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100k Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Database [2023]

Contact technical directors today through the USA TECHNICAL DIRECTORS or Managers EMAIL DATABASE. Sell your service or product to a broad range of tech-savvy management professionals.

Our company provides an email director list precisely what you require if you’re providing a technology-based solution!

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Our Usa Technical Directors, Managers Email Database is stuffed with B2B leads for sales, human-verified contact details, as well as everything from company phone numbers to contact details the kind of solution you’re looking for?


If directors and technical managers are your ideal customers, Don’t think they’ll be able to locate you, and don’t take your staff’s time looking for them.


Find quality tech director email addresses in just a few minutes! Emailporleads.com doesn’t offer generic emails like technology@example.com but real emails with real names of real technology directors.

It’s one of the pre-designed business lists available to purchase and download immediately.


Be aware that you can locate technology-focused contacts within the companies. But only those who have the designation of a technical director or technology manager are included in this list. This directory of contacts is downloadable; you can speak to an executive director of technology or who has the authority to decide what they need from their team.


Often, working in games or software development, tech directors charge an engineering or design team to develop unique products. The teams they manage are composed of engineers with technical expertise and tech directors who themselves are juggling a lot of work.


A list of tech managers is ideal for promoting an effective project management system or solution!

Purchase the Usa Technical Directors, Managers Email Database or director of technology services mailing list to increase leads and earn more sales today.

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email marketing what it is and how it works: definition and examples

Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Database
Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Database

Mailing marketing, also known as email marketing as it is also known, is one of the oldest strategies (although not outdated) in the field of marketing via digital. After decades of use, it is common for doubts to be in the form of questions about its effectiveness and validity. Do you need to make use of email marketing after 2023? Yes, and it’s much better than you thought.

Email remains an effective and cost-effective communications channel that can build and develop connections with existing and potential (potential) potential customers. The methods by which marketing via Email can be executed are varied because they are based on the goals and purpose of the business.

In this article, you’ll learn about data, information and tips to assist you in starting and maintaining the quality of your email marketing for your company.


What are the reasons to begin with email marketing today?

Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Lists
Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Lists

Based on data that were gathered (last updated on 2023) by the digital consultancy company Emailmonday It was noted that mobile Email — that is, the one that’s viewed via the mobile device, such as the smartphone is averaging opening rate that can reach 78%, contingent upon the kind of mail being viewed by the public as well as the nature of Email and the content.

Digital consultant, David Stewart, discovered a study done by Fluente Inc. It was found that around 75% of people who use access to a mobile device check their Email. This translates to 3 out of 5 users who check their Email during their day-to-day activities.

As you can observe, Email remains a very productive and efficient communication tool and even outperforms social networks in some aspects. If we think about it this way: before creating any new account or account on any website, we’ll always be required to enter our email address on the server. Although we may not access social media, we need to establish an email address to receive emails or messages regarding items or products.

One of the advantages of email marketing is:


Better relationships

Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Leads
Usa Technical Directors Managers Email Leads

By using email marketing, it’s possible to build a stronger relationship with customers who are already customers. An appropriately constructed email can improve customer loyalty to the brand and create an atmosphere of peace and security.

The customer’s relationship is enhanced by using an email that has an individual format.


More accessibility

Like I said in the previous paragraph, email marketing includes certain aspects that are more effective than the efficiency of social media platforms. It is easy to log into our emails and get immediately with an appealing email that invites us to learn more about its contents.

About the data, It has been established that a significant portion of the population worldwide that is using mobile devices will always check their Email.


Enhance the sales possibilities

The use of email marketing can increase the selling potential of our products and services. The client receives immediately customized to their tastes and needs with email marketing. Personalization of ads can dramatically increase the number of customers consuming our company.


Design an image that represents our brand

Because of email marketing, it’s easy to develop and present the image or concept that we want our clients to see of us. Creating an image is essential for every business since it has a significant impact on psychological elements to build trust in our company.

Utilizing email marketing to boost our image is among the most crucial resources for the growth of a business. With email marketing, it’s possible to present each of our customers with the right aspect of our brand they would like to know in a personalized way.


Start today! Marketing via Email is waiting for you.

If you’re planning to begin with this amazing strategy, it is essential to be aware of the first steps for carrying the email marketing strategy for your company.


Define your objectives

Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Database
Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Database

One of the most crucial actions before starting an action plan is to determine the goals and objectives to guide an organization through the entire process. Understanding the goals and intentions that email marketing serves is crucial to ensure that everything is done correctly.

If you don’t have goals in place, If you don’t have a set of objectives, you can check out the statistics of the use of email marketing in your field or discover how other companies within your industry manage the approach.

One of the most frequent uses of email marketing include:

  • To increase the number of customers who are interested in becoming customers.
  • Meet the client to create personalized content.
  • Increase the brand’s contact information.
  • Increase web traffic.
  • Keep in touch with the public.
  • Improve sales.
  • Conduct surveys and gather feedback


Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to get to work. Before you begin, Have you thought about who you’ll be sending the first message to?


Design an email marketing list of contacts

Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Lists
Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Lists

The best — and organic method to build your list of contacts is via a website or page on which the user can sign up and enter their Email. In the end, there are two methods to ask the user to provide us with their email address.

  • By filling out a form: A section can be created in which we ask for your email address to keep you updated on all news and giveaways, and promotions. Similarly, when your site invites users to create a user’s account, they can use their email address to Email the client any types of content you think is appropriate for the user. Make sure you specify the privacy and business reasons for your data.
  • By a pop-up window, This feature is possibly the most well-known. If a user is on the site, the pop-up should solicit their Email to subscribe to our email newsletter. The message the pop-up displays must be convincing. This is a similar exchange for the user’s Email is exchanged for a discount or discount, exclusive content and more. The service, product or promotion you offer the user in exchange for the email address is dependent on your business.


The goal of these techniques is to ensure that the customer is the one who chooses to provide his email address and also consents to be part of our marketing via Email. In this way, our client list gets nurtured and grows organically.

Beware of buying email lists. While it is an unprofessional and fraudulent practice, it also puts the reputation and image of your company in jeopardy. Furthermore, it could be difficult to envision the accomplishments and organic reach that your business can achieve.


TIP: Do you want to stop your email messages from being discarded in your spam box? The solution is simple: utilize Double opt-in. This is a method that, using an initially created email, requires the user to verify that they are signing up for the content. This extra verification process will prevent your Email from being buried in the junk mailer.


Set dates for sending your emails

The coordination of dates to send your emails is an approach many companies do not utilize, which means they do not get the desired results. Emailing must be done strategically by being aware of the best dates and times for sending email messages general public. Sending emails on the appropriate date at the right time is much better than sending out emails daily simultaneously.


Configure your first Email: Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is a message sent out to new users to thank them for signing up. It’s a great way to begin the first chance to understand and build a strong connection with the customer.

The reception, acceptance, and reading of welcome emails are 42% more than the average for the other emails. That’s why the Welcome Email is a great way to begin creating natural and possibly beneficial links between users and companies.

Similar to this, it has been observed that following an email to welcome you, interactions with subsequent emails increase by as much as 40 per cent.


Design and define your HTML0 templates


It is essential to understand that the Email contents are the primary element determining the layout. Before writing an email, consider the content you would like to convey to your followers. The most popular content include:

  • Personal Email is a situation that occurs when you are working out a solution with a customer. It is formalized using visual components is reduced.
  • The Newsletter, The Newsletter, is an information bulletin distributed regularly to those who have opted to be notified. Inside, you will find relevant and relevant information, promotions announcements, news, offers and more.
  • Promotional The Promotional code showcases new services or products that interest the consumer.
  • Transactional It can verify the actions that the customer has completed within our company. They usually confirm the purchase, the payment or other activity that involves both the parties (client-company).


Tips to ensure the quality of your marketing emails

After you’ve learned the fundamentals to begin planning your next Email, it’s important to know the best practices to keep your marketing emails high quality. This isn’t just about creating templates or determining the best dates for sending your emails. It would help if you also ensured that the content is optimized to ensure that it’s always of the highest quality.


Create subject lines that are creative and original.

The first element that will catch the consumer’s attention is the subject matter of the Email. Thus, it is vital to crafting visually appealing, imaginative, captivating headers that entice the reader into understanding what’s in the Email.

It is important to make subjects that your algorithm for Email doesn’t view as spam. We will later explain the steps you can be taking in this regard.


Utilize attractive and visually attractive elements

One of the best elements that shouldn’t be missed in any email is the visual element that appeals to the reader. Make use of dynamic or imaginative designs that impact the recipient.

Try using colours representing your brand, and include them in each message you mail. It would be best to make an impression that lasts for a longer period within your customer’s minds.


Beware of spam at all.

Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Leads
Usa Technical Directors Managers Business Email Leads

We have previously shown how to avoid spam by using the double-opt-in method; however, you must also take certain steps to ensure that you don’t end in the spam bin.

Be sure to pay attention to the contents of your Email as the algorithm of email services could trigger spam filters. This happens when the algorithm recognizes odd characters in text in the email subject. As a general rule, the following are recommended:

  • Avoid using bright fonts and sizes that are different in your text body.
  • Don’t write the subject of your mail in uppercase letters.
  • Be careful not to abuse the use of Emojis.
  • Avoid using characters with special characters too often.
  • Beware of links to inaccessible websites.
  • Avoid using exaggerated terms or phrases that create tension, urgency or violate the law. For example, 100%, be your boss, Earn money, get a gift for free and cash, Prize urgent, You’re an instant winner, Direct sales loss of weight (yes, it is an expression that the algorithm recognizes as spam) lower rates and many more.


Track your email marketing

What can you tell if a marketing approach is effective? The best way to know is to be attentive to the outcomes. You can determine the information that reveals how every customer interacts with your website.

The most effective method to track content is setting metrics that indicate an open, click, or bounce rate. In addition, you can set metrics that let you determine the number of people who have left your contact list. It is essential to remember that these metrics assist us understand how effective our database is doing, and in this way, we can make the most of the steps which need to be carried out.


In the final

Marketing via Email is a technique that isn’t outdated. Email is a method of communication that helps companies stay in touch with their clients. It’s an effective strategy to keep our business growing. Begin to experiment with marketing via Email and see amazing results!


What is remarketing promoting and how could it be valuable for private ventures?

How you can involve it for your business is likely two of the most widely recognized inquiries in computerized advertising.


A typical however misguided judgment among numerous advertisers is that buyers disdain the promotions on their sites. As per a new report, 25.8% of clients currently use AdBlock. Furthermore, this rate is supposed to increment throughout the long term. This elevated degree of use appears to help the possibility that buyers would rather not see promotions. A new report finished by Hubspot, notwithstanding, set forward a solid contention against this position.


This report observed that clients are not exactly scared of advertisements so much, they simply don’t have any desire to see unimportant promotions. 77% of respondents said they would prefer to utilize a promotion sifting program than a total advertisement block. Brands that can track down ways of bettering objectives in their promotions can likewise make a superior client experience, in this way drawing in additional clients.


Redundant promotion can be an extraordinary method for expanding the significance and personalization of your advertisements. Knowing what monotonous advertising is can assist you with better captivating your possibilities on the web. As per eMarketer, 73% of American web clients who are somewhere around 14 years of age will purchase something on the web over the long haul.


Utilizing the information that shows the interests of clients on the web we can collaborate with these clients. As per Adroit Digital, almost 3/5 of online customers in the United States announced seeing advertisements for items they had looked at on different destinations. This implies that buyer commitment through monotonous promoting advertisements draws in the consideration of customers.


What is email-marketing ?

Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Database
Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Database

Computerized Remedy reports that 46% of experts working in advanced promotion accept that dreary advertising doesn’t use brands as it ought to. If you have any desire to comprehend what monotonous advertising is for your own missions, here are a few things you really want to be aware of.


Remarketing? Figuring out the definition.

Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Lists
Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Lists

Many individuals have inquiries concerning what remarketing is. Rehash showcasing includes focusing on clients who have proactively seen something on your site or have shown interest in your items. A method for acquiring clients might have perused pages on your site but not followed by transformation.


Also, with that, it doesn’t be guaranteed to mean a “deal” eventually. The change could imply that I didn’t turn into an individual from your email or follow you via virtual entertainment, didn’t see your video, and so forth. Know that 70-96% of clients visit a site without needing to make any move. Subsequently, as an advertiser or advanced advertiser, you really want to exploit the interest they show in your image and convince them to return utilizing remarketing.


A remarketing system will permit you to follow explicit pages on your site. This will permit you to recognize clients who have invested energy in these pages without change. For instance, many brands will follow the pages of their shopping basket so they can address the individuals who leave their shopping basket or have seen a few items.


Whenever you have distinguished the objectives, you can run specialty advertisements that advance items that have previously been shown. Thusly, these advertisements will be profoundly customized and will advance things that are now of interest, expanding their pertinence.


Think about that as indicated by AdRoll, generally just 2% of shoppers will change over whenever they first visit a site. This makes remarketing showcasing a significant device to draw in clients to return and finish a transformation.


A fascinating measurement referred to by the CMO is that it observed that up to a fourth of clients report appreciating remarketing promotions. They esteem those Brands a ton on the grounds that their advertisements offer updates for items and brands that the purchaser has been keen on previously. These promotions draw in more interest than standard advertisements, giving a better client experience and hence a more prominent possibility of change.


With the developing revenue of tedious advertising promotions, it is turning out to be clear why this showcasing technique can be so compelling. Kimberly-Clark reports seeing up to 50-60% higher transformation rates for those getting remarketing promotions. Another Digital Remedy investigation discovered that general advertisement reaction expanded by around 400%. In the meantime, ComScore reports that diverted promotions can expand your image search rate by up to 1.046%.


Monotonous promoting has many devices that can be utilized by brands to make upgraded publicizing encounters. They can exploit their clients’ advantages and show the substance they are generally keen on seeing.


The individuals who need to assemble a fruitful remarketing publicizing effort ought to consider how the accompanying advances can improve their prosperity.


Understanding the various sorts of remarketing.

Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Leads
Usa Technical Directors Managers Consumer Email Leads

There are a few sorts of dull promotions that brands can use to connect with their clients on the web. To comprehend what monotonous promoting is, we really want to check these various choices out.


Brands can pick which ones will turn out best for their own motivation. Probably the most famous choices are:


The promotion is shown to individuals who have visited your site.

Quite possibly the most well-known type of remarketing promoting includes showing advertisements for individuals who have proactively visited your site. These advertisements can show up in two fundamental kinds of stages.


The individuals who utilize tedious showcasing efforts through Google Ads will show monotonous promoting advertisements all through the Google Display Network. Recollect that Google promotions offer the biggest PPC (pay per click) stage, making it an extraordinary method for arriving at a large number of shoppers searching for items the nation over and all over the planet.


You can likewise set up these showcase promotions on different other web-based entertainment stages. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for instance, offer their own advertisement stages. Considering that Facebook comes north of one billion individuals around the world, it additionally gives an incredible stage to accomplishing your objectives.


Rehash advertising by means of email.

Usa Technical Directors Managers B2B Email Database
Usa Technical Directors Managers B2B Email Database

Email advertising permits you to target individuals to your email list while voyaging somewhere else on the web. You can make publicizing efforts, particularly for the individuals who open your messages (pamphlet).


Since clients who open your messages are now showing revenue in what you bring to the table, utilizing email advertising assists you with remembering your image. Do you have any idea that they have a few interests in your items and administrations, which opens the entryway for you to take them back to your site to finish some


Remarketing video.

Through Google, you can likewise show advertisements to individuals on YouTube. Individuals who have visited your channel or your recordings can be designated again through advertisements when they peruse one more piece of the Google Display Network.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current 100k USA TECHNICAL DIRECTORS, MANAGERS EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our USA TECHNICAL DIRECTORS, MANAGERS EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at EmailProLeads.com, we only offer the best.


1. Company name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

USA Mobile Number Email Database

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Email Marketing Checklist
There are several steps in sending an Email Marketing campaign that cannot be forgotten. The main ones are:
Planning Mail Layout Analysis
• Person • Create the layout considering the structure • Opening rate
• Content segmentation • Click rate
• Content • Review of the layout with the final content • Conversion rate
• Make a test launch and check:
• Email subject
• Images
Calendar • Links
• Define day and time of launch • Content
Content Launch
• Create an Outline • Create the segmentation according to
• Produce the texts of the email planning
• Think of 5 subjects (email title) • Finish the configuration of the campaign and
different and select 1 schedule launch
• Revision
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Email A/B Testing
Through the A/B test it is possible to easily identify what needs to be modified in your strategy
of Email Marketing.
To perform an email A/B test, select a sample from your list of contacts who will receive the Email and send two
different versions of the same message. It is interesting to test variables such as subject, body of the text, sender.
Currently, almost all Email Marketing tools have the option of A/B testing. In Cloudtool, for
example, it is very easy to apply.
Once the A/B test is done, you can analyze metrics such as opening rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, most clicked links and conversions.
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Email Deliverability
Many believe that “delivering” an email means placing the message at the top of the page.
Lead’s inbox. But delivery in Email Marketing is something much broader.
In general, when we send an Email Marketing, it comes out
from our sending server and goes to the sending server
Lead email.
Upon reaching that server, there is a series of validations
made and many of the emails that are in fact spam
stop at this point (not to be confused with the tray
of spam that we see in Gmail, for example). the lead
you will never see these emails that have been blocked.
Emails that are not blocked are delivered. These
they can land both in the Lead’s inbox
or in the spam box. Therefore we must know
that a delivered email will not necessarily be in the
IP Reputation
In a simple way, the entire email campaign is sent to
through a server. Each server has its own IP,
an address that identifies that server on the network.
This IP can be shared with several companies
sending campaigns from the same IP, or dedicated,
with one (or more) IP per company.
Every IP also has a reputation, a rating
given to the IP according to its history and some other
factors that we will discuss later.
The logic is simple: the higher the
reputation, better delivery.
There are some services that monitor IPs. The
The best known of these is Senderscore, by Return Path.
To know the IP that your company is using, place
your domain in Senderscore search and
will show the IPs that your company is using.

USA Email Database

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Some factors that influence the reputation of an IP
and, consequently, delivery, are:
Hard and soft bounces
A bounce is a temporary (soft) or permanent (hard) error.
What happens when trying to deliver an email to a recipient.
If your company sends a campaign and it produces
many errors, it is a sign that the quality of the list is not
good and therefore neither will the delivery.
spam complains
If a recipient opts out of receiving emails from your
company and yet receives them, you can proactively mark the Email as spam. A claim of
these have a great weight in the reputation and, how much
more complaints, worse will be the delivery.
drastically affected, as service providers
email understand that your messages are spam – it is
say spam.
When an email provider realizes that
you have sent an email to a spam trap, both you
IP as your domain are at risk of being blocked
– that is, your messages no longer reach the Leads
that use that provider.
It is useless to deliver emails and have a good
positioning in the inbox if there is no commitment
(open, click, etc.). Despite being a metric with a
monitoring more difficult due to privacy reasons by
a service like Senderscore, the email tools
such as Gmail take it into account when applying their own
filters to define how this Email will be delivered.
Spam traps Blacklist
Spam traps (or, in Spanish, spam traps) are, in
In general, non-existent or inactive email accounts of the
email providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. – that
they are used to find spammers.
If you are caught in a trap making a shipment
to one of those accounts, your delivery rates will be
Some email servers, tired of so much spam,
They decided to track the server IP of the sender
of the messages and placed them on a “blacklist”.
Every time an email comes from that server, it is immediately considered spam. practice worked
ok and that list was shared with other servers.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Today the main providers use this list and, once
Once you get into it, it’s very hard to get out.
Our suggestion to overcome this barrier is to send
Email Marketing only if you have permission. The only way
to get out of a blacklist is to prove that you had the opt-in
to send the message. And, in order not to get into it, follow
always good Email Marketing practices.
practices and, at the end of the tests, they may or may not
grant a certification.
And if, by any chance, you are on one of the most popular blacklists
renowned in the market, do not even try to do the
application, your company will not be approved. In addition, the
income is not perpetual: in case of leaving the good
practices aside, the certification will be cancelled.
white list
Whitelist consists of a set of emails, IPs or domains that have good practices, without the need to
be approved by anti-spam filters, which are delivered
directly into the user’s inbox.
How to get on a whitelist
The main prerequisite for entering a whitelist
is to follow good email sending practices, such as the
that are presented on this page. The most important of these is the use of opt-ins to build your base.
These will ensure that you have good delivery rates and therefore
therefore be accepted by a large number of servers.
You need to apply to enter a
whitelist. The best known are the Return-Path
and DNSWL. Both organizations will evaluate your
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Authentication and security
Due to the large number of emails used for fraud and illegal activities, such as fake emails from
banks, there are a series of security mechanisms to guarantee the authenticity of emails.
Emails that are not properly authenticated are
can move to secondary inboxes
or spam and even reject by incoming servers.
Therefore, it is important to ensure the configuration
indicated below.
The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an authorization
for an email tool to send messages using your domain. It is one of the oldest and best known authentication methods, which is configured through
of a DNS record. In this case, the Email with your domain
it is sent through the Email of the domain of the tool.
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) checks if the
message sent has not been changed in the middle of the
route, guaranteeing the coherence and authenticity of the
Content. If you identify any inconsistencies in DKIM, the
Email will not be delivered. Like the SPF, it
configure through a DNS record.
To configure DMARC (Domain-based Message
Authentication Reporting and Conformance), it is necessary to have the SPF and DKIM correctly configured,
since the configuration says what should happen to the
emails that fail those other two checks.
You can configure an email address to receive
a report with the problems, for correction.
white label
Like SPF, Whitelabel allows the
launch tool send emails using your
domain, but the difference is that the Email is actually
sends as if it were sent by the company, without seeming
that was sent through the tool. Nowadays
is the default setting used by

USA Email Lists

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
main email tools on the market, such as
RD Station.
Send ID
Sender ID is a method developed by Microsoft that
is used in their email services (Hotmail and Outlook),
very similar to SPF. Not having this setting can
impair the delivery of emails, mainly to
lists with many such addresses.
reverse DNS
Reverse DNS is a check used with
frequently by the mail servers to confirm
the identity of the sender, verifying which domain
responds by the IP used in the sending.
It is important to configure an abuse@ email, which is the
default email used by servers
email (and even users) to submit a claim or problem notification. After creating the
Email, must be configured on the site http://abuse.net
WHOIS is the online record of who owns a domain on the Internet. Some email servers use the
information present in the WHOIS to verify the
authenticity and veracity of the sender, influencing
the deliverability.
feedback loop
The Feedback Loop is basically a notification of
marking spam, indicating who did it, to take
the necessary measures and ensure that this user
do not receive any more messages. Some tools, like
Cloud tool, already manage this functionality, eliminating
any extra work, but not all tools
email senders provide this information, which
it can harm reputations and campaigns.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Email Marketing Metrics
After launching an email campaign, the tool used for sending begins to
generate a report, presenting performance metrics. Tracking and understanding this data is critical to
determine if the result of the campaign was satisfactory, generate learning and improvements for the next
The positive or negative performance of marketing campaigns
email also directly influences future campaigns, since Internet Service Providers (ISP)
they analyze the reputation of the sending server.
In addition to serving as a report and influencing the
performance of future campaigns, the data generated also makes it possible to carry out and measure tests, such as
change the day and time of the launch, the subject or
the content, for example, and follow the impact generated
in the metrics.
Another point of attention is to follow the average of
market and guarantee campaigns that are at least
within the average. The metrics presented below also bring the general market average,
but these values ​​may vary according to the
business segment.
positive metrics
They are metrics that result both from good practices
when developing and sending the campaign as
positive actions of the lead who received the Email, such as
opening and clicks, being ideal to be above the
half. Check the main positive metrics and
how to maximize your numbers:
emails delivered
It is the number of recipients who received the Email and
the percentage in relation to the total number of emails sent.
Undeliverable emails are generally bounces (hard or soft). An email delivered rate considered good is equal to or greater than 95%.
There are two main reasons for an email not to be
deliver: some kind of authentication error or because
the recipient address has some problem.

USA Email Address

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Some email sending tools, such as Cloud tool,
they can block the sending of the emails if the delivery rate remains low during the launch, to try to
preserve the reputation of the sending server.
To maintain a high email deliverability rate, it is
important not to buy email lists, register emails
manually or send to old contact lists.
Send messages to more segmented lists too
can positively affect the delivery rate.
open rate
The open rate of an email campaign is the
percentage of contacts who opened the Email, having
into account the number of contacts who received it.
To calculate the open rate, it is necessary to divide the number of emails opened by the total number of emails delivered,
multiplying the result by 100 (to have in percentage), but practically all the tools already exhibit
directly the metric in the results report.
In general, an open rate considered good is
of at least 15%, but this percentage can vary from
according to the segment and the type of Email sent. For
evaluate the average of your activity segment, check the
Email Benchmarking tool, cited above.
Several factors can affect the opening rate of
email, like falling directly into the inbox
user input and not in filters like “Promotions”,
“Updates” and even in the spam tray. For
prevent your message from being filtered, the ideal is to follow
good email marketing practices, also present in this article.
Also, be careful in developing the matter,
avoiding the use of words that can classify the
email as spam and incite the user’s curiosity
It generates a great impact on the opening rate.
click rate
The click rate is the percentage of contacts who clicked on the Email, also in relation to the total of
delivered emails. Your calculation is similar to that of the opening
of emails, just divide the number of emails clicked by the number of emails delivered, multiplying
the result by 100.
A click rate considered good should be above
2%, on average. Once again, the recommendation
is to use the Email Benchmarking tool to
compare with the average of your segment.
Some tools feature the CTR process
(click-through rate), which instead of calculating emails
that have been clicked in relation to the total number of emails

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delivered, calculated in relation to the total number of open emails, presenting a much higher percentage. The problem is that high CTR is not always synonymous with a
successful campaign, since this calculation often ends
inflating the results.
To guarantee a click rate above the
media, it is important to include external links through
of Calls-to-Action, so that the user is interested
in accessing the content. Access the section that explains how to make an email campaign in this same
article, to confer good practices and suggestions for
calls to action that generate results.
You can also follow them on your e-commerce platform (if applicable) or even in Google Analytics.
Top Email Launch Tools
include markings on the links present in the
email, which makes the URL trackable and
allows isolated analysis of channel performance
within the same Google Analytics.
It is also important to measure the conversion rate of the
emails on conversions. If this rate is low, it is a
indication that it is necessary to optimize the conversion of the
page or use a Landing Page, if you don’t already use it.
Negative Metric Conversions
What good is a campaign with high open rates
and clicks, if in the end you don’t know if she added to your strategy
of Digital Marketing? That is why it is important to measure the
email results in conversions.
Here it is necessary to evaluate according to the objective of
the bell. They can be new conversions of Leads,
Converted Leads to Qualified Leads, Opportunities
or clients, and even sales in general or of a certain
product or service.
In addition to the possibility of seeing these results in the
own reports of the email sending tool,
The negative metrics occur mainly because of the
low quality or lack of campaign planning.
They are inflated due to the sending of unwanted messages,
obsolete or purchased contact lists, emails with
little text and other bad practices mentioned in this
Article. Check the main negative metrics and
how to keep your values ​​to a minimum.
bounce rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of
emails that were rejected by the recipient’s server compared to the total messages from
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emails sent. There are 2 types of bounces: soft bounce and
hard bounce.
• Soft bounce: Occurs when the message is not
delivery for a temporary reason, such as the mailbox
recipient’s inbox or email server have
problems or even offline. The ideal is to try
keep this rate below 5%.
• Hard bounce: Occurs when the message does not
maybe surrendered for permanent reasons, such as
non-existent Email or server block. ideal is to try to keep it to a maximum of 3%.
As this metric directly interferes with the number of emails delivered, it is important to keep the
rates always below what is indicated, so as not to affect the
delivery of the next emails or until taking the risk
of having the sending of emails blocked.
In addition to following good practices in the production
of Email and segmentation of the mailing list, maintain
an email calendar with a good frequency of
campaigns directly influences this metric, since
that when shipments occur with long intervals,
many of the emails on the list have already ceased to exist
in that period.
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spam marking
The spam mark is made by the user himself
received the Email, manually indicating that the Email
received is spam. This is a very
sensitive and can be very damaging to reputation, for
what when evaluating this metric, your campaign cannot
have more than 0.1% spam rate.
It is important that you stop sending emails to
all contacts who marked spam as soon as
possible to avoid serious delivery problems.
To prevent the user himself from marking your message
as spam it is important to follow good practices of
email marketing, how not to buy mailing lists,
keep the base always updated and sanitized and
avoid launching campaigns for the entire contact list.
The unsubscribe rate represents the people who received the Email and who clicked on the unsubscribe link so as not to receive new email messages from the
sender. It is important to keep campaigns with no
maximum 1% decrease.
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Between spam flagging and unsubscribes, it’s preferable that
the contact unsubscribes from the list, since the impact
is minor on the delivery of emails. That’s why it’s very
important that all emails include the option to
lower the user.
When the user unsubscribes from a list, the email launch tool automatically removes
your Email permanently from the next shipments, without
need to look for the user in the list to extract it
This metric ends up revealing that there are problems in the
email calendar or the quality of what is sent.
An increase in email unsubscribes is a warning
that the company needs to reformulate its entire strategy and try to reverse the situation.


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This article analyzes the strategy of the United Shoe Machinery Company, a company that dominated the world market for footwear machinery in the first half of the twentieth century, its penetration in Latin America and the rest of the world and the antitrust legal proceedings suffered in the United States.

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Despite its practical monopoly position, the company had an efficient performance that boosted technological innovation and modernization of the footwear industry in many countries.

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The United Shoe Machinery Company dominated the world market for footwear machinery in the first half of the twentieth century. This article analyzes the company’s strategy, its penetration in Latin America and the rest of the world, and the impact on the company of antitrust lawsuits in the United States. Despite its practical monopoly, the company had an efficient performance, which fueled technological innovation and modernization of the footwear industry in many countries.

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Neoclassical economic theory states that monopolies, that is, situations opposite to perfectly competitive markets, are characterized in that the monopolist can determine the price by deciding how much he produces. In these circumstances, to maximize its profits. USA database email extractor

the monopoly company will reduce the final amount produced and raise the price compared to what would happen in a competitive market situation. The monopoly prices will differ more than those of competition the lower the elasticity of the demand with respect to the price of the goods produced.The USA buy an email database. USA buy an email database.

Therefore, the monopoly does not allow the market to function efficiently and has a social cost. This reasoning justifies that public authorities actively intervene to combat monopoly situations and foster competition.

The United States, at the end of the 19th century, was one of the first countries to adopt antitrust measures when developing specific legislation for this. The large size of the US market accentuated the trend towards the large company generated by the second technological revolution and political power tried to limit the phenomenon bypassing the Sherman Law in 1890 and the Clayton Law in 1914. USA best b2b email database

The application of both laws resulted in complex judicial proceedings, in which some of the main companies in the country were involved. The United Shoe Machinery Company (hereinafter USMC) was one of these companies were the proceedings that opened against it, especially the one initiated in 1947, became an unavoidable reference within the jurisprudence on the matter. This is an interesting case, where it can be seen that reality does not always fit the simplifications of economic theory.

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If the market of machinery for footwear is defined as that of the machines specifically made for the manufacturing process of this type of article, whose offer is integrated by the companies specialized in the production of these machines and their demand by the footwear manufacturing companies, USA best database for email marketing

if the participation of the bidding companies is measured through the proportion of physical units of active machinery supplied by each of these companies, it can be affirmed that the USMC managed to gain a widely dominant position in this market, close to monopoly, in the United States and in many other countries in the first half of the twentieth century (Kaysen, 1956). USA consumer email database

This situation prevented the development of other machinery companies with this specialization and channeled a remarkable flow of resources from the shoe factories to the company. However, this article attempts to show that, in the face of what economic theory predicts, this domain was accompanied by efficient performance, which facilitated the technological modernization of the footwear industry in many countries. USA bulk email database free download

In the first part, the origin and trajectory of the USMC are synthesized, in addition to showing the main features of its business strategy, among which the machinery leasing system stands out.

It also summarizes the situation in which the footwear industry in Europe and Latin America was at the beginning of the 20th century and the influence that the USMC had on it. USA best email database provider 

The following is how the United States antitrust policy affected the company. The following section contains the review that various authors have made, from the economic point of view, of the judgments against the USMC. This gives rise to an analysis of the consequences that the monopolistic position of the company and the measures dictated by the courts to counter it had for the industry. Finally, the conclusions of the work are specified. USA’s best email management database.

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