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The #1 site to find Verizon Email Lists and accurate B2B & B2C email lists. provides verified contact information for people in your target industry. It has never been easier to purchase an email list with good information that will allow you to make real connections. These databases will help you make more sales and target your audience. You can buy pre-made mailing lists or build your marketing strategy with our online list-builder tool. Find new business contacts online today!

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We provide free samples of our ready to use Verizon Email Database. Download the samples to verify the data before you make the purchase.

Human Verified Verizon Business Database

The data is subject to a seven-tier verification process, including artificial intelligence, manual quality control, and an opt-in process.

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First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Home Owner

Cradit Rating
Dwelling Type
Language Spoken
Presence of children

Birth Date Occupation
Presence Of Credit Card
Investment Stock Securities
Investments Real Estate
Investing Finance Grouping
Investments Foreign
Investment Estimated
Residential Properties Owned

Institution Contributor
Donates by Mail
Veteranin Household
Heavy Business
High Tech Leader
Mail Order Buyer
Online Purchasing Indicator
Environmental Issues Charitable Donation
International Aid Charitable Donation
Home Swimming Pool

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Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. Verizon B2B Database broken down by industry help optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, then our email lists filtered by job function can be incredibly helpful.

Ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion+ unique email addresses

Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 100+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.

In general, once we’ve received your request for data, it takes 24 hours to first compile your specific data and you’ll receive the data within 24 hours of your initial order.

Our data standards are extremely high. We pride ourselves on providing 97% accurate Verizon Email Lists, and we’ll provide you with replacement data for all information that doesn’t meet your standards our expectations.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality data. Our Verizon Email Database and mailing lists are updated semi-annually conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and comply with CAN-SPAM.

Buy Verizon Database Online is all about bringing people together. We have the information you need, whether you are looking for a physician, executive, or Verizon Email Lists. So that your next direct marketing campaign can be successful, you can buy sales leads and possible contacts that fit your business. Our clients receive premium data such as email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, and many other details. Our business is to provide high-quality, human-verified contact list downloads that you can access within minutes of purchasing. Our CRM-ready data product is available to clients. It contains all the information you need to email, call, or mail potential leads. You can purchase contact lists by industry, job, or department to help you target key decision-makers in your business.

Verizon Email Database Providers

If you’re planning to run targeted marketing campaigns to promote your products, solutions, or services to your Verizon Email Database, you’re at the right spot. Emailproleads dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and precise Verizon Email List lets you connect with key decision-makers, C-level executives, and professionals from various other regions of the country. The list provides complete access to all marketing data that will allow you to reach the people you want to contact via email, phone, or direct mailing.

Our pre-verified, sign-up Email marketing list provides you with an additional advantage to your networking and marketing efforts. Our database was specifically designed to fit your needs to effectively connect with a particular prospective customer by sending them customized messages. We have a dedicated group of data specialists who help you to personalize the data according to your requirements for various market movements and boost conversion without trouble.

We gathered and classified the contact details of prominent industries and professionals like email numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, faxes, etc. We are utilizing the most advanced technology. We use trusted resources like B2B directories and Yellow Pages; Government records surveys to create an impressive high-quality Email database. Get the Verizon Email database today to turn every opportunity in the region into long-term clients.

Our precise Verizon Email Leads is sent in .csv and .xls format by email.

Verizon Address Leads

Adestra recently conducted a survey to determine which marketing channel was the most effective return on investment (ROI). 68% of respondents rated email marketing as ‘excellent’ or ‘good.

Verizon Email Leads can be cost-effective and accessible, which will bring in real revenue for businesses regardless of their budget. It is a great way for customers to stay informed about new offers and deals and a powerful way to keep prospects interested. The results are easy to track.

Segment your list and target it effectively:

Your customers may not be the same, so they should not receive the same messages. Segmentation can be used to provide context to your various customer types. This will ensure that your customers get a relevant and understandable message to their buying journey. This allows you to create personalized and tailored messages that address your customers’ needs, wants, and problems.

Segmenting your prospects list by ‘who’ and what is the best way to do so. What they’ve done refers to what they have done on your website. One prospect might have downloaded a brochure, while another person may have signed up for a particular offer. A good email marketing service will let you segment your list and automate your campaigns so that they can be sent to different customer types at the time that suits you best.

Almost everyone has an email account today. There will be over 4.1 billion people using email in 2021. This number is expected to rise to 4.6 billion by 2025. This trend means that every business should have an email marketing list.

Verizon database for sale is a highly effective digital marketing strategy with a high return on investment (ROI). Because millennials prefer email communications for business purposes, this is why.

How can businesses use email marketing to reach more clients and drive sales? Learn more.

Verizon Email marketing Database

Businesses can market products and services by email to new clients, retain customers and encourage repeat visits. Verizon quality email lists marketing can be a great tool for any business.

High Conversions
DMA reports that email marketing has a $42 average return per $1. Email marketing is a great marketing strategy to reach more people and drive sales if you launch a promotion or sale.

You can send a client a special offer or a discount. purchase Verizon email lists can help automate your emails. To encourage customer activity, set up an automated workflow to send welcome, birthday, and re-engagement emails. You can also use abandoned cart emails to sell your products and services more effectively.

Brand Awareness
Verizon Email marketing allows businesses to reach qualified leads directly.

Verizon Email will keep your brand in mind by sending emails to potential customers. Email marketing has a higher impact than social media posts because it is highly targeted and personalized.

Contrary to other channels, a business can send a lot of emails to large numbers of recipients at much lower costs.

Increase customer loyalty
One email per week is all it takes to establish unbreakable relationships with customers.

An email can be used to build customer loyalty, from lead-nurturing to conversion to retention and onboarding. A personalized email with tailored content can help businesses build strong customer relationships.

Tips for capturing email addresses
A business must have an email list to use email marketing. You will need a strategy to capture these email addresses.

Verizon Email Lists will get your email campaigns off the ground with a bang!
We understand that reaching the right audience is crucial. Our data and campaign management tools can help you reach your goals and targets.

Emailproleads are a long-standing way to market products and services outside the business’s database. It also informs existing customers about new offerings and discounts for repeat customers.

We offer real-time statistics and advice for every campaign. You can also tap into the knowledge of our in-house teams to get the best data profile.

Your Verizon Email Lists marketing campaigns will feel effortless and still pack a punch. You can use various designs to highlight your products’ different benefits or help you write compelling sales copy.

Contact us today to order the Verizon email marketing database to support your marketing. All data lists we offer, B2C and B2B, are available to help you promote your online presence.

We already have the database for your future customers. You will be one step closer when you purchase email lists from us.

Talk to our friendly team about how we can help you decide who should be included in your future email list.

The #1 site to find business leads and accurate Verizon Email Lists. provides verified contact information for people in your target industry. It has never been easier to purchase an email list with good information that will allow you to make real connections. These databases will help you make more sales and target your audience. You can buy pre-made mailing lists or build your marketing strategy with our online list-builder tool. Find new business contacts online today!


Verizon Email Lists

Advertisement IDs for Android
Google Play Services version 4.0 introduces a brand new API and user ID for both analytics and advertising providers. The conditions of use for this ID can be found below. Verizon email database free

Usage. The Android advertising identifyr (AAID) is used for advertising and analysis only. In addition, the “Opt Out of Advertising-based Share Authorization” or “Opt Out of Ads Personalization” settings need to be confirmed for every ID access.
The association is using personally identifiable details or identification methods. Verizon email listing
Advertising use: The term “advertising reference” shouldn’t be tied in any way to the persistent device identification numbers (for instance: MAC address, IMEI and so on.) for any purpose other than advertising. Advertising reference is only associated with personally identifiable data with the explicit consent of the person using it.

Verizon Email Lists
Verizon Email Lists

Use of statistics: The advertising index is not able to be connected to personally identifiable data or to any device’s persistent identifier (for instance the Mac address, IMEI, etc.) with the explicit approval of the person using the device. You must read the User Data Policy for additional guidelines on the use of persistent device references. Verizon email listing
Respecting the choices of users.
If it is reset, the new advertising index is not tied to the prior advertising index or any data taken from the earlier advertising index, without the prior approval of the individual. Verizon Email Lists
You must adhere to the setting of the user “Opt-out of interest-based ads” and “Opt to opt-out of the personalization in advertisements”. If a user has activated this option, you should not utilize an advertising identifier in order to create user profiles for the purpose of advertising or to target users directly with targeted ads. The permitted functions are advertisement on content, capping frequency reports, and conversion tracking. fraud and security.
On the latest devices, when the user removes an Android advertising index this index is deleted. Any attempt for access to the index be met with an undefined string. Any device that doesn’t have an advertising reference must not be connected to data that is linked to or obtained from an existing advertising reference.
Transparency for users. The use and collection of information about advertising and the compliance with these terms must be made available to users via an appropriate privacy notice from the law. For more information on general privacy issues, read the User Data policy.
The adaptation of the terms of service. Advertising referrals are only made available in accordance with Google Play Developer Policy, which includes any third party that you use in conjunction with your business. Every app that is uploaded or made available via Google Play must use the advertising ID (if it is available in the app) together with device identifiers, for any marketing for any purpose. Verizon email listing


As the developer, are not allowed to deceive users regarding any registered service or content that you offer in your application. It is crucial to make clear any promotions in the app or on splash screens. We will not permit apps that attempt to defraud consumers out of their shopping experience (including online or registered purchases). Verizon Email Lists

_Verizon mailing lists
_Verizon mailing lists

You should be transparent about the offer. This means being clear about the terms of your offer as well as the cost of subscriptions, the duration of the billing period and whether you require a subscription to access the application. Users are not required to take any further action to change the details. Verizon email database free

Verizon mailing lists

Subscriptions must offer ongoing or recurring value to customers for the duration of the subscription. It should not be used to offer single-time benefits to customers (for instance, SKUs that provide lump sums of credit or currency or boosts to games). Your subscription may provide profit promotions or bonuses, however it must be compatible with the value of the subscription that is continuous or to be offered over the course that the membership.. The products that don’t offer an ongoing or recurring benefit must use the in-app service rather than the subscription. Verizon consumer email database

You should not conceal or deceive customers, such as subscriptions. This means changing the subscription in order to change it into a one-time deal (for instance, cancelling or withdrawing or reduce the amount displayed) after the purchaser has bought the subscription.
To ensure Google Play downloads This is secure and respectful We have established standards to define and block unsafe or inappropriate content from our users. Verizon email database

Monthly subscriptions that don’t inform users that they automatically renew and be invoiced every month.
Annual subscriptions are prominently displayed with the price based on the monthly cost.
The price of subscription and the terms are partly localized.
In-app advertisements which do not explicitly mention that users are able to gain access to the information without an account (if there is one).).
SKU names that don’t accurately reflect the essence of the description, like “Free Trial”” as well as “Try Premium membership – 3 days for free” to auto-recurring memberships. Verizon Email Lists
There are multiple screens in the buying process, which involve users accidentally pressing the sign-up button.
Subscriptions that don’t provide the benefit of recurring or continuous valuesuch as offering 1,000 values for the first month, and then reduce the benefit to 1 value during the following months of subscription.
It is required that the user join an auto-renewing membership to provide only one time benefit. It it will cancel the subscription of the user without any request following the purchase.

_Verizon lists
_Verizon lists

Example 1.

1. The unsubscribe option is not easily visible and some users might not be aware that they can use the feature without accepting an offer to subscribe.

2. The offer shows the cost in relation to the cost per month and customers may not realize that they’ll be paid for six months at the time of registration. Verizon email database

3 The promotion only displays the price at the beginning of the offer and customers may not know what will be charged at the end of the promotional period.

4. The offer should be translated into the same language as the conditions and terms so that the users are able to comprehend the entirety of the offer.

Example 2. Verizon Email Lists

One repeated click on the same button leads the user to accidentally click the final “continue” button, which causes the user to sign up.

2. The amount that the users are charged upon time of the trial’s end is hard to understand and therefore, users might think that the program is free.
Trials for free and offers to start Verizon email database
Before a person sign-ups to your subscription, you should clearly and precisely describe the terms of the offer that includes the time period as well as the price and descriptions of the content available or services. Be sure to inform your customers when and how the trial free will be converted to a paid-for subscription, the amount the subscription cost, and the ways in which users can cancel their subscription at any time if they do not want to upgrade to a premium subscription.
To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, to ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we have developed standards to define and block the use of content that is dangerous or harmful to our users.

A promotion that doesn’t specify the duration of a trial or the introductory price will be valid for.
A non-exclusive offer implies that the customer will be automatically signed up for a paid subscription at the conclusion of the period of offer.
An alternative is that the customer can access the content at any time without having to try (if it is available).
The offer price and the terms and conditions of the site are not complete.

1. The unsubscribe button isn’t very obvious and people may not realize that they are unable to access the service without enrolling for a trial trial.

2. The offer is a free trial, and the users might not be aware the fact that they’ll be automatically charged after the trial. Verizon Email

3 The deal does not represent a trial period, and the users might not know the length of time their free access to content registered will be valid for.

4. The offer must be in similar language to the terms and conditions , so that the customers can comprehend all offer.
Management of subscriptions and cancellation Verizon Email Lists

_Verizon Email
_Verizon Email

As as a developer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your apps clearly explain how users can cancel or manage their subscription.

If a user chooses to cancel the subscription they purchased through an app available on Google Play, our policy is that the customer won’t receive a reimbursement for the current period of billing and will instead receive the subscription content as an email notification for the current billing cycle regardless of the date of billing. The cancellation of a user takes effect when the current billing period has ended. Verizon Email

As a content or access provider, you (as an access or content provider) have the ability to implement a successful refund policy for your users yourself. K It is the responsibility of you to inform your customers of any changes in your subscriber, cancellation, and refund policies and ensure that the policies adhere to the applicable law.
Family advertising program

If you offer ads within your application, and the app’s intended audience is only children, as per the Families Policy, then you should use ad SDKs that meet Google Play policies for self-verification and include the ad SDK verification requirements as listed below. If the target audience of your app includes both adults and children users, you should employ methods to screen for age and ensure that the ads you show to children are exclusively from one of the SDKs for ads that has been verified. Apps that are part of Built for Families Built for Families program are restricted to using only ad SDKs they have confirmed. Verizon email database free

Verizon lists

Utilizing Google Play certified ad SDKs is only necessary if you utilize ad SDKs in order for serving advertisements to children. The following can be done without the need to verify ad SDKs from Google Play, however, you remain accountable for ensuring that your ads and practices for data gathering are in line with Google Play’s Data Policy and Family Policy. Data Policy and Family Policy: Verizon consumer email database

Marketing inbound when you use your SDKs in order to control your apps’ promotions , or other marketing or managed media.
Direct deals can be signed with advertisers using List management SDKs.

Ad SDK validation requirements

Definition of objectionable content for ads as well as the behavior that is objectionable and block it in accordance with the rules or guidelines of the advertising SDKs. Descriptions must conform to the Google Play Developer Programs Policies. Verizon Email
Find a way to balance the creativity of your ad based on the group’s age. Age-appropriate groups should include at a minimum seniors and everyone groups. The method of rating should be in line to the method Google employs for SDKs after you have completed the form.
Allow publishers on a per-app as well as per app basis, the ability to request targeted treatment of ads. The handling of this information must comply with the applicable laws and regulations, like that of US Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Google Play requires ad SDKs to block personal ads, interest-based advertisements and remarketing as part targeted management for children.

_Verizon email database
_Verizon email database

Allow publishers to select the ad formats that meet the Google Play family Ads as well as Monetization Policy and also meet the requirements of the Teacher Approved Program.
Verify that bindings that are real-time are employed to deliver advertisements to children. Creation is reviewed , and privacy indicators are incorporated into bindings. Verizon Email Lists
You must provide Google with the correct information, for example, the data that you might be interested in in order to ensure that you are compliant in accordance with Ad SDKs as well as the validation requirements. Also, to respond promptly way to any further inquiries for information, like the release of a new version to ensure that it is in compliance to the Ad SDK version and all conditions of confirmation.
Making sure that every SDK release is in compliance with Google Play Developer Programs Policies. Verizon lists

Notice: The Ad SDKs can support advertising that is compliant with the applicable laws regarding child protection and regulations applicable to their publishers.

Guidelines to serve platforms when serving advertisements to children:

Ad SDKs that are approved through Google Play or use the necessary security measures to ensure that ads displayed on an official website meet these guidelines and
Transfer crucial information to lawful platforms for assessing the content of ads as well as other ways to manage child-targeting.

Developers can view an inventory of the ad SDKs they’ve tested here.

Developers can also share their enthusiasm by using SDKs they want to test. Verizon Email Lists
Savings Lists and Promotions
The visibility and promotion of your app can affect the quality of your store. Beware of spammy listings for your store or poor quality promotions and the potential to increase the visibility of your app through Google Play.
Promotion of applications

We do not allow applications that make use of deceitful promotional practices (such as advertisements)
or harming users or the ecosystem of developers. Promoting practices can be misleading or harmful to users if their actions or content is contrary to our policies on the Developer Program. Verizon lists

Examples of violations that are common:

Making deceptive advertisements in apps, websites or any other sites that include notifications like system alerts and notifications.
Making use of sexually explicit ads to attract users will save the Google Play app listings for downloads.
Installation or promotion techniques that redirect customers towards Google Play or download apps without informing users about the actions they take.
Promotions invisible through SMS.

You are responsible to make sure that any advertising networks advertising, affiliates, or affiliates connected to your app comply with these guidelines.
Metadata Verizon Email Lists

_Verizon email listing
_Verizon email listing

We don’t allow applications that have incorrect, misspelled or illegible, incorrect or inexplicably inaccurate metadata, which includes but is not limited to the description of the app developers name, title image, screenshots or promotional pictures. Developers must provide an accurate and concise description of their app. We do not permit anonymous and untrue testimonials of users in the app’s description. Verizon lists

The title of your app, the icon and developer’s name can help users to discover and gain knowledge about your application. Don’t use emojis, emoticons, or repeating special characters in metadata elements. Beware of capital letters as long as they are not part of your company’s brand name. App icons that are misleading are not permitted like a New message dot indicators when there aren’t any new messages, or download/install symbols if the app might not be compatible with downloading content. The title of your app should be no less than 30 words or less.

Alongside the guidelines listed here, some Google Play Developer Policies may require additional metadata details.
To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, to ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve created standards to define and block the use of content that is unsafe or insensitive to our users.
Here are some examples of unsuitable text images, videos, or text included in your listing:

Videos or photos that contain sexual images or videos that contain sexual. Beware of images with sexually explicit images of breasts, buttocks or genitalia or other offensive images, regardless of whether they are displayed or not.
The use of profanity or profanity or other words that are inappropriate for general audiences on your app store’s listing.
Graphic violence in apps logos, advertising images or in videos. Verizon lists
The dangers of drug use. Also, EDSA content (Educational or Documentary Scientific or Artistic) must be appropriate for everyone within the scope of the store. Verizon Email Lists

Here are some great methods:

Highlight the positive aspects of your app. Highlight the good things about your. Give facts and authority on your app in order to help users know what makes your app useful.
The app’s name and description accurately reflect the function of your app.
Avoid making use of duplicate keywords or references.
Make your app’s description brief and straight to the point. A shorter description will result in more user-friendly experience, especially for smaller screens on devices. A lot of detail, length in error, improper formatting, or repetition could cause the violation the policy.
Be aware that your listing should be aimed at a broad target audience. Be careful not to use inappropriate pictures, text or images in your listings , and adhere to the rules above.

Reviews, user ratings and installation

Developers shouldn’t attempt to alter the order in which they place any app in Google Play. This is, but isn’t only limited to, boosting ratings for products, reviews or listings that are calculated using illegal methods, for example, fake or fraudulent reviews, listings, or ratings. The inclusion of advantages. Reviews, and ratings. This includes the use of images or text in the app’s title, icon or developer name, which indicates the pricing or other details for promotional purposes. Verizon mailing lists

Developers are not allowed to use images or text to display the performance of their store or its ranking or indicate connections to other Google Play apps in the application’s title, icon or developer’s name.
To ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve developed guidelines that outline and prohibit any content that’s unsafe or insensitive to our users. Verizon Email Lists

Requesting that users rate your app, while also giving away a prize:

_Verizon email leads
_Verizon email leads

1 This notice provides users a discount in lieu of the maximum rate. Verizon email database free

Verizon Email

The repeated submission of ratings boosts the app’s position in Google Play. Verizon consumer email database

Submission and encouraging people to send updates with inappropriate content, such as coupons, affiliates games code, emails or links to sites or other apps:

2. This review encourages users to spread the word about the RescueRover application by making an online donation.

Review and ratings are the benchmarks of app’s quality. The users rely on them to be genuine and accurate. Below are best practices to follow when responding to reviews from users:

Make sure your responses are focused on the concerns raised in the user’s comments. Also, do not ask for more points.
Provide helpful links to useful sources such as a support contact and FAQ pages.

To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve developed guidelines that outline and prohibit the use of content that is unsafe or insensitive to our users. Verizon mailing lists

Textual or visual representations of the performance of the store or ranking it as “App of the year,””#1,’ “Top on Google Play 20XX,’ “Popular,” icons to award, etc.

Text or graphics that display the price and other promotional information like “10% off”, “$50 cash back or “free for a certain period or ‘free for a limited time only,’ etc.

Text or graphics that display Google Play programs, such as ‘Editor’s choice”New,” etc. Verizon Email Lists

Content limitations
The content ratings in Google Play are provided by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) designed to assist developers share their ratings locally to users. Regional IARC authorities oversee the guidelines for determining the level of development for content included in the app. We will not permit apps that are that aren’t part within the Google Play content rating.
How are content ratings used
Content ratings are used to notify users, and especially parents, of content that is objectionable included in the application. They also assist in filtering or remove your content from other sites or specific users when legally required, and also to determine the legality of your app using software for developers. Verizon mailing lists
How are content ratings assigned?

For a content rating to be awarded a rating, you need to complete an online questionnaire for rating in the Play Console that asks about the condition of the content of your app. Your app will receive a rating for content from various rating agencies based on your responses to the questionnaire. Falsely presenting the content of your app could cause suspension or removal therefore it is essential to respond in a timely manner to the questions about content limitations. Verizon Email Lists

_Verizon email Profile
_Verizon email Profile

To avoid your app being identified as “Unrated” You must submit a questionnaire on content ratings for each app that you submit through Google Play Console. Google Play Console, as in the case of all current apps in Google Play. Applications that don’t have a rating for content can be taken off in the Google Play Store. Verizon business email database free download

Verizon email database

If you alter your app’s features or content that affect the results of the questionnaire for rating You must submit the questionnaire for content rating for Google Play Console. Google Play Console. email marketing database Verizon

Go to the Help Center for more information about the various rating authorities and the best way to fill out the content ratings questionnaire.
Ratings for the moderation service
If you do not agree with the assessment given to the application you submitted, then are able to contest it directly with IARC, the IARC rating authority through the link in the certification email.

Beginning September 14, 2022.

News app:

It is marketed as an “News” app on Google’s Play Store, or Google Play Console, or
They are listed within which are listed in the “News & Magazines” section of the Google Play Store and which are described as “news” when they include their app’s title icon, developer name or description. Verizon Email Lists

Examples of apps in of the “News & Magazines” category which are classified as News apps are: Verizon mailing lists

Apps refer to themselves by the term “news” according to the app’s description, and this includes the following, but not exclusively:
The latest news
Latest news
Local local news
Daily news
Apps that have”News” in the title “News” in their icons, titles of the apps or even in the name of the developer.

However, if apps contain primary content created by users (social media applications) They should not appear as News apps and should not classified as News apps.

News apps which require users to pay for a subscription must offer a preview of the content in the app for users prior to the purchase.

News apps must:

Give proprietary information on the application and the source of news stories, including but not limited to the author or publisher for each article. In the event that it is not typical to reveal the authors of stories individually, the app should actually be the author for the story. Be aware that hyperlinks to social media accounts do not constitute a valid source of identifying the author or publisher.
A dedicated website or internal page or app that clearly labels as having contact information and is easy to locate (eg or linked to the bottom of the homepage or on the navigator bar) and contains current contact details for the news publication that includes at minimum an email address and a telephone number . Note that social media links accounts do not constitute a valid source of contact information for publishers. Verizon quality email

_Verizon business database
_Verizon business database

Apps for news should not: Verizon Email Lists

They are prone to major typos and/or grammatical mistakes
It contains only static content (eg the content that is older than 3 months older) or
Use affiliate marketing or advertising revenue as their primary goal.

Be aware that News apps may employ ads as well as other marketing methods to earn money only in cases where the primary function of the app is not to market products or services or generate an income from advertising.

News Apps that incorporate content from a variety of publishing sources must be open regarding the source of the content and each source must be able to meet the standards that are part of the News policy. Verizon quality email

Refer to this article to learn how you can better supply the necessary information
that’s it.
Spam and low performance
As a rule, the apps must provide users with an acceptable user experience and performance. Applications that are shady or display other behaviors that don’t align with the users’ experience or are only used to dissuade users as well as Google Play are not apps which expand the catalogue in a logical manner.
You’re getting sending spam
We do not permit applications that cause users to be contacted by spammers as well as Google Play, such as apps that send anonymous messages, or send duplicate and unreliable apps.
A message from spam
We don’t allow applications to send emails, SMS or other messages from the user’s side without providing the user with the capability to check the contents to the recipients intended. Verizon business email database free download

 Verizon email listing

To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve set standards to define and block any content that’s dangerous or harmful to our users.
Affiliate spam and Webviews email marketing database Verizon
We will not accept applications that are designed to bring affiliate traffic to any webview or site without authorization from the administrator or owner.
To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, to ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve created guidelines that outline and prohibit any content that could be dangerous or harmful to our users. Verizon quality email

_Verizon customers database
_Verizon customers database

A program whose goal is to direct targeted traffic to a specific website in order to get an account login for the user or gain access to the site.

Applications that are designed to provide you with a view of a site without your consent:

1. This app is referred to as “Ted’s Shop Deals” and offers a web-based view of Google Shopping.

Duplicate content
We do not allow apps to offer the same user experience similar to other apps present on Google Play. Apps should provide value to users by creating distinctive products or services.
To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, to ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we have developed guidelines that outline and prohibit the use of content that is unsafe or insensitive to our users. Verizon Email Lists

The copying of content or content that is made from applications, without providing original content or adding value.
Making multiple applications that have identical functionality, content in addition to user-experience. If the applications aren’t huge in terms of content the developers must be attentive to creating an application that is able to list all information. Verizon quality email

Made for ads
We don’t allow applications that are designed to show advertisements.
To ensure the security of Google Play remains safe and respectful, we have developed standards to define and block any content that could be dangerous or harmful to our users.

Apps that display ads put up after every user’s actions, which includes but is not only scrolling, clicking, and swiping.

A bit of work
Check that your application provides an enjoyable, stable and user-friendly experience.
To ensure the security of Google Play remains safe and respectful, we’ve created standards to define and block any content that could be unsafe or insensitive to our users. purchase Verizon email lists

Apps designed to be inactive or ineffective

A broken work
We don’t allow applications that break, cause to close, stop or perform in a way that is not correct.
To ensure Google Play remains safe and respectful, to ensure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we have developed standards to define and block the use of content that is dangerous or harmful to our users. Verizon Email Lists

Applications that can’t be installed
Apps that install but do not load
Apps loaded, but aren’t responding Verizon business email database free download

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Other programs email marketing database Verizon
Alongside adhering to the guidelines for content set out within this center of policy, apps developed specifically for use with the Android experience and available through Google Play may be subject to certain application-specific policy requirements. Make sure you review the following list to determine if these guidelines are applicable to your application. purchase Verizon email lists
Fast Applications for Android

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_Verizon b2c database

Our aim with Fast Android apps is to deliver a fantastic user experience that is secure and in line to the strictest standards of security and security. The policies are developed to achieve this objective.

Developers who decide to offer Android Instant Apps through Google Play must adhere to the following guidelines, in addition to the Google Play Developer Program Policies.
Identification Verizon Email Lists
In applications that are fast-paced and require login functions, developers must add Smart Password Lock.
Support link
Developers of speedy Android applications must properly allow links to other applications. If quick apps developed by developers or installed apps include hyperlinks that allow users to access the quick application, the developer needs to forward users to the quick appinstead of using, for instance, the WebView links.
Technical specifications
Developers must adhere to requirements of the Android Quick Apps technical specifications and the requirements set out by Google in the event that they alter from time-to-time as well as those in our documentation available to the public. purchase Verizon email lists
Providing application installation

Instant apps can offer users an installation-ready app, but it shouldn’t be the main purpose behind an instant application. If it allows installation, the developers should:

Utilize to click on the symbol “find your software” Important Design and the word “install” using the installation button.
There isn’t a miyal install greater than 3 in their app for instant access.
Avoid using banners or any other similar method to communicate an installation request to users.

More information on agile apps and UX guidelines are found in the User Good Practices in User.
to alter the condition of the device.
Instant apps are not allowed to make changes to the device which last longer than the duration of the instant app. For instance, they may not alter the user’s background image or make the home widget for the screen. purchase Verizon email lists
App visibility Verizon Email Lists
Developers must ensure that the instant apps are accessible to the user so that the user is aware each time the application runs on their device.
Device Indicators

Instant apps are not permitted to accessing device identification numbers which are (1) required when the instant app ceases functioning in addition to (2) is not resetable by the users. Examples include however, they are not restricted to:

Construction Serial
Mac addresses of all network chips

_Verizon b2b database
_Verizon b2b database

Instant apps are able to access the number of the caller if they’re accessed with runtime permission. Developers should not try to create fingerprints by using these markers or other substances. Verizon email database free download

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Network traffic
Internet traffic within the instant application must be secured using an TLS protocol, such as HTTPS.
Android Emoji Policy email marketing database Verizon

Our Emoji policy is created to create an enjoyable and constant user experience. To achieve that the apps must all support the most recent version Unicode Emoji when running on Android 12or higher. buy Verizon targeted email list

Apps that make use of the standard Android Emoji without any custom implementation are already using the most recent Unicode Emoji version when running Android 12+.

Apps with custom Emoji implementations, such as those offered by third-party libraries, have to completely support the current Unicode version with Android 12+ within four months following the release of the latest Unicode Emoji.

Read this article to find out how to work with modern emoji.

Take a look at the examples of Emoji below to determine whether your app is in compliance
Google Play provides a rich platform for developers to present their top-quality, age-appropriate and high-quality content for the whole family. Before you submit an app to a program specifically designed for families, or making an application targeted at kids to Google Play Store, you must ensure that your app is safe for children and that it is in compliance with the laws in force.
Find out more about the process, and then review the App Success Participation Checklist. buy Verizon targeted email list
Apps for kids as well as families Verizon Email Lists

The application of technology as a means to enrich the family life is increasing and parents are seeking for high-quality, safe material to give their children. It is possible that you are designing apps with children in mind, or your app may be attracting the attention of children. Google Play wants to help you ensure your app is secure for all users, which includes families.

The term “children” could mean different concepts in different states as well various locations. It is crucial to seek advice from your lawyer to find out what requirements and/or age limitations could apply to your app. You are aware of what your app does, and we trust you to assist us in ensuring that apps that are available on Google Play are safe for families.

Apps specifically designed for children should be complemented by apps specifically designed for families. If your app is designed for adults and children You can still take part within the Made for Families program. Apps that have signed up to join the Designed for Families program will be able to be assessed with an Educator Approved Program, but we can’t guarantee that your application will be part of the Educator Approved Program. If you do not choose to join the Built for Families program, you will still have to follow the rules that are set out in Google Play families policy below along with the Google Play Developer Program Policies and the Developer Distribution Agreement. buy Verizon targeted email list
Play Console Requirements

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_Verizon email database free download

The target audience and the content Verizon Email Lists

In the content and target audience part of Google Play Console you must specify the intended audience for your app prior to making it available for publication, by choosing the age ranges available. No matter what you are targeting through your application in Google Play Console, if you decide to provide an image as well as the list of words within your application that could be thought to be aimed at children, this could impact Google Play’s assessment of the targeted audience. Google Play reserves the right to conduct a review of the information about your app you supply to determine if the audience you describe is correct. Verizon email database free download

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If you select a target audience that includes only adults, but Google has determined that this is inaccurate because your app targets both children and adults, you have the option to make it clear to users that your app is not aimed at children by allowing you to carry a warning label. email marketing database Verizon

You should only select more than one group of your app’s target audience if you have designed your app and ensured that your app is suitable for users within the selected age groups. For example, apps designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers must only have the age group “Ages 5 and under” selected as the target age group for those apps. If your app is designed for a specific school level, choose the age group that best represents that school level. You should only select age groups that include both adults and children if you have truly designed your app for all ages.

Target audience updates and content section buy Verizon database for marketing

You can always update your app information in the target audience and content section of the Google Play Console. An update is required before this information will be displayed on the Google Play Store. However, any changes you make in this section of the Google Play Console may be reviewed for policy compliance even before an app update is submitted.

We strongly recommend that you let existing users know when you change your app’s target group or start using ads for in-app purchases, either through the “What’s new” section of your app’s inventory page or through in-app notifications. buy Verizon database for marketing

Misrepresentation on the Play Console

Misrepresenting any information about your app in the Play Console, including target audience and content category, can result in the removal or suspension of your app, so it’s important to provide accurate information.

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_Verizon business email database free download

Family policy requirements Verizon Email Lists

If one of your app’s target audiences is children, you must comply with the following requirements. Failure to meet these requirements may result in application removal or suspension.

App content: Your app’s content accessible to children should be child-friendly. If your app has content that is not suitable globally, but that content is considered suitable for child users in a certain region, the app may be available in that region (restricted regions) but not in other regions.
App functionality: Your app should not only provide a webview for the website or have the primary purpose of driving affiliate traffic to the website, regardless of website ownership.
We’re always exploring ways to enable new experiences for kids app developers. If you are interested in joining our Trusted Web App evaluation for educational apps, please submit your interest here.
Google Play Console responses: You must correctly answer all questions in the Google Play Console about your app and update those responses to correctly reflect any changes to your app. This includes but is not limited to, clearly disclosing interactive elements of your app to the Content Rating Questionnaire, such as: buy Verizon database for marketing
Users of your app can interact or exchange information;
Your app shares user-provided personal information with third-party companies; again
Your app shares the user’s physical location with other users.
Ads: If your app displays ads to children or users of unknown age, you must:
Use only ad SDKs certified by Google Play to serve ads to those users;
Ensure that the ads displayed to those users who are not interested ensure that the ads displayed to those users do not include interest-based advertising (advertising targeted to individual users with certain characteristics based on online browsing behavior) or remarketing (advertising targeted to individual users in previous interactions with the app or website);
Ensure that the advertisements shown to those users provide content suitable for children;
Ensure that the ads shown to those users are compliant ad format requirements for Families; again
Ensure compliance with all applicable legal and industry standard regulations relating to advertising to children.
Data practices: You must disclose the collection of any personal and sensitive information from children in your app, including through APIs and SDKs that are called or used in your app. Sensitive information from children including, but not limited to, authentication information, microphone, and camera hearing data, device data, Android ID, and ad usage data. You must ensure that your apps follow the data practices below:
You must not transmit Android Advertising identifier (AAID), SIM Serial, Build Serial, BSSID, MAC, SSID, IMEI, and/or IMSI from children or users of unknown age. Verizon Email Lists
The phone number of the device should not be requested from the TelephonyManager of the Android API.
Apps that only target children may not ask for location permission, or collect, use, and send accurate location.
Apps must use the Companion Device Manager (CDM) when requesting Bluetooth, unless your app only targets Operating System (OS) versions that do not support CDM. buy Verizon database for marketing

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_Verizon email database free

APIs and SDKs: You must ensure that your application makes proper use of APIs and SDKs.
Apps that specifically target children must not contain any APIs or SDKs that are not permitted for use in services primarily aimed at children. This includes, Google login (or another Google API service that accesses data associated with a Google account), Google Play Games Services, and any other API service using OAuth technology to authenticate and approved.
Apps aimed at both children and older audiences should not include APIs or SDKs that are not allowed to use services directed at children unless they are used behind a medium-age screen or installed in a way that does not lead to the collection of data from children. Apps aimed at both children and mature audiences should not require users to sign in or access app content through an API or SDK that is not approved for use in services aimed at children. Verizon database for sale
Augmented Reality (AR): If your app uses Augmented Reality, you should include a safety warning immediately at the beginning of the AR section. The warning must contain the following:
The right message about the importance of parental supervision.
A reminder to be aware of physical hazards in the real world (eg, knowing your immediate surroundings).
Your app must not require the use of a device that is recommended for use by children. (eg Daydream, Oculus).
Community Apps and Elements: If your app allows users to share or exchange information, you must accurately disclose information about these elements in the content limitations questionnaire in the Play Developer Console.
Social apps: A social app is an app where the main focus is to enable users to share freeform content or communicate with large groups of people. All social media apps that include children in their target audience must provide an in-app reminder about online safety and awareness of the dangers of connecting online to the real world before allowing child users to share freeform media or information. You must also require an adult’s action before allowing child users to exchange personal information.
Social elements: A social element is any additional app functionality that enables users to share freeform content or communicate with large groups of people. Any app that includes children in its target audience and has social elements, should provide an in-app reminder about online safety and awareness of the dangers of connecting online to the real world before allowing child users to share freeform media or information. You must also provide a way for adults to manage the social features of child users, including, but not limited to, enabling/disabling a social feature or choosing different levels of functionality. Finally, you must require an adult’s action before enabling features that allow children to exchange personal information. Verizon database for sale
Adult action means a way to ensure that the user is not a child and we do not encourage children to lie about their age to gain access to areas of your app designed for adults (eg adult PIN, password, date of birth,
verify by email, photo ID, credit card, or SSN).
Social apps where the main purpose of the app is to chat with strangers should not be aimed at children. Examples include: roulette style chat apps, dating apps, open chat rooms for kids, etc. Verizon Email Lists
Compliance: You must ensure that your application, including any APIs or SDKs that your application calls or uses, complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other applicable laws and regulations.

_Verizon consumer email database
_Verizon consumer email database

To make sure that Google Play remains safe and respectful, we have created standards that define and prevent content that is harmful or inappropriate for our users. Verizon database for sale

Apps that promote children’s play in their list saver but the content of the app is only suitable for adults.
Applications that use APIs with terms of service prohibit their use in applications directed at children.
Applications that highlight the use of alcohol, tobacco or controlled drugs.
Apps that feature real or simulated gambling.
Apps that involve violence, fighting, or scary content are not suitable for children.
Apps that provide dating services or provide sexual or marriage advice.
Apps that link to websites that present content that violates Google Play’s Developer Program Policies.
Apps that show mature advertisements (eg violent content, sexual content, gambling content) to children. Please see the Family Ads and Monetization policies for more information on google’s policies for advertising, in-app purchases, and commercial content for children. Verizon email database free download

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A program designed for families

Apps designed specifically for children must be joined by apps designed for families. If your app is designed for everyone, including children and families, you can also apply to participate in the app. buy Verizon email database

Before being accepted into the program your app must meet all the requirements of the families Policy and the eligibility requirements of Built for families, in addition to those indicated in the Google Play Developer Program Policies and the Developer Distribution Agreement.

For more information about the process of submitting your application for inclusion in the program, click here. Verizon database for sale
Eligibility of the program

All apps participating in the Designed for Families program must have app and ad content that is appropriate and suitable for children (apps must be rated ESRB Everyone or Everyone 10+, or equivalent) and must use only certified SDKs Google Play ad. Apps accepted into the family-friendly program must always comply with all program requirements. Google Play may reject, remove, or suspend any app that is not eligible for the Made for Families program. Verizon address lists
Here are some examples of common applications that are not suitable for the system.

_email marketing database Verizon
_email marketing database Verizon

Apps that are ESRB rated for everyone but contain ads for gambling content
Apps for parents or caregivers (eg, breastfeeding tracker, development guide)
Parental guides or device management apps are intended for use by parents or guardians


If you are eligible to participate in the Designed for Families program, you may select a specific Family category that describes your application. Here are the available categories of apps that participate in the Built for Families program: Verizon Email Lists

Action and entertainment: Action apps/games, including everything from racing games to fantasy, and other apps and games designed for fun.

Brain games: Games that make the user think, including puzzles, matching games, quizzes, and other games that challenge the mind, intelligence, or understanding. Verizon address lists

Creativity: Apps and games that encourage creativity, including drawing apps, painting apps, coding apps, and other apps and games for you to be and do things.

Education: Apps and games designed with input from educational professionals (e.g. teachers, pedagogues, researchers) to promote learning, including academic, social, physical, and artistic learning, as well as learning related to general life skills, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Music and video: Apps and games that have a music or video component, including everything from music simulation apps to apps that provide video and music content.

Role-playing: Apps and games where the user may pretend to be a character, for example, pretending to be a chef, a caretaker, a princess/prince, a fireman, a policeman, or a fictional character. Verizon Email Lists
Ads and how to make money

If you’re monetizing a kid-oriented app on Google Play, it’s important that your app follows the Family Ads and Monetization Policy Requirements.

The policies below apply to all monetization and advertising in your app, including ads, multiple promotions (for your app and third-party apps), in-app purchase offers, and any commercial content (such as paid product placement). All monetization and advertising on this app must comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including any applicable regulatory or industry guidelines). Verizon address lists

Google Play reserves the right to refuse, remove or suspend applications based on sales statistics.

Format requirements

Monetization and advertising in your app should not contain deceptive content or be designed in a way that may lead to unintended clicks. The following are prohibited:

Intrusive monetization and advertising, including monetization and advertising that takes up the entire screen or interferes with normal functionality and does not provide a clear way to dismiss the ad (eg ad walls)
A way to make money and ads that interfere with normal app usage or game play that doesn’t close after 5 seconds.