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Who is IonQ?

IonQ is at the vanguard of the revolution being sparked by quantum computing, which has the power to positively impact business, society, and the environment.

Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim founded IonQ in 2015 with $2 million in seed funding from New Enterprise Associates, a licence to core technology from the University of Maryland and Duke University, and the objective of bringing trapped ion quantum computing out of the lab and into the market. This came after more than 25 years of academic research.

We then secured an additional $20 million from GV, Amazon Web Services, and NEA over the course of the next three years, using which we constructed two of the most precise quantum computers ever made.

In 2019, we announced partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to make our quantum computers accessible through the cloud, and we secured an additional $55 million in a round headed by Samsung and Mubadala.

We created new generations of high-performance quantum hardware in 2020 and 2021, added Google Cloud Marketplace to our list of cloud partners, and made a number of announcements about collaborations and business relationships with top academic and commercial institutions. read more

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Oct 1, 2021

Transaction Name
Post-IPO Equity – IonQ

No. of Investors



Money Raised

Lead Investor

Jun 16, 2020
Series B – IonQ
Oct 22, 2019
Series B – IonQ
12$55MSamsung Catalyst Fund
Feb 1, 2019
Secondary Market – IonQ
1Cambium Capital Partners
Jul 26, 2017
Series A – IonQ
4$20MGV, New Enterprise Associates




Acquiree Name
Announced Date
Transaction Name 
Clarus Financial Technology
Sep 10, 2021
Clarus Financial Technology acquired by ION
Dash Financial
Feb 9, 2021
Dash Financial acquired by ION
Allegro Development
Apr 17, 2019
Allegro Development acquired by ION
Aspect Enterprise Solutions
Oct 30, 2017
Aspect Enterprise Solutions acquired by ION
Feb 25, 2012 £29M
Patsystems acquired by ION
Wall Street Systems
Apr 25, 2011
Wall Street Systems acquired by ION

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding IonQ Computing

Where are IonQ headquarters?

IonQ's headquarters are in College Park, Maryland, United States

What is IonQ phone number?

IonQ's phone number is (301) 298 - 7997

What is IonQ stock symbol?


What is IonQ official website?

IonQ official website is

What is IonQ Revenue?

IonQ revenue is $432 Million

What is IonQ's SIC code?

IonQ's SIC: 35,357

What is IonQ's NAICS code?

IonQ's NAICS: 33,334

How many employees are working in IonQ ?

IonQ has 250+ employees

Who are IonQ's main competitors?

IonQ's main competitors are: QuEra's, D-wave System,Intel..., 1QBit and more..

What companies has IonQ's acquired?

IonQ's has acquired the companies: No Lists

What is IonQ's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by IonQ's are: Software company

Who is IonQ's CEO?

IonQ's CEO is Peter Chapman

Who is IonQ's CFO?

IonQ's CFO is Thomas Kramer

Who is IonQ's CTO?

IonQ's CTO is Jungsang Kim

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