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500k USA Sales Email Database [2023]

USA Sales Email Database makes it easier than ever for salespeople to make sales.

All you need is an extensive list of business sales professionals, along with email leads. USA Sales Email Database includes managers and associates who work in various sales departments at different institutions.

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USA Sales Email Database : Sales professionals are complex at work to keep a company afloat through solid sales efforts, leads lists, and targeted campaigns. 

This business-to-business marketing database allows you to let salespeople know all about your company. 

You can email sales leads about a CRM or other sales tool, provide a unique sales strategy or program, or network with this group of dedicated sales professionals.

You can download USA Sales Email Database verified sales contact list right away from one of our pre-built databases. 

USA Sales Email Database is our premium sales email database that includes the contact information for critical sales personnel at multiple companies. 

It also contains phone numbers, fax numbers, and titles. 

USA Sales Email list of sales leads is ideal for anyone who needs a tool to help these people process more sales and do so more efficiently. 

You can email leads to let them know how you can help them, no matter if they are cold-calling or selling face-to-face, as well as handling any incoming inquiries.

Talk to salespeople and sales managers today. 

USA Sales Email Database sales email address list can help you find managers, executives, associates, and entry-level salespeople. 

You can also get a customization option to build your own sales mailing lists to narrow your B2B marketing efforts further.

USA Sales Email Database list is accurate, and you can immediately start marketing to your salespeople!

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You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

Email marketing: What exactly is it? How to define it and develop an effective strategy

What is email marketing?

USA Sales Email Database
USA Sales Email Database

This method, sometimes referred to as sending emails or emailing, relies on mass emailing to a set of contacts. Marketing via email marketing is a mixture of communications with targeted marketing. Its demise has been anticipated, but this seasoned advertising method is just the same today as it was a few years ago. Marketing via loyalty or recruitment is still among the top lucrative and efficient actions for advertisers in terms of ROI.

Potential customers can be quickly and efficiently at hand. Not just to their mailboxes but directly into the client’s hands because of mobile devices. Many customers have professional and personal email set up on their phones or tablet. Most emails are accessed via phones, which requires us to design our emails in an adaptable way. Marketing via email nowadays is to consider it in mobile-friendly formats, and if we don’t design it in this way, the message could be gone before reaching the user’s hand. Thus, it’s frequently claimed that the next step in email marketing is mobile-friendly marketing through email.


Definition: What exactly is marketing by email?

USA Sales Email Lists
USA Sales Email Lists

Marketing via email marketing is a tool for communication for the user, allowing us to send them messages via their email address, and adapt the content for different recipients to accomplish a variety of goals in marketing.

Although email marketing is usually considered to be a conversion-oriented channel, the truth is that it can serve numerous purposes and be adaptable to various scenarios. Here are a few examples:

  • Emails to recruit potential customers unfamiliar with our company (similar in “cold the door” tactics).
  • Bulletins, newsletters, or other informational messages keep users informed about the brand and announce the latest news (policies or new product launches, etc.). …).
  • Administration emails such as to offer the user download content or to thank them for signing up.
  • Emails to customers who are loyal where we aim to encourage repeat purchases.

Email marketing in figures

USA Sales Email Leads
USA Sales Email Leads

We could talk about the advantages and benefits of marketing via email; however, marketers and marketers managers would like to hear the numbers and metrics.

It’s fascinating to read the findings from this digital Report on Research that examined the usage and perceived value of email marketing in 2015.

  • The internet is now a routine, and most people surveyed said they regularly connect to the internet because of the widespread use of mobile phones. Men aged 35 and 44 are more active, but there aren’t many distinctions between sexes or ages.
  • 80percent of people check their emails frequently throughout the day and on social media. In the next category are multimedia media and instant messaging services, and the use of media news.
  • Gmail, with 74% of the users, is the most popular email service. However, Hotmail is most frequently used for signing up to marketing emails via email content.
  • Web users generally have a positive view of marketing via email, particularly product offers. The downside is the huge volume of emails sent.
  • Consumers determine the best frequency of receiving emails, which is 1 per week and could be as high as three depending on the circumstances.
  • The message must be clear, plain and straightforward with a concise and simple subject. The use of words “offer” or “promotion” can help initially.
  • The content of hotel, travel and tourism deals recommends signing up for bulletins or newsletters.


Other sources also provide us with these good numbers:

  • The marketing via email provides an excellent return on investment (return of investment) as the average return is 38 dollars per dollar spent.
  • 48% of all email openings are made via smartphones.


The four fundamentals of email marketing you should be aware of

USA Sales Business Email Database
USA Sales Business Email Database

1.) Goals with SMART objectives and an approach to contact

It is important to return to the basics and set SMART objectives. Marketing via email is among the strategies marketers employ to help them overcome a difficult place and boost sales and conversions.

However, as the saying goes, the person who travels the fastest does not always arrive first, but it is the one who is aware of exactly where he’s going. Marketers must take the time to determine the goals of every email. Here is where the SMART method comes in:

  • Specific (specific)
  • Measurable (Medible)
  • Achievable (realizable)
  • Realistic (realista)
  • timed (time)


SMART goals will enable you to set precise goals contact strategies for every scheduled email or campaign and the frequency with which emails are sent out to subscribers or contacts and in response to which circumstances.



2.) Three Vs for registering via email

There are various ways to increase your subscriber base, and it is crucial to make use of all your resources and receive emails from contact thanks to registrations that have been made.

Take note of the 3 Vs in this.

  • Accessibility. It’s fairly obvious, however, to make sure that the signup process and CTAs are easily identifiable. There are various places you could put them on the homepage on landing or product pages and social media pages on the transaction confirmation pages and in transactional emails, and much more.
  • Value. Why should people sign up? Include the benefits in your email.
  • Acceleration. It allows the registration of an email to be a swift process. Create a simple form in which users can submit their email address, and then just by clicking an icon, a quick answer to what the customer needs will be delivered. Do not initially put the button to take you to a different landing page, where the subscriber is created, or else you’ll muddle the process and could make mistakes and lose contacts as you go.


3.) Determine the appropriate metrics

If you’ve got clear objectives, this should help you identify the most appropriate metrics to follow.


Marketing metrics in email can be classified into two categories results and process metrics.

A few of each:

  • Process Metrics. Te types indicate trends over time; however, they don’t necessarily mean that the campaign was effective. Examples include:
  • Acceptedrate. The percentage of emails received is about the number of emails sent.
  • Bounce rate. The percentage of undeliverable emails.
  • Operate—the percentage of emails that are opened.
  • CTR = Click Through Rate (CTR). The per cent of recipients who clicked on one of the links inside the mailer.
  • The rate of click-to-open (CTOR). It is the percentage of people who have clicked on any of the hyperlinks in the email, divided by the number of emails that have been opened. The result is multiplied 100 times. This means that the message’s quality and the degree that people are engaged can be measured.


  • Results Metrics. They are used to assess the goals of a brand or company and provide a more accurate indicator of the effectiveness of an email-based marketing program. A few examples include:
    • Registration for new subscribers or rates.
    • The conversion rate. The proportion of people who sign up is based on the reason for the email.
    • The value in an email’s address. The life expectancy of an email. The KPI is used to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on acquiring a new customer.
    • Cost per acquisition. The cost to purchase a record or customer.
    • Return via email. The amount of money generated during a campaign is multiplied by the number of emails delivered to the recipient, clicked, or opened.
    • Return per customer. The median or average revenue generated by all members of the customer base or who convert.
    • Average order value.
    • The lifetime cost. The money that a subscriber receives to spend during their entire life within your contact database.


4.) 3. The three Vs quitting

The 3 Vs do not apply just to collecting registrations and the process of unsubscribing and unsubscribing.

  • Accessibility. Could you not put it in the lowercase font? Make sure the choice looks professional so that people can unsubscribe easily.
  • Value. It allows an easy-to-use preference procedure to unsubscribe from receiving emails. It lets users modify their registration information to change their mailing frequency or preferences regarding content. This lets them change their information quickly. It is also possible to contact them via other methods, like direct mail or SMS.
  • Speed. It is easy to unsubscribe. Mobile-friendly, it is optimised and does not require logging in and waiting for two weeks.


Email Marketing How to connect effectively to your company

USA Sales Business Email Lists
USA Sales Business Email Lists

1.) Add value

Nobody (or very few) offers anything for free. When someone joins an email list, they expect to receive something worth their time, such as the answer to a query, solutions to problem information, or maybe just entertainment.

If you can provide more worth to your customers, the more they’ll believe in your company, and the greater likelihood they will take action for you, for example, buying your products.

When are you designing the email content? Take a look at the following question: How can you add worth to the marketing email customers? To get them off to the right beginning, you could offer your subscribers guides, ebooks or other useful content as a reason to subscribe to the mailing lists you have.


2.) Create a segment and customise

If you send the wrong message to the wrong recipient can result in a disastrous experience for reaching out to your target audience. If your subscribers receive irrelevant messages, they could be annoyed that you’re in the wrong and begin disliking your emails either by unsubscribing or marking your messages as spam.

How do you solve this problem? Begin by understanding your target customers so that you can create segments. Age, the city they live in or are from, marital status, interest. Use the most relevant criteria for your business and then divide your marketing email audiences into groups. Creating specific content for each group requires more time than sending mass emails. However, it’s an investment worth the time.


3.) New users are welcome to join us.

The welcome email may be the start of a wonderful relationship. It could also be the beginning of a relationship that will eventually end. First impressions matter, which is why you must sharpen your aim to get the first email you send to a new subscriber after having signed up.

To make sure you connect with your audience and begin your relationship on the right foot, ensure that you include at a minimum these elements:

  • Thank you for joining your list. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and appreciated!
  • A business presentation.
  • A description of the information they will be receiving inside the messages.
  • A few valuable additional contents (of course, if you’ve promised customers an ebook or a guide in exchange for email addresses, make sure to add it! ).


4.) Pay attention to your followers

Each relationship is comprised of two parts, and if you’re looking to establish a connection with your audience, then you’ll have how to hear them. Please encourage them to provide you with feedback and always respond to their questions to build relationships of trust. Also, the feedback they provide can help you improve your strategy over time, and you’ll also succeed.


The benefits when working in an email-marketing firm such as Cyberclick

USA Sales Consumer Email Database
USA Sales Consumer Email Database

Most companies with 75% internal capacity manage marketing via email even though they do not have the knowledge or resources. Additionally, more than 50% do not perform any testing before the launch of mail marketing campaigns, even though it is vital to ensure they select the right contacts appropriate message or create higher engagement. Experts suggest running an initial test before launching the campaign to put yourself in the user’s position and understand what they want. By doing this, it is possible to improve the open and click rates of the emails.


Suppose both advertisers and brands collaborate with an agency specialising in email marketing, such as Cyberclick. In that case, they will improve their processes and produce better outcomes, in addition to these advantages:

  • Initial consultation. It helps clarify the objectives for recruitment and communication. Marketing experts must consult with the market expert to advise on the best approach.
  • Design the campaigns. They can assist with developing email marketing creatives such as landing pages, forms, and forms focused on growing CTRs and LTRs. You can select the best content to boost conversion efficiency based on their knowledge.
  • A/B testing. The advertiser’s investment should not be compromised without trying the creatives and observing the market’s reaction. The performance-based marketing agencies promise certain outcomes, but they don’t neglect to conduct their testing process. In this stage, various kinds of messages and creatives are tested to determine the most effective method. Marketers can also assess the reaction to the campaign from the public during the campaign and the quality of visitors to the website. However, it is crucial to collaborate with the brand and ensure that it can provide registration and sales data to cross-reference data to conclude.
  • Analysis of the campaign. Searching for an agency that can transfer the data completely and precisely while breaking down the databases utilised in the A/B testing phase is crucial.
  • Determine the most effective costs to ensure the viability of your email marketing strategy over the long term and the medium term. After testing, you can determine whether the investment in economics with which the campaign was given is the most efficient or if it needs to be modified (up or downwards). This is when you can expect the recruiting mail marketing campaign and the work dynamic to be released on a massive size.
  • Diffusion. Agents often can establish exclusive relationships with high-quality contacts, either third-party or proprietary, that they have a good idea of working well for them, based on the kind of campaign they want to run and the type of audience they wish to reach. For instance, we know which support bases provide us with good results. Consequently, we can commit to large registrations to ensure a high level of quality and ensure the most effective marketing CPAs to advertisers.
  • Innovation and creativity. Internet-based auctions are dynamic, evolving entities that change in time. Therefore, companies must ensure that marketing experts who oversee email marketing campaigns include new ideas in the older campaign (and be more cautious in the fresh ones). If the campaign is effective and is successful, it will continue to work better.


How do you do e-mail advertising and marketing? in some steps

USA Sales Consumer Email Lists
USA Sales Consumer Email Lists

It is crucial to recognize the way to do e-mail advertising and marketing, as it’s far a device for selling manufacturers and products, in this text we can let you know the way to do it.

How do you do e-mail advertising and marketing? The possibilities for services or products may be improved via way of means of the usage of vital advertising and marketing equipment. In this situation we can display to you the way to do e-mail advertising and marketing; It is a merchandising approach that makes use of an e-mail database.

Through exact merchandising of numerous content materials along with White Paper, e-books, infographics, and audio-visible media, they may be used to provide an extensive sort of promotions, along with events, info products, logos, amongst different alternatives. For that, a few factors associated with privacy, cost, return, income, and scope want to be taken into consideration.

The concept of ​​this advertising and marketing method is that it facilitates to hold the loyalty of an emblem or client in your emblem or product, developing a discern in its surroundings that could live withinside the thoughts of the client for an extended time. . But we’re going to see different capabilities and the way to create and do e-mail advertising and marketing.

The diverse advertising and marketing alternatives permit one to get familiar with incentive techniques along with those proven withinside the following article, online investing crucial factors are defined there.

Set the primary goal

In any virtual advertising and marketing methodit’s far vital to recognize what’s being sought in phrases of product merchandising and marketing and marketing, which may be created via Branding in which the supposed product desires to be developed. properly planned. So the targets want to be clean.


USA Sales Consumer Email Leads
USA Sales Consumer Email Leads

It is taken into consideration to be a manner of having the product have a presence and notice several net traffic. For that, it’s far vital to create a message wherein it grabs the consumer‘s attention, for that reason the flexibility, creativity, and originality of the message permit the consumer to ship that to customersdifferent.

The layout and introduction of content material have to be smooth to recognize, showcasing the services or products the usage of the fine marketing and marketing equipmentalong with images, videos, slogans, and the entirety vital to draw the purchaser‘s attention; this content material desires to be applicable to want and hobby and to a particular audience.

Capture new clients

With this sort of method you’ll discoverability clientsthrough the years they’ll end up dependable to the emblem. The marketing campaign has to goal the clients who’re curious and want to very own or use what’s provided, for whom viewing is advocated and the message has to be compelling.

Keep the result at the net

It is finished via precise techniques that attempt to decide the volume to which the product is crucial to clientsin addition to the marketing campaign makes a specialty of factors that can final through the years, and the concept is to clear out content material this is crucial now no longer most effective on the time of merchandising however as time is going via way of means of.

Select clients

USA Sales Company Email Database
USA Sales Company Email Database

Digital advertising and marketing is referred to as client segmentation, it entails organizing a want courting in a particular institution of clients with the want to get the product this is offered. In this sense, customers are decided on via analytics techniques via custom engines.

Google is an extraordinary device for figuring out the preferred goal audience. For this reason, it’s far crucial to recall factors along with age, shopping power, and vicinity of origin, among different matters; Effective Separation permits you to acquire facts approximately clients who’ve emblemassociated desiresin addition to destiny clients who may also want the product at any time.

When we pick out precise messengers we create a purchaser base of clients who could be dependable on the product for an extended time. If they’re grouped consistent with their precise characteristics, we recall now no longer most effective the growth in sales, however additionally the familiarity of the maximum crucial facts located in our email notifications.

Marketing techniques are very extraordinarywithinside the following hyperlink advertising and marketing process you could recall a few options to e-mail advertising and marketing

Content required

It is exciting for a consumer to understand content material that has factors which have a sort of content material associated with their want. Relevance to this sort of marketing and marketing facts significantly facilitates understanding the vital emails for someone.

Email desires to recognize a peaceful and assured message, in which it’s far supposed to draw the consumer primarily based totally on the content material they receive. It is ideal to be direct with them and at the same time as techniques along with subliminal messaging or emotional advertising and marketing may be used, it’s far continually crucial to take note of the plain layout of the facts provided.

significance of layout

USA Sales B2B Email Database
USA Sales B2B Email Database

A very crucial thing is represented via way of means of the layout because it permits to make clear the first-class of the marketing campaign and display the first-class of the product. Each layout has to be associated with the sort of marketing and marketing finished so that the credibility of this thing is crucial, the use of various colors, appealing images, pics, and extraordinary content material permits us to price emphasize the significance of the product.


Use dependable equipment to make this type of marketing campaign. Similarly, you could create a separate account with the only related to the agencyemblem, or product, do now no longer hyperlink your non-public e-mail account with the commercial enterprise account, even though you could the customers pass and proportion to recognize. who directs the communication. Bell; do now no longer strain abusive messages, use virtualization techniques primarily based totally on the product set.

Product management

It’s crucial to recognize how the method goes to pay off. For that it’s far crucial to recall the so-referred measurements or metrics for every movement; They are devices that assist pick out who and who changed into interested by the product or marketing campaign. Within the sector of the net, some programs assist to reveal those activities, however continually primarily based totally on understanding the motive of the marketing campaignin addition to attention on which clients are maximum interested by the product, the maximum used equipment are those they’repermit among different matters to recognize the following:

The extent and boom price of the consumer listing is a degree that permits us to assess how the database plays consistent with the functions, as soon as we’ve introduced the movement the way to do e-mail advertising and marketing. The listing inactiveness degree is a metric that facilitates deciding the integrity of a database, wherein you could see which customers are lively at sure instances and which of them have deserted our records. An inactive or abusive consumer is taken into consideration whilst a selected institution of customers for a sure period does now no longer open an e-mail of any type acquired. Email starting price and the price is a manner to degree the variety of folks that opened the message, divided via way of means of the variety of customers who acquired it, this allows you to recognize the pressing via price, which suggests easily and cleanly via precise graphs, a contrast of what number of emails have been opened primarily based totally at the emails despatched and acquired. Percentage of open emails looked for in comparison to the variety of emails despatched.

 Interesting data

USA Sales B2C Email Database
USA Sales B2C Email Database

In the sector of virtual marketing and marketinge-mail advertising and marketing represents one of the maximum crucial techniques out there, to draw clients and discover a manner to attain precise clients. Next, we’re going to reveal figures that show how crucial this is.

Final comment

It is thought that the manner you do e-mail advertising and marketingpermits us to recall it as some other however extraordinarily crucial device together with different techniques supplied withinside the virtual market, we additionally accept as true with that no agency must restrict their employer to at least one platform or simply anticipate that search engine optimization positioning will do the job. Email advertising and marketing is a further detail that facilitates feeding the opposite techniquesimparting what it contributes to the institution of marketing and marketingassociated campaigns.

We additionally accept as true that it’s far a method in which messengers have the choice of accepting or leaving it aside because it does now no longer constitute any risk. The alternatives for the way to do e-mail advertising and marketing range widely, its fulfillment relies upon in large part the content material and the manner the message is delivered, for which we invite so one can revisit the recommendations mentioned in this text so that it will be properly motivated.

Email Pro Leads offers only the most current 500000 USA SALES EMAIL DATABASE to help you. Our 500000 USA SALES EMAIL DATABASE is updated to 2022 and is constantly checked for accuracy. Here at Email Pro Leads, we only offer the best.

USA Sales Email Lists FIELDS

1. Full name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

USA Email Database

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Call-to-Action and title in the first 300px of height of the Email
This will allow your user to take shortcuts to click on your content or goal. 60% of people who
open emails do not scroll, that is, it is important that the objective of your Email is clear at the beginning (300px).
go for index 16
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Enter the opt-out
It seems obvious, but it is important to insert the option
To unsubscribe. This action decreases your rates of
complaints and marking as spam, that is, your
profitability improves.
frequency planning
Understanding the good practices of Email Marketing and
knowing how to plan, now is the time to establish
a calendar to optimize your relationship with the public.
In this case, a balance point must be sought for
the launch of emails, that is, not sending many
emails, but don’t send few either.
This is because, if you send too many messages, your base
will saturate, and your open rates will decrease, as your
contacts get tired. But, if you send a few emails, your base
will be undone, that is, they will not remember your content.
go to the index
Therefore, it is important to optimize your frequency in stages:
Regularity means keeping your shipments consistent
and at predefined times.
For this, it is important to analyze at what time your
Leads prefer to receive emails, and that varies from business
to business. It is important that your contacts wait
your emails at their preferred times.
Frequency, in the context of Email Marketing, means
how many emails your company will send in the predefined period. The ideal is from 1 release per week,
testing the modification of that frequency (for more or
for less, depending on your type of business).
There are companies that send daily emails and that’s great.
But for others, this practice does not make any sense and
a maximum of 1-2 emails should be sent per week.

USA Email Address

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
3.3. Structure and content calendar
A very important part in your Email structure
Marketing is knowing when to launch. For
Therefore, it is important to establish a shipping schedule.
With this calendar we manage to organize our
launches, understand what day is ideal to launch a
email, for what audience will it be segmented and how
optimize schedules and establish a production flow
of layouts.
Our entire operation is optimized according to the calendar. This guarantees the organization and assertiveness of
our emails.
go for index 18
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
To send emails correctly to people
correct, it is important that you analyze your audience and
Divide into niches. In this way, you manage to communicate in a segmented and correct way with each Lead.
Here are some examples of segmentation that
they can be worn. This changes a lot from company to
company, then we bring those that we see with
more frequently between different companies:
• Persons;
• Management positions (decision-makers,
more strategic materials) or technical (materials
more practical that facilitate the day to day);
• Professionals from the sales area, HR, Marketing, etc.;
• Area of ​​activity of the Lead’s company
(Technology, e-commerce, Health, etc.);
• People who already show interest in another
content on the same topic or topic
• People who did or did not convert in the
last 4, 5, or 6 (or more) months (commitment level
with your company);
• People who have already shown interest in
certain product but did not buy;
• Clients, non-clients, people who negotiated but
they did not close business, etc.;
• Purchase stage;
• Profile and score in the Lead Scoring.
For a segmentation to generate results in a
email campaign, the union of three factors is necessary:
Without information there is no segmentation.
How to send a campaign to Antiochians who
they live in Medellin, if I look at the Leads base and I don’t know
which team people support and I don’t know the
neighborhood where do you live?
That base information can come from many
places. For those who work with Digital Marketing,
Perhaps the most common is from the Landing Pages.
It is very important, when creating a Landing Page, to define
what are the questions that are going to be asked, that is, the
more relevant information to request and that will help
your company to make a better segmentation.

USA Phone Number Database

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Process Technology
With the information in hand, the next step is to think about
the process as a whole, not only to create campaigns, but to launch the campaigns themselves.
It is quite common to see companies defining the offer before defining the public. There is nothing bad
on it, but when we have information about the
Lead base is a quick win – making an offer specifically for an audience
well segmented.
For example: doing some segmentation, we see
that we have many leads from technology companies.
We also see that we never made a material directed
to that segment. In that case, to get a win
fast and accurate it would be necessary to make, for that public, a
eBook “Digital Marketing for technology companies”.
Segmentation work may seem quite
complicated and expensive when using a tool
not suitable for it.
For example: there is a whole job to create a material,
make Landing Page, segment, create the campaign and analyze.
If your company uses a different tool for each
one of those stages and those tools are not right
integrated, much information can, and will, be lost
in the path.
That is why an “all in one” software has a greater
potential to generate results and improve the
Productivity of the marketing team.
Another important point that facilitates segmentation is
use an Email Marketing tool that has
dynamic lists, that is, lists that are automatically updated according to what a Lead fills in
a landing page.
This is because the work of creating a segmented list
always before each email sending is deleted,
leaving time to worry about strategy,
not with execution.
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
important elements that
make up an Email Marketing
Each Email Marketing campaign is made up of a series of elements. Each of these elements has
its importance, so we recommend that you always pay close attention to all items.
Next, we are going to talk about each of them and
List some good practices.
Do you feel important when you receive a communication directly from the address “contacto@empresa.
com”? We bet not. Personalization is critical to a successful email strategy, so
If you use “contact” to talk to your customers, you need to look for alternatives.
The best practice in this regard is to use a sender
personal, in the style “yourname@company.com”. A
survey indicates that 68% of people take the
decision to open the Email based on the sender.
Creating an identity that reflects a feeling of
reliability, you increase your open rates.
Obviously to create empathy, it is essential that your
address is legible, therefore it cannot be very
extensive. This is even more important in terms of the
mobile, since many devices end up limiting the
number of characters on the screen. If the name of your
company is too long, try to use abbreviations, which make sense with the brand.
Some surveys indicate that the maximum number of
characters in the sender is 23, but there is no unanimity on the matter. Just in case, have a short address.
Don’t reply? No
“I am sending you this email, I want you to read,
convert, but I don’t want to know what you think.” Is
strange, right? This is what a company implies
when you use the sender “no-reply@company.com”.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
A variable, also wrong, of the no reply is the
message “do not reply to the Email, if you want to enter
contact click on the link below. not practical and
discourage the reader from conversing with your company.
Subject for Email
The subject of the Email is the first contact that your Lead
will have with your campaigns, and one of the main
elements that will influence the opening – or not – of the Email.
Therefore, it is essential to carry five factors of
influence on email subject: generate interest (explain
benefits + sharpen curiosity), show relevance,
have a good reputation (relevance – frustration), generate
sense of urgency and cause positive emotions.
To achieve this, you can follow some good
Practices in email subjects that stimulate the
opening. Some of them:
Focus on a target
If you are interested in promoting an article or an offer
expressly, state it clearly in the subject of the
email. People will give more importance to this
subject, making the goal easier to achieve.
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Creating urgency can improve conversion
Some promotions of the type “only the first 10
people” or “quotas only until tomorrow”, which create
scarcity and urgency can make people more willing to act effectively when
receive the Email.
Avoid spammy or highly commercial words
One of the types of anti-spam filters looks for similarities
between your emails and those marked as
spam. Therefore, try to avoid words that
spam-like Viagra,
webcam etc., widely use. The same is true for very
commercials: free, promotion, click, open, free,
credit, offer, buy, see, check, etc. Are
words are widely used in emails, and
Chances of generating frustration are high.
Do not try to convince the user to open the Email.
The subject must say what the Email has, do not sell what
you already have. Some companies send emails of the type
“Open and discover what is waiting for you”. East
type of call, amid so many spams, you no longer have
a lot of efficiencies. The ideal is to state what clearly
It’s inside the message. If you have personal interests
to the reader, he will open it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Customize the email subject
Personalization brings with it interest, relevance,
reputation and positive emotions, which are factors of
a good email subject. You can segment by
name of your Lead, or by some other characteristic of
he that is related to your business.
Use a supporting text (preheader)
The preheader is the first sentence to the right of the subject
of the Email. You have the possibility of including it in some
email providers, like in Gmail, for example.
Here at Cloudtool, we already run tests that indicate
that the preheader has a positive impact on the rate of
opening and clicks.
Keep the subject as short as possible
Long issues are usually cut short at hearings
of mobile devices and, furthermore, they do not stand out among the
immensity of Email in the customer’s inbox.
Therefore, keep the title as short as possible. According
surveys the ideal is between 20 and 41 characters.
Include numbers or percentages
Written numbers bring with them reasoning
logical, which therefore requires more attention. For
Therefore, by using figures or percentages, you are inducing the
focused user attention. use this suggestion
when you can contextualize with your title.
make questions
Questions incite, and, like numbers,
require focused attention. Seeing a question mark, we are prompted to solve that problem.
But be careful: do not answer the question asked
start of the Email. This generates rejection by actions
and ends up harming some factors,
such as relevance and reputation. Let the reader discover the answers for himself. the experience will be
Use emoji in the subject – from time to time
The emojis end up bringing an emotional relationship and
visual to the title of the Email, which is quite consistent with
opening factors. It is important not to keep
default sending emojis, because you can lose
relevance if done continuously. use with context
and moderation.
Use keywords for your business
Include in the title words that match your
activity segment. Let’s take the case of a fitness eCommerce, for example. Uses: Lose fat,
diet, fitness, muscle, supplements, etc. This will always generate a context for the user and end
maintaining good patterns of relevance, in addition to
always reinforce interest in your products/services.
Create several different themes, submit for yourself and
evaluates how each message is displayed in the inbox
entry. Use different ways of writing and sending to
down the list, checking which one has the best open rate.
It is essential to always continue to improve.
Text (or body) of the Email
After creating expectation in your Lead and making him open
the Email with a catchy title, it’s time to take care
of the text of the Email. The idea is to be objective, write with
a clear purpose and go straight to the point.
Sets whether the Email is an opportunity, a
offer, discount, etc. and work your sentences thinking
on this goal. The text should direct the reader to the

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Call-to-Action (CTA)
Call-to-Action (CTA), literally translated, means
“call to action” and that is the same objective of
its use: to indicate to a person which is the next
step to take in a given situation.
There are several actions that we want to be carried out,
how to register to receive newsletter, fill in
a form, make a download, request a
budget, do a free software trial or
access a link from a blog post.
The role of the Call-to-Action is to serve as a bridge to that
action. It must reflect, in a single cell, the proposal
value of the offer in question.
There are an infinite number of forms and versions that a CTA
can take, however they all start from basically
3 components: buttons, banners and links in texts.
Look at these examples:
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Whichever type you choose for your Email,
there are some aspects that must be adopted to
win the attention of the Lead and convince him to execute, such as:
• Start with verbs and be specific. yes what
expect is for the visitor to perform an action, let
clear what it is. In addition, it tells the user exactly
what the offer is about. For example, “come down here
eBook” or “receive a quote by email”.
• Use verbs in the imperative mood (“make the download”)
or in the infinitive (“download”). Ideally try both.
options in different contexts to discover which
works better.
• Create urgency. Words like “today” and “now”
they show how easy and immediate the action is.
• Use numbers to show benefits. Is
interesting to make as clear as possible for the user
what you are doing and a way to better evidence
the benefits of the action is to indicate it through
numbers. “Win now a 30% discount” or
“Buy today for only $15” are good examples.
• Offer something worth clicking: that’s the
most obvious, but often forgotten. don’t expect that
the user performs the action just because that is what
want. You will only click if it is of interest to you. For
Therefore, it is important that the offer of the call is of
interesting fact.
• Use contrasting colors. If you want the user
look at a specific cell, it should stand out to your
eyes. Using a color that contrasts with the others
page elements can be a good way
to guarantee care.
• Choose a good position. Place the call in a
position that favors the visualization. It is important
to leave a call visible without the user having to
scroll the bar.
• Insert images. Images naturally call
more attention than words at first
view. If your cell contains an image, it is very
likely to be perceived.
• Indicate with arrows. The arrows have a power almost
unique of implicitly saying “ignore all the rest and
look here, this is what matters”.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Email list: why not?
buy a base of leads
Buying email lists is among the ways
supposedly easier to start doing
mailing in Digital Marketing, perhaps that is why it is still
performed despite not being a recommended practice.
“If everyone does it, I’m going to do it too” or
“It is such a large list that it is worthwhile, it is not possible
that none of them have an interest in my business” are
some of the justifications for this practice.
1. People do not know and do not show interest
in your company and your products
These people have no idea how your company
got their emails. That makes a very big impression.
negative at the time of starting the mailing.
Previously, sending ended up having less negative impact for three reasons:
The first is that we didn’t have to deal with so much
information as it is now (emails, messages,
publications on social networks, etc.) and, in that sense, any message that is not authorized is
extremely uncomfortable, a bad interruption
view and that does not coincide with the good practices of
Inbound Marketing. That, by itself, already makes the
results are disappointing.
The second reason is that we saw the explosion of the
Social Networks, which gave voice and power to the consumer.
Today the company is not seen only by those who
received the SPAM but also for all the friends who
that person has, in case this person uses his
profile to make a claim.
The third is that mailing services are getting smarter. There is a high probability that
many users mark your message as SPAM and, when
doing that, the company’s reputation suffers.
In this way, the next Email Marketing shipments
have a high probability of falling directly into the
SPAM tray, and so on, people who would have
wanted to receive information from your company will not see your
emails. It is impressive as even various large
brands do not perceive this collateral effect.
2. Lists usually have a
very bad quality
Emails that are on a purchased list are usually the worst of all. people who have their
email address on those lists most likely
receive emails from many other companies that also
They bought lists.

USA Email Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
In those cases, the chances are greater than your
email is lost among so many others or is marked as
SPAM, as we already mentioned.
On top of that, usually those lists have
many emails that do not exist or that were
deactivated. By including those emails in the list of
contacts and sending, mailing services
available on the market already mark this as “error” and
they interpret this as a clear signal that the list is not
is up-to-date or poorly built.
Result: your company goes for groups with a label of
low reputation and, for the following shipments, the service of
mailing will use an infrastructure that is already “burned out”.
Also, the quality of the lists is generally poor.
also in terms of the target audience. To “get fat”
the list and try to make it worth more, are included
all kinds of emails and end up entering profiles that do not
have any relation to the area of ​​your company.
3. No good email marketing service
reputation will authorize the shipment
We already talked about how anti-spam filters work
of email services.
Based on what was discussed above, the lists
purchased represent SPAM dialing rates
and very high delivery errors, which harms the
reputation of the mailing server you are using.
Knowing that, this type of service always prohibits the
import of purchased lists, searching
maintain a good reputation and high quality in
its deliverability.
Therefore, good servers will not authorize the
shipment or in case of bad servers, they will authorize their shipments but surely, they already have
a bad reputation and for that they will get a rate of
very low deliverability.
Observation: There are those who believe that they can deceive
email marketing tools, saying that the list is
owned and not purchased. The best mail services
have mechanisms to identify this: sending
email is done to a few, in small batches, and with
bad results the campaign is interrupted.
4. Avoid buying lists and better create your own
for your company
It may be more laborious, but it is worth the investment
in creating your own contact base. Creates
lures to capture emails from interested people and
get various benefits.
Extremely Qualified List
All the people on the list that you
you build, they are there because they know your company and
They gave permission to receive your emails. Open and click results tend to be considerably
best in this type of case.
competitive barrier
This qualified list of contacts is a marketing asset
that works as a barrier for new competitors.
They may try to copy the product or services that
you drive, however they will take a long time to have
a list of contacts like yours (and therefore a
relationship with so many potential clients).
independence and economy
Your company gets more consistency and does not need to
rely on buying lists to get results in email marketing. independence is good
by itself, however it is much better when
We remember that it is free.



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This article analyzes the strategy of the United Shoe Machinery Company, a company that dominated the world market for footwear machinery in the first half of the twentieth century, its penetration in Latin America and the rest of the world and the antitrust legal proceedings suffered in the United States.

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Despite its practical monopoly position, the company had an efficient performance that boosted technological innovation and modernization of the footwear industry in many countries.

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The United Shoe Machinery Company dominated the world market for footwear machinery in the first half of the twentieth century. This article analyzes the company’s strategy, its penetration in Latin America and the rest of the world, and the impact on the company of antitrust lawsuits in the United States. Despite its practical monopoly, the company had an efficient performance, which fueled technological innovation and modernization of the footwear industry in many countries.

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Neoclassical economic theory states that monopolies, that is, situations opposite to perfectly competitive markets, are characterized in that the monopolist can determine the price by deciding how much he produces. In these circumstances, to maximize its profits. USA database email extractor

the monopoly company will reduce the final amount produced and raise the price compared to what would happen in a competitive market situation. The monopoly prices will differ more than those of competition the lower the elasticity of the demand with respect to the price of the goods produced. The USA buys an email database. The USA buy an email database.

Therefore, the monopoly does not allow the market to function efficiently and has a social cost. This reasoning justifies that public authorities actively intervene to combat monopoly situations and foster competition.

The United States, at the end of the 19th century, was one of the first countries to adopt antitrust measures when developing specific legislation for this. The large size of the US market accentuated the trend towards the large company generated by the second technological revolution and political power tried to limit the phenomenon bypassing the Sherman Law in 1890 and the Clayton Law in 1914. USA best b2b email database

The application of both laws resulted in complex judicial proceedings, in which some of the main companies in the country were involved. The United Shoe Machinery Company (hereinafter USMC) was one of these companies were the proceedings that opened against it, especially the one initiated in 1947, became an unavoidable reference within the jurisprudence on the matter. This is an interesting case, where it can be seen that reality does not always fit the simplifications of economic theory.

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If the market of machinery for footwear is defined as that of the machines specifically made for the manufacturing process of this type of article, whose offer is integrated by the companies specialized in the production of these machines and their demand by the footwear manufacturing companies, USA best database for email marketing

if the participation of the bidding companies is measured through the proportion of physical units of active machinery supplied by each of these companies, it can be affirmed that the USMC managed to gain a widely dominant position in this market, close to monopoly, in the United States and in many other countries in the first half of the twentieth century (Kaysen, 1956). USA consumer email database

This situation prevented the development of other machinery companies with this specialization and channeled a remarkable flow of resources from the shoe factories to the company. However, this article attempts to show that, in the face of what economic theory predicts, this domain was accompanied by efficient performance, which facilitated the technological modernization of the footwear industry in many countries. USA bulk email database free download

In the first part, the origin and trajectory of the USMC are synthesized, in addition to showing the main features of its business strategy, among which the machinery leasing system stands out.

It also summarizes the situation in which the footwear industry in Europe and Latin America was at the beginning of the 20th century and the influence that the USMC had on it. USA best email database provider 

The following is how the United States antitrust policy affected the company. The following section contains the review that various authors have made, from the economic point of view, of the judgments against the USMC. This gives rise to an analysis of the consequences that the monopolistic position of the company and the measures dictated by the courts to counter it had for the industry. Finally, the conclusions of the work are specified. USA’s best email management database.

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