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1M South African Email Database [2023]


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If you’re hoping to tap a new and influential market, South African Email Database may be your solution. With this lead list, connect with local business people in South Africa via email, phone, and mail today! It takes minutes to download and can help you build relationships overseas.

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Buy 3 Million South African Email Database 2023

South African Email Database : Emails, phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, names and other contact information of businesspeople in South Africa can be found in this downloadable directory. 

South African Email Database
South African Email Database

South African Email Database is among the email lists that we have created that include all the details you require to make stronger connections with your business. 

South African Email Lists
South African Email Lists

With South African Email Lists, you’ll locate business professionals from South Africa so that you can form partnership agreements, advertise to other companies or get essential data regarding the local market. 

South African Email Leads
South African Email Leads

South Africa Email Database list is utilized to serve a variety of purposes. For example, before launching your brand new service or product to a worldwide audience, it will be possible to establish connections that will assist you in understanding the regional preferences of locals and requirements. 

South African Mailing Lists
South African Mailing Lists

Additionally, you can create alliances to help grow your business globally. It is also possible to make connections and explore new opportunities. There are many possibilities!

South African Email Address
South African Email Address

The South African contact list is precise, verified by humans, inexpensive and available to download as soon as you want. 

South African Business Email Database
South African Business Email Database

As with many of our South African Mailing pre-made lists, this one is easy to download and seamlessly integrate into many CRMs. Your sales will increase, relationships will be built, and contacts will be discovered with only two clicks. Reach out your business to South Africans today!

South African Email Database Fields*

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3. Mailing address

4. City

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6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

South African Consumer Email Database
South African Consumer Email Database

South African Business Email Lists Fields*

  • Business Category
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Tel No 1
  • Tel No 2
  • Tel No 3
  • Website URL
  • Email
South African Mobile Number Database
South African Mobile Number Database

South African Consumers Email Lists Fields*

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  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • gender
  • date_registered
  • birthday
  • location
  • hometown
  • relationship_
  • status
  • education_
  • last_year
  • work
  • groups
  • pages
  • last_update
  • creation_time
South African Email Database
South African Email Database

For Any Queries, Please do Whatsapp

+1 (718) 504-0796

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What is the reason EMAIL advertising in hotels is ESSENTIAL?


South African Email Database
South African Email Database

Marketing via email is a means to engage with your clients and should be utilized with care to keep them engaged and increase the number of direct reservations for your hotel.


Before you begin thinking about hotel email marketing, it is important to look closely at the level of service you offer and how this low-cost marketing method will help increase your online bookings and grow your business.


Email marketing is an integral part of the hotel’s marketing automation. It is a method that lets businesses stay in contact with their clients regularly and new. Additionally, this method of communication is so efficient to the hotel industry it is possible to transform every email recipient into a customer to boost direct hotel bookings.


What is email marketing?

Marketing via email is an extremely efficient marketing method via digital channels and is also an integral part of the hotel’s marketing strategies. It involves designing email marketing campaigns for customers or even potential customers. It is a part of marketing automation. It can turn potential visitors into customers in the end and also turn one-time guests to repeat guests at your establishment. While spam that is not addressed to you is now a regular occurrence, email is the most efficient method to reach out to people you wish to meet.


In the world of hospitality, it is crucial to stay current on email marketing trends so that you can make improvements just because the world changes constantly. Marketing via email is, without a doubt, the best method of gaining clients and getting direct reservations.


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The benefits of marketing via email that can enhance your guests’ experience and also your the growth of your brand include:



South African Email Lists
South African Email Lists

It’s perfectly acceptable for hotels to be aware of social media marketing. Still, without email marketing, your reach is restricted, and it’s more difficult to boost direct bookings. Each time you send an email, you’re able to promote your social media accounts, which will encourage interaction on these accounts, like your Facebook page or your Instagram profile.


Inviting your guests to like and follow your Instagram or Facebook pages and receive an exclusive offer is a great way to advertise and improve your hotel’s reputation online. Because of this, you’ve increased your base of customers, and due to the offer you promised, your customers are sure to be looking forward to staying at your hotel due to an outstanding experience with your customers.



South African Email Leads
South African Email Leads

This is a common mistake that hotels make and do not allow guests to provide reviews or make comments. Giving feedback to guests can enhance your hotel’s management and your booking process. It’s not easy to ask guests to give feedback or fill out surveys when they check out. This is why it’s important to give your customers on your website the option of doing so online.


You can send out emails after your stay that you can send to your customers following the confirmation of your purchase. This will allow you to understand how they felt during their stay in your hotel. It is also possible to ask them to join the newsletters of your hotel or group. This will boost the number of clicks and open rates and allow them to keep in touch with you long after they leave.


  1. You reach out to a specific audience

South African Mailing Lists
South African Mailing Lists

In email marketing, you can choose a specific audience you would like to target. It could be business travelers, couples, or even elderly parents with children. But, if you choose to opt for this kind of email marketing, make sure you are as professional as you can be. In reality, too personal emails can cause problems for your customers and aren’t what you want.


When you email your clients, make sure to be brief. It should be clear but not too detailed. A few people take a lot of time reading emails. So, creating messages for your guests should be easy and easy so that they can get your message across quickly. Utilize images and titles in communicating your message. Also, as previously mentioned, avoid clutter as most guests will not be interested in reading your emails. Marketing via email as part of hotel marketing automation could greatly aid your hotel when you implement the strategies that were mentioned earlier.


What Is Email Marketing and How Does It Work? Definition, Tools, and Best Practices


What Is Email Marketing?

South African Business Email Database
South African Business Email Database

Email advertising is sending business messages to a rundown of contacts who have allowed their express to get email correspondences from you.


You can utilize email advertising to illuminate your contacts, drive deals, and assemble a local area around your image, as with a pamphlet.


Current email advertising has gotten away from one-size-fits-every single mass mailing and on second thought centers around assent, division, and personalization. 🆕 This might sound tedious, however promoting robotization does the truly difficult work for you.


Instances of various kinds of messages in showcasing

Messages can be limited time, instructive, or fill a particular need in the purchaser venture.


Limited time messages


Email showcasing efforts are utilized to advance exceptional offers, new item delivers, gated content like digital books and online courses, and your image overall. A mission could comprise of 3 – 10 messages sent north of a few days or weeks.


Special messages have a reasonable source of inspiration – or CTA, for short. The CTA addresses the particular activity you maintain that the peruser should take, whether it’s meeting a page on your site or utilizing a coupon to make a buy.


Enlightening messages


Bulletins: A pamphlet, as the name proposes, shares news connected with your business. 📰 Think: new achievements came to, new item capacities, or to include important substance like contextual investigations about your item. Sent at ordinary spans – week after week, fortnightly, month to month – bulletins assist with keeping up with predictable touch focuses with your email endorsers.


In any case, did you realize bulletins don’t simply need to be about ‘news’? As email master, Ann Handley expresses, center around the letter angle. Envision you’re composing a one-on-one letter to your supporters about something that intrigues them.


Basically, a pamphlet is a chance to share bits of knowledge, contemplations, and tips – whatever carries the most worth to your crowd.


Declarations: Email is the ideal method for advising clients regarding organization declarations, new arrivals of an item, changes to the help, and so on.


Re-commitment messages

South African Business Email Lists
South African Business Email Lists

One more significant kind of promoting email is the re-commitment email. As the name proposes, re-commitment messages work to reconnect with clients or supporters who haven’t been dynamic recently.


Is email showcasing still significant in 2023?

Email is certainly not another innovation. As a matter of fact, it was one of the absolute first methods for computerized correspondence to show up back in 1971. Yet, get this: Email advertising – at 50 years of age – is utilized today like never before previously. 🤩


You might be thinking, “Do individuals truly still use email? Isn’t online entertainment where it’s at for promoting today?” While the facts confirm that virtual entertainment is a significant channel for any computerized advertising technique, email enjoys a few benefits.


In the first place, email promoting efforts can be customized to a more noteworthy degree than those via virtual entertainment. Then, costs are significantly lower than for different channels, particularly considering the compass and transformation rate related to email promotion. This is essential for what makes email advertising so great for private companies.


At last, what makes email showcasing so strong and worthwhile is that it gives you immediate, individual admittance to your crowd’s inboxes.


Still don’t trust us? How about we investigate the numbers:


In 2020, there was north of 4 billion worldwide email clients.

80% of Americans browse their email no less than one time each day, with almost a fourth of them browsing their own email a few times each day.

62% of purchasers positioned email in their top favored correspondence channels with private companies.


The Benefits of Email Marketing

From request affirmations to pamphlets, messages are a fundamental piece of the development and the executives of your business.


Email showcasing assists you with accomplishing 3 key goals:


  1. Changes (selling your items and administrations)

Sending off a deal or advancement? You can send your endorsers an email showcasing an effort to drive deals. 🤑 likewise, have a go at utilizing these email promoting strategies for additional lift transformations:


Customized coupons or unique proposals for endorsers’ birthday celebrations/commemorations, in welcome messages, and as a way to reconnect your crowd.

Deserted truck messages set off at whatever point a guest adds a thing in their truck yet doesn’t look at.

  1. Brand mindfulness
South African Business Email Leads
South African Business Email Leads

What’s incredible about email is that it allows you to contact somebody straightforwardly. It’s coordinated correspondence at its ideal. Also, individuals don’t simply give anybody access to their inbox nowadays. It’s an organized space saved for most loved brands and distributions.


Appearing in somebody’s email inbox will assist your image with the remaining current in the personalities of endorsers. A customized showcasing email is more significant than a web-based entertainment post where you can’t rest assured on the off chance that somebody has really seen your message. 🤷‍♂️


One of the significant advantages of email showcasing is its versatility. This implies that messages can be shipped off to countless beneficiaries while outstanding savvy (contrasted with other showcasing channels).


  1. Client reliability

Email drives client reliability at each phase of the purchaser venture: lead-sustaining, change, onboarding, maintenance. Also, email advertising is a fundamental device to use close-by deals CRM frameworks to smooth out correspondence.


It’s genuinely a strong method for building a local area, as examined in our manual for building associations with email.


Why email promoting is significant


South African Consumer Email Database
South African Consumer Email Database

Email is available to all mature gatherings. It makes the way for a wide scope of crowds – even the least carefully canny among us.


We could live in an advanced age however not every person is really happy with utilizing the web. Notwithstanding, the vast majority in all actuality do know how to browse their email. This makes it the most standard type of advanced promotion.



Email advertising is very practical. Most email showcasing apparatuses offer estimating bundles to suit all spending plans. To capitalize on your advertising endeavors, you truly need an email promoting administration.


Many email devices – Sendinblue included – offer free plans. These are great for first-time email advertisers who need to get a hang of the product prior to buying. With nothing to lose, there’s no reason not to try it out.


Need to realize the least expensive email showcasing instruments? Look at: 12 Mailchimp Alternatives Compared by Price


You own your email list

South African Consumer Email Lists
South African Consumer Email Lists

Consider it: If your online entertainment vanished, you’d lose every one of your adherents with it. You’d be left with nothing. Be that as it may, this is additionally the thing that makes an email list exceptional it’s yours. 🤗


So if all else bites the dust, you’ll in any case have an immediate line of contact with individuals who are most intrigued by your image. For this reason, it is so valuable to have your own email list. Also, the closeness of email as a balanced channel will bring you significantly nearer to that crowd.


How Does Email Marketing Work? Presenting ESPs

Organizations utilize what’s known as email specialist co-ops (ESP) to send showcasing messages.


An email specialist organization is programming that sends and oversees email promoting efforts.


It’s likewise alluded to as an email showcasing stage, email advertising device, email promoting administration, or email showcasing programming.


How to Start Email Marketing: What Do I Need?

Keeping it basic, there are two most compelling things you really want to run email showcasing efforts.


  1. Email promoting programming

As we’ve recently made sense of, a devoted email showcasing supplier is the best approach. Sending advertising messages through an ISP will just jeopardize your image and email shipper notoriety.


  1. An email list


This rundown ought to contain the email locations of intrigued supporters who have picked in to get email correspondences from you.


Indeed, believe it or not – select in. Here’s the thing about email contacts:


Everybody on your email list necessities to have allowed their express to be there.


What’s the significance here?

South African Consumer Email Leads
South African Consumer Email Leads

It implies they consented to get messages from you when they entered their email address into an email information exchange structure on your blog, site, points of arrival, virtual entertainment, or elsewhere. In email terms, this agreement is alluded to as a ‘pick in.’ (‘Opting out’ would be a withdrawal).


Authorization-based promotion is fundamental to adjust with information insurance regulations and shield the respectability of your image. All things considered, no one loves a spammer.




Ideally, this article has provided you with a superior thought of the universe of email advertising.


From private ventures to huge undertakings, anybody can profit from a thoroughly examined email-promoting methodology and mission.


The Marketing Optimization Optimization is a method of identifying and executing the most effective marketing campaign for each client.
What’s Marketing Action Optimization?

Marketing Action Optimization is a technique that identifies and executes the most efficient marketing actions for each client (or subscriber, player or user, etc. ).

The purpose in Marketing action Optimization is to improve the return on investment of marketing actions so that they can convert more customers, boost the spending of existing customers , and decrease the rate of customer turnover (abandonment). Optimizing each marketing activity is crucial for consumer-facing online businesses, like Internet gaming E-commerce, online shopping and other services.
The context of marketing action Optimization

Many companies that have a significant number of customers regularly run marketing activities (also called promotions, offers or rewards or upgrades, treatments, and similar) to boost the revenue earned by customers. For instance, a business might send its customers an email that announces limited-time free shipping on their next purchase in order to motivate the buyer to buy something within the next few days. Another way to do this is to send those who have not bought anything for a particular amount of time with an email that contains coupons for discounts to encourage the buyer to return and purchase.

This kind of marketing is the very core of online consumer-facing businesses, like Internet gaming E-commerce, online shopping and the internet’s services (such as telephone, financial services, SaaS applications, etc.). These companies is no interaction with their clients and the only avenues to boost revenue from existing customers is through email, phone or via on-page messaging.
A Unique Marketing Action Optimization Approach

Optimove offers a unique method of Marketing Action Optimization built on a repeatable, metric-based technique that determines what marketing actions is most effective for every customer or group of customers. This approach is based on making dynamic micro-segments of the customer according to their behavior (and other) characteristics , and being able predict the future customer behavior in response to various marketing actions. The predictive model of customer behavior is calculated in relation to the lifetime value of a customer in order to guarantee the highest long-term economic value of every marketing strategy. (In terms of that the next-best marketing strategy for a specific client is one which will increase the revenue of the customer, not just the short-term increase in spending.)

Every time a marketing campaign is carried out on a group of customers, that selection is split into a test section and an control and the outcomes of the exercise (e.g. the number of people who were able to benefit from an offer, or the amount they invested) are analysed for each micro-segment that is represented by the customers selected. Advanced analysis, which incorporates behavioral prediction models as well as life-time value calculations, can be used to determine the efficacy of every marketing strategy for every micro-segment.

After a few cycles of analysis and testing, it is expected that the Marketing Activity Optimization method will provide enough data to make a precise prediction of the marketing strategy that is most effective for each individual micro-segment of a customer, down to the individual customer.
Utilizing the Marketing Action Optimizer to optimize its implementation

Implementing the above method requires a well-integrated and efficient system of multi-disciplinary tools which incorporate a broad range of mathematical and scientific algorithms. Even for those who are experts in all of the disciplines required conducting and regularly performing such analysis by hand (e.g. using Excel or other standard BI instruments) is almost impossible.

Optimove is a web-based (SaaS) software solution that is devoted exclusively to predicting which marketing approach is most effective for each customer segment. Its revolutionary technology is the first to incorporate all the necessary auto-segmentation statistical and predictive models that are required to accurately predict customer behavior and lifetime value. It also includes the application framework that allows you to choose the right target groups, connect with management systems for campaigns, and evaluate the results of marketing actions.
Get started using Marketing Action Optimization Now!

Contact us now or request an Web demonstration to discover how you can utilize Optimove to quickly increase the efficiency of your marketing activities to help you convert more customers, increase spending of your existing customers, and decrease the rate of customer loss.

Predictive behavior modeling assists in predicting customer behavior in the coming years, allowing marketers to improve the efficacy in their marketing efforts.
What is Predictive Behavior Modeling?

Predictive modeling of behavior is the process of applying statistical and mathematical methods to transactional and historical data to determine the behavior of future customers. In the field of customer analytics predictive behavior modeling goes beyond traditional customer analytics that allow the retention and marketing experts to take decisions based on anticipated future outcomes, rather than making educated guesses on the basis of data from the past. Predictive behavior modeling is usually employed to determine the most effective marketing strategies to apply to the various groups of customers and also to determine the customers who are likely to change their spending levels (e.g. purchase, upgrade, or churn).
The Benefits of Predictive Behavior Modeling

If marketers are able to target specific clients with specific actions that will have the best impact, each marketing and retention activity is more effective. The returns of upsell and cross-sell campaigns as well as retention efforts will be higher. For instance, imagine being able to predict when customers will be churning and what specific actions that keep them as long-term customers!

Customers will also feel the importance of the communication of the company with customers, which will result in higher satisfaction in the form of brand loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals.
How is Predictive Behavior Modeling done

There are a variety of methods that attempt to accurately predict the behavior of customers for them to anticipate it. Unfortunately, many of the models that predict behavior are based on quantifying risk on statically collected data and metrics i.e. details about the person in the present at the moment.

The most simple model is called RFM which stands for recency, frequency and financial. While it’s easy to apply without specific tools, it’s really not predictive any point, and is unable to consider many factors that can determine how a client is likely to behave in the future. The most widely used truely predictive models for behavior are based on earlier games, data mining and statistical theory techniques, like logistic regression, and Bayesian probability models.

They can be useful and can accurately determine a percentage of the at-risk customers however, they’re largely inaccurate in the majority of situations and may leave money in the bank. This is because these models of behavior rely on static data from the past and metrics i.e. they consider what the customer’s situation is at the moment and do not take into account the more fluid and vital change-over-time component. This is why increasing numbers of companies are seeking predictive analytics solutions.
A More Effective Method of Predictive Modelling of Marketing Behavior

Optimove is a web-based (SaaS) application that provides the most effective method to predict customer behavior. Without divulging too much about the “secret recipe” of Optimove’s customer behaviour modeling process, this method blends LTV forecasting, constant micro-segmentation that is dynamic and unique mathematically sophisticated predictive modeling system for behavior.

The customer’s lifetime value (LTV) forecasting technology that is built into Optimove’s predictive software is based upon advanced academic research . It was developed and refined over the course of several years by a team of top researchers and developers. The method has been tried and tested in battle and has been proven to be a reliable and efficient method in many different situations and industries. Continual dynamic micro-segmentation automatically segments the entire customer base into a hierarchical structure of ever-smaller behavioral-demographic segments. This segmentation is constantly changing and continuously updated in response to any changes to the information. The predictive model of behavior has its basis in the notion that the patterns of behavior of customers vary in time. Also the “segment path time line” of every customer is a crucial aspect in predicting how customers can behave in near future.
Predictive Analytics Software & Marketing Action Optimization

The importance of predicting customer behavior is only if efficient action can be implemented based on the forecasts. The predictive analytics software of Optimove is specifically designed to fulfill the task of predicting what marketing strategy will be the most effective for every micro-segment of customers.

Its revolutionary technology is the first that integrates all of the auto-segmentation predictive and statistical models that are required to accurately predict and calculate the behavior of customers and their lifetime value. This is in addition to the application framework that allows you to choose specific groups of customers, integrate with the campaign management systems and evaluate the results of marketing actions.

Optimove’s predictive model of behavior and marketing action optimization takes marketers above “actionable analysis of customer behavior” to instantly determine which marketing strategy should executed for every customer, at every turn. With Optimove marketing, the marketer is aware precisely what marketing actions to perform on each customer in order to maximize the value that a customer can bring to the business.
Get Predictive Analytics Software Now!

Contact us now or request an Web demonstration – to find out how you can make use of the predictive analytics software from Optimove to maximize the efficiency of your marketing strategies in order to attract more customers, increase spending of your existing customers, and decrease the number of customers who leave your company.

Machine learning allows marketers to segment their customers and predict churn rate and predict the customer’s LTV and efficiently personalize messages.
Machine Learning Marketing and Marketing Automation The Dawn of a New Era

It is an field which combines statistics, science and computer programming that seeks to predict future outcomes from patterns found in data. In contrast to decision systems based on rules, which are based on a set of rules that are known to the developers ahead of time machines algorithms designed for learning are designed to analyse data and find patterns that humans cannot discover on their own. In the same way machine learning harnesses the immense power and objectivity of computers to spot patterns in massive amounts of data that human beings, slow and biased are unable to see – and then utilize the insights to figure out the way in which new data can be utilized to predict outcomes accurately.
How can Machine Learning Help Marketers?

Pattern recognition and machine learning can assist marketers in a variety ways. One of the major challenges faced by marketers is how to tailor messages to specific clients and prospects to ensure that it is most in tune with the person receiving it. The benefits of successful targeted, relevant marketing include an increase in customer loyalty, engagement and spending.

In the absence of machine-learning, it’s just too difficult to gather and process the vast amount of data gathered from different sources (e.g. purchases and website visits, app usage on mobile devices and the responses in previous promotions) needed to determine the kind of marketing offer and incentive are the most effective for every customer. When all the data is accessible to computers that are that are programmed to do machine learning and data mining highly precise predictions of the next best action are possible to make.

Other areas where machines learning applications could benefit marketers include:

Customer segmentation – Machine learning segmentation models can be very efficient in identifying small, homogeneous groups customers with similar behaviours and tastes. Effective customer segmentation is an essential tool for every marketer’s toolbox.
Predicting customer churn – By studying patterns in the data produced by customers who have had churned previously, churn prediction machine-learning forecasting can precisely predict which customers currently are most at likelihood of becoming churned. This permits marketers to participate to prevent churns in the first place. This is which is a crucial way to boost revenue.
Forecasting of the lifetime value of a customer CRM machine learning systems provide a powerful method of predicting the life-time value (LTV) of customers who are already in the company whether they are new or veteran. LTV is an effective tool to segment customers and to assess the value that the business and forecasting growth.

Making use of Machine Learning in Marketing

Machine learning and pattern recognition software have advanced from their inception during the 1960s. The latest algorithms and techniques are constantly being developed, offering new applications and possibilities. However, many marketers aren’t using any type of machine learning in their daily tasks because it’s a complex area that requires the participation of developers and data scientists. Therefore, efficient applications of machine learning for marketing remain out of the capabilities of many smalland medium-sized enterprises.

However, specific applications designed specifically to tackle the challenges of marketing and are simple for marketers to use can now be found for smaller companies with small budgets. This is a major game changer for smart marketers since machine learning is able to remove the guesswork associated with some of the most difficult important – and beneficial – aspects of the data-driven marketing.
Get started using machine Learning for Your Marketing Today!

Optimove is the most popular automation of customer marketing currently available which is the main reason for this. The power of Optimove is due to the machine learning algorithms which contribute to its high-quality customer modeling and segmentation of customers, LTV predictions, and the most effective actions recommendations. The web-based software was created to provide the benefits of the most advanced machines learning techniques to marketers without needing to know the statistical analysis of data, data modeling or the development of algorithms.

Contact us now and request a Web demonstration to discover what you can do with Optimove to drastically improve the effectiveness of your customer marketing in order to increase conversion of customers, improve the engagement of your existing customers, and decrease the number of customers who leave your company.

Next-best step marketing is a centric marketing strategy that customizes the message to trigger the desired reaction for every customer.
What’s Next? Best Action Marketing?

“Next best Action” marketing (NBAM) is a marketing approach that is focused on the needs of the customer with the aim to provide each customer by using the best marketing approach likely to yield the desired outcome. NBAM is different from other methods of marketing in two important ways: (1) it is focussed on the customer rather than on the product as well (2) it seeks to address each customer in its context, based on their specific characteristics, needs, and preferences rather than assuming that all customers (or significant subsets of a client base) will react in the same way.
The Benefits of Next Best Action Marketing

Marketing is always a game of numbers: how many people will respond to a specific marketing strategy and what impact will the marketing campaign affect those who do respond , and what will be the return on investment. Whatever the purpose of a marketing strategy such as converting free users to be paying customers, increase the amount of money spent by customers, re-engage customers who have left or churn, etc. Marketing professionals constantly strive to implement marketing strategies that have the highest impact on their KPIs.

An Next Best Action Marketing approach can almost always result in more effective marketing campaigns that result in immediate improvement in retention and sales as well as the subsequent increase in revenue. Most of the time the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty improve also. In addition, targeting only the most relevant customers each step can result in lower marketing expenses.

If NBAM is that great yet, why aren’t marketers making use of it in every company for years? The answer is that efficient NBAM requires a advanced level of technical knowledge from marketers and marketing analysts which is not accessible to all marketing teams. Until now.
The Problèmes for Next Greatest Action Marketing

A successful next best action in marketing demands access to precise predictive analytics that can find the most likely result of any marketing activity on a specific customer or group of customers: the teams responsible for retention and marketing need to be aware, before they start what different marketing strategies they can take will impact the specific customer, and determine the best marketing strategy which is most likely to produce the most effective result.

To make accurate estimates of which marketing tactics are most effective for each client various factors to be considered and calculated:

Continuous and dynamic differentiation of consumers into smaller groups (micro-segments) that will react similarly to marketing efforts.
Behavior modeling is used to forecast how each of the micro-segments of customers will react to any marketing strategy that is offered
Forecasting the value of customer lifetime to determine the long-term effect of marketing activities on customers (not just the immediate-term outcomes) at each stage of the lifecycle of the customer
A self-learning, closed loop action optimization method that can be used to analyze, track and improve the way marketing actions impact the micro-segments of customers.

Because of the complexity involved in doing such calculations even if all the necessary source information is easily accessible, it’s not surprising that only a few teams in the field of marketing and retention attempt to make use of Next Best Action Marketing to make it easier to understand their work – and thereby dramatically enhance their performance.

It is clear that an automated solution that integrates all these features into one application that can be used by non-technical users is the only way NBAM can become a standard.
The Simple Way to Implement the Next Best Action Marketing

Implementing effective Next Best Action Marketing requires an efficient and comprehensive system of multi-disciplinary tools which incorporate a broad range of mathematical and scientific algorithms. Even for someone who is proficient in all of the disciplines required doing and often performing such analysis manually (e.g. using Excel or other standard BI instruments) is virtually impossible.

Optimove is a web-based (SaaS) software solution devoted exclusively to forecasting which marketing strategy is most effective for every micro-segment of customers. The next best marketing software’s groundbreaking technological innovation is one of the very first to incorporate all of the auto-segmentation requirements and customer modeling, as well as predictive analytics targeted at customers, technology for measuring and automation of campaigns to accurately determine and forecast customer behavior and lifetime value.
Get the Next Most Effective Action Marketing Software Now!

Contact us now or request an Web demonstration to discover how you can make use of Optimove to quickly increase the impact of your marketing efforts to increase the number of customers, increase spending of your existing customers, and decrease the rate of customer loss.

Cohort analysis can help detect trends in customer behavior which may be overlooked in more general data on customer analytics.
Cohort Analysis

The Cohort Analysis is an examination of the behaviour of a specific group of customers over the course of time. They are non-changing groups, e.g., no new customers can join a group when it has been formed. Customers can’t move from one group to the next. The most commonly used kind of cohort is one made up of customers who joined within a specific time period, e.g., the second week of of January, or in the 4th quarter. Also called “static pool analysis,”” the study of cohorts focuses on how these fixed customer groups function in time and how they change through the lifecycle of a customer.
What can Cohort Analysis Aid Marketers?

Cohort analysis can be useful to discover patterns within the behavior of customers that could be missed when looking at the more broad analytics statistics. For instance, general analytics data might show an increase in monthly purchases, which is a positive signal for the company. But, a study of cohorts can show that, in reality the greater proportion of purchases is due to new buyers, whereas the older cohorts tend to return for purchases less often than they did in the past. So, by studying the behaviour of specific groups over time, an precise picture of the performance of a business is feasible.

Also, when a business is experiencing an “bad months,” it is critical to determine if the sudden decrease in performance was caused by a broad market factor (e.g. or a slow season in the summer) or a specific issue that can be identified and rectified. For instance, if it is found that the majority of new customers during a certain month were spending less than customers who were acquired prior to the month it is prudent to review any changes to the acquisition strategy (e.g. the sources of traffic) and find out who is underperforming.
Advanced Cohort Analysis

As can be seen in the examples above, the majority of cohort analysis currently focuses on groups of people who were customers over a certain timeframe. The specification and monitoring of more complex cohorts however, may provide more detailed insights into trends in customer behavior.

A more sophisticated use in the field of co-evolution analysis is analyzing the long-term effects of a specific marketing strategy on the customers who received the particular marketing tactic. For instance, consider the 5,000 people who were given an offer of 20% off coupon code via email. A smart marketer would like to monitor the actions of these 5,000 people over a period of 3 to 6 months, rather than only evaluating the immediate reaction rate to the coupon. By creating a group of this group of customers and tracking their behavior (spending habits, the churn rates and more.) over time, marketers will gain a greater understanding of the effects over time of a certain marketing decision.

A different method of advancing cohort analysis is the combination of group analysis and behavior-based micro-segmentation. Gaming websites could, for instance, identify a group of VIPs (high expenditure) who have spent over seventy percent of the funds on Bingo in the last six months, and who have joined in the month of January. Observing trends in particular groups of customers usually yields information that is extremely valuable for customer acquisition, boost marketing and retention.
The Next-Generation Cohort Analysis of Optimove

Optimove integrates cohort analysis with multi-dimensional dynamic segmentation based on behavioral data to provide highly advanced customer tracking and analytics. The resultant customer insights along with marketing actions optimization could change the way that marketing and retention professionals practice their trade.
Begin Using the Most Comprehensive Cohort Analysis Today!

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Cluster analysis employs mathematical models to find groups of customers who are similar by analyzing the smallest differences between customers in the group.
Cluster Analysis

When it comes to customer segmentation cluster analysis makes use of mathematical models to identify groups of customers who are similar using the smallest variation in the customers of the group. These homogeneous groups are referred to by the name of “customer archetypes” or “personas”.

The aim of using cluster analysis for marketing purposes is to precisely segment customers to create more efficient customer-based marketing by personalizing. A popular method for cluster analysis is a mathematical formula called k-means cluster analysis, also called scientific segmentation. The clusters created by this method aid in better modeling of customer behavior and predictive analytics. They are also targeted to offer customers incentives and offers that are tailored to their needs, wants and preferences.

The method is not based on predetermined thresholds or guidelines. The data provides the prototypical customer that exist in the customer population.
What is Threshold-based Segmentation based on Rules or Limits?

For the threshold (or rules-based) segmentation strategies marketers select an a priori threshold, usually that are in 2 dimensions. Then, the marketer splits customers according to.

The negatives of this strategy are:

The thresholds are set which results in outcomes which usually match the first-principles, as opposed to allowing the data to reveal the most important differences among the particular client base being examined.
There will be huge variations between customers in each market segment.
It’s very difficult to do the segmentation with more than two dimensions.

The following illustration illustrates how this segmentation method is not working. Take note of the two customers who are highlighted – even though their purchasing habits are very different however, both have been put within”the “yellow” category.
Customer Segmentation
The Benefits of Cluster Analysis

When compared to threshold/rule-based segmentation, the three major advantages of the method of analysis which is represented in cluster analyses are

Practicality – It’s virtually impossible to employ established rules to precisely divide customers into a number of dimensions
Homogeneity – Variances within the group result in very little in cluster analysis, while rules-based segmentation usually groups customers that are quite different from each other.
Dynamic clustering: The definitions of the clusters change each time the clustering algorithm is run to ensure that the clusters always reflect the present status in the information.

In the diagram below it is evident that cluster analysis has identified 5 distinct personas of customers from the same set of data similar to the previously mentioned (the dots representing the customers within each of the personas are color-coded differently). The customers inside each persona are similar to each other and are significantly different from the customers in other personas. Also each persona is telling an individual story about the customer.
Cluster Analysis of Customer Segmentation

In contrast to the time when the same customer sample was examined using thresholds/rules-based segmentation, the two customers highlighted are now correctly segmented into various personas or marketing clusters.
Example Customer Cluster Analysis Results

The following chart demonstrates what the outcomes of a 3-dimension cluster analysis of the customers of an online website. The analysis led to the discovery of four different customer personas.
RFM Segmentation

When store’s marketers have an understanding of the different personas that customers have and customer personas, they can be able to relate to each customer in a different way and make the appropriate marketing actions that most closely match each persona’s preferences for products.

The distinct customer personas uncovered by cluster analysis allows marketers to understand their clients and tailor their marketing strategies to increase their effectiveness.
Ending this loop Cluster Analysis Marketing Loop

Because the behavior of customers changes regularly and the frequency of cluster-based segmentation is constantly changing, doing it only every now and then is not enough. It is recommended that it be carried out on a daily basis making use of the most current customer behavior and transactional information. For the majority of online businesses that means identifying hundreds or dozens of personas that could be targeted by marketing. This, naturally isn’t something that is easily performed manually. Instead an automated system must be utilized in order to make sure that the total customer base is correctly separated into the right personas each day.

The next step is connecting the personas of customers that are discovered with the most appropriate marketing communications for each. These interactions must cater to the unique requirements, wants and needs of each tiny homogeneous customer group that each persona represents. Marketing creativity has to be integrated by an automatic multichannel system for marketing that allows marketers to target any number of distinct personas using many different marketing strategies, each and every day.

There must be an optimization and measurement process in place. By analyzing the performance of every campaign in terms of financial increase, marketers will know which campaigns are performing well and which ones could use improvements. The outcome will result in highly effective marketing communication which leave no customer in the dust which will build long-term loyalty to customers, better perception of brand and maximized customer value.

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Micro-segmentation of customer segments allows marketers to develop a greater understanding and more efficient customer marketing.
What is Micro-Segmentation of Customers?

Micro-segmentation in the customer’s customers is the method of dividing customers into segments that are relevant to a particular company. The aim in segmenting the customers’ needs is to figure out which customers to associate with in each segment , in order to increase the value of each customer to the company.

Micro-Segmentation is a much more sophisticated type of segmentation that combines very small amounts of customers into very specific segments, depending on a variety of factors such as behavioral forecasts. Marketers are able to assign specific marketing strategies to each segment to increase the efficiency of each interaction with each customer.
What is the difference between Macro and Micro Segmentation?

Although there are a variety of segmentation strategies however, two strategies stand out: micro and macro segmentation. The distinction between the two segments lies in the degree of granularity that each of them requires. While macro segmentation concentrates on data that is high level for the customer like location, language or origin and micro segmentation concentrates on the specifics of the customer like preferred products and their history with the brand and the time since the last purchase.

Naturally, because of the distinct methods, the segments that result from both strategies for micro or macro segmentation will be different in terms of size and homogeneity. Micro segmentation can result in larger segments , with more heterogeneity. This makes it more challenging for marketers to use personalization of marketing. Contrarily micro segmentation could create small segments with only a few homogeneous customers.

While marketers typically start using techniques for macro-segmentation, when they get older and better-equipped, they are able to employ micro segments as their main strategy.
Lifecycle Stage Segmentation Layers and Groups

Optimove uses a sophisticated micro-segmentation method built on a first high-level segmentation of customers into different lifecycle stages. For instance, the clients for an online casino business could be divided into six lifecycle phases: fun active, new star, churn, and engaged.

The next step is that Optimove is deeper into the process and divides customers throughout each lifecycle groups into distinct segments or “layers.” Segmentation of customers is accomplished by cluster analysis of the attributes that share the same context. Certain segments are based on behavior, while others could be demographic in nature. The process is carried out in a different way for each stage of life because customers in every lifecycle stage must be segmented according to different criteria.
Customer Micro-Segmentation

After the initial lifecycle stage as well as sectioning of the layer, Optimove places customers into one or more clusters that are relevant to them inside each segmentation layer. Each customer is connected to a set of clusters. Customers that share the same clusters will be grouped together in micro-segments.
Utilizing Micro-Segments to Improve Marketing actions

Micro-segments generally have very few customers per segment, allowing the highly customized analysis of predictive data and optimization of marketing actions. Through tracking and carefully studying how different marketing actions impact the spending habits of various micro-segments it becomes possible to determine the different efficiency levels of various marketing strategies for different micro-segments.

The purpose of this procedure is to identify, prior to the time the marketing tactics that are most likely to have the greatest effect on each type of clients.
Our Unique approach to Micro-Segmenting Customers

One of the unique aspects of Optimove’s Micro-segmentation is the emphasis on the dynamic characteristics of customers’ behavior. That is, Optimove constantly recalculates the segmentation of each customer and observes how they shift from one micro-segment another in the course of time.

The majority of companies see segmentation as a way to group similar customers at a particular date and time, but they don’t consider the way or the route each customer took to get to their current segment. Through analyzing customers according to their movements across segments in the course of time Optimove can provide far more precise segmentation than other method that is currently in use.

In addition using this method of dynamic segmentation combined with the ability of Optimove to produce highly precise and uniform micro-segments result in an unbeatable level of accuracy in customer segmentation. In addition to Optimove’s primary determination of the lifetime value of a customer in all its calculations it’s easy to understand why Optimove’s capability to anticipate the reaction of every single customer to any marketing activity is far ahead of other optimization tool for marketing actions.




Email marketing
Email marketing is a modern method of communicating with customers.
Emails as a method of communication have existed for many decades.
email message back in 1971. The World Wide Web has grown and changed over the years.
Email marketing is now a part of the business world. Email messages are not only effective, but they also make it easy to communicate with customers.
Online messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are a great way to communicate with friends.
WhatsApp, Viber, etc. This role has been taken over by Viber, WhatsApp, and others. Emails are still very important, despite this fact.
A large percentage of people check their email every day.
This allows you to reach a large number of online customers. Email marketing should be personal.
Approach, where you aim to communicate directly with online users to reach your goals.
Something like generate sales, get visitors, encourage downloadings, etc. Even though it is not a sale, getting visitors or encouraging downloads can help.
Email marketing campaigns are, at their core, promotional campaigns. But you need to go further
To reach and engage online users, you can use a subtler approach.
Email marketing has one goal: to communicate with consumers. However, it is not sufficient.
Simply send a message. Open rates must be encouraged and explored.
Your email is being used by consumers to interact with it.
This ebook will teach you the basics of email marketing and how to optimize an email campaign.
How to grow your email list and implement email marketing within your business.
This online marketing strategy is designed to improve your business.
Email marketing statistics
Let’s take a look at some examples to understand how important and what role email marketing plays in today’s world.
Here are the most important statistics about email marketing:
* On average, a single person sends and receives over 200 emails per day. (Radicati)
* The global email user base was almost 2.6 billion in 2015. At the end of
In 2019, more than 2.9 billion people will use email worldwide.
* It is predicted that the global total number of email accounts will increase to more than 4.3 million.
By 2016, there will be billions of accounts (Radicati)
* 35% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line.
* Mobile market share is approximately 55% (Litmus 2016, 2016). Gmail accounts account for 75%.
Users open their email on mobile devices. (Techcrunch, 2015)
* 30% of subscribers change their email addresses each year. (Convince&Convert)
* 44% of email subscribers made at least 1 purchase last year on the basis of a promotional offer
email. (Convince&Convert)
* 82% of B2B companies and 82% of B2C businesses use email marketing technology. (Ascend2)
* 74% of marketers believe targeted personalization improves customer engagement.
* 58% of all revenue is generated by targeted and segmented emails (DMA)
* Email is 40x more effective than Facebook in acquiring new customers.
Twitter. (Campaign Monitor)
* Email marketing generates an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent (Campaign Monitor)
* 83% B2B marketers use email marketing newsletters to promote content. (Content
Marketing Institute
These statistics should support two things:
* Email marketing is the most popular type of online marketing
Email marketing is the best way to increase your ROI
* Email segmentation and personalization are key to email success
* The mobile share of email marketing is rising
You will also need tools and analytics to improve your email marketing.
Strategy to complete the approach. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand the basics of email.
How marketing can benefit your online business.
Email basics
2. Email Marketing Basics
Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help your business.
To achieve your goals, it is important to understand the basics.
What is email marketing?
Email marketing is an important part of online marketing that focuses on communication and establishing relationships.
Emails can be used to establish a connection with users online. No matter if your goal is promotional or not, you can still connect with online users through emails.
It doesn’t matter if you send emails weekly or monthly. The core of email marketing remains the same.
Communication with the recipient This communication serves to nurture the recipient.
relationships with existing and potential customers. To encourage action that is the
The goal of an email marketing campaign.
Your email message should contain the following:
* Relevant for the recipient
* A relevant and engaging subject line
* Concise and spot-on
* Planned
* Sent at just the right moment
* In the language that the recipient understands
* No spelling or grammatical errors
* No broken links
Communication between a business and a customer
It’s as easy as this. This is the message you want to share. This message can be promotional in nature.
You might be selling something in your online shop. You might be announcing the release of your latest ebook. It could be an
Announcement for the event that you will be hosting. This is a way to communicate your gratitude.
Encourage the recipient to take an action such as filling out a form or purchasing an item.
You have to offer something to your subscribers. Next, write an article
email. You should keep many things in mind. This will be the subject of one of the
The next chapters will follow. You send the message. Wait and then examine the results.
Find out the positive and negative effects of your email marketing campaign. This is the
The email marketing process in a nutshell
Marketers face many challenges when trying to get their emails read and delivered. It is not easy.
It’s not an easy task, especially when you consider that more than 200 emails are sent each day.
each day. Email marketing can be lucrative, even if it is not able to get attention (with great results).
It is not an easy job. It is becoming a battle for users’ attention.
Real art can be put under the spotlight. This is how email deliveryability was introduced.
Analyzing and optimizing email marketing campaigns’ performance.
This is how email marketing developed to become a new segment.
Online marketing has its own best practices, strategies and tools.
Email marketing is an integral part of online marketing
Email marketing can be combined with other strategies to maximize its effectiveness.
Online marketing techniques include content creation, search engine optimization and social media.
media marketing, etc.
Email marketing is not enough to succeed on its own. This is the true potential of email marketing.
Marketing is most effective when it is part of the overall marketing strategy. This is an example:
You have a blog article (content marketing), and want to share it online with many people.
Users to increase traffic to your blog (SEO). Send out an email newsletter (email marketing).
You feature a summary of an article and invite your subscribers to visit your site to read the whole thing.
article. You can combine your efforts to make the most of it and get the best
Chances of achieving your goals
How do you start email marketing?
After you have mastered the basics of email marketing, it’s time to get started with email marketing. This is, in essence, a marketing method
A strategy that uses your own resources (a mailinglist) is a great way to achieve your goals.
online performance.
Set goals
As with all successful campaigns, it is important to understand what success looks like.
is. The campaign settings, writing style, and target audience will be determined by the goals you are trying to achieve.
etc. These will determine how you measure success. Setting up is the first step.
goals. Sometimes, you may have multiple goals. Whatever your goals, you should start by determining which ones.
them. These are just a few examples that will give you some ideas.
* I would like to sign up for new customers.
* I am looking for new leads
* I would like to invite people at an event
* I encourage people to give.
* I would like to sell my product
These goals are too vague and general. You should aim to
Make them quantifiable. Avoid, for example, saying “I want to drive new signingups for this service”.
Add the measurement “I want 100 new signups to the service” Or, you can use “I want” instead.
Sell my product” Try “I want to increase sales of 20%
Setting measurable goals will help determine how successful you are at achieving your goals.
Campaign is in line with your plans. This will not only determine
It doesn’t matter if your campaign was successful or not. This will help you to realize what you need.
Change to improve your performance
The sending speed
It is now time to start thinking about emailing. You will first need to establish a mailing list.
The pace. It is important to plan your sending. However, it can also help users stay organized.
They will feel more at ease knowing when you expect to receive an email.
To determine if the emails have performed well in the past, you should also examine the results of previous campaigns.
There was a particular day or period that displayed unusual rates, regardless of whether it was during the week.
The surprisingly high open rate or low one.
Studies have also been done to analyze the effectiveness of email marketing.
Campaigns to determine the best time to send emails. There are many types of
Research has shown that Tuesday is the best day to send emails.
Morning, particularly at 10 am, was highlighted as the best. (Source)
You should not rely on statistics to run your business. What
While it might seem like a good general rule, it might not be the best solution for your company. Make sure you are ensuring that
You can compare the data from previous emails campaigns with the optimal times.
Sending emails. For those who don’t have any prior experience, it is a good idea to consider your target audience when you are thinking about sending emails.
second. Your opinion: When will they be able read the email? After work? On a coffee
break? What about the evening? Learn as much about your target audience and their behavior as you can.
habits, etc. These questions will allow you to answer them and determine the best time for you.
Send emails. These cases are the same regardless of whether you have previous experience.
Testing is key. Try different times to send emails and see how they compare.
To determine the best option.
Consider the number of emails that you send. Some people enjoy getting the scoop every day.
day. Some people prefer to be updated once a week, or monthly. All of this is to ensure that you are up-to-date.
If they are satisfied, you have two options:
* Users can choose how fast they want to receive emails
Accuracy of actual data If you share statistics or product prices,
Make sure they are accurate. You run the risk of recipients not subscribing or
Even spammers can be reported.
* Professionalism
It is difficult to build trust and a loyal readership. But here are some tips that will help you get there.
Maintaining a professional relationship with your email marketing campaign partners is a great way to go.
Professionalism is your whole approach. It includes accuracy, consistency and sending
You must ensure that you are sending the right emails and following up on your schedule. You are your company’s representative.
You need to consider the image that you want to project for your company by this.
Explore and make use of tools
You might find it difficult to choose from the many email marketing tools available.
Choosing which one to use. This chapter will be a completely different one in the ebook.
You will find actual suggestions about the available tools, but because this chapter is focused on you, we don’t want to divulge any details.
Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting an email address.
Marketing tool
* Usability
You don’t want to spend hours learning how to use the tool.
Manage a campaign. An interface for email campaign management must be available.
This makes it easy to use and is the reason that most tools are drag-and-drop.
So that you can concentrate on the most important features, you should first determine what you need.
tools. You might also want email automation functionality.
Media integration. A simple interface might be sufficient, but you may need an advanced interface.
Marketing solution
* Prices
Many tools have a free trial period. This is a great way for you to try them out first. Many platforms offer free trials.
The number of contacts that you have is what determines their pricing.
The maximum number of emails that you can send each month. You can use both paid and free tools.
Market, and which market you choose will depend on:
* Your company’s size – The more emails you send, the greater the chance that your company grows in size.
You can choose the payment plan that you prefer.
* Budget for the campaign – This budget will be needed to also plan for the
Campaign, therefore ensure that the payment plan you choose is within your budget.
You will encounter many challenges, but as with any strategy, there are some things you can do.
Be patient. It is important to ensure that you follow the best practices and use the correct terminology.
Recommendations to help you achieve your goals
Types of emails
3. Types of emails
Many emails are sent daily by companies to cover a variety of topics. Some companies may share the emails.
Latest blog update. Some might announce massive discounts, etc. Each email is unique.
Each email has a different purpose. This is how we distinguish between various types of emails.
Emails can be classified in many ways. Some marketers may choose to group emails.
Emails are classified as transactional or non-transactional. Some people choose to go above that.
They may also be in smaller groups so they receive a welcome email and a notification email.
We could first highlight the division based on how many emails you send.
Campaign, so we have one to many and one-to one emails.
One-to-many emails
The first group of email is one-to-many and refers to all emails that were sent to the entire recipient.
Mailing list or to a specific targeted group on that list. These emails have one main benefit:
They have a large reach and therefore the potential to generate traffic, increase conversions, and so on.
Even though your subscribers are numerous, you still have to design one.
email. It could also be a problem because your email may seem too general.
might lack personalization. A narrowing of the mailing list could be possible based on different criteria.
This will help you to avoid it.
There are many types of emails within this large group of one to many emails.
One of the most well-known types of email is a newsletter. These emails usually contain information.
You can also link to your website or blog that you recently published. They might also feature the latest news
Information about your company, events and announcements. By sending regular emails, you establish a
In an effort to build a relationship with your readers, you refer them to your website.
Convert them. A newsletter is one of the most useful types of email because it allows you to
You can combine different types content such as blog posts and announcements.
The upcoming event, etc. You basically share any news about your company. This can be done in a variety of ways, including by sharing news about your company.
Although it is a benefit, it could also be considered a disadvantage due to the compilation of
Information, so your call to action button might be less prominent. Newsletter emails are usually
You have set a schedule.
Digest email
Although it is similar to the newsletter’s design, this email has a simpler and more concise layout. This is a
Digest email allows you to share the most important content in a list format with links.
This will help you make it easy for your subscribers to find your content, which is particularly helpful for blogs.
You publish lots of content. You share the same goal as the newsletter.
Information is important to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. But design is what matters most.
These two are different. These digest emails are often automated to make it easier for the software to distinguish them.
Send the newsletter to your subscribers by picking up the scoop from the blog. This is a great way to keep your subscribers informed.
Subscribers will be notified if there is a lot of content being published each day. A schedule is a must.
Sending a digest email to your subscribers could prove to be beneficial as they will know what to expect.
The new digest.
Email address
This email, as the name suggests, is dedicated to a specific offer. Instead of accumulating content, you can like
As with the other types, you can only focus on one piece. It could be:
An announcement about a forthcoming sale and an invitation to your conference.
To fill out a survey etc. A dedicated email has the main advantage of being able to highlight one item.
You should be a part of any important event. A strong call to action button will be displayed on your website.
Your campaign will have a greater impact. Dedicated emails, unlike newsletters, are often sent.
Without any particular schedule.
Email Sponsorship
Email marketing allows promotion, just like paid ads in search engine optimization.
Through paid methods. Sponsorship emails allow you to pay for inclusion in a newsletter
Another website or company. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for leads, since you’ll be targeting other websites and companies.
Creating a new community. You must ensure you get quality leads to be sure.
Collaborate with companies who have the same target audience as you. This type of advertising is a great way to reach your target audience.
Be relevant to recipients so you can get visitors who are genuine.
You may be interested in the products and services that you offer.
One-to-one email
This group includes emails sent to one user. This is the focus of such emails.
Email campaigns are not very effective because you won’t be reaching the entire community.
You will instead be focused only on one subscriber. This approach aims to
Establish a relationship with your subscriber to strengthen your relationship and increase the subscribers’ trust.
Your brand’s credibility. Automated emails account for a large percentage of all one-to-one correspondence. Obviously,
Businesses will have a difficult time handling a large number of emails per day. This is why this
The process can be automated in a large extent.
These emails have the main advantage of allowing you to focus on one person while you introduce them to another.
Your brand and your community. You will usually use existing content to accomplish this. It doesn’t matter what it is.
This might not be the best way to share the content. In that case, one to-one sharing is the best option.
A variety of email types would make a better choice
One-to-one email is the most popular type.
Lead nurture
This email is meant to establish a connection with your subscriber.
Sending out lead nurturing emails to people who sign up for your newsletter can be a great way to help them.
Find out more about your brand and get more resources.
on your blog, etc. Your company will reap the benefits of lead nurture emails, which are often automated.
Once you have a lead, you can easily access them with no extra effort. You will not receive emails like other emails.
Reach out to all subscribers or just a selected group. This is lead nurturing.
Email is less effective because it targets new leads. The reach isn’t even the
This is the goal. You will be able to build a deeper relationship with your subscriber.
This is possible by focusing on the needs of your children.
Notification emails
Also known as auto-responders and alerts, notification emails can also be called notifications. Each recipient is notified.
These actions are known as triggers. Sender must
Establish some criteria for an outgoing email message. This will serve as a trigger for notification
Email to be sent. An example of this is a confirmation email regarding a successful online order.
Congratulations on a subscription, a thank you email, a birthday message, etc. Many other
Types of emails that are triggered when a particular action occurs.
Social media emails
Social media allows you to reach your subscribers in a different way than the email campaigns.
You have the option to reach users’ mailboxes via the social media platform. LinkedIn is one example.
Group administrators can send LinkedIn announcements to their members, which will then be sent to them
members’ inboxes. Google+ is the same.
Even though you don’t have access to the email address of users, you could use software to help you.
This could be a great way to use the power of email customization or tracking conversions.
An email campaign. This opens up new avenues for growth. This approach opens up new opportunities to grow your business.
Reach people who may not be familiar with your brand.
It is a great way to get new leads and potential clients.
The goal that you wish to accomplish will determine the type of email you choose.
Each type is unique and serves a specific purpose. Understanding the
You will be able to make better decisions for future campaigns if you can identify the differences between them.
Mailing List
4. Mailing List
We’ve already mentioned mailing lists several times, so it is time for us to get into the details.
While you may be familiar with the concept of a mailing list, there are many details to learn about it.
Your campaign could be helped by this.
Definition of a mailing-list
A mailing list is an email list that allows people to subscribe to receive updates via email about a specific topic.
Website or blog. You can also gather email addresses through lead pages, events, and seminars.
etc. Even in shops, you can collect email addresses. The main thing is that you can only use these email addresses to communicate with others.
Addresses are purchased in good faith with the assumption that users will provide their address
Best practices
When collecting emails, there are some general guidelines you should follow. It is in the best interest of your company to
These guidelines will help you create a list that your company can benefit from.
It is difficult to gather emails, but it is worth the effort. Online visitors must be attracted to your site.
You can get their email address by giving them some value or quality.
They will appreciate and need their email address. There are
There are many ways to get users to sign up for your mailing list.
* Exclusive offer: Premium content only for subscribers
* Blog Update – Receive regular updates via a Newsletter
* Organise a competition – Send an email to promote an online contest
Address would be required
* Exclusive access – Allow subscribers early or exclusive access
Get permission
It is not a good idea to be an uninvited guest in another’s email inbox. This will help you be at your best.
There is a high chance of being marked spam. Make sure you have permission from subscribers to send emails.
Contact them.
Get to know your subscribers
Knowing more about your subscribers will help you segment your list and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
This allows for greater personalization and, ultimately, leads to better email marketing results.
campaign. A form that subscribers can fill out allows you to get to know them.
You can also ask for more information. You should make sure that the most important fields are mandatory.
You can also add a few optional fields.
Keep your subscribers informed regularly. You must nurture your relationship with them
Email communication is a great way to communicate, send updates, get feedback, and so on.
Update to the mailing list
Research shows that 20% to 20% of your mailing lists will be inactive by next year. This is a major problem.
Two things are important for you:
* It is important to immediately take advantage of your contacts
* To keep the pace at a constant rate, you will need to continue adding email addresses to your list.
The ones you’ve lost
This is why you should focus on regular mailing list updates, which include reviewing.
Contacts and removing any that are not needed
* Invalid, broken, or misspelled email addresses
* Inactive email addresses
* Domains that bounce
This could be a digital spring cleaning. You can get rid of all your contacts
To reduce time wastage and to increase the open rate, it is unnecessary.
The email campaign.
Things to Avoid
Your email campaign’s success depends on the quality of your mailing list.
There are many practices that can help you get the best out of it. But, we need to also highlight some.
List of things to avoid that could seriously harm your email marketing campaign
You could lose any chance of achieving the success you had hoped for. These practices can also be detrimental to your chances of success.
This can have a negative impact on subsequent email marketing campaigns.
Buy a mailing list
We have one mailing list that we created ourselves and keep it up to date.
We have pre-made mailing lists that you can easily access. This is not all.
It is a bad practice to engage in, and it can cause harm long-term.
You do not have permission to send emails to the contacts you purchase when you purchase a list.
It is a good reason enough for people to mark your email spam, without even looking at it. And
The spam folder will receive more spam emails if they are more frequently marked spam.
Automatically in the future.
This second reason is why it is not recommended.
If this is the right list, it could be a potential contact that might be interested in your company. It sounds strange, but it is true.
Cool to have instant access to a list of 20 000 subscribers. But you won’t see any benefit.
If these are users that aren’t interested in your business, they are not your target audience.
This could lead to spam reports and unsubscriptions, which can be detrimental to your business.
Credibility as a sender
The mailing list is not updated
There are a limited number of emails that you can send, but they will not all be delivered.
These are bounced emails. Your mailing list’s quality is directly affected by the bounce rate.
A high bounce rate is a sign that your mailing list requires serious updating.
There are two types:
* Soft bounce
This is temporary delivery failure. This is a temporary delivery failure. The email address of the recipient will be recognized.
The message was not sent to the inbox of the recipient. There are many reasons why a soft message may not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
bounce, including the full mailbox of the recipient in case the receiving server goes down
The message is too big, etc.
* Hard bounce
A hard bounce is permanent, unlike a soft bounce that is temporary. This
This means that the email address has been removed from use or is no longer valid. Also, invalid spelling could cause problems.
This issue could also be caused by the fact that delivery was blocked by the recipient’s email server.
Both of these situations require you to keep an eye on your mailing list. If your mailing list is experiencing a hard bounce, it’s time to take action.
You should immediately remove the email address from your mailing list. You should immediately remove the email address from your list if you see a soft bounce.
There is a chance that your email may be delivered (for instance, once the inbox of the recipient is empty).
emptied). Addresses that bounce softly should be monitored. Temporary
Failure will result in several attempts to send the email again automatically. If after
After several attempts, the message has not been delivered. This soft bounce turns into a hard problem.
bounce means that you must remove this address from your mailing list.
List segmentation
Segmentation of the list is the process by which subscribers are divided into groups. You can narrow down your list.
You can increase your chances of reaching the right people by increasing your target audience.
This will lead to better results. Email marketing tools offer list segmentation as an option.
The tool is only a part of it. First, you will need to import all contacts.
After you have imported contacts, you can segment your list.
The segment will be created. You might get a different result depending on which tools you use.
Layout or fields, but the most common criteria for segmentation are:
* Language
* Locate
* Date subscribed
* Campaign activity
* Age
* Gender
* Industry
* Previous purchases
Each criteria can be further segmented by choosing additional options. For example, if you choose
Campaign activity can be segmented to show subscribers who clicked, opened, or did not open a campaign.
You can segment subscribers based on their location.
Country, at a particular distance from a specific location, etc.
It is possible to include multiple criteria in one segment.
Why is it important to segment your list?
Performance improvements
Segmented lists are more effective in analyzing email performance, according to numerous studies.
Open and click rates, with lower bounce rate and unsubscribe rates. These metrics directly contribute to a
They improve the performance of your campaign and help you to build a trusting reputation.



Email Pro Leads Offers Only The Most Current South African Email Database To Help You. Our South African Email Database Is Updated To 2022 And Is Constantly Checked For Accuracy. Here At Email Pro Leads, We Only Offer The Best.

South African Email Database Fields*

1. Full name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zip code

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address

South African Business Email Lists Fields*

  • Business Category
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Tel No 1
  • Tel No 2
  • Tel No 3
  • Website URL
  • Email

South African Consumers Email Lists Fields*

  • phone
  • uid
  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • gender
  • date_registered
  • birthday
  • location
  • hometown
  • relationship_
  • status
  • education_
  • last_year
  • work
  • groups
  • pages
  • last_update
  • creation_time

South African Email Database

The following applies to emails: After the click is before the click – after all, the journey for the user should be after
open even further. Read the newsletter, click on links and ideally also convert.
Here, the influence of so-called USA bility factors is often underestimated, for a click or
even purchase can be crucial. USA bility is the often forgotten stepchild
of optimization. In the broadest sense, this includes the user-friendliness of a newsletter
Roger that. However, that would only be a superficial interpretation. USA bility goes much deeper – we
can distinguish four areas, which can best be described with the following terms:
• Happy
• trust
• power

South African Email Lists

This includes handling, intuitive user guidance, user-friendliness, etc. Are, for example, the
Call-to-actions recognizable as such? If design and layout are appealing, do they animate
to the click? Is the wording precise? Does the user know what happens when he clicks a button?
The design and structure of the newsletter are also important here – they should be recognizable
Follow the concept, if possible, not confuse the user, but guide them through the email. The sender
and the newsletter’s content should be recognizable at first glance so that the user
immediately knows what to expect. This starts with the subject. Make it clear what is at stake and make your readers curious about what’s coming.

South African Email Leads

Take it literally and make your users happy with your newsletter. Is your name
Welcome him, preferably in person, and also address him on an emotional level.
Work with imagery. The language of the images is often more powerful than words and touches users
on another level. They can help create moods and atmospheres that
Influence the click/purchase decision positively and thus support it. This also includes
entertaining elements that can be both textual and visual. Enrich yours
Content, for example, about background knowledge and facts that are not every day, that is not common
represent knowledge. Create extraordinary texts and descriptions that surprise,
and stand out from the crowd. That arouses curiosity and distracts from a pure product focus. With a positive effect on the overall impact of the email.

South African Mailing Lists

Creating trust is an essential part of USA bility. This can be due to different
factors are achieved. An important point is the possibility of personal contact: whether by telephone or live chat, give your customers the feeling that they are
can confidently turn to you at any time with their wishes and problems. Also, send other trust signals, such as seals from Trusted Shops or others. Also,
integrating ratings – both of the products and the shop itself – gives the user
a sense of security. In addition, recommendations are proven to lead to purchasing decisions

South African Mailing Leads

to lead. A personal address and a personal sender also create trust and
give the user the impression of exclusivity. This also includes the imprint. Watch out
for the completeness and correctness of the legal information. Apart from the fact that omissions can lead to warnings because a pattern is mandatory in Germany, this also sends another trust signal to the user.
The technical framework conditions also have to fit. The best newsletter is only half as
worth it if the user has trouble loading the images, can’t open them, links don’t work, or the like. Therefore, ensure that images are correctly integrated and not too
significant to avoid long loading times. Content delivery is the best way to do this
Network (CDN). In addition, many users today access emails with their mobile devices – and large images
mean large amounts of data when downloading. Always offer the option of displaying the newsletter in the browser if the user’s email client blocks images or
the email does not display correctly. Check all links. Dead-ends or non-functioning or non-loading landing pages are clear negative signals and create frustration.

South African Mobile Number Database

To secure the attention of the recipient, it is essential to also focus on the areas of customer contact and emotionality when creating and sending newsletters
move. This includes the following aspects:
• Personalized approach
• Emotional processing
• Dynamic content
Personalized approach
This goes in two directions – on the one hand, this affects the way the recipient is addressed, but
it also includes the sender. The recipient should always be handled personally by name – a “Dear Customer” inspires neither trust nor a feeling of exclusivity,
but rather the impression of interchangeability. With an individual address
I signal to my customers or subscribers that they are essential to me. The positive effects
of personalization on opening and click-through rate (CTR) also underpins a study
by the market research company MarketingSherpa, which was carried out in 2011. So
For example, personalized email campaigns achieved 47 percent higher open rates
than those with little or no individual customer contact. The same effects
are also felt in the CTR, which was 41 percent higher in comparison.
However, this applies to the salutation in the email itself and the subject line. the
The effect is comparable to an entire room where someone suddenly calls your first name. Independent
regardless of whether you are meant or not, you react to it – you feel addressed. And also, one
personal sender can make the difference. At first, you might
This tends to depend to some extent on content and strategy
– take advantage of this in email marketing and score with emotional ones
Content that also appeals to the user beyond the conversion. On the one hand, image worlds can do that
be – moods, people who represent and reflect your brand world or message.
Take your reader to another level and give them a little time to get involved

South African Mobile Number Lists

To deal with you and your topic before you draw their attention to offers and products.
Images also evoke feelings and other sensations or memories in people.
But texts and other content, such as multimedia, can also arouse emotions. Tell
Tell your readers little stories or entertain them with information and facts about everything
Your product worlds without putting the product itself in the foreground. Take reference
to current events or circumstances. Offer links to further editorial landing pages, embed infographics, or links to videos.
Dynamic Content
Addressing customers personally is one thing – content tailored to them is another.
Dynamic content integration is recommended, especially for complex product ranges, to send the customer precisely the offers he needs or directly to his interests
. For example, this can also be queried when registering for the newsletter
that a targeted control occurs from the outset. Newsletters that specifically display viewed products or address shopping cart abandoners go one step further.
Dynamic content and offers in email marketing have many advantages:
• Individual product suggestions tailored to the customer – increasing the conversion rate
• Closer customer loyalty through greater personalization
• Less wastage – higher open rates and CTRs

South African Phone Number Database

To make your brand visible on the Internet with a lasting radiance, one is good
A well-thought-out digital strategy is essential. A branding concept that
customers a clear brand identity in both online and offline communication
conveyed. For the design of email marketing as a communication tool, this means one
effective integration with existing offline and online communication tools and above
astringent integration into the existing brand communication.
A story makes facts interesting.
With a good brand story, you make the facts about your offer attractive,
whether online or offline. This is particularly advantageous for those whose products can be easily reproduced because the pure data is exciting, and
the lifestyle, service, or community consumers “buy” into it. With
Good storytelling will make you more interesting than the rest of all your competitors. Included
It’s about knowing your target group and picking it up from where it is. Apart from
the emotional bond that can be achieved and strengthened through stories, the benefits of products or services are presented and used by the consumer more quickly

South African Phone Number Lists

. This gives possible prospects, customers and not to forget yours
Employees have the opportunity to identify with your company – and to like it.
Here, too, there is the opportunity to share the brand story in all channels, such as in
Extend email marketing and design a suitable brand fit on a granular level.
Intelligent management of the database is also an extended extension of your CI, company values ​​, and your target group history. Enter, e.g., B. Application cases for your products
and no further linear product descriptions. Instead of blank values, enter user stories and
identifications further.
The brand story is more than a sales argument.
It’s not enough to think that a good campaign story is all it takes to sell. One
The brand story creates much more. You attract people who share the same values ​​as you, who
pursue the same ideas that have had the same experiences. It creates identification and
Trust. Trust breeds loyalty. With a strong community of friends, colleagues,
Employees, suppliers you are much less vulnerable in times of crisis and have a
Accelerator in times of success. The brand story is also helpful for you. If you know why you
You can make faster decisions that will effectively shape your business’s future by doing what you do. Along with clarity, speed is one of the most critical success factors.

South African Phone Number Database

Why do you exist?
If you have no idea what brand story to tell, “Why” is a good one
Beginning. Why? Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. In
the shared values, goals and experiences have immense potential for identification. The DNA of your
personal history and thus also your mailings is therefore also the heart of your corporate
Identity. The label creates closeness, allows trust to grow, and promotes loyalty. You need to
Understand email marketing as part of a holistic communication strategy and as a channel for the company’s external impact with a mostly more concrete message.
Users who receive your newsletter are already interested in your products in some way
or expressed at your company. The approach that the user has a continuity also applies here
expected in “storytelling,” a constructed story as a singular penetration about one
CRM channel. The story needs to be ongoing and can expand across side stories of your products
enrich them again and again. So stop describing what you do; start telling
why you do what you do.

South African Phone Leads

Successful and consistent brand building is impossible without an awareness of your own story. The founding history of a company shows why, under what circumstances, and
for what purpose it was founded. This also includes the values, goals, and visions of a company
. Stories can breathe life into the brand. The essence should be consistently implemented on all channels and touchpoints
to make these stories accurate and credible. This means that the brand story, i.e., the heart of the brand, is the same on all channels
must be. The story’s structure is decisive for the effect of the recording: it has to
be quick to record and omit any extra detail.
If customers are bombarded with excessive information, disinterested reactions often result. If the information is easy to digest, customers see it as valid and vital.
What customers do not understand cannot be necessary to them, is hidden and not included. Stories help to increase user identification and motivation. In this respect, the
Storytelling methodology is exciting for a large number of market-operating companies. To
stringent brand communication and thus branding becomes possible, it is necessary that
Email marketing is based on the set framework of brand communication.
• Orientation towards the corporate identity
The layout of an email should always be based on the brand or company website’s corporate design (CD). Based on practical experience, this is recommended
to avoid a media break between the emailing and the landing page, which is usually integrated into the website, thus providing the user with a high orientation. To a permanent
To ensure compliance with the CD, the structure of templates, i.e., standard templates for e-mailings, has proven itself in practice. These templates, format, and design for email campaigns
are derived from the existing CD of the brand or company website and defined as a standard.
• Orientation towards tonality

South African Business Email Lists

In addition to an orientation on the CD, how the email recipient is addressed must match the brand tonality. For example, a young target group is becoming increasingly popular via print campaigns
managed in an unconventional language style; this should also be retained in email campaigns
to ensure a uniform brand appearance.
• Orientation towards the core brand values
A central requirement of e-branding is an orientation towards the core brand values. For the
Email marketing means checking the communicative message of a campaign. Give the
campaign reflect the core values ​​of the brand being advertised? For example, it makes less sense than
sending a premium brand in the high-end sector an aggressively priced sales campaign by email.

South African Business Email Leads

Content marketing focuses on the interests and needs of the target group
placed. The point is not to rely on advertising messages but to reach consumers with relevant, engaging, and entertaining content.
A paradigm shift is taking place with content marketing – customer-centric communication
takes the place of superficial advertising. An email is characterized by a firm
personal reference to – Emails end up in the recipient’s mailbox, which is an emotional
speech enabled. A strong individualization of the topics for the target group is possible thanks to the
Email marketing automation is possible.
Both factors predestine the email for this, in the context of individualized customer contact
to be deployed. In the editorial design of the content, the content
Marketing established the storytelling format. Telling stories makes it possible, complex
To convey content quickly and to offer an emotional experience.
Story stories should be told from the customer’s perspective when it comes to storytelling.
This creates trust because customers feel understood. But it comes with customer-centric
Communication depends not only on the form but also on relevance and substance.
Expect with the amount of information and the amount of substitute content on the web
User practical and well-founded information that will help them progress. Otherwise, the disappointment
great to have “wasted” the short time reading irrelevant content. Experts advise
relying on simple language on the web since the texts are mostly skimmed over. One
USA bility study from 2016, in which the reading behavior of
Pupils and students on the web were analyzed3
, concludes the text length:

“Is it […] to be assumed that the users will find out more about a topic at the affected point
want to inform, the text can be more detailed.
On the other hand, is it a place where users are still unsure where on the website they find relevant information, text components should be shorter and a quick scan
enable.” The email texts regarding spelling
and grammar should be correct.
As valuable and relevant as the content in the newsletter may be, two “hurdles” have to be overcome before the newsletter content can be consumed: opening the newsletter and clicking on
the content. The subject line and the teaser text, which refers to the editorial article, play a role here
linked, a significant role. Numerous studies and checklists on the Internet describe how that.

South African Consumer Email Database

mytaxi is one of the best-known taxi apps in Germany and, according to its statements, has been more than
Ten million downloads. The app is available in over 40 cities with more than 45,000 connected taxis worldwide. The mytaxi logbook is sent monthly to registered users of the app
shipped. It summarizes all journeys made via mytaxi in the past month.
With the subject “Your logbook December 2015,” the user is immediately aware of what is in the email
expected. In addition, this subject clarifies from the outset with a direct salutation that it is about
no ads and no spam. This also supports the informal greeting in the header.
The crisp headline once again summarizes the newsletter’s content in a nutshell
and picks up the user immediately. This is followed by a personal greeting with first and last names
and a short introductory text. The actual content of the newsletter, namely the overview
about the taxi rides made in the past month, however, is not reproduced in text form but rather via clear icons that speak for themselves. In addition, a road or a way is indicated over a line that
leads through the facts.
The user receives information about the costs of the kilometers driven and other exciting aspects like average travel time and average speed. In the right sidebar, there are further elements: on the one hand, the so-called
Badges that the user can collect. If he doesn’t have them yet, they are greyed out.
These include, for example, “app payer”, “pre-order” or “cosmopolitan”. Depending on how often
the user uses the services, he gets the badges. For “Cosmopolitan”
For example, bookings made in several cities are a prerequisite. As further additional information, the email also lists the respective drivers – with a picture (if available),
Driver ID and rating. The purpose of the newsletter is not to sell products
or promote new bookings but only to inform the user and subscribers of mytaxi.

South African Consumer Email Lists

But presentation, structure, and content are good examples of successful email marketing:
• Extremely high degree of personalization
• Dynamic content, implemented creatively and entertainingly
• Clear structure and sensible structure
• Valuable additional information
The newsletter thus has several positive effects:
• Information and an overview of bookings made
• Entertain through a witty presentation and interesting facts
• High relevance through personal address and content
• High degree of individuality
• Brand building – mytaxi as THE app for worldwide taxi rides
14 15
Whether you use the newsletter channel as a customer loyalty tool or to sell your products
or use services – the following applies to all scenarios: Successful newsletter marketing is
individualized newsletter marketing:
• Focus on the interests and needs of your subscribers, bid
exciting and valuable content.
• Customize the newsletter by engaging your subscribers both
address them personally and import dynamic content.
• Create an optimal experience for your subscribers at the “Newsletter” contact point.
Pay attention to intuitive user guidance, clear structures, and a sensible structure as well
technically flawless conditions.
• Address your subscribers on an emotional level. Use pictures for this, prepare
your content in multimedia.
• Tell stories and entertain your subscribers with exciting information
around your product worlds without putting the product itself in the foreground.
• Provide valuable and entertaining additional information.
• Send your subscribers a signal of trust by including contact options in the newsletter
to embed you, seals, or ratings.
• Optimize the subject line and the teaser texts to encourage clicks.

South African Consumer Email Leads

Marketing churn rates determine the success of company target groups
are subgroups of the total population share common characteristics. e.g., e.g.:
• Cell phone owners, 25 to 45 years old
• Office workers who use computers every day
Although the net size of an audience slowly changes, there is a constant stream of
individual members. Some leave the target group, and new ones join the target group. Added
comes that those characteristics that define the target group can evolve. The definition sometimes includes more, sometimes fewer people. As a result, the
Member churn rates vary even more. The effects
are unavoidable. To keep up, marketers need to match the churn rate with new ones
match contacts. This applies to both B2B and B2C markets.
In European countries, between 11 percent (Italy) and 18 percent (Switzerland) of
employees have worked in their current job for less than a year. In Scandinavia lies the
The rate is even higher: between 16 percent (Norway) and 24 percent (Denmark). The average
in the EU seems to be about 15 percent. Germany has remained relative over the past five years, stable at 15 percent to 16 percent. Changing jobs or responsibilities slows things down
communication and reduces sales success. Without the right contact person,
you never sign a contract.

Structure of the newsletter
Logo Clear sender Emotional image/text
Dear Erika Mustermann,
Call to action button
A call-to-action button is visible
Emotional images
Call to action button
Call to action button
Personal salutation and address
Text animated to click
Multimedia processing
of content
Dynamic Content
Valuable and entertaining
extra information
Legal requirements: imprint,
Revocation options
Creative, entertaining, helpful, and relevant content, storytelling
Intuitive user guidance, clear structures, sensible structure, technically flawless framework conditions
Contact person,
contact options
seal, eg
Trusted shop
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