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We provide you with a complete list of the ALL INDIAN HNI EMAIL DATABASE. This includes contact numbers and email addresses. This data is provided in a listing format. The main file is maintained in an excel file and a sample database can also be downloaded.

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An Estimate Quantity Available for each location is below. ALL INDIAN HNI EMAIL DATABASE  This may be different at the current time. Please register call by submitting the “Share your Database Requirement” form to get the exact available quantity.

ALL INDIAN HNI EMAIL DATABASE (High Net-worth Individual) Record

  • Mumbai HNI Database – 5 Lac and above(Record)
  • Delhi HNI Database – 5 Lac and above(Record)
  • Bangalore HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Chennai HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Kolkata HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Hyderabad HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Pune HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Thane HNI Database 8 Lac and above(Record)
  • Surat HNI Database (Gujarat) 2 Lac (Record)
  • Lucknow HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jaipur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Indore HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Gurgaon HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Chandigarh HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Noida HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Nagpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Coimbatore HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Ludhiana HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Nashik HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Bhopal HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Varanasi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Allahabad HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kochi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jodhpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Udaipur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kanpur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Lonavala HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Ranchi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Jhansi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Kochi HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Aurangabad HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Solapur HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)
  • Gwalior HNI Database 2 Lac (Record)

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2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zipcode

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Make use of e-mail marketing correctly.

Indian Email Database
Indian Email Database

How can you stay competitive through the use of newsletters and mailers?

In the digital age, e-mail marketing has become an effective and tested way to communicate with customers online that is perfect for maintaining relationships with customers and possibly attracting potential new clients.

If you make the best use of e-mails and newsletters, You can create an immediate dialogue with your customers or prospects and even address your targeted audience directly.

Comparatively to social networks, E-mail marketing provides substantial advantages to companies that do not have the right products or lack contact with customers in the final phase or have the resources to support their employees.

For smaller and mid-sized businesses to run an online social media site than a newsletter. Studies have consistently proven the effectiveness of e-mails in creating impulse buys. A third of Internet users are only accessible via e-mail!


The benefits from Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Indian Email Lists
Indian Email Lists
  • One of the main reasons businesses use this method is efficiency and savings. Costs are much lower than those of traditional mail.
  • With the help of modern and inexpensive technology for CRM and newsletter software, newsletters can be extremely personalized and personalized. This means that the recipients only receive content that appeals to the recipients.
  • The speed at which information is delivered and the current nature of the information provides the business with the opportunity to stay in contact with the receiver and keep the conversation stopped at the end.
  • If the customer is comfortable and well-informed about their needs, their interaction with the customer will increase, and customers’ long-term loyalty is possible.
  • Companies can use e-mail marketing to assess their marketing efforts, specifically as mailers can be easily inspected. You can determine the subject lines that lead to an open rate, the links that are clicked, and how the newsletters are enhanced.
  • E-mail marketing is the method that has the most acclaim compared to other marketing tools; however, only the proper dose can make it.

Design and planning of newsletter campaigns

Indian Email Leads
Indian Email Leads
  • Newsletter campaigns must be designed systematically and long-term and carried out professionally. The individual steps build on each other and must be followed in planning-creation-dispatch-evaluation. Planning should be given the utmost attention to avoid a later error.
  • Captivating content must be designed and delivered based on the sector, the type of business, customer segment and the goal. The ability to generate ideas is essential to a successful newsletter campaign. You can get examples of the layout for newsletters by reputable agencies like chilli-sharp and mailbox.
  • E-mail marketing is only successful only if there are sufficient addresses. You can look through your address database or create addresses for your site by using the input fields that you need (contact form) and then distribute newsletters or feedback forms during events.
  • The last thing to be overlooked is the importance of considering legal issues like labels, opt-out choices, Robinson lists, imprint requirements, and other requirements for imprints. More details on this issue are on the page dedicated to our editorial team that covers legal issues in business.

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Indian Email Database

Automated content processing
In order to be able to communicate in a customer-centric manner with content that is as individualized as possible,
enough granular content is available in the first place. The more precise an email on the
User is tailored, the more highly specific content is required. This must be created and, if necessary, adapted for different formats. An effort that costs thoUSA nds of
Content fragments can hardly be implemented manually, at least not economically viable. Here
is often the bottleneck of customer-centric email marketing. The data are there
Mechanics created in the software, the business intelligence can carry out very precise analyses,
but there isn’t enough content. Marketing automation technology helps with that
to (partially) automate the processes associated with content processing, thus eliminating the bottleneck. The required content (text, graphics, product information, etc.) or the fragments required to create this content are usually already there
available at various points in the company: marketing, sales, product management,
Category management, logistics, etc.

Indian Email Lists

28 29
In order to be able to use this content sensibly for dialogue marketing, there are various processes
to establish:
1. Consistent capture of content fragments at every source
2. The (automated) conversion of these fragments into channel-neutral formats, i.e., formats that are available in all
channels can be used, regardless of whether it is email, app notification, social media, or mobile messenger
3. If necessary, a software-supported release by responsible authorities
4. The merging of the content fragments in a central content management system
5. Online dialogue marketing software’s real-time access to the content management system
6. Rule-based, automated creation of content from the fragments and measures, e.g., B. an email newsletter, from the content
7. Automated adaptation of the channel-neutral content to the requirements of the respective channel

Indian Email Leads

One approach to automated content processing is the use of Excel sheets that automate
created according to content requirements, filled out by the respective information carrier, and then – not manually cell by cell, but automatically – transferred to the processing technology. The technology now automatically adds the content that is in the cells or was linked there to the right one
Post in an email. With each change, only the affected content in the Excel sheet has to be changed
will. Manual processing of the measure is no longer necessary. Dedicated workflows via content management systems or collaboration systems are also possible. The central organization is important
a decentralized, (partially) automated recording – not the central manual copying together.
Individual user tracking enables very precise and individual targeting in the channel
Email marketing offers extended approaches in 1:1 communication with prospects and customers with email retargeting and across the board for the customer journey analysis. The base
for individual user tracking is a data protection-compliant consent to individual user tracking
on the part of the user. All USA ge profiles should be processed at least completely pseudonymized. In addition, the user is aware of the purpose of use when generating the address
and is also sufficiently informed of his right of objection. If the data protection law
Requirements may be met based on responses (e.g., opens/clicks/purchases).
In email campaigns, in the sense of a closed-loop marketing approach, user profiling takes place, and behavior-oriented advertising is controlled. The technical requirement
The reason for this is that the response is logged chronologically and recipient-related. Cross-channel individual user tracking is made possible through the use of cookies. The user
must be transparently informed about the use of cookies, and also the possibility
has to disagree. The cookies can be set when a user opens an email
and/or clicks. Individual user tracking plays an essential role both in email retargeting services and in analyzing the customer journey of an individual user.

Indian Mailing Lists

Email Retargeting
Email retargeting service providers use their own or acquired online touchpoints such as, e.g., B.
Online shops, competition portals, or other sites on which registrations take place own
Cookies on potential users or online shoppers. In addition, the retargeting providers acquire email lists that have advertising opt-in. These email lists translate
various email campaigns to the cookies of the retargeting provider. Now, if a user in a
An online shop that works with a retargeting service provider, cookie syncing takes place with the existing cookie pool of the connected email databases. When doing in
a hit is generated from an email list with advertising opt-in, the retargeting service provider can
send (or have) a retargeting email. This re-marketing approach is incomplete at
Purchase processes are quite successful since the user has to wait a few hours,
contacted by email, and be reminded of his visit to the relevant online shop and thus,
if necessary, can still complete the planned transaction.
Customer Journey Analysis
Based on cookie syncing, the customer journey of users can be tracked in a similar way. This makes it clear which online marketing channels the user uses, who then also uses a
transaction, has been contacted in advance. Using attribution models, the
The value of the email marketing channel within the customer journey can be estimated and validated by testing. The email channel has a push channel within the customer journey
of particular importance, as it can initially arouse interest and demand in the user and start the customer journey. The email retargeting then later has an influence on the
actual conversion of a prospect to a buyer and is, therefore, a good conversion booster.

Indian Mailing leads

Which frequency is optimal for a specific mailing depends on many factors. The most important thing is not the industry but only the relevance. Unfortunately, the relevance is a very
subjective value – depending on the user, this can range from a maximum of one mailing per week to
several emails per day.
In individual cases, the marketer should ask himself the following questions before sending each email:
1. Does my email offer direct added value?
2. Does my email contain relevant new information?
3. Can my recipients send the mail to me or my sending behavior in terms of content, appearance, and timing?
assign to? (Or are recipients surprised by the email, unsettled, or even disturbed?)
If the answer to any of these questions is negative, the email should not be sent. But also,
the reverse cardinal error is possible: do not send too infrequently! When falling below
a certain minimum frequency, your mailing falls into oblivion and therefore loses its relevance.

Indian Phone Number Database

For a normal newsletter, you should calculate with one or two mailings per week.
Up-to-date emails that are only relevant on the day they are sent should be in the recipient’s mailbox by around 8:30 a.m. every day. A nice way of frequency optimization is that of a “Preference
Center”: The user is given the opportunity to define the delivery frequency himself.

Indian Phone Number Lists

If this configuration is user-friendly, the frequency regulates itself!
Is email marketing worth it? What do I have to invest in? Many people ask these two questions
marketers. The first can be answered with a clear yes. The second with: It depends.
Measured in terms of return on investment (ROI), email marketing is the most efficient digital marketing tool. According to the latest National Client Email Report, the average ROI is in
Email marketing at 3,800 percent. Email marketing combines high effectiveness with low
Costs. How high these costs are, i.e., how much companies have to invest, depends entirely
on the application and, in particular, the complexity of the measures. However, this is where email marketing has the advantage of being scalable. Even small companies, such as start-ups, can take part
in manageable (cost) efforts to implement initial, simple measures, and the complexity
30 31
gradually increase. The three most important cost items in email marketing are the ones used
Technology, the shipping quantity, and the (personnel) costs for campaign creation.

Indian Phone Number Leads

The offerings in the market for email marketing or marketing automation technology
start with simple email sending tools that offer no more than a few basic functions:
Simple newsletters can be created with an editor and sent manually to a distributor
will. For small businesses, e.g., B. Start-ups or long-tail webshops with manageable
offers, that is enough to carry out the first measures. However, the offers go until
to real-time marketing automation technologies that personalize communication,
automated, context-sensitive, and in real-time. One cannot generalize,
but roughly speaking, the same applies to marketing technologies: the more power, the more expensive. Here
the already mentioned simple and fast scalability must also be considered. Everyone catches
once small, with simple measures, but depending on the strategy and business development can, it makes sense to rely on a future-proof, more powerful technology at an early stage
Depicts skills that you may not need today but will probably need tomorrow. Also,
integration capability should be considered. The more complex the measures used,
the more third-party systems are usually involved: content management, CRM, ERP, Data
Warehouse, online shop, PIM, etc. While some marketing automation technologies
integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes, others sometimes require a complete
Conversion of the previous systems and processes, which in turn causes additional costs.
shipping quantity
The mere sending of emails also incurs costs. Especially with larger shipping quantities, a high-performance, whitelisting-certified infrastructure is required for sending. Depending on the
-bidders, there are different billing models, from billing by mail sent to
Graduated models up to flat rates. Compared to postal delivery, the costs for an email.

Indian Mobile Number Database

Shipping, however, is negligible.
campaign creation
Additional costs are incurred for the creation of the campaigns. These are, in particular, personnel costs of the employees
or agencies involved, e.g., B. Design/create emails or campaign processes, and dialogue paths
invest. Email marketing has the advantage here that many processes can be automated. is, e.g., Legs
Once a welcome route or an after-sales transaction mail dispatch has been created in the system, the
Campaign automated without further human intervention. The creation of emails can also be done with
ready-made templates more efficiently. Here is a template, e.g., B. for a newsletter created that
is used again and again and only has to be filled with new content every time it is sent; modern technologies can also be automated.
The variety of different topics of this chapter clearly shows how complex the subject
Email marketing is and how granular it can be operated. During the clumsy casting

Indian Mobile Number Lists

Kannen’s approach (sending without personalization, list management, and targeting) alone
deliverability fails; a precise cost-benefit analysis must result in the individual case, such as
many “marketing instruments” promise optimal individual success. Here is the choice
of the right email service provider centrally; the palette ranges from the pure shipping channel easily.

Indian Mobile Number Leads

ter support through to service providers who, in addition to distinctive consulting skills and
Manpower also brings the technical possibilities to implement individual strategies.
Along the customer lifecycle, there are a multitude of triggers that deal with the right ones
Use email marketing measures to activate, retain and emotionalize users. Every trigger opens up the chance to positively influence the user through communication. Triggers can be found not only in marketing contexts but also in service and
transaction communication and in sales. In order to be able to address the user consistently at every point in the customer lifecycle, it is therefore important to link all dialogues across departments
to integrate. We present five important triggers: registration, purchase, inactivity, cart abandonment, and geo-location.
If a user registers, e.g., B. for a newsletter, an online shop, a portal or a
another service, he shows at this moment particularly great attention to the Ange

Indian Telephone Number Database

Bot. This opportunity should be used to continue the user with a welcome line
to introduce him to the offer and z. B. to present individual aspects of use. This leads
to a better perception of the service, stronger customer loyalty, and higher USA ge intensity. An example: shortly after registering in a portal, the customer initially receives an
Thank you for an email giving him an overview of the most important functions of the portal. A
A day later, he receives another email introducing him to some “hidden” special features.
The next day, he is informed of the associated app. And after a month, he receives
an email with a satisfaction survey. Welcome routes are very easy to implement.
Apart from the date of registration, no further data is required from the customer.
A purchase offers a variety of reasons to contact users with automated emails.
Shortly after the purchase, the user should first receive an order confirmation with a “Thank you
for your purchase.” The order confirmation can be enriched with further content,
e.g., B. Service information or information about the ordered products. If there is an opt-in,
Cross and upsells for the purchased products should also be used, e.g., B. “Order too
Last year’s Oscar hits on your new Blu-Ray player”.
Many companies only send carelessly formatted text mails as order confirmations and thus waste a lot of potentials. The same applies to shipping confirmations. After the user his
If you have received your order and had enough time to try out the products, you can do one
Evaluation request to ask the user about their satisfaction with the products and the
to ask service. Depending on the results of the survey, the user can be shown further offers in a thank-you email, as well as order starters and vouchers for the next one
Purchasing. If he likes the products, the user should also leave a rating, a comment
in the shop, or a recommendation.
Share-With-Your-Network (SWYN) buttons are available for this purpose, via which the user can

Indian Telephone Number Lists

League offers can share on social networks. Also, the (incentivized) recommendation for the invitation
new user is a goal that is working well at this point. Let the repurchase on itself
wait; the user can send a “Buy again!” or “We miss you!” email
is reactivated, if necessary, again on the previous purchase or the unredeemed good.

Apparently refers. If the user has purchased a consumable, e.g., B. a pack of coffee or a
printer cartridge? Is it known how often he buys it? Then he should be asked in good time
32 33
whether he needs replenishment, and the order has already been prepared to the extent that the user
just has to confirm. Charming, clever speeches sometimes do not replace precisely
Data – e.g., on consumption. If, on the other hand, it is a particularly durable product, for example,
a television, a “product birthday” email can also be sent a year after purchase

Indian Telephone Number Leads

If a user is inactive, e.g., B. no longer opened a newsletter for a certain period of time,
a special reactivation campaign can be automatically sent to him. It recommends it
to first define which forms of inactivity there are and for each form, a separate one
Create a segment to control the appropriate reactivation emails. For example when
someone who opens the newsletter but no longer buys can be given an incentive to buy.
This can be, for example, a voucher, an exclusive special offer, or a free one
be a giveaway. If he no longer opens the newsletter, a targeted reactivation
carried out via the subject line or, if possible, in a channel other than email.
If the database is available, the reactivation campaign should be individualized as much as possible, i.e., tailored to the needs of the user. Nothing is more fatal than trying
to reactivate a user with an offer that does not interest him at all.
Abandoned cart
If a user fills his shopping cart in an online shop but does not buy the stored products,
one speaks of a shopping cart abandonment. Such users can, through automated follow-up emails,
be persuaded to buy the contents of the shopping cart after all. What period of time between
Shopping cart abandonment and mail delivery should be, is controversial. One to three hours are common, with
a “locked time” between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Indian Business Email Database

However, some experts also argue that many users use their shopping carts as a clipboard
use, especially if you shop with multiple devices, and that you can, therefore, at least
should wait a day for the follow-up mail. In case of doubt, the optimal point in time should be
tested. If the user does not react to the mail, e.g., B. a day later, another
Reminders are sent, this time perhaps with an incentive that suggests an urgency
subject line or an additional surprise in the shopping cart. It is recommended to enter a “None
Interest more” button to integrate into the mail. If the user clicks this button, the shopping cart is emptied, the reminder emails are stopped, and the user can be taken to a short survey
where he can indicate the reason for the cancellation of the purchase. Depending on the answer, you can respond with different emails.
Email marketing is particularly effective when the context in which an email is read
involved, especially in the context of mobile applications or at the PoS. This is how users become real
centered and activated where they are. Location-based triggers play an important role here. A communication is triggered by the fact that the
Moves a user to a specific location or enters a specific area. Especially
So-called geofencing is relevant here. With geofencing, an “invisible fence” – e.g., B. in the shape
of a WLAN network – is established around a specific area. If the user enters this area,
captured by the company’s geofencing system.

Indian Consumer Email Database

The smartphone is located by radio cell query, GPS, or over short distances
via beacons/Bluetooth or WLAN. The prerequisite is usually that the user installs an app
that has enabled communication with the geofencing system and has consented to
that this app may collect his location data. However, location tracking is also available without an app
possible. The most common location for geofencing is the PoS. If the user enters a geofencing area around a PoS, this can trigger an email that, e.g., B. on special offers,
discount campaigns, or events at the PoS. Also, (time-limited) coupons that are located at the PoS
can be redeemed are very effective. Truly attention-grabbing communication involves next
the location, other contexts (e.g., the weather), as well as the available customer data (e.g.
the purchase history). “What fantastic outdoor pool weather. The latest swimwear collection
Your favorite brand today 20 percent cheaper in our branch at Musterstraße 1, just 150 meters from
Your location.” The customer experience can be further enhanced with additional services.
Navigate the user to the PoS via GPS.
Offer the opportunity to reserve or have the advertised products delivered if the
user does not have time at the moment. Arrange a consultation appointment with a member of staff. The products
can be searched out beforehand so that the user can find their desired object as soon as they enter the branch
can look at. And much more. Geofencing isn’t just limited to the outdoors; it’s
can also be used indoors (e.g., by using Bluetooth beacons or WLAN triangulation).
Be to the user z. B. To send information and offers for products at his location.
“Did you know that the clothes in this department were designed and made by star designer XYZ
One hundred percent organic cotton exist? And best of all: If you buy two parts, you get one part free.” Also,
the length of time the user spends at certain locations can be revealing and serve as a trigger.

Indian Company Email Database

The main goal of analytical CRM is to present the customer with exactly the products that he
really wants to, even if he doesn’t know it yet. The success of email campaigns is based
on knowing his (potential) customers as precisely as possible and recognizing which customer for
a product is eligible. With the aim of offering them the right offer individually. Included
The following applies: the more information an advertiser has, the more precise and individual it is
the offers and alternatives that he can present to his customers. The systematic
Filter relevant information and derive concrete potential from your own customer data, as well as the enrichment of further characteristics, is part of the analytical CRM (CRM). This
examines the (buying) behavior of customers and customer groups.
With the help of mathematical-statistical methods data mining, companies can discover new, relevant information in existing customer data and potential for a
Identify improved customer contact via targeted email campaigns. But also for them
Analytical CRM is an important component in acquiring new customers. Marketers have different analysis methods available for this, which enable them to better address customers
and enable goal achievement. But how exactly do marketers now use their customer data for more?
Email marketing efficiency?
Get to know the typical customer.
The first and most important step is the precise structuring of the existing data
because every optimization process starts with the central question: “How well do I know mine
Customers?” A customer profiling or a structural analysis is recommended for this. Here, it applies from the
create a profile that represents the “typical customer” from existing customer data. This picture
is ideally drawn from the CRM data and further information that a third party can provide.

Indian Corporate Email Database

Specifically, this can be in addition to the known information on ordering behavior, place of residence or
Alter can also be anonymized statements about online behavior on your own website, which with
further characteristics are enriched. The result is a concrete customer profile that
draws conclusions about USA graphics, purchasing power, and also product preferences –
34 35
just where the typical customer lives, how much money he spends on an average for which products or
product categories and which topics he is most interested in.
Findings like these are the indispensable basis for previous email communication
to check: Do the previous target groups of an email campaign also match the image of the
typical customer, and does the previous approach match the customer profile? While it’s at
Customer profiling is about describing the common denominator of customer data; it works
Process of customer segmentation or persona formation one step further.


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