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Saudi Arabia Email Database

If you’re planning to run targeted marketing campaigns to promote your products, solutions, or services to your Saudi Arabia market, you’re at the right spot. EmailProLeads dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and precise Saudi Arabia Business Email List lets you connect with key decision-makers, C-level executives, and professionals from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei, Macau, Lhasa, and various other regions of the country. The list provides complete access to all marketing data that will allow you to reach the people you want to contact via email, phone, or direct mailing.


Saudi Arabia Contact List

Our pre-verified, sign-up Saudi Arabia Emailing List provides you with an additional advantage to your networking and marketing efforts in Saudi Arabia. Our database was specifically designed to fit your needs to effectively connect with a particular prospective customer by sending them customized messages. We have a dedicated group of data specialists who help you to personalize the data according to your requirements for various market movements and boost conversion without trouble.


Saudi Arabia Total Contacts: 506,734


Saudi Arabia Email Leads

We gathered and classified the contact details of prominent industries and professionals in Saudi Arabia like email numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, faxes, etc. We are utilizing the most advanced technology. We use trusted resources like B2B directories and Yellow Pages; Government records surveys to create an impressive high-quality Saudi Arabia email list. Get the Saudi Arabia Business Executives Email List today to turn every opportunity in the region into long-term clients.

Our precise Saudi Arabia Email List is sent in .csv and .xls format by email.

Saudi Arabia Email Lists

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Saudi Arabia has grown into an employment-generating center and an attractive trade partner for millions. It’s set to be a significant contribution to the world economy. 

Economics, business trade, and business. It is also an ideal place for sales, business, and economy and marketing professionals looking at an increase in profits. Are you ready to connect with SAUDI ARABIA professionals, executives, and key decision-makers? Saudi Arabia Company Database is a Campaign asset for companies that want to market their products or services.

Saudi Arabia Email Lists
Saudi Arabia Business Email Database

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Saudi Arabia Contact Lists Fields

1. Company name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zipcode

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address



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Source of the list

we make use of the same source as our other competitors: such as Web Directories, LinkedIn, public sources ,government directories and etc.Therefore Quality is same and most accurate than them with affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. Saudi Arabia email list broken down by industry help optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, then our email lists filtered by job function can be incredibly helpful.

Ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion+ unique email addresses

Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 100+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.

In general, once we’ve received your request for data, it takes 24 hours to first compile your specific data and you’ll receive the data within 24 hours of your initial order.

After the completion of the payment, we will send you the email list in Microsoft Excel format.

We maintain the highest accuracy by performing strict quality checks and updating the Saudi Arabia Business Mailing List every 30 days. Our team makes several verification calls and sends more than 8 million verification emails to keep the records free from errors and redundancy.

Yes. The data we offer in our Saudi Arabia Business Email List is highly trustworthy as our team of specialists compiles it using authentic and reliable sources. Some of the sources include – business websites, government records, B2B directories, surveys, trade shows, yellow pages, local directories, business meetings, conferences, newsletters, magazine subscriptions, etc.Our Saudi Arabia Decision Makers Email List is highly reliable as it comes with upto 95% accuracy and beyond 95% deliverability rate. Our team spends significant time and effort to deliver you such a precise list.

Our data standards are extremely high. We pride ourselves on providing 95% accurate Email Lists, and we’ll provide you with replacement data for all information that doesn’t meet your standards our expectations.

Yes. Our Saudi Arabia Business Database lets you customize the given records based on specific campaign requirements. The selects for customization include geographical location, job title, SIC code, NAICS code, company revenue, and many more.

Yes. By availing our Saudi Arabia Email List, you can easily gain access to all the B2B marketing information that is crucial for successful campaign performance. The data fields include – first name, last name, location, phone number, company name, job title, website, fax, revenue, firm size, SIC code, NAICS code, and others.

Saudi arabia Email lists

How Does Email Personalization Work?
When using an email management system such as Comm100, you only have to create one email
template. However, you are actually sending out as many individual emails as you have subscribers on
your email list. Each email that goes out is its own html or text file. Your email sending or online
newsletter platform may have the capability to read a variable within your html template and, in each
individual html file sent, replace that variable with the associated database field. For example, you may
have a database field for a user’s first name. Your email sending platform may then have been
programmed to understand that when it sees FIRSTNAME in your html email template, it is supposed to
replace that variable with the database field for ―first name‖ for the email address that it is sending to. In
this way, you can send millions of emails from one template that all include a personal touch for each of
your subscribers Saudi Arabia email database providers.
The Pros of Using Personalization in Emails
Most case studies have revealed that emails and newsletters that use personalization experience higher
conversion rates. Using personalization in the subject line leads to increased open rates of your email,
and the success of your email marketing campaign all begins with a user opening of your email! When
users scan their inbox, they are more likely to notice an email with their name in the subject line. Then,
you only have to have ensured that the rest of your subject line is enticing. After all, you’ve now won the
first battle, which is to get noticed in a crowded inbox Saudi Arabia database for sale.
Using similar personalization in the body of the email can also be effective. When you refer to a
subscriber by his or her name or user name, a positive mental association is made between the user and
your company or brand. As simple as it may sound, including the use of a first name or user name can
make a customer or subscriber feel like an individual person rather than just an anonymous recipient.
Between the increased open rates and the higher affinity rate of subscribers within a message when it is
personalized, personalization within your email sends can improve email response and conversion by
multiple percentage points Buy Saudi Arabia targeted email list.
In This Section: As you develop your email templates, you’ll want to consider whether or not you
want to use personalization features in your email. This could include using a subscriber’s first
name or user name. It could also extend beyond that to using any data variables that you have
collected in your email database. However, before you decide where, or even if, you want to use
personalization in your email templates, there are a few things to consider Purchase Saudi Arabia  email lists.

Saudi Arabia Consumer Email Leads

Saudi Arabia email database

There is, however, one con to consider when evaluating the role of personalization in your email
templates. That con is your subscribers’ sensitivity to privacy issues. Increasingly, people are aware of
the information that’s available about them via the internet. Simultaneously, they are wary of sharing or
being asked for too much information. If you choose to include personalization in your email templates,
then you company is either asking users for identifying information such as their name when they join
your email list, or you are alerting them to the fact that you have a database of related information each
time you send an email Purchase Saudi Arabia  email lists.
While, in most cases, the concern about privacy and information is far outweighed by the measureable
improvements in email campaign performance when emails are personalized, there may be some
exceptions. Particularly if your business or product is one that may have a user base that is highly
concerned with their privacy, personalization may not be worth the trade off. Adult-only products,
gambling, sensitive health information products, and financial information are just a few of the industries
that may not be better served by using personalization in their email marketing programs.
You can see measurable results by incorporating personalization into your email templates. However, be
aware of issues with your demographic or industry segment that may negate those positives. If you have
not previously used personalization in your email templates, you may want to consider and isolated a/b
test with only a small segment of your database getting the personalized email to begin with. We’ll
discuss testing in detail later in this book.
Best Practices for Email Personalization
Email personalization, outside of demographics and industries where there are extensive privacy
concerns by users, can vastly improve email campaign performance. Always consider these best
practices when implementing personalization into your email.
Personalize the Subject Line: Always, when possible, personalize the subject line of your email with a
first name. It has been shown to consistently improve open-rates.
Personalize Above the Fold in Your Email: Within the body of your email, include first name or site
user name personalization field above the fold so that it catches the attention of the reader immediately
and engages them.
Don’t Overdo It with Personalization: While personalizing emails can improve their performance, overusing personalization can leave readers and subscribers feeling as though you know a little too much
about them! Include a touch or two of personalization, but don’t fill up your entire email template with
personalized facts.

Saudi Arabia Email Lists

Limit the Information that You Ask Subscribers For: In order to personalize your emails, you’ll need
to ask subscribers for information when they register at your site or join your email list. Only ask for what
you need! The more information you request of users, the less likely they will be to complete your sign-up
or registration process.

Saudi Arabia  leads

Personalization in emails can improve results exponentially. However, don’t just use personalization
features win without thinking them through first. As always, if you’re unsure, test before you roll
personalization out to your entire email database!
Next Up: Using images in email templates: how, where and how much to implement image files into
your email templates.

Images: How Many & When to Use Them
The Truth: Images Sell Products and Services
Images and visuals are absolutely a critical part of marketing your product or service. To send an email
with no images would be both a branding and conversion error. The trick with email is to find a way to
use images in a way that will benefit your email’s performance rather than detract from it. And yes,
images in emails can absolutely detract from your email’s performance in many ways, which we will
discuss within this chapter. However, as you begin to think about using images in your email, remember
this: images are important and should be included in your email template design.
Remember: An Email is Not a Print Mailer or Brochure
One of the most important things to remember when designing your email template, particularly when it
comes to the process of determining how and where to use image files, is that your email template is not
a print mailer. It does not have the same flexibility of design that a print mailer would. Users will not
navigate an email communication in the same way that they would a printed communication, both in how
they respond to it and in how their eyes track through the design. Finally, email has many other usability
factors to consider that a print marketing piece would not. Encouraging clicks, the need to sell
subscribers on reading the email in less than two seconds within a preview pane, and actual inbox
deliverability issues all regulate the use of images in an email. You cannot approach designing an email
as you would approach designing a print marketing piece. That means that your design team, and even
some of your executives, may be frustrated that your email can’t ―look as good‖ as a catalog or print
mailer. However, at the end of the day, while your email certainly does need to look good, it needs to
drive results. In fact, driving results is certainly more important. As you begin designing your email
templates, remember that you are not designing a printed piece of marketing collateral. You are
designing an electronic mail that has usability limitations.
Remember: Not All Email Service Providers Will Display Your Images
One reason that you do not want to rely too heavily on using images to convey the message within your
marketing email is that not all email service providers display images by default in your email. Gmail and
In This Section: In many marketing departments, the use of images in email newsletters and
marketing emails is a hotly debated topic. Designers and traditional marketers want to include a
heavy use of visuals and images for both aesthetic and brand purposes. Email marketing
specialists want to minimize images for deliverability and display reasons. What should you
consider when designing email templates that use images? What are the pros and cons of using
images? What are the best practices for using images in an email template? In this section, we’ll
explain the how’s, why’s, and why-not’s of images and email.

Saudi Arabia lists

Hotmail both default to turning images off and relying on users to proactively download images in order
to see them. The reality is that many users will not download the images, so if you’re relying on a picture
or graphic button to convey an important message within your email template, then more than half of
your subscribers may never see that message or request. You are including images in your email for the
fifty percent or so of subscribers who see the images. Your email template, however, needs to be
designed to appeal to your entire subscriber base, including those who do not see the images.


Remember: Images Can Send Your Email to the Spam Folder
A third important thing to remember about using images in your email template is that the use of images
can result in your email going to the spam folder. It’s not the use of images exclusively that can land you
in the spam folder, but overuse, bad use, and certain other triggers when combined with your overall
sender reputation and quality score can mean that emails hit the spam folder instead of the inbox. In fact,
if you have started experiencing an inbox deliverability problem, then one of the first steps that you
should take is to remove some of the images from your email.
With All of Those Concerns About Images, How Can I Possibly Use Images in My Email
Newsletter or Marketing Email?
Did we scare you off from using images in your email with the above information? If so, that wasn’t our
intention. However, one of the most common mistakes in email template design is the overuse of images
or treating the email template as though it is a replica of a printed piece of marketing collateral. But given
all of the information above, how can you use images effectively in your email template? It’s actually
much easier to craft an email template with images that work in favor of improving conversion instead of
causing email problems and issues than you think. Below, we’ve given you the best practices for
including images in your email template. If you simply follow this list, you’ll include enough images that
are compelling to subscribers who see the images while also crafting an email template that appeals to
users who don’t see the image files.
Also, remember that, while you may need to minimize your use of image files, there are many things that
you can do with formatted html within an email that will lead to an exciting design that compels opens,
reads, and clicks. We’ll discuss those best practices in an upcoming chapter.
Best Practices for Using Images in Emails
We promise that, if you follow this list, you will create the most optimized email template possible that
also uses images! Print this list out and hand it to your designers! If your email newsletter sending
solution offers premade email templates, such as Comm100 does, chances are that they meet all of
these requirements. If you are designing your own template or modifying a premade template, you’ll want
to follow these basic rules.

 Saudi Arabia email lists

1. Limit the Use Images in the Top Two Inches of Your Email Template
In the majority of cases, your subscribers will scan your email for less than two seconds before they
decide if they want to bother reading it. Most of that scanning will happen within the email preview pane.

The typical email preview pane is horizontally aligned (Outlook offers an alternative vertical one) and less
than two inches in height. That means that you have approximately two inches of space to convince a
subscriber or user to continue reading your email. There’s nothing wrong with using an image within the
top two inches of space. In fact, we’d recommend it because it will have a positive impact and result on
users who load images automatically in their email browser. However, because so many subscribers and
users will not automatically, or possibly ever, see the images in your email, you need to be sure to get
compelling text into the top two inches of your email template in order to engage them.
The most common way to address this issue is to use an email template header graphic, typically about
700 pixels across and no more than seventy-five pixels in height. The header graphic can be the same
for every email send or can be different for each send. There are many other design solutions for
incorporating a small but engaging graphic in the top two inches of your email template.
What’s the most important thing to remember? You want to be sure that there is enough space in the top
two inches of your email template for engaging and visually formatted text. Don’t sacrifice that need for a
bigger, brighter image.
2. Don’t Send an Email That Is One Big Image or All Image Files
How many times have you opened an email that a company sent to you, and the entire thing was a blank
white screen asking you to download images? That single image (or a series of smaller images built
together using an html table to form a larger image), may be visually amazing. It may an exact replica or
a piece of print marketing collateral that your design team spent months developing and that the entire
company is proud of and excited by. It might be an image that promotes and offer that is so incredible
that you’re expecting to run out of stock because the offer is unmatched anywhere else. However, it
doesn’t matter how many of the previous things are true of your image. The only true fact that you need
to worry about is that half (or less) of the people who you sent the email to never saw the graphic or
message. Not only did the image not load when they opened their email, but also because there was no
text in the top two inches of the email to tell them why it was important that they download the image,
they never bothered to explore the email at all.

Saudi Arabia business database

We’ve said it before, but an email newsletter or email marketing offer is not a print design piece. Your
design team will need to create an alternate treatment of campaigns that relies more heavily on html and
text and less heavily on a layered image file. If you send an email that is only images, then your email
marketing results will be dramatically reduced.
3. Don’t Trap Important Messages or Links in Images (ie: The “Click Here” Graphic Button Does
Not Belong in an Email)
Similar to the reasons that you’ll want to avoid sending emails that are entirely image files, you’ll want to
avoid ―trapping‖ any messages that are critical for your users to get from the email in image files that they
may never see. For example, on a webpage, using a graphic button to indicate that a user should click to
―buy‖ or ―read more‖ is highly effective. However, in an email template users may not see those buttons

and may be confused about where they should click within the email. Links in email templates should
always be formatted text links. If you really want to use a graphic button to indicate a place to click, you
should always include a text link below it.
Another example is messages about sales or discounts. If your email is promoting a sale or discount,
then you want to ensure that the message is both indicated in a graphic and a text headline. For those
who load images, the graphic will certainly be the first visual stimulation that gets them excited about the
discount. However, for those who don’t load images, you’ll need to be sure that they still know what the
offer is. The only way to ensure that is through a strongly formatted text headline.
What’s the basic rule? If it’s something that your readers or subscribers absolutely need to know, it
needs to be in text, even if that text is in addition to a graphic.
4. Always Provide Alt and Title Text
Alt text is the html coded text that appears when an image doesn’t load (it’s short for ―alternative text‖).
Title text is the ―hover‖ text that appears when a user passes their mouse over an image. However, in
some web browsers, such as Firefox, title text is used in the same way that alt text is. Why are alt text
and title text important to you? As we keep mentioning, at least half of your subscribers and users will not
see your image files. For those for whom images don’t load, seeing an alternative piece of text that
describes the image means that you have not wasted the space in your email template. You’ve used the
space to convey an important message even if the image didn’t load.
Of course, what you write for your title and alt text is equally important. If your email is an email asking
people to donate money to help save the world’s tiger population, then it’s likely that you’ve used an
image of a tiger within your email. Don’t make the alt or title text (they can be the same content) say,
―Image of a Tiger.‖ Have it be a call to action to enhance the message of your email such as ―Click the
links in this email to instantly donate to save the tigers.‖ Remember, if the images don’t load, you are
losing one of your most powerful methods for inciting action in your readers. You’ll want to try to
compensate for that with good, strong call-to-action alt and title text.
Some email marketing specialists like to use the alt and title text behind an image to ask users to
download the images. That’s certainly a valid technique. However, it’s our belief that, given the speed
with which users will scan your email, that you’ll get better results by using the alt and title text to try to
incite direction action.


Saudi Arabia business database

5. Thirty Percent is a Good Rule
What’s a basic, good rule to follow when designing an email template? Only use about thirty percent of
your available space for images. A good design team can use even less than that and still make images
effective. However thirty percent means that you’ll still have enough images to entice users but you won’t
be in danger of either creating spam problems for yourself or presenting large, blank emails to people
who don’t use images.

For many designers, only using thirty percent of your available space won’t feel like enough. That will
mean that you may need to vary from some of the brand presentation that you use both in print and on
your website. For example, navigation to sections of your website from the email itself should probably
not be done using images, even if the navigation bar on your website is entirely image driven. Again, the
important thing to keep in mind is that email neither operates like a print collateral piece nor like a pure
webpage. It has usability and functionality issues that require design adaptations.
6. Do Not Make Images Files Too Large
Finally, for the images that you do use in your email template, avoid making the files too large. This is not
only from a space perspective, but large image files can create significant spam and deliverability issues.
Small, compressed, well-formatted images are the key to successful use of images in your email
In summary, remember all of the following key points when designing the use of images in your email
 Do not overuse images in the critical top two inches of your email template
 Do not send emails that are entirely comprised of images
 Important messages and critical calls to action should not be ―trapped‖ within images
 Always provide Alt Text and Title Text for your images
 Do not devote more than thirty percent of your email real estate to images
 Keep image files small, compressed and optimized
Images are an important part of a successful email template. Simply follow the best practices above and
you’ll be sure to find the middle ground between images that enhance your email template performance
and images that create email deliverability and performance issues.
Next Up: How much text should you use in an email? What should you say? What are the best
practices for text in an email?

Font Style, Color, and Size. What’s Best to Use?
For the purposes of your email template, the font style, color, and size that you use only needs to meet
one criterion. It needs to be readable. In general, a font size of ten or eleven and a non-serif font such as
Arial in a traditional black color will be most readable in the smaller resolutions of many email viewing
devices (remember, these days, your email may be getting read on a tablet or even smaller mobile
device). We will talk later about the best ways to code your email templates, but if you are not using a
pre-made template then it’s always best to code your fonts using tags rather than CSS. Gmail, in
particular, will force you to use inline CSS which makes it just as time and control valuable to simply use
font tags.

Saudi Arabia Business Email Leads

Saudi Arabia b2c database

If your brand guidelines dictate the use of another font size or style, consider using that font size or style
for headlines. Do some testing of display and readability and remember that designing an email template
is not the same as designing a webpage or piece of print marketing collateral. You may want to allow
some flexibility with brand font guidelines to improve email display rendering and response rate.
Headlines: How Big?
As we previously discussed, headlines will be incredibly important in inciting customer action in emails,
especially when your images may or may not load in various email service providers. How big should
your headlines be? And what color? Again, the most important thing in this case may not be brand
adherence. It will be display rendering in the email as well as the ability to draw attention to the headline.
In truth, the amount and placement of the headline real estate will also matter. To a certain degree, so
will spam and deliverability concerns.
Let’s discuss the spam and deliverability concerns first as they are fairly simple. If you use too many
headlines in your email in relation to the full content of the email, then you may suffer a spam score
penalty. Additionally, the excessive use of red fonts has also been proven to be on the ―spam watch list‖
for several email providers. What’s the importance of this? You want to use headlines, but not in
abundance. When possible (and it should always be possible), you should play it safe and not have your
headline be in a red font.
In This Section If there’s one thing that we learned in the previous sections, it’s that the text in
your email is incredibly important. No matter how you integrate images and even video into your
email marketing, email is still primarily a text medium. So how do you optimize your use of text in
your email template? This section will summarize all of the best practices of email text.

Real estate in the email is also important. It’s important to have at least one headline above the fold in
the top two inches of your email to ensure that the most important message gets seen in the preview
window. However, the more large headlines that you put in the top part of the email, the less overall
information that you can convey. Make sure to include a headline in the top section of your email, but
don’t use so many headlines that it’s not possible to give more information to your users or subscribers
than just the headline content.
In terms of size and color of email headlines, you simply want to ensure that the headline is big and bold
enough to draw attention without being so big that it becomes the only focal point in the email template.
Use your best design judgment.
How Much Text Should You Use?
When deciding how much text to use in your email template, it’s actually a fine line to walk. You certainly
want enough text included to engage users and incite them to either make a purchase or click through to
your website. However, the more text that you include in the body of your email, the more you risk being
flagged by spam filters at various email providers.

Saudi Arabia b2b database

One solution, and the one that we would recommend, is to use sections of teaser copy that then provide
―read more‖ or ―learn more‖ or ―read the rest of this article‖ links to full pages on your website. After all,
the primary goal of your email is to drive users to your website or landing page where they are ultimately
more likely to convert to purchasers or to give you a page impression. Blocks of text of a hundred to a
hundred and fifty words are often more than sufficient to convey the message or information.
Remember, most users will scan your email for less than two seconds before they decide to read it or to
delete it. If you include too much text in the email, they may simply decide that it’s ―too much to read.‖
Select the most enticing sales points of your text and convert them into teaser blurbs that then link to
landing pages or your website.
What Should You Say?
What should you say in your email? The basic answer to this is, ―Whatever your customers want to hear!‖
Of course, that’s not entirely true. Determining what text will resonate with your subscribers and cause
clicks and conversions is, unfortunately, a long testing process in most cases. The more that you can test
different theories of content and find out what words, content categories, offers, and article types get the
best response from your email recipients, the better. Once you’ve determined that information, you can
craft a forward-looking email content plan. On a basic level, however, here are some key points that you
should keep in mind:
 Seasonal content is always a good idea. If the holidays are right around the corner, incorporate
holiday messages into your content plan so that you’re writing about things that are relevant and
on your customers’ minds.
 The baseline for content should always be: Is this something that will be valuable to my users?

 If you are emailing an offer that has terms and conditions, make sure that the terms and
conditions are mentioned in the email. That may simply mean including a line that says, ―This
offer subject to terms and conditions as listed on the website,‖ or it could be comprehensive. If
you do not include a statement of terms and conditions, however, you’re setting yourself up for
customer service phone calls and emails later on.
 The more that you can craft content that will stand out in the inbox, the better. It’s a crowded
email marketing world out there. If your competitors are all emailing about advice on toasters, be
sure to email about advice on how to make the best toast instead!
 Do some competitor research to get good content ideas. Especially if you have competitors with a
well-established email program, they may have already researched what makes great newsletter
content. Taking a look at what they’ve done can save you time and effort.
What Should You Not Say?

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What should you not say in your email text? The rules are pretty simple!
 Don’t lie or mislead customers. Not only could this ruin your brand reputation and create
customer service nightmares, but in certain cases it could ultimately get you into CAN-SPAM
 Don’t say things that are offensive or hateful. While there’s nothing legally preventing you from
doing so, it’s just not nice!
 Don’t use words that may trigger spam flags. As a general rule, if your email reads like spam
email that you’ve received in the past, it will likely be treated as spam email.
Other than that, you are entitled to your free speech in your email newsletter or marketing email. Be
honest, be nice and be aware of what words may get you into the spam or junk folder (hint

Buy saudi arabia email database 2022

The Call to Action Of course, possibly the most important part of your newsletter template or email is the call to move.
The design and the purpose of your marketing email or newsletter You may need to make only one phone contact
to take action or several to take action or multiple. You can ask users to click a hyperlink or if you’re
giving them numerous opportunities to avail deals, purchase products or click through to
to read the entire text of the article. There are some key points that you must remember when reading the article’s text
Your need to take action.
Make it brief. The longer you take to make the call to take action the more likely to be misinterpreted or dismissed.
The readers of your blog are not aware of it.
Make bold your appeals to take action.
Be sure your calls to actions appear like an actual link. Make it simple for users to access your site.
users know the best place to click to complete the action you want they to take from your email
slick looking design. The blue, underlined links to call-to-action are still the best choice.
Separate your calls to action from the text surrounding them with a an encapsulation line or paragraph.
Don’t be afraid to inform people to hit the button! In the basic web design using the words “click here|| can be used.
It is not recommended. But when it comes to email templates where driving clicks is crucial, it’s not something to be
Importantly, the words “click here|| are crucial, they can make the call to action quick and powerful.
As an overall text design rule you should want your calls to action be easily visible and not hidden in the text.

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and utilize words that convey to the user what you expect to them to do.
Should the text of Your Text Version Email be identical to the HTML Version?
It doesn’t matter if you opt to send an email using text or if you’re sending multi-part messages
that’s a combination of text and HTML, be thinking about the information in the text version
your email. In certain cases email marketers opt to use the default text they use in the HTML
Version inside the text version and make use of hyperlinks in text versions instead of calls to action coded in the instances where they are present.
These could have been HTML-based links in the HTML version of the email. They could have been HTML links in the HTML version of the.

This is the Ultimate Guide on Email Marketing
It is brought to you by Comm100 Marketing Email/103
Due to the rising amount of people using your email to read it exclusively on mobile devices,
It’s worthwhile to put a little extra effort in the content you’ve included inside the version that is text-only.
Everyone doesn’t want to see an email that contains typed out hyperlinks!
In general, the most effective way to write the text for an email that is based on text an email would be to create a slightly
A shorter version of the text you used in your HTML email as well as at the top and bottom of the
Emails should contain a URL so that users can access the web version of your email. Include the URL where users can see the online version of your.
It’s equally important that the URLs you include when you send a text-based email version should be brief and simple to
remember! It’s up to users to enter (or perhaps copy and paste) those URLs into the browser.
browser. In certain cases it’s possible for users to keep those URLs in mind when they close their email.
Use the form of text in your email condensed for optimal usage.
Best Practices for Email Text
We have covered a large amount of details about the use of text in a html email, also known as a text-based email.
Here’s a list of most effective practices to keep in mind when the use of texts in emails.
Keep it Readable regardless of your company’s name
or fonts used on print or websites marketing

Saudi Arabia email database

collateral, the most crucial aspect of the
the text of your email is clear. Arial font
In a ten to eleven points size, black, typically
It is the easiest to read in many email clients.
Not too many headlines: using many
headlines are fine but don’t make your headlines too cluttered.
Email them with their information. This makes the email less
Readable and can be able to count against your spam
Beware of using red fonts too often Red fonts are too common.
The fonts used in text emails have been found to
The trigger for spam score increases. Utilize an off-shade to
of red, or an alternative color , if you’re of red or an alternative color if you’re
numerous headlines.
One Headline Above the Fold: Try to figure out
at least one headline within the upper 2 inches on your
Email templates that entice users. However, don’t
Make that headline so huge that it’s hard to read
additional information that is important
The email template includes a section for this.
Don’t Make Headlines That Big Don’t overdo it.
Your headlines that are so large they can break the design
from your templates for email, or else clog it with your email template, or else clutter it
Make it difficult to make it difficult to.
Limit the amount of text Use as much text as you can.
in your email in the manner you have to do in order to complete
the point, and get people interested. However,
Be aware that the more text you add,
the higher the risk of being the spam or
junk drawer. Think about teaser portions of text filled with
Links to landing pages that are full or articles.
The most popular content: seasonal content,
Content that competes with successful email
Programs have been promoted, as well as content has been promoted
make an impact in a cluttered inbox , and all should be
Included in your email content strategy.
Include the Terms and Conditions: If you are
Sending an email to an offer with conditions and

A Comprehensive Guide on Email Marketing
It is brought to you by Comm100 Marketing Emails for Emails/ 104
restrictions or conditions, be certain to specify any limitations or conditions.
Include them in the emails promoting the offer.
Don’t Overuse Spam Words: Words like –free||,
–$|| as well as –credit|| could cause spam filters to be activated. This
This doesn’t mean you can’t make use of these for your
Be wary of how much you send and how often.
If you are using them.
Make use of Font Styles as well as colors and caps Mix and match the
Visual representation of your email when you pull it out
words to your users and then putting the words in their mouths.

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In a bolded font the font is distinct in color,
An all-caps font, as well as any of these combinations.
Avoid Italics: Italics inside an email client may be
adversely impact the negatively impact.
Calls to Action: Calls-to action should be brief,
should be bold and should appear like links, and should
Separate the text from the text in the background by the use of
paragraph break and be able to clearly
What you would like them to do.
Text versions of your email when creating
Your email will be sent in text condensing the
Copy and use the short-version simple to remember
URLs to improve user engagement.
The next step is to include links within an email’s template.

Links How to Code These Links, How to Formulate Them
Calls to Action and Content are important!
We don’t want readers to read this section and conclude you’re the sole thing that counts when it comes to
sending visitors through an email and to the landing page. If this were the situation, there wouldn’t have been an incentive to email
An email that contained nothing except hyperlinks! It is the quality and content of your message and its ability to entice and motivate
the number of clicks that users make is crucial. The offers you might advertise in your promotional email.
Also, making use of effective calls-to-action your content and within your web pages can be a great way to make
Significant difference in click-through percentage and an extraordinary click-through rate. The entire
The elements of your email template’s design and content are able to boost your click-through rate.
But, there are some proven and tested things to remember!
We have discussed this before in our discussion of the best practices to use images in emails. However, we do not recommend using them as an alternative to images in emails, we’ve discussed it as
In general, you don’t need to make use of images to tell readers they need to click. As a general rule, you should not use images to indicate that they should
something. Graphic buttons that say , buy or –click here work great on websites. However, since
Many email service providers don’t automatically load images whenever the email is opened, and your email readers could be unable to load images.
You will never see the Click Here or –buy now|| join now button and could be unsure of where to click.
to click. You should include all the images you send in emails just in case they fail to load, and users don’t click them. Also,

Saudi Arabia email lists

More importantly, you should and more importantly, ensure that your primary links are always text-based. If you are required to utilize an image link, make sure that you do so in a way that is more secure
(for instance, if your department of design insists on this) Make sure you include a link to a text under it.
Formatting Links Saudi Arabia email lists
It’s crucial that the hyperlinks you incorporate within your template email are distinct from the text
They also they appear in a manner that makes them instantly identifiable to be they are. They are the most foolproof
method to accomplish this is to employ the traditional link-style. Of course, this is using a blue underlined
font. It’s also a good option if all your hyperlinks are bolded. If you aren’t able to utilize a blue font with an underlined then it’s
In This Section: inbox deliverability and open-rate the most crucial metric driving the
Your email marketing campaign or newsletter will depend on the click-through rates. It’s not that difficult. Saudi Arabia B2C email database
A lot of personal knowledge to be aware that you’re unable to convince readers or readers
when you click your email link click to your the landing page, but you cannot earn money by directing people to your landing page or website. In the event that, in nearly
in all instances, the final objective of your marketing campaign is to increase revenues or
through page impressions or transactions by directing visitors from your email on to the website or landing page
Your website is essential. Links are the main driver for traffic flowing to your
send an email to your site. Buy Saudi Arabia B2B email database

We strongly recommend that you in the minimum utilize an underlined typeface. Users of the Internet are taught to be able to read
That is, underline refers to linkregardless of whether the color isn’t blue. Bolding your links can make to make them make an impression.
If your design guidelines do not allow bold or underlined links It is strongly recommended that you create an exception.

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in the email templates. Even more than a web page that is, the channeling of users away from your
sending emails to a website or landing page that can make money from them is the key to success.
In the end, if your website style guide is based on identifying links with color changes or style whenever a user
Mouse clicks across the links, do not repeat that action when you send your email. CSS are used in email template
that would be needed for that effect that could be broken down by different services for email.
Furthermore, you’re also relying on your readers and users to click on the text of your email in order to
discover hyperlinks. The links should and appear immediately when someone examines your email to
He or she is able to switch from email to website as fast as it is possible.
What Should You Say in Your Link Buy Saudi Arabia Consumer email database
Your link should function as your call-to-action We’ll talk about the best ways to optimize calls-to-action in the book. Don’t
Use single words for links do not create them to be too long. Nothing is more irritating to the eyes more so
Three lines of bolded, underlined text for the link! The best links will tell users what they’ll be.
What they do when they click on their mouse. Click Here to Buy now. Here. for free.A clear short, concise, and clear call to action
the most appropriate text to link your site!
Where can I place links? Saudi Arabia email leads
There’s not a set standard regarding where to put links in your email templates however there are some fundamental
Tricks and trips that boost click-through rates.
Do not place links in large chunks of text. Instead, make use of your text to guide you to the link, after that, separate the links.
Link with a paragraph break so that it is noticeable.
Be careful not to place enough space in between the text and a hyperlink. It is important for users to know that it is a link.
Link is connected to text.

Email marketing database Saudi Arabia

Do not include links in headlines . The inconsistent styles can confuse users.
Be sure to include at minimum one, if not more, hyperlinks in the upper the two inches in your mail template. It is important to include links in the top two inches of your email template.
You want people who don’t scroll down below the preview pane, to have the chance to click through to your
Webpage or landing page or landing. Email Marketing database Saudi Arabia
As stated above, ensure that all images have hyperlinks.
We’ll also talk about the use of static and permanent hyperlinks in the header, footer , or the side columns of your

The number of links in Your Email
The issue of how many hyperlinks to include in your email template could be an extremely difficult question. On the other side,
the game of raw numbers says that you need to have as many links as you can. The more chances you have,
The more opportunities you provide readers to click through to your site the more likely they will be more likely to click through. But, if you upload an
In case you send out emails with excessive hyperlinks, you could trigger spam filters. If you add too many links in an
In the end, it will affect the quality of the text contained in the email. This will affect the readability of the text within the. It may not sound like an
Situations that can really hurt you, but you could be amazed by how important writing can be when it comes to selling your
Service or product. Buy Saudi Arabia contact lists
A reliable guideline is to not have more than one link for 50 words of text. But there’s no definitive standard here also. It is best to start by removing hyperlinks inside your emails templates, and follow up with more links.
to include links in each email until you have reached an amount of click-through that’s the desired rate of click-through.

Saudi Arabia Email Leads

Saudi Arabia email data

Static and Permanent Links
A lot of email templates are created using static and permanent links within the header, footer and the side bar.
These links could be clones of your navigational elements on your primary website to establish a relationship with users.
the website and the your email address. These could be hyperlinks to social media components that you wish to continuously encourage. Saudi Arabia email database
They could also be links to customer support as well as other web pages of your site which provide information
people constantly look for. The design of your email template using these kinds of linked will help you to get the most out of what
drastically increase the rate of clicks. The pages or information that links lead to can dramatically boost your click-through rates.
or destinations pages have been identified as having high or destinations that you’ve identified as attracting a lot of. Furthermore, these are also pages can be persistent or Buy Saudi Arabia email database
permanent links boost the number of hyperlinks in your emails, which in turn increases the amount of
chances for your readers the chance to take advantage of. There’s no reason to be afraid!
The same guidelines apply to persistent or static links too. Do not trap these links in pictures. This is even true the case
you’re trying to copy the navigation on your site in your email template, and you are trying to duplicate the navigation on
The website makes use of images. Adjust the presentation temporarily and to your Buy Saudi Arabia email list
the site’s navigational structure, which makes use of text rather than images. The best practice that is mentioned above is
Does not mean that static or permanent links in your email template regarding the formatting.
Although you’d like your links to look similar to links, since they aren’t your primary links, you might not
Want to bold them, or make them too much. You do not want to make your static, persistent and navigating
hyperlinks that detract from content or the email, therefore it’s fine to include an esoteric visual
way to interact with their approach.3

Buy Saudi Arabia email database

Inadequate links in your email could cause spam filters to be activated and alerts. We’ve suggested this in the event that you’re
When you are just beginning your email marketing plan beginning with templates with more links. Then, you create your own
Your way to the top. Another method to determine the number of links you can be able to include in your email without
The best way to avoid spam is to test prior to sending. Send an email with more links than you’d like
And test sending it and test send it to your seed or test addresses and test send it to your seed or test. If it is found to be in the junk or spam folder (and when you’re certain Buy Saudi Arabia email database

Saudi Arabia Business Email Lists

That there was nothing in the contents of the email that could create a spam issue) and
Remove half the links and try it remove half of the links and try it. You might find that your inbox is now ready by taking out half of the links.
Some hyperlinks!
Links in the text Version of your Saudi Arabiaian Email
Naturally, it’s not feasible to include links in this text-only email. If your text-only version of your email is the sole variant of the email, or whether you’re sending out a multi-part email using
both text and HTML components, it’s worthwhile to spend some time to clear the urls that are in your text-only
version. Here are some top methods:
Keep URLs brief and easy to remember If you send a text-only email you’ll rely on people to remember your message,
typing in, or copying, and pasting URLs into a web browser , to connect to your website as well as landing page. Remember to keep
Short and simple to remember for maximizing the number of visits to your site or landing page on your text-based
email. Saudi Arabia email database
Space URLs Out from the Text: Since you cannot use any kind of formatting to make your URLs stand out
Send the email via text and ensure that you have a complete sentence break, separating the above text from
Text below a URL to make it easy for users to locate it.
Place your URL on the Top and at the bottom of the email. It is recommended to create any URLs that are in the email.
It is easy to locate easily in the accessible in the text-based version. Be sure to include at least one on top of the fold, and one on the bottom of the page.

Saudi Arabia companies email database

email, so that the user can discover the URL for the destination quickly and quickly at the end.
Best Practices for Linking in Emails
An organized use of hyperlinks in your email template will vastly improve the quality of your email’s click-throughs and
conversion statistics. Here are the top ways to be aware of:
Do not rely on images to show users what to click Some email clients will allow images to be loaded therefore, you should be aware
If you’re relying on people to click on graphics or buttons If you’re relying on click-throughs to get them to click, you. Make use of the text-based
Links, enhance image-based links by adding text links underneath the images, as well as making images clickable to allow them to be
sure. Saudi Arabiaian email Marketing Database
Format Links in a Way That They’re Easy to Find Do not get overly fancy in your design sheets or your brand
requirements. It is important to ensure that your links look like hyperlinks. Bold and underlined links is the most effective method.
If you are able, make sure to format them with a blue font, too.
Utilize Call-to-Actions for Link Text The most effective text for your link should be a call-to-action message that informs your users
precisely what they’re exactly what they are doing after clicking on the hyperlink.

Place links where they’re easily visible: Don’t hide your links in huge chunks of text or formatsted
headlines in which users might not notice them. Link out links from the text surrounding them to make it easier to
Users to be aware of users to spot. Saudi Arabiaian email List
Avoid using too many links Too many links could make an email difficult to read, and could also cause spam to be triggered.
Filter triggers. Utilize links with enough that readers have plenty of chances to click however, they should not
So many so many that the email is merely the email is a list of hyperlinks.
Do not use static and permanent links. Navigational Links Navigational and permanent links within your emails are

Saudi Arabia Consumer Email Lists

Saudi Arabiaian email database

is a fantastic way to increase the chances that readers will have to open an email
and without obscuring your template. Make sure you don’t format these links using images or use fonts that are too obvious
and styles that draw away from the main message or message of your email.
Use URLs for your Text-Only emails clear: in this version, you can only use text in your emails, you’re not able to include
Links, ensure that the URLs are concise as well as easy to recall. separated from the text and
It is at the top and at the bottom of the email. Saudi Arabiaian email database
Next: What is the ideal size and width of an email-based template?

The optimal width for email should be between 550 and 600 pixels. However, we have seen emails that are
perfectly fine as long in 700 pixels! What makes this fixed width so important? Keep in mind that your email will not be readable.
It will be displayed on a full screen. It will be contained within the dimensions that the box for an email service.
provider or Outlook provider or Outlook. The size of these boxes can differ the 600-pixel mark is the safest width for a provider or Outlook client to Saudi Arabia mailing Lists
Make sure that the full dimension of your email appears in the pane of view or preview. Remember,
There is no reason to include scroll bars in horizontal format in an email.
The Best Size for an Email Template
Of course the email template you choose to use can have the length is needed to fit the amount of text you want to include.
It is important to include it. Remember that the longer the email more likely that users will see the contents and offers
or advertisements that are located or promotions that are. Be aware of how important it is to include the text that is most crucial
appear above the fold or in the form of –email talk the preview pane of the typical email client. It can
The pane of previews will typically be between 300-500 pixels in height. Make sure you optimize the space to display

Saudi Arabia Contact List

as much content, promotional and teaser as you can to encourage users to browse to the next level.
Pre-designed Email Templates
When you’re working with an email marketing platform that has templates that are pre-designed, like Comm100 If so, then
There is a good chance that your email template is in line with the width requirements above and is in use.
made to be optimized to fit for the size of a pane that is a preview. But, when you’re scanning emails, you’ll notice that they’re
Templates are available on the templates of your email marketing platform or when you’re designing your own, ensure
Keep the dimensions of height and width to keep in mind. Saudi Arabia email Lists
Next What do you think? Is a single column or two column email template more effective?
In this Section: The positive aspect of email templates has to do with a few aspects that
There are simple answers. One of these items is the width and height dimensions of your
Email templates for your email. When it comes to content formats, formatting, links, images, and many more components of your email
The template could be packed with variables, allowing you to know the width and height to design your email
Template has clear and concise answer!

Which is better What is more effective: Two Columns or One Column Or Two Columns?
What’s the Best content above the Fold?
The most crucial part of your email is the top two or three inches (about 500 pixels) which display
within the preview pane of emails in the email preview pane of Outlook or in the email preview pane of a web-based email browser. In determining whether you are Saudi Arabia Contact list
If you would like to utilize two column formats or one column format. This is one of the most important things you’ll need to do is
You should think about the format that allows you to display additional information above the fold as well as in the preview
pane. This is dependent on the design of your email generally, a two-column design can be used to allow for a
to divide content display into sections and –boxes within this crucial area, to show more content, but also
Also, a bigger view of what the contents below within the text of an email might contain. There is also a preview of what the content below the body of the email could. Since the side column
It is usually more a navigational the nature of things, but you can also display the table of contents or –in this case list in the
column to draw readers to continue reading, while using the column that displays your primary message
or or. Two columns typically can give you more chance to show or offer content above the fold
or in the pane for previewing emails.
What has the lowest chance of breaking?
Of course, you’ll also have to design email templates that do not appear different in emails.
clients. All email providers support the usage of tables with nested elements (the HTML code that can create two
column layout). If your code isn’t clean your email display may not be as accommodating as web
The browser may be having HTML mistakes. It’s more likely to be an email template in HTML that makes use of the

Saudi Arabia email database

tables to create two columns might break, and the section in the HTML code where it broke might be more
more difficult than finding a bad line of code that is in simple simple format. Although any template that has been designed
Email templates supplied by your marketing partner for email will be coded to display correctly
across all email providers across all email providers. If you’re developing templates internally, you can use one or two columns on the same basis.
Column decisions based on your HTML competence. Saudi Arabia email Leads
The Content and Purpose of Your Email
The last thing to think about is the intention and the message that you include in your emails. If your email is a single-call-to-action
marketing-related email, including an additional column of navigational links might not be beneficial for your business.
In the end, as we’ve seen, the more marketing or sales driven email, the less choices or opportunities
In this Section: Luckily similar to –What is the appropriate size and height for an email? Saudi Arabia email database
some other queries regarding email template design are simple to answer. The
the question of having one column as well as two columns is an issue that usually has an
straight-forward answer. There are, of course, some things you’ll need to think about when you
deciding whether to utilize either a single column format or two column formats for email marketing
or newsletter templates.

A Comprehensive Guide on Saudi Arabia Email Marketing
the more decision-making information you can provide your readers the more information they can use to make their decision, the more information your readers get, the better. If you’re mailing an email to a specific person, the more information about
to promote a sale, product or other event that generates revenue or other revenue-generating event, a one column email might be the best for you. Saudi Arabia email List
This implies you will have less distractions from your message, and there is less of a chance that you will be able to convey your message effectively. Saudi Arabia email List
viewers click to access an additional page than your main website or your offer visitors will click to go to a different page than your primary offer. If you use a two-column design,
Email format offers you the chance to provide more details, while a single-column email format could be a problem.
direct users to your desired destination more efficiently. Saudi Arabia email Lists
Which side should you choose for you second column?
If you choose to utilize a two-column format the question is what side should you place the smaller column?
Most often, users will look at your email with your eyes in an upward diagonal starting from the upper left hand corner of your email until the point that is lowest located in the bottom right corner. This means that your email will be seen by a user who is

 Buy Saudi Arabia database online

Your most important data should be located in the upper left-hand area of your email. It could be
the table-of-contents , or the “what’s in this email part of the template. It could be the bigger column
which has your promotional or that has your headline. Only you will be able to determine which column in the email is containing the
most important information. It’s not a matter of which column contains the data that’s the most crucial
to let readers or users to see immediately, should be placed on the left-hand side of the template. This should be on the left side.
Then, which Column is it? Two? 
The truth is pretty easy. If your email is used to do anything other than advertise one call-to-action sale or event it is recommended to use two columns. Why? You can squeeze more information into your email
preview pane. If the email you send out is a single call-to action or you’re creating your template internally and don’t have any HTML skills think about a one-column option. Buy Saudi Arabia email database online
Best Methods to Layout Columns in Email Templates
If you are using a one or two column layout There are some good ways to think about.
The most important content is to the Left of the column format you choose, the most important content will be on the left.
Important information on your email should be placed in the upper left upper left. The users will scan the content in an
diagonal downwards starting from lower left and moving to upper right.
Test for Breaks: Prior to sending your mail make sure you test it on different email providers to
Make sure that the column format isn’t broken. Do not just look for broken column formats. Also, you’ll want
Check to ensure to ensure that the font style is constant across each table cell.
One Column for a Single Call-to-Action emails: If the message contains only one promotion or call-to-action, you should use the single column layout. There’s no reason to provide users with different content or options.
Two columns for information email If your email has an abundance of content or information make use of
Two columns are used to add more content above the fold or in the preview pane for emails. Purchase Saudi Arabia email database
In this Section: If everything was perfect Your email would appear exactly the same regardless of
The email was opened using an Outlook software for email, Hotmail, Yahoo! or Gmail. In reality you can use your email
Templates may appear completely different the template in all of these email clients. To make matters more difficult,
how an email is displayed in the email service provider can be a bit of a moving target , since emails are not always displayed in the same way.

Saudi Arabia email database providers

Service providers themselves are often changing their guidelines and rules. What you’re reading
The information we have today could be obsolete within a matter of an entire year. But, the majority of techniques and tips listed given below
Have been fairly constant for a long time since. It’s important that you test the email templates, it’s also important
among the important email service across several major email service providers, here are some tips to remember while using email services from several major providers. Saudi Arabia contact list providers
creating for the large email service providers
Choose which Services for Email are the most crucial Saudi Arabia email database providers
The first step you’ll need to do is to review your current marketing lists and figure out the ones that aren’t working.
Email service providers are essential enough to create an email template that is based on. It is likely that
the majority of your email lists is Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail. But, if you’re a marketer of b-to B email and Gmail, you
It is possible that you will find many users making use of Lotus Notes. In the near future, you
(possibly in the past, depending on when you’re in the process of reading this) You could be emailing to a Facebook email
address. Look over this list of addresses that you have (and maybe a second glance through the lists of
Most active email users you can find). You can then determine the email service provider or providers you have.
It is crucial for your email to be displayed perfect it to display properly. If you don’t have an email database, it is
If you’re just beginning to build your list of contacts If you’re just beginning to build your contact list, then you can safely suppose you’re using Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, Saudi Arabia email database
as well as any other email addresses that you see and any email address that you can view in and any email address that is viewed in an Outlook client will be crucial to you.Saudi Arabia business email database free download