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Whatsapp login with Email

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used by mobile phone users that enables communication. While its primary use is for phones, you can also link WhatsApp with computers or tablets and use it. One way of signing into WhatsApp on any of your devices is with an email address.


Before beginning the process of signing in to WhatsApp with your email, first make sure you have installed the latest version. Once this has been confirmed, follow these steps to login via your email:


Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your phone or other device.


Step 2: On the login screen, enter your phone number and tap “Next.”


Step 3: On the next screen, you will be asked to verify your phone number by providing WhatsApp with a six-digit verification code via text or phone call.


Step 4: On the next screen, enter a six-digit verification code and tap “Next.”


Step 5: Once your phone number has been verified, you will be directed to create your profile, including name and photo.


Step 6: Once your profile has been set up, it will take you directly to the WhatsApp main screen. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner to access the Settings.


Step 7: From the Settings, navigate to Account.


Step 8: From the Account menu, select “Two-step verification.”


Step 9: Follow the prompts to create a six-digit passcode which you will use to log into your account in future.


Step 10: Once two-step verification has been enabled, return to the Account menu and click “Linked Devices.”


Step 11: On the Linked Devices screen, select “Link a Device.”


Step 12: On the next screen, you will be asked to provide your email address. Enter it here and tap “Send.”


Step 13: Check your email inbox for a message from WhatsApp with a six-digit verification code and follow its instructions to activate.


Step 14: On the next screen in WhatsApp, enter a six-digit verification code on this form.


Step 15: Once you have entered your verification code, you will be directed to set your preferences for using WhatsApp on either your computer or other device. Follow the onscreen prompts to customize these preferences as required.


Step 16: Once your preferences have been configured, you will be able to use WhatsApp on both a computer and other device by logging in using your email address and six-digit verification code.


Logging into WhatsApp using an email address is an easy and quick process that can be completed in just a few steps. By following these instructions, you’ll soon be communicating with contacts on WhatsApp using this method of login and protecting your account by setting up two-step verification or not disclosing login information with others.

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