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1M Australia Email Database [2022 Updated]

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Australian email database object. During this last month of December, he was fortunate to have been a guest of the Reserve Bank of Australia for 10 days. Preparing the visit, he tells me about my knowledge of Australia’s economic history, beyond the generalities of its traditional exports of wool and other merchandise, were almost non-existent. Australian Retails & Industries b2b email database

To make the most of the visit and to incorporate the Australian experience in my global economic history class, I decided to devote some time to learn about it. Australian Corporate Decision Makers macro consumer email database (The flights from Philadelphia to Sydney and from Sydney to Madrid give for many conferences, especially if it was my case, I had to go through China) and prepare, as I usually do in these cases, a brief bibliography. Australian Retails & Industries buy email database Europe

Upon completion, I thought that sharing this bibliography with NeG readers could be a good idea for two reasons. First, because some readers may find it useful. Australian Retails database email yahoo 
Second, and selfishly, because in this way I hope to receive additional suggestions and comments.

In Australia, I spoke with quite a few people who know the subject professionally, but in a few days, I can barely more than patch the knowledge concerns I am referring to. Australia database email extractor

The “rules of the game” in this bibliography are two. First, I will focus on economic history, not because other issues are not relevant, but because of my personal interests. However, as D.B. Copland (a leading Australian economist of the twentieth century; a biography of his here): Australian best email database provider

“The history of Australia is, of course, largely economic history.” The European colonization was motivated, almost exclusively, for economic reasons (including the original transfer of prisoners, designed as a measure of savings and commercial expansion) and, Australian Retails & Industries corporate email database in the absence of civil wars, revolutions or other events that accentuate the history of other countries, the evolution of Australia since 1788 is marked decisively by economic cycles. Australia best email management database

In addition, the history of Australia demonstrates the ability of an economy endowed with immense natural resources (from uranium to gold to diamonds and coal) to avoid the problems of finding income and continuing struggles that have plagued the history Australia email database free of countries with similar gifts such as Venezuela or Argentina As the figure in this entry shows, where I draw the per capita income (in logs) of Australia and that of the United States as a comparison from 1820 to 2010 according to Madison data, the nation of Oceania has generated a very high level of income for its inhabitants since the mid-nineteenth century. Australian Retails & Industries buy an email database

More complete is The Cambridge Economic History of Australia, edited by Simon Ville and Glenn Withers. This work arose as a result of the Cambridge History of Australia and Simon Ville’s impression that a specific volume on aspects of economic history in Australia was necessary. Australia b2b email database

I suspect that both for its quality and its wide range of topics, this work will be the fundamental reference on the subject for quite some time. If I had to read just one book about Australia’s economic history, this would be my clear choice. Australian best email database companies

I liked, in particular, chapter 1 on the historiography of Australian economic history written by William Coleman and that traces the contributions of T.A. Coghlan, E.O.G. Shann, Brian Fitzpatrick, G.V. Portus, R. Madgwick, the brothers Sydney and Noel Butlin, B. Schedvin, Max Hartwell and Geoffrey Blainey (whose book The Rush that Never Ended, on the history of mining, and Australian Corporate Decision Makers b2b email database The Tyranny of Distance, on the effect of distance in the economic history of Australia they are classics and, first, inspiration for the title about the book of essays on his life that he cited above). Learning about the historiography of a subject always helps me a lot to frame the main aspects of it. Australian buy email database

Other relevant monographs: 

1) Convict Workers: Reinterpreting Australia’s Past, by Stephen Nicholas (ed.), On the role of convicts (with great quantitative input).

2) Why Australia Prospered: The Shifting Sources of Economic Growth by Ian W. McLean, on the sources of Australian growth. This book explicitly dialogues with modern literature on the macroeconomics of economic growth.

3) Australia’s Boldest Experiment: War and Reconstruction in the 1940s, by Stuart Macintyre. I found this book tremendously illustrative, especially because of the prominent role of Australian economists in the design of the economic strategy during the Second World War and in their attempts to reorganize the Australian economy after it. As in many other countries that export raw materials (Argentina comes to mind), there was a feeling in Australia that the old model of export-intensive growth was exhausted, Australian email database excel

that it exposed the nation to too many risks of price shocks and that It was necessary to move towards a model with tariff protection, import-substitution, and state intervention. However, for a number of reasons (including the strength of the Liberal Party created by Robert Menzies and the decisions of the Supreme Court such as that of 1947 prohibiting the nationalization of the banks proposed by the Chifley Labor government), Australia broke with the model previous much less than Argentina. Australian create email database excel

4) Australian Manufacturing and the State: The Politics of Industry Policy in the Post-War Era, by Stephen Bell, describes in detail the policy of tariff protection and state intervention in the industry to which I referred earlier (two other Bell books they are Australia’s Money Mandarins: The Reserve Bank and the Politics of Money and Ungoverning the Economy: Political Economy of Australian Economic Policy, although I personally have not found them very useful). Australian database email extractor.

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