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Chief Technology Officer Email List

The business world continues to be affected by introduction Internet fever. Both people and bodies are now affected by Internet fever.
More than 500 million businesses have been registered on the internet. In general, people and
Members of the internet environment are used to using this technology by business entities.
Features and applications that are available online include email, mailing lists and blogs, as well as networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Entrepreneurs have many opportunities because of the large number of businesses and individuals that are connected via the internet.
Marketers need to establish relationships with customers so they can become customers.
Services and products. You can use the internet to access many applications and features. CTO email leads
To establish relationships with people and business entities through the virtual network.
These internet users are also very intensive with using the media as a communication tool.
It is a way to locate information and to support business activities. Businesses are entities.
To promote products and services, take advantage of the web features available to create a website for your business.
Information and transaction services are provided, as well email and mailing lists for business communications.
Individual users have also used social networking and e-mail to communicate with each other.
Facilitate communication and strengthen relationships
Nearly all internet users use email, despite the existence of other applications and features.
Both business entities and individuals, for both promotional and correspondence purposes. Hence,
Every person and every business entity connected to the internet has an email address.
They have many.
Budi Sutedjo…

CTO mailing lists
CTO mailing lists

Email has been a well-known feature on the internet.
Marketing activities, particularly promotions, can be done at very low cost.
inexpensive. Not all email addresses are interested in receiving promotional emails. Some people
Or business entities feel disturbed. They even consider promotional email as trash.
So that email addresses are not shared widely by businesses or individuals, Other than that
Some e-mail programs, like Yahoo and GMail, limit the number of e mails that can be sent.
So that marketers have the chance to send out promotional emails extensively CTO email id list
2. Problem Formulation
Email address owners have rejected promotional emails from many of them.
Marketers are facing restrictions when it comes to sending promotional emails via email applications.
How to effectively send promotional eMails
3. Basic Theory
3.1. Marketing
Marketing is a sales concept, and it’s a common belief among many. Yes, marketing is sales.
Marketing is about sales. But the core of marketing is not about that.
sale. CTO email id list
Marketing is a social activity that allows individuals and groups to achieve their goals.
What they want and need by offering, creating and giving freely
Exchanging value products with others (Kotler 2002, p. 9). His book is:
Kotler also adopted the opinion of Peter Drucker (a prominent management theorist).
One can assume that sales will always be needed, but that marketing goals are not.
It is not about expanding sales everywhere. Marketing is about to
Understanding the customer is key to ensuring that the product/service is appropriate.
With (needs & wants) customers. Marketing should result in a
Customers who are willing to buy (Kotler 2002, p. 9).
The pattern of marketing services and goods has now entered the stage personalization.
Particularly, product differentiation is where standard goods or services are transformed into special solutions.
Individual (Hanson 2000, p. 192). This requires that you have adequate support for personal communication.
In order to meet customer needs, there is a lot of interaction between the company’s employees and customers.
The internet can provide adequate support for personalized marketing patterns.
The internet offers many features, including e-mail and web. This can make it possible to bridge the gap.
Companies can communicate effectively with customers and understand their needs.
His specific needs. Customers will benefit from personal communication.
Express their desires according to their taste. 
3.2. Marketing Email
Email is an acronym for electronic mail. It can also be translated into Indonesian.
as e-mail. Email is the most used type of internet service. Through
Users can use e-mail to send information, news, letters, documents and photos, as well as data and files.
E-mail, in particular, is used to manage correspondence.
Electronic attachment This feature is extremely practical and can be used by anyone. mail sender
There’s no need to put stamps and envelopes in your mail box.
Send it. It is also faster to send an email than a letter via post service or email
Courier In seconds or minutes, the letter is sent to the recipient.
Multiple addresses can be used at once Additional, costs are not for internet connection.
EKSIS Journal Vol. 02, No. 02 November 2009: Pages 26-31

CTO mailing lists

It is local even though it can reach beyond the city and island boundaries, as well as abroad. This is an e-mail
It is personal so the letter can be sent directly to the recipient.
There are two types of email applications: offline and online. Access
The first type of email application is the one that requires the user to go online to the server. This is because the delivery process will not be possible without the internet.
Receiving and sending emails one at a time (Oetomo 2007, p. 197) Email service provider,, and are all popular online sites.
Users can access the offline email application while they wait, but not always online. CTO email Profile
During the accessing session, the sending and receiving processes can be performed simultaneously
cumulative. The application will download any new email that is available during the process of receiving mail.
All email from the server will be saved to the user’s computer.
user’s computer. Users can also read email from their computer without having to connect to the internet.
Marketers can send offers via e-mail using e-mail apps 
The offer. Marketers must be able write sentences and words so that recipients understand the offer.
Email can instantly understand the purpose and intent of the offer. It is essential to use the word economy pattern
Because email users need concise but clear information, it was implemented.
An attachment can be made to the promotional email that contains the offer letter, including a proposal and a product photo.
Leaflets and other files. Marketers need to be aware of the importance of attachments to letters.
Emails can be downloaded quickly and easily by reducing their file size

CTO lists
CTO lists

Marketers can send promotional emails but they are restricted by their rights.
Email address owners don’t want to be bombarded with unnecessary information. In fact, email address owners don’t want to be bothered with information they don’t need.
It is normal for information to be shared, but the email address remains private.
Not all email addresses are willing to be accepted. You can also email
Spread anonymous letters, viruses, or links to malicious sites.
These emails are classified as junk mail or spam (Turban 2008, p. 533). These emails are therefore classified as spam or junk mail (Turban, 2008, p. 533).
Email spam can be detected and discarded immediately.
Online businesses are at risk (Turban 2008, p. 789).
Marketers face many challenges. Where marketers are needed
Marketers need to advertise to introduce products to potential customers.
Its products. Advertisements sent via email were not requested.
Unsolicited advertising: Splog recipients can be classified as spam email addresses so that
The recipient will throw it away immediately and not respond positively.
A number of email programs are available to combat spam email.
Yahoo! and Gmail allow for a limited number of submissions at a time. Other than that
This is when many emails are returned because the email addresses have been incorrect or not.
These applications can be received, and then they will immediately block the sender of email for a time
24-hours, so that the sender can’t send email to that address. buy CTO email database
Email owners can also use a firewall to protect their mailboxes.
Spam emails are not allowed to be sent to email addresses, so it is possible to reject promotional emails.
4. Results of observation and discussion
4.1. Preparation and distribution of promotional emails
Three events of the Indonesian Writing National Workshop were observed.
Served on the 28-30th of July, 22-24 Oct and 19-21 Nov 2009. Where is the committee
You can also socialize the event by sending out promotional emails.
The email promotion is simple and written in plain English.
This is to ensure that email messages are not sent with attachments in the form of files. This is done so that
Information about the workshop is available immediately to recipients.
Budi Sutedjo…
Materials include materials for motivation, target participants and schedule.
Committee, testimonials, and a list of participant entries must be completed and sent to committee.
The event will be followed by email. The committee prepared the material taking into consideration the results.
observation and feedback on the information needs of recipients The committee too
Pay attention to word economy. This will ensure that sentences are not too long.
It should be simple enough to be understood by the recipient.
The email may contain an offer but it is not intended to be.
Marketing power. The reader’s motivation can help them grow.
Fans are encouraged to participate in the latest event call. Table 3 shows that there are approximately 3,000 participants.
Nearly 10% of those who participated were fans. However, that doesn’t mean 90% of fans don’t participate.
Influenced successfully
In general, 90% of those who don’t attend the event are limited by cost or time.
They actually need the email more after they have read it, but the two obstacles are still there
This can often be a hindrance. The committee has tried to overcome these obstacles.
Second, creating a fee-tier for participants through the formation of category groups.
The committee is also seeking sponsors to provide subsidy for lecturers.
Teachers, students, and retirees.

CTO lists

To promote the event, the committee tried many promotional strategies.
Society. You can also send leaflets and posters to 300-500.
Institutions can use postal services to place newspaper ads and send e-mails 3,000 authors
The committee obtained email addresses from books to obtain papers in proceedings of national seminars.
Send an email to 600 high school and college leaders.
Email addresses are obtained from various websites on the internet that host high school lists, and also from college list books.
Sending emails to 2,000 business leaders whose email addresses were obtained through advertisements CTO email Profile
Kompas Daily Classics
The author’s observations during the three periods of organizing the event are what we can draw conclusions from.
The following data were obtained
Table 1. Table 1.
Description: Number of Responses
Email address for Destination Email Workshop
28-30 July 2009
22-24 October 2009
19-21 November 2009
Author proceeds 3000 4 4
600 College and High School 0 0 0.
Company (Kompas) 2000 3 3 

CTO Email
CTO Email

4 Responses from 3,000 Email Addresses of the Authors of the Proceedings and 3 Responses
An auto-responder app appears to have handled 2,000 of the company’s email addresses.
During this time, the owner or the business entity that obtained the email address from the former person or entity will be the one who owns it.
Interested in the event via offline ads in the Kompas National newspaper
Contacting the committee was more positive, and they provided a direct response.
EKSIS Journal Vol. 02, No. 02 November 2009: Pages 26-31
Table 2. Table 2.
Remarks: Number of requests
28-30 July 2009
22-24 October 2009
19-21 November 2009
Advertisement 1 54 34 53
Advertisement 2 2842 42
Advertisement 3-8 25 20
Total 90 101 115
Thank you for your positive response and especially for the email.
A number of participants attended the workshop as shown in this table.
Table 3. Table 3.
Information about the Number of Participants
28-30 July 2009
22-24 October 2009
19-21 November 2009
Participants 5-10 8
One hundred and ninety email addresses were obtained during the offline promotion of the July 28-30 workshop.
2010. The workshop information was not sent 22-24 Oct 2010 and did not receive a positive response.
2009. 101 email addresses were obtained in the offline promotion of the workshop.
22-24 October 2009 was not positive when workshop information was sent.
19-21 November 2009. buy CTO email database
It is possible that the email addresses of the people who requested the workshop on 28-30 may have been the owners.
July 2009 felt that they didn’t ask for information about workshops 22-24 October 2009. They felt the same thing
The email address was not used for the workshop on October 22-24 2009.
Information requested for the workshop on November 19-21st, 2009.
4.3. Conduct of email application service providers
The e-mail service provider also restricts the number of e mails that can be sent
One email at a given time. Notes were made by the committee after they observed the sending of emails.
The application offers only 60 email addresses for use
Send within a specified time with a delay of only a few seconds. When distance
If it takes more than 10 minutes, it can be sent to 60 addresses.
For, you can receive consecutive deliveries to approximately 400 addresses
e-mail. The email service can’t be used after this amount.
A single email can be sent for up to 24 hours. If there are more than 20 addresses, however,
If the e-mail address is not correct, or rejected, these applications will be rejected.
For 24 hours, immediately block the email address of the sender.
The committee is unable to send out promotional emails due to this condition.
The committee has been working intensively with the public in cyberspace. The committee addressed this issue by making
You can also add a few other email addresses to the email address list so that the committee has three email addresses. This will allow them to contact each other directly.
Alternately, you can send promotional emails. 
5. Conclusion
It was based on observations of the promotion activities at a national workshop.
Conclusion: Sending promotional emails i will work if the owner of the email shows an interest
Budi Sutedjo…

CTO Email

First, open the promotional email. If the owner does not own the email address,
if you are interested, the response is not sufficient. In fact, there is no response. By
Marketers should use offline media to attract the attention of the addressee.
email so that the promotion email is effective.
To send promotional emails, you can use e-mail apps that limit the number
E-mails sent at once require that the sender ensures that the e mail address is correct.
Destination is correct and the recipient is indeed open to considering the offer
Information is moving fast in the age of globalization.
Get on board and start a business!
You will win the competition. Development
Marketing strategy can now be supported quickly
With the advancement of information technology today.
Internet via e-commerce, online media buy CTO database online
Opportunities for small, medium and large businesses
Medium-sized businesses (MSMEs), can market and
Expand your business network to all corners of the globe
Business world. MSME actors are therefore required.
Be part of a global network
Information technology using e-technology
Commerce and social media are not the same thing if they don’t.
Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in information technology

CTO email database
CTO email database

will be far behind the rest and lose in competition
Online media and e-commerce are both possible
One way is for the perpetrator to do this.
SME’s can market their products in other countries than
Expand market access MSMEs must
TEKNOKOM Vol. 2 No. 2 No.
See the benefits of social media and e-commerce
Access to the market is easy and efficient
Along with the inevitable era of globalization.
This situation requires that SMEs make the right choices.
Effective and on target Marketing
Through e-commerce or social media
Directly supporting SMEs can be a challenge for business leaders.
Communicate with the buyer so that
They can make more profit
E-commerce and social media are great for promoting your business.
Marketing MSME products can be done in many ways
The benefits and advantages of being less expensive
efficient. Other than e-commerce, social media is also efficient.
You also have unlimited access to the internet when you are away from home.
If a company has an internet address, what does that mean?
You can access the information on the internet by
Visitors from all parts of the globe are welcome to visit during this event buy CTO email database
The area has internet access.
The more frequently the address is visited,
The greater your potential to achieve, the better
It is undeniable that
Information technology advances are not permanent
Positive results can be mixed with many negative aspects.
For example, several are generated
Person who exploits the weakness of
Marketing through e-commerce or social media
This is susceptible to fraud. Amount
Consumers who are interested in the product
Offers on e-commerce, social media
Make sure they are looking for the same product
But at a lower price
Quality is being forgotten by consumers
Products or companies that offer these services. 
Offer the product. [2]A. Online Marketing
Marketing is a process
Planning and implementing ideas
Pricing, promotion, and distribution
(The result of thought), Goods and Services

CTO email database

Create satisfying exchanges
Individual and organizational goals. [5]Marketing includes the following:
Both mental and physical aspects. Mental
In the sense that sellers should know 
What buyers and sellers want
You must be able to tell what to sell. Physical inside
This means that items must be moved.
They are required in certain places buy CTO database online
Their time is important. [2]E-Marketing refers to the marketing aspect of E-Marketing
Commerce is the result of efforts by companies to
Communicate about, promote, and sell products
Services and products available over the Internet E-Marketing is the future of marketing.
Marketing is an important aspect of E-Commerce.
Communication is an important part of any company.
Promote, and sell products and services all over the
internet. [5]Information technology development
The internet has a huge impact on the world, especially in the digital age.
Marketing is something that many people even consider.
The internet is a great tool for marketing.
Right choice at this point. Height
Internet users are proportional to
Its use in daily life
It is especially true in the marketing field.
Online marketing is becoming more popular in line
With the increasing popularity of this use
internet. [3]

CTO email listing
CTO email listing

Cyberspace marketing is a great way to market online
There are many people who call Cyber Marketing “Cyber Marketing”.
Internet marketing. Common abbreviations
With e-marketing Cyber concepts
Marketing includes strategic planning
Situation analysis, customer analysis, and development
Market and product positioning and concepts
Another concept. But, many principles are still applicable.
These are some of the cyber marketing strategies and tactics
Marketing strategy is rooted. email marketing database CTO
Traditional, but the implementation is new.
The new dimension has been merged into.
This is especially true for the internet-based business landscape.
Marketing advertising messages via media
Promotion of calcified type via the internet
Website, marketing testimonials
Search engines, marketing and 
Email marketing is a key factor in purchase. [4]B. E-Commerce
Electronic commerce (ecommerce)
A concept that can be described
It is the process of selling and buying goods online
The process of purchasing and selling products or services, and exchanging them.
Information through information networks, including
internet. [8]Online Electronic Commerce (Ecommerce)
A business activity is generally defined as:
Services (commerce/trade)
Consumers are closely connected
(Consumers), Manufacturing and Internet Service
The notion of ecommerce can be described as:
Selling and buying are the same thing.
Services that allow you to purchase goods and services
Online computer via the internet. [4]E-commerce can also mean
A process for doing business with technology CTO email listing
Electronics that can connect between
Companies, consumers, and society.
Electronic transaction forms
Exchange/sale goods, services, and
Information electronically. [6]

CTO email listing

E-commerce refers to the range that
A wide range of technologies, processes, and practices are available
Who can conduct business transactions without a license?
Paper as a mechanism
transaction. Transmission of data
Electronics to aid business processes. [8]C. Social Media
Social media can be used to refer to not only CTO business database
New Media platforms, but also implies that
Integration of systems such as FriendFeed, Facebook
Others that are generally considered social
networks. It is a notion that different media should be used.
Platforms have social components, and as such, are able to be used for social purposes.
Medium of public communication. [1]The latest innovation is social media
Web development technologies 
New internet-based tools make it simple for everyone
People to be able communicate and to participate
Form a network and share your knowledge
Online, so it can spread
Content individually. Social networking media
This is a place where people can find out more about each other.

CTO email leads
CTO email leads

Friends can communicate with each other
They knew them in real life.
cyberspace. Social media is a paradigm
New media in the industrial context
marketing. [14]D. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Small, medium and micro enterprises
MSME is commonly abbreviated. This is how it was arranged
In Law No. 9 year 1995
About Small Business There are also rules email marketing database CTO
Government Number 44, 1997
Partnership that is more effective
further. [12] This is the definition of SME.
Law Number 9 contains these provisions
Article 1: 1995, [10]a. A.
People who are small and yet have a lot to offer.
Net worth or yield criteria
Annual sales and ownership
As regulated by the Law
b. Medium Enterprises and Large Enterprises can be found here
Economic activities that meet certain criteria
Net worth or profits from sales
Annual is higher than net worth
The annual sales of small businesses. 
For the meaning of Micro and Small
Act for Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
Number 20 in 2008: [11]1. Micro Enterprises are small businesses that produce high-quality products.
Individuals and/or businesses
Individuals who meet the requirements for business CTO email database
The Law regulates micro.
Invite this.
2. A small business is an economically productive one
Stand-alone, performed by
Individuals or businesses that are involved in the creation of
This is not a subsidiary of
Not a single branch of the company was owned.
You can either master or be a part of one directly.
Indirectly or directly from medium-sized companies
Large businesses that meet these criteria
Referred to as “Small Business”
This law.

CTO email leads

3. Medium enterprises are economically-oriented businesses
Stand-alone productivity
Whether performed by an individual or a company.
Business entity that isn’t a subsidiary
company or branch that
Owned, controlled or a portion of the good
Directly or indirectly,
Large or small business, with many clients
Net worth or profits from sales
Annually as required by the Law
Invite this. CTO customers database
As per the previous understanding, there are
There is a clear distinction between micro-enterprises
With small and medium-sized enterprises.
The difference lies in assets or
Turnover earned or generated
Activation of business.
TEKNOKOM Vol. 2 No. 2 No.
A. Scientific Writing Method
This scientific work was written for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
The author can explain the use of e.
Strategy for commerce and social media
Marketing for small, medium and micro enterprises
(MSMEs). This scientific work was written by the author.
The author uses the writing technique
descriptive. The descriptive method can be interpreted
As a method or process for solving problems
Investigated by describing or
Describe the current state of the object or subject
Research can take the form of institutions or people.

CTO email Profile
CTO email Profile

Community and other people who are available at the same time
Now, based upon the facts as they are.
It is true as it is, without subtraction
Because the author wants to find out.
Implementation of e-commerce & social media
to development, marketing improvement
Small business productivity: How to increase it
medium. email marketing database CTO
C. Data Collection Techniques
Here in data collection techniques,
There are several techniques used by the author, including:
Interviews and field observations Interview
What is meant by this is to try and get.
Please provide the necessary information to the resource person
Previous selections. In Engineering
Interview information can be obtained
Face-to-face interviews, such as meeting or discussing business plans.
Face to face with the speakers
Interviews were conducted throughout the day.
Electronic media Interview purpose
This is just getting data.
This paper is required for scientific writing
Without forgetting the facts.
Field observation is a technique
Data collection is very common today.
Because the author is involved in the entire process
Get a lot of data right away and
true. By doing Technique
This observation is hoped to be observable.
Present / describe a realistic image
Events to help the author achieve his goals.
D. Data Analysis
Data analysis techniques are used in
Statistics are used to write this scientific paper.
Data can be used for both qualitative and descriptive analysis CTO email database
All the data collected have been translated into
Both scientific writings and those that are displayed in
Form of graphs and tables.
This scientific paper was written during the writing process
The author also tried out some books.
to learn more about some of these theories
The author deems relevant.

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After looking for the data that you are looking for,
Analyze the data as needed
Writer gets result to write
This work. The analysis will hopefully yield some useful results.
described by the author
What is in line with the facts?
field. CTO customers database
A. Characteristics of SME
This study focuses on the owners of this property.
Managers of MSMEs with specific service businesses,
Branche or trade. Subject line of business
Research, including services in photography, and events
Trade between organizer and travel agent
Food/beverage, foodindustrie, garment
Crafts. The majority of the SMEs were studied.
It has been established between 0-5 and 5-10 Years.

TEKNOKOM Vol. 2 No. 2 No.
B. B.
Social in SME
All MSMEs used as objects
The research resulted in e-technology.
Commerce and social media as media
Information and communications from companies Part
MSMEs use a variety of e-commerce.

CTO business database
CTO business database

Commerce and social media are two of the best ways to market
Advertise products
Services for companies Nearly all MSMEs
using e-commerce, and social media Facebook
Twitter and Instagram to show your profile
Gallery of company products and company photos
Most companies use fuel,
WhatsApp and e-mail media
company information/communication and marketing
Product of the company
Moreover, there are some MSMEs.
Use of Youtube, Line and Blog media
Display the company profile
E-commerce is an information medium (e-commerce).
company. Nearly half of MSMEs are women-owned businesses
Budget allocation was observed
operational Rp.500,000-Rp.1,000,000 CTO consumer email database
How to manage social media and e-commerce
as a medium of information/communication and
Marketing for companies. Marketing is important.
Information about MSMEs is updated in the media
Every day is social
Table 2. Table 2. Implementation of E-commerce
Commerce and Social Media

The results of research by researchers
Show e-commerce Bukalapak
Tokopedia is more well-known by the perpetrators
Comparing MSMEs to e-commerce
Others in Indonesia Social media
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram tend to be more popular than others.
It is preferred for its ease of use
Share information to attract attention
Target market
Facebook with convenience and like function
Use the share function to share information with others
The viral effect of Facebook users is a result
Can improve product marketing performance
This is paired with the ease of interfacing with
The domino effect was previously observed
To improve the product’s image. CTO email database
Twitter features: retweets, followers, and more
Subscribers can make sharing easier
Information about the product and significant benefits
Great at marketing the product.
Easy Instagram posting