Absentee Owners Email Lists

Absentee Owner Email Lists

The Master Absentee Owners Marketing list has 1,000,000plus mail addresses … which is the biggest absentee owner email list available. The postal data is present in 100% of the records, as well as mobile data is a lesser portion.


What exactly is an absentee owner’s list of property owners? The legal definition of an absentee property owner is an entity or person who owns a property, but does not reside on the property and not being in charge of the property. A landlord who is managing his duplex rental across the street isn’t absentee owners. This last point is vital since a lot of data sellers sell advertising lists for real property investors (landlords) disguised as owners who are absent. Absentee owners don’t manage their investments .. They have been declared “absent.”



vacant property owners: Properties which are empty are typically identified as absentee owners because the property could be considered vacant if the property was managed by a professional firm taking care of the property. CLICK HERE if looking for a list of marketing lists for empty property owners.



The truth is that no data firm can pinpoint absentee property owners in certainty because property owners do not declare they use a property management company as well as property management companies do not release names of their customers … clients who are absent. The assessor data and other publicly available sources do not reveal if an owners are using the services of a management company. The bottom line is that before purchasing an absentee owners’ list, make sure you ask lots of questions regarding how the list was constructed; if you don’t get an answer in detail … and then go on … or you’re throwing money away.



How do we make our absentee owners ‘ email lists? The list of absentee owners is created using a mathematical model that examines an enormous range of variables. One of the most important variables can be the location between an primary residence and the an investment property address. For example, we’ve got data on 500,000+ individuals who own properties located in Florida … even though they are they live in other areas of Florida. There are 50,000 who own properties in the city of Atlanta … but having a residence that is located two hours away. Yes that’s possible, though it can be a little difficult to manage an investment property that’s 2 hours away. Another important factor is the amount of properties that are owned by the owner. It is very likely that a property owner who has three or more properties is working with an management company. Demographics of property owners are also a factor in the creation of the absentee owner list. For example, a 70 year old who owns a rental property is likely to be working with an agency for property management. What about an individual woman who owns an apartment rental that is one hour from the your home?



Your participation: The above model is flexible, which is the reason why we don’t sell off-the-shelf absentee owner email lists.


We have identified over a million potential absentee owners. However, you are able to work together with the data specialist to improve the algorithm – create the perfect absentee owners’ email list.



How do you use your absentee owners ‘ marketing lists getting your product or brand before absentee owners is a difficult task because our research has shown that this particular group is extremely constantly at the move and constantly being marketed to by some one. For maximum success, you must use multiple channels. Here are some of them:



Homehold display ads The spouses of the household are usually involved with property (often even in the deed) This is the reason, EmailProLeads will display your ads in members of the household … so that everyone in the household will be able to see your brand/offer while surfing the web using the home’s internet server.



Individual Display Ad Campaigns: EmailProLeads will serve your ads directly to the absent owner of the property … straight to the owner’s mobile or personal device (laptop or laptop, etc.).



Absentee Owner Email List Email campaign: EmailProLeads will run your mail marketing campaign, and give you the names of absentee owners who clicked your ad. If you prefer to create your own email marketing campaign, then EmailProLeads will provide the email address list of absentee owners.



Direct mail campaign: For a low cost, EmailProLeads is able to mail a huge postcard to absentee owners of your geographical region. In addition, the mailer is sent to the owner’s primary address … and not to the rental address.



The issue with absentee property owners in comparison to other types in property ownership is that they’re more likely sell their home or seek assistance with their landlord obligations.



It’s the reason why reaching out homeowners who have moved away with the correct messages is more effective and cost-effective than a blanket direct mailer using generic messages or cold calling every single home.



Before we get overboard, let’s first be aware of what an absentee proprietor really is.



We’ll cover:



Different types of absentee property owners and how to figure out the best property for you


The reason absentees are excellent potential buyers for deals, and where to find them


Tips for creating absentee list checklists and ways to use them for your benefit?


What Is An Absentee Owner?


Absentee owners own a house but don’t reside in it as their main home. Absentee owners’ properties are classified as non-owner-occupied homes.



There are many reasons that people are absentee owners. The property may be a rental property, a vacation home, or a property bought for someone special to live in, or an inheritance property where the heirs might or may decide not want to own the house.



When creating lists of absentee owners You create them using either one or the other of these requirements:



Tax bills for the owner are sent to a different address. Most people get letters from government to their address at home.


Tax exemptions: In some states, when homeowners decide to claim an exemption from taxes for their home, it may be only for the primary residence. In most cases, this isn’t an issue because the most common home is their principal home. However, this could be a problem for those who has several properties.


Types of Absentee Owners


Given the variety of reasons why people end up being absent owners You’ll want to consider this when you plan your marketing campaign.



It is important to know the most common types of property that owners who are absentees own, as well as what pros and cons of each property type.



This will enable you to build more targeted lists of absentee owners This will aid in creating more specific marketing messages. The more your message resonates with your target audience more chance you are of connecting with your prospects and turning them into sales.



Types of Absentee Owners


Short-term rentals




Cleaning services, marketing services handypersons, marketing services and vacation rental businesses all provide services that owners of short-term rentals may require. Investors and realtors may observe that owners of short-term rentals are motivated sellers due to the same motives as long-term renters.



Furthermore, home service providers and contractors may offer services that will help you bring in more customers, increase rents and boost property value before sale. Particularly, because a lot of vacation rental properties are located in areas that are high-value or urban, and offer experiences.



Pro Insights


Before the COVID pandemichit, holiday rental owners were overstretching their budgets to enter these lucrative market. Unexperienced investors may be shocked to find out, following the fact that local housing affordability issues are the reason local politicians have to come up with rules that prohibit or create severe restrictions and charges for short-term rentals.



Since cities quickly prohibited short-term rentals after the advent of Covid-19, which ruined the capacity to earn a profit for investors, many realized it is more of a speculation rather than an investment. Before you begin exploring short-term rental properties, be sure you thoroughly study local regulations, permit regulations, and even the forthcoming political agendas that could affect your business plan. This can drastically alter the way you present your business to the owner and , ultimately, determine the best way to organize the deal.



Long-term rentals




Long-term owners of rental properties might be looking to alter the way they handle their home. A property management firm could find a new customer who is fed up with taking care of the 3 T’s (tenants trash, toilets and tenancy). If they’re truly exhausted of managing their property, realtors and investors might locate owners who are enthusiastic sellers, ready to let go because they could make money from equity gains or are suffering from the effects of landlord fatigue, eager to swap for different opportunities, or to consolidate their portfolios.



Companies that provide home services and contractors can provide services that can help raise rents, increase value prior to selling or eliminate management hassles.



Pro Insights


The process of pitching to these kinds of owners is different than talking to the owner’s occupants.



Certain landlords are highly experienced and oversee hundreds of homes. If you approach professional landlords using simple or unprofessional communication can cost you a chance to miss out on huge opportunities.



Make sure you know who you’re talking with before you meet. New opportunities and the creation of financing strategies such as the seller’s carry, or subordinate to deal are more likely to occur with experienced real estate investors.



Inheritanced homes




Inheritanced homes are a fascinating part of absentee-owned property. If owners die and don’t give clear instructions to the person who will inherit the property, it may take years to complete the legal procedure.



In the process, difficulties could arise in families or someone could inherit real estate but not know what to do to take another step. Most of the time, absentee owners aren’t from the area, and have very little knowledge of real estate and require many services within the real estate and service business.



Pro Insights


Certain professionals specialize in homes that they are adept and comfortable in challenging and unique situations.



Family disputes, probate issues as well as title defects are typical when analyzing these transactions. But, the complexity of a deal doesn’t necessarily equal competition. If you’re up for the challenge and possess the patience, pursuing the homes that were inherited can aid in securing more deals.



Vacation homes




As opposed to short-term rentals and vacation homes are owned by owners who live in second homes. Locations that have a high percentage of vacation homes could become the very first areas to see prices decline in times of recession, when owners reconsider their budgets and consider the expensive maintenance, utility and holding expenses that are associated with a second property. Particularly if the property isn’t used often. Real estate investors could be able to strategically target these homes to let out as holiday rental properties.



Local agents may be able to target those owners to be considered for future listings considering they live outside of the state. Mortgage experts can approach them to them when interest rates are lower, making the cost of ownership lower. Property managers could think of this as a suitable source of information for managing short-term and long-term rental properties should the owner determine that cash flow is the primary objective.



Pro Insights


Natural disasters, pandemics, and other unforeseeable events will result in winners and losers in this category. For instance this year’s COVID-19 Pandemic created a situation that saw a surge of professionals working in urban markets began working remotely. Families also took advantage of the time to travel, while students were learning on the internet. When the epidemic, predicted that certain vacation home markets could increase in size. Real estate professionals were aware of this nuance and analyzed local markets for opportunities that were unique to them.



Strategies include master leasing vacation homes , and then changing them into holiday rentals for parents who work remotely. Agents could assist clients to better place their listings for people who live in cities and want to move. Service providers can also provide assistance to those who are looking to move and improve their property to make the most of these opportunities.



What are the best ways to determine which properties belong to which category?


There’s no specific set of guidelines in the public records to identify which kind of property belongs to the best. In most cases, you can use the locality as well as common sense determine what they’re more likely.



In the event that the house is situated in an area that’s not likely to draw tourists, it’s likely to be an investment property that will be rented for a long time


When the home is an area that is a popular vacation spot, and the owner doesn’t have any other properties within the region It’s likely to be an apartment for vacation.


When the home is an area of vacation and the owner owns several properties that aren’t owned by owners nearby or in different vacation locations in the same location, they are likely to be rentals for short periods of time


There are variations to each of the above however, even by focusing on owners who are absent you have enhanced the targetedness of your advertising tremendously.



Why Absentee Owners Make Perfect Prospects


An owner who is absent could be a potential buyer. An investor in real estate can offer to purchase the house of the absent owner. An agent for real estate can propose to market the home of an absent owner. A property manager could provide the services to manage the home of an absent owner.



There are numerous possibilities to draw attention to the absence of owners and create more business. Here are some examples of the reasons why an absentee could decide to make a sale their business:



Tenant fatigue is a common problem, particularly in the case of tenants who are struggling


Rents could provide a low ROI on investment in the property currently in use


Unhappy with changes in the law such as new rules for rent control


The property is an investment property, and they might now be able to be able to see more chances


It’s too expensive to pay for the holiday home


Property is passed down to the heir may not be aware of the market or plans to stay in the city


Some absentee owners may not be willing to sell or require your assistance. When we contrast absentee-owned properties with owner-occupied properties, it’s easy discover the reasons why many opportunities are available.



Absentee owners don’t sell their homes instead, they’re investing in a property that they could be looking to divest.



How To Find Absentee Owners


After you’ve figured out the various types of absentee owners and which best suit your business, the next question remains…how do you locate them?



Here are some suggestions on how you could go about it.




Looking for Absentee Owners?



The county tax assessor’s bureau


To find this source within your region, just Google search for the name of the county you reside in and add “tax records,” “tax assessor,” “check tax records,” or “search tax records.”



While many counties offer tax records on property on the internet, they usually only let you search for only one property at a given time. Even in that case, they rarely provide information such as the name of the owner or his mailing address. It’s usually not possible to get an absentee owner record directly from Tax Assessors’ site.



Some counties also charge a fee per record to obtain the data. If you’re just pulling only a couple of records, it’s not a big issue. If you’re a professional purchasing a large list of hundreds , or even thousand of files, then you might possibly end up paying hundreds, and in some instances (depending upon the locality) you may end up paying tens or hundreds of thousands.



After paying and received the data from the assessor’s CD-ROM. But, in most cases, there will be more than enough records to spreadsheets like Excel which is why you’ll need to transfer the data into a database. Then, you’ll be able to go through the information to determine if the property address is in line with the owner’s postal address. It is also possible to want to verify the homeowner’s tax-free exemption.



Browse long-term rental listings


While it’s not typically considered to be as an absentee owner’s list, you may locate absentee owners through browsing the rental advertisements through Craigslist or other well-known rental sites, or the local paper.



Check for listings which appear to be published from an individual tenant, as opposed an property management firm. This can be used to contact owners, but it’s not always a good way to compile a listing of properties because these listings don’t usually contain the address.



Explore the Airbnb and VRBO listings


As you would with rentals for long-term There are owners of short-term rentals on sites such as Airbnb as well as VRBO. Like long-term rentals, you typically don’t receive the address. If you’re really driven, you can explore a specific area, or utilize Google maps to try and find the address in the image.



There are other ways to find absentee owners you can, as mentioned, use a public market to identify opportunities. This is a procedure known as Driving for Dollars.



Driving For Dollars


If you decide to travel around an area in search of non-owner-occupied properties, there are a few items to want to keep an watchful eye on. These are the aspects you’ll want to keep an eye on in relation to the type of property that you’re looking for:



Long-term rental – Look for rental signs that are posted out in front. There is no exterior decor, and simple minimal landscaping, with very little or no personalization of the property as well as curb-appeal.


Short-term rental – Check for obvious signs of vacancies during offseasons in resorts and vacation locations. Door locks that are digital can be a indicator.


Vacation homes – Search for signs of vacant homes in the off-season, especially in holiday settings. Also you should look for greater personalization and customisation of the property and home.


Take into consideration driving for dollars the best practices for connecting to local people. If you’d prefer not to be driving around and making notes about possible properties, you could save time and money buying absentee owners lists.



Cold calling


Cold calling offers investors the chance to contact potential customers who might not have heard of you or who may not know your company. It is possible to identify a potential buyer who is open to a conversation with you and would be interested in selling their property.



Many landlords get bored of their tenants, or are open to the possibility of selling their home all over. Although cold calling may be time-consuming, it could be a great option to boost your marketing efforts and to contact tenants who have moved out. Before you get started cold calling to convert potential customers into leads, think about studying the best cold calling techniques. Doing your homework and preparing beforehand can help make any cold call an enjoyable conversation.



Get an absentee owner’s list


The most effective method of reaching absentee owners is by purchasing an existing database of absentee owner through a list broker or real estate data supplier. The quality of these lists can vary significantly and some sellers are selling lists that only update each year.



In addition, while working from an old list is difficult enough, absentee owners’ lists are often repeatedly sold to tens of thousands, or hundreds of other businesses just like yours. That means you’re fighting for the same outdated leads as hundreds of other companies. This isn’t a good scenario if you’re an entrepreneur that needs new leads that haven’t been discovered to add to your pipeline.



This is why you’re better by working with a professional who can create custom multiple absentee owner lists using diverse types of target criteria like the amount of equity the home and length of ownership the value of the home, the time of ownership and other factors you believe are important to determine your ideal client.



It’s also a good idea to concentrate on owners and then segment your lists by absentee owners who’s mailing address is in a different county, or even a different state, since they are definitely more likely to have motivation and require your assistance.



Additionally, since you can break down list items, you’ll be able to gain greater insight into the owner’s requirements, issues and future goals. This allows you to adapt your marketing messages for each list which will put you ahead of your competitors who are sending out the same messages.



Finding and creating lists of multiple segments of absent owners (without having to pay for each list) is only one reason why that professionals make use of EmailProLeads.




Building A List Of Absentee Owners


Perhaps you’re asking yourself whether you should purchase the list or make one yourself? How do you tell the differences? Making or buying your own lists could mean what the distinction between failure and success.



Should you purchase an absentee owner list , or make your own?


We’re big believers in creating your own lists that are custom to you. the reasons are:



When you purchase an item, it turns outdated and old-fashioned the moment you purchase it. Like a new car has value once you take it off the dealership the list you purchased is worthless the moment you purchase it. This is because nobody has been adding value to it or keeping it, and constantly monitoring the property data as well as the owner’s details to ensure accuracy.


If you purchase an inventory, you cannot be sure you’re getting data you’re purchasing is correct and up-to-date. Is the data last updated? The last month? Or seven months ago? There is no idea.


The list you’re purchasing has been purchased by many other people. It’s probably been used many times because it’s the easiest task to complete. It’s not to say that nobody’s looking outside the box and coming up with new ideas.


If you want to differentiate yourself among the rest, purchasing the same list that everyone else has won’t make it happen. You must create your customized lists using your own criteria that you aren’t going to be able to obtain with lists bought.




Looking for Absentee Owners?



Dynamic lists are different from. bought lists


Dynamic lists are lists for marketing and prospecting which are constantly updated as things change. If, for instance, an item on your list meets the criteria you have set, because the owner relocates and is now the owner absent, the property and owner are automatically included on the list without needing to perform anything. Therefore, if an absentee owner decides to make a property listed on your list their principal residence, it will no meet your criteria anymore and are automatically removed from your list. Contact information as well as property information are also kept up-to-date. These dynamic lists are part of a property information platform such as EmailProLeads.


Purchased lists Lists that are downloads that occur once. It is impossible to know the quality or accuracy of the data. actual data is. Regardless of how new data data may be, it will start becoming old by the time you pay for it.


How to Build Your Own Dynamic List


Making a dynamic list of absentee owners inside EmailProLeads is easy. Actually, you can begin with “Quick Lists that are lists that have predefined criteria that are based on the kind of property and/or owner you’re looking to target.



Let’s examine how this is implemented in EmailProLeads. EmailProLeads platform.



This is what you want to accomplish:



Choose the area you want to target using Zip Code, County, City or by drawing a precise outline around the market you want to enter by using an instrument called the polygon.


Choose “Quick Lists > Investor > Absentee owner – out of area”


You’ll be left with an image of your region and the amount of properties that meet your requirements. In the following example 1,289 properties meet the criteria of absentee owners in the region we’re looking at:



The area you want to define is on the map you are looking to identify absentee owners.


You can further separate your list with other factors like owner age, equity property size, lot size dimensions, and so on.



Let’s take a look when we add ‘Estimated Equity’ from 75 %+’…



Add properties that have 75 percent or more equity as an additional criteria to further the list of absentee owners.


The list has been narrowed to just 822 properties. However, let’s go higher and instead of focusing on absentee owners who are not in the county instead, we focus on owners who are absent from state.



You can further segment your absentee owners lists into owners who reside outside of the county, or even outside of the same state that the property is located in.


You now have a focused list of 270 homes that are owned by absentee owners who have at minimum 75 percent of the equity and reside outside of the state.



With this focused list, you are able to make adjustments to your marketing message to be more effective with your target audience.



Do you see how tailoring your own list to meet the criteria you prefer can be extremely powerful?



Once you’ve got your requirements established then select “Make a List” and give it an name.



When you’ve established your criteria You can then create the list of absentee owners and name the list an identity.


Once you have made your list, you will be able to look at all the 270 properties that make up it.



The most appealing aspect is that this list will update itself. If someone meets the criteria on your list it will add them to the list. If someone does not meet the standards and is not able to meet the criteria, they will be removed from the list.



Below are some homes that appear in our list of the more than 270 Cerritos absentee owners that live outside of the state. We’ve blurred their names in this photo but you’ll be able to look them up (and their contact information) after you log in with your account.



EmailProLeads provides you with multiple ways to view the absentee owner’s list, including the combination of a map and a list.


How To Customize Your Lists For Investors, Agents, and Property Managers


As we’ve discussed previously, absentee owners come in a variety of kinds and shapes. The criteria that investors can decide to pursue an absentee’s owner might differ from that of an agent in real estate or property manager.



For Investors: If you’re targeting homeowners who paid in cash to buy their properties between 2009 and 2011, they’ve witnessed a lot of growth on the worth of their home , and they might be tired and eager to sell their property but do not want to face the hassle dealing with the process of selling their home, moving and so on. Investors are able to be there to manage everything for them, and then purchase the property at a discounted price.


Realtors: Similar to investors, Realtors are able to seek out absentee owners who might be in the market to sell their home to put their house for sale. It is possible to use the example of non-owner-occupied homes bought within a specific time frame.


Property Managers: Although landlords and realtors may succeed in dealing with absentee owners from the local area but as a property owner, you’ll stand the best chance of getting new leads for property management when you discover homeowners who don’t live locally and require someone local to manage the property. It is ideal that the owner is in a different county or better yet in another the state.


One of the problems with purchasing lists is that there are often limitations on the criteria you’re able to use to make your lists. If you want to create multiple iterations on the same checklist using somewhat different, yet meaningful criteria, you’ll need to buy several lists. It goes to be said that purchasing multiple lists can be extremely expensive. As previously stated, these lists begin getting old the moment you purchase them.



This is a huge benefit that you can enjoy when using EmailProLeads. You can create multiple iterations of the same absentee owners list as you’d like without having to pay for each list. Each list will be automatically updated so that you do not need to worry about lists becoming outdated over time.



Marketing: Turning Your Absentee Owner Lists Into Absentee Owner Leads


After you’ve compiled your lists of absentee owner owners Next step is to actually reach out to them.



Fortunately you can use EmailProLeads to reach out to your audience. EmailProLeads offers many options that to reach out to your customers. It includes direct mail via social media, email as well as online ads and of course, cold calling. If your company considers its marketing outreach seriously you can use the tools to design a powerful multi-touch marketing strategy.



Let’s review the possibilities of contacting absentee owners more in depth.



Direct post


EmailProLeads gives you the exact address of the absentee owner’s mailing address. Be aware that in this property profile , the mailing address differs from the address for the property.



If you transfer your data or forward them to your mail service be sure to choose the address of the owner instead of the property address for the recipient of direct mail.



Find contact information for the absentee owners through the click of the house you are interested in.


Cold calling


Another method to reach out to absentee owners is by cold calling. If you have a powerful dialer such as Mojo to assist you in dialling numbers more quickly (one-click) and keep track of your efforts, then you could make use of EmailProLeads’s Zapier integration Mojo to transmit the data via. Any power dialer that is compatible with Zapier is able to be integrated with EmailProLeads.



Cold email


Similar to cold calling You can connect EmailProLeads with your cold-emailing program using Zapier integration. When new homeowners are added to your list the homeowners will receive a cold emails from you or be reminded that you need to send them an email through your CRM (depending the way you configured your software for marketing).



Direct messages on social media messages


Another option to reach owners who are absent is by sending direct messages via social media specifically Facebook or LinkedIn. If you’ve had a difficult getting in touch over the phone or prefer to stand out it can be very effective. EmailProLeads allows you to be quick and simple to locate social media profiles for the majority of homeowners.



Online advertising with targeted audiences and Retargeting


Finally, you can make use of online platforms as well as display advertisements to connect with people who have not been in your local area by creating customized audiences, lookalike audiences and retargeting ads. If you’re a property professional looking to mix the best of the both inbound and outbound marketing strategies, read about the various methods and tools that are available via Facebook, Instagram, Linked and Google to increase views and increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget.





Once you’ve come to recognize the possible mindsets of different absentee owners It’s time to create and segment your absentee owners lists and begin marketing to them. Be aware that a list can only be as effective in the data it’s constructed with…and the quality of that data. Therefore, if you want to transform your lists into leads that are qualified or even closed deals, you have take the time to…



Create multiple, unique segmented absentee owners lists that meet a variety of parameters.


Create content that is unique to each of the segments of lists.


Start marketing by using an outreach strategy that includes emailing, phone calls online ads, ad postings, and direct mail. Follow with follow-up!