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Sale Executives Email List

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Sales Executives Email List

Other points that must be taken into consideration for accessibility are: buy SE targeted email list

Security systems like alarms for burglary and access control systems security cameras, video surveillance building security and security personnel the central lighting system, security control systems, etc. SE consumer email database

Sales Executives Email List
Sales Executives Email List

Choice of Telecommunications Carriers and redundant connections

Green IT and energy efficiency

Quick response times for upgrades and extensions

Low latency in order to meet the increasing demands of online presence SE consumer email database

In accordance with the TIA 942 standard, the Data centre (DC) must include five main functional areas as depicted in the figure below. These areas are where growth can be planned and assists in to upgrade or add servers or programs with minimum disruption or downtime.

The five functional areas that are the most important are:

Entrance Room (ER)

Main Distribution Area (MDA)

Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA)

Zone Distribution Area (ZDA)

Equipment Distribution Area (EDA)

Ideally, separate rooms should be designated specifically for these areas. However, this might not be feasible for typical organisations and so these areas can be integrated by defining distinct areas:

The most efficient techniques for functional spaces are:

Find ER in the outside DC to ensure security or if it’s inside the DC Consolidate ER & MDA

MDA is best situated

Each MDA & HDA require separate racks for UTP, fiber and coaxial cable Sales Executives Email List

ZDA is not required, but offers more flexibility (pre terminated cables) SE consumer email database

EDA is a device that is used for

Each space requires same power/cooling

The most common Data Center Requirements can be described under the following headings such as:


Beware of areas that limit expansion

Should have multiple Access

This will facilitate the delivery of large equipment SE email database free

purchase SE email lists
purchase SE email lists

Do not place it near EMI sources

No windows from the outside should be installed

Allow access to authorized users and be monitored for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The size is determined to meet the specifications of specific equipment

Be sure to include projected future requirements and present needs buy SE database for marketing

Ceiling Height

SE mailing lists

Min. 8.5 inches from the floor to obstructions (sprinklers or lighting fixtures or cameras)

The cooling architecture could dictate higher ceilings buy SE targeted email list

Min. 18″ clearance from the heads of water sprinklers Flooring or walls

Anti-static properties

Paint or sealed to reduce dust

Lighting color that enhances light

Min dist floor loading 7.2 kPA /150 lbf/Sq-ft, Recommended 12kPA / 250 lbf/Sq-ft


3 7′ tall, no or removable center obstructions Sales Executives Email List


Min. 500 Lux on the horizontal plane. 200 Lux for the vertical plan

Separate circuits for lightingor panels

Emergency lighting & signs

Other Equipment

UPS Power distribution, or conditioning: > 100kVa in a separate room

Parameters of operation

A dedicated HVAC system is preferred (68 – 77% F) and determined every 10-30 feet at 1.5ft in height

HVAC – minimum. 100 sqft/ton SE email database free

Max. temperature change rate 5 F/hr

40%-55 percent relative humidity (reduces ESD)

Electrical Signal Reference Grid (SRG)

buy SE targeted email list
buy SE targeted email list

Sprinkler systems should be pre-action systems


Camera monitoring (internal/external)


The TIA standard suggests an arrangement of cabinets based on rows in a data centre, having the tops of racks facing each other in a single row (cold aisles that has perforated tiles) and the backs facing each other in the adjoining rows (hot aisles that have non-perforated tiles) as seen from top-view in the figure below. In this configuration, lower-density power cable paths are placed in cold aisles to improve airflow while the higher density cables for network connections are placed within the aisles that are hot. In the same way, cold air is introduced from the front of cabinets in cold aisles, and exits at the rear of the cabinets in those aisles that are hot. Air circulation could be either forced or passive (e.g. by using fans to draw out cold air or heated air).

J. Cabling

In a data center, everything needs to function properly in order to move bits around and out of it that is, the infrastructure for cabling is the place the bits travel. Cabling should be used by different generations of devices over a time of between 10 and 25 years. The biggest issue is to develop the network architecture that connects horizontal distribution zones (HDAs) and zones of distribution (ZDAs) and areas for equipment distribution (EDAs). The multi-level cable tray (3 Layer) can be implemented where Bottom Layer is copper cables, the middle layer is fiber, and the Top Layer is Power. The data center cabling example is given in the diagram below: buy SE database for marketing

SE lists

K. Spaces

The relationships between spaces in data centres can be seen in the following figure: buy SE targeted email list

While the basic information for a the data center have been given here Students are encouraged to know the requirements of TIA-942 and the processes.

The TIA-942 standard specifically addresses data centre infrastructure which includes the telecom infrastructure standard as well as facility specifications. It offers an adaptable and flexible structured cabling system that utilizes standard media , while also building upon the existing standards. It provides guidelines for various areas that can be useful in planning as well as managing data center. It also acts as a standard of tiers to determine the level of quality in a center and evaluates these centres.

4.4.1 Securing the Data Centre

The data center houses the bulk of the vital applications and data needed by the company. The design of the infrastructure as well as power and cooling wiring for the data center must be constantly planned and upgraded according to the requirements. Sales Executives Email List

buy SE database for marketing
buy SE database for marketing

Security must be considered part of the fundamental infrastructure requirements. Because the primary role of security for the center’s data is ensure access to services and services, the ways that security impacts traffic flows capacity, scalability, and even the possibility of failures need to be taken into consideration.

The following are the threats that affect the data center SE email database free

Access without authorization

Service interruption

Data loss

Modification of data

Unauthorized access may include unauthorised device access as well as access to data that is not authorized. Service interruption, data loss and data modifications may be the result targeted attacks. A single threat may attack one or several in these categories. Particular threats could include threats: privilege escalation; malware, spyware, botnets, denial-of-service (DoS) and traversal attacks (including directoryattacks, URL) and, man-in the-middle.

4.4.2 Best Practices in the Data Centre

The implementation of access controls physical in the datacenter.

Monitoring continuous of the data center.

Implementation of Environmental Security Controls. SE business email database free download

Security routing is crucial and the these points should be treated with seriously:

Route peer authentication

Route filtering

Log neighbor changes

The firewalls need to be hardened similarly to other infrastructure device. The following configuration guidelines apply:

Use HTTPS for device access. Delete HTTP access.

Configure Authentication Authorization and accounting (AAA) to allow role-based access control and recording. Make use of a local fallback account in the event that you cannot connect to the AAA server is unavailable.

Limit the kinds of traffic permitted through the administration interface(s).

Use Secure Shell (SSH). Disable Telnet.

Make use of Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers buy SE database for marketing

SE Email


Security focused on the environment and making it easier to reduce the risk of environmental hazards, like natural or man-made catastrophes that buy SE targeted email list  impact the technology of information and communication (ICT).

SE database for sale
SE database for sale

Companies should be aware of any risks caused by natural or man-made catastrophes for their ICT equipment as part of their risk assessment of security. Because ICT systems are vulnerable to the effects of environmental influences, other risk-reducing measures, in addition to the ones used to safeguard individuals and objects from damage, could be necessary. It has been discovered that in many instances, environmental and physical security are also managed by silo-functions, which leads to a significant inconsistency between IT security and physical security. This leaves many physical security vulnerabilities and problems with environmental components not addressed. The issue has been discussed in recent years, resulting in the concept of combining physical and technological security. Diverse technology options are emerging in the market which promise convergence and offer the possibility to create a common incident management system that addresses both security events affecting the environment and physical are managed.

4.5.1 Strategy for Environmental Security5

Strategies to protect the environment are designed at establishing environmental security control measures for an organisation. Students are advised to go to DSCI security framework to learn more about. SE business email database free download

Create a list of electric arrangement for supply, backup plans, emergency fire protection measures and fire detection systems as well as evacuation routes for fires and heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) devices in all facilities.

It is essential to ensure that there is full understanding of the adequacy of the measures used for environmental security, their present state against local and geographic conditions , as well as historical incidents relating to environmental security measures. Sales Executives Email List

Make sure that a substantial amount of resources and effort is committed to the continuous facility operation, security of the environment in facilities as well as preventing fires in facilities, and ensuring the safety of the life of those who work in facilities in the event of an incident.

Make sure that an enterprise-wide standard and guidelines are set to protect the environment.

SE address lists
SE address lists

Make sure that there is a plan to provide facilities with services management, embracing new technological solutions, analyzing the status of equipment and devices, and integrating them into an incident management to handle particular events involving environmental devices.

4.5.2 Environmental Security – Best Practices

DSCI security framework has been outlined following the best practices for security in the environment that companies can choose to use to implement security measures against threats from the environment to ICT.

Create a map showing fire security precautions in the building such as a smoke or fire detector maps of the facility as well as a fire alarming and command control system , and measures to protect against fire.

Be sure that sufficient amounts of effort is devoted to routine fire safety procedures which include the testing the fire alarms and regular maintenance of equipments , and exercises for fire safety. SE business email database free download

Make sure that the responsibilities are identified for emergencies, fire drills and routine training by the individuals designated.

It is essential that a large amount of effort is devoted to education and awareness for the employees. Make sure that adequate signage and maps of directions that can be used to guide employees in an emergency.

Make sure that a substantial amount of power system capacity as well as standby power supply and HVAC are in place to handle the present demands on the facility, as well as its expected expansion.Sales Executives Email List

Be sure that adequate funds are allocated to the maintenance of all equipment supporting them to maintain their functionality and to avoid any malfunctions.

Make sure that there is a system to check the performance of HVAC and power systems. buy SE database for marketing

Check that the incident control system has the capacity to handle the issues that are detected by security equipments for environmental monitoring.

SE email database

4.5.3 Environmental Security – Guidelines6

Certain data stored on ICT systems may be required by companies in order to allow a return to normal operation following an incident. It is important for organizations to determine the accessibility of their data in their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The consequences of information being unavailable can affect the steps that are taken to safeguard ICT equipment from natural and human-made hazards. Some guidelines for security in the environmental realm include: purchase SE email lists

Protection of ICT equipment: ICT equipment may require an environment that is controlled to protect the integrity of data stored on the device. Information-related equipment in ICT could require a controlled environment to avoid failure of the equipment and the potential loss of data. This could include, but are not including, controlling:



air quality such as smoke or dust

water or


Organisations must apply controls to ensure that they meet the ICT equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

SE email database providers
SE email database providers

Backup and uninterruptible power sources Information could be lost by organizations when ICT systems suddenly shut down. Uninterruptible power source (UPS) can allow the agency to shut off devices in a controlled way or supply power until system ICT systems is restored. SE email database free download

Any UPS employed by an organization should have enough power to provide:

the controlled shut down of ICT systems the controlled shutdown of ICT systems Sales Executives Email List

the initialization of a battery backup power supply.

ICT equipment also requires security from surges in power (relatively long-lasting rises in voltage) Power sags, power surges, and spikes (short huge surges in power). The majority of UPS also

provide some protection from some protection from surges and can provide some security from surges and. Because most systems for environmental protection rely on power from the mains the backup power supply could help in maintaining the environmental control. Backup power sources must be maintained in line to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Protection against natural and man-made disasters: Organizations need to be aware of any potential threats from natural and man-made disasters that could affect their ICT equipment during their risk assessment of security. Examples of man-made and natural disasters include flooding, earthquake or cyclone, fire terrorist attacks etc. A business continuity plan for your an organization must be created and implemented, as well as tested frequently. SE email database free download

Protection against the effects of earthquake or explosion, terrorism as well as civil unrest and other types of man-made and natural risk should be planned and implemented. This may include:

Examining the probabilities of different kinds of risks, and the worth of the assets that are to be secured against these potential risks.

Security threats to be considered by structures and facilities that are located near. Sales Executives Email List

Proper equipment (e.g. fire-fighting equipment,) and other countermeasures are provided and appropriately placed on location.

buy SE database online
buy SE database online

The best off-site/remote locations for backup facilities and copies of data.

We will discuss some of the most frequent threats and backup plans to ensure the continuity of operations.

Flooding The threat of flooding is among the biggest dangers of any technology that relies on electricity, not just ICT systems. Server rooms should be placed in the server room to protect them from flooding. The flooding could be due to external sources like rivers that are swollen, or internal sources, such as ruptured pipes. Businesses considering the installation of server rooms in basements need to be aware of the possibility of flooding due to either internal or external sources. SE database for sale

SE email listing

The organization should also safeguard ICT apparatus from fire. ICT equipment may be damaged directly or indirectly by exposure to flames or by the consequences from fumes (poor the quality of air) as well as the rise in temperature within the general ambient. purchase SE email lists

A further concern for ICT equipment in the event of fires is the risk of flooding during the fire fighting operation. A company may be able to utilize alternative systems to sprinklers that are not water-based that include CO2 and other gaseseous substances for crucial ICT installations.

Backup ICT systems backup ICT systems offer an organisation an option to restore their systems in the event that they’re principal ICT systems fail. These can be part of an organization’s business

Disaster recovery and continuity plans for disaster recovery and continuity. Any backup system should be, in the best way possible, totally independent of the infrastructure that is used by the primary system, so that in the event of breakdown of the primary ICT system, the backup ICT system will not fail. Backup ICT systems must be regularly tested to ensure their continuous functioning. Companies can utilize commercial or off-site backup services. It is recommended to consider dual redundancy, which means having two backup facilities for critical business information as well as ICT systems. Security requirements for environmental security should be specified in contracts that outsource tasks. SE email database free download

SE email id list
SE email id list


In this class, we reviewed the how important it is to have physical and environmental security to meet the goal of the organization’s Information security plan. Security measures that protect the environment and physical security stop unauthorized access to physical information as well as damage and interruption of the company’s information assets. Security measures for the physical and environmental should be sufficient to safeguard the technology for communication and information within the company. Physical and environmental security needs to be blend with IT security, and both domains shouldn’t be used as separate entities. Data centers are hubs that contain vital assets for organizations, and security and the continuity of operations are among the first priority. Sales Executives Email List

What is physical security for ICT.

Discuss the importance of ICT the policy on disposal of equipment.

What is access control.

The reasons why security of data centers is crucial.

What is TIA-942.



After completing this course You will be equipped to:

Learn about threats, vulnerabilities and threats to servers

Be aware of different types of threats to the server

Implement OS hardening

Know the OS authentication process

Protect server against unauthorized network access

Know the basics of the encryption

Secure server platform


Every system should be secured, however the degree of security may depend on the importance of the system as well as its information. The most common model for security of information outlines three aspects of security which are known as security based on the CIA triads i.e. keeping confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. Sales Executives Email List

Confidentiality refers to the fact that data isn’t divulged or made available to unauthorised individuals and entities or processes. Data integrity refers to keeping and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of information throughout its lifespan i.e. data cannot be altered in a non-authorized or unnoticed way. The term “accessibility” means that the information can be accessed by authorized users whenever they need to. SE database for sale

SE email leads

Security of servers is not different. Servers are the lifeblood of numerous organizations that provide some or all services to other hosts on the network. It is a major purpose. For example, a Web server will provides Web service to the users’ Web browsers. There are a variety of servers, including applications, authentication directory services email log management for infrastructure

buy SE email database
buy SE email database

name/address resolution, (e.g., Domain Name Server [DNSfor instance) Print,, and remote access. The servers of an organization offer various services for both external and internal users. A lot of servers also manage or store sensitive data for the company. It is not a good idea to think that information is of no importance. Criminals aren’t only searching for classified information. Computers can’t lie and remain safe. It is the responsibility of the administrators of the system to continuously keep an eye on and be proactive from a security standpoint to ensure that systems are secure. In order to make sure that systems are the most secure possible the system must be made sure that we’re keeping systems and devices in a timely manner and using the best cyber security methods. Servers of an organization provide many different services to both internal and external users. A lot of servers also process or store sensitive data for the company. Some of purchase SE email lists

The most commonly used kinds of servers are Web and email servers, databases infrastructure management, server for files. Our goal is figure out the security risks that a critical server can has and the possible impact using the best security methods to minimize the threat surface. SE b2b database

Numerous technologies, features and configuration options are employed to increase the server’s security by taking into account identification and authentication, authorization, isolation, data protection, Secure networking. Sales Executives Email List

Servers are typically targeted by hackers due to the importance of their information and services. For instance, a server may contain personally identifiable information that can be used for identity theft.

Here are some examples of typical security threats to servers:

DoS (DoS) attack on servers, preventing authorized users from accessing the necessary services

Data breach and compromise of server data by unauthorised individuals or altered in an unauthorised manner.

Man IN The Middle attacks in which sensitive data sent unencrypted or poorly secured between the server and client could be accessed by a hacker.

email marketing database SE
email marketing database SE

The server is an entry point in an attack plan that is targeted and has been linked to further compromise both internally as well as externally. If the server was offering Active Directory Services, credentials of servers and users might be compromised. It is possible for the server to accidentally launch attacks against geographically separated locations such as the possibility of a DOS attack. The traffic is generated unknowingly by this compromised server. SE b2b database

Infected parties can exploit security flaws in the server or in its underlying operating system in order to obtain gain access to servers.

According to research, the top locations to secure servers are

The operating system view.

Software for the Underlying Server

Security of the server through an appropriate and secure configuration by means proper patches and upgrades Security testing, monitoring logs and backups of data as well as operating system data. Sales Executives Email List

Security of the operating system that the server will be run. When the safety of your OS is taken seriously, most attacks can be prevented that isn’t covered by the procedures and policies that an organization applies. Some of the best practices to ensure OS security include:

Update and patch the operating system SE database for sale

SE email Profile

Disable or remove unneeded applications, services and network protocols

Configure operating system user authentication purchase SE email lists

Configure control of resource

Install and install additional security controls in the event that they are required.

Test the security of your operating system.

Second, take a careful review of the planned applications and the services the server will be able to offer and ensure that the server is properly installed as well as configured and managed to meet the security needs of the company. The most important rule of thumb is to set up the minimum amount of required services and remove any vulnerabilities known to exist by implementing patches or updates. Remove any unnecessary programs such as scripts, services, or applications They should be eliminated as soon as the installation process is completed. The process of securing the server application will generally involve the steps below: SE b2c database

SE consumer email database
SE consumer email database

Update and patch the server application to version 72

Delete or block any unnecessary applications, services and samples of content

Configure user authentication for servers and access control Sales Executives Email List

Configure server control of resources

Verify to ensure the safety of server applications (and the server content If appropriate).

Thirdly, examine regularly the available services and data on the server to determine the required security requirements. Conducting periodic audits and management of logs on the server is recommended. The following procedures are used:

Setting up, protecting and analyzing log file analysis regularly and on a regular basis

Backups of critical information regularly

Implementing and following the procedures to recover from the effects of compromise

Applying patches and testing them in a time

Monitoring security frequently.


To measure success, every service provider must get it right every time. They are considered to be failing when there is a isolated system or piece of data. The following guiding principles are a set of actions that are designed to accomplish specific cybersecurity goals