great example of a story-based ad that targets this stage of awareness. Burger King targeted those looking for alternatives to meat with its campaign, highlighting that Burger King’s Beyond Meat Burger was the best option.

Action Step: Follow the above research tips to identify the stories that solve the problems of your audience, motivate them towards their goals and ignite their desire throughout the entire buyer’s journey, from completely unaware to niche-aware. For each stage of awareness, you should have at most 4 stories.

Step 2: Create stories-based videos

After you have created your stories, it is time to make story-based videos.

This is how testimonial videos should be used

Interviews with clients: Scheduling (and possibly re-scheduling).
Write 10-12 questions that will help your client tell their story. These questions should be sent to clients prior to the interview to give them an idea of what to expect.
Recording the video. You should do this in person, but it is also possible to record the video using Zoom or Facebook Live.
Editing video for different ad formats. Wevideo is a simple and easy-to-use video editing software. It is extremely easy to use, and you can add graphics and royalty-free music.
Uploading different versions of the Ad on Youtube, Facebook, or Bing.

You will need the following to make a personal video based on a story:

Create a script for your ad. Make sure you have different versions for different placements.
Record the ad. Your ad should look professional, but not too professional. You need to be authentic with personal stories so that you can record several versions of the ads on your phone!
Editing video for different ad formats. You don’t need to be an expert in video editing or have the time to learn, you can hire video professionals through sites like Fiverr or Upwork for affordable rates.
Upload your video ads on Facebook, Bing, or Youtube.

Okay, you have video ads. But where does that video advertising lead?

We will now discuss step #3, story-based landing pages.
Step 3: Turn your videos into story-based landing pages

After you have edited your videos into ad formats you can create story-based landing pages for people who click on your ads.

A landing page that is story-based tells your story. It also has an opt in box to allow your visitors to sign up for your email list.

These landing pages will have some simple elements.

A headline based on a problem, goal, or desire: Your headline should address the biggest problem, goal, and desire that your audience has.
BOLD sub-headline that speaks to another problem or goal.
This video clip is a short 60-90 second introduction to the story. This is the “Coming Attractions”, for your complete story video. The clip should be compelling enough to encourage viewers to sign up for your email newsletter to receive the full video. Your video should be displayed at the top of the page. It will automatically start playing when someone visits it!
The story in a 300-500 word summary. This is a short summary of the story. It will not be the entire story as it appears in the full video.
Sign up boxes Two sign up boxes should appear on your landing page that is story-based. The first should be located to the right side of the video box. The second should be located at the bottom of each page after the story.

These pages can be created with drag-and-drop page building software such as Kajabi or Leadpages.

After you’ve created an ad page that tells a story, you can start running paid advertising.

Retargeting people who have visited your site is the best way to start with paid advertising.

Step 4 – Begin with retargeting.

Retargeting allows you to show your ads only to people who have visited your website before or signed up for your mailing list.

Re-targeting is a great way to advertise your business because it allows you to show your ads only to people who are familiar with your company or are interested in it.

Retargeting can be done in two ways.

Optimize your bids to increase your spending to show ads to visitors who have been to your site in the past 30 days. A different ad can be displayed to those who have visited your website, browsed the product you are interested in, or abandoned items from your shopping cart.

Retargeting can also be used in a second way. Your ads will appear on broader terms to people who have already visited your site.

If you own an online store selling sporting goods, you might start to display ads for “shoes” to customers who have purchased in the past 30 days.
How to set up Google Adwords retargeting:

You will first need to create a list of remarketing companies and then add a “remarketing tag to every page on your website.

A remarketing tag, a small piece of code that reminds Google that every visitor who accepts cookies on your website is added to your remarketing lists, is called a remarketing tag.

*Retargeting ads to you may be the reason why certain websites require you to click the “Allow Cookies” button.

It is extremely important to include it on every page of your website, especially any content or landing pages that you drive traffic to.

Once you have installed and tested the remarketing tag, and your audience has reached 1000 cookies, you can use retargeting.

Bing has a similar system to Google and allows you upload past retargeting campaigns.

Facebook’s retargeting is done using a Facebook pixel, a dynamic ads and a catalog.

For example, a single man might sign up for a gym if he wants to lose 20 pounds or have trouble fitting in his clothes.

After a few weeks of experience with retargeting, you can scale your paid ads to other “colder”.

Step 5 – Scale

Scaling your advertising to reach “colder” audiences is the last step in story-based ads.

You have so far only promoted to people who have already visited the website.

Based on the research we have already done, we will now expand your ads to reach a wider audience.

When scaling your ads, there are two metrics that you should be paying attention to.

CPA, or cost per acquisition, is the first.

This is the price you pay to purchase a customer via paid online advertising.

You can make $48 per sale if you sell a $60 product.

What if your CPA is $65 and you have a $60 product?

This might seem to mean that you need to go back to the drawing boards and redo your entire campaign. However, it might not be true.

Many businesses, including Kajabi Hero Brendon burchard’s, lose money when their customers buy the first item they purchase.


Through what is called Lifetime Customer Value or LTV.

LTV will allow you to see how much your average customer spends over the first 30-60, 60, and 90 days following purchase.

Your Lifetime Customer Value may be greater than your CPA if you offer multiple products or services, have upsells, or sell a recurring product, service, or product.

If your CPA charges $65 per $60 average sale and your 90-day LTV $108, you can spend $65 to acquire $60 customers. You will still be profitable in the next 90 days.
Action Step: Determine your 30-day, 60-day and 90-day Lifetime Values for your customers.

It’s easy to determine how much advertising you can afford once you have your LTV and CPA.

Based on this spend, you can also predict how many customers you will get each month.

You can offer amazing service to your customers if you have a service-based company like consulting or coaching.


Takeaway: CPA and LTV are the two most important metrics to scale your ads. If your lifetime value is sufficient, you can lose money even on the first sale.

Section 7: Recap: The Ultimate Guide to Paid Advertising

Wow! That was a lot of information!

Let’s recap what we have learned so far before you go out and do battle in paid advertising.

Section number one introduced you to paid online advertising and explained why it is so important for scaling and growing your business.
Section 1: Paid Advertising is essential for making sales, growing your company, generating leads, and expanding your brand. You are wasting money and potentially losing customers if you don’t use paid advertising.

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