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1.4 Million Spain Business Email Database [2023]

This human-verified list of Spanish contacts includes one of Europe’s most important and populous markets. Get the best international campaigns by purchasing our Spain business email database.

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1.4 Million Spain Business Email Database 2023

Our Spain business email database or Spain business email lists is ready to be downloaded and connected with locals in Spain, from Madrid to Barcelona to Valencia.

Spain Business Email Database
Spain Business Email Database

We have compiled an international bulk email list to help you start building an incredible campaign in this historical country. It’s a great way to increase awareness and engagement for your brand by creating with B2B contacts.

Spain Email Database
Spain Email Database

This mailing list of Spanish companies is a powerful tool, and your sales team will access the Spanish lead most likely to generate buzz about your brand.

These Spanish business email databases are available to help you spread your brand in Spain.

Spain Business Mailing Lists
Spain Business Mailing Lists

You can narrow your focus and create a custom Spain business list using our list-builder feature. It can target specific industries, such as tourism or textile, or identify people with particular job titles, such as Spanish CEOs.

We have already created this Spain business email list and are available to download and use. This email list contains many Spanish People numbers and emails, and it can use to create many types of campaigns. Get in touch with our Spain contacts list or create your business database!

Spanish Business Email Database
Spanish Business Email Database

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You can also purchase our dedicated 8500000 Spain Consumer Email Database

You Can also learn how email marketing works below (Optional Article below)

What is email marketing? 7 Email Marketing

Spain Email Database
Spain Email Database

Tips and Example

Email marketing has proven to be a success for businesses time after time. Expect to earn about $32 per dollar in return for every dollar spent on email marketing. This makes it one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing that offer a high return.

Email marketing is like any other marketing strategy. It changes with new techniques and changing audience needs. You can gain an advantage over your competitors by staying current with the best practices.


What is email marketing?

Spain Email Lists
Spain Email Lists

Email marketing has proven to be a success for businesses time after time. Expect to earn about $32 per dollar in return for every dollar spent on email marketing. This makes it one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing that offer a high return.

Email marketing is like any other marketing strategy. It changes with new techniques and changing audience needs. You can gain an advantage over your competitors by staying current with the best practices.Email marketing is a form of digital marketing and a subset of content marketing. It uses email and email campaigns to market to customers past and potential customers. Email marketing serves one purpose: to keep your company’s name in the minds of your subscribers by offering discounts, sharing industry news, or making them aware of new products and services.


7 Email Marketing Tips and Example

Spain Email Leads
Spain Email Leads

An estimated 4.48 billion people worldwide will use email by 2024. Now is the best time to create an email list and grow it. How can you ensure your subscribers get value from every email? These tips have been tested by the top email marketers around the globe.

Your brand personality will shine through.

Show your brand personality

Spain Mailing Lists
Spain Mailing Lists

Your email marketing should reflect your business. You have the opportunity to make a connection with your subscribers through email by using the right colors and fonts to show your personality.


Example When someone signs up for its newsletter, Hustle exudes personality. To show that everyone is excited about you joining the company, expect to read glowing copy like “Greg ran out and hugged a woman walking by the office.”

Focus on your call to action (CTA)

Spain Mailing Leads
Spain Mailing Leads

Your emails’. Calls for Action (CTAs) grab the attention of every reader and let them know what your intentions are. These simple links can significantly impact the success of your email campaigns, whether you are encouraging people to purchase your products or suggesting that they sign up for webinars.


Example Aweber uses CTAs frequently in its emails to inform prospects and customers about new features that they haven’t yet used. A simple CTA (Get Started Now!) is followed by an email that showcases the landing page builder. So you can get started.

Get reviews and suggestions.

Request reviews and suggestions

Spain Business Email Lists
Spain Business Email Lists

It’s an excellent way for people to feel valued and validated by sending a quick email. You’ll also get feedback to help you tailor your products, services, and marketing to your customers’ needs.


Example: Airbnb occasionally sends follow-up emails to customers who booked flights on Airbnb. Customers are asked to complete a survey to let the company know their opinions and help improve. Our Airbnb Follow Button allows you to save your listing, experience, and other pages if you are an Airbnb user.

Write compelling subject lines.

Write effective subject lines

Spain Business Email Leads
Spain Business Email Leads

Your subject line is the first thing that subscribers see. Make it appealing and catchy. This will increase clicks and opens. If you receive a click, your subscribers will take action.

Example: LinkedIn keeps it simple with their “[Your Name], you’re being noticed” emails. This subject line grabs attention and lets you know people check out your LinkedIn profile. It’s not a sale, but it works well to get people to open the email to visit LinkedIn.

Ask your subscribers to return to you.

Ask subscribers to come back to you

Spain Consumer Email Database
Spain Consumer Email Database

Emails don’t always have to be about selling. Emails can sometimes be used to remind customers who have purchased or been serviced by your products of why they chose you.


Example: The re-engagement technique reminds customers what they are missing when they don’t use their accounts. The company is quick and direct with email, highlighting key features that customers can use and giving a tour.


Make it easy

Spain Consumer Email Lists
Spain Consumer Email Lists

Emails should follow the web content format to be easy to read. It is easy for readers to scan through information using concise sentences and clear headings. You can achieve this with an image-focused email by being strategic about your image placement and drawing attention towards your CTA.


Example: The social networking site Quora scans well. It updates users from time to time with a series of questions about what they’ve recently searched for. Each question has a brief subhead, followed by a preview of the answer, and then a “Read More” section which links to the entire website.



Let subscribers unbuckle

Spain Consumer Email Leads
Spain Consumer Email Leads

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it is a good idea to make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe to your emails. It may seem counterintuitive to make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe from your emails. This will help ensure that your emails reach interested people. (Note: This is also required under the CAN-SPAM Act.

For example, take a look at the emails you sign up for and see how other companies rank unsubscribe options. Some companies include a link in their header, while others have it in the footer. Old Navy has both unsubscribe and updated email frequency links so subscribers can select which emails they wish to receive.

These tips can be used in your next email marketing campaign. You can use your email marketing software’s analytics tools for insight. Add the ShareThis email sharing button on your website so that others can share your content via email to their friends and family.


What are the advantages of marketing via email? 13 Benefits that are worth mentioning in Email Marketing

Spain Company Email Database
Spain Company Email Database

E-mail marketing

Spain Company Email Lists
Spain Company Email Lists

Are you in search of innovative and cost-effective methods to increase your profits? Are you fed up with traditional marketing strategies or spending a lot of money on online ads? In this article by Caprila Academy, we want to provide you with one of the newest methods for marketing using email and explain the advantages of using email marketing. With this kind of marketing technique, email messages from your contacts are categorized and according to categories, the content of your advertisements is targeted at them. In this way, you can introduce your customers to new offerings such as surveys, discount codes, and promotions.


What are the advantages of marketing through email?


What are the advantages of email marketing? If you’re a company owner but haven’t utilized email marketing do you think it is appropriate to begin using it today? The answer is probably yes since email marketing is among the strategies that have a high ROI and this matter has become more relevant amid the corona crisis.

Email marketing is employed by a multitude of companies big and small all over the world. Those who are not familiar with this method of marketing might not know why it’s so well-known around the globe (but there are many reasons to consider email marketing an extremely efficient way to market). In Iran when a well-thought-out approach to marketing via email is adopted in the same way as most major Internet companies across the country, its advantages are likely to be realized.


Costs less as compared to other methods


One of the advantages of email marketing, also known as email marketing, is the low price in comparison to other marketing strategies. It doesn’t require massive equipment, a large staff, or monthly expenses for advertising or other expenses. Marketing via email requires two kinds of expenses:


  • Manpower Specialist in Digital Marketing and Content Production
  • E-Mail Panel Marketing: Buy an email service


Marketing panels for email are calculated using the number of emails you have on your lists, and also the number of emails you send each month. This is still a smaller number as compared to other techniques.


Unbeatable rate of ROI on the investment


In the world of business, the results and final returns are essential. To put that into perspective the main reason companies invest in email marketing is to obtain a substantial ROI. Based on the American Institute of Direct Marketing (DMA) the return on investment for marketing via email is 35 35 cents per pound (3500 percent rate of return). It is clear that with this rate of return, marketing via email is the most effective marketing option available to companies. It’s probably the time to prioritize marketing via email.


Improved communication and easy access to contacts


The method of marketing via email typically employs the email addresses of those who have registered on websites or who wish to receive the newsletters from the website. This means that with this method the recipients have expressed that they are satisfied with the emails. Naturally, it must be noted that it’s possible to send out unwelcome emails through this method, but this can result in customer discontent and harm to the image of the brand in their minds. We strongly suggest that you avoid using templates for email lists (the outcome will be more of a list of your target audience and a larger audience in a natural and appropriate method will yield greater outcomes).


Increased monetization of email marketing

Spain Company Email Leads
Spain Company Email Leads

Another advantage of marketing through email is its substantial income potential. Marketing via email is among the methods that make shopping easy for consumers and contacts who can purchase their products with just a couple of clicks. This method could increase the number of instant online purchases. There is no other channel for marketing like email newsletters that can attract customers in the same way as this, and make them click the purchase link. In addition, to boost the interest to purchase in your readers You can create headlines for your advertising and increase the effectiveness of your email by making use of appropriate advertisements (copywriting).


Simple to start with and there is no need to know anything advanced


Marketing via email doesn’t require the expertise of a lot of people to succeed. Making an email marketing campaign can be done with pre-designed templates, appealing pictures, and even videos. Some of the campaigns that have been successfully utilized only simple text in their emails that included the primary message and content required by the target audience. Several email marketing platforms offer drag-and-drop editors that let you create stunning campaigns fast and effortlessly.


Establish relationships with your customers


Establishing respect and confidence between the buyer and your business is one method to boost sales online. You can increase the trust of your customers and contacts by making contact with them and influencing customers to take a more informed decisions. An effective marketing email campaign will allow you to make the most of your list of email subscribers by providing specific and personalized communications with the members of your list. The more people see that you are attempting to keep your promises and commitments, the more loyal they’ll be to your company.


Personalize email messages using segmentation of customers

Spain Coporate Email Database
Spain Coporate Email Database

If you’re in search of an approach to marketing that lets you focus on specific segments of the population, then email marketing could satisfy your requirements. It is important to note that email audience segmentation lets you “filter” the email lists using several variables and then send out specific messages to each segment in your email list. For instance, you could employ the method of customer segmentation to contact people who might be attracted to a specific type of product. Or, you can sort audiences by gender, and then send messages that correspond to the gender of each. The possibilities for marketing via email are limitless, and if your customers receive messages that are relevant to their needs and interests, they’re more likely to purchase your product or service.


Get valuable information about your customers


Choose an email-marketing service that will send surveys to your contacts. This allows you to be aware of the suggestions, comments, and suggestions of these individuals and demonstrate how much you appreciate your contacts and customers. You may also take advantage of the test A / B to discover the type of email your customers prefer. The exercise involves sending out two emails and looking at the effectiveness of each. This test can help you discover the most effective message that is the most successful for each target audience. These insights will aid you in making your next email marketing choices.


No limitations on email lists


Another advantage of using email marketing is that your email lists determine your market’s target and allows you to control your audience. You can access a vast database of emails sent by contacts and customers and contacts, which is growing day by day It is a dazzling listing of people who were made and registered by natural means and not by the aid of automated systems or harmful methods. With more than 4 billion users of email across the globe (unfortunately, there aren’t any statistics for Iran) Email marketing lets you communicate with a large audience. There’s no other form of marketing with greater reach than email marketing. This is a key element that truly distinguishes email marketing from other strategies.


Get more visitors to the site


One of the advantages of email marketing is the fact that it can increase the number of visitors to your business’s website. Create a compelling calling to action at the end of every email with a direct hyperlink to your site. Linking that leads to blogs or similar content is effective in bringing visitors to your site. Sending traffic to your website through email could increase your sales and conversion rate.


Automatize your tasks with the help of marketing emails

Spain Coporate Email Lists
Spain Coporate Email Lists

Marketing automation, also known as automatic marketing is among the most advanced technology in digital marketing methods that are used in many of the processes are carried out via email. Nearly all email marketing solutions offer a feature for automating the email sending process, and the method can be described where emails are sent automatically in certain circumstances depending on the actions of the users who visit the website with no manually adjusting. In this way, there is no necessity of spending hours and effort on your lists of email addresses or new subscribers to your email newsletters, the automated messages are the best way to convert new subscribers to new customers.


Summary of the advantages of Email Marketing


It is important to note that marketing via email for different companies has different outcomes. Additionally, by using the email method, you will benefit from all the advantages mentioned in this article, without the necessary knowledge or experience in marketing.

The most important thing to remember is that you must locate the best email marketing solution for your company and start using it in order so that you don’t have to spend more marketing costs. To determine the best platform, you must first note down your target customers, their interests, types of business, as well as your budget, and then choose the most effective provider of email marketing services. Keep in mind this: email marketing as with other tools and strategies for marketing should be planned and optimized to produce the most revenue for your business.





A Reasonable Intrigue.
It’s a great strategy to create a mystery in the Subject line, however, it must be logical. Do you want to open an email when the subject says “I have an Idea”? Idea …”? I’m afraid that I wouldn’t.

If the meaning isn’t clear somewhere within an email’s body, then the recipient will likely be frustrated, not attracted.

The subject line is supposed to draw the attention of the reader however if it makes no sense, it’s going to frustrate.

Worse, recipients might think you’re trying to get them to open your emails, which is only going to make them not open your email messages in the future.

Instead in place of “I have An Idea …”, take a look at the sentence as “I I have An Idea about [somethingI want to discuss” I want to discuss”.
8. Truth and Normal Tone.

In the past, misleading subjects have been an effective method to boost the number of people who open your doors however, does it help the bottom line?

The misleading subject line might make recipients open the email however, once they read the contents, they may be confused and angry if your Subject line did not match up to expectations.

Beware of pompous expressions and phrases such as “Wow! You Must See This!” Most recipients are likely to be spooked instantly.

Choose something neutral, such as “I Discovered An Inspiring Tool [Article, Case Study, Whitepaper, Resource etc. ]”.
9 Proofreading.

Spend a few minutes to check the Subject Line for spelling mistakes. Errors in spelling can create a negative impression of your business and influence the way the recipient views your message. They may even be dissuaded from even opening the email in any way.

After spending a great deal of time composing the subject line and the contents, you may need to send your message immediately and then forget about it. However, spend a few minutes to examine the email or even request someone else to look over your email. A fresh set of eyes can be helpful.

Be aware that the effectiveness of subject lines for emails depend on the target audience as well as the kind of emails you are timings and days of delivery and the frequency of mailing. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you run tests to discover what resonates with the largest number of readers and gets them to open your emails.
Take it today!
10 Ways to Improve Your Email’s Close and click Rate

The majority of marketing discussion lately is focused on social media. Of sure social media is an effective tool, and it’s fantastic for engagement with customers but it’s not the ideal method to increase sales. Research suggests that an old-fashioned, well-designed email newsletter is superior to social media in bringing customers to your products and services on the internet.

Email is efficient because it’s permission-based. The people on your list have granted you permission to send them emails messages. With the rise of tablets and smartphones the internet is always accessible. Email is the most frequent activity of people using their mobiles. In addition, those who connect with businesses via email are more likely to shop more often and spend more.
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Marketing via email is one of the most popular methods of marketing services or products in our modern world, for six reasons:

1. It is cost-effective to send email newsletters. is x times more affordable than advertising in newspapers, magazines catalogs, television and radio.

2. Flexible – You can easily divide your buyers or prospects according to their preferences, and then ensure that each group is targeted with specific emails.

3. The email is delivered to the recipient in a matter of seconds, that means you can be certain that the message you’ve sent will be delivered in time.

4. Personalization – the best part about the email-based marketing method is it permits you to create individual emails to every recipient, which makes it easier for the recipient to read and open the email.

5. The email is unlimited and will reach the recipient in any point in the world, meaning you’re not limited to a specific region or country and could have buyers all over the globe.

6. Trackable – you can monitor the open rate of your emails and click rate for links and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

However, email marketing is effective and can help you expand your business only when your emails are read. Your emails don’t want to get hidden in the recipient’s email inbox Do you?
Also, take a look at these tips for increasing your email’s open and click rate
1. Segment and the goal.

Send emails to a group of opt-in recipients who are targeted. Segmenting your list and sending emails that are more relevant that are tailored to the specific segment’s wishes or needs could boost your open rate by two times. In G-Lock EasyMail7 , you can quickly segment your contact list in order to send messages to each segment without emailing all of the contacts.

Send an email to the segment
2. A real person can be contacted.

The first question that the person receiving the email asks after seeing this email “Do do I recognize you? “, “Are you a human?” Don’t send messages an email to addresses that are not personal, such as noreply@domain.com, admin@domain.com. The emails sent by a real person to whom the recipient has the ability to reply to will have a better open rate.
3. Create a powerful Subject line.

A Subject Line is also another aspect that the recipient examines in order to decide on whether they want to view the message or not. A great subject should inform the reader what’s inside the email, but don’t give it away in a straightforward manner. The subject should include an intriguing teaser that makes the person interested in reading the email. Keep the subject line to a minimum of 50 characters to ensure maximum impact. This article will help you understand the most effective formula to write Subject lines.

However, prior to that the Subject line needs to ensure that your message stands out in the inbox of the recipient and draw his interest. Therefore, the best option is to include specific symbols within your Subject line. G-Lock EasyMail7 allows the use of symbols that are special within the subject line and body. Simply copy a symbol that which you prefer out of the Unicode Character Table and paste it in the subject body of your email.

Make use of special symbols when sending emails
4. Create a preheader that is attention-grabbing.

A preheader is the wording that appears at the uppermost part of an email. It is above the logo or title. In many email client and Webmail, the text of the preheader is displayed just below the Subject line using a gray color. This is a different location to give your readers an incentive to open your mail. Put some teaser content here, and do not use the standard “If you are unable to open this email, try viewing it using a browser” phrase.
5. Personalize.

Include the name of the recipient in your message to thank them. Sending emails to every recipient individually will get a better rate of clicks and conversions. You can personalize your Subject line to increase trust, however it is important to test this. Spammers have also adopted the method of personalizing the Subject line. You should therefore examine Subject lines that include or without personalization in order to figure the best method for your subscribers.
6. Place a call-to action above the fold.

Don’t force them to go through the text until they locate the link or click. Make your call-to-action clear without scrolling through the message. It is a good idea to place the call-to-action in three locations in the upper left corner or in the middle, and in the middle of your message. The recipient can quickly click the link or button as long as they read your email.
7. Let you opt-out.

In the minimum, you should give recipients the choice to opt out. In the ideal scenario, you can give them the choice to alter their email address as well as preferences, such as the how often they want to receive emails. One of the most common reasons people opt out of your service is that they receive too many emails. G-Lock EasyMail7 marketing software for email is available with a ready-to-use unsubscribe link. It can be added to your email messages with just only two clicks. Here is a guide on how to add an unsubscribe link in your newsletters and handle unsubscribe emails using G-Lock’s EasyMail7.

Add unsubscribe link to email
8. Optimize for mobile devices.

More than 50 percent of emails are opened via mobile devices. To ensure that you don’t lose customers who are mobile as buyers or subscribers it is essential to adapt your email template for mobile devices. It is recommended to choose an email template that responds to the screen size of your newsletter. The responsive template automatically adapts to the display the device is on, without compromising design or quality.

Here you will find a wide selection of printable and adaptive HTML email templates that are ready to downloading and using. Also, G-Lock EasyMail7 bulk email program comes with a large selection of responsive email templates testable in various email clients , including mobile devices.
9. Include social sharing buttons for social sharing.

Social sharing buttons in emails are more likely to be clicked than those that do not have social buttons. In G-Lock’s EasyMail7, you can add hyperlinks to the pages of your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages and quickly add them to the email newsletter by using the merge feature.
10. Monitor and analyze.

You won’t know whether your email campaign is working or not without monitoring open and clicks. What is the time they typically access your messages? What websites do they open more often? You’ll be able to tell using an email tracking system.
gem7 Analytics Campaign 500 How to track Email Opens as well as Link Clicks
View G-Lock Analytics email tracking reports

G-Lock EasyMail7 integrates with the G-Lock Analytics email tracking system and will automatically add the tracking code and hyperlinks to the email message once you’ve enabled the tracking option.
How to spot a bad Email List and Transform it into a good one

Email remains one of the best methods to communicate with your customers and prospects, and turn them into customers. The study shows that email conversion rate of customers has increased by four times in the last couple of years.

It is highly effective when you are sending it an email to people who would like to be contacted by you. If you choose to send your email to an “bad” list your marketing efforts are not effective and could negatively impact your business becauseof:

The recipients won’t open your emails they’ll mark as junk or unread.

Your bounce and complaint rate will rise;

Your email’s open rate and click-through rate will decline;

Your reputation as a sender and your deliveryability will be damaged;

Your accounts with the ISP, or your provider may be suspended.

You can be in violation of the CAN-SPAM law.

Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check your email list to ensure that each person on your list has an email address that is valid and really wants to receive your emails. It’s tempting to create a massive email list. But sending emails to people who haven’t subscribed to your email list and do not have any business relationships with you could damage the reputation of your sender with your email service provider or ISP provider.

In this article, I’ll look at the difference between good and bad email lists are and how you can make your poor list one that is good. At the end of this article you’ll be more confident when it comes to the world of email marketing.
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What is a Good Email List?

It is possible to tell if your email list is not good If:
1.) You bought or borrowed emails via the Internet

A list of email addresses that is offered for rent or sale will be of poor quality as no one would want to give away his list to any third party. You probably already know that money is included on the list. This list is important because it is updated when relevant message is delivered to it. Thus, every successful email marketer should ensure that the “golden” list confidential and safe.

If users start receiving spam emails They become bored and do not respond. The typical actions for unwanted emails are : 1) delete, 2) unsubscribe, and 3) report as spam.) delete, 2)) unsubscribe and 3) declare them as spam. The most safe option is “unsubscribe” in the event that you decide to process unsubscribe requests following that, and remove recipients who have not been subscribed to out of your email list.

Spam reports harm your sender’s reputation and make it more difficult for future emails to be delivered. The most damaging thing is that a lot of email service providers shut down accounts of senders in the event that they exceed a certain number of bounce rates and complaints about spam.

The removal of emails from the recipient is also bad for your reputation, and could result in your email being blocked as spam. Certain services, such as, Gmail, rely on the actions of previous recipients on messages to determine whether they are spam or not. If messages sent by to the recipient were deleted subsequent messages are more likely to be classified as spam.
2.) it’s growing exponentially and leaps and

The volume of emails does not always reflect the quality of their content. The rapid growth of your email list suggests that bots are either subscribing to your newsletters or your staff is purchasing email addresses. In either event, the list quality is not great.
3) It’s old

Many people change their companies, Internet service providers, and even change the email address. It’s a fact. If you’ve not sent emails to your list in the past an entire year it is likely that a lot of addresses listed on your list are no longer valid.

One of the most important aspects of success in email marketing is the consistency. It is essential to send out emails consistently to ensure that your lists “freeze”. If you don’t email regularly enough the list will be forgotten and the value of your list will decrease in terms of conversions.
4.) it creates an extremely high bounce rate

If you’ve sent an email but received an excessive percentage of it being bounced, this is a signal that your account is stuffed with invalid email addresses. Your email provider views that you are a spammer and may close your account and any future emails will not be sent.

It’s crucial to distinguish between soft and hard bounces prior to eliminating the email from your email list.

A hard bounce is when the email address is forever not able to be delivered, which occurs when the email is sent out to an unsuitable and/or blocked address. There are many ESP such as Amazon SES, allows a hard bounce rate of 5 percent or less. You have to take emails with hard bounces off your list following every mailing.

A soft bounce indicates that your email is temporary unavailable and is possible if a person is using an auto-responder or if your inbox has been stuffed. Keep emails with soft bounces on your to-do list and be on the lookout for themIf an email has been classified as soft bounces more than once, the email address is likely inactive , and you should be sure to remove this address off your lists.
What’s a good Email List?

Once you’ve identified which email lists you should not make use of for email marketing and what they look like, let’s take a look at what a quality email list is like. A good email list is built naturally and in-house. You will know if you have an effective email list by:
1) it’s permission-based

Marketing via email is all about trust, permission relevance, value, and permission. Your customers trust you and grant consent to send them email. By only sending relevant emails to those who have granted permission for you to send them emails You build relationships and build trust and credibility with your readers who later will become customers.
2.) that you have a a business relationships with your clients

If you have records of those who purchased your product or availed your services in the past it is fine sending them emails and suggest a new product or service that is similar to what they already have. Customers who are already customers are the best buyers.
How to turn a bad List into a Great One

If, at the time you realize that you have a solid email list, then you’re an extremely successful marketer. Keep your list going! If you are aware that your list isn’t good Try these suggestions to turn your bad list an excellent one:
1) Separate “fresh” email addresses.

It is important to prioritize contacts that added to your list not too long past. For segmentation, choose either the date of the subscription, date of email acquisition or the date of last interaction when the user has last opened your email or clicked a link , or other age-related indicator. However, be careful to avoid having only a handful of contacts since the returns is likely to be minimal.
2.) Try to reconnect with users who are not active.

Have you a section of subscribers never opened or clicked on your emails?

Then, you must identify people who haven’t responded to your messages for a long time and eliminate the list of them, because they’re likely to increase the amount of complaints regarding spam.

Try to send an email inviting them to join all of your subscribers. Create an email that is compelling that offers them the option to subscribe to your newsletters again and, if they don’t, you’ll get the list off. Make use of this email to ask for feedback and also to find out what their interests and marketing requirements are.

It is easy to send a re-engagement message using WPNewsman plugin. Simply import your emails that have an “unconfirmed” state and select”Send Re-Subscribe” from the “Send Re-Subscribe request” option.

The wpnewsman will send a request to re-subscribe. Subscribers

Don’t be disappointed when the majority of people don’t respond. If you’re looking to build email lists you’ll want to focus on quality over the quantity. It’s easier to open your emails greater when you send emails to those who are actually interested to get in touch with you.
3.) Check your list for the validity.

It’s always a good idea to examine your email address to determine which emails exist, and which ones aren’t ever. It’s even more essential when you have an old email list that you haven’t sent emails for longer than one year.

You can use G-Lock’s Email Verifier to scan your email address list for invalid domains as well as invalid email addresses. Remove bad email addresses following verification to decrease your bounce rate on an regular basis and to safeguard your account ESP from being suspended or blocked.

verify email list
In the event that the vast majority of the email addresses you have on your list originate originated from yahoo.co* aol.com, hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com and other free domains, an email verification software can’t help because these ISP do not cooperate and won’t permit connections to the local IP address that don’t have the reputation of. The email addresses of these domains can only be verified with static IP addresses in which an actual mail server with a high reputation is in operation.
4.) Eliminate bounce emails.

Check your bounce rate following each email campaign and remove the emails that bounced hard. A bounce rate is defined as the ratio of emails that are not delivered versus the messages you’ve sent. The ratio shouldn’t be more than 5percent. If it is higher, future emails could be stopped by companies like Yahoo! and Gmail and will never get to the inbox.

You can automate the processing of bounce emails by using the Bounce Handler in G-Lock’s EasyMail7. The Bounce Handler will instantly unsubscribe or remove the hard bounce email from contact lists, and update external databases with state of bounce emails, add and delete bounce email from databases that are external to yours.

gem7 bounce handler: How to Process Bounce Emails
5.) Create an opt-in procedure.

The most effective method to gain permission is to create an opt-in page on your website or landing page, and allow people to subscribe. To get them to give your email address, you can offer them some freebies in exchange an amazing e-book or download for free, subscriber-only discount pdf report and access to a YouTube video, etc.

For a subscription form to be added on your site You can make use of G-Lock WPNewsman’s newsletter plugin for WordPress. With WPNewsman it is possible to place an opt-in form in the sidebar, or in any post, page, or article. The plugin is nearly ready-to-use. It is easy to install it on your website and begin taking subscribers’ data in just a few minutes. It is without cost to gather email addresses.
WPnewsman widget 500 How to create an email list
G-Lock WPNewsman opt-in widget

If your list is large enough and you have enough, download G-Lock EasyMail7, an email marketing program. make a hyperlink to your WPNewsman
Email Marketing to Business How to Avoid Being Refused by the government as an Email Spammer

gem7 How Not to Be Block as an Email Spammer

Many entrepreneurs and businesses rely on email as their sole marketing tool, and they can’t afford to risk their email being considered spam and loss of potential buyers. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to access Inboxes and this has become an issue for marketers to be classified as spammers.

Based on Return Path, a New York company that monitors the delivery of emails about one-in-four commercial emails is either routed to spam folders or totally blocked. Six months ago they had reported that one of five.
G-Lock Apps can be used as delivery tools and spam testing software to determine your Inbox’s position in terms of spam scores, as well as authentication issues. G-Lock Apps also provides daily monitoring of blacklists to determine whether your server’s IP is blocked and sends emails with a summary of there are any issues that are identified.

From one perspective, Internet service providers do employ measures to keep spammers out of the way. On the other hand you can also adopt the correct steps to increase your Inbox delivery speed. Here are some fundamentals to be aware of:
1. Check the reputation of your sender.

We used to believe that spam filters analyzed the content and penalize those who look like spam messages, however experts believe reputation of the sender is more important in the present. Like the content of messages receives a spam score reputation of the sender can be an excellent or poor score.

ISPs, even free ones like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail utilize a variety of variables to establish the sender’s reputation score. In the first place, they look at the amount of complaints that are made through the “This will be considered Spam” option. Return Path says that if more than one out of 1,000 users complain, subsequent messages will be blocked. If recipients don’t read your emails they could also damage your reputation.

If your emails begin to be directed to a spam file It can be very difficult to remove them and restore your reputation. To do this, users must mark your email as not spam. It is possible to use a no-cost online service provided by Return Path, senderscore.org, where you can sign up for an account and view your score as a sender and the causes of a poor score so you know what you need to do to fix it.
2. Send out to verified and confirmed lists that are verified and confirmed.

The web and email service providers penalize senders with faulty email lists. The first thing to keep in mind is: DO NOT purchase email lists.

To create a list of subscribers to build a good list, you should put a subscribe form on your website and let people subscribe to your newsletters.

In addition to a valid opt-in process good list hygiene also includes the removal of bounces and opt-out emails promptly. Therefore, ensure that you include an unsubscribe link within every email and keep the process of unsubscribing running smoothly.

With the G-Lock WPNewsman newsletter plugin for WordPress you can add the form for subscription on the sidebar, in any page or post and then collect subscribers with an opt-in confirmation method. WPNewsman gives you the unsubscribe link and manages the process of unsubscribing for you completely. WPNewsman Pro is a version that WPNewsman lets you process bounce emails and make them removed from future campaigns.
Special Bonus Download our ‘Email marketing Secret Nr. 1’ Ebook to discover ways to attract your readers and make your emails “primary” and increase the number of clicks you get.
3. Polish Your Content.

Experts say that using the content that is deemed to be spammy isn’t the main reason that triggers spam filters, however in the case of a newbie in the field of email marketing and do not have an enviable reputation it is possible that the content plays in some way. When writing your email, try to not use words or phrases that have been known to cause spam filters to be activated. Here is the most popular spam triggers that trigger filters.

For instance rather than “your revenue” you could write “your income” instead of “risk no cost” put “absolutely zero risk”, “Act now! Don’t hesitate!” is a good substitute for “Take this right now! Don’t delay too long” or similar. to make your email appear healthy.

Pay attention to the tone of the message and the relevance. Uninteresting or irrelevant messages may cause certain subscribers hit on the “Report Spam” button.

Avoid problems by supplying relevant details by clearly identifying yourself in your “From” message, creating an engaging subject line, and using a flexible email template that appears correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.
4. Use the appropriate software for email marketing.

In the case of email marketing, it’s crucial that you select an email marketing software that can let you manage (import export, transfer copies, separate) list of email addresses, make and send emails.

The easiest way to do this is to join a reliable email service provider like Constant Contact, iContact, Mailchimp, Mandrill or Amazon SES. By using these tools for marketing, you can prevent deliverability issues and get a high sender score. The email service providers have various plans for monthly payments based on number of emails you send and the size of your list. email messages that you’ll send. At first the process, it’s inexpensive but as your list expands, your monthly bill can reach hundreds of dollars per month.

If you are looking for a less expensive method to manage email marketing consider using a desktop email program like G-Lock EasyMail7. With G-Lock’s EasyMail7, you can keep your email lists and messages safe and private since it doesn’t require you to store them in an external database. With the G-Lock EasyMail7 marketing software, you can access many responsive templates for email that can be used to create email newsletters. There are also a variety of features for managing lists, including the capability to connect to an online database (MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.) and to segment the list. G-Lock EasyMail7 has autoresponders which means you can create an email series for your subscribers and then send your newsletters on a regular basis.

To keep your lists tidy To keep your lists clean, make use of the Bounce Handler within G-Lock EasyMail7 to remove or unsubscribe email bounces and opt-outs from your lists after every marketing campaign.

The most appealing aspect of this is the fact the fact that G-Lock EasyMail7 is integrated with the Amazon SES. Amazon SES is the cheapest email service, but it is also reliable costing just one dollar for every 10,000 emails. Therefore, you could sign up for Amazon SES and use their API within G-Lock’s EasyMail7 to mail your messages.
What is the best Deliver Service, or the SMTP Relay to Email Marketing

Select the Best SMTP Server to use for Email Marketing

EasyMail7 is a hybrid in-house email marketing software that runs on Windows. It’s not a replacement for your current SMTP relay , or even delivery services. It functions as a strong front-end to email delivery service and SMTP relays, and turns them into fully functioning in-house Email Service Providers, with the highest levels of security of your data. It is easy to switch email services and not lose your contacts, autoresponders, as well as other data.

EasyMail7 lets you use several delivery providers or SMTP relays simultaneously. You can organize your list by the country, ISP or other factors and then send via an SMTP or delivery services that has the highest deliverability – and the highest chance to maximize revenue in each section.

There are many choices to select the SMTP server or delivery method from

The SMTP server for you Internet Service Provider (Internet Service Provider)

Free SMTP server (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and many more)

Your hosting

Commercial SMTP services and service providers.

self-hosted server or hired servers (dedicated or VPS)

SMTP Server of Your ISP

ISPs usually place restrictions on email sending to limit the volume of email being processed . They also make sure their SMTP server is accessible to all its users when they need to send emails and ensure that spam is not transmitted via their systems. Limits on email senders provide restriction to ensure that the system is running in a smooth manner.

Therefore you can use this ISP SMTP server acceptable even if you’ve got a tiny email list. But, you should visit the ISP’s website and review the Acceptable Use Policy as well as their Terms of Service and so on. to learn how many emails you are able to send. Find the list of SMTP servers for the most prominent Internet Service provider at the conclusion of the article.

Here are some email sending limitations of a few ISPs.


– Residential customers: 1,000 emails per day
– Business customers: 24,000 emails per day
Comcast email guidelines on sending emails


100 people per mail (Bcc:)
500 messages an hour
Verizon email guidelines for sending emails

AT&T Yahoo:

100 people per mail (Bcc:)
AT&T Yahoo email sending guidelines


The decision is at BellSouth’s discretion. BellSouth
Senders should get in touch to discuss any requirements


– 1,000 emails per day (per IP)
RoadRunner email sending guidelines


– 1,000 recipients per day
Earthlink email sending guidelines


No limits are published by Cox
Cox email sending guidelines

Cox declares that “Specific email limits for sending emails aren’t published as they differ between times based on various variables”. Senders are advised by Cox in advance of sending large volumes of email.


50 messages an hour
Charter Postmaster Services

Free SMTP Server

A lot of web-based email providers like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail support SMTP protocol and you can utilize their SMTP server within G-Lock’s EasyMail7 to send out newsletters. However the use of an unpaid SMTP server to send mass emails isn’t the most suitable option for two reasons: 1.) similar to ISPs the free web mail services come with limitations (usually 100-200 emails daily) to send out emails as well as 2) they keep track of the bounce rate. If it’s too high your account will be blocked.

Below are the limits for sending emails of email providers that are free.

Google Gmail:

500 messages per day when they send via their website interface
100 email messages per day when you send via a desktop email client
Gmail email sending guidelines

Windows Live Hotmail:

– 100 emails per day
Windows Live Hotmail email sending guidelines


100 email messages per hour
Yahoo email guidelines for sending emails


100 email recipients (Bcc:)
– 500 emails per connection
AOL email sending guidelines

Your Hosting

A lot of email marketers and companies have websites as well as email addresses such as xxx@mycompany.com. If you’re like the majority of them, you can utilize the SMTP server included with the hosting package to deliver email to subscribers with your emails. Like ISPs and the free web-based email services, a few hosting companies have email sending limitations. Therefore, go to your hosting provider’s website to review their email-sending policy or contact them to inquire about any restrictions on sending apply to your plan.

The following are email sending limitations of a few hosting providers.




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