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Leave request Email to manager

Whenever an employee needs time off from work, they usually must submit a leave request email to their manager or supervisor as part of a formal request for leave. This email should provide all relevant information about your absence such as dates of leave, reason behind it and arrangements to be made during your absence. In this article I’ll demonstrate how to write an effective leave request email to your manager.

Professional Tone and Format
As this email will be addressed directly to a manager or supervisor, its tone and format must be professional and respectful. Begin your email by greeting with “Dear Manager,” then use a polite but professional tone throughout its contents. Ensure the format is easy for recipients to read with clear spacing, paragraphing and font size settings.

Start with a clear subject line Your email’s subject line should clearly state its purpose and include dates associated with your leave request – for instance: “Request for Annual Leave from May 1-4th 2023”.

Establish the Reason for Leave
In your opening paragraph, state why you are taking leave. This could include providing either a brief overview or more extensive explanation, depending on the circumstances. Be open and honest in addressing why your leave has come about: whether personal reasons, illness or a family emergency.

Provide Details About Your Leave
In the body of your email, provide dates for both your leave period (beginning and ending dates), along with any specific days or times when you will not be available during that period.

Provide details of any necessary arrangements: If there are any arrangements that must be made during your absence, such as handing off duties to another colleague, ensure you make them known in your email. Include who will take over their responsibilities as well as any instructions or guidelines they should abide by.

Express Your Will To Assist
Where possible, express your willingness to assist with any necessary preparations prior to leaving or offering assistance during your absence – showing your dedication to both the job and team even while taking time off is important! This shows your dedication even while on vacation!

Close your email with a polite request
Make sure to thank and acknowledge your manager’s understanding, while politely asking them to approve your leave request and requesting any additional information or guidance they require from you.

End Your Email Professionally
Once your email has been written and edited to your specifications, sign off with an appropriate closing, such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards”, followed by your name and contact info. Double-check for errors or typos before delivering to your manager.

Here is an example of a leave request email:

Subject of Request for Annual Leave from May 1-6, 2023.

Dear Manager, I would like to request annual leave from May 1-5 2023 due to a family event that requires my attendance. I expect to return on May 6 2023.

While I am away, I have made arrangements with Jane Doe to take over my responsibilities. I have provided all necessary instructions and guidelines, and am available via email or phone if she requires further help in doing her job.

If there are any tasks or preparations I can assist with before my leave, please let me know and I’d be more than willing to offer my assistance in any way possible. My aim is to ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption during my absence.

Thank you for considering my leave request and I look forward to hearing back from you shortly regarding its approval.

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