Reverse Email Lookup

Reverse Email Lookup

Reverse email lookup is the practice of using an email address to uncover more details about who owns it. There are various online services and tools that permit this task.

These services typically search through various public records and databases to attempt to match an email address with other personal information, such as a person’s name, physical address, and phone number.

Some of the popular reverse email lookup services include:

While these services may be helpful, they may never be accurate or up to date. Moreover, some may charge a fee for their services. It’s essential to note that while these can be helpful tools, they may not always provide accurate information or be up-to-date.

What is a reverse email lookup?
A reverse email lookup is the process of gathering information about someone or an entity by using their email address. It’s like having access to an expert detective at your fingertips!

What kind of information can you find through a reverse email lookup? A reverse email lookup may offer:

What does reverse email search involve?
Reverse email search can provide information such as a person’s full name, current address (both mobiles and landlines), all social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), photos and more to enable you to gain insight into someone’s digital footprint. What can this be used for?
Reverse email lookup can be beneficial for a number of purposes – both personal and business. Let’s explore some of them together.

Purpose #1. It can shield you against phishing attacks.

On average, email users receive 16 (!) malicious emails each month. Cybercriminals use credit card fraud, identity theft and ransomware attacks as tools of their trade. Responding to phishing emails could put your personal data and that of your company at risk!

Reverse email lookups offer a fast and effortless way to identify fake email address and potential fraudster. By entering the mailing address into the tool, you can verify if it matches up with the sender’s name and contact info, helping protect you against emails from unscrupulous sources.

Purpose #2. It protects your email marketing reputation

Sending emails to valid and promising leads should always be double-checked before sending them your contact information. Otherwise, your email domain’s reputation could suffer and your lead generation goals could backfire.

Reverse email lookups provide invaluable data about leads, so that you can be certain your emails are going to the right recipients who won’t mark them as spam or never engage.

Purpose #3. It helps you prospect more effectively.

Gaining access to an email address is only the start of your marketing efforts. In order to connect with the right leads at the right time, it’s essential that you gain a deep understanding of who your audience is.

Reverse email lookups provide more detail about potential leads or customers, aiding your prospecting efforts. This can enable you to segment your audience for more tailored marketing campaigns.

Purpose #4. It helps recruit the ideal personnel.

If you’re a recruiter, reverse email lookup can give you additional information about potential candidates. This allows for quick and accurate assessment of a candidate’s qualifications and experience so that you make better informed decisions when selecting who to contact for an interview.

Furthermore, not every candidate is truthful with recruiters and company representatives. Therefore, if you fail to verify the accuracy of information provided by a candidate, it could prove detrimental rather than beneficial for yours businesses.

Note! If you don’t want detailed research about the sender but just need to verify their contact validity, Email Verifier from can help. In just seconds, it will verify email addresses that cause concern and clear your contact list of unproductive leads. Furthermore, checking if emails are valid with Email Verifier helps protect your IP address reputation which could be negatively affected by a high bounce rate.

Email Verifier
Do you want more than just contact validity when verifying an email address? Look no further – read on!

Top Reverse Email Lookup Options and Tools
We conducted research, asking business experts about their experiences with reverse email lookup. After receiving approximately 20 responses, we compiled a list of the six best methods for finding data through an email address; using special tools was found to be the most famous among them.

#1. Reverse email lookup with special websites and tools (both free and paid)
CocoFinder reverse email lookup tool.

CocoFinder is a public record search service provider with an intuitive user interface. They offer numerous features at affordable prices.

With Email Lookup, you can obtain data such as the sender’s first and last names, nicknames, social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), complete current address, phone numbers and photos.

CocoFinder is quickly becoming one of the go-to tools for reverse email lookup. Harriet Chan, co-founder and president, shares some of its advantages:

CocoFinder allows me to gain a deeper understanding of my customers, which allows me to customize their experiences more effectively. Furthermore, running background checks on clients and leads allows me to identify more people within their online network so that my products can benefit even more people.

Harriet reported that, using this tool, she has already attracted 10% more clients this quarter than she did all of 2020.

CocoFinder also allows you to collect data about potential business partners. John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight, receives multiple emails per week from random companies asking to collaborate. Consequently, it becomes necessary to separate scammers from genuine potential partners – which is where CocoFinder comes into its own: It helps filter out fraudsters from legitimate prospects.

CocoFinder’s accuracy and usability make it a great tool for our needs. Unfortunately, the cost-effectiveness of the service may not be the cheapest on the web; however, given that doing extensive Google research yourself or paying for an inexpensive service are two alternatives, I believe CocoFinder to be worth every penny.

Other available search options: Name, address and calling numbers.

How to use it ? : Go to the website and scroll down until you find the tool you need.

CocoFinder: Convenient reverse email lookup tool

Once you enter your target person’s email address and click “Start Search,” CocoFinder will generate a report in just a few minutes.

If no data is available regarding your search, other background check services like Trustfinder, Instant Checkmate, BeenVerified, Intelius and Peoplefinders may be recommended – some of which we’ll list separately.

CocoFinder: Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Price: Basic features such as phone search are free of charge. However, if you need more detailed information on your target, there will be a fee involved; the higher the amount needed, the higher the cost.

Social Catfish(r) provides a reverse email lookup tool.

Social Catfish is a online investigation service that rechecks data to confirm if the person you’ve received an email from is indeed who they say they are.

Gain access to phone numbers, social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin), addresses, usernames, age information, images and aliases – plus much more!

With this service, you can:

Verify whether a scammer is writing to you or not.
Acquire real information about business partners and leads.
Get not only their contact number but also a photo of the individual interested.
Other available lookup options: are By name, address, phone number, username, and images.

How to use it: Log into, choose the best paid plan for you to use and then utilize its service tools. Enter the email of whoever sent you the email and begin searching using that address.

Start the search first, and unlock your report by subscribing to the service.

Social Catfish Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Price: $5,75 for 5 days and then $27,47 per month.

Reverse email lookup tool.

EmailSherlock, like other tools on this list, helps identify the owner of an unknown email address that appears in your inbox.

Here is the data you can discover by checking a reverse email search: the sender’s name, phone number, location, records, photos and videos, web results (Google, Yahoo), web archive results, publications, news items – the works!

Caroline Lee, co-founder of CocoSign, appreciates using this tool because it reveals who the scammer is, their real identity, any negative history records they may possess. However, Caroline notes that sometimes this reverse email lookup tool provides inaccurate results:

I would like to point out that this tool doesn’t provide comprehensive information, instead sending users directly to BeenVerified for a paid report. Wouldn’t it be simpler if users went directly to BeenVerified in the first place?

Yet it can prove quite beneficial.

How to use it ?: Enter a email address and click on the Search button. A report will appear that contains profiles associated with that email, such as Gravatar, Facebook, Flickr (if any!), etc. That way you can quickly get the name of who sent you the message – I found our Editor’s Gravatar profile just like that!

EmailSherlock Reverse Email Lookup Tool
To obtain advanced data such as phone numbers, addresses or web results from an EmailSherlock reverse email lookup tool, you must go to BeenVerified and then (you’ll be automatically redirected there) and restart the search process.

Price: Free
Infotracer reverse email lookup tool.

With InfoTracer, you can discover the sender’s name, address history, phone numbers, social profiles and web accounts; images & videos; assets; data breaches; online activities; public records; education & employment details.

Reuben Yonatan, the founder & CEO of GetVoIP, used this tool regularly. According to him:

I receive so many marketing emails – some offer services I could benefit from, but before taking that initial step I want to learn more about the sender/salesperson. Infotracer offers detailed reports at low costs, plus it’s faster than other tools I’ve tried in the past.

Other search options: via name, phone numbers, usernames, address, plate number or Internet Protocol address.

How to should we use it: Enter the email of whoever sent you an email, start searching, and unlock your report by subscribing to the service.

Infotracer – Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Price: Unlimited search access costs $3.95 for 7 days, then $19.05 per month thereafter.

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate, it is a public record search service that allows you to verify information online about individuals you’re considering, such as potential customers, business partners or future employees. It provides access to millions of public records online so that you can stay ahead of the game when making decisions in life.

What information can an email search reveal? Name, photos, previous jobs, possible addresses and other known email addresses, usernames on websites and Gravatar profiles (Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin), etc.

Other lookup options: By phone number, name, or location.

How to use it: In order to take advantage of the reverse email lookup feature on their website, you need an account. Unfortunately, signing up requires running a name check first and subscribing to the service – making signing up somewhat tedious.

Checkmate Instant Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Once your account is created, the process remains unchanged: enter an email address into the search field on your dashboard to receive a report.

Checkmate offers an instant reverse email lookup tool.

Price: $24 for a 5-day trial, $35.12 per month for 1 month of unlimited reports, and $28.09 a month for 3 months of unlimited reports.

Use our reverse email lookup tool for enhanced accuracy.

BeenVerified has already been mentioned several times when discussing other tools on our list. Users from popular reverse search websites CocoFinder and EmailSherlock often get redirected to it for verification.

Reverse email lookup features go beyond search engines, searching through billions of public records to provide users with the data they need — are aliases, phone number, alternative email address, social media profiles, education details and work experience info.

This tool may also produce court records regarding potential criminal and civil cases.

Other methods for providing this service: By phone, address, username, vehicle and unclaimed money.

How to utilize it: Signing up and choosing the paid plan that meets your needs is easy. After that, you can use the tool without any limitations whatsoever.

You can also get report by entering an email of the person you’re interested in and running a search. After paying for your trial period, all that remains for you to do is enjoy!

BeenVerified offers a powerful reverse email lookup tool.

Price: $1-5 for the 7 days trial period, $26.89 for a 1-month of membership and $17.48 per month for a 3-month membership.

You may also want to explore these other tools: Intelius, ThatsThem, Spokeo and TruthFinder.

Another option for doing a reverse email lookup is through browser extensions like SEON Intelligence Tool. With it, you can search an email address to obtain relevant data such as first/last name, social media accounts and more – all from one place!

Reverse email lookup using browser extensions

Key Features: Integration with fraud prevention tools and accurate risk scores.

Grant Aldrich, founder & CEO of Online Degree, is delighted with all the features provided by their tool – with one exception: There is only one downside he could identify:

The only drawback to SEON is that it’s more expensive than other similar tools, yet I have found their depth of data not quite up to par with SEON’s.

Other search options: phone analysis module and IP analysis module.

How to use it: If you’re unsure whether SEON is worth your investment, take advantage of their 14-day free trial offer and enjoy using the tool. You can perform checks manually, via API, or with a Google Chrome extension.

Reverse email lookup with browser extensions

Reverse email lookup using browser extensions

Price: From EUR300 per month (up to 4,000 checks) to EUR1000 a month (up to 15,000 checks). 14 days free trial provides up to 1,000 checks.

Yes, it may be a bit pricey but the quality is worth every penny.

#2. Reverse Email Search on Google
This search option is fast and free – simply enter an email into the Google search bar, and the engine will extract and disclose all data about that account you’re interested in from online sources.

There is a high likelihood you will find what you need on various websites, forums or other platforms without spending a penny. Plus, many people register to gain access to important information for free!

Google offers free reverse email lookup to provide more personal details about a contact.

Unfortunately, not every search yields the desired outcomes. You could potentially waste your time if someone you’re trying to locate does not have their email address linked to any social media account.

#3. Email Reverse Lookup by Domain Name
If the sender’s email addresses used as a business domain, you can search it at places like,, and to gain more insight into its owner.

Email reverse lookup by domain name

These websites will give you publicly accessible data, such as a domain registrar, status, expiration date and DNS servers. However, the disadvantage to this method is that the domain owner could purchase this domain and give it to their team for use; consequently, you may not get what you need.

How to use it: To begin the search, enter either a domain or IP address.

Price: Free
Whois.whoisxmlapi can provide even more results by entering just the sender’s email (not the domain). Here, services are paid and available after registration; you’ll find details such as name and physical location of registrant, creation/expiration dates for their domains, last update times for that domain and validity checks on email addresses.

#4. Email Reverse Lookup by Domain Name

Furthermore, with this tool you can conduct bulk reverse email searches. To use services you must register and instantly receive 500 credits (1 request equals to a credit).

Price: From $30 (1,000 credits a month) to $3,600 (2,5000,000 credits a month).

Still can’t find the solution that fits best? Let’s keep going!
Find any of the email address in the Universe by domain! Domain Search
Try for free
Find any of email address in the Universe by a domain.
#4. Reverse Email Search with the help of Facebook and Other Social media Networks
This one’s easy! Copy and paste the email address of someone you want to locate into the Facebook search bar, click “Search,” and if they have keep their email public on Facebook, name will appear in the results. There, you can check out photos of them as well as basic contact info.

Reverse email search with Facebook and other social networks

However, this method has one drawback. Since Facebook’s privacy settings allow you to block users from seeing your email address, you may not receive a response.

If you can’t locate your sender’s personal information on Facebook, try other social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – chances are good that one or more will contain some data.

#5. Reverse Email Lookup with Email Clients
Use email clients that automatically display reports about senders, such as Polymail for macOS or MailBird for Windows.

Reverse email search with Email Clients
Source: Polymail
They’re ideal for tasks such as retrieving and displaying sender’s data. You don’t need to go anywhere for complex research since all necessary info is already there. But I prefer Polymail more because it provides more insightful data than MailBird does.

Price: Polymail costs around $13 per month per user to $59 per month per user, while MailBird costs EUR1.69 per month (billed annually, unlimited accounts) up to EUR82.25 as a one-time payment for unlimited accounts.

Wrapping Up
That’s it! You now have a comprehensive list of tools and methods that will enable you to meet your objectives — such as spotting fake email address and potential fraudster in time or searching for data about leads and candidates for employment. As you can see, there are both paid and free options available with various features; choose wisely according to both your individual needs and those of your company.

Definition and Explanation of Reverse Email Lookup
Reverse email lookup is a process that involves looking up information about an email address.

Reverse email lookup allows you to obtain the identity of the owner, including their name, location, phone number, social media accounts and more. No matter if it’s a Gmail address or another provider – reverse email lookup can help identify who sent any mysterious emails in your inbox.

Brief History and Evolution of Reverse Email Lookup
Reverse email lookup was once only accessible to experts with specialized research skills, but it has come a long way since its inception. Thanks to advances in the internet technology, reverse email lookup is now accessible to everyone with just a few clicks! Nowadays, various online databases and tools enable anyone to quickly search for information about an email address with just a few clicks.

What Can Be Obtained through Reverse Email Lookup
Different Types of Information Accessible Through Reverse Email Lookup
Legal and Ethical Considerations for Utilizing Reverse Email Lookup: Stay on the Right Side
Why Consider Reverse Email Lookup?
Reverse email lookup is an invaluable tool that can help unravel mysteries hidden behind anonymous emails in your inbox. With increasingly accessible online databases and user-friendly interfaces, it has become an easier than ever before to discover who sent those mysterious messages. By considering legal ramifications when using these services, the possibilities are endless!

Reverse email lookup can be a useful tool for uncovering information about an email address. Here are some scenarios where it may be beneficial, along with examples of its past uses:

Situations Where Reverse Email Lookup Can Be Beneficial
Examples of Where This Approach Has Been Utilized in the Past
Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing Reverse Email Lookup
Limitations and Potential Drawbacks of Utilizing Reverse Email Lookup
Different Approaches to Reverse Email Lookup for Gmail Addresses
Conducting a reverse email lookup can be an effective solution when trying to locate someone’s Gmail address. With several methods available, each with their own advantages and drawbacks, it may take some time to decide which approach works best for you. In this article, we’ll examine five distinct methods of conducting such searches and give step-by-step instructions on how to do so effectively.

Method 1: Google Search Provides Fast and Efficient Results
Method 2: Social Media Platforms Offer Useful Information For Finding Related Gmail Addresses
Method 3: Email Lookup Directories Provide Comprehensive Info but Outdated Databases
Method 4: Email Tracking Software – Track Location and IP Address Associated with Email
Method 5: Professional Reverse Email Lookup Services – Comprehensive but Expensive
Reverse email lookups can be accomplished using several methods, such as Google search, social media platforms, directories or software services. Each has advantages and drawbacks based on factors like ease of use or comprehensiveness of results – so be sure to choose what works best for your needs!

Are You Searching For an Accurate and Trustworthy Way to Conduct Reverse Email Lookup on Gmail? Finding someone’s Gmail address doesn’t have to be difficult – with the right tools! Here are some of the top reverse email lookup Gmail tools that should be taken into consideration:

1. BeenVerified is Available
BeenVerified is a widely-used people search platform that provides reverse email lookup services. With over 250 million individuals in its database, BeenVerified makes it simple to locate someone’s Gmail address by simply typing their email into the search bar. Furthermore, the platform provides other useful information associated with that email address such as social media profiles, contact info and public records.

Provides comprehensive reports with multiple data points
Easy to use and navigate
Provides a 7-day trial period for new users
2. Spokeo has the potential to be more costly compared to other options. Some users have reported inaccurate or outdated information.

Spokeo is a widely-used people search platform that offers reliable reverse email lookup service. Enter someone’s Gmail address into the search bar of Spokeo and you’ll quickly uncover their contact info, such as phone numbers, social media profiles and public records associated with that email address. Plus, the platform also provides additional helpful details like phone numbers, addresses and public records associated with that email address.

Offers a large database of individuals
Generates detailed reports with detailed information
Gives new users a 7-day trial period
Conversely, the cost may be higher compared to other options available.
Some users have reported inaccurate or outdated information.
3. Pipl
Pipl is an extensive people search engine that offers reverse email lookup services. Simply enter someone’s Gmail address into Pipl’s search bar on its website, and the platform provides additional helpful data such as phone numbers, social media profiles and public records associated with that email address.

Provides comprehensive reports with extensive information
Offers a large database of individuals
Free plan with limited features
Some users have reported inaccurate or outdated information
The free plan is limited in terms of provided data
5 is an effective email lookup tool that quickly and accurately finds someone’s Gmail address by entering their name and domain name. After entering, generates a list of potential email addresses associated with that domain name; you can verify the correct one using’s helpful feature.

Offers an expansive database of verified emails
Provides accurate and up-to-date information
Offerings a free plan with limited features
It may be expensive for larger search volumes.
5. VoilaNorbert does not include additional information such as social media profiles or public records.
VoilaNorbert is an excellent option for locating someone’s Gmail address through an advanced email lookup process. Simply enter their name and domain into VoilaNorbert’s search bar, and you’ll be presented with a list of possible matches for your query. Ultimately, you can verify which one is correct using VoilaNorbert’s verification tool.

Provides accurate and up-to-date information
Easily usable and navigable
Provides a free plan with limited features
Can be expensive for larger search volumes.
Does not provide additional information such as social media profiles or public records.
Finally, these top reverse email lookup Gmail tools provide reliable results when searching for someone’s Gmail account through their given email addresses. Take into account these options when seeking accurate personal details online about anyone.

Reverse email lookup is an invaluable resource for those in search of a Gmail address. This technique allows individuals and establishments to gather detailed information about an individual by inspecting their email addresses, which could include reconnecting with long-lost friends, verifying someone’s online identity, or conducting lead generation research.

Reverse email lookups offer a range of techniques and tools, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. By combining these resources, users can increase their chances of locating the desired Gmail address more quickly.

However, it is recommended and required to take into account the legal and ethical repercussions of reverse email lookup. Exercise caution when using these tools and methods and respect people’s privacy and consent rights.

Reverse email lookup remains an effective tool that can provide valuable information when used properly. We hope this guide has been informative in providing an overview of the different methods and tools available for conducting a reverse email lookup, and we urge readers to explore this topic further in order to gain a deeper insight.