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Poland Company Telephone Number Database

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The data is subject to a seven-tier verification process, including artificial intelligence, manual quality control, and an opt-in process.

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First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Home Owner

Cradit Rating
Dwelling Type
Language Spoken
Presence of children

Birth Date Occupation
Presence Of Credit Card
Investment Stock Securities
Investments Real Estate
Investing Finance Grouping
Investments Foreign
Investment Estimated
Residential Properties Owned

Institution Contributor
Donates by Mail
Veteranin Household
Heavy Business
High Tech Leader
Mail Order Buyer
Online Purchasing Indicator
Environmental Issues Charitable Donation
International Aid Charitable Donation
Home Swimming Pool

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Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. Poland Email Lists broken down by industry help optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, then our email lists filtered by job function can be incredibly helpful.

Ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion+ unique email addresses

Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 100+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.

In general, once we’ve received your request for data, it takes 24 hours to first compile your specific data and you’ll receive the data within 24 hours of your initial order.

Our data standards are extremely high. We pride ourselves on providing 97% accurate Poland telephone number database, and we’ll provide you with replacement data for all information that doesn’t meet your standards our expectations.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality data. Our Poland Email Database and mailing lists are updated semi-annually conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and comply with CAN-SPAM.

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Emailproleads provides Mobile Database to individuals or organizations for the sole purpose of promoting your business. In Digital Marketing. The mobile number database of Emailproleads helps to reach the highest level of business conversations.

Mobile number databases are a crucial marketing tool with many numbers from all over the globe. Since the arrival of smartphones, there has been an exponential rise in the number of buyers because technology has changed the way of marketing. Mobile number databases are essential for every retailer today in marketing and selling their goods and services. The world is now filled with mobiles that have internet connectivity across the globe.

Poland Company Phone Number Database

Poland Company Phone Number Database

Poland contact number lists

Now and again, we can see advertisements promoting the company. These ads result in the expansion of the company. It is possible to expand your marketing further using other services for Digital Marketing like Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, WhatsApp Marketing, etc.

Emailproleads checks every mobile number in the database using various strategies and techniques to ensure that buyers receive the most appropriate and relevant customer number and successfully meet their marketing goals and objectives.

This service assists you find your loyal customers keen to purchase your product. If you’d like to see your brand acknowledged by customers, using a database of mobile numbers is among the most effective ways to accomplish this.

What is the meaning of Phone Number Data?

A telephone number is a specific number that telecommunication firms assign to their customers, thus permitting them to communicate via an upgraded method of routing destination codes. Telecom companies give whole numbers within the limits of regional or national telephone numbering plans. With more than five billion users of mobile phones around the world, phone number information is now a gold mine for government and business operations.

What is the method of collecting the phone Number Data collected?

Having the number of current and potential customers and marketing professionals opens up a wealth of opportunities for lead generation and CRM. The presence of customer numbers is an excellent way to boost marketing campaigns as it allows marketers to interact with their target audience via rich multimedia and mobile messaging. Therefore, gathering phone number information is vital to any modern-day marketing strategy. The strategies consumers can use to collect data from phone numbers include:

* Adding contact forms on websites.
* Requests to be made for phone calls from customers.
* Use mobile keyword phrases for promotions to encourage prospective customers to contact you.
* Applying app updates prompts users to change their email details each time they sign in.
* Acquiring phone numbers that are already available information from third-party service companies with the information.

What are the main characteristics of the Phone Number Data?

One of the critical advantages of phone number data is that it is created to reveal the geographic location of mobile users because phone numbers contain particular strings specific to a region or country that show the user’s precise position. This is useful in targeted campaigns, mainly where marketers target a specific area that can target their marketing efforts.

To prevent duplicates and improve accessibility, the phone number information is typically stored in the E164 international format, which defines the essential characteristics of a recorded phone number. The specifications that are followed in this format are the number code for the country (CC) and an NDC, a country code (CC), a national destination code (NDC), and the subscriber number (SN).

What do you think of the phone Number Data used for?

The possibilities that can be made possible by the phone number information are endless. The availability of a phone number database means that companies worldwide can market their products directly to prospective customers without using third-party companies.

Because phone numbers are region – and country-specific and country-specific, data from phone numbers gives marketers a comprehensive view of the scope of marketing campaigns, which helps them decide on the best areas they should focus their time and resources on. Also, governments use the data from mobile numbers to study people’s mobility, geographic subdivisions, urban planning, help with development plans, and security concerns such as KYC.

How can an individual determine the validity of Phone Number Data?

In determining the quality of the phone number information, users should be aware of the fundamental quality aspects of analysis. These are:
Completeness. All info about phone numbers within the database must be correct.
Accuracy. This measure reflects how well the data identifies the individual described within the actual world.
Consistency. This indicates how well the data provider follows the rules to facilitate data retrieval.
Accessibility. The phone number database should be accessible where the data is organized to allow easy navigation and immediate commercial use.

Poland Company Telephone Number Database

Poland Company Telephone Number Database

Where can I purchase Phone Number Data?

The Data Providers and Vendors listed in Datarade provide Phone Number Data products and examples. Most popular products for Phone Number Data and data sets available on our platform include China B2B phone number – Chinese businesses by Octobot, IPQS Phone Number Validation and Reputation through IPQualityScore (IPQS), and B2B Contact Direct Dial/Cell Phone Number Direct Dial and mobile numbers for cold calling Real-time verified contact email and Phone Number by Lead for business.

How do I get my phone Number Data?

You can find phone number data from Emailproleads.

What are data types similar that are similar to Phone Number Data?

Telephone Number Data is comparable with Address Data; Email Address Data, MAID Hashed Email Data, Identification Linkage Data, and Household-Level Identity Data. These categories of data are typically employed to aid in Identity Resolution and Data Onboarding.

Which are your most popular uses for Phone Number Data?

The top uses that involve Phone Number Data are Identity Resolution, Data Onboarding, and Direct Marketing.

Let’s say you’re running a business selling strategy that demands you to connect with the maximum number of people you can. If your job is laid off for you, it can often be challenging to determine what to do. First, you should create your list of prospective customers and then save your call data in an electronic database.

Poland Telephone Number Lists

Though you might believe that working with lists of telephone numbers and storing them in databases is all you need to launch a cold calling campaign, it’s not the case. Since a telephone number database could contain thousands or millions of leads, along with important data points about each potential customer, It is essential to adhere to the best practices for a Database of telephone numbers. Methods to avoid becoming overwhelmed or losing important data.

To build a phone number database that delivers outcomes, you must start on the right starting point. It is possible to do this by purchasing lists of sales leads from a reliable, dependable company like ours. It’s equally important to have the right tools to allow your team to contact the most people possible.

In addition to high-quality telephone marketing lists, we provide advice on the best techniques for targeting databases and dialer software that can make lead generation more efficient and less expensive over time. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you.

Poland Telephone Number Database Best Practices

After you’ve established the basis for success by acquiring high-quality lead lists and implementing dialers that can boost how many calls your team receives by up to 400 percent, you’re ready to become familiar with best practices for your industry. By adhering to a list of phones and best database practices, you’ll dramatically improve the odds that your team will succeed in the short and long term.

Poland cell phone number list

Here are the best techniques for telemarketing databases that you should consider a priority to observe.

Get Organized
A well-organized Poland mobile phone directory includes contacts organized according to phone country, postal, area, city, and province. By narrowing your calls to only one of the criteria, it is possible to incorporate new business information into your list, then sort and retarget top leads.

Create a strategy to manage your phone lists. Naturally, your organizational plan must be based on the purpose of your cold-calling campaign. Your business’s goals will affect the traits your most promising prospects have. Make a profile of the most appealing candidate based on the plans for your marketing campaign. Make sure you make your leads list to ensure that the candidates who best meet your ideal profile of a prospect are first on your list of leads. List.

Poland Contact number list

Determine Who Has Access to and edit your database
Your phone number list doesn’t only represent an investment in money but also a resource that your team can use to increase sales. Although your phone number list is essential because you bought it, it’s also advantageous due to the possibility that it can improve your bottom line. In this regard, you should think carefully about who has access to and control your database.

It is generally recommended to restrict the number of users who have access to your database to only those who use it to communicate with potential customers to achieve your campaign’s goals. If an individual is not active with your marketing campaign, then there’s no reason for them to gain access to your telephone number database.

It’s also advisable to restrict access to the database you have created; it’s best to allow editing privileges to people who require them. This generally means that you only give editing rights to agents that will be conducting cold calls. It will be necessary to modify the database to make changes to records and notes that could aid in subsequent calls.

Create Your Database
Databases are knowledge centers that store information for sales personnel. They are vital to gain knowledge and share it with your sales staff. Even if it’s just to keep call notes, callback databases can help your sales team to achieve maximum value and benefit from lists of telemarketing calls.

As time passes, your phone number list will likely expand and include more contact numbers and information on your customers. When you get recommendations from your current prospects or purchase leads lists, or either, it’s essential to grow the size of your database to include as much data as you can to assist you in achieving your goals for the business in the near and far future and at every step in between.

4. Keep Your Database
Although you want your database to expand with time, you do not want it to contain obsolete or ineffective details. To keep your database from overloading with useless information, it’s essential to maintain it regularly, including removing old records and updating your prospective customers with their contact details.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your database is to ensure that it doesn’t contain numbers listed on the Do Not Call list. If you make a call to an address that is listed on a Do Not List, you could result in your business spending lots of money, perhaps even millions. With the free tools available online, think about scrubbing all your data against the Do Not Call registry at least twice yearly.

If you’ve learned the basics of a telephone list and best practices for database management, you can contact

Poland mobile number database now to receive the top-quality leads lists you need within your database. Poland phone number database free download

Today, download the mobile phone/cell numbers directory of all cities and states based on the network or operator. The database of mobile numbers is an excellent resource for advertising and bulk SMS, targeting specific regions of people, electoral campaigns, or other campaigns. Before you use these numbers, verify the ” Do Not Disturb” status in conjunction with TRAI. If it is activated, it is not permitted to use these numbers to promote your business.

Buy Poland Phone Number Database

It’s the quickest method of building an extensive list of phone numbers for your potential customers. Pay a fixed sum (per list, contact, country, or industry) and get every mobile number you paid for and have in your possession. You can then utilize them several times to reach out to customers to convince them to purchase their products or products. Doesn’t that sound great?

Poland phone number listing

Although it may seem like the fastest method of building a list of numbers, it’s not the case. There are a lot of risks associated with purchasing mobile marketing lists which won’t generate sales:

They’re not well-targeted. It’s impossible to be sure that every person on the bought phone lists will pay attention to the emails you’ve sent or your company worldwide.

Poland contact number lists

It will help if you trust someone completely. When you purchase a mobile phone list, you’ll need to be able to trust your seller about how active the numbers are. It’s possible that the majority of the phone numbers you’re buying are not current or relevant.

Poland Phone Number Database

It is one of the useful functions for targeting emails, etc., because you can set the target users as delivery destinations at once.
Analysis functions such as open rate and click rate

The analysis function is a function that measures the opening rate of emails that have been delivered and the click rate of the URL written in the email text. You’ll be able to understand how your users react to your emails, so you’ll have a basis for measuring and verifying their effectiveness. This analysis function will be very useful for accumulating as marketing data.

Especially when delivering scenario emails, the content of the email itself changes depending on whether it is opened or clicked. Therefore, it can be said that the function to analyze the opening rate and click rate is an essential function for scenario mail.
HTML email creation function

HTML emails are emails that contain decorations and images. Compared to plain text mail, you can express yourself more freely by changing the color and size of the text, inserting images and videos, and so on.

With the HTML email creation function, it is possible to create appeals that cannot be conveyed with text alone, and to create attractive and visually appealing emails.

If you use such a function, you will be able to obtain the opening rate of the email, so it is also advantageous for measuring the effect. It is recommended that you use an email distribution tool to easily create HTML emails even if you do not have HTML coding expertise.
Useful tools for email marketing

Email marketing tools and marketing automation tools are useful tools for email marketing. Marketing automation tools are also called MA tools.

Email delivery tools are tools that specialize in email delivery, but marketing automation tools are originally tools with functions for automating marketing, and many of these tools also have email delivery functions.

When sending emails using marketing automation tools, more detailed verification is possible based on cookie information. Cookie information makes it possible to understand “from whether or not the email was opened to what actions the target user took after clicking the URL of the email”. It is possible to accumulate information such as website behavior in the system, communicate using that data, and deliver multi-channel distribution centered on emails including messenger apps.

Since marketing automation tools are tools for marketing purposes, they have various functions other than those related to email marketing, and are equipped with many functions that are useful for improving the accuracy of marketing and improving the work efficiency of marketers. It has been.

By the way, many email delivery tools are less expensive than marketing automation tools, so you can start without much cost. The cost performance is also high, so it is recommended when you want to try it casually.

If the marketing tools used within the company are disjointed, there is a high possibility that the data that can be collected cannot be summarized, or that it takes extra time and effort to use them inconveniently. Even if you are already using an email distribution tool, it is a good idea to introduce a marketing automation tool that has all the necessary functions and aim to improve work efficiency.
Things to keep in mind when conducting email marketing

Here are some things to keep in mind when doing email marketing:

I didn’t receive an email
be unsubscribed (opted out)
can’t read email

Regarding the point that the mail does not arrive, the probability that it can be avoided increases by choosing the mail delivery system well. Choose an email delivery system that has both high deliverability and a highly accurate error analysis engine.

Poland Phone Number List

In many cases, distribution is suspended due to complaints such as “distribution frequency is too high” or “dissatisfaction with the content”. Think about why you’re getting banned, and work out what to do about it.

Also, be aware of cases where emails are delivered but not read. In order to get them to read it, it is important to “know when to decide to continue reading”, “reduce the stress of reading emails”, and “understand what users want”.
Email marketing success stories

Here are some examples of successful email marketing:

A successful case of a company developing a BtoB marketing support business
A successful example of a company that operates an online shopping site for underwear and fashion items

Target Media Co., Ltd., which conducts BtoB marketing support business, originally emphasized email distribution. However, due to Gmai’s enhanced filtering function in August 2020, we will face the problem that many emails will be sorted into the spam folder. Therefore, we quickly changed to an email delivery system with high deliverability, and were able to improve the delivery and opening rates.

Peach John Co., Ltd., which operates a mail-order site for underwear and fashion items, is also one of the companies that has succeeded in email marketing. In the previous system, delivery delays were an issue, so we changed to a system with high delivery performance, and now we can provide fair information to all customers. In addition, by linking campaign management systems (CMS) and recommendation engines, we deliver information such as new product arrivals and campaigns with content and timing tailored to each customer.
Understand email marketing and apply it to your work

Email marketing is a method of marketing using emails to reach your target audience. Email is a communication tool that many people are familiar with, so it enables effective marketing.

Using email has the following advantages:

Low cost and easy to get started
Targeted content and delivery frequency
High expressiveness of content
Easier to verify effectiveness
Being able to approach customers without going out of the way

Understand the benefits of email marketing, 5 commonly used methods, distribution flow, basic strategies for email marketing, etc., and be able to apply them to your work.
Not many people really understand what email marketing is. If you’re expecting immediate profit just by delivering an email, you may be ill-informed. In order to achieve results with only email, it is necessary to make use of data and improve each time.
In this article, we will thoroughly explain email marketing, including an overview of email marketing, advantages and disadvantages, and specific types.
Service delivery email Bridge that visualizes prospective customers
table of contents

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is literally a method of using “email” to improve marketing results. Even if you haven’t started email marketing yet, it’s relatively easy to imagine what kind of measures it will take.
However, “How to operate an email magazine” and “How to operate an email marketing” are different. Perhaps the image you have in mind right now is not email marketing, but how to operate an email newsletter.

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Difference from mail magazine

E-mail magazine is an abbreviation of “e-mail magazine”, and it sends e-mails all at once to customers who have registered as e-mail magazine readers. The purpose of email marketing is to inform customers, while the purpose of email marketing is to persuade customers to take action.
email marketing
Purpose To deliver information To change attitudes
Necessary Skills Writing and Design Ability Analytical Ability
Quantity and quality matter in a list
Benefits Fans Increased sales
Time required for results Long term Short term

Because the purpose is different, the way information is delivered is also different.
The mail magazine should be able to deliver information, so we will send the same content to all customers at once. However, email marketing wants customers to take action, so we divide the list according to customer attributes and change the content to be delivered.

Poland Contact Number List

As mentioned above, email marketing refers to “general marketing using email”.
Although the methods of collecting information have diversified due to the rise of SNS, the usefulness of e-mail as a communication tool is still alive and well. Especially for B2B companies, it is an effective method because communication is centered on e-mail.

Email marketing aims to persuade customers to take actions such as purchasing products and services by changing the content of emails according to the customer’s past behavior and attributes. ” element becomes stronger.
Specifically, we will continue to approach potential customers who say, “I don’t plan to use the product or service immediately, but I am interested,” aiming to increase purchase motivation and lead to orders. . You can check the level of interest of potential customers based on their response to emails and visits, so you can get results by approaching business negotiations at the right time.

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Why Email Marketing Matters

Find out why email marketing is such an important part of modern marketing.
Email users continue to grow

In modern times, e-mail occupies a very important position as a communication tool. Services such as SNS that allow easy contact are being developed one after another, and it is not uncommon for people to say that “email is already an outdated tool”.
However, the number of users who use e-mail is actually increasing. According to the “Seikatsu Teiten 2020 Summary Table” that Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living conducts once every two years, 79.0% of people of all ages have an e-mail address. ) survey, up 3.6%.

Email marketing is a popular method in the business world, and it is no exaggeration to say that how well emails are used can greatly affect a company’s sales.
Communicate continuously with customers

E-mail marketing has the advantage that you can keep in touch with your customers.

There are multiple consideration stages for customers, such as “I am aware of your company’s products, but I am not thinking of purchasing right now”, “I am interested, but I am in the process of comparing and considering with competitors”. There are various such as “I am considering purchasing specifically”. For this reason, it is important to take measures to identify the customer’s current consideration stage through continuous communication, provide appropriate information, and move up to the next consideration stage.
If you cut off continuous communication, you may not be able to provide information at the right time, and there is a possibility that it will be passed on to competitors or your consideration will be terminated.

E-mail is a tool that allows you to have regular contact with customers without visiting them directly, and for this reason, e-mail marketing is emphasized.

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Benefits of email marketing
Benefits of email marketing

There are many benefits to getting started with email marketing. Here are three typical benefits.
Benefits of starting email marketing
Low cost and easy to start

There are a wide variety of marketing measures, and there are various approaches such as posting advertisements on the web and mass media, publishing videos, holding exhibitions and seminars. However, since these cost a certain amount of money, it may not be possible to perform satisfactory marketing for companies that do not have sufficient budgets.

E-mail has the advantage that it can be started at a relatively low cost compared to these measures that tend to inflate costs. If you have a computer, an email address, and an environment where you can connect to the Internet, you can start working immediately.
High return on investment

Email marketing targets users who have registered as readers themselves and users who are already interested in your company’s products and services. As a result, higher results can be expected than marketing measures such as flyers and direct mail that transmit information to an unspecified number of people, and it is characterized by a high return on investment.

In addition, it is possible to create excellent content while keeping costs down by diverting articles that have received a good response on your own media and website for email marketing.
Easy to measure effect

One of the merits of email marketing is that it is easy to measure the effectiveness of email marketing, as it is possible to check the user’s reaction numerically, such as the opening rate and click rate.

Poland Contact Database

Conventional e-mail magazines send e-mails with the same content to all readers at once, instead of sending e-mails that match the attributes and characteristics of users. However, with email marketing, as we have already told you, you can analyze and understand information tailored to users and send information that is easy to interest, so you can approach them more effectively.
After sending an email that matches the target, you can analyze the reaction to that email and easily analyze and improve what kind of effect was seen.
Disadvantages of email marketing

While email marketing has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Here are three drawbacks.
Disadvantages of email marketing
need human resources

Since email marketing is aimed at lead nurturing, it requires continuous communication with users. In order to keep users interested, we have to keep sending out useful content, so there is a disadvantage that we need human resources to create content.

If you can secure enough resources, there is no problem, but it is meaningless if email marketing becomes a burden and you cannot allocate the resources necessary for core operations, leading to a decrease in operational efficiency and a decline in sales.
When conducting email marketing, it is necessary to operate on a scale that considers the operational burden.
Always keep track of user trends

When conducting email marketing, it is necessary to constantly grasp user trends because it is necessary to produce attractive content. However, it is a heavy burden to operate while responding to various changes while grasping user tastes and trends.

In addition to that, it is also necessary to periodically review the content, such as resetting step emails so that more effective email marketing can be performed after analyzing user reactions to the emails actually delivered.
You have to carefully consider whether you can do your day-to-day work and your email marketing at the same time.
cost is not zero

In the section on merits, I mentioned that “it can be operated at a low cost”, but unfortunately it is not possible to completely reduce operating costs to zero.
In order to conduct email marketing, it is necessary to assign a person in charge, and labor costs will be incurred at least a little. In addition, if you install tools for efficient email marketing operations, you will incur additional operating costs such as initial costs and monthly fees.
types of email marketing

Email marketing in a nutshell However, there are many different types. Here are four types of email marketing.
types of email marketing
step mail

Step Mail is a method of delivering multiple pre-made emails in order, starting from the date the user requested materials or purchased the product.
For example, when a user registers as a new member, it is an image of sending an email in the order of “email introducing service content” → “email summarizing how to use the service” → “email for downloading service materials”.

By using step mail, it is possible to gradually raise the interest and interest of users, and it is expected to have the effect of smoothly leading to purchases. Recently, it is also possible to automatically deliver step mails according to a scenario set in advance by using tools.

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retargeting email

As a basis of email marketing, there is a method of setting targets considering attributes such as gender and age. However, in some cases, targeting alone does not produce the desired results.

Retargeting emails are the solution to these problems. Retargeting email is a “method for tracking and approaching user behavior”, and can automatically carry out approaches such as sending emails recommending products that the user was browsing on the website a while ago.
This method is often used in web advertisements, but by using it in e-mail, it is possible to take the most effective approach to the user’s active movement, and high results can be expected.

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Dormant customer discovery email

A dormant customer is a customer who was previously engaged in business negotiations, but lost the deal without being able to close a deal, and has not been followed up since then.
In many cases, continuing appropriate follow-up, such as contacting dormant customers by email or phone, leads to new contracts. Since there is no action, in other words, it is an effort to revitalize the relationship with sleeping customers, it is expressed as “discovering dormant customers”.

Dormant customer discovery emails are effective in rebuilding relationships with dormant customers with an appropriate sense of distance. You can easily work on it without spending man-hours and costs because you only need to send an e-mail to ask about the latest situation such as status confirmation.
In some cases, measures are taken to maintain connections with business partners by continuously sending emails so that the relationship is cut off and they do not become dormant customers.
E-mail magazine (e-mail magazine)

As I mentioned in the difference from email marketing at the beginning, an email magazine is an email that is sent all at once to users who have registered as readers.
Similar to e-mail marketing, the purpose is to deliver information about your company’s products and campaigns, useful columns, etc. and conduct lead nurturing. There is also a demerit that it is difficult to send such an email.

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How to start email marketing and flow of delivery

How do you get started with email marketing? Here, we will explain how to start and the flow of distribution.
STEP1: KPI/KGI design

Poland Phone Number Leads

When doing email marketing, it is important to be aware of what kind of results you want to achieve with email marketing. “KGI” and “KPI” are the key words in email marketing goal setting.

KGI is a management goal achievement index, and it is an index that determines what the goal is when deciding the achievement purpose of a company.
This index should not be vague such as “Increase sales” or “Increase the number of customers”, but it should be an index that includes concrete figures such as “Sales of 800,000 per month”. KPIs are set as indicators that lead to these KGIs. KPI refers to a key performance indicator that is set by calculating back the specific measures to be taken to achieve the final goal KGI.
In email marketing, KPIs such as open rate and click rate are set for KGI such as sales and number of conversions.

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STEP2: Persona design

“Persona design” is effective in achieving KGI in email marketing. Persona refers to a “symbolic image of a customer”, and persona design envisions a specific person who is looking for the company’s products and services, and includes detailed profiles such as name, gender, position, and hobbies. Create a set customer image.
Persona design has been introduced due to the need for more accurate customer approaches due to functions such as advanced mail distribution effect measurement and segment mail.

By setting personas, you can visualize what kind of targets will purchase your company’s products and services, making it clear what actions must be taken to achieve KGI.
STEP3: Preparation of distribution list

Once you’ve completed your persona design, it’s time to prepare your email distribution list. Let’s organize the customer information that exists in your company and establish a system that can centrally manage email addresses.
Customer information, such as business cards exchanged by sales representatives, business cards obtained at exhibitions and seminars, members registered in e-mail magazines, etc., is scattered in various places, so it is important to collect it in one place in advance.
STEP4: Create email text

Once you have decided on the delivery destination, you can move on to creating an email message that matches the target. In email marketing, it is necessary to prepare content that is likely to attract the interest of the target for each recipient, so it is important to create the content while being aware of what kind of email should be delivered to attract interest. .
STEP5: Email delivery

Once the text is complete, we will send the actual email. Although it is possible to deliver emails using general email software, we recommend using an email delivery tool to ensure delivery efficiency and safety.
STEP6: Effect measurement

After sending an email, it is important to conduct an “effect measurement” to analyze how the user who sent the email reacted. If you don’t measure effectiveness, you won’t know if your emails were effective or not, and you’ll end up spending a lot of resources on email marketing that isn’t getting enough results.
As a result of the effect measurement, if the expected effect is not obtained, look for improvement points and reflect them in the next and subsequent emails.
STEP7: Improve content and redistribute

After reflecting the improvement points derived from the effect measurement, we will redeliver. It is important to continue to measure and improve the effectiveness of emails that have been resent, and to be conscious of constantly increasing the effectiveness.
Tools for effective email marketing
Tools for effective email marketing

In order to conduct email marketing effectively, it is effective to use email delivery tools and MA tools. Each feature is explained here.
mail delivery tool

An email delivery tool is a tool that specializes in delivering emails. If your goal is to efficiently create emails, collect data, and analyze data, we recommend using an email distribution tool.

Many email delivery tools make it easy to create visually appealing HTML emails. In addition, there are plenty of convenient functions for operation such as step mail function, reservation delivery function, delivery error analysis / automatic stop function.
Some of these tools have functions that are useful for improvement, such as graphing open rates and click rates to make it easier to measure effectiveness, or listing only users who responded. Use it to your advantage to create more effective emails.
MA tools

MA tools are tools for automating and streamlining marketing operations in general.
Many MA tools also have the functions of the email distribution tool mentioned above, and they also have various other functions for streamlining marketing operations, such as landing page creation, ad management functions, and lead management functions.
If you want to systematize not only email marketing but also other marketing operations, we recommend introducing MA tools.

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5 KPIs for successful email marketing

Here are 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) that are often used in email marketing.
Open rate

The open rate is an index that shows the percentage of emails that have been delivered that have been opened. The open rate can be calculated by dividing the number of emails opened by the total number of emails received (x 100).
If the open rate is low, it means that the email is not read in the first place, and the click rate will also decrease, so it is important to devise ways to increase the open rate.

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non-delivery rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of emails that do not reach their destination. For example, if only 950 of the emails sent to 1,000 email addresses are delivered, the non-delivery rate is 5%.
Factors that increase the non-delivery rate include cases where e-mails were not delivered due to temporary server problems, and cases where e-mails were not delivered due to an incorrect e-mail address. If the non-delivery rate increases, you may be mistaken for a spam company and your emails may not be delivered.
click rate

The click rate is an index that shows the percentage of clicks on URLs and content (images, videos, etc.) in emails. The click rate is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of emails received (x 100).
The higher the click-through rate, the higher the number of inquiries.

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reaction rate

The response rate is an index that shows how many URLs were clicked against the number of emails opened.
The difference is that the click rate is “the ratio of URL clicks to all successfully delivered emails”, but the response rate is “the ratio of URL clicks to the number of emails opened”. .
unsubscribe rate

Unsubscribe rate is the percentage of users who subscribed to your subscription but then unsubscribed. For example, if you have 1,000 subscribers and 30 unsubscribe, your unsubscribe rate is 3%.
If the unsubscribe rate is high, it can be assumed that many users are not interested in the content of the email, so efforts such as improving the delivery content are necessary.
Email marketing success stories

Here are some examples of successful B2B and B2C email marketing.

FunTre Co., Ltd. is working to provide the information customers are looking for by conducting email marketing that uses both step emails and HTML emails.
By carefully considering “what kind of email will make customers happy” and setting appropriate step emails according to the recipient, customers with high urgency and high affinity will respond.
Neo Career Co., Ltd. started email marketing for the purpose of discovering registrants for business growth. By regularly approaching more than 50,000 registrants through email marketing, we have achieved a 115% increase in the number of job offers compared to before the introduction.
In addition, we have succeeded in reducing the unit price of unofficial job offers from job applications acquired through e-mail to 1/5 of the normal acquisition unit price. .

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Terms to remember in email marketing

Finally, here are some useful terms to know when doing email marketing.
HTML email

HTML emails are emails created using HTML format. Since you can specify the color and size of the font and arrange the contents such as images, it has a higher degree of freedom of customization than the text mail described later, and it is characterized by being easy to increase the appeal effect.
Since it is not possible to obtain the above-mentioned opening rate with text mail, if you want to check the opening rate, send it with HTML mail.
Text mail

A text email is an email that contains only text without any decorations. Since it is relatively easy to display in any environment, it is suitable for sending to users in an environment that does not support HTML format.
However, since information must be conveyed only in text, it is necessary to devise ways to create highly effective e-mails.

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responsive email

Responsive emails are emails that are automatically optimized to a layout that is easy to view on any device, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. In the description in HTML, the content to be displayed is sorted according to the terminal.
white paper

A white paper is a document that analyzes the problems faced by a company and their causes, and introduces solutions to solve those problems. In BtoB, it can be said that there are many cases that are produced for the purpose of lead acquisition.
Conversion (CV) / Conversion rate (CVR)

A conversion (CV) is when a user who reads an email takes specific actions expected by a company, such as purchasing a product or making an inquiry, or registering as a new member.
“Conversion” means “conversion”. Conversion rate (CVR) is a metric that measures the percentage of emails your readers receive that converts, and helps you determine if your email content was effective.

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Persona Customer Journey

A persona is a fictional persona who specifically imagines a user who will purchase your product or service. By setting detailed profiles such as age, gender, job title, and hobbies, you can clarify the direction of your marketing.

The customer journey is the term used to describe the process by which a prospect encounters a product, recognizes it, becomes interested in it, and converts. It is effective in improving the closing rate because it is possible to visualize what kind of emails should be sent for each customer’s purchase phase to increase the accuracy and move to the next consideration stage.

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lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is a term that refers to building relationships with prospective customers. Represents the general marketing measures to advance the prospective customer consideration stage.

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Opt-in means that we only send emails to users who have previously given their permission to receive emails. Under the opt-in method, sending unsolicited emails to unauthorized users is illegal and may result in prosecution.

Opt-out means that the recipient of the email refuses to receive it by requesting to stop delivery.

Email marketing is a low-cost and highly effective marketing technique. Rather than trying to achieve results immediately after starting, it will be more effective by slowly accumulating know-how and utilizing it over the medium to long term.

Regularly measure the effectiveness of the emails you send and try to improve each time. It is difficult to proceed efficiently with one improvement, so it is important to improve and operate repeatedly.