Skip Tracing Real Estate Services

Skip Tracing Real Estate Services

Skip tracing is a process of finding an individual or company’s location, usually for legal or debt collection. In real estate it is used to find the property owner or tenant who have relocated without leaving an address for forwarding or who are in arrears with mortgage payments.

Companies offering skip-tracing assistance for property transactions are experts in this type of work. These companies typically collect data from a variety of sources, like public documents, credit reports and social media, to identify people and provide current information about their contact details.


Skiptracing companies typically offer these services for clients of real estate:


Finding property owners or tenants who moved without leaving an address to forward.

Identifying the current addresses of mortgage debtors.

Finding the heirs and the beneficiaries from an estate that might have the right to own the property.

Locating the exact address of the property owner to deliver legally-binding notices and court papers.

It is crucial to know that skip tracing may be an extremely sensitive issue, since you will be able to access personal data regarding individuals. So, ensure that any skip tracer services you choose to use adheres to relevant laws and regulations, like those of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


Skip tracing refers to process of locating people or organizations that are difficult to find, usually to collect the payment of debts serving legal documents or conducting investigation. For real estate professionals the use of skip tracing could be valuable in finding homeowners who have left without having a forwarding address, or deliberately hiding their identity.


We will take a look at the process of skipping traced real estate services in more depth , including how they function how they work, the methods and tools that are employed and how they could aid real estate agents, investors and other professionals.


How Skip Tracing Real Estate Services Work


Real estate companies that do not track down property owners typically employ both automatic and manual methods for finding the property’s owners. For starters, gather as much information on the person or company concerned as you can including their name, address of last known, phone number, email address or social media profile and any other identifiable information.


After this data is collected the information can be interrogated with numerous websites and databases to identify the person or the entity. This could involve looking through public data as well as property databases social media platforms, search engines, as well as additional sources for data.


In the event that the search does not produce results, skip tracing experts may resort to more complicated strategies, including contacting family members, friends or anyone else who may have information about the location of an individual. They could also use specific tools and software specifically designed for skip tracing uses, such as reverse phone lookup tools as well as email tracking tools. track IP addresses with software.


Real estate skip-tracing services employ technologies, data as well as human technology to find difficult-to-find homeowners and collect the necessary information to make informed decision-making.


Tools and Techniques Used in Skip Tracing Real Estate Services


Real estate skip tracing services make use of a variety of methods and tools to find properties that are difficult to locate. The most common methods employed include:


Public Records searches: Skipping professional tracing usually begins by looking through public records like court records, property records and criminal records to discover details on the person who is in the search.


Online Databases: A variety of online databases are able to be used to trace skips for example, LexisNexis, TLOxp and Accurint. They provide users with access to a huge database of public records as well as additional data sources.


Social Media: The skip tracers could also utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, FB, LinkedIn and Twitter to collect information about individuals’ activities and whereabouts.


Reverse phone lookup program lets users find the owner of the phone number, which is helpful in finding difficult-to-find property owners.


Email Tracking: This software can tell you whether an email was read and opened and also gather information about the IP address of the recipient and their whereabouts.


IP Address Tracking method involves recording an IP address for the device that is used to connect to the internet. This could help to determine the location of the device and, possibly, who’s using it.


Contacting relatives and associates Contacting Relatives and Associates: Skip tracer can contact friends, relatives or associates of the person in question to collect information about their whereabouts.


Private Investigators: in certain situations, skip tracing of real estate companies may cooperate with private investigators with expertise and knowledge in the process of locating difficult-to-find individuals.


Benefits of Skip Tracing Real Estate Services

Are you seeking skip tracing assistance in the purchase of a home? These services can offer significant benefits.


The ability to skip the trace of real estate services provides numerous benefits for real estate agents, investors or other professional. The most significant benefits are:


Greater Access to Investment Opportunities: Using skip tracing techniques to locate difficult-to-find real estate owners, property agents and investors can get access to a greater range of investment opportunities.


Enhancing Due Diligence by Skip tracers can help real estate professionals when conducting due diligence on prospective buyers.


Real estate skip tracing services can prove useful in many situations in which locating an individual or their assets is vital. Here are some of the reasons that skip tracing is a necessity within the real estate industry:


Debt Collection: Skip Tracing is used frequently to locate individuals who are in default on their mortgages or other loans relating to real property. By doing this, debt collectors are able to recover the funds due to their customers.


In the event that a property goes into foreclosure, skip tracing is a method to find the owner and inform them about imminent actions.


Eviction, If a tenant fails to pay the rent, or violates the lease’s terms or lease conditions, skip tracing may be used to track them down and initiate an eviction process.


The Title Search: Skipping trace is a method used to identify the property’s owners in title searches. These are essential when purchasing or selling the property.


Skip tracing is a vital tool for realtors that allows them to track people and assets whenever they need to.


The process of skip tracing is that is used to determine the location of an individual or a thing. In the realm of real estate the practice is typically used to track down homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages, or gone missing without making a payment, offering important information for investors or lenders as well as other professionals working who deal with properties that are in distress. This article will go over an deep look at the skip tracing real estate services that are offered.


What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing refers to the process of finding out where someone’s location when their last address or contact details have changed. This method is often used by debt collectors, private investigators, and real-estate professionals to trace people who are missing or have resisted contact. Skip tracing can be accomplished using a variety of methods such as search engines as well as public records searches, and interviews with family and friends members.


Skiptracing is an essential tool for real property investors, lenders and other professionals working of distressed homes. If an owner fails to pay their loan, the home could be empty that is in dire need of repairs. A skip trace can assist in locating who is the owner of the property, to allow professionals to make the appropriate changes.


Why Use Skip Tracing Real Estate Services?


The skip trace services for real estate are crucial for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the principal reasons why real estate professionals depend on skip trace services:


Finding property owners who default on their mortgages: If an owner of a property fails to pay the mortgage they have taken out, this may make the property unoccupied that is in dire need of repairs. A skip trace can help in locating who is the owner of the property, so that real estate agents can take the appropriate actions.


Locating Property Owners Who’ve disappeared Sometimes, property owners disappear without trace. They might move to another state or even a different country or cease responding to messages and calls. The skip trace can assist in locating the individuals, so that real estate agents can come in contacts with them.


Finding the ownership of a property Sometimes it is difficult to identify who is the owner of a specific item of land. The skip trace can assist in determining who owns the asset , and also provide real estate professionals a way to communicate with them.


Retracing the Heirs of a Dead Property Owner: When a property owner dies without leaving the will behind it is often difficult to determine the inheritors. The skip trace can aid in identifying these people and giving real estate professionals contacts for their heirs.


Skip Tracing Techniques for Real Estate Services


Real estate skip tracing involves the use of different methods and tools. Here are some of the mostly common methods used by skip tracer within this field:


Online Searches: Online search results can be a great resource for skip tracer. They make use of the search engine, as well as social media sites as well as other resources online to find out information regarding a person’s location.


Public Records Public records can be an extremely valuable sources in data for skip tracer. By using the public record, skip tracer can find information about property ownership such as marriage and divorce documents as well as criminal records.


Interviews: Interviewing familymembers, neighbours and friends could be a great resource for skip tracer. Interviews are a good way to learn more about the activities and whereabouts of a person.


Surveillance: Surveillance is valuable for skip tracer. They make use of surveillance methods to monitor people’s movements and activities.


Skip Tracing Real Estate Services Providers


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The services of tracing the real estate market are available in abundance in the marketplace. Here are some of the most famous service providers:


TLOxp: TLOxp is a skip tracing company which provides various tools and services to help in the process of skip-tracing. The database they maintain of public information, sources online, as well as social media sites allow the company to provide access to a vast array of leads.

The skip tracing technique in real estate is utilized by a variety of professionals who are involved in purchasing and selling property for example:


Real estate investors: Avoid trace can aid real estate investors find homeowners who are driven to sell their property quick or are in need of distressed assets.


Realtors: Realtors can employ skip tracing to find homeowners who haven’t advertised their homes for sale but are looking to sell their property.


Debt Collection: Skip Tracing is commonly used by debt collectors in order to find people who owe money for mortgages or loans for real estate.


Law Firms: Legal firms could utilize skip tracing to track the witnesses and defendants involved in residential real estate litigation.


Property managers: Property Managers can utilize skip tracing in order to locate tenants who have departed without notice or paying rent.


In the end, skip tracing can be an excellent resource when you need to locate people with details related to an estate deal.


At time or another during our life, the majority of us have been traced. When searching for a long-lost friend via social media sites or employing other methods to locate the person who is interesting These are all examples of uninspiring skip tracing.


Agents and real estate investors are able to use skip tracing technology to find those phone numbers of people they want to work with. By doing this, they have an advantage in negotiations, and dramatically increases the likelihood of closing the deal.


Join us for a chat and the coffee while we talk about skip tracing and ways to maximize its advantages for real estate deals.


What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the method of locating your phone numbers of the people you want to find. At Smarter Contact we make it simple to skip trace, without the need for an account; we just charge for the numbers we discover during our search.


Here’s a rundown of those who employ skip tracer:


Real estate Investors

Agency and agents for real estate

Collectors of debt

Repo companies

Collection agencies

Bail bondmen

Process Servers

Lawyers and attorneys who require witnesses to support their case



Private investigators who are licensed

Law enforcers

Investigators investigating insurance fraud

Journalists who want to know more or who cover news topics

Family members are trying to find an individual who is missing

Missing children organizations

Employment & tenant verification services

The process of skip tracing is of finding the identity of a phone number without knowing. At Skip we provide this service for free to our customers.


What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?


What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate

Skip tracing has different definitions across different industries. While law enforcement agencies and debt collection cases frequently utilize it to track missing persons, its use in the real estate industry is different.


Real skip tracing of properties is the process of finding the phone numbers of the people you’re looking for. It’s fairly simple, since all that’s required to be provided is the address and name of the contact you want to make or contacts.


You could either implement this method manually, or use a service like Smarter Contact to automatically pull the data for you.


The skip tracing service is ideal for those who don’t have the time to conduct extensive research on your own. Owners of properties may have connections to other motivated sellers, besides real estate agents who can aid them in selling at a higher price than the market value for the property suggests. Additionally, skip tracing could be employed to find people who live out of state but aren’t in the same location as their home.


Let’s look at the reasons the reasons why real estate agents and investors ought to be concerned about skip-tracing.


5 Reasons Why Skip Tracing Is Essential in Real Estate

The use of skip tracing is now the preferred method for many real estate professionals who want to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in the purchase and sale of properties. Here are a few reasons why skip tracing can be advantageous in this business:


Get New, Qualified Leads

The practice of skip tracing in real estate could give you fresh leads from sellers who are motivated and will often be willing to sell. With skip tracing, it’s possible to find distressed properties and frequently get great deals as the owners could have left the property.


Clean Up Old Leads

Leads that are not up-to-date are a hassle and hinder your real-estate marketing plan. Think about making calls to your phone number of a non-responsive owner of the property and sending endless text messages that are unlikely to be answered. The skip tracing feature lets you find out if a lead active and develop the appropriate marketing plan accordingly.


Clean Up Bad Data

Untrue data cannot be accepted in any sector, not just real estate. While skipping trace may find bad information it helps to eliminate the data off your data, thus freeing the space for more valuable and relevant information.


Follow-Up on Leads

Real estate leads require constant monitoring to ensure that they close deals quicker. A quick scan can help identify leads that have stopped responding after having engaged you for a period of time and allows you to keep working with the customer once you’ve located them.


Save Time

A skip trace is a good way to cut out the hassle of searching for indicators that indicate a house is likely to be in distress. There’s a good chance that a real estate agent in the area saw the property first!


Why should you waste endless hours using Zillow or Trulia to search for irrelevant information in vain? Why should you pay for skip-tracing services to obtain the most current data regarding your prospects? When you use skip tracing solutions it allows you to concentrate on a specific customer while reaching out to more potential customers all at once.


Remember, time is money!

Skip Tracing Is An Effective Strategy



Real Estate Skip Tracing Process

Real estate investors may be able to the trace of a property owner in a variety of ways. However, one particular method can likely yield outcomes in the real estate sector. It is composed in six stages:


The Plan

When it comes to skipping tracking, the final outcome is contingent on the investment goals you have set. Is your seller motivated? Do you have an eager buyer, or are you seeking to offer their property for sale? Or, reaching out others who might be interested in selling your property could aid in the sale of properties that are in need of attention quickly and effectively. No matter which route you choose, be aware of the requirements the property owner you are targeting is facing and make plans according to your experience as an experienced real estate professional.


Lead Generation

Finding leads starts by finding homeowners who are eager to sell their property. This can include landlords who are absent or homeowners facing foreclosure because of tax delinquency. In this moment you will be able to spot distressed properties within your area and write the physical addresses of these properties to track them.



Before enlisting professional skip tracer services before hiring a skip tracer, do your own research and try to find the owner’s name on the internet. Begin by searching on the most popular search engines like Google You’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ll discover useful information regarding the property you’re interested in. Better yet, look directories on the internet such as to find phone numbers for the property’s inquiries.



The next step is to organize the data you’ve collected during step 3. As a minimum, be sure that you have the correct address for the property, if you’re looking for the owner or landlord. It is possible to share this information with a professional skip tracer and save the information to use with an online tool that is usually, it will yield more accurate results.


Uploading Data

After you have compiled all your data, you can add it to an application for skip tracing in real estate. Most tools require you to enter the address of the property you want to search for along with the name of the owner and phone number if they have one. The tool will then create a detailed report of every lead that is generated.


Making Contact

Now you’ve got the services that skip trace companies pay for You can now go on and target owners individually with targeted marketing strategies in order to persuade the owners to sell their property.


Three Methods to Conduct Skip Tracing in Real Estate


How to Conduct Skip Tracing in Real Estate

There are many ways to avoid tracking the real estate transaction, based on how fast and effectively you’re looking to locate absent property owners. There is no need to hire private investigators or skip-tracing firms; instead you can perform the task yourself or make use of online tools. This article will provide overview of skip tracing options in greater detail.


Do It Yourself (DIY)

Real estate agents may choose to perform skip tracing their own, and without the assistance of a firm. This requires searching through the hundreds of public records to find the property’s owners. So, you’ll have to go to the county office that keeps documents on investment property tax. In the records, you’ll find important information about the property’s owner, such as the addresses of mailing addresses to receive receipts for current mortgage payments as well as contact information for family members within the immediate family so that you can finding the supposed owner.


Alternative DIY skip tracing methods include searching for the owner’s details on social media platforms , or search engines such as Google. Although you will not pay for this service in comparison to other options the method usually gives mixed results because of the lack of details about the property’s owner.


Hiring An Expert

Even though you’ll have to pay for it hiring a professional an expert skip tracer is usually essential if want to locate an off market property owner fast. Since time is crucial in real property transactions, a lot of motivated sellers prefer this option because it will save them time, energy and money.


Professional skip tracers usually have access to an extensive property database which you can browse through to discover the address change and contact details of absentee homeowners. This could include phone numbers as well as addresses of residences or work places. If you are a skilled skip tracer the process usually lasts under 24 hours and in some instances, even quicker when you’re successful in locating the property owner almost immediately!


Take Advantage Of Skip Tracing Software (Smarter Contact)

Instead of wasting a lot of money and time hiring a skip tracer company to track down the property owners, many real estate investors depend on specific online tools which can complete the task without a lot of hassle. Smarter Contact stands as one an example of this. Its platform uses the most cutting-edge geolocation data in the market to provide high hit rates and actual phone numbers to contact. Additionally, Smarter Contact offers discounts on skip tracing in bulk!


The use of mobile data skip tracing provides real estate agents an advantage as they are able to access and benefit from a wider data base than can be accessible online via phone directories. By using this method, you’ll have exact information on the owner of the property and increase the chances of closing deals successfully.


How Smarter Contact’s Skip Tracing Tool Works

As with other innovative skip tracing solutions, Smarter Contact provides a user-friendly interface that provides the use of real-time skip tracer services that reduce time, effort and even money. The paid service operates:


How Skip Tracing Works

Skiptracing is an automated method to track several purchases using your device’s ID.

Upload Data

The first step is to upload contacts list data including the names of property owners email addresses or phone numbers. It is possible to export your database by importing it from an outside source and then import it into your system, or build your own personal contacts list entirely from scratch. It’s up to you which is most beneficial for you as an investor in real estate!


Get the Most Accurate Data

Once it is uploaded The system will then examine the data and provide you with the most recent phone details for the owners of properties who are on your list of contacts. This includes both landline and mobile numbers, which is not available by the standard professional tracing service.


Upload Leads

After you have gathered data from the earlier stage, design a custom SMS campaign using the data. When compared to phone calls messages, SMS messages have the highest deliverability rate as the majority of property owners are likely to open and read within three minutes of receiving.


Start your free trial today and get in touch with an experienced customer relationship manager to get the best experience possible with Smarter Contact.


Types Of Skip Tracing

Skip tracing may take a variety of forms, based on who is looking to learn who. Alongside real estate investors and lenders searching for leads to property Other professionals that use skip tracing are landlords, private people lawyers, paralegals/lawyers processing servers, insurance agencies, and debt collection service providers.


With that in mind we will look at the different types of skip tracing.


Batch Skip Tracing

This kind of skip tracing is typically used by real estate professionals who require the identification of multiple people who do not want to be traced. This technique makes the entire process of tracing real estate easier since it provides only qualified information that is based on private and public documents. Agents can gather the skip trace data from a variety of sources, such as mortgage headers and credit providers to get various contact details like:


Mobile phone numbers

Email addresses for email

Mailing Addresses

The process of batch skip tracing is a simple method that usually yields positive results. If, however, the data that you provide to reach the lead isn’t sufficient then you must modify the settings for skip trace within the real estate service you use since this can indicate inadequate skip trace results.


Bulk Tracing

Bulk tracing as the name suggests, involves locating several skips at once, without the necessity of doing it manually. The majority of real estate investors utilize online tools for bulk tracing because they can build contacts quickly and efficiently. The bulk tracing process has become an essential tool for those who want high volume lead production and outreach without spending a fortune by employing an experienced skip tracer.


Private Investigation Skip Tracing

People can hire an experienced investigator to help locate an individual who is missing or who is in debt. The services of skip tracing are often requested by family members looking to find an absent parent, someone who is named in the life insurance policy or will, or witnesses for trial.


Can You Legally Skip Trace Your Real Estate Leads?

The practice of skip tracing is legal as long as you satisfy the requirements. For example that a skip tracer needs to be licensed before they can contact homeowners on behalf of you. Each State in America has its own set of standards for granting licenses for skip tracers in the real estate industry. Find out more about becoming a professional skip tracer within the real estate industry (or any other sector) by learning about the steps and procedures involved.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Does the Term “Skip Trace” Originate?

Skip tracing is derived from the word “skip,” meaning an person who is not present at their legally-valid addresses or places of work. Someone once said that when trying to hide from someone, you is required to “trace” them in order to locate their current whereabouts – hence the name.


What to Do With All This Information?

If you have it via skip trace in real estate, the choice on which action to take with this data remains your choice. While any real estate professional could create an email marketing campaign that is based on the data investors who want transactions to be closed quickly frequently opt for mobile SMS marketing, which needs basic contact information like a mobile phone number. This can be easily obtained if you are able to successfully traced.


Should You DIY Skip Tracing or Utilize a Tool?

DIY skip tracing can be employed to track the person without spending substantial sum of cash. This involves searching databases and possibly forwarding address details to friends and acquaintances to discover more information regarding the suspect. However the use of skip trace tools provides access to all of this data quickly and efficiently which saves you time and energy as well as cash!


How Much Does Skip Tracing Cost

The cost to skip racing will depend on the kind of service you pick. The hiring of private investigators or expert tracer is typically more expensive than employing online tools that provide trial periods for free. In general, skip tracing services can cost anywhere from $20 to $350 based on how difficult the job is. However, most companies offer a free trial period too.