Cancel LA Fitness Membership

How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership in Easy Steps

If you’re interested in a more active and healthier lifestyle, joining an adequate gym can be a great place to begin. LA Fitness has been a top fitness and gym brand for over 40 years. It has a decent part of the market, which is why it’s not a surprise that you’ve decided to sign up for a membership in one of the 700 LA Fitness gyms or sporting clubs throughout the U.S. After all if you’re planning to exercise you should do it with luxury, with state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained personnel.

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

It’s also very easy to slip off the track and let your fitness membership get neglected, particularly if you’re experiencing a change in your routine or leaving town. If you’re in a situation where maintaining the LA Fitness membership is no longer an option, It is ideal for saving money by canceling your membership.

This article will be straight to the point and show you how to end or cancel your Cancel LA Fitness Membership in easy steps, along with other frequently asked LA Fitness FAQs.

The Ground Rules to Cancel your LA Fitness membership

Canceling your LA Fitness membership promptly will keep you from losing funds or going not paid. This is everything you should learn to ensure that the LA Fitness membership is canceled promptly.

The Cancellation Request must be made to LA Fitness at least 5 Business Days before your billing Date.

LA Fitness will stop further billing if they receive an electronic or postal cancellation five days before the date the due date for your next bill. You’ll have to pay the company for a further month if the cancellation is received before the due date.

You’re locked into Your LA Fitness membership for the initial Duration of Your Contract.

If you’ve recently signed up for a membership with LA Fitness and are in the first term of the contract, they’ll only end it when it has ended. This means you’ll be paying for the contract term regardless of whether you’re happy with the contract.

If You Cancel and have time paid for using the previous month’s fees, You can still go to the Gym!

Cancel LA Fitness Membership but will keep any time remaining that you’ve paid for in the month in which you have to cancel. Free swimming or sauna and work out whenever you want until the new billing cycle starts.

How to cancel your LA Fitness membership in Easy Steps

In light of these points in mind, here’s how you can cancel the membership of your LA Fitness membership (as published on their website).

Step 1: Ensure you have a “My LA Fitness” online account and sign into it.

My LA Fitness is a personalized online account that lets you manage your membership and keep track of your Gym usage and subscriptions. It is necessary to have this account to access the cancellation forms for the Gym you belong to. If you do not have an account, it is easy to sign up online to make one.

Log into Your LA Fitness account.

2. Click “My LA Fitness.”

Go to this page to access the LA Fitness homepage. Visit the LA fitness website, and click on the icon for a person to go to”My LA Fitness” online account login “My LA Fitness” online account login.

Click on the icon for a person on the right side part of your screen.

Step 3: Click “Account Details.”

This section contains important information regarding your membership. Here is where you’ll get the form to cancel your membership.

4. Choose “Cancelation Formula” from the upper right corner.

You cannot cancel your membership on the internet. Print and download a hard-copy cancellation form, and then send your completed form back via LA Fitness.

5. Print and download the form.

The form is downloaded as an A4 PDF file filled in with your membership information, including address, and name. The lower third of the form folds into an envelope that contains your LA Fitness mailing address.

6. Complete the cancellation form and send it back to the address listed on the form by certified postage.

Keep track of the postage you paid to show that you canceled your account within the appropriate period.

Postage mailbox for letters

Last but not least, send in an unreserved cancellation letter!


If you cannot use the form online, you may mail a

Written Cancel LA Fitness Membership

Here’s what you should do:

1. Create a signed and dated note in writing of your cancellation.

2. Send the notice in certified post at PO Box 54170 in Irvine, CA, 92619-4170.

It is also possible to…

Make sure you send your written notice to the operations manager’s office at your local LA Fitness gym. It is possible to do this between 9 am and 5 pm during the week (Monday through Friday).

Cancel LA Fitness Membership advises that the dates and times you can cancel an in-club cancellation are contingent on the availability of the Operations Manager. Available. Getting a receipt for the cancellation when you turn it in is also recommended.

Are You Sure You’re Ready to Go?

If you’ve enjoyed your LA Fitness gym but are moving away, you could change your gym membership at one of the LA Fitness gyms near your new home. Just search on LA Fitness’s website. LA Fitness website for gyms that are in your new location.

If you’re working on a tight budget or are planning to go to the Gym for less than a month, LA Fitness allows you to put your membership on hold and pay a holding fee of $10 per calendar month. Once you’re at a point where you are ready to return to the fitness center, you are able to remove the membership from freeze and begin paying the full amount. If you cancel your membership at the end of the month, the Gym will charge you for the days remaining.

Final Thoughts

LA Fitness offers some great benefits and facilities that are priced competitively; however, it is important to do it swiftly and cautiously if you decide to cancel your membership. Following the cancellation procedure can result in unpaid bills or a damaged credit score. So, follow these steps that are easy to follow to get your membership canceled quickly.

LA Fitness gym

LA Fitness gym

If you have questions, contact LA Fitness by phone, email, or in person at your Gym.

How to cancel your Membership at LA Fitness Membership in Simple Steps (with photos) FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Can I revoke the validity of my LA Fitness membership?

Yes! If you’re considering canceling LA Fitness Membership to travel or recover, You can keep your membership at a discounted rate of $10 per month.

This benefit is available when you want to suspend your membership for longer than 30 days, and your current subscription price is more than $10. You can stop your membership online using Your “My LA Fitness” account. Click upon”Freeze” when you log in “Freeze” option after you log in.

You can stop Club Memberships for an indefinite time for $10. The discount will kick in at the time the next cycle of billing starts. If you’re ready to return to your membership, you can unfreeze it and pay the monthly fees at the full cost.

If you’re a fully Paid-in member, you can stop your subscription for up to six months and then resume the remaining fully paid period.

LA Fitness members that pay their membership fee biweekly may also put their membership on hold for an indefinite time for $5 during the biweekly billing cycle that you set things on hold.

Memberships to the Kid’s Club can be suspended indefinitely at no cost. Let the club’s local representative know. However, members who pay weekly dues can’t use the suspension program.

How can I update how do I change my LA Fitness billing information?

If you’re looking to update the billing information on your account, it is possible to do so online. Similar to most other aspects of fitness contracts, it’s all about timing. You must change the billing information five working days before the next payment date to ensure the fee is debited from your new account. Go to My LA Fitness, select Billing Information, and click Edit.

How can I give a VIP guest pass to a friend?

Guest passes are among the many advantages of joining a prestigious gym. If you’re a part of La Fitness, you can gift a family member or friend a VIP pass for seven days. Additionally, you’ll earn reward points when your guest sign-ups for LA Fitness within a 90-day time frame following your visit! You can request guest passes at your local Gym or on the internet.

Alternative gym subscription?

If LA Fitness did not work out for you, Don’t let your hopes of becoming a gym rat go away! Many fantastic gyms offer facilities, great exercises and a positive attitude, which will keep you focused on your fitness path. Here are a few LA Fitness alternatives to check out:

24 All-N-All Fitness

If you need help to squeeze in a workout at the Gym in your normal routine, There’s no reason to be disappointed to use the Gym that is open 24 hours a day. Subscriptions range from $30 to $60 per month, giving you access to a huge gym with various equipment, pools and saunas all day!

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is another veteran gym chain and is the perfect option if you’re into fitness. It has the Muscle Beach feel but also has the latest amenities. Gold’s Gym is cost-effective, beginning at $19.99 per month if you’re looking to cut costs on your gym membership.


If LA Fitness wasn’t upmarket enough for you, make a splash and invest in Equinox’s luxurious gym membership. For just $200 per month, you’ll receive the top of everything, such as the full-service spa, cookery classes, and exclusive social occasions.

Why are people not going to the Gym?

Membership in a gym is an excellent aspect of a healthy life, but many people need help to keep the subscription they signed up for. Common reasons for quitting the Gym are:

fitness cancellation letter

fitness cancellation letter

Insufficient time

Insecure and self-conscious in a gym environment

The Gym they’ve picked is open during peak hours.

They struggle to find childcare for their children while they work

A monthly membership can be too costly

A long journey to get there

Not seeing results

Sometimes, joining a gym is an impulse choice that makes it difficult to maintain a consistent routine. If you do decide to return to the Gym, try these suggestions to assist you in staying on track:

Make a plan for your goals for doing 5K runs, losing 10lbs or being able to go for 10 minutes for a full 10 minutes running on the treadmill. Set yourself a goal to work towards.

Make use of a gym with fitness classes. When rows upon rows of machines frighten you, the idea of classes in aerobics or spinning can help you get moving and provide you with the sense of accomplishment you’ve been looking for.

Be sure to receive a full gym orientation before you sign up. This will allow you to get familiar with the Gym and learn how the equipment functions. This is typically free.

If I cancel my gym fees, Will my credit score be affected?

Cancelling your gym membership could be difficult, and If you don’t follow all the guidelines for cancellation, you may end up with a delinquent balance on your financial records.

You might want to skip the formal cancellation of your membership and cancel your debit or linked cards instead. The Gym might bill you for membership at the normal rate even though you’re not using the facility.

If you do not pay the outstanding charges, The Gym may forward your balance to collection agencies which could affect your score on credit. Additionally, the Gym could sell the debt to a collection agency, further damaging your creditworthiness.

How do I cancel the LA Fitness Membership by Mail?

The option of cancelling your subscription by mail is the most common method. LA Fitness offers this option for those who need help following the online process or can’t visit their fitness centre in person. If you wish to end or cancel your LA Fitness subscription, you must fill out this LA Fitness Cancellation Form. Additionally, you’ll need to follow the next steps:

Visit LA Fitness’ website. LA Fitness website

Log in to your account and search for”My LA Fitness” on the “My LA Fitness” page. Click it, and you’ll be taken there.

In the “Account Info” section, click “Cancellation Form.”

Print it and make sure that you complete it correctly.

After signing and completing the form, you must send it to the following:

LA Fitness

PO Box 54170

Irvine, CA 92619-4170

Give it a few days, and then contact the LA Fitness customer service to confirm the cancellation.

2. How do I cancel the LA Fitness Membership by Email

If you’d like to unsubscribe via email, you can also opt for this option. It’s simple. However, it can take some time in comparison to other options. If this isn’t an issue for you, here’s how to cancel your LA Fitness subscription by email:

Send an email to [email protected]. In your email, you must request that the staff terminate your membership.

Include all relevant information, like your full name, email address, birth date, birth date and billing address, phone number, the location of your home gym and the credit card’s final four numbers.

3. How do I cancel the LA Fitness Membership in Person

Attending your club in person to ask the attendants to cancel your account is the best method to end your membership. This is because communication might be more effective in person as opposed to contacting them via email or phone, and you can explain to the staff why you want to end your membership.

Additionally, you can get a cancellation form from them or bring your printed and filled-out form while they take care of the other arrangements. If you have any concerns or issues, you can speak to them, as they will assist you.

To terminate the terms of your LA Fitness membership in person in person, you must:

Print this LA Fitness cancellation form, and fill it in.

Visit the nearest LA Fitness gym and deliver the application form.

4. How to cancel your LA Fitness Membership Over the phone

Cancelling your subscription over the telephone is also an option, as it’s the best method of ending your subscription if you do not wish to leave the security in your own home. It’s quicker, and the communications may be more effective when compared to cancellations via email. To cancel via phone, it is necessary to follow these steps:

Call the LA Fitness customer service at 949-255-7200.

Let the support representative know you want to terminate this LA Fitness membership.

Make sure you fill out the cancellation form and send it to

How do I cancel the membership to LA Fitness Membership FAQ

If you’ve gone through the process of resigning or rescinding your LA Fitness membership, you might still have questions that could be answered. So, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

Does LA Fitness give refunds when your membership is canceled?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive any refunds after canceling your subscription. If you request to cancel before the end of the billing period, you will still be able to use LA Fitness services until the new cycle starts. But you can’t ask for a refund. It is not a solution.

There’s a loophole to the no-refund policy at LA Fitness, though. If you mail the LA Fitness cancellation form and they get it less than five days before the payment for the previous month expires, the exception applies. The next month you will be charged the following month, and you may request a refund.

Can we stop the duration of an LA Fitness membership?

You can stop your account anytime, particularly if you believe you’ll return to LA Fitness at some point in the future. Before you block your account, you must know there will be charges for this option.

Monthly customers will need to pay $10 to freeze their account for one month, while a fully-fledged member can stop accounts for six consecutive months. If the latter is the case, the account holder must pay a fee of 35 dollars. In the case of Kid Club members, their accounts can be stopped for free. Dues paid weekly will not be able to stop their membership, however.

LA Gym Cancelation Formula

LA Gym Cancelation Formula

Can I change my LA Fitness membership anytime?

There isn’t a contract for memberships; however, LA Fitness has month-to-month subscriptions. If you want to cancel your current membership, it is best to notify the LA Fitness staff five days before the next billing period.

Can you cancel your gym membership on the phone?

You can cancel your gym membership by phone. However, there’s another variation. You can contact the staff and inform them that you intend to terminate your membership; however, you’ll need to send an application for the cancellation to cancel the membership.

Another option is to visit the nearest LA Fitness gym and tell the help desk you want to cancel the membership. The help desk will assist you with the process and resolve the issue.

Can you stop LA Fitness’s training?

If you are a member of an LA Fitness personal training membership, You can also end it. If you’re familiar with the basic principles of personal training, then canceling it will be easy.

If you want to cancel this membership, contact your Gym first. Inform them of your identity and tell them you want to terminate this personal trainer membership. After receiving your information, the representative will set up an in-person meeting at the fitness center within three weeks.

You will then have to show them a picture ID when you arrive at the meeting. You’ll also need to prepare an Excel spreadsheet or document that lists the due amount. You’ll then receive the cancellation form, which you have to complete. After that, the form should be handed over to an employee, who will keep an original copy to record the information.

You can then leave the meeting by signing the document. The representative will then end the billing plans for the future, and any balance owed will be deducted from your debit or credit card.

What’s next for you to do to cancel your LA Fitness Membership

Cancelling LA Fitness is relatively easy. You only need to figure out the most suitable method for your needs. Choose one of the methods listed above, and you will be able to end the membership of your LA Fitness membership quickly and without difficulty.


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