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This Malaysian economy is experiencing rapid expansion and diversification, which means there are many opportunities for smart businesses to discover new markets for its product. Get the connections you want by using the Malaysia email database and see results!

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Malaysia Email Database

If you’re planning to run targeted marketing campaigns to promote your products, solutions, or services to your Malaysia market, you’re at the right spot. Emailproleads dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and precise Malaysia Business Email List lets you connect with key decision-makers, C-level executives, and professionals from various regions of the country. The list provides complete access to all marketing data that will allow you to reach the people you want to contact via email, phone, or direct mailing.


Malaysia Email List

Our pre-verified, sign-up Malaysia Emailing List provides you with an additional advantage to your networking and marketing efforts in Malaysia. Our database was specifically designed to fit your needs to effectively connect with a particular prospective customer by sending them customized messages. We have a dedicated group of data specialists who help you to personalize the data according to your requirements for various market movements and boost conversion without trouble.


Malaysia Total Contacts: 106,734

Malaysia Business Email Leads

Malaysia Email Leads

We gathered and classified the contact details of prominent industries and professionals in Malaysia like email numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, faxes, etc. We are utilizing the most advanced technology. We use trusted resources like B2B directories and Yellow Pages; Government records surveys to create an impressive high-quality Malaysia email list. Get the Malaysia Business Executives Email List today to turn every opportunity in the region into long-term clients.

Our precise Malaysia Email List is sent in .csv and .xls format by email.

Malaysia Email Lists

Malaysia mailing Lists

Malaysia has grown into an employment-generating center and an attractive trade partner for millions. It’s set to be a significant contribution to the world economy. 

Economics, business trade, and business. It is also an ideal place for sales, business, and economy and marketing professionals looking at an increase in profits. Are you ready to connect with Malaysia’s professionals, executives, and key decision-makers? Malaysia Company Database is a Campaign asset for companies that want to market their products or services.

Malaysia Email Lists
Malaysia Email Database

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Malaysia Email Lists Fields

1. Company name

2. Email address

3. Mailing address

4. City

5. State

6. Zipcode

7. Phone number

8. Fax number

9. Sic code

10. Industry

11. Web address



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Malaysia Business Email Lists

Why should you choose Emailproleads for China Email Lists?

Source of the list

we make use of the same source as our other competitors: such as Web Directories, LinkedIn, public sources ,government directories and etc.Therefore Quality is same and most accurate than them with affordable price.

Source of the list

we make use of the same source as our other competitors: such as Web Directories, LinkedIn, public sources ,government directories and etc.Therefore Quality is same and most accurate than them with affordable price.

B2B Direct Contacts

Our main agenda is to aid small businesses that can purchase our Contacts list for a price lower than that of our competitors. You can gain access to a wide range of  Email lists  at a price lower than what other websites may offer. Why purchase email lists that are more expensive than ours, when we have everything you need right here!

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We are providing only direct email of real contact person . you don’t need to worry about contacting generic (such as contact@ ,sales@ )

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Every contact lists are included company, contact name, direct email, title, direct phone number and many more data fields.

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Database is delivered within 12 hours once payment is approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. Egypt email list broken down by industry help optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, then our email lists filtered by job function can be incredibly helpful.

Ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion+ unique email addresses

Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 100+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.

In general, once we’ve received your request for data, it takes 24 hours to first compile your specific data and you’ll receive the data within 24 hours of your initial order.

After the completion of the payment, we will send you the email list in Microsoft Excel format.

We maintain the highest accuracy by performing strict quality checks and updating the Malaysia Business Mailing List every 30 days. Our team makes several verification calls and sends more than 8 million verification emails to keep the records free from errors and redundancy.

Yes. The data we offer in our Malaysia Business Email List is highly trustworthy as our team of specialists compiles it using authentic and reliable sources. Some of the sources include – business websites, government records, B2B directories, surveys, trade shows, yellow pages, local directories, business meetings, conferences, newsletters, magazine subscriptions, etc.Our Malaysia Decision Makers Email List is highly reliable as it comes with upto 95% accuracy and beyond 95% deliverability rate. Our team spends significant time and effort to deliver you such a precise list.

Our data standards are extremely high. We pride ourselves on providing 97% accurate Email Lists, and we’ll provide you with replacement data for all information that doesn’t meet your standards our expectations.

Yes. Our Malaysia Business Database lets you customize the given records based on specific campaign requirements. The selects for customization include geographical location, job title, SIC code, NAICS code, company revenue, and many more.

Yes. By availing our Malaysia Email List, you can easily gain access to all the B2B marketing information that is crucial for successful campaign performance. The data fields include – first name, last name, location, phone number, company name, job title, website, fax, revenue, firm size, SIC code, NAICS code, and others.


Malaysia Email Database

Segment your lists by interests and activity
How can you personalize mass-communication channels?

Each email marketing service allows you to create multiple lists. You can create different lists depending on the activities and interests of your audience Buy Malaysia targeted email list.

Consider segmenting lists for:

General blog subscribers.
Subscribe to the Weekly Blog
Potential customers
Customers are paid.
Email copywriting – How to get your emails opened and read
Most people are not good at email copywriting.

They are focused on the message, not the reader  Purchase Malaysia  email lists.

It’s like inviting a boring person to your party.

They will only talk about themselves, you know?

The truth is simple.

People look at their inbox and see that they are looking for novelty, not marketing.
The Four Pillars Of Email Copywriting
Clive was the first to introduce me to “Four Pillars of Email copywriting”.

This is an email formula you’ll want to use.

Here’s a quick overview.

We have listed the five core drivers of Pillar #1 (aka emotions) for our readers.

If you want your email to be read and opened, there are five things you need to pay attention.

Pillar #2 has 5 subject lines that you can always count on.

There are five ways to entertain your readers in Pillar #3 so that they continue reading and, most importantly, your next email.
There are six strategies that you should use before asking for the click in Pillar #4
Core driver 1. Bond.

James Bond?

The act of bonding with others is called having a good relationship.

Social interaction is a fundamental part of our DNA. To build relationships with like-minded people.

Mirror neurons are a part of our brain that allows us to feel the emotions of others.

In fact, we are social creatures Malaysia quality email lists.

We want to be noticed.

We enjoy it when other people want our attention.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Your first email to subscribers should tell them who and what you are.

Tell stories about why and how you got started.

“In a world that allows you to be anyone, be yourself.”

Malaysia email database

Every online influencer has a story.

So does every superhero.

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s simple.

Through their backstory, you can bond with the superhero or influencer.

The two greatest examples of Batman and Spiderman that I can recall are Batman and Spiderman.

This is a template for a “backstory” that you can use to build trust and rapport with your readers.

Was it a problem or a challenge that you faced in the beginning? (The same problem or challenge they are currently facing.

Which were your inner struggles? (How did this affect your inner feelings?)

What were your external challenges? ((What were some of the most notable things that happened in your business?

Was it a change event? (At what point did you feel satisfied?)

What was the spark? (The catalyst.)

Who was your guide? (Your mentor, discovery, ah-ha moment, etc.)

What was the outcome? (You have finally solved the problem.

These questions will help you to create your “origin story”.

The main character in fiction and great movies almost never comes out of the gate in one sitting.

The movie gives you glimpses into their past through their eyes.

The same applies to your early emails.

Over several emails, you can share a small part of your story.

Let’s get started!

Get our free copywriting course

Create believable copy that people will love and respond to.

Our best copywriting information is now available as a PDF ebook

This is the Ultimate Get-Started Copywriters’ Guide for copywriters and salespeople as well as bloggers and entrepreneurs.
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Sell with words

Core driver 2. Defend.

Are you a victim of deceit, fraud, or lied to?

What did you think?

Malaysia  leads

This is the feeling that you should avoid in your email messages.

All of us have been tricked at one time or another in our lives.

You can do it more than once.

I’m sure it will be more than once.

This makes it necessary to defend ourselves.

It’s an intense emotion.

People won’t buy your products if you don’t get over their defenses.

Admitting a flaw is the best thing I know.

There were some typos in the book “Influence Intelligence”, which Clive Cable published himself.

He would tell clients every time he sold them a copy of the book that there were typos he hadn’t noticed.

They never looked for them again after he had told them.

Instead, they complimented him on the book’s content.

Although I’m sure most copywriters don’t see their typos, it doesn’t matter if they have a great product to sell.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Recognize a flaw you don’t think is important.

It should be trivial.

There is no perfect person.

This reminds me of a title in a book: “I may not always be perfect but some parts of me are exceptional.”

The Four Pillars Of Email Copywriting

Flaws can make you more human, relatable, and believable.

You should tell them you have trouble writing.


Reading “private in public” builds trust between readers and helps them get past their defenses quickly.

Core driver 3. Acquire.

Everybody loves to buy but not everyone likes being sold.

 Malaysia  email leads

Everybody loves to be seduced, but they don’t like being swayed by men who brush their hair with buttery toast.

Gary Halbert, a great copywriter, once stated that people buy something if they like it.

If you are anything like me, then you are a hoarder.

You probably have more than one item that you don’t need.

Two laptops, two tablets and three iPods are my possessions. However, I can only use one at time.

A friend of mine collected watches. He owned over 50 watches.

A friend also owned six guitars.

He could only play one game at a time.

Why is it that women have so few shoes and men so many shirts?

They can only wear one.

Don’t forget about stamp collectors.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Give people the chance to purchase more from you.

Many online gurus offer cross-sells and upsells to get buyers to purchase more.

Make sure they are relevant to the problem or desire they are trying solve.

Clive offered his first product in health to customers with a book.

The results?

He sold nearly as many books and as many health products as he did books.

What can you do to apply this knowledge to your business?

Core driver 4. Learn.

Emails open rate, tips for email copywriters

One word comes to my mind.


Never stop learning.

We absorb everything around us like giant sponges.

Some of us (not me) wanted to know more about the COVID pandemic. We wanted to learn as much information as we could about the COVID pandemic.

Fake news or real, the News is big business.

Malaysia lists

These people tap into our desire to learn by making trivial seem urgent and important.

This way, we can pay attention.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Playoff news articles

Find stories that relate to the problem of your reader and tie them in to what you have to offer.

Give them your personal spin.

Another strategy is to choose any news story that is relevant to your readers, and then take the opposite position.

Copywriters use the “the case against” concept to do this.

“Why you should stop drinking water.”
“Get rich slowly.”
“Don’t ever eat on an airplane!”

This is the basic idea.

Core driver 5. Curiosity.

Although I’m sure there are some dead cats who won’t agree, curiosity is what brings life to any topic.

Particularly subject lines.

Anybody who does not use curiosity in their subject lines is missing a lot!

This topic will be covered in greater detail later. We’ll also show you some incredible ways to build intrigue.

Actually, the most important part of this post will be what’s up next.

This is the one thing that will make you a better writer. It’s a simple trick that works every single time.

This is what makes series fiction like “Vikings”, “Game of Thrones,” and other shows addictive.

This makes ordinary, decent people like you and I binge-watchers.

First, let me tell you a bit about my background in Hypnosis.

This is not the traditional type.

This is hypnotic language.

2007 was a great year for me as I spent $15,000 to enroll in an elite coaching program.

What I discovered was that language structure has a direct influence on the unconscious mind.

That was when I decided to team up with a musician and create a hypnotic album that will make you feel more confident in all areas of your life.

Is it possible to use hypnosis in emails?

Joe Vitale published a book called “Hypnotic language” many years ago. In it, you will learn the basics about ‘language patterns’.

This book is enjoyable, but it can be a bit complicated for many people.

Malaysia email lists

Here are some ways you can use “hypnotic words” in your email.

The one bind.

Listen carefully and you will hear people say, “The more coffee you drink, the more you like it.”

Your subconscious mind will agree with what you just heard if you aren’t listening.


The rule of thumb is that the more …(x you have, the more …(y you have.

You will be more fascinated by hypnotic language the more you read.”

This was an easy version of the pattern that was simple and easy to spot.

I prefer “the more you (x), the simpler (Y).

It is easier to generate great ideas if you send more emails.

This one could be even more sneaky.

You will dislike our competitors if you learn more about them.

These will spark curiosity in your reader. Have fun!

We will soon have more information on curiosity.
Subject lines can be thought of as “fascinations.”

They should be captivating to the reader so that they will want to continue reading.

As this…

“How accurate a stopwatch can be in assessing your health is better than your doctor”

That is what you want.

Oder, how about…

“How a pickpocket could cure your backache”

Or, you could say “Whatever it is that you will never eat on an aircraft.”

Fascinating, aren’t they?

These are the questions I’m sure you want to know the answers.

Okay, I’ll do my best.

Type of subject line 1. Open loops.

Return to my study in hypnosis.

An “open loop” is one way to “force” your readers to open your email.

Hypnotists use open loops in order to stop the critical mind resisting what is being said.

An open loop is a phrase without a conclusion.

You know, like “The safest place on an airplane” and “The scary reasons why.”

The answer is crucial if you are planning to fly anywhere in the near future.

One from a recent campaign.

“Real men don’t write content”…

It is easy to want to find out what they do.

It opens up your mind to new possibilities.

It also stops your “logical mind” from criticizing what is being said.

At least until the “loop” is closed.

It is also known as “Zeigarnik effect”.

Malaysia business database

This is because your brain must reach closure in order to move on to something else.

It makes it hard for your reader not to notice that you have a loop in your subject lines.

We used one of them recently: “SEO is only for suckers.”

SEO is a lucrative field.

This is why there is a high open-rate.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

This is how I have shown you how to use it in your subject lines.

Your emails will follow the same principle, but have an extra twist.

Have you noticed what I did there?

Yes, it was an open loop.

You open an email loop and then you open another one right before closing it.

This is what I did in my previous post.

(Hint: This post may be worth a re-read to learn how I did it.

Type of subject line 2. Implied benefit.

You can promise readers something in return for opening your emails.

This technique is called “Reciprocity” by Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence”.

The “something for nothing” mentality was the foundation of the internet.

This is why you have seen so many “opt in” offers to receive a “widget” for free.

To “train” people to open your emails, use the subject line “implied benefit” once you have them on your email list.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

I like words that have “est” at the end.

“The quickest and easiest way to …”” is one of my favorite quotes.

You see how I implied a benefit?

It is also possible to use words such as fastest, easiest, and effortless.

Yes, that last word was ending in “ess”, but you get the idea.

Type of subject line 3. Reveal a secret.

Everyone loves to discover secrets.

Everyone believes the grass is always greener on the other side.

Even cats love to go the other way!

One of our most recent campaigns…

“What is the greatest secret to content creation?”

This is how you can use it in your email communications

 Malaysia customers database

Take a look at your product, service, or information to see if there is anything you don’t know.

It should be something that you can feel your hands on and say, “This secret is very rare.”

It’s usually the “how” your readers will benefit from your product.

“Little-known secrets that can help you maximize your gold profits… even if bullion falls to $250 per ounce!”

Type of subject line 4. The number formula.

If there are multiple ways to solve the problem or get the desired result, you’ll see it in your inbox.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Consider all the ways that your product can help your reader.

“Four ways to get your body to release its natural pain-killers”

These are some starter templates that you can use to get started.

“The two most powerful …” in the world”

“The seven lesser-known signs of …””

“3 often overlooked…”

Here’s one that we used in an email campaign.

“50 shades of …” content”

It was a great open-rate, so don’t be surprised.

You can match “50 shades” with what you have to offer.

You’ll be laughing.

You can even make it to the bank!

Type of subject line 5. Start in the middle.

Stories are the best way for an email to start if you have the ability to pull it off.

We discussed earlier how to craft your backstory.

This is where it pays off.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

This was used in a subject line.

Malaysia b2c database

“I can still recall the doctor coming into my room and telling me the shocking news.”

A subject line such as this is almost impossible to ignore if you have used the “bonding” strategy previously.
Email Copywriting Pillar #3

email copywriting success

These are 5 ways to entertain readers so that they continue reading and, most importantly, your next email.

These are the five ways you can entertain your readers.


Let’s go backwards from these.

(Have you noticed the open-loop?)


Two words that begin with the same letter instantly become memorable.

These are just a few…

Influence Intelligence.
Double Your Dating.
Cashflow creation
Inbox Income
Accountable advertising
The Relaxation Response.

It is worthwhile to spend time creating names for your product/service.


Daniel Levis is one of my favorite people.

Red Bull is faster than a cheetah.


Don’t use cliché similes such as “It is not a bed made of roses” or “Monkey see, monkey do.”

Instead, use phrases such as this one.

“He must have had his back end grafted onto the roof of his mouth before he could say …”.

It’s original.

It’s also entertaining.

If you entertain your readers, they’ll keep reading.

They will be looking forward to your next email.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

You can call me crazy, but I don’t care.

Maybe I should go out more.

Last year, I began the most geeky copywriting habit that I could remember.

I started collecting funny quotes to use in my emails.

Perhaps you’d like to do that?


Because I am as wild as the wind I decided that writing about analogies as a copywriter is as absurd as trying to fit the heart of an elephant in a mouse.

Malaysia b2b database

“If you aren’t confused at this point, then you must be misinformed.”


Did you know there are 33 books on the bible that contain the word “metaphor”, in their titles?

That’s exactly what I discovered back in 1990, when I visited the local library.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

You can find stories such as “The Stone Soup” that you can tie into your product/service. You can also find more unusual stories, such as “The Donkey Smuggler”, and incorporate them into your product or service.


What is the definition?

Information plus entertainment.

It’s what’s happening here.

What happens to your mind?

We are glad you asked.

Sentences that sound like these are so satisfying.

These two sentences contain a lot of “s” words.

You feel great about reading them in your mind.

It is the same as the letter F.

Don’t be a fortune hunter, instead focus on the future.

Although it doesn’t make sense, you get the point.

You might occasionally use a lot of “F”s or “S”s in your sentences to entertain your readers.

Wait! There’s more…

I have been “Info-training you” throughout this article.

Use facts that you didn’t know.

Stories that will make you think.

Silly similes.

An analogy is “If communication is just talk, then you haven’t been listening.”

Even going so far as to add my own (sometimes bizarre) humor.

All of it adds up into an enjoyable experience that you will enjoy.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Use your natural wittiness if you have it.

Learn from your favorite funny girls and guys if you don’t know how to do it.

You are free to “steal” any stories, similes or satire that you find useful to “Infotain” your readers.
Email Copywriting Pillar #4

email copywriting success

 Malaysia email database free download

These are the 6 strategies that you should use before you ask for the click.

Do not forget to show your appreciation
Share a valuable piece of information.
Make the reader feel good.
Get them to act.
Do not show scarcity.
Make it a priority.

People purchase benefits and not products.
Show a benefit

They purchase the feeling of a fresh start, not a product.

They also “buy” your services.

This is why it’s so important to know your backstory.

Let others know how much you value working with them or doing business together.
Share a valuable piece of information.

Acronyms are not my favorite (unless they’re made up). ).

One of the most useful acronyms is…

“Because of You People Think More About Me.”

Are you familiar with the term “social currency”?

It’s when you share useful information with your family members that they don’t know, but are grateful you did.

They must be able pass on the “juicy” piece of gossip to their friends.

This evokes the “Because Of You People Think More Of Me!” rule.

This will make them more likely to click through to another webpage if you do it right before asking them.

It’s the old reciprocity thing all over again.

Jokes can also be used as a form social currency.

Videos that are viral.
– Make the reader feel good.

There’s a term in NLP that I love called “Future Pacing.”

It’s much more than a sexy nickname.

Malaysia business email database free download

This is how they will see their future when they purchase your product, service or information.

John Carlton, a legendary copywriter, calls this “Painting Pleasing Photos.”

It’s obvious that he loves alliteration.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

To show your readers in three sentences how your product will change their lives, be descriptive and vivid.

“When you hire me to be your copywriter, you will get a rush every day of new customers.

Every one of them will purchase from you multiple times.

You’ll be able to increase your profits by doing less than what you are currently doing.

– Get them to think about what they should do.

Robert Cialdini’s second book success is with “The Psychology of Persuasion,” his first book.

This book will tell you what to do before you ask for something.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Dimensionalize a benefit to your reader

The first thing you will notice is that your run feels effortless when you don these running shoes. It’s almost as if your feet are floating through the air, without your feet touching the ground.

That’s exactly what I want from my next pair running shoes. ?
– Display scarcity.

Hurry, there are only 3 remaining stock

It’s something I believe we all have done at one time or another.

But what if there were real shortages?

You only have so much time in business.

This is what you should tell your reader.

It makes it real.

Or that you can only accept 776 clients at a time. ?

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Find out how to explain why you only have a certain amount.

In the middle of your sentence, use “because”

Do you remember the name of professor Cialdini that I keep referring to?

It turns out that he discovered the meaning of “because” and bypassed people’s critical minds.

We don’t know why.

Malaysia email database

It works!

It may have something to do the illusion of reason.

Oder something similar.
– Instill urgency.

Urgency is similar to scarcity. You must provide a reason for your reader to click the link in your email.

People are naturally lazy.

Once, I heard someone say:

“Most people think of exercise as taking out the bathtub and fighting the current.

This is how you can use it in your email communications

Do not force anyone to do anything.

Encourage them instead.

Remind them of what happens if you do not act.

You can even put them at a crossroads, and give them two options.

You can make one choice, but you have the better option with you.

These are the Four Pillars of Email Copywriting. The 21 Proven Ways to Get Your Emails Opened and Read.

This means that you can now create compelling subject lines or entertaining email copy.

The Four Pillars for email copywriting

Let’s now quickly review what we have learned while reading this article.

Pillar 1 teaches you the five core drivers of the reader (aka emotions).
Pillar #2 taught you how to create 5 different subject lines that you can always count on.
Pillar 3 focuses on the 5 ways you can entertain your readers so that they continue reading, and then more importantly, to read your next email.
Pillar #4 also contains six clever ways to get your readers to click through to purchase what you have to offer.

Do not forget to take down notes for your next email campaign if you haven’t done so. Give yourself a big pat on the back, because now you are ready to make more sales and more profit.
These are powerful tips to dramatically increase your email open rate
Many people believe that the money is in your list.

What good is a subscriber list if no one opens your messages?

When done correctly, email marketing can be a virtual cash cow.

Before you can make the big bucks by captivating your subscribers, it is important to build your list through capturing emails.

Popup Domination is a great tool for this. OptiMonk is another excellent tool.

Popup Domination has helped increase our subscribers by up to 524% in the past.

Email marketing success is not all about having many subscribers.

A low open rate email list is nearly as bad as none at all.

This is what we’ll cover today…

How to get your email opened and for your subscribers to look forward.
12 Tips to Dramatically Increase Your Email Open Rate

“A viable email marketing strategy to bloggers”
#1. #1.

Headlines that produce results

Our inboxes are full these days and often get overflowing with junk mail. It is something we all deal with.

Signing up for a product or newsletter that seems promising is a sign of trust. We are then inundated with spam, non-stop affiliate offers and spam.

To filter out nonsense, one of the most effective tactical strategies is to search for their names.

 Malaysia email database free

Personalize subject lines with first names and ensure you are collecting first names in your email capture. This will instantly grab attention and build trust.
How do you start an email?

Have you ever wondered how to best start an email?

This 2.50 minute video provides one of the most detailed explanations we’ve ever seen.

#2. #2.

Although this should be obvious, I am still seeing marketers use boring headlines.

This week, I was consulting a friend about online marketing. I suggested that he start because he is a natural salesman.

I knew he didn’t have any sales experience and asked him if there was anything that could help him create great headlines.

He said, “seapuck” without hesitation. It stands for controversy. Power-words, urgency, and questions.
Assure Real Value Consistently

This is obvious, considering how I opened the post stating that email marketing was like an ATM.

Although I think it is a great analogy, you need to realize that it is possible only by providing fantastic content right from the beginning and not stopping.

People will be more open to your recommendations and products once they realize that you care about the world and want to share quality information.

You will be marked as spam or unsubscribed faster than bombarding your subscribers with offer after offer. Only those who have massive, 100k+ lists can get away with this.

#4. #4.

Building strong relationships is the best way to manage online reputation. This goes beyond email marketing. It should be the goal of all your interactions online.

Your brand is your most important representative so you should be held to the highest standards and your work will reflect this.

You will get great testimonials, positive comments and reviews from people who love your content. Loyal fans will be able to silence haters, which is great for brand management.

Loyalty cannot be bought, it must be earned.

After all, you are building a brand!

Similar Article: Brand Management – Why it Matters – Particularly Online!

Malaysia email lists

These sessions are great for sharpening your storytelling skills.

You build anticipation by creating the impression that you are about to reveal important information. Then, make them wait until tomorrow. Finally, bring them back to the beginning of the story.

Although you are giving information, you are hiding it.

Here’s an example. In fact, it took me two years to find the right solution to what I’m about to share with you. I spent thousands of dollars on products that would put my business on autopilot.

I was close to going bankrupt, but then it hit me!

It was so obvious and easy that I made over 4k in my first day. It didn’t cost me anything.

To see 720% more traffic to my site, I just needed to use google trends and open loops. It was that simple. I could repeat it endlessly.

My friend, who has been in marketing for many years, was not interested in the idea of quality traffic.

So I took his little brother to the car, who was a complete “noob”.

Open loops and Google Trends are not bad.

You’ll want to learn how you can do the same as this 17-year-old… I’ll tell all tomorrow.

You see what I did there?
How to get more clicks on your emails

You shouldn’t be surprised by this, but it is what I found.

Your subject line should be the same as the link text in your email.

It was their subject line that got them open the email.

If your subject is “What You Need to Do Now To Rank in Google”, then you can use that link text in your email.

There will always be exceptions.

Sometimes, “embedded commands”, such as click, watch and read, open, or download, are more appropriate.

A “command” can make a huge difference in an email’s success.

We all want to know what to do.

They will do what you tell them to do.

This blog post contains more examples of “embedded commands”.

Malaysia consumer email database

It can be difficult to decide between quality and size of a list. I will tell you upfront that your list will be smaller if you opt in twice.


It will be much better quality!

Consider it this way: Your subscriber has just proven that they are opening and clicking on your links. They are interested in whatever you offer.

You don’t have to build a large list if you are offering something of high value. Don’t forget to thank your subscriber for jumping through the hoops.
#7. Get Mobile Optimized

Nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, it’s becoming more common to believe that smartphones will be used exclusively for email, shopping, and work in the future.

Get Mobile Optimized
Nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, it’s becoming more common to believe that smartphones will be used exclusively for email, work, and shopping.

In the US, 133.7 million Americans own smartphones. 43% of all global email was opened via mobile devices in April 2013.

More people are checking email via their smartphones than ever before…

If your emails are constantly redirected to sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, they will stop opening. It’s too painful.
#8. Clean Up Your List for a high open rate

It is normal for subscribers to become inactive, but it can happen that they need a refresher.

Two simple methods are available to you…

First, send them an email to confirm they wish to be added to your mailing list. This can be done through Aweber, or any other auto-responder.

When a subscriber is inactive for more than a month, I add them to a separate mailing list so they won’t be mailed every day.

I will send them one more daily email blast, followed by a reconfirmation within 7-14 days. If neither of these are opened, they are removed. This process can be automated by your autoresponder’s list segment option.

 Email marketing database Malaysia


The open rate for emails sent at irregular times was lower than if I had been mailing the same email daily.

Every major auto-responder offers the option to send your message at a particular time and date.

Aweber is my preferred email service. I set my follow-ups to “send one day after previous”, which sends the following email at the time that the person received the last email. This corresponds with the time they signed up for Aweber. Make sure you have multiple emails ready to go.
#10. Split testing is a great way to increase your email open rate.

Split testing can be used to determine what content resonates with your subscribers if it is not the most popular.

Based on the time of day in GMT, PST and EST, I will test several mail-out times. I will typically test mail-out times at 8 am, 2pm, and 6pm for each timezone. Then, I will set my broadcasts to be the most active.

The second step is to determine which type of email gets opened most often and include it in the subject lines.

Third, you should test whether messages are best sent from me or the brand. It’s usually best to send emails “from” someone, but I have seen other situations, so I test.
#11. #11.

Meet Richard Branson

Have you ever heard that first impressions are everything

They are. The same applies online. The first impression is the best way to build trust and ensure future emails are opened.

If you are using Popup Domination, a simple email capture software, to attract attention and build your mailing list, it is crucial to share great content such as problem-solving reports and info-graphics.
#12. #12.

This is the next tip that I think will be the most powerful to increase your open rate dramatically.

A clever and highly effective way to increase your email open rates is to create a second lead magnet, such as an audio or video course, spread over several days.

Income Diary will use this exact method along with their free 7-day money making eCourse.

Surveying your list from time to time is a great way to improve the relationship.

This will allow you to clearly identify the problem that your audience is trying to solve. Once you have identified the problem, it is important to deliver on the solution.

Respect and empathize your reader. If your mission is to offer high-quality service, you will have no trouble making a living online.
Exceed your expectations!
You can choose to be successful, and not by chance.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Are you struggling with your email marketing conversion rates?

We can help!

Did you know that around 20% of email opens is good?

Is it possible that click-through rates of 2 to 4 percent are considered normal? (depending on industry)

 Malaysia email data

There are better things than that
These stats are for three markets…
Daily Deals/E Coupons: 13.87% Open Rate and a 1.81% Klick rate
Education and Training: 21.96% Open rate and a 2.75 Click Rate

Hobbies, on the other side, enjoy the highest open rates and click through rates.
Hobbies: 28.85% Open Rate and a 5.41% click-through rate

Although it may not look appealing, this is Email Marketing.

Some marketers and brands get excited when more than 1% click on links.

Do you find this familiar?

It is a fact that if you don’t follow up on emails correctly, it can have devastating consequences.

The greatest is the impact you will have on your bank account.

This is not something that anyone likes.

The ripple effect can go on. Poor email marketing campaigns not only can reduce your potential income but can also cause damage to your brand.

It is amazing how many marketers and brands will spend a lot of money on email marketing that is poor.

There are solutions.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a giddy affair for all marketers.

There are many reasons why you have been seeing low email marketing metrics.

Today I will show you 10 reasons your email marketing is a failure (and how to fix it).

Let’s go.
Ten Reasons Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate Is Low
#1. #1.

You’re already sinking if you don’t fully understand the person you are talking to before you start emailing. Don’t waste the opportunity to receive valuable information from your subscribers, such as their email addresses.

You’re in for a disaster if your list is filled with 25-year-old men who love kettlebells and are suddenly offered a product to help them lose baby fat. Your list now knows that you don’t know much about them. Don’t be surprised if your trust is eroded and there’s a tsunami of unsubscribes.

This can be avoided by paying more attention to your audience’s preferences and how they respond to them.

You are selling your product or service to them. It is important that you have done your research and know who you are targeting.
#2. #2.

The goal of any email marketing campaign is to get subscribers to purchase a product or service. You know this, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sell them 24/7. If you are, then you’re wasting your time.

The best email campaigns balance out and take their readers on a journey to the sale.

Potential customers are attracted to them by their stories and value. When it is time to buy, your reader will make the right decision.

Email marketing will convert better if you focus on providing value, being helpful, caring about your subscribers, rather than trying to sell them anything.

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email maketing copywriter course

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Even if you have struggled with writer’s block for years, the “rockstar” method will help you write high-converting emails in just 30 minutes.
How to get copywriting clients on demand at a higher price than you currently charge, without having to use outdated strategies such as Upwork, blogging and LinkedIn outreach.
AND… How to do it all without being tied down to any particular location. You can work from your home, at the beach in Thailand, in a cabin high up, or wherever you want to be.

#3. Your Email Subject Lines Stink!

If no one opens your emails, you’re not going to actually sell anything. Poorly written subject lines are one of the most common reasons for a poor email marketing campaign. They don’t encourage anyone to click.

Instead of sending emails with dull subject lines, there are better ways to communicate your ideas. To get started, think creatively, be engaging, ask questions, and engage a little curiosity. If you know what makes you click on an email, you can use these same ideas to create your campaigns.

This one issue can increase click-through rates. You’ll get more people opening your emails.
#4. Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate Sucks: Because You’re Inconsistent

You don’t need to send your newsletter every Tuesday at 4:37 PM to achieve success. However, consistency is key to your email marketing campaigns to get the best results.

Emailing too often can lead to overwhelming subscribers and even losing them. Your subscribers will forget who you are if you only email them once every six months. Your subscribers should be able to tell you when and how often they can expect to receive emails from your campaigns, as well as newsletters.


 Malaysia companies email database


Being approachable and likable is a key part of building a relationship with your readers. People want to feel that there is more to a brand than just an automated machine. So stop hiding it in your emails.

It can cause a negative impression and turn off readers.

You already know what happens next. Email meets trash bin.

Instead, make sure to use your brand name prominently and your personality to create a connection with your readers that will enhance the brand.
#6. #6.

Copywriting is more than simply writing a few words on a page and clicking send. Copy can make or break your entire campaign. Most people lose…badly.

This is where you can excel. Begin by learning. You can learn a lot from masters of copy to improve your content and make it more enjoyable and easier to read. You can learn from guys like Gary Halbert and Gene Schwartz, such as Dan Kennedy and Gene Schwartz.

You don’t need to be an expert in email copywriting if you don’t have the time or the skills. A better copy will not only make your money almost immediately, but it will also save you time and hassle of writing it correctly.
#7. #7.

You must know that it is important to test everything you send. Why aren’t we doing it? It’s not a good idea to be afraid of the numbers. Start testing and tracking now.

The data you gather can provide a wealth information about your list once you have started testing. It could be that your open rates are low and no one is clicking on them, or that your open rates are high but you get few clicks.

Without knowing what is working, you can’t improve your email marketing. You won’t know unless you dig deep into the data.
#8. #8.

It takes hard work to get your subscribers to open your emails and take action. Too many marketers and brands make email about themselves, rather than their potential customers. Instead of what they want and enjoy, it is all about them.

Get away from the crowd and focus your emails on your readers. Test your emails to discover what motivates you. Then appeal to this.

The best email marketing campaigns have built a strong relationship with their customers. These customers will keep coming back for more.
#9. #9.

Congratulations! You have an incredible subject line that drives open, the perfect product/service for your list, great copy, and a compelling subject line.

What’s the best part? If you don’t send emails with a clear purpose or direction, nothing will happen.

Your email should tell your readers what to do. This could be buying a product, signing-up for a webinar, or downloading an ebook. You are not telling your readers what to do if you don’t tell them.

#10. #10.

For many marketers and brands, this is a double problem. Both are not very good.

Malaysian email database

Some marketers and brands send their first campaign, and then…crickets. They don’t respond to the campaigns they have sent. There are also those who do not respond to customer emails.

These are both huge mistakes. These are huge mistakes. You have spent so much time building a relationship with subscribers to your list and then you stop paying attention when it matters. Always (always!) respond to emails from your list subscribers. You should always (always!) respond to emails sent by people on your mailing list. Don’t forget to reply to any emails sent by your list.
Bonus: #11. Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate Is Low Because You Aren’t Collecting Emails

If you don’t have any email addresses of potential customers, all this advice will be meaningless. If this is the case, it’s not a good idea to start collecting email addresses from potential customers as soon as possible.

To get opt-ins, set up your website and start building that list. This is one of your most important tasks to do right from the beginning. It will help you get started in marketing and make it a success. Without a person to email, email marketing will not succeed.

Get on with it!

Do you want to dramatically increase your email subscribers? Use OptiMonk (like we do on IncomeDiary).
10 Tips for Bloggers on Email Marketing
One can have a list that is in the hundreds of millions.

Mailings are only once per year and have a 100% open rate.

Santa Claus!

This “status” should not surprise you.

Naturally, children will open presents.

It would be great if everyone opened their email the same way.

After looking closer, I discovered four reasons that all presents are opened. Plus, ten Email Marketing Tips to help improve your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Tips For Bloggers
Email Marketing Tips – Perfecting Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you are like most bloggers, there is an opt-in located at the top right of your sidebar. A few dozen subscribers are there. You get an average 20% open rate and 8% click-through rate for emails you send out every other week.

This is because you have focused on building a list and not having a strategy once you have one.

That is what I would like to assist you with.

Your readers must be able to anticipate and expect your emails.

Little Johnny is excited to open presents on Christmas morning. He knows that the presents he receives contain gifts he has been waiting for months.
10 Tips for Bloggers on Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips – Perfecting Your Email Marketing Strategy
1. In the Opt-In Area, Set Expectations

Too many bloggers con people into signing up with free gifts only to bombard them with irrelevant emails later. I don’t know about you but I don’t open those emails.

However, if they make it clear in their opt-in area that they also request blog updates, they will expect and anticipate your emails.

This might be a deterrent to people opting in, but it’s not worth having a list of people who don’t want your email.

Take this example:

Jay Baer, from, makes it clear that you’ll receive a daily email with social media advice.

Malaysia email id list

2. Remind them why they are receiving emails

It’s crucial to remind them why they are receiving your emails once they have started receiving them. You run the risk that they will unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

This can be done by putting their signup date in the footer of each email you send. These reminders will help them recall the answer to the question “Why am I receiving these emails?”

Take this example:
Pat Flynn Email Strategy

Pat Flynn, from, reminds his subscribers when and where they subscribed to his list in the footer of every email.

3. Consistent Times: Send your emails regularly

Which day is the best time to send emails to people all over the globe?

So that they are at the top of my list when people open their email inboxes in the morning, I schedule them for 6 a.m. EST.

Josh Dunlop, Income Diary Q&A:

Posting content at 9am West Coast Time is my preferred time, as it’s lunchtime on the East Coast, and right after work in the UK. These are the largest markets for traffic.

People need to be able to receive your emails easily

Johnny just wants to get his presents in the morning. He needs to wake up, climb down the steps, and walk into the living room.

It’s easy!

Do you want to be a highly-paid email copywriter and editor?

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Even if you have struggled with writer’s block for years, the “rockstar” method will help you write high-converting emails in just 30 minutes.
How to get copywriting clients on demand at a higher price than you currently charge, without having to use outdated strategies such as Upwork, blogging and LinkedIn outreach.
AND… How to do it all without being tied down to any particular location. You can work from your home, at the beach in Thailand, in a cabin high up, or wherever you want to be.

4. Make a squeeze page that you can direct people to

Opt-ins are required in all areas of interest (e.g. Top sidebar, bottom sidebar and footer of the posts are all good places to have opt-ins. This is a good place to start.

Malaysia email database

A squeeze page, or page dedicated to gaining subscribers, is also a good idea.

How did this happen?

Because both you and your readers may link to the page when they or you recommend it to others.
5. You can link to their email system on your confirmation page

Once they have completed your opt-in form they must confirm their subscription.

Here is where you usually say “Before you can send you information, I need to confirm your subscription…. Yada, Yada, Yada.”

This page is designed to get them to confirm their subscription and open the email. This is a crucial step, but few people take the time to optimize it.

How can you achieve this? Get them to open their email right away.
Send a simple text-focused email to mobilize your emails reports that 36% of emails are opened using a mobile device as of April 2012. This number has increased 80% over the six-month period.

Your HTML 2-column email newsletters may be appealing to you, but those who open them with their smartphones won’t.

Keep your email mobile-friendly with these tips:

Use a 1-column layout.
Maximum width of 550-600 pixels
Limit slow-loading images.
Make sure the website you link to is mobile-friendly

Take this example:
Email Template for DIYthemes

DIYthemes’ email is HTML-based, but it looks good on mobile devices because it is simple enough to appear text-based.
People need to feel a personal connection

Johnny will be skeptical the moment he opens a Barbie doll. He won’t open the next Barbie Doll without second thoughts. He will stop opening Barbie dolls after the third or fourth Barbie doll.

If you are talking about a personal connection, your email marketing strategy may include reaching out to prospects who haven’t yet signed up.

This is an example of how it works in business-to-business sales.

It is important to locate the prospect’s direct email address and not just send an email to sales@company. This Email Finder Tool is available as a Chrome plugin.
7. Segment your lists by interests and activity

How can you personalize mass-communication channels?

Each email marketing service allows you to create multiple lists. You can create different lists depending on the activities and interests of your audience.

 Buy Malaysia database online

Consider segmenting lists for:

General blog subscribers.
Subscribe to the Weekly Blog
Potential customers
Customers are paid.

Take this example:
WPBeginner Segmenting Email Lists offers six subscription options that are tailored to the interests of its subscribers.

8. To learn more about them, use your welcome email

You must know your audience to be able to send targeted emails based upon their interests.

Ask them to introduce themselves in the first email. These are some questions that you can ask them in that email.

What are you currently struggling with?
What do you expect of me?
What content would make you open every email?

Take this example:
Email Welcome to Social Triggers

This is Derek Halpern’s Welcome Email to Many of his subscribers respond to this email by sharing their #1 struggle. This allows him to meet his new subscribers, and helps him understand his audience better.
People need to value your emails

Johnny makes a list of his favorite toys from the catalogs and visits Santa to share his top picks with him. He does all this to make sure he gets exactly the things he desires.
9. Use an autoresponder to include subscriber-only tips

Why should someone subscribe to a website when they can access the same content through their Twitter account?

Set up an autoresponder sequence to treat your subscribers to something extra. It will give them all the information they need.

Take this example:
Copyblogger Autoresponder Series offers a 20-part exclusive autoresponder series for their subscribers. It’s based upon years of research into their audience and what they most need.
10. Top Email Marketing Tip: Offer a Weekly Option

I don’t know if you are like me, but it is hard to keep up with all the posts on my favorite blogs.

 Malaysia email database providers

Consider offering your readers a weekly subscription to get around this problem. This way, they will only need to receive one email with summary of the week’s posts. They can then choose to read the most relevant ones.

Take this example:
WPBeginner Segmenting Email Lists

WPBeginner also offers the WPB Daily and WPB Weekly options. This is because WPBeginner understands that not all posts are relevant to everyone.
How to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing serves two purposes.

To get to know your audience.
To send your message to others

Too many bloggers focus too much on building their lists. They don’t know how to use a list they have built. It sits there, and it costs money every month. This is a mistake that you should not make!

I hope you found this article helpful and that it has given you some tips on improving your email marketing strategy. Let me know if you have any questions.

These tips can be implemented by you if you need assistance. Please contact us to let us know what email marketing service you use.
5 Ways to Get Email Subscribers. Which Method is the Best?
Since over 11 years, we have been building email addresses.

This is not only one way I love to make money online but it is also a great way for you to get traffic to your website immediately.

Today, I’d like to share our top tips for obtaining email subscribers.

We have had over 100,000 people sign up to our mailing list over the years. Today I thought it would make sense to share what works best for getting email subscribers.

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you email is their most important tool.

Email marketing is the most consistent form of marketing.

You can send an instant email to your target audience by clicking a button. They won’t wait to get back to you. They are already interested and would love to hear from you.

Take a look at the past 10 years.

Google Adsense was the best way to make money on a website. Earn more than $1 per click. Some people earned as high as $25 per click. It was amazing. Your website visitors didn’t know what your ads were and clicked them every day.

With more clicks being offered by more people, clicks per site decreased. The web-users grew to understand what ads were and stopped clicking on them. Google became more specific in its terms. Website owners began to look for new ways to make money.

Text-Link Ads followed.

This site was used by website owners to sell text links for their sites.

Google’s ranking algorithm relies heavily on the quality of your links to your site. Big companies paid a premium for links to boost their search engine rankings and get more traffic.

Malaysia email database providers

Add 10 links to your sidebar, and you could make $1000/month.

Sites with low traffic can charge high for links. This is because links aren’t bought based on traffic but rather how Google likes them.

This was a hateful thing for Google.

Google wants users to see the most relevant matches for their search.

They are not those who cheat the system.

Google began to punish sites that sold or bought links over time. Google began to punish sites that bought and sold links quickly, leaving everyone searching for new ways to make money.

Website owners were able to sell Twitter promotional tweets to their followers when Twitter was created. Twitter became too busy over time. There were too many people competing to be seen. Tweets began to perform less and people stopped buying them.

There are many examples of monetization strategies that made people rich but eventually stopped working.

Email marketing has been consistent. This is why top marketers place emphasis on their lists above all else.

Marketers will continue to focus on their list, even if email ceases to exist. Marketers used to send letters by post before email. It is not clear how marketers will reach their list after email. However, there will be a way and it will continue to perform.
What works best to get email subscribers from a blog?

We have tested many different methods over the past 11 years to build our list.

We wanted to find out the best methods and how they are performed in order.

We tested five of the most popular methods to display signup forms on websites over the past two weeks.

They are:

The homepage’s top
End of posts
Use the squeeze page

Here’s a breakdown of their performance.

Before you go on, think about the order they were presented to you.
The Results

ID Stats AWeber

Total new subscribers: 4382

PopUp attracted 2,803 new subscribers, 63.9%
Footer Signup attracted 774 new subscribers, 17.6%
The signup of a homepage brought in 309 new subscribers, which is 7%
Squeeze Page attracted 296 new subscribers – 6.7%
Sidebar Signup attracted 200 new subscribers – 4.5%

Each technique was active simultaneously and competed against the other.

Malaysia database for sale

It is worth noting that all traffic to this test comes from free traffic sources interested in a broad range of topics. This explains why our conversion rate is so low.

You can see below a breakdown of the reasons they behaved as they did.
A Homepage Header Box can be used to get email subscribers

You can get email subscribers from your homepage

In 2007, we added the opt-in box on our homepage for the first time.

We decided to do something bigger in 2009 and added a full-width optin box under our header.

We saw an incredible increase in subscribers overnight.

This was the first time that opt-in boxes were displayed in this manner. They are now everywhere, and with good reason.

Your homepage is likely to be visited by most people from other pages. Your homepage is where they come from because they’ve seen something that made them curious enough to want to look around. Your homepage is therefore one of your most popular pages.
Get Email Subscribers with the Below Blog Post Opt In Boxes

Sign up for email from Footer Opt in Boxes

A subscription box should be placed below your blog posts. This is because the visitors just read your article. You have just convinced them of who you are, and what you can offer.

Everything is about placement. It can make a difference of as much as 500% whether you place this box at or below the top of a page.