How to build an email list



How to create and use mailing lists

A mailing list is a sub-list with a valid email address that can be used on a mailing list.

A mailing list simultaneously sends an email message to a group of contacts.


Create a mailing list.

Open the Address Book.

Select File > New > Mailing List

Please enter a valid 

Enter one email address per line.

Remember that you cannot sort email addresses in this window. They will appear in the order in which you entered them.

Click the OK button when finished.


Option 2:

Do not enter any email addresses through this window.

Close the window by clicking the OK button.

Select the address book with the contacts you want to add to the mailing list.

Select to highlight connections.

To select multiple contacts: hold down the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button on the contacts.

To select a block of contacts: select the first contact, hold down the Shift key, and select the last connection.

Left-click and hold on to the highlighted contacts to drag them.

 Move the contacts to the mailing list.

If the contacts are not in the associated address book, they will be added to the associated address book.

The image below is an example of a new mailing list called ‘Test.’ It is a mailing list in the personal address book.


The mailing List adds contacts.


Composing a message using a mailing list

Two methods produce different results.


Through the address book

In the main toolbar, look for the ‘Addresses’ button.


Click the Directions button to open it.

Select the mailing list.

Click the Compose button.

It will open a new “Compose” window, and each existing contact on the mailing list will appear in a separate “To” field. It allows you to remove a specific connection if you wish.

You may also need to manually select the Bcc button for each email address, as your contacts may want to keep their email addresses private.

Enter the subject, compose your message, and click the Send button.


print labels using Excel


Via the “Compose” window

In the main toolbar, locate ‘Compose.’


Click the Compose button.

It will open a new ‘Compose’ window, and the ‘Contacts Side Panel’ should appear on the left side of the window.

You need to enable the contacts side panel if you don’t see it.

Click the View button > Contacts Side Panel or use the F9 key to enable/disable it.

Select the address book that contains the mailing list.

Select the mailing list.

Click the Add to BCC button or other options.

Mailing Lists


This will add the mailing list with your name. You won’t be able to see individual contacts on that list. This method saves you from switching, for example, from the “To” field to the “Bcc” field, but you can’t edit any names.

Enter the subject, compose your message, and click the Send button.


How do you add two contacts to the address book that use the same email address?


If you have two people in your address book.

a) Matías Fernández has the address: fernandez@dominio.

b) Sofía Fernández has the address: fernandez@dominio.

These two people are ideally stored in an address book, but to add them to a mailing list, conventional methods are not valid. So follow the steps below:


Please select one of the two people in the address book and edit their contact address. In the example, I entered the letter “A” at the beginning.

Sofía Fernández has the address Afernandez@dominio.


Now move them both to the mailing list. Since the addresses are different, they will be added to the mailing list. Once there, select the mailing list and double-click on Sofía Fernández to edit her email address by removing the initial letter “A.” Click the OK button when finished.



You should now have two people sharing the same email address on the mailing list, and if you go back to the lib entries to address a challenge, you will find them correctly.


Is there any more suitable method of procrastination than the Monday morning email to catch up? Or, with 3.7 billion email users in 2017 alone, more widespread?


But email isn’t just good for banishing Mondays. It’s even better for marketing. Consider this: With an average ROI of 122%, email marketing performs four times better than other marketing strategies.


Hurry? Save this article as a PDF.

Are you tired of scrolling? Download a PDF version to make it easier to read offline and share with your coworkers.




That’s what marketing agency Promodo discovered when it helped Shokosmile, an online retailer of all chocolate products, transform its email into a full-fledged sales channel almost as sweet as its products. Sweet with a 2100% sales increase and 5-10% conversion growth.


You can cash in on that same candy-coated success. Because just like chocolate, email marketing success is as simple as finding the best ingredients and combining them at just the right time, and building your email list.


Email lists have an incredible return on investment and are the bread and butter for successful marketing. 🍞


But if you need help figuring out where to start, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll provide you with practical recipes to grow your email list fast, including:


Create easy-to-use capture forms

Using gifts for instant list building

Making Magnetic Content Updates

Leverage social media for community growth

Let’s dive in and talk about ways to capture without further ado.


Create easy-to-use capture forms.

Asking for someone’s email address is much like asking someone to go to prom. If it’s too firm, they’ll run into the hills. Make it too subtle, and they won’t know you’re asking.



See how Kinsta stacks up against the competition.


We also connect it online in our blog posts, as seen in one of our most recent articles on what’s new in WordPress 5.0. Our in-house developer programmed it to appear after a certain number of paragraphs. And if you’ve already signed up, you won’t see the CTA box.


Email Capture Form for Kinsta Blog

Email Capture Form for Kinsta Blog

If you prefer a more interactive approach to lead generation than the brick-and-mortar question box, you can spice things up with popups and header widgets instead. But, to get the best results? Consider the possibility of combining them.


That’s what Buffer did. Adding multiple signup forms to his website helped his subscriber count double its size, all in a single month.


Email Log Sources

Email log sources (Image source: Buffer)

Therefore, the addition of more than one type of registration form is the ultimate recipe for success. But before we dig into the different types of popups and tools, you can use, a quick note about interests.


Considered a form of interruption marketing, intersections are any page or popup that gets in the way of users’ path to content, either by displaying over the content or by interrupting it. Users have no choice but to interact with the screen before they can continue. Forbes was a classic example of the “before” (also known as “prestitial”) interstitial.



Prestitial (Image source: Search Engine Land)

As a best practice, avoid this as Sunday brunch. Google will paralyze the ranking of any website that it indicates as possessing these intrusive forms, which means that everything below is a big no-no for anyone looking to maintain or grow their search engine rankings.



Interstitials (Image source: Google Webmaster Blog)

While this change was made specifically for mobile websites, Google has moved everything to a mobile index, so it’s essential for all websites.


Suppose that’s not enough to convince you to throw the interstitions away and never look back. In that case, there’s also the fact that users report these interactions as among their most hated advertising practices. as (defined as “modal” in this study by the Nielsen Norman Group). On a scale of one to seven, modals (interstitials) ranked at 5.82 for desktop users and 5.89 for mobile users, outperforming even auto-playing videos without skipping for the most popular ad type.


Ad Type Classification

Classification of ad types (Image source: Nielsen Norman Group)

With that out, let’s take a quick tour of some signup form options that work well. First, the welcome panel.


It is a controversial topic, as many consider it an interstitial theme. And some may not prefer this method as it is not considered the easiest to use. However, if done correctly, they can have excellent logging power. The Fedora online learning management system, now called Teachable, implemented this strategy on its home page to increase the number of registrations for a promotional webinar.


welcome mat

Welcome panel

The result was an increase of 70.37% in just five days. If you want to double your email list in less time than it takes to launch a new episode of Game of Thrones, a welcome panel is an option worth considering. However, if you are concerned about the penalty for Google appearing, you should play it safe and enable this method for desktop devices only.


If you’re interested in setting this up on your website, the Thrive Leads plugin is an excellent option with a one-time license fee of $67.


Now, let’s switch gears and talk about floating bars. These registration forms float above or below a web page and “float” as the user scrolls. American Eagle uses a floating bar at the bottom of its page to create an unobtrusive but ubiquitous registration point.


American Eagle

American Eagle

How effective are these low-key ways? 


ActiveCampaign Floating Bar Email List

ActiveCampaign Floating Bar Email List

So, in summary, the answer is “very effective.” Check out the Popup Maker plugin to add a floating registration bar to your WordPress site for free.


The exit intent popup is at the end of our discussion of opt-in forms. As the name suggests, these popups appear when users display behavior that indicates their intention to leave the page. Triggers for exit attempts can be rapid mouse movement to the top right of the screen (where the close button is usually located), clicking off-page links, setting a timer, or triggering it on scroll.


It is an example, especially on the nose of an exit intent from one of our landing page experiments. Note that you can easily use it for email captures. In our case, driving traffic to the plans page made more sense.



Since these only appear after the user has interacted with the desired content, they are not as intrusive as other full-page or overlay popups. They are successful, too.


For example, using an exit intent overlay helped Wall Street increase its newsletter signups by a whopping 279%.


Exit newsletter intent

Exit newsletter intent (Image source: on convert)

Given that Wall Street is an online business publication touted as one of the most widely read in the world, that 279% increase is a significant feather in its proverbial — and financial — capitalization. A tool like Hotjar is excellent for this.


But if you prefer a more hands-on approach to building your capture forms than plugins, Sleeknote is an excellent solution that’s free to try, intuitive, and easy to integrate with your WordPress site. To get started, pop over (pun intended) Sleeknote.


Click on one of the two purple buttons to start and go through the registration flow. No credit card is required, so it will only take a minute to complete.




Next, go to the website you want to create an email capture form and click “Use this website.”


Sleeknote website

Sleeknote website

After that, select the option that best suits your needs. For our purposes, choose the former, “recognized pillar email addresses,” and press select.


Sleeknote collect email addresses

Sleeknote collect email addresses

From there,  to the templates page. Currently, there are 21 ready templates to choose from and four blank templates. Let’s look at the floating bar option, highlighted below.


Sleeknote templates

Sleeknote templates

After selecting the template, you will be asked to choose the position of your floating bar.




There is no absolute right or wrong option here, so choose the one that best suits your site and continue clicking on it. Will you then be taken to the editing panel?


Clicking on individual items will change the side menu and allow you to customize your floating bar.


Sleeknote customizes the floating bar.

Sleeknote customizes the floating bar is what it looks like after we’ve done some customize

Click “save” at the bottom and proceed to the next screen to get a copy-and-paste code to add your fancy note to your website. Please take a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to add code to your WordPress hea

As easy as it seems. For more options for integrating signup forms on your website, check out the list of our favorite lead-generation plugin powerhouses.


And remember to create an easy resubscribe form. If you’re creative (great click-up example below), you can win back some users who choose to unsubscribe from your email list.


Resubscribe to CTA Email List

Resubscribe to CTA Email List

Next, let’s talk about one of the most explosive methods to build your email list.




Using gifts for instant list building

Is there anything more satisfying than winning a contest? Even if all we have to do is enter our name or, in the case of a website, or an email address, the joy of beating other competitors is as sweet as honey.


You can use that joy to rake up email addresses. While giving away gifts isn’t always the cheapest solution, it is one of the most effective for email marketers. Because?


Because all online contests universally collect one thing: the coveted email address

Set your categories menu in Header builder -> Mobile -> Mobile menu element -> Show/Hide -> Choose menu
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